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Ras Al-Katibi

Get out of my face!

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Irascible Investigator
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Unknown
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 20
Birthday: 7/2
Religion: Pantheism
Vocation: Commoner
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tan

Description: For someone born in the dirt, Ras looks the part, with hair and eyes as brown as mud. His dark tan is no contrast. Strands of hair, raggedly shorn around his ears, frequently point in all directions. Skinny and of average height, his stature is far from imposing, and the slouched saunter with which he carries himself doesn't do him any favors in that regard. The only compelling feature about him is the shine in his eyes, potentially misplaced hope and wonder that glints from time to time through his sullen ferocity.

Personality: Stubborn and shameless, Ras is not cut out for success in life as a commoner. He can be overdramatic and prone to catastrophizing when he's upset. While he has a deep hatred for authority, he also has a strong survival instinct that has brought him this far. And while he can be very self-centered, he is capable of great compassion and empathy for others as well. He tends to act tough whenever he can, and cover his fear with anti-humor and bravado.

Background: Ras was abandoned as an infant on the stairs of the orphanage as a child, and grew up in the Tragedy. He was often bullied, but that didn't dull him, and at times he flew into rages at his tormentors. Eventually they left him alone, but he fostered a deep-seated resentment of anyone telling him what to do ever since. When he became old enough, he ran away and lived on the streets as much as he could, stealing food or eating from the garbage, but never begging.

Relationship Summary

  • Insaya - fool me once, snitch
  • Nycelani - won't burn me a third time
  • Evaristo - sometimes I like him
  • Alessia - not a friend
  • Hamish - asshole friend

  • Ally:
  • Amantha - a guard who can be trusted
  • Harlex - swordsman
  • Rinel - complicated scholar
  • Natalia - more than she looks in every way
  • Raymesin - hasn't shivved me yet, so
  • Apollo - not just a fancy tanner
  • Urain - strong head and good heart
  • Shard - nothing to say except I trust her
  • Tanith - nice baker & barkeep
  • Derovai - knows how monsters think
  • Samira - trustworthy artist
  • Bree - been through some shit

  • Friend:
  • Elisha - a special genius
  • Sydney - fist-fighter
  • Fortunato - brave Whisper with great thoughts
  • Verity - blade under a breath of cloth
  • Jeffeth - always been the best of us down here

  • Family:
  • Maja - big sister

  • Client:
  • Nunya - business

  • Rival:
  • Raja - crazy-ass Culler

  • Deceased:
  • Josephine - made a dark world lighter
  • Juniper - remember her a lot

  • Acquaintance:
  • Stygia - don't know her for sure
  • Tolv - who is someone when their real self is empty?

  • Spouse:
  • Rukhnis - shade in the desert, my cherished stormbird

  • Enemy:
  • Preston - Tyrant's pet
  • The Ladder - let it rot away
  • Monsters - the ones you see and the ones you don't and the ones pretending to be people
  • Name Summary
    Abby He sweeps very well. I'll attest to that before the Archlector.
    Adalyn A perplexingly quiet fellow, who seems to keep to the outskirts of things. Hard to read, too. Perhaps my enthusiasm just overwhelmed him.
    Aelgar Very casual and kinda guarded, approachable. A good way to combine the wariness if the area with openness to RP. Looking forward to more time with him.
    Agostino Though I worked with the young man some time ago, I was unaware he had such fascinating stories to tell.
    Ajax oh, child. When I see you I see your hunger yet a willingness to keep a hold of what little innocence you have left. I honestly wish for the best child.
    Alarissa Who is this?
    Aleksei He's a good kid. He's got a good heart. I really hope he'll stay safe.
    Alessia I admire the man's enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate. He seems like he'd be pleasant company.
    Alexis Goodman Ras is an angry young man. But then, he has a lot to be angry about, doesn't he? Hopefully, he'll see his way to a path forward. The rising tide, Goodman Ras. For all of us.
    Alrigo He might be the one who either runs the docks, or thinks he runs the docks. That's a way to approach life. Blag it.
    Amund Turned out to be surprisingly deadly with a knife, after all. People can surprise you with the way they change.
    Anisha Messere Ras appears a humble enough soul, but reliable sources tell me he has impressive talents to display!
    Apollo What a weird guy.
    Arcadia I swear he could be my doppelganger
    Artur Someone that watched me spar on the edge. He seemed amused by my theatrics with Lady Esme, but he applauded nonthless. But there is something about him I'm not sure about.
    Asha Silly one moment, serious the next. And honest, which isn't so common even in the Lowers. I like that about him.
    Asher A good heart, but maybe not a good head. Well, that can be fixed. Wisdom, rather than knowledge. He'll learn. And perhaps his limit of liqour.
    Aslaug You know that small kid you ignore but seems to be always hanging around a gang of toughs? You know the one. You ignore him, but he seems to know things? No one pays him any attention because he's small and quiet and you forget he's there? That's this guy. Only, I think he's more than he seems and clever enough to know how to hide it.
    Aswin Different from the kid I remember, but then the streets have a way of changing you. You grow up fast or you die. He's still living, so that says something for him. I'll keep my eyes on him.
    Athaur Not nearly so prickly as I was expecting. Though perhaps a bit guarded. Looks strangely familiar.
    Austen A very quiet man, reminds me of a younger me, I suppose. Likes to watch things, don't think he likes to be the center of attention.
    Bahiya When I was a child, sometimes we would play with a toy, an inflated animal bladder that we would kick about. When it would leak, it would make these sounds ... pfft ... woooff ... oooooooooofffff... thhbbt.. and so on. Half of the time, Ras sounds like this. The rest of the time, when he speaks, he is often insightful, intelligent, observant, and his Eurusi is almost better than -mine-. An interesting fellow regardless.
    Beatrice A man with a mind in motion behind that gruff, taciturn exterior.
    Bellamy He's always been kind when I run into him. A little bit wary of me because of my social status, but a smart young man who is kind. I like him!
    Berenice Who? The small, dirty one?
    Bhandn He needs to keep his hands to himself. That random question he asked is another matter entirely.
    Bianca Curious in just the right measure. He seems to beginning the journey of discovering the larger world that surrounds us and having walked this path before, I'm eager to assist him whenever possible.
    Blacktongue Grumpy and suspicious, that's safe.
    Braelynn The Baron has a sense of humor! He seems very down to earth. Rat Kebabs, Indeed! Poor Tobias!
    Braith Cheeky. I like him. So Maja must have told him or perhaps what we are has spread further than I could even know. Either way. Cheeky.
    Brigida Does he know lying to me is very foolish. Princess Ras indeed!
    Caspian Is throwing turkey bones at someone after giving your name a new Lowers tradition?
    Catalana The poor boy is all skin and bones. He needs someone to make sure he has proper meals.
    Celeste He was paid to deliver a package to me. He was reasonably well mannered while in my presence and may prove useful for future work of a similar nature.
    Clara The Night of Cardian Wine and Unicorns... perhaps the only other sane person in the Murder that night.
    Cocine He seems to have lead a rough life but has turned himself around nicely. I enjoyed the chat we had and I hope to see him around the shop again soon. Someone who understands the value of a thing no matter what its made from or where it came from.
    Corrigan I really shouldn't get as much of a kick out of the reaction the badge causes as I do. Still - kid didn't look all that rattled. That's uncommon in the Lowers.
    Cristoph I can only assume that not bathing is a choice he purposely makes, since he can afford expensive weaponry. A fairly skilled fighter, probably enjoyable to fight with if you like getting kicked repeatedly in the shins. Which I do not. I respect street fighting, but I do not take joy in it.
    Dante Interesting fellow, seems to know a lot about various connections. Has opinions on where armor comes from and what types. I didn't expect that, but I suppose that's as much of a political and religious issue as so much else now.
    Delilah Anyone who trades a peach for an olyphant knows the value of a good trade. Somewhat skittish, I have to wonder what marked him in life to react with such keen awareness. Yet once he relaxes, he's a lovely conversation partner.
    Denica Stubborn, though that might be a product of his past experiences. He seems to hate me and I swear I'm innocent this time!
    Dio A clever fellow who, like the depths of the Southern Sea, conceals much to those who merely admire surfaces.
    Domonico A furtively sneaky man. I am sure he is up to something.
    Dorian Reserved sort of fellow. Not sure that he's shy, necessarily, maybe just not given to chatter. Maybe a bit sad about something?
    Drusila All that anger and willpower, imagine what it could do if sharpened and directed rather then entangle itself in every opportune target.
    Dustin Another good for nothing bum, probably on that black dust. With so much work that needs to be done in the city, you think there be less of them.
    Dycard A quiet, serious youngster, although calling the young man that might be a disservice to him. Has the air of someone who's grown up and fought to survive in the gutters of life. A survivor, then - we probably have more in common than either of us realise.
    Eleanor Keeps things close to the chest, doesn't he. Or is it vest? He was wearing a vest, does that matter? I expect he'd know which it is.
    Elias Not much different from a random, strange boy who can be found on the streets. But this one actually came to me suddenly to talk about eerie stuff. Too serious for his age. At least he is fun to toy with, yep, would totally tease him again.
    Ephrath He lurks in a way that might be suspicious to some, but makes me wonder what he's waiting for. Who? he's waiting for.
    Esme This isn't my first meeting, that was at the spar. This time, he's been more quiet, but there is strength in what one does not say and more strength in what one does not admit to doing.
    Evaristo Doesn't drink alcohol! Odd. Young kid of the streets, by the looks of him - just like I used to be.
    Faye A curious young man, definitely hiding something. I hope I'll get the chance to talk again soon with him.
    Filshiar A wary young man I encountered at the Botanic Gardens. He came out of his shell a bit more with some time and space.
    Flavien The heart to challenge everything, but lacking the guidance to actually know the reasoning of it and how to enact it... that comes with years. And he just hasn't had it yet.
    Gabriella Impressively bullish, for someone so gangly. Overflowing with a rage he jerks around like a wild flail; it is fascinating, if tragically undisciplined.
    Gael Guy most everyone turns to for answers, sometimes even nobles? Who knows. Seems nice enough, considering where we're from.
    Gaspar Polite enough, considering the tales spun around Arx. He didn't seem that enthusiastic about meeting a member of the peerage. Not that I can blame him. We are nothing special in Arx.
    Gawain A spirited rascal! Maybe he'll become a fine champion who spits in the face of our boring Valardin reputation!
    Gerald The kid's got heart. Hopefully, I can give him hope too. Its easy for that world to turn you hard and mean. I think he's got a chance though.
    Giada Dour but chill. Really glad he didn't kick Trouble; I'd have been pissed.
    Gianna We probably have more in common than he thinks. At least origins-wise.
    Giulio A young man with some promise. If he can learn the art of self-control.
    Gunnar In a word, bold. Seemingly quiet well informed as well. Someone I shall have to keep track of.
    Haakon Talkative little body who knows a good number of folk. Not a bad sort. Not especially helpful, either, but he tries and that's something.
    Hamish Supposedly penitent. We will see.
    Harlex Scared him a little. Good company, all the same. I wouldn't want to eat him, given the choice.
    Helena Polite and likable -- he shall go far I think, if he sets his dreams out in the distance and works toward them.
    Ian Fights angry. Hopefully he learns to control that before it gets him killed.
    Icelyn It takes balance and bravery to acknowledge the horrors in the world without allowing them to crush you. I see that balance in Ras, in the way he scrutinises shadows, and yet can enjoy the most cheerful of company without shying away from it. It gives me pause for thought to see.
    Iliana There's a bright gleam under all of that grime. Like so many young men, he just needs a nudge in the right direction. What direction that is though remains to be seen.
    Ilsa It saddens me to meet a man so young and already so full of despair. A sign, if nothing else, of the great amount of work that still needs to be done in this City.
    Iseulet Brimming with possibility. I sense he's on the trail of something big - hope it makes him happy. And rich. And he comes back with stories to tell.
    Isidora Lagoma healed him. I wonder what that means for his life.
    Jadara A man with many friends who provide him useful information. Others may not see the value in such a thing but knowledge is power.
    Jeffeth Just needs a little more warmth to show em not everything is cold in the world. Needs some softness to show em not everything is sharp and painful.
    Josephine Young, without a doubt so veyr young and has seen much. A place in my forge to learn or clean there is and somewhere int here, is a generous soul to those he knows.
    Jules He seems like a good man but somewhat easily confused. He doesn't seem to understand that grease can stain clothes. You should try to find some way to help him out in the future.
    Juniper I know his caution, his anger and his loyalty too. Knowing those things, how they roil and bubble inside, how could I judge him? I've been him. He's in my prayers, nightly.
    Kaia What a sneaky and slightly suspicious fellow.
    Kaldur Defines irascible. Hey. RAS is in that word. Hmmmm. Seems likely he was provoked. Mean drunk?
    Karina I see restlessness in his eyes and fire in his soul and am left to wonder what he'll do with it.
    Kenna He seemed perfectly sane at first, but then he began ranting. I'm under no illusions the Faith are perfect, but he didn't seem to have reasons - or perhaps he simply wasn't willing to share those reasons. That talk about Esra though... that is done business. I hope he doesn't open his mouth where it'll get him in trouble.
    Keyser Another lost soul, picked up by those who don't have his best interests at heart. It saddens me deeply, but never fear. I'll keep an eye on him.
    Korka I don't think he liked my rhyme. You just can't ever please celebrities.
    Kritr Not a poor streetrat. But he wants to pretend he is. Like a fox rolling in sheepshit to smell like a sheep. Dangerous.
    Laric Brash. Spirited. Well-liked enough by someone that they spent three million silver on needless bribes that I'm rather sure he'd prefer to have in his pocket to leave him set for life. That's interesting.
    Laurel Aid to the Guildmaster. He may be a little uncertain about invitations at first but his willingness to learn is a credit to him. It's nice to have visitors in the cottage and nice to have someone interested in learning something I can actually share.
    Lenne A troubled, stormy-hearted boy. He has a good heart, and a good eye, I've seen them, but life has treated him poorly.
    Leola Not a horse. Insistant on that. Suspect he's insistant of a lot.
    Lisebet Such a lot of potential - but there are hidden depths
    Lora It is difficult to watch and not be watched in return in a place full of mirrors, and yet he tried, all the same. I wonder what he sees when he looks into them.
    Lorenzo A curious commoner. I'm not sure if his questions come from a genuine desire to know or if he justs enjoys needling people. If our paths cross again, perhaps I will find out.
    Lottie Oh, so quiet, but still real polite. I half-expected him to turn my offer of sharing breakfast down as we didn't even know each other's name, but to my happy surprise he joined me. There seems to be great depths resting within and hopefully someday I will be blessed enough to see the ripples of his tides.
    Lou He came in spouting about being chased by guards and having clients, wanting to know quite a lot about a particular topic. It was hard to pin him down to certain questions, but once Mason and I were able to discern what he wanted to know things were a bit better. I wish him well in his discoveries, and hope he doesn't bite off more than he can chew - sometimes things bite back.
    Lucene Dick-ard, ha! I like you, kid.
    Lucita Wary, troubled, concerned with unfairness and what to do about it.
    Lucrezia Streetrat or breath of life boy? Came back to help a ship defiler, so I have mixed feelings about his courage. That is why I let him get his weapon back.
    Lys If he keeps looking at me like a bug, I'm going to forget I'm supposed to be acting like a proper silk these days.
    Mabelle Seems like a man with a big heart, but I seem to have offended him by playing with my food
    Madeleine Different than his reputation might say. Seems like he might take time to trust.
    Maja My 'little brother' from the Tragedy. I'm so glad we have reconnected but I worry about him getting into trouble.
    Malcolm Kind of guarded, but I understand the reasons why. Really need to get to know him better. Seems like good people.
    Martino For a young boy that some said wouldn't make it a month to me - he's survived pretty well. It looks like they were making it up. That or he's got good manners around me.
    Marzio Seems to be an intersting sort. Perhaps a little wild, but he seems to at least try to control himself. I've heard things about his behavior... But I can see an effort there, which says more for him than what I see from others.
    Medeia Ras? Shit. You're in some sort of trouble and I can't help. Please don't recognize me.
    Mercedes Prone to outbursts, and troublesome. He is lucky that better-behaved people care for him. I have no time for this kind of thing; there are problems enough in the world, that I have no desire to stain a cell floor with the blood of one silly boy.
    Miranda This fellow is in desperate need of a bath. Laced heavily with some oils or perfumes. I mean, I don't normally complain or judge, but surely he is not nose-blind to his own stench?! Wear some lavendar or some other incense to knock the smell off just a bit. He has a no-nonsense manner I can appreciate. Gets right to the point, it seems.
    Mirari Oh, the foolies of youth. I look upon him and see a barely filled slate. A page that is not quite blank but has so much room for more. How many stories will be written upon his person, I wonder?
    Mirella Jittery, watchful. Keen eyes, I bet. Reminds me of how I was when I was younger.
    Mirk It'd be kind to call him a troubled young man. It'd be harsh to call him nothing but a criminal and a troublemaker. Time will tell which of those two is closer to the truth; I certainly don't know enough to pass judgement.
    Monique Tried to expose me as an Abyssal with the Flame of Lagoma. Really, who keeps telling these stories! I wish I could say it was a first... but at least he did it for a noble reason, the protection of my protege. Good to have on your side, I suspect.
    Nanette Easily rattled and quick to take flight when confronted with questions. He is a curious individual who seems to seems fear nothing, while simultaneously fearing everything. Perhaps it is himself that he fears most of all? If we cross paths again, I must remember to handle him with a certain level of.. care.
    Naomi A solid fighter, says he learned it partly on the streets which makes me think he has probably seen quite a bit. I bet he gets underestimated a fair amount, but he's one to keep an eye out for. Might learn a thing or two.
    Narcissa A sleeve embroidered with mercurial feelings, quickly shared with little to no apprehension - a heart worn so is not necessaraily a bad thing.
    Neviah I really don't know what to make of him. Maybe he's addled in the mind. I'm sure I could invent a tincture to cure the strange bug that's crawled up his bum.
    Niklas Kind of shifty. Wouldn't leave him alone with my favorite chicken.
    Nina He seemed quite upset and emotional when I first met him! But he seems to know many people within the Lowers. I do hope at least a song can soothe the troubled.
    Nycelani Foolish. Brash. Endearing all the same.
    Oddmun Angry and sharp, like a cornered animal. Dangerous, but aggressive through self-preservation rather than malice.
    Olin My life may not have taken the same path as his, but there was a time when my clothes fared no better. I hope he finds who he's looking for.
    Olivian Messere Ras is very stubborn, it seems, and will fight as though he life depends on it. A survivor of much, no doubt.
    Ophelia Loyal to his friend and fierce when riled. I will not forget his face should we ever cross paths again.
    Orathy Full of piss 'n vinegar. Reminds me of meself, once. Wants the respect 'n wants it today, iffin only it were that easy 'n ain't coming with a price.
    Orelia A survivor. Fighting dirty is how they last so long.
    Oswyn It's always good to see people from your childhood doing well. I'm quite curious about this investigation work of his. I'd be happy to help out if I would be a good resource.
    Otto Seems like a good kid really. Got a lot on his shoulders but what kid from the Lower's doesn't?
    Peri I made certain to be accompanied by Eina on our first meeting because I had read many rumors about his behavior, but he comported himself well enough. He wishes to fight the darkest of foes, and for that I laud him.
    Petal He said he was a king, but he was shy about being a king. I think he is probably an okay sort of guy. He could maybe use some assistance!
    Piccola A barking dog either gets a master or is put down.
    Poppy Standoffish and aloof, until he is impassioned. A good man. I can see it in him.
    Porter I have a very vague memory of meeting this guy at a bar. He really doesn't believe in unicorns.
    Preston There is something to be said for sticking your neck out for friends. But making demands of the Faith, having just tried to harm it, may risk extending that neck onto a block. I hope he finds peace from the storm that seems to rage inside him.
    Qadira For all I've heard, I find him curiously vulnerable. This is no bad thing, as I myself am discovering. He has strength, and the dedication to improve upon it. With the right friends, he'll go far. I hope to see him soar one day, like the bird whose feather he sports. May it bless him. I feel a definite kinship with this boy.
    Quenia A skilled warrior, if but a bit shady. Totally put a knife to Porter's throat in a sparring match, which caused Quenia a great deal of concern. He's one to watch, or perhaps avoid.
    Raimon Seems to have some form of relation with a variety of people. But we shall see how he fights.
    Raja At first, Raja did not think anything of this man until he was overheard asking the barmaid for people that were poor, destitute, and that noone would miss. What raised Raja's heckles was that he refused to deny that he was sacrificing them...
    Raya I'm glad to see that Ras is still around. It looks as though he needs to put on some weight, though. Someone's gettig cakes delivered to him the next time I stop by a bakery.
    Raya I wish he was a bit more at ease around me, but I get it. Old habits die hard.
    Raymesin Agile, sharp, soft. Reminds me of me, in a lot of ways. Except the softness.
    Raziel There are names one hears before ever meeting the person. Ras is one such. Cautious, wary, rather the opposite of the loud and reckless young man I was told about. Yet things are rarely as they seem, aren't they? As with everything. An open mind and a watchful eye.
    Reese Princess Ras! I would like to learn more about him and find myself quite curious. He did seem a bit nervous, but I cannot really blame him.
    Reigna So this is the one all the fuss was made of. I can see the hurts run deep in him. But he'd as soon as spit in my face than accept too much kindness. This one will require equal parts ingoring and an absent sort of affection.
    Revell He reminds me a little of a sickly puppy I once brought home with me. I really wanted to make the puppy happy, but alas, it died a week later. I sold Ras a gardenia for good luck in hopes he won't share the same fate.
    Rhue He's a quiet sort, a thinker. He didn't balk at discussing the spirits despite standing next to the shrine of a god. I think there's more to him than meets the eye.
    Rinel Exactly as proud as I would imagine. It's the sort of pride only the truly desperate can have. Wynna would know what to say to him.
    River closed mouths, too jumpy for long term employment, but I like him for what it's worth.
    Roran An interesting young man. One with great conflict in his heart no doubt, but a want and desire for change. I can champion this.
    Rosalie Unusual man, but he seems to have an interest in learning which speaks well for him..
    Rosalind He looks like he go off about as quick as a match. Why?
    Rowenova Once you get to know him a little bit, he is not a bad guy and seems to have some honor to him and is trying to live a better life than staying stuck in the Lowers alone, as far as I can tell.
    Rowley I may still be new to the city, but I've heard a lot of chatter about the one named Ras. My experience with him was quite different than I would have thought. He was nice and provided easy enough conversation. Not to mention he seems to be a patron of the arts. At least my art. I would welcome him back to the shop any time.
    Rukhnis The fragment of peace that came to me from speaking with him was a rare gift indeed. Perceptive and without pretence, he would, I think, like more from life than it wishes readily to give to him.
    Ryhalt We nearly bumped into each other in the market. He had the audacity to eavesdrop upon my conversation with Domonico. I will keep that in mind.
    Rysen Hear he's prone to wildness and violence - but so is Nature, in all her glory and majesty. Within him burns that primal fire - may it ever be so.
    Sabella He doesn't ever seem to say much, but he's more interesting than a first look would show! He's very interested in a number of intriguing subjects! Perhaps someday we'll actually have a proper conversation if Elizabetta doesn't keep scaring him off.
    Samira He's opinionated and full of ideas about how things should be. And he's got a desire for things to be different. Can't blame him for that. I don't agree with some of his views, especially about the Cullers, but then again, he willingly shares cake. One to keep an eye on maybe.
    Saya Anger and sadness combine in expolsive ways. I don't know him, but I understand.
    Scipio Finally I have met the famous... infamous... Ras. He is different than I had expected him to be from just hearing the proclamations of the young man. He is interesting, in any case. Perhaps I can learn more of him.
    Seren A persistent and polite investigator. He responded swifty, made sure he folowed up, and has provided extremely reasonable rates for a slow bit of work.
    Shard Reckless asshole with no patience or self control. Loyal to his friends I guess.
    Shazza Emotional and adrift in a fog. The lack of self-awareness hurts.
    Siegward A man from the commons with a bone to pick with the world, and quite the little blade to see it happen. I'll be hammering this armor back into shape the whole night.
    Sigurd Admirable goal. Hope he puts some more thought into how he plans to achieve it.
    Simon Sorrow's a poor seasoning for soup. Hope the lad finds more reason for joy in the near future, he certainly deserves it for the care and devotion he shows.
    Sirius A testy soul of the Lower Commons with the perennial fraught of the oft demeaned written across his features. Rather than armor, he has chosen to clothe himself in pride to withstand calumny. A product of the times.
    Sparte Friendly, in need of some time at the Vellichorian Academy practicing his writing. He seemed set on a dangerous course of action, I wonder if I'll see him again.
    Stygia A little jumpy but I see a good future for him once he finds his feet. Might need a little nudge or two.
    Sunaia Skulking in shadows, threatening nobles and the Radiant Emeritis, resisting arrest. Clearly, this young man is trouble - and will be dealt with, one way or another.
    Svana A standoffish man who is perhaps a little jumpy but doesn't seem like a bad person - just reserved.
    Svoli Maybe draws more notice than intended due less to a thirst for attention and more due to lack of mindfulness at times.
    Sydney This one seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve - he felt the sort that's bad at hiding things, and fluster easily. I didn't dislike him. I wonder what he'd have asked if he'd had the chance to do more than drink at our little game.
    Tanith Strange boy who seems to lean under a wind that isn't there. Scrawny too, like that same invisible wind my knock him over any second. Whatever it is, I'm torn with the desire to give the boy a bath or feed him. Weird.
    Tarik He seems like nice enough person. I am not sure why he was sneaking around the training center.
    Tatienne A curious youth, investing a nobleman for some reason.
    Tescelina A curious young man, though he appeared somewhat distracted. I could not tell why. He said I was a good fighter, which was nice.
    Thea A guarded and stubborn individual. I think we can get somewhere.
    Thomas ...What in the name of all the gods was that about? I almost feel sorry for the boy.
    Tyrus He didn't run away, which either indicates folly or bravery. I suppose we never know which it is until it's tested. Still, he handled himself remarkably well despite having three Peers staring at him.
    Vanora He tells a good Fish Tail, getting properly into the spirit of the thing.
    Vayne An interesting young man. I look forward to working with him from time to time. I hope he'll come around the shrine often, as I imagine his story is something I can learn from.
    Verity The Lowers can use every defender it can get. A bit surly, but can't you imagine why?
    Vitalis A fine Lodge of Petrichor if I ever saw one. Dare I say he even seemed mossy in affect. Well done!
    Vittorio A quiet man. Illicits interesting reactions upon his entry.
    Volcica We shared sadness like one might share tea, finding comfort in the quiet of the Queen.
    Wagner Quick to show cheek, quick to sulk. If someone invites you to their table and shows a kind hand, don't snap at the fingers and bristle when those same fingers curl into a fist.
    Wash A young man who seems capable of handling and looking out for himself. More than just a messenger. Could he have aspirations as a writer?
    Willow I believe the hostility keeps people at arms length to minimize hurt. I want to hug him.
    Yelana Highly suspicious fellow. And he seemed awfully attached to that odd lantern.
    Ysabel He always looks like he's going to run. But he has a very nice smile when it pops up!
    Zoey The Journey to wisdom begins with a single step. Do try not to trip. Just remember, curiosity is not a sin.