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Lady Orelia Mazetti

"You can cage the singer, but not the song."

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Charming Troublemaker
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Mazetti
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 7/01
Religion: Gild
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: grey-blue
Skintone: lightly tanned

Description: Orelia is perhaps not, at a glance, what one might expect of a warrior. As the baby-faced lines of adolescence have sharpened, they've revealed fine-boned, vaguely leonine features that seem in perpetual flux between mischief and bored indifference. Large, upward tilted eyes of tempestuous, stormy grey-blue - framed with ebon lashes and straight, groomed tawny brows - sparkle on occasion with an unsettling wildness beneath the facade of decorum. This is especially true when she flashes her teeth in one of those trademark insouciant grins. Long, thick tresses, soft and with a natural tousled wave, would fall when loosed to her tiny waist; swirls of gold, honey and platinum. But she keeps it properly pinned up at her nape, more often than not, contrasting pleasantly enough against the light golden tan of her skin.

Faint, silvery scars mar here and there, most notably a slice at her left temple which meanders into her hairline above the ear. Not overly tall, she is slender and lean of limb; subtle musculature a testament to time devoted in training of some kind. Dancing maybe, given the fluid grace with which she moves. Her legs in particular are long, bordering on coltish, and offering her a rangy gait.

Personality: Like most noblewomen, Orelia has been well grounded in etiquette. Her charm, however, lies more in her approachable and amiable nature rather than veiled meanings and delicate courtier's airs. She is truly an open book, and seems to refrain from passing judgement on others. Light hearted banter comes easily to the young lady and offending her is nigh impossible. That is not to say she cannot be solemn when the occasion calls for it.. it's just rare she finds a situation entirely without some form of humor, even if it must be dark. Orelia has quite the reputation of being a troublemaker, especially within the Stonewood side of her family. From benign pranks, to setting her brother's diary pages to song, to getting into the occasional fight -- Orelia can be a difficult woman. She has her Arterius mother's free spirit and, while that ensures adoration from her father, she is considered something of a black sheep alongside her more stoic kinsmen.

Background: Orelia's mother was from common blood, a soldier for the Lyceum named Eroza Arterius. Her father, Leonius, was a nobleman from the Stonewood family who'd become enamored with Eroza's's wildness and bravery.

As a child, Orelia would run barefoot around the grounds of the estate like a little urchin, much to the chagrin of the servants who were charged with her care. She had an unseemly love for the forests and mysteries of the world; railing at the bounds of nobility that kept her from freely exploring either one. Although Orelia's mother died when she was two years old, her father spent many a night weaving wondrous tales of her exploits on the battlefield, alongside the girl's aunts and uncles, now also long gone; Charlemagne Arterius, Carmen Whisperwind and Reginalde Stonewood. The young girl grew up, as so many others do, on romantic stories of soldiers and knights and epic battles. Only she saw herself, always, as the hero rather than the damsel.

Her eldest brother managed to channel at least some of her energy into putting these tales to song. Orelia had a great talent for composing music as well as performing it and as she grew older, she spent less time playing pranks and more singing. At least, publicly. Unbeknownst to her brothers, she'd struck a deal with her father to behave. For as long as she avoided causing a fuss, he'd pay for a private tutor to teach her how to fight.

As a young woman, Orelia has devoted herself to sword and songcraft with unbridled zeal. She has come to Arx to better acquaint herself with her Arterius relatives; her natural wildness seeming better suited to that particular melting pot more often than not. It is said she resembles her Southern mother in many ways, save the golden hue of her hair. She remains on excellent terms with the new Marquis, her cousin, and is well-liked by most she encounters; from her fellow Champions to the commonfolk of the Lowers. She holds to only two of the familial Stonewood traits - stormy eyes and a forthright, almost blunt, manner.

Currently training under Prince Luca Grayson, it appears the young lady's theatrical side, that natural flair for performance, has had her abandon those childish notions of Knighthood in favour of the exciting, infamous world of the Champions. She works undeniably hard, with an almost fearsome determination to better herself. Quite what prompted this suddenly focused dedication remains a mystery, even to those closest to her.

Relationship Summary

  • Jeffeth - Fellow Champion and always pleasant company.
  • Edward - Connoisseur of rum and cheese, among other things.
  • Holt - What can I say, the man can take a punch!

  • Acquaintance:
  • Caspian - Champion Grandmaster. And in no way prettier than me.
  • Theo - The walking talking embodiment of dangerous depths, if you ask me.
  • Melody - Charm personified, and a lovely voice, to boot.
  • Elloise - Always entertaining, whether she means to be or not.
  • Marian - Warchief, Instructor, All-round badass
  • Elgana - A favourite, utterly innocent Princess
  • Cullen - In-YOUR-endo.

  • Patron:
  • Luca - my Princely Patron, fellow Champion and friend

  • Family:
  • Malesh - Marquis Cousin
  • Joscelin - My most favourite cousin (don't tell the others)
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn A fellow Champion and quite possibly a like-minded soul. I shall look forward to meeting her on the training grounds.
    Adrienne I met Lady Orelia Stonewood at Arx's Shrine of Jayus where she and Lord Strozza sought inspiration. She's a lovely young woman and I have no doubt that mundane threats will stay far from her.
    Alecstazi A little quiet, perhaps, but that should suit Strozza well.
    Anisha One can only look so good when feeling like a chew toy. Lady Orelia carried her wounds with grace, and from what I've heard of how she got wounded, she's a woman of principle and courage. May she recuperate fully, and may her example be an inspiration to us all.
    Appolonia Is this where all the dust goes?
    Asha Banter and skill on the training field, and a great lot of steel under all that beauty! She just doesn't give up a fight. I like her.
    Asher Witty, dodgy, and tactical. Haven't spoken much, but I can tell I'd like her.
    Ashur A brave lady with the courage to love again after true tragedy.
    Aswin Skilled with her blade. Brave of heart.
    Athaur She seems personable enough. It is so good to get to see my in-laws
    Bellamy Oh, she's definitely a wicked one, this one.
    Berenice It's always a joy to run into Orelia.
    Bhandn She handles her sword well. I'm rather curious how her performance as a Champion will compare, but in the end it's the former and not the latter that will see her through the dangers in her life, and I suspect many are to come.
    Bliss Bold, brave, strong. I see a lot of myself in Orelia Stonewood. There's an explosive force of personality that is making its way out, and she certainly seems comfortable enough on a stage. I do wonder how to bring it up to the next level, though. Tantalizing thoughts.
    Braelynn She seems nice. Maybe we can be friends one day!
    Braith Strozza has chosen well and I can say this with certainty. I will be glad when she is my cousin in law. in law? Is that how it works. Maybe! But songs shall be made together!
    Calypso She's not Lycene? Could have fooled me.
    Catalana I've had a life time of having women look at me like I am competition. It's a shame one so pretty believes looks are all that matter.
    Charlotte She seems nice. Clearly a lycene with how content she is to lounge and be called pet names. Maybe she's actually part cat. She'd be a good cat. Probably.
    Clara Another of the combatants from the charity melee that Malvici and Wyrmguard put together. She fought hard an' well.
    Cornelius A woman, in the arena. Sniff. I suppose I am not in the Isles anymore.
    Dante A Champion, which she seems quite suited for with her attitude and general demeanor. However, her sword is even more intriguing. Something to find out more about.
    Dianna Well-appreciated by my dear cousin - enough to travel with her. She seems sweet enough, if she favors Ostrian kittens - I only hope she can see but a fraction of what I know of him.
    Dio A talented and fearless performer with allure no treasure can match.
    Domonico Decent form with room for improvent. Well done."
    Drake A lovely woman with whom I seem to have a great deal in common. She excels with the blade and also has a bit of style and flair to her technique. I'd love to spar with her a bit more.
    Dycard Offered to fight my corner - literally - for free, if the Guild of Champions' rules allowed such a thing. It's reassuring to hear members of the peerage vehemently outraged by my father's actions.
    Esme She seems like a fun lady and anyone that can pet a Lycene Lord and keep him content is a good thing. I'm sure we shall be the best of friends.
    Evaristo Cousin Orelia - we barely know each other, but perhaps that will change. Either or, it is nice to see family.
    Evelynn She appreciates what truly goes into a fascinating story.
    Gabriella A fine storyteller. And, it seems, quite skillful with a weapon in hand, too. I would not mind opportunity to see it firsthand.
    Gaspar A fine voice, but I don't think she quite knows the way of the Lyceum yet. Still, she was wonderfully appreciative and lovely. A welcomed drinking companion any time.
    Gaspard She seems fun and practical, with interests that match mine. Moreover, she almost beat me in arm wrestling. That should count for something, right?
    Haakon She flattened one of the Kennex Admirals. Not sure of she's just very good, or what I've heard of Kennex Admirals is true.
    Hamish What one would expect from a Crownlander. Practical, musical and skilled.
    Harlex Competent and flashy swordswoman. I rarely use that technique in sparring matches. Glad it didn't kill her.
    Ian If she ever decides to pick up wrestling, I'm in trouble.
    Ilsa A Lady, I do believe. And a fighter as well. It seems these noble ladies of Arx are not content to sit back and watch life pass them by. That is something to be admired.
    Iseulet Watching her spar is a treat. I wish I possessed such beauty and grace in the battlefield.
    Jadara Such exuberance and that voice; could be dangerous if left to her own devices...
    Jules She's a lady Mabelle introduced you too and you're glad of it. She's a fighter but she's also generally a more open individual and that's refreshing.
    Kaia Lovely! A brave spirit willing to go all in for adventure and fun. I like her! She's funny! I bet if we meet more often we shall become great friends.
    Korka Quick with a blade and her tongue. Better with the blade though.
    Kritr Coming to my sense with her standing over me may be the highlight of my return to Arx. Look forward to another go.
    Laurel A sweet lady with a sweeter tooth. Peaches and cherries. I shall remember this and her kind words.
    Liara Courteous and well-mannered, and pleasingly quick to offer her aid in solving a problem - presumably of the martial variety, though I dare say she has ample capacity beyond that, too.
    Lou Lady Orelia Stonewood was the first impression to answer my call for a Champion during the unrest and xenophobia of having so many Eurusi in the city. Given Mason is also of Eurusi descent, and a prince himself, I am glad to see she answered the call and to have her on stand by to hold our honor.
    Lucene At a first glance, I would not have expected her to have more than a basic knowledge of the blade she carries. Based on her words, however, I'm lead to believe that's not the case. I'd prefer to see it for myself.
    Lucene A bit reserved, but well spirited, this lady can think outside the box and bring different points of view to conversations. That's promising.
    Lucita One of Count Graham's relatives, a person who enjoys music and performs. She has joined the Bard's College.
    Mabelle A fierce warrior, it seems. She certainly carries herself so and so beautiful too.
    Martino Quietly social one, watches the crowd and moves with it. Good to follow the trends as this one does
    Mason Friendly, cheerful, and not afraid to make introductions, Mason met Orelia briefly but was happy for the encounter. She was seeking a sparring partner and he may just seek her out again later to try his hand against her skills.
    Mercedes Curious, and not afraid to speak her mind. Those qualities are neither good nor bad, in themselves. I should like to see her fight; battle tells all.
    Mikani Gods and Spirits love a confident woman.
    Miranda Apparently, I should let Strozza pick out my besties! He's found a Lady that has a sense of fun about her I can totally get into! Wait, I resemble that! Anyways, we'll see if she can be corrupted to my way of thinking... or maybe me to hers.. or maybe we will be the thing that gives Strozza a run for his money! Oh, that would be too much fun! She's already offered to help me with my mischief. Fast friends indeed!
    Mirari A talented duelist who met me in the sands. I don't think she realized what she was getting into, but she was wonderful to spar.
    Mirk Singer and swordswoman, it seems, a noble from the south who nonetheless comes to support the North.
    Monique A woman with a head for fighting and warfare tactics. A valuable woman, to be sure, and one who clearly enjoys a good story.
    Niklas A bard and a champion, neither things I'd expect from a Stonewood. But she's as direct as any child of Stonehearth, that's for certain.
    Nina I admire someone who goes seeking out adventures on purpose. Would that I were so brave!
    Olivian Lady Stonewood, yes. She knows how to fight. Also, I think, she'll know how to drink afterward too. A friend, I hope, after all this.
    Ophelia My brother was so very fond of Lady Orelia and I cannot help but think of him whenever I see her. She is skilled with a blade and learned from the very best. If she were to ever need anything, I do hope she knows that she can call upon me at any time.
    Orick A woman who sings bawdy songs and dances unabashedly on tables, wonders never cease in a city of this size...
    Otto She seems nice, for a Peer and a Champion. Friendly sort
    Petal she noticed a commoner before anyone else. The guyes seem taken with her and they have good taste! I am on team Orelia here!
    Poppy Much more lyvene than she first lets on, but she is witty and funny. She is an easy person to chat and debate with.
    Porter An alleged lady in search of adventure!
    Quenia She has a fair hand at the sword, and I'm grateful for the opportunity she gave me to spar against her.
    Rane Very wild, very free.
    Ras Thought she wasn't too sharp with that sword at first, but shit, I was wrong.
    Reese The Lady Orelia defeated Lord Michael in a spar, I wish I got to see it, maybe next time! She seems to have an energy and spirit about her. It is good timing for her to be back in town.
    Reigna Lady Stonewood uses wit as well as steel in her fights, she seems a jovial sort, brash and bold. I wonder if she has considered becoming a Champion?
    Revell Kind enough to sit down next to me and ask my name directly, despite the many people of much higher importance in the room at the time.
    Richard A woman with, it seems, an unexpectedly competitive taste for sparring. I can only hope she will go easy on her strikes against my brother, who may find it difficult to wield his sword for the next week with the skill to which he is accustomed.
    Rodica A delightful little dear, and perhaps more trouble than me.
    Rosalind She's quick with her blade! And she saved me! Maybe we'll go on more adventures !
    Sabella She is an incredibly impressive fighter! I saw her take on two people at once--one of whom was Dame Mercedes--and she was still smiling and joking by the end of it! She's amazing!
    Samira A spirited woman, one to watch - feisty and entertaining when drunk, focused and intimidating when fighting.
    Scythia A highly competent warrior woman though she is more a fighter than a planner. She seems tough, but a bit closed in. I wonder who hurt her and if they have been taken to task for it.
    Sorrel She's a good fighter, I must give her that. And she's a former protege of Luca's, which makes her quite all right in my book. Definitely one for drinking with.
    Sunaia A very pleasant dinner guest and interested in cats and adventure. We'll have to introduce her to Lou.
    Sunaia Seems more comfortable in the city than when we first met.
    Sydney Deeply entertaining to watch fight at the training center - and as someone who spent a great deal of her career underdressed, I admire when someone's able to go toe-to-toe with someone with superior armaments.
    Tarik An interesting woman who agreed to join me on my adventure. She seems to be friends with Aksel too, which is also good to know.
    Tescelina A magnificent dancer. Her spirit is rather - playful. I do not mind.
    Thea At least she laugh about life's tragedies...
    Valdemar An excellent fighter, with quick hands and feet. And a wonderful sport as well.
    Vicente She's awfully confident in her blade. You need to see her at the training center some time, the blade is said to be something else.
    Victus Lady Stonewood is a fine bard. I'm not one for music, but if they were all sonnets like her's, perhaps I could be a bit more open-minded.
    Wash She's no Luca. For one thing, she probably won't fight naked. But she trained under him and clearly has an affection for him the same way all of us who truly knew him did. I can't imagine how his passing must have affected her. Like us, she's at a loss, in more ways than one. She just carries on his teachings. But she's no Luca. Hopefully that's a good thing.
    Zebulon A strong woman, she puts up quite the fight. Though I had little chance to speak with the Lady personally, she seemed to have quite the wit about her.