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Duel - Lord Alecstazi vs Lord Rysen

All are welcome to witness the duel between the champions Lady Brianna Halfshav and Lord Drake Wyrmguard to settle the challenge issued to Lord Rysen by Lord Alecstazi. The champions will face each other in honorable combat before Gloria, and the matter will be settled once and for all.


May 21, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Rysen Alecstazi Brianna Drake


Tila Valdemar Kasa Mihaly Scythia Matteo Poppy Bhandn Fianna Azova Llyr Svana Thea Eirene Strozza Ember Jaenelle Lawrence Orelia Teagan Victus Ingrid Graham Mikani Arik Drea Sorrel Khanne Kiera Ras Richard Rowenova Theophania Mirella Philippe Gaston Tanith Asher Rukhnis



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log

Tila is decidedly new to all this. That said, she doesn't appear timid so much as curious and amused. Cinnamon eyes wander 'round the mass of people, in search of familiar faces. She spot Strozza and his entourage, for better or worse... and is soon (knowingly or otherwise) on her way up to the judge's booth. Settling a couple seats away from the rather dour gent, so nods acknowledgedment and recognition... even offering an earnest smile. Huh. Everyone else is... surprisingly far away.

Valdemar arrives to the tournament grounds, and immediately makes his way toward the stands. There is a neutral expression on his face as he finds himself a seat and looks toward the field.

The black mantled Knight of the Northlands drifts into the Tournament Grounds with Mikani, and Lygeia. A murmur arises from some of the onlookers when they notice Rysen, and a flush of color touches the young man's cheeks. His countenance, however, remains impassive, and his grey eyes pass quickly over the crowd. Noticing Fianna, he places a hand over his heart and bows. Taking Mikani's hand in his and kissing it, he turns with Lygeia, and they make their way towards the center of the field.

Dal, a jumpy and introverted bookworm arrives, following Bhandn.

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With an eager and excited look on her face, Kasa comes trotting into the arena. She heads for the stands, looking for a good spot, front and centre. She radiates the energy of a kid set loose in a candy shop.

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"You're not still bitter about that, are you." Mihaly replies, quite humored. "I heard there was some kind of stipulation regarding the weapons that had to be specifically made for the fight. I have no idea how true that might be, but wouldn't that be a touch excessive?" he asks, blowing spiced smoke up and away from anyone around him. "That said, are we going to make a bet, or aren't we?"

Called out as she is, Scythia is smoothing her skirts and rising up from her seat yonder to dip a curtsy in the direction of Alecstazi. She offers no hale greeting called across the seating area, but rather her response is that of a winsome little smile. Undoubtedly an offering of well wishes. Still, after but a moment she is starting to ease back to her seat only to be thwarted by the look of her cousin, Baroness Ember. Is she upset with her? Scythia's just smiling in wait.

Barnacle, a young silver hound arrives, following Poppy.

Matteo arrives quietly, his dark green eyes scanning the field and the stands. Recognizing no one, unsurprisingly, he makes his way towards a quieter booth, flopping down next to the lord in it with a quick grin and a murmured greeting.

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Poppy slips in as unnoticable as possible. Turning a quick left she sits down in the first lot of empty seats she sees.

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Bhandn hasn't been to a duel in a while, and this one he had some small interest in. He quickly makes his way to the seating, trailed by a young man who brought reading material. Where the knight is quiet and composed, the other makes a small noise and wide eyes at the crowd before he's given a not-unkindly stated request to be calm.

Fianna arrives with a nod to familiar faces as she makes her way toward seating. A returned hand-to-heart gesture is given to Rysen before she sits down with one of her dogs at her feet. With family around her, a smile is shared with them just as she reaches to scritch her dog's chin with a little effort -- it's difficult to reach forward these days. An assistant has gone off to fetch something to drink for her and as she waits, Fianna murmurs to one of her cousins.

Azova raises her hand to wiggle her fingers in a greeting wave to Arik, then. "Lord Halfshav." she returns. "Who wouldn't approve of singing limericks? I mean really." In good humor, apparently, she takes a drink from the bottle of dark colored liquid, attention turning to the center of the grounds as it seems things are about to get started.

Settling in the Far stands, Llyr separates himself from even Gaston and draws out what looks to be a large book, though it seems to be for sketching as he takes a piece of charcoal out and watches the field.

Brianna is in deep focus on the side of the field, going through a series of dynamic stretches and forms with the new axe that was made just for this duel. It's not her axe. It's not the same. It is what it is. Satisfied that she is warmed up and ready, she waits.

Svana is escorted in quietly by Asher Grayhope, who is kind enough to help her find a seat out of the way. There are no courtsies, bows, or any other kind of fanfare. The two seem content to watch the duel quietly, making quiet conversation and holding hands.

"I like when Lady Brianna is other,"Thea agrees, looking up at Eirene. "And what? You don't like glitter,"Thea asks, feigning shock! "I'll just remember that, come your care package. Her gold-flecked green eyes look over to to Mihaly as well. Straighening, she takes a drink and goes about her business.

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Eirene looks around for someone whom she doesn't seem to see. "Seaborn weaponry. Master Felix," she confirms for her husband-to-be. "My silver's on Brianna," she announces with a jerk of her head towards the woman warming up on the field below. Thea is given a warning glare. "Dump glitter in my bed room and I'll make you eat it," she cautions.

As the stands start to fill with onlookers, the champion Drake Wyrmguard arrives in the field below.

Drake often mugs for the crowd, but as he first steps into the arena, he looks serious. Per the rules of the duel he has removed his silk favoring only a leather armor harness, pants and boots, and he straightens on his gloves. There is a matching helm tucked under his arm which he'll put on at the start of combat proper. He currently has no weapon on him. His head cranes over to the stands as he looks at the crowd, and then, perhaps unable to stop himself any longer from being at least a bit of a showman, gives a bow deep enough to be seen from the cheap seats.

Spotting Tila on her approach, Strozza looks up to Orelia where she leans on the seat an then raises a hand to the lady with a bow of his head, "This crowd is ridiculous. Being on land is strange. Everyone trying to sword one another for one reason or another, eh?" The Mazetti grins and reaches up to touch on of Reli's arms, "Come sit, darling, your making us all nervous." winking at her.

Ember continues her stern, angry-looking advancement toward Scythia, and then halts so that she can give the Countess Seliki a stern, angry-looking curtsy. Then Ember takes an adjacent seat and smooths her black dress. "Countess," she says, greeting her cousin, and casting her gaze out toward the field. So, in all likelihood, Ember's not actually angry. She's just -- as ever -- a complete weirdo.

Jaenelle arrives with the cane wielding Arik, allowing the man to pick their seats. Why the man using a cane would pick the seats above all others is beyond her, but she follows. When settled and a card is passed, Jae looks at it then towards Victus. "At least he wrote it on paper. I have something he gave to Eleyna once on a piece of cloth? I believe it looks like a ripped piece of a sail. It must mean he likes you quite a bit." Those who come to sit in the high booth get smiles in greeting as she decides to pass the card next to Teagan. Sharing is caring.

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Siggi, a small fox, Aralie, the shy assistant arrive, following Drea.

Drea arrives, following Lawrence.

Lawrence wanders in with Princess Drea and makes his way over to sit next to Fianna after helping Drea to her seat. "Have I missed it Duchess?" He asks his niece, a smile on his face.

"I know, I wasn't going to pick Brianna, I make you bet against your friend. This time, anyways. So I'll be taking Drake. Who I know literally nothing about." Mihaly says, squinting from his spot. "Certainly looks a Champion." Leaning behind Eirene to glance at Thea, he makes some unspoken gesture. Looks a kind of 'talk to me later'. Nah, that wouldn't be about glitter at all.

"Huh?" Strozza's words shake Orelia from her reverie. "Who's nervous? I'm just waiting." She glances at Tila. "Oh, well hello again," she greets her with a smile. "Should be a good match, eh?" She doesn't sit though, not yet. You can't make her.

Teagan seems to be -bickering- with Arik, even if she's smiling all the while. It's definitely bickering. She accepts the blue card from Jaenelle with thanks and looks it over. "I think this is wonderfully done," she tells Victus. "It's not a proper limerick, but it takes practice." She does hand the card back over toward Arik.

Naturally there is a dip in turn to Ember from Scythia, poised and pleasant. "Cousin," she greets just so much warmer - if she is thrown by the behavior of the Baroness it certainly does not show. "I have Lennard going to fetch some rum - if he is at all reasonable, he will bring enough for both of us. Come, sit with me?" She smooths skirts and, yes, does finally settle back in her seat.

Rysen comes to stand beside Drake and Brianna. He smiles, and then turns to the crowd. "Thank you call for coming," comes the Crovane lord's resonant voice over the noise of the crowd. "The Champions Lord Drake and Lady Brianna have agreed to duel before Gloria." He nods to Lygeia who produces a steel battle axe engraved with the sigil of Gloria, and offers it to Brianna. "Good luck, my friend."

Lygeia then produces a steel sword with a similar engraving and offers it to Drake. "Good luck, Lord Drake, and thank you." Turning, he makes his way over to the judges booth to watch the duel when the champions are prepared.

Leta, the student scholar, 3 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Ingrid.

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Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

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Victus tilts toward Jaenelle. "I thought she'd like something that comes from somewhere close to home. I thought about shipping snow with the card. Briefly. But it melts. I figured the other thing Lord Arik likes the most is Swords, but then that would've been in poor taste. My hands were really tied every which way." His eyes return to Teagan. "Really? Could I get by on this art thing?" Victus raises a brow to Teagan. It doesn't sound like it should be a serious question and yet...

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Ingrid arrives at the Tournament Grounds, having heard about this event taking place. She quickly finds a place to sit and observe.

Graham finally moves towards the areas assigned for everyone to sit and watch the duel happen though he does keep an eye out as well now and again for some others. He finally at least recognizes someone and moves at least to be near by. He looks towards Orelia and smiles "Hello cousin." He greets warmly.

Drake takes the longsword up in one hand. He swings it around in his hand for a moment to test the weight, a practice swing one-handed, here and there. Then he holds it out in a ready position. With his other hand, he puts the helm over his head. It covers his expression somewhat, but it also means that it's going to protect his pretty face, which... is something he worries about. But Brianna can probably still catch a smile on his face before it's covered in the helm's shadow.

Drake wields a steel longsword engraved with the sigil of Gloria.

Fianna is happy to accept a cup of water from Madrigal just as her uncle Lawrence approaches with Drea. "Uncle." she says with a brighter smile. "And High Shaman Drea, it's good to see you again. Please, sit?" Her free hand motions to nearby seating. "You're both just in time."

"I think," Teagan tells Victus with every ounce of gravity she can muster. "That you should write a song just for Lord Arik. He'd like that very, very much."

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Eirene seems more interested in the weapons than the duellists, taking a swig before she gets comfortable in her seat.

Mikani moves with Rysen and is fairly quiet as she walks. She bows her head to Ember and even smiles to Ember and Graham glad to see them both. She moves to the judges seats and takes a seat. Her eyes fall on Fianna and she does the Crovane bow, hand over heart and bow of the head. She winks to Lawrence and Drea before she takes a deep breath and watches the field.

"Hey, Graham," Orelia greets the count, keeping her eyes on the field as the match begins.

When Lord Rysen announces the fight, Brianna strikes a pose, raising her axe to the sky. She executes a few precision show-moves, then a series of salutes: First to Alecstazi, then to Rysen, then to Drake. She strides onto the field, stepping easily into her fighting stance. She's ready.

"Mayhap the High Lord should sing the praises to the winning champion at the end of the duel?" Arik says loudly enough to carry from the high booth.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"I haven't the slightest." Tila is perhaps a bit too quick to admit, in response to Strozza's question. "Still, I am here to support her." No great surprise she'd be here for the Halfshavs. Orelia's greeting it met with a quick and easy smile. She too does not sit, instead standing quite near Orelia to watch the match.

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

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Drea settles down with Fianna and Lawrence and she winks at Mikani as she turns to look at the fight. "I find myself torn. Brianna is my cousin, you know."

Sorrel makes her way in to watch the duel with great interest, finding herself a good place to watch.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Khanne.

Arik puts Apology Card in a dual sword belt of rich black leather fastened with a wolf's head buckle.

Drake gets into a better stance as well, standing broad with his legs wide as he braces himself. For a moment, he holds the sword two-handed, just to steady it, and then lets it hold out as the crowd gets ready.... thinking about the action of it, waiting for the right time and the pause of the crowd. He wants their energy. And then when the right hush has settled in, he locks his eyes directly onto Brianna, and shifts his stance once more. He holds the blade one-handed now, his right hand out, taking advantage of as much extra reach as he can from the length of the weapon and his own slight height advantage.

Then he cuts in.

Alecstazi stands up and cups his hands around his mouth to shout out in a loud, deep bellow, "GO BRIANNA!"

Victus shouts from nearby, "FUCK 'EM UP!"

The look from Mikani caught Graham will offer a smile in greeting and solidarity and such looking back to the field as the champions begin. He looks side long and nods. "I hope you have faired well?" He offers to his cousin and then nodding greetings to those near by. He seems to remember. "I don't think we've met previously. I'm Count Graham Byrne.. or just Graham is good." He offers to Tila as he ends up standing in the same bunch or near by at least. The fight begins which takes part of his attention to it.

Rowenova shouts loudly from nearby, "LADY BRIANNA!"

As a member of both houses, Svana seems confused as to who to cheer for. Instead she just yells, "YAY!"

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Arik shouts from nearby, "Throw your weapon like a bouquet, I can vouch it works!"

"And there is proud friends and family..and husband,"Thea amusedly looks around her, chuckling a bit.

Eirene shouts from nearby, "Kick his ass, Bri!"

Lawrence give his niece, Fianna, a kiss on the top of the head, "Let us hope for the best?" He says with a smile taking a seat.

Khanne arrives almost late (maybe a little late) to the duel. She looks around the tournament grounds and waves to her family sitting in the high seats before looking for a place to stand to cheer on her cousin. "Go Brianna!!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ember before departing.

Brianna circles Drake like a panther, feinting and taking the measure of the man. She dances back and forth on the balls of her feet, learning how he moves. She dodges his first few swings, then one catches her off guard. She hisses audibly, retreating back a few steps to reconsider her approach.

Drake is really using the reach to his advantage, as he has to in a duel like this. Brianna's weapon has the heftier cutting edge, and he'd rather deflect it than be caught in it. So he's cautious, timing his strikes, blocking hers as much as he can with his arm stuck out far. He uses the left arm only for balance, keeping it off of the blade and, whenever possible, closer to behind his back than in front, his shoulder forward. He gets that one tag, hears the hiss, and catches her eye. But not over yet.

Eirene calls out "DRINK!" as the first strike stings Brianna. She lifts her flask and takes a swig. Not to discredit her pre-match drinking, it's a longer drink this time. "I really dislike first blood duels," she opines. "That's more a matter of who's lucky versus who's good. GET HIM BACK, BRIANNA!"

"Lead with the shoulder, Brianna! Check him." Arik calls from the high booth, he's waving his cane in the direction of the proving grounds. Truly being injured has fulfilled his life long dream of looking like an old man waving his cane at them youngings.

Poppy inhales softly as Brianna gets struck. Her fingers clench into her dress as she watches.

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Strozza mmrmms and shrugs when he finds himself the only one sitting, nodding then to Graham when greeted by Reli and then to Mikani when she joins the judges booth as well. Now those there can be properly judgey of the goings on. His cat hops onto his shoulder to watch as well. The ultimate judge.

Brianna dancing. Weaving. Shuffling. Another hit on her. The Halfshav lady roars.

Graham watches back and forth as the duel continues. He looks quite into the match though he does politely clap at each pass and when one is struck, he nods apparently glad for how it's going thus far at least. "Hm good good." He murmurs at the next strike though he does look sideways nodding in Strozza's direction in greetings.

Alecstazi drops Caleb, ward of House Halfshav.

"YOU'VE GOT THIS BRI!" Alec shouts out his support for his wife, still up on his feet. There is a young boy standing next to him, cheering as well. Alec looks down and smiles to the boy before pulling him up to sit on his shoulders.

Ingrid is not well versed in combat, and rarely has taken time to watch. Tonight, she watches with interest to see more herself.

Drake is doing well in this, but he's also... in spite of his tendancies and his personality, trying not to get cocky. This fight isn't over until it's called. He's listening for the crowd, and hearing a few cheers for Brianna... a few roars that he's uncertain about. He can't let that get in his head yet, so he has to focus. Another pass. There is another slash from his blade - he keeps his reach, poised and ready. "Again," he says, with a breath, crossing with Brianna's ax as he lunges in.

Eirene calls out again, "Drink," as Brianna takes another hit from Drake. She whistles loudly between her fingers before taking the flask and tipping it back for another hit.

Kiera does a small little golf type glap at each of her brother's hits following him carefully

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Ras skulks onto the grounds, skirting the crowds, and slinks into the stands to watch the ongoing duel.

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Arik shouts from nearby, "Grab his harness and take him to the ground, Brianna!"

Richard suddenly appears to have recalled something, starting mildly and tapping one fist into his palm. He hasn't been cheering for his brother (not a surprise that Richard is being quiet, if you know him), but leans toward his sister beside him.

HAH! Brianna gets a solid hit, feinting and smashing her axe into Drake's shoulder. Yes. That HAH was also vocalized. It echoes from the stands.

As Briana scores a touch, there's another drink for the Malvici.

Azova look torn between bemusement at people calling out different means for the Champions to beat on each other, wincing when there's a really solid hit, and drinking whenever Eirene calls it out.

Drake is truly doing his best to concentrate rather than focus on the crowd, but he's starting to rush a bit perhaps. He lunges a bit too close... for that, he gets that strike on the shoulder. He crosses past her for a second and turns to her opposite side on the ring. He braces his back foot - it was a hit, no doubt about it, but not enough to call it yet. Darke takes one more step back, and resets his hand on the hilt of his dueling blade. Then goes for another jab.

Graham watches the back and forth between the duelists. "Rebound, recover Lord Drake." He calls though it's really the loudest he's been in quite a long while and still not all that much probably not heard beyond those nearest him. He is then quiet once more.

Noticing the hit, up goes--well--Thea's out a glass, so she reaches for her flask. HA! She takes a large drink of that instead, grinning. She looks over to Mihaly, Eirene and Azova,"This still might go quicker than thought.."

Orelia shouts from nearby, "Keep your guard up! Don't get sloppy!"

Arik shouts from nearby, "There she is! Ow."

Mihaly has been wordlessly taking his drinks as Eirene calls out. "I've learned to never guess when a fight does or doesn't end." he asides over to Thea. "Generally, you tend to be surprised more times than you aren't."

"GET HIM BRI! YOU HAVE HIM!" Alec keeps cheering on his wife.

Arik waggles his cane up in the air as the blow comes from Brianna on Drake then suddenly leans back in his chair with a grouchy look.

Eirene calls out the order to drink again when Brianna scores another faint hit. It's a hit all the same.

From the snack tent, Rowenova can be heard shouting, "WOO LADY BRIANNA!"

Brianna is feeling flashy. She ducks and weaves with acrobatic ease, then scores a ringing offside blow to Drake's sword arm. She twirls out of reach, baiting him.

Theophania is late to the fight, courtesy wrapping up some business. She settles in to watch from the stands with jerky and sparkling wine. She does not *yet* get rowdy.

Lawrence grunts as he watches the battle, clearly a bit less festive than the rest.

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Drea nudges Lawrence with her shoulder, giving him an amused look and then her attention goes back to the fight in the field.

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Is Drake starting to get tired? There's defintely a sense of him slowing. He might regret the helm for the way it causes sweat to gather and drip down his brow, but... safety is paramount in such a situation when life itself shouldn't be on the line. The roar of the crowd is louder. That matters - because it's a good show. "You do strike hard," he says, with a huff in his voice and a slight lowering of his shoulders. Then Drake snaps back again, shaking it off. He puts his left hand behind his back once more... glances at the wound now struck soundly on his right. He watches Brianna step back. He looks to her feet, then her hand, watching for the signs of another feint. He snaps to sharp focus. Another lunge.

Khanne is watching each swing of sword and axe. She is standing alone in the crowd, focused. Lifting a curled finger to her lips, she murmurs softly, "come on Brianna... get him."

UGH. So much yelling, Strozza has a sour face for all of it. He shouts... yes. At sailors. Where shouting is civilized. Then something happens and his head leans back slightly and his expression goes quietly calm.

Eirene has had a sobering moment, where she and the other healer types sit in the stands. It flashes across her face. But then there's another strike and she calls out, "drink" in that voice which can carry over the din of a crowd thanks to years of battlfield bellowing.

Poppy looks a touch embarrassed by Matteo's words 'That's not what I meant Your Highness. But, do you think that disdain of what they are going through is the answer? Did you show any compassion? Any comprehension? Have you starved Your Highness? Wondered where your next meal will come from and if so, have you had to choose who it will feed?" She inshales, "I did not mean insult Your Highness. I just think calling them poor poor commoners who beat the shit out of you shows little you understand about them."

Arik hucks his cane out of the high booth to randomly fall into the crowd or field below with a *grah*

Just as Brianna is starting to feel confident, Drake gets a good hit in on her off arm, and she feels blood dripping, hitting the sand. That's it. She drops to one knee, saluting the Wyrmguard lord.

Mirella twiddles the ends of her hair in one hand, idly winding the dark locks between her fingertips. The other hand lifts a mug to her lips, whereupon she takes a slow, deep mouthful of her drink. Her expression is calm as she watches the dance of metal, though her eyes have widened a touch as hits are traded. She doesn't shout. No shouting here.

Poppy jumps to her feet just like Eirene had her sobering moment, Poppy looks truly concerned as the blood begins to drop onto the sands.

Kiera frowns at her brother's injury leaning forward, leaving mulling of statements for later

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Drake knew he was starting to get tired.... but he just had to get one real solid hit to end it. And using his reach with the weapon... he does. Brianna takes the wound and drops.

Drake is also bleeding, the strike on his shoulder taking a bit of a toll as it runs down into the cracks of his padding. He recognizes the yield, lowers his weapon, and then holds up his hand.

The Count of house Byrne watches back and forth the two seeming to be fairly equally matched. Graham is standing and intently as the strikes keep coming though nothing solid until a blow lands. "Well struck Lord Drake." The young man calls clapping as the fight comes to a conclusion. He seeks down near the judges booth trying to see what the response is from those there.

Mikani stands at the final hit and smiles softly. She takes a deep breath and holds her hands in front of her calmly.

Conversely to Mirella, next to whom Rowenova is, the Halfshav Servant lets out several roars of cheering encouragement, but then those cut off so suddenly!

Alecstazi gingerly sets Caleb down on the ground, leaving the boy in Arik's care before he starts to make his way down towards the Judge's Booth.

Alecstazi takes Caleb, ward of House Halfshav.

Tila lets out a low sigh, a strangled sort of thing. She hasn't been yelling anything, hasn't been all that actively involved... but she was clearly invested. She's at least half a shade more pale than usual. Considering her complexion, that's something.

Teagan is overheard praising Jaenelle: At least SOMEONE understands.

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Arik is being berated in the high booth for launching a cane from a height while a young nine year old something boy points his fingers at him going "Yeah!"

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Lawrence grins at Drea's nudging of him. "What! I am watching!"

Philippe takes a handkerchief from up his sleeve and daubs at his neck as the fight ends. He claps politely for both fighters, though he lingers longer on Drake. Drake gets the added nod. The nod is life.

Fianna also nudges Lawrence before returning her focus upon the field to witness Drake strike Brianna one more time. A grand smile curves her lips and the Duchess stands up to clap, clap, /clap/ for such good form between the Champions. As she claps, she pivots to look at Rysen and Mikani with a nod of approval. "Well done."

At the duel's conclusion, Rysen kisses Mikani, and steps onto the field. He approaches Drake and Brianna, and bows, saying, "You have fought well, and honored Gloria and the Champions Guild."

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Eirene claps for the end of the fight but looks disappointed for her friend. She hands some coin over to Mihaly before she mutters something to the bench and takes another swig from her flask.

Mikani smiles at Rysen's kiss and stays in the judge's booth to keep people off the field. Though as a former champion she remembered the rush of the end of a fight and the conclusion of a well fought duel.

Teagan is overheard praising Brianna: Well fought

Mikani is overheard praising Drake.

Mikani is overheard praising Brianna.

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Eirene is overheard praising Drake.

Lycoris is overheard praising Drake.

Eirene is overheard praising Brianna.

Rysen is overheard praising Drake.

Drea is overheard praising Brianna: Always bringing honor to the Halfshav name.

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Rysen is overheard praising Brianna.

Kasa is overheard praising Drake.

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Azova is overheard praising Brianna.

Mirella is overheard praising Drake: Well fought,

Mirella is overheard praising Brianna: Fought well.

Alecstazi moves first to the field to check on Brianna, looking over the wound and then, assured she's going to be fine, kisses her. "You fought fiercely and well." He looks to Drake and offers the man a nod of his head, "You have an excellent command of your reach. Well fought." Finally, he looks to Rysen, his expression serene as he offers the Crovane lord a precise and exquisite bow. "Lord Crovane, I offer you my sincere apology for the offense I gave to you. May your victory today ease the anger you held in your heart for so long."

Richard reaches forward to touch Kiera's shoulder. "His wounds are within acceptable bounds. I'll have him treated before the sun rises again. As for the pain... well, we've all had our share already."

Ingrid is overheard praising Brianna.

Ingrid is overheard praising Drake.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Brianna: My wife, my honor, you are always the victor in my eyes.

Theophania is overheard praising Drake.

Philippe is overheard praising Brianna: A well-fought duel.

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Scythia murmurs something to Ember, a cheeky grin going along with the words. Afterward she rises so that she might applaud for both combatants.

Philippe is overheard praising Drake: An exceptionally well-fought duel.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Drake: Well fought, well shown.

Kieran is overheard praising Brianna.

Theophania is overheard praising Brianna.

Rysen turns to face all of those who have assembled.

"The matter is now dropped." Rysen turns to Drake, and says, "Lord Drake Wyrmguard, you have fought with incredible skill, and I don't have the words to express my gratitude." Lygeia opens a blackwood box and from it, Rysen lifts a triskelion star iron vambrace. "Please accept this gift," he says, offering it to the knight of Blancbier.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Brianna.

Svana is overheard praising Brianna.

Svana is overheard praising Drake.

Brianna rises from her kneeling salute after an appropriate amount of time, making her way over to her husband, returning the kiss and murmuring something to him.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Drake.

Khanne is overheard praising Brianna.

Lawrence claps a few times. "Well fought warriors."

Khanne is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Khanne is overheard praising Drake.

Brianna is overheard praising Drake.

Kasa rises to her feet in the stands, applauding fiercely. "Good show!" she calls out, before sitting back again, to watch whatever happens next -- although she seems less eager about that part.

Khanne is overheard praising Rysen.

Kieran is overheard praising Brianna.

Azova stands alongside others to cheer for the two Champions and their hard fought duel; she hangs back for at least a moment however, waiting to see that both combatants are fully healed before she will make her way to the exit of the grounds.

Kieran has left the High Booth.

Lyle, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Kieran.

Orelia is overheard praising Drake.

Orelia is overheard praising Brianna.

Tila is overheard praising Brianna: Well fought.

Poppy quietly excuses herself from where she was sitting to make her way down to the grounds to see if either champions require her aid.

Poppy has left the Quiet Booth.

Brianna clasps her free hand to her bleeding arm. "See you at the Mercy tent," she says simply, heading over to get stitched up.

Eirene has a final drink as she stands up, stretching her arms over her head. "I should probably get back to the Grace and deal with the overflow crowds," she says to the others.

Drea is overheard praising Drake: A well-fought duel.

Drake concerns himself first with Brianna, making sure she's well on her feet and headed back to her husband, and to the medics besides. Then he takes a few steps, first, putting the sword away, then, removing his helm, so he can wipe his brow. At that, he takes the gift from Rysen, with a deep enough nod and an outstretched hand so again the back seats can see the gesture. "Thank you. I'm happy to have done my duty today for you."

Arik is shamelessly using a strawberry blonde nine year old child as a walking aid after losing his cane in a clear malfunction and not intentional hucking. The young Caleb complains as Arik tells him it's good for him and to hush up.

Asher is overheard praising Drake.

Asher is overheard praising Rysen.

Asher is overheard praising Brianna.

Mirella tips back her drink and places the mug aside on a nearby surface. Then she's off, a slinking shadow through the crowd, though not before waving goodbye to Rowenova with a gentle motions of one hand.

Asher is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Asher is overheard praising Svana.

Mihaly gets up when Eirene does, looking to leave as well. "Be happy to walk you back to the clinic. I need to walk off..." he gestures at his flask. "..all this."

Rowenova waves goodbye but actually slinks in the same direction as Mirella, so they sneak their way out of this place, doing so on the sly.

Brianna shouts from nearby, "Drinks at the Spirits are on me!"

Teagan seems to be doing the 'depart before the rush' thing as well, just like all reasonable people do at sporting events. Or, y'know, like a pregnant woman who can't hang out and drink.

Thea is up and, flask in hand. She congratulates the Champions before starting to step down. Looking to Eirene, she nods,"Some have been--doing better than others. I stayed last night..." Casting a grin over at Azova,"Pleasure gaming with you.."

Mirella has left the the Concessions Tent.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe leave, following Mirella.

Rowenova has left the the Concessions Tent.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound leaves, following Rowenova.

Alecstazi moves to assist his wife as she heads off the field, doting on her rather intently. "I shall take you there, my dear..."

As the duel comes to an end, Gaston applauds like many others do for the well displayed contest that both champions have put up today. Rising to his feet, he looks over the crowd at those present before heading for the exit as well.

Eirene's going to make sure Brianna doesn't bleed to death first, because she's not letting her friend die. Bandaging up the bleeding arm. She grins and then waves to Alec and Caleb before taking MIhaly's arm and letting him escort her.

"And you." Azova returns, to Thea. "I can start heading to Saving Grace after my shifts at Solace, if it will help." she adds, glancing Eirene's way at the news of the crowds.

Vagari The Cinder Cat arrives, delivering a message to Graham before departing.

Brianna has left the Field.

3 Thrax Guards, His Grace, a massive red roan Maelstrom destrier, Sednaya, a female Maelstrom Osprey, Xander, a complete asshole goose, 3 Thrax Elite Guards, Brianna leave, following Alecstazi.

Tanith stands from her seat, winks at Rukhnis and Ras both. "I'll buy you a round at the Murder if you like," says the barkeep with a smile, getting ready to leave. "We can talk more about this new kind of dueling there."

Mikani watches Alecstazi and Brianna for a long moment before her dark eyes take in Rysen. She smiles at her husband before she moves to join the Crovane family in the stands.

Eirene has left the General Seating.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome have been dismissed.

Vagari The Cinder Cat arrives, delivering a message to Ember before departing.

Kiera has left the General Seating.

For what it's worth, Asher was with Svana at the drinks station, sipping and talking through the fight. Watching, of course, but all the same... He's been murmuring with Svana the entire time, rather than watch, exactly. It give him time to see the victor, and cheer for Drake at the end.

Mihaly has left the General Seating.

Caine Arnasis, a foul-mouthed assistant leaves, following Mihaly.

Thea climbs down, telling Azova,"If you want,"discussing the hospital. "I don't think we'd turn down the help.."she watches her aunt sleep away, so hey---why not!

Glancing back into the crowd, Rysen notices Rukhnis, and blushes furiously, guessing how she probably feels about all this noble nonsense. He raises a hand to the physician and says, "Do you mind looking at Lord Drake's wounds, Rukhnis?"

Arik on his way out after releasing the nine year old from behind his walking stick there is dip of his head to Khanne then some limping off.

Jaenelle slips to the other side of Arik that doesn't use child labor to assist him down, placing her hand on his elbow. It appears like she is muttering to him about something. Impalement by cane. Soft squishy heads? "Bonk, really?"

Jaenelle has left the High Booth.

Arik has left the High Booth.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington, Arik leave, following Jaenelle.

Poppy complains softly to Avoza 'I still can't feel my feet after my last shift at Solace house. I'm grateful for a day off now.' She grins at the other mercy before looking at the champions, 'But, what's a day off really?"

Teagan has left the High Booth.

2 Blackram guards, Chessa, Dimples, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Teagan.

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Fianna gives her uncle Lawrence another nudge before giving him another grin. The duel is now over and the matter between two lords settled. At long last. She looks around for Asher and Svana somewhere in the crowd before turning toward Rysen and Mikani, giving her respects to them and to Lord Drake. "Well fought and good form." On her way out, Fianna is sure to give her family a Crovane cheer!

Kasa has left the General Seating.

Rukhnis snorts quietly at Tanith as the other woman stands up, then looks questioningly at her. She starts, "If you are being serious, I would be glad to--" but then breaks off as Rysen calls out to her. She makes a brief bow in his direction, then finishes to Tanith, "I would be glad to come by, after I see to Lord Drake." And she makes her way down to the field.

Mack, a sable Northern Shepherd, 4 House Crovane Guards, Madrigal, a Crovane equestrian leave, following Fianna.

Svana is happy enough, looking relieved that the duel is over. She looks to Asher and stands up, offering her arm. "Shall we, or do you want to hang here a little longer?"

Kasa clambers out of the stands as the event seems to have come to an end, but she isn't in a terrible rush to leave, taking a lingering moment to look around and soak it all up before she exits.

"At the least, I can help with triage. It all goes faster if you have someone very good with triage who can prioritize." Azova discusses with Thea quietly. "I'll make the time to do so." is promised then, though her gaze is down on the field, as other healers rush to help. "It appears they are well taken care of. And I'm only barely wobbling. My guards will no doubt she grateful they don't have to haul me potato sack style home."

Ember has left the General Seating.

A pack of giggling and gossiping Redreef handmaidens leaves, following Ember.

Ras looks after Rukhnis and leans back on the bench, folding his arms in a small shrug and looking up at Tanith with a regretful twitch of his mouth.

Tanith calls after Rukhnis, "I am always serious about free drinks!" Then she's looking at Ras. "What? You get one too."

Scythia speaks a few words more to Ember and, with a dip to those in their general vicinity, she heads back the other way.

Scythia has left the General Seating.

1 Redreef Warden, 2 Seliki Pikemen leave, following Scythia.

Richard, in turn, has risen. Even his brother's victory hasn't driven him to much in the way of outward emotion as he begins making his way toward the grounds, though this time he is doing far less 'excuse mes' and 'pardons'. He tucks his hands into pockets at his waist, checking for something.

Richard has left the General Seating.

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"Ah," Rukhnis says, as she looks Drake over carefully. "A shoulder-cleaving strike. That is Lord Rysen's favourite kind." She clucks her tongue softly, adding, "But your arm still appears quite firmly attached, so you have not done it so well as he does."

Kiera has joined the Field.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Khanne.

Asher does take Svana's arm, and though he's only mostly finished with his drink, he decides to tag along. If only to help Svana get there. "I think if the party is over here, then yes, time to go."

Richard has joined the Field.

Ras pulls a smirk at Tanith and asks something quietly.

Rysen smiles at Fianna, and bows. "Thank you, Cousin." He chuckles and crosses his arms as Rukhnis looks over Drake. "Gods and spirits, Rukhnis," he mutters. "Please go easy on the balm for his sake."

Recognizing Svana from that night on the battlements, Kasa offers her a cheery wave. "What a battle!" she calls out, clearly still giddy from it all.

Drea turns back to Lawrence as everything settles down and she smiles at him. "Ready to head back out again?"

Drake hears the call for drinks. And he'll join, certainly... after he wipes himself off a bit, but wounds are more important yet. He removes his shoulder armor, unbuckling it so Rukhnis can get a closer look. Drake sees Richard coming down from the stands, and beckons him over. "I think the lady has it in hand," he says, looking at Rukhnis again. "Dress and bandage I assume. It should knit."

Lawrence helps Drea up before heading out. He stops at Rysen on the way out and pats him on the shoulder, "Congrats Nephew."

Kiera moves to the field with speed to see to her brother

Siggi, a small fox, Aralie, the shy assistant leave, following Drea.

Drea leaves, following Lawrence.

Poppy notices that the champions are taken care of and gives an exhausted type smile before exiting the arena.

Barnacle, a young silver hound leaves, following Poppy.

Svana kisses Asher's cheek softly, nodding toward his drink. "You can finish that," she says to him, stretching her legs a bit before looking at Kasa and smiling. "Aye! It was intense!"

Thea agrees with Azova, a brief smile,"It's not that we aren't good. We're used to them. Just the overflow has been--huge,"exhaling as she explains. I know the Clinic is just as busy however." She starts stepping toward the exit, Finn in tow. Her eyes shift over, noting that the champions are well taken care of.

Bad things happen in the Lowers. That's just a fact of life. But sometimes bad things happen that are weird enough to get at least a little bit of attention, and so it is that when a human arm washes up under the docks, it does get noticed. Mostly it gets noticed because the hand attached to that arm is still wearing a little ring on its pinky, but after assessing that said ring isn't really worth much, the proper authorities are eventually notified. And it's really not very usual for that to happen.

It's just that this severed arm looks like something large was /chewing/ on it.

"Thank you, Uncle," says Rysen to Lawrence. "And thanks for looking after Lord Drake's wounds, Rukhnis," he says to the Eurusi physician. He makes his way over to Mikani, and offers a quiet word, before taking her hand and preparing to take his leave.

"Oh no, I would never imply otherwise, my lady. I am certain you do have it well in hand. I just... if there is need, then I am compelled to help. And triage is just what I am best at." Azova offers apologetically. "I just wish to ease the burden a little. We all deserve a little free time, yes? It will happen more quickly if we all help, is all." She gives her head a quick shake, and then a smile appears. "I won't keep you. If you are heading down to speak to the Champions, please offer them my admiration. I don't know them well, so I'm going to head back to the ward. You have a lovely evening!"

Wagner has left the General Seating.

"Indeed it should, and quite nicely," Rukhnis agrees with Drake, now having a better look at the clean gash in the champion's shoulder. Getting bandages and a sponge from her medical bag, she corrals some hapless bystander into running off and fetching a small bowl of clean water, and with that done begins to clean the blood away in preparation for the roll of bandages that she next begins to wind firmly around the wound.

Thea has left the General Seating.

Scratchers the red-tailed hawk, Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes leave, following Thea.

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Orion, the surly healer's assistant, 2 Redoubt Buccaneers leave, following Azova.

As things die down, Orelia pulls away from Strozza and Tila. Grinning, she approaches Drake for a quiet word.

Tanith has left the General Seating.

Richard nears the group. He nods to Rysen just as the man leaves, and then again to Rukhnis. "Of course," he says. "I imagine I'll be left bored tonight after the Assistant Guildmaster's work." Though he can't help but give his own assessing eye to Drake's wound. "I trust," he begins dourly, "you weren't accepting these wounds for the crowd's sake, again."

Asher quickly finishes his drink, as instructed, and then offers Svana a gesture of 'one moment'. He calls out to Rysen, with a loud but simple, "Congratulations!" And then he's back to Svana's arm. "Ready to go?"

"You're the one who's on!" Ras calls after Tanith as she departs, leaning forward. It seems good-naturedly aggressive, and then he realizes he's yelling, and sits back again with an uncomfortable shifting in his seat. His focus travels back to watch the huddle on the field.

"Aye, ready to go, I think," Svana says, stroking her fingers along Asher's arm as she lets him lead the way. "I'm ready to sit somewhere more comfortably and maybe get something to eat, I think."

Drake stands as still as he can as Rukhnis works on dressing his wounds. When she's finishes wrapping his shoulder... he almost rubs at it, then thinks better of it a second later, and draws his own hand back. He gives Orelia a big grin when she walks up. "You know I have all your training to thank for doing as well as I did. Without practice I'd have faltered out there." Then he grins at Richard. "It's more exciting if it's a close fight, isn't it?" He barks a laugh. "I'm joking. No, I was starting to fatigue, and let her in past my reach a couple of times as I passed through. Her hits are strong. I had to count on finesse."

Richard's eyes narrow as Drake's hand gets closer to his wound, returning to normal as the hand backs away.

Philippe has left the General Seating.

Rysen smiles at Richard's comment to Drake. He kisses Mikani, and says to the knight of House Wyrmguard, "I really appreciate your standing for me, My Lord." He turns then, waving to Asher and Svana, before departing towards the north.

Rysen has left the Field.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist leaves, following Rysen.

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Frosty, a friendly English sheepdog, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador, Asher leave, following Svana.

Tila watches Orelia saunter off, completely justified. "I won't expect you two at 'our' party." She grins in good-natured fashion at Strozza. "A fine victory. Have a good evening.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Mirk.

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Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 2 House Crovane Guards, Biorna - The Protective Mastiff leave, following Mikani.

Seeing Orelia approach, Rukhnis inclines a nod to her, then tells Drake, "I have done what I can, and it is up to your own flesh and sinew to do the rest. I imagine it is perfectly up to the task. And of course you know not to /touch it/" -- this warning, coming just as she sees Drake about to touch it -- "and to be very easy on your arm for the next few days; no lifting things with it, certainly no further swordplay for the next week at least." Glancing at Richard, she nods to him in approval and adds, "I am sure Sir Richard will help to remind you of the proper way to care for it, should you find yourself in any doubt."

Ingrid watched and watched those around. It was quite a thing and now she is off to explore some more tonight.

Ingrid has left the General Seating.

Leta, the student scholar, 3 Grimhall House Guards leave, following Ingrid.

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Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Sorrel.

Strozza looks up and to Tila when she comments to him, "Well I mean... we could. Depending on the party..." he gives a terribly bright smile to her after a moment, "Well... I guess it doesn't depend on to much." folding his hands in his lap and giving a small wink. Joking? Flirting? Lycene.

Orelia nods to Rukhnis in appreciation, then puts a hand on Drake's shoulder. With a smirk she tells him, "Nobody is allowed to knock you down but me."

Drake behaves. For now. He stands up straight again, lowers his hands pointedly so as to prove he's not touching the dressing. He gives Rukhnis a smile, and a sincere nod after that. "Thank you for your aid. I'll take good care of it and be back to new in no time." He tilts his head toward Richard. "As you said, he won't let me do otherwise." Then he clears his throat. "Did... someone say something about drinks?"

Tila has left the Judges Booth.

Apparently considering her work here done, Rukhnis tells Drake, "If you have any further troubles of any sort with the wound, please be sure to consult any healer whom you trust. But I do not expect there will be any difficulties. Peace and honour be with you this night, Lord Drake." Giving him a bow, she then turns and makes her way to the edge of the field. She peers up into the stands until she relocates Ras, then gives him a questioning look.

Philippe finally makes his way over to Richard and Drake. Perhaps he also heard something about drinks. His mug is notably empty.

Ras rises from the bench and waves to Rukhnis, then hops down a series of steps and comes to her side.

Santiago has left the Quiet Booth.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private, Akkar leave, following Cillian.

"Lady Brianna did. At The Spirits," Orelia answers before letting her hand fall back to her side.

Rukhnis looks terribly torn and guilty for a moment as she speaks quietly with Ras, but then she gives a slow nod and heads out of the tournament grounds with him.

Rukhnis has left the General Seating.

Ras has left the General Seating.

Ras leaves, following Rukhnis.

Richard goes 'mm' at Drake's words about a close fight. "Worry not, Assistant Guildmaster," he says drily, putting a fist to his chest and bowing toward her. "I'll watch him as if he were my own brother." He straightens. "Fortunately, I agree. The wounds were within normal bounds. I do not expect the healing to take long." His eyes glance toward Orelia and he coughs into his fist. "Any, er... strenuous activity should be undertaken with... care. As for drinks, unfortunately, I should return to my studies." He gives a glance that gets both Drake and Philippe. "I may be coming close to something, but I don't wish to say more until I've found anything further. Could be more smoke."

Philippe grunts affirmatively at Richard, nodding. "Of course," he says. "I will supervise your brother. Fear not." Philippe's eye tracks to Drake. "We must avoid excess trouble, after all." Is that the threat of a wry grin?? No, must be a shadow.

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