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Svana Fabron

Trade isn't about goods, trade is about information. Goods sit in a warehouse until information moves them.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Northlands Merchant
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Kolur
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 21
Birthday: 05/21
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Merchant
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Dark Chestnut
Eye Color: Earthy Brown
Skintone: Lightly Tanned

Description: Not everyone gets to be the prettiest princess in Arx. Svana's looks are classic, but there's nothing terribly special about long, mousy brown hair or the lightly-tanned smoothness of her skin. She has the build of someone used to a life of travelling, of hard work and the occasional skipped meals. She's of average height, and not particularly curvy, and all of that suits her just fine.

Svana's beauty is in her finely arched eyebrows and thickly-lashed eyes. It's in her full mouth, the faint heart-shape of her lips. Her high cheekbones and delicate jaw draw the eye, while her wit and personality charms. Some might not look twice at Svana Kolur, but they simply don't look close enough to see how exceptional she really is.

Personality: Fortune favours the bold, they say, and Svana has certainly proven that. She's a risk-taker with a strong personality, able to stand up to even the most brash of sellswords and merchants trying to get one up on her. She can be stubborn as a winter wind when she feels the need, and has little patience for failed attempts to fleece her!

She's not always the firm merchant, however, and her quick wit translates into a wicked sense of humour and love of small pranks-- harmless jokes that make the road seem less long, and end up as fond memories.

Background: Life in the far north might be harsh, but there's still time for children to be children. There's toys, there's storytimes, snowmen.. And then there's the odd child like Svana, who doesn't like just -any- toy. She'll collect all the toys she can to trade for that one she really wants, and then never let it go. That's Svana.

From a young age she hung around the caravans and scouts, always clamoring for tales of distant locales, always enamoured with the exotic goods that came to the Bonespire. Her parents liked to say that her head was in the clouds, but even they knew that wasn't quite right. Her feet have always been planted firmly on the ground, but rooted on the roads instead of in the mountains.

As soon as she was even remotely old enough, she started accompanying caravans headed to Arx. Quickly, the young woman fell in love with the city, with the opportunity and diversity found there. For a few years, the Bonespire was still her home-- but now her tribe is a part of the Compact, with a little estate in Arx, and she's finally ready to shift her base of operations to the City itself.

Relationship Summary

  • Apollo - Patron and close friend

  • Friend:
  • Kieran - Prince Dangerpants!
  • Rowenova - Hungry like the wolf.

  • Northlands:
  • Mikani - A protective noble who my husband serves - always kind.
  • Clara - Lady of House Crovane, dear friend, and much more.

  • Spouse:
  • Jules - Fat lazy housecat of a husband who I couldn't be more in love with.
  • Name Summary
    Apollo If all the merchants in the north are as enthusiastic and quick to help as she is, I've got nothing to worry about.
    Arcadia It is always a pleasure to have Svana join us in the city. Her wit, brightness and smile is a fresh breath of air through the house.
    Arcelia I've never met the woman but tears were drawn and emotional dragons slain together.
    Asher She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Clever, but perhaps without knowledge of the workings of Arx? She certainly understands how to work with people to her advantage though, and that's impressive.
    Clara A very nice woman who is loyal to the house she serves. I can appreciate that. I look forward ta seein' her again.
    Esme Interesting. The first meet she all but hid behind her husband. This time, she showed a little teeth. Needs to work on the company she keeps, but I'm sure we'll be fast friends.
    Gunnar Bright, energetic. Enthusastic about her work for Apollo and leatherworking in general. I look forward to doing business with her and her Master in the future.
    Ilsa A kind and companionable woman, with a distinct appreciation for wry humour. And mud pies.
    Jules You stumbled across her in the market and had a pleasant conversation with her which lead to dinner. Hopefully you'll see a bit more of her around.
    Kaldur Newly sworn to Crovane. She has the ready mix of bluster and bark and care as many in the North seem to have. The Marketeer Jules captured her interest, and swiftly. An unexpected development.
    Kritr I heard Apollo ran this shop, but the goodwoman Svana of Stahlben served very well. Good. I'd hate to have to do all that tiny stitching myself.
    Mabelle The beauitful wife of Jules, a delicate and pleasant woman.
    Mikani A woman who seems to know how to have a good time. A way to do her job and keep a smile on her face. I like.
    Mirk Very young, very bold, but effective for it: She knows how to change the situation to an arena more in her favor.
    Pepper For a mother to be there is a lot of weight on her shoulders. Both at the tavern and here. I want to remind her that everything will be alright. She has the unique ability to turn negative things into laughter.
    Porter She's got more patience than most people would for her husband acting the way he did the other night. Hopefully he comes to his senses and doesn't actually die of hypothermia, he seems nice when he's not in a panic over babies. Seems like a good woman.
    Quenia A haggler of some skill, and has an interest in unusual things and events. She might be new to things, but could be a good ally in the future, possibly.
    Rane Lovely, talented and eager to learn. Though...I wonder what percentage of profits the owner of the Espressions gives her? Whatever it is, it's not enough.
    Ras Works for Apollo, and seems like she's got a head for business, friendly and acts happy - probably be more'n an apprentice before long. Likes candy and coffee.
    Riagnon It's SO important to wrestle someone to the ground on their birthday. Keeps them humble! A true friend.
    Rowenova A returning merchant to the Stahblen marche. She gave good pets to Sir Flop, so we both like her!
    Rysen A childhood friend of Marquis Magnus and Lady Volcica who has proven to be fine company to drink with on a moonlit autumn night.
    Vayne Anyone so interested in learning more about the Pantheon will find a friend in me. I am glad to have met her, and I look forward to teaching her about the gods.
    Zoey A sense of humor and a strong mind. She'll make a good match for Jules.