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Kennex Pool Party II

It's summer! Means it's time for the annual Kennex Pool Party. Last summer, it ended in keg stands, certain lords jumping from the roof and a baroness stealing the title of prince of parties. Who knows what will happen this year!

Come join the Kennex clan for drinks, swimming and likely shenanigans.


Feb. 9, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Wash Porter Zoey Jules Victus Thea Drake Ian Katya Juliana Ember Niklas Mikani Sabella Lethe Tyrus Cecilia Baelor Galen Octavia



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Kennex Kay - Inner Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting arrives, delivering a message to Victus before departing.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

Mr. Hops arrives, following Jules.

an aid in Kennex livery have been dismissed.

3 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Katya.

Catalana has finished fussing about. The pool is clean, the breakables away, food is out. She's just ordering a staff to straighten the portrait of Porter. Feels fitting it's out here near the water. She pauses to read the proclamation that has just been thrust into her hands along with a letter. A soft annoyed sigh escapes her lips and she fixes herself a drink. She then just waits. It won't be long until the Kennex brothers are here in all their foolish glory.

Wash has finished giving orders to the nannies so that all three of his children are not exposed to any potential debauchery. He arrives in time to claim an empty seat and something to drink. "Ten weeks from now, that will be a skating rink." He says, gesturing to the pool. He's prone to exaggeration.

Porter arrives in a more or less timely fashion! This is probably because he lives here and to show up late would be really impressive, all things considered. He's not alone, padding out into the pool area with Thea. There's some quiet conversation about something that's surely not important at all! "Catalana!" he calls out when he's within shouting distance. Not talking, shouting. "Damnit. Did you really have that painting moved out here?" he stands and stares at the glitter beard when he gets close enough. "It's going to outlive me."

Zoey drops a sturdy wooden chest.

Zoey drops Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka.

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Zoey flutters in from the hall with a beaming smile and a bottle of vodka. "Cat, it's perfect! This should be even better than the last one."

Jules makes his way into the courtyard with a bounding step that bubbles over from his excitement. His head turns this way and that to look and see what he can see. He's not to particular about where he goes, he's wandering and passing anyone and everyone with a wave or bow and seems ready to stop at anyone looking alone or wanting his attention.

Victus looks a bit out of place, all things considered. There might be a pool. There might be booze. Yet still, he doesn't look entirely relaxed. Rigid, very firm in posture and carrying a rather stony expression wherever he goes. With a quick nod and gesture to his retinue, the dozen or so guards break off to enjoy the party on their own time. Leaving just Victus. And the otter that hangs from his shoulder. The Prince's first order of business is to stride down the length of the pool, coming to a stop in front of Catalana. He offers her a respectful dip of his head. "Lady Catalana, good evening. A very promising look start to a very chaotic evening."

"No,"Thea lowly answers Porter just as they walk in. She knows they arrived because he SHOUTS and she winces. Gods! She nods and greets everyone with a slight smile,"Good evening,"eyeing the Captain Glitterbeard portrait. "That is the perfect place for it,"she tells Catalana," Thea's eyes amused.

Drake Wyrmguard heard that a rowdy party might be happening at this location. You couldn't keep him away from that with an entire army.

He also heard that it was a rowdy pool party, so he arrived at said rowdy pool party wearing a shirt he immediately discarded, and otherwise... not much else. Though the fact that he had pool clothes of a flahsy sort speaks to his dedication to looking in style at a party. Sometimes pool clothes seem like less than wearing nothing and that's certainly what he's going for in his case.

Naturally, he's at the bar, getting a rum drink. It has a little spear of fruit in it which seems to be part of the style.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 2 House Crovane Guards, Biorna - The Protective Mastiff arrive, following Mikani.

People passing through the main hall might have heard Ian's voice coming from the library. "If I have to go, you have to go!" But alas, the arguments are futile, and soon Ian emerges into the courtyard without his oldest brother.

Katya makes her way out towards where the pool party is happening, mostly on time. Despite the swimming that is supposed to be happening she's dressed in normal clothes, a coat even, which her hands are tucked into the pocket of as she looks around.

Ember has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

Juliana arrives by herself and from the look if her, in the dress that is made to resemble of living waves. The seafoam silk crowned in a gold band of delicate lace that leaves her shoulders bare and drips jewels of sapphire and peridot before falling to the swirling skirts... it is rather obvious she is not actually dressed for a pool party. That said, at some point she has let her hair down and lost her shoes as she now is barefooted as she steps into view.

At the last official Kennex Pool Party, Baroness Ember Redreef got foolishly drunk and for her troubles was awarded the title of 'Princess of Parties.' So there may be a bit of buzz about that, but it's lost something of its novelty, and for the most part, Ember is able to enjoy herself in the peace and solitude of a crowded pool party. She arrived early, being only a short walk across the Ward, and is currently at the edge of the pool, partially submerged in a red bathing garment that flatters her without getting TOO immodest about it. She's already drinking, too, which... well.

Catalana cringes when Porter shouts at her. She gives him her most exasperated mother look. 'Indoor voice Porter. You'd think you were raised on a boat the way you speak." She smiles to the other guests as they mingle around. A silent look to Wash as she hands him the proclamation to read. Finding Victus in front of her, she tries not to show her surprise, but instead smiles to the high lord. "Good evening Prince Victus, welcome. Can I fetch you a drink?" She regards his words and gives an easy laugh. "Lets hope this time the chaos doesn't end in another international crisis."

Zoey gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka.

"The party can start now," calls Niklas from the entrance, wearing a proper outfit for a pool party. As opposed to having worn a pool party outfit to the recent formal dinner. Not the same outfit, though. The first one got seen and it was time to throw it away forever. Being seen twice in the same outfit? He's not some kind of poor. He walks in with Sabella on his arm, and a small child in tow. Young Princess Relara Grayson tears ahead of him as soon as she can and starts screaming, "DARION! DARION! DARION! DARION! DARION! DARION! DAAAAAAAAAAARION!" Niklas watches this impassively, then says, "I think Relara would like to see her cousin."

Lethe has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Wash pops out of his recently claimed seat. He barely glances at the proclamation, just tucks it away in his pocket. He heads over to the door to greet the faces he is familiar and unfamiliar with. "Lady Pravus! Baroness Redreef." He says. "Lady Grimhall is it?" He asks Katya. "Good to see you again. Can one of you introduce me to the Valardin gentleman by chance?" Then there is Nik and Relara. He crouches down to look at Relara on her level. "The Duke and your other cousins are having tea and cookies in the nursery."

"I've spent most of my formative years on ships! And we're outside," Porter protests, even as he's closing the space to Catalana quick peck on the cheek. "Everything looks amazing." With Victus incoming, he gives a tight smile and steps out of the way, leaving his cousin to it. He's already dressed to go into the water and wastes very little time finding something to drink before he gets to the edge of the actual pool. "IAN. Aethan is hiding inside?" Well, yes. Clearly. Because he's not here.

Zoey slips past the High Lord, putting something in his hand as she practically dances from guest to guest. "All right, all right! She can go up to the nursery with the other innocent bystanders," she tells Niklas before before directing her aid to escourt the little girl upstairs. "Plenty of cousins for her to play with.

Mikani enters. A vision of a water creature, the Isles was her first home after all. She grins warmly as she sees Ember. "Em! Look what the Kay dragged over." She teases the woman before stripping down to a watery looking swim get up and joining Ember in the pool.

Mikani has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

Ian moves with a lot more confidence and less watching of his own footsteps in the familiar territory of the courtyard -- although he's careful, regardless, when near the pool. "I don't think he -really- has to work, he grumbles to Porter. "I saw his desk earlier." He's been living in the Kay, home of a billion children (that's probably an exaggeration, but not by much) and thus barely reacts to Niklas' howling daughter.

Porter has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

"Relara don--" Sabella starts to say, raising a hand half-heartedly, "...well, it could be worse. She could've just gone and jumped in the pool, I guess," she gives Wash and Zoey a grateful smile, "Thank you. It's all she's been talking about all day, getting to play with everyone. Apparently Gareth doesn't talk as much as he should and she thinks the babies are cute, but loud. So, we can't really win either way."

Lethe arrives to party ready to enjoy herself. She decides to lounge by the pool and gets a drink to enjoy.

"Yes..." Katya looks momentarily startled when Wash addresses her, adding, "Katya. Grimhall." But then she's looking around to try and figure out who the Valardin gentleman in question is, but then she shakes her head, "Afraid that I can't." She takes a step closer, lowering her voice as though she were imparting some big secret, "I barely know anyone here beyond those in your family."

"Probably not," Porter agrees to Ian, though his tone is a bit quieter now that his brother is closer. "Well, it is what it is," he decides and grabs a drink from a passing server, handing it over to the other man. "Best enjoy it."

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Stepping over to the nearest place with a drink, Thea grabs a glass and steps over to the pool. She covered for once. Yes. Covered as she steps into the pool. First time for everything. Seeing Mikani, she gives her a smile,"Long time no see."

Thea has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

Ian takes the drink, because of course he does. "Give it a little while, and then you can go bother him," he decides to Porter. "If we don't go away, he'll come out here just to shut us up."

How did Sabella get from one side of the room to the other, abandoning her husband and daughter to suddenly appear at Katya's side, beaming a brilliant smile, "Did you need introductions!?" she asks with a bright, aggressive cheerfulness that does not welcome a no answer.

"Valardin gentleman?" Ember asks, seeming confused. She turns in the pool to look over her shoulder and try to see, but then stepping right into view is Mikani. "Lady Mikani," she says, fondly. "Come, join me. Lady Thea, a pleasure as well." Ember is probably on her first drink, still, because she's still carrying herself with a stiff, intense demeanor despite the fact that she's in a swimsuit lounging in a pool.

"Lord Drake!" Zoey greets the Wyrmguard next. "So glad you could make it. Welcome to Kennex Kay. The water is lovely and the drinks are plentiful, so please help yourself."

"I love bothering, Aethan," Porter says to Ian without a single iota of shame in his voice. "In a couple of more drinks, I'll stumble up there an drag him out." It doesn't sound like that's a term he's using simply for visuals. It's probably literal.

At Katya's comment RE not knowing people, Niklas says, "Wait ju-" but then there goes Sabella. "Oh gods, this is going to be thunder."

"You know. For all of a few seconds, I thought I might actually stay /sober/ for this. That way I could remember who jumps off of what." Victus muses toward Catalana, just around the same time that Zoey has passed 'the stuff'. He slowly draws up the bottle of vodka in his hand with a quirked brow. "But then Kennex magic happened. Sober I shall be no more." From beneath his coat, the bright eyes of Princess Astrid peak around the Prince's legs. The child of nearly 5 tugging her father toward the pool more incessantly with every passing moment. "Just between you and me, an international incident isn't fun, but /maybe/ just one brawl or two..." Tug tug. The Princess will not be denied. "I appear to be needed elsewhere. Excuse me." With that he steps away, making for the edge of the pool, while Astrid is already in a full sprint to hop in.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

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Clark, an exasperated guard have been dismissed.

Wash offers Katya his elbow. "Well, allow me to take a turn around the pool with you, and if we run into anyone interesting, I'll introduce you." Wash starts with Relara. "This is Relara Grayson first cousin to the young Duke. And this is Lady Juliana Pravus, my second-favorite Pravus. Niklas Grayson, my second favorite Grayson. And Baroness Ember Redreef, who, I can say without qualification, is my favorite member of house Redreef." He gives Sabella a playful glare.

Victus has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

Drake heard Niklas's proclamation about the party, and just raised his glass at it. If it can OFFICIALLY start--

Ah, Zoey approaches, and so he nods to her next. "Hello, Lady Zoey, a pleasure to run into you again. This party looks like it will be another one for the ages. I hope to see something spectacular--"

He stops himself to look at passers-by for a second.

Ian seems satisfied with this plan that he and Porter have concocted. He casually steps out of Sabella's way as she rushes around the edge of the poo.

Juliana claims a drink at some point but it seems as if perhaps it is more for show as it remains full as she wanders the area, making herself familar with those that are here. It's the call of /Lady Pravus/ that brings the first smile to her face as Jules turns towards Wash. "Lord Kennex, you were at my wedding. You have sat at the table in my husband's house and feasted. I am sure that one day you will remember that I am no longer of House Pravus." at which point she nods to Katya "Hello, it's a pleasure. Lady Juliana Igniseri."

Mikani grins at Thea, "Its been ages!" Mika laughs softly before getting an iced tea with mint. "No you..." she teases Ember with a nudge of her shoulder. "How is everyone?" Mikani grins at Zoey and waves yet lets her have time to greet guests.

Catalana glances between Ian and Porter an almost grin on her face. 'Do you ever think he may hide in that office just to avoid you two?" She looks over at Wash and adds, 'Three." Her attention is then drawn to Sabella, and a brilliant idea comes out of her mouth. 'Shall we drink for as long as Sabella can introduce?" She frowns faintly, 'We'd likely be extremely drunk by the end."

That surprised look flashes across Katya's face when Sabella just appears next to her, then she offers a smile to her, "I'd love them, honestly." She offers, then glances at Wash when he offers his elbow, accepting it before she then offers her own elbow to Sabella so she can join. Then introductions! She offers smiles, "Lady Katya Grimhall, pleased to meet you."

Wash replies to Juliana. "You're right. She's Igniseri now." He clarifies for Katya. "Still my second favorite part of Pravus."

Juliana laughs. "I shall hope the favorite is my twin."

"Probably," Ian tells Catalana, showing about as much shame as Porter did before. (None.)

Thea greets Ember, a smile for her,"Baroness. It's been awhile. How are you?" She sips her from her glass, obviously not her first or even her second of the evening. Thea briefly turns as she hears Ian and Porter's plan and well-she may be amused.

Jules happens to be passing by when he reaches Zoey, gives a bow and says somewhat playfully, "I had assumed the Kennex parties were rather rowdy affairs. I dare say it was overstated." And he gives a wink to her before he looks around and asks, "Is swimming actually planned or the excuse that allows us to gather together?" His tone quite cheerful regardless of the answer.

"Why would someone avoid us?" Porter calls over to Catalana, in his too loud, boisterous voice. "We're an extremely good time. All three of us." He flashes his cousin a crooked smile that's full of nothing good at all just before he slips into the shallow end of the pool with his drink. He pushes through the water until he's arrived by Mikani, Thea and Ember. "Hello. Enjoying the water so far?"

"You don't plan swimming, Master Jules. It just happens!" Without his wife keeping him from making a fool of himself, Niklas sprints past the others and jumps into the pool. Splarsh!

Drake, still nearby Zoey, gives Jules a surprised look and again raises his glass, but this time, drinks quite a bit from it. "My good man, you must learn a thing or two about parties. They don't START rowdy at the onset. Give people a bit of time to drink and mingle."

Lethe has left the Lounge chairs by the pool.

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Lethe looks to Ember, Mikani, and Thea once she enters the pool. "Hello, I thought I would finally join you."

Ian retreats to the couch and table set once his brother goes into the water. He eases himself into a sitting position on the couch, next to one of the arms. He is, if we're being honest, probably only a TINY big more social than Aethan.

Ian has joined the Wicker Couch and Table set.

"Lord Drake has the right of it," Zoey tells Jules. "But of course you are welcome to join others in the pool! I might later as well, once I can change into something more appropriate."

Wash spreads his hands in an admonition of guilt to Juliana and leads Katya and Sabella toward the pool. He takes the long way around so that Katya can stop and meet everyone. "Lady Tyde!" He calls when they get to the eldge of the pool near Lethe. "This is Katya Grimhall. Fun fact, I've never seen Lady Lethe Tyde outside of one of these pool parties. She might be part siren, so only attends parties near bodies of salt water. Lady Tyde. This is Katya Grimhall. By the way, Lady Katya, who did you commission that leather gear from? They have style."

Mikani smiles, "Zoey you better join... one way or another."

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense have been dismissed.

Roland, the worst bard in Arvum have been dismissed.

Victus doesn't hop in the pool just yet. He's hardly dressed for it, though he doesn't seem to mind being in the splash-zone considering his non-reaction to being generously splarshed by Niklas' elegant flop. With his coat freshly damp, he sits cross-legged on the edge. Just beside Ember and her fellow party-going royalty. Astrid however has definitely come to swim. She's lowered into the pool with some assistance from the Prince, and soon the otter on his shoulder skitters down to leap in as well. "We're sure the pool is not actually alcohol, yes? Just filled with people who are filled to burst with alcohol?"

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Tyrus.

Juliana nods to Wash as he moves off, finally taking a sip of her drink as she takes the steps to come up beside Victus, facing the same way he is, watching the pool. "Good evening, High Lord. It's been... awhile."

"Swimming in spirits isn't as much fun as you'd think it would be," Ian remarks to Victus.

"Water is good Lord Porter, thank you,"Thea responds with ease. "Feels nice after the heat of summer,"turning to Lethe,"It usually takes me awhile to join anywhere. I usually go where the alcohol is." Not the first she's admitted this.

Catalana moves to finally join the others in the pool, she sits on the edge and lets her long tanned legs skim the water. She warily watches Porter and Wash, less one of them gets some stupid idea to push her in the pool. "I cleaned the pool. After dinner last week it seemed a good idea. I believe a few passed out out here, so it could of had....other fluids added.Best to be safe."

Lethe lifts her hand in a wave to Katya. "Hi it is nice to meet another Grimhall. Your hair is really pretty." She laughs as she looks at Wash. "I do like to swim."

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

Catalana has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

"Yes, Your Grace, just water and swimmers," Zoey replies to Victus. "Lady Crovane, is that a threat?" she asks Mikani with a laugh.

"I suppose no one would mind that," Drake says to Zoey, and then hears the conversation about spirits. "It'd be a hell of a way to drown," he says toward Ian.

Then he seems to finish his entire rum in one go, turn around, and order another. "They do allow drinks in the pool, yes?"

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Is Wash making introductions? Sabella's smile doesn't falter, but is that a slight twitch by her eye? Surely just a shadow from the flickering outdoor lights! She takes Katya's other arm when offered and takes a deep breath, "You've clearly met my favorite cousin Lord Wash, who used to be Prince Wash before he fell in love with Lady Catalana Kennex over there who if you haven't met her yet you absolutely will for she is a resoundingly amazing hostess, I see he's already mentioned a few people," WHICH IS FINE, "But let me fill in some of the blanks--that's Lord Porter over there and if you are a little shy about parties you ought to sit near him and he will definitely drag you into every bit of fun there it to be had and likely make up some more, Prince Victus, Lady Lethe Tyde and Lady Mikani Crovane are already in the pool it looks like--Prince Victus you must know already being a Grimhall, but he's married to my cousin Alarissa and he's just all around a fantastic person and as strong a leader as Thrax as ever had or likely will until his daughter takes over, Lady Lethe is a member of the physicians and a member of the harlequins so she can heal you or if she can't she can make a nice speech at your funeral! Lady Thea Malvici is one of my favorite people so if you don't know her you ought to go over and talk with her, she has almost as much energy as I do and twice that when she's in a fighting ring! Let's see--that's Lord Ian and Lady Zoey Kennex, they just had a new baby girl and she is so sweet it makes Niklas very nervous! That's Lord Drake Wyrmguard I believe, but I don't know him very well I think we've only met once but I'm sure he's quite wonderful or he wouldn't have been invited--and that's Master Jules Fabron who is quite lovely as well and seems to know everyone so he's a fantastic person to get to know if getting to know people is something you're interested in!" She finally takes another breath and looks around, "Did i miss anyone? If I missed anyone I'm sure Wash will point them out."

Zoey is overheard praising Sabella.

Catalana triumphantly tells Sabella, 'You forgot Niklas."

Somewhere, Sabella is saying his name, so Ian nods in that general direction. He has the look of someone who isn't even bothering to TRY to follow everything else she's saying. Then he turns his attention to Drake. "Painful, at the very least. Have you ever gotten whiskey up your nose?"

Niklas calls out, "Everyone knows me! I'm very famous!"

Tyrus arrives to the party rather later than merely "fashionably" late, but here he is! The prince remains pale, as if still recovering from an illness, his pallor contrasting greatly with the dark of his hair and his eyes, even now moving over the inner courtyard and its occupants. Some are familiar faces, and a nod is offered in their direction before heading in Katya's direction. "How much did I miss?" the prince asks, his voice quiet, having little interest in claiming the metaphorical spotlight for himself.

Porter is situated in the pool, already drinking and mingling with some of the others who have decided to start cooling off early. He hears his name being spoken again, which means that he turns around just in time to catch most of Sabella's very impressive explanation of all the people nearby. "Yes, that's me! Lord Porter Kennex! Lots of fun!" he gives his glass a wave before tipping it back and offering Katya a shameless wink from where he reclines against the side. To Niklas, "And this time you're weating the RIGHT clothes too!"

Wash gives Sabella a saccharine smile. "No. I think you got everyone. Do you want a drink, or maybe something to breathe?" He teases.

Sabella is not saying her name, so Juliana is one of the few that don't glance that direction!

Drake gets his second cup, overhears Sabella's encourging series of introductions, and, upon hearing his name in the mix, nods to her. Then he looks around to see if among those introduced is someone he did not meet yet. He says to Ian in a deadpan. "Yes, it was terrible. Burns like fire. But someone said it got into your blood faster that way and we all make mistakes..."

"Pleased to meet you as well, Lady Tyde. Your hair is very pretty as well." Katya offers with a quick smile as well, then she glances in the direction of the water before her eyes settle back on Lethe, "I suppose that if you only run into people at one party, this one might be a good choice." At the question of her clothes she glances down, then frowns, "I can't remember. Bootstraps, I think? It was a design of my own, sort of..."

When Sabella launches into her speech her attention swings that way, her brows lifting upwards just a fraction at the influx of information. As each person is mentioned she looks in that direction, trying to put faces to names and names to faces, nodding along with the information before adding, "I've met Lord Ian...and I know who Baroness Ember and Prince Victus are, I can't remember if I've met Lady Zoey...Would you like information about me? So you can add me to your list for another lost soul down the line?" She gives Tyrus a quick wave when she spots his arrival, adding for Sabella and Wash, "Prince Tyrus Thrax, if you haven't met him." Porter then gets a wave as well. "You'll have to prove you're lots of fun."

Jules does not linger long after Zoey's comment and laughs, "I'm only teasing." He does turn to see the prince dashing in and laughs as he turns to Drake and adds, "Of course you are right but I would not have the opportunity to tease about it later." He pulls off his back, it's scarred pretty good but that's probably common around sailors. He stops there for a moment while Sabella makes the introductions and oh, he got one too! He smiles cheerfully. Then as everything goes back to the party he soon is jumping in the pool, he can float now after all.

Mikani blinks at the tumble of words coming from Sabella's lips. That was a lot of information on mostly everyone. She takes another sip of her iced tea. Mika calls up to Zoey. "Take it as you will."

Thea lifts her hand, the one with the rum and adds,"I too am a physician-well medic. I've had to mend a couple of the Kennexes a time I two,"a slight grin appearing,"Was an honor to do such." With that, she drinks from the glass. Thea gives Sabella a wink,"Good to see you."

Catalana scoffs at Niklas, 'Yes. But you do know how Sabella loves to gush over your works and ideas." A slight smirk is given to Wash before she tells Lethe and Katya specifically, 'You should speak with Lady Thea. She had that wonderful portrait comissioned of Lord Porter. She has a great sense of humor." She points to the sparkly, bright painting on the wall, in case anyone possibly missed it.

Victus cants his head toward Ian. "Well I'd thought swimming in spirits would at least get you cleaner than a traditional pool." Then it cants the other way to regard Juliana. With a full head-tilt so he could look up at her from where he sits. "Good evening, Lady Igniseri. I hope your wedding was nice, and that your brother is still making elegant cat sculptures. The one he'd furnished for the Maw is still in tip-top shape." There's a faint raise from the corner of his mouth, the vaguest hint of a smile one could ask for from that scarred face. His attention is stolen one last time when his name is called through introductions. He raises a hand. "Yes. That's me. And that is her." He gestures to the small girl paddling in a circle, whilst excitedly saying 'Yeah-Yeah-Yeah!' over and over.

Ian chuckles under his breath, nodding to Drake. "That's what happened to me, too." He shoots a look at Wash, then says to Victus: "That's why I ended up doing it. There was a smell, and nothing would get it off."

Porter is fun, damnit. But more importantly, Porter is squinting at Tyrus. Then he splashes around in the water to point at Ian. "You didn't tell me he's not dead!" Clearly this is part of Ian's job description. Keeping him update on who isn't currently dead.

Lethe nods to Thea. "I can be the same way." She laughs as she hears Sabella say her name. " that's how I should introduce myself. " She smiles as she speaks to Katya. "Thank you." She looks to see the painting.

"Wash introduced him and a handful of others so I didn't want to step on his toes," Sabella calls back to Cat cheerfully, turning a grin on Wash, "A drink sounds wonderful. And no, I hadn't met Prince Tyrus so it's a good thing the three of us found each other early so that we might get the night started off properly. Now it's time to drink until we can't remember our own names! And swim! The best of party combinations!"

Juliana looks down at Victus, brows arching a little. "Sebastian is well, I do not beleive he is making sculptures and my wedding was three children ago... but also very lovely. Thank you."

Ember, for her part, lifted her drink when she was introduced, and then returned to drinking it. The Bloody Baroness seems downright mellow, by her standards, which is to say: she's still frighteningly intense in an ambient way, but she's not actively bearing it down upon anyone in particular, just chilling in the pool.

Wash bows. "I live to serve." He says generously. "Rum for you Lady Grimhall?" He inquires, offering to get drinks for all three of them perhaps.

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Tyrus blinks when he recognizes a certain voice, his gaze moving to Porter. "Ah, Lord Porter Kennex! It's been a while. More than thirteen years, hasn't it?" The man smiles, the expression genuine. Yet his attention does not remain long on the man, his immediate vicinity requiring introduction. "Your Highness." he nods to Sabella. "A pleasure." At the mention of a drink and swimming, he tilts his head slightly to the side, pondering... "At least one of these two things sounds appealing. Who knows, perhaps the drinks will be enough to make the second join the first in that category." A glance to Katya. "How would you prove you're lots of fun yourself, My Lady?"

"Aethan knows too!" Ian protests to Porter, in the spirit of handing the blame off to someone else.

Thea sips her drink, clearing her throat as Catalana mentions the portrait and Porter,"Yes well--Im having one done of my brothers too." Calypso may not appreciate it as much. Thea may grin at the thought.

Catalana glances at Porter and chides him. "Porter we don't declare loudly about not knowing if someone is dead or not." She looks over her shoulder to Ian, 'Why is it your job to tell him if people have died or not?"

At the mention of the painting she turns that way, then squints at it, "The ship is nice." Katya decides after a moment before she glances at the pool, then makes a decision, reaching down to start on tugging off her boots. "Rum would be fine, thank you. Prince would I prove I was lots of fun? I could draw everyone's attention to your pants again, that was a terribly fun conversation." She drops her boots, then starts to add her coat and sword to the pile, "But sparing you that....I would ummm... Recite a poem? Jump in the pool? Accept a dare?"

"I'm glad that you're dead!" Porter calls over to Tyrus and gives him a thumbs up for his continued state of being alive. "Come over and chat later!" he encourages him, before downing the rest of his drink. He turns back to Ian and frowns at him, but it's a frown that doesn't have any particular fierceness behind it. Maybe because he plans on equally blaming Aethan for his lack news sharing. Or because he's not really an angry person. To Catalana, he scoffs quietly. Quietly. "Because it is!"

Jules bobs along more like a floating rubber duck or a ball than an actual swimmer. He's keeping his head above water as he drifts this way and that with little effect to the splashing of his limbs, hopefully he's not splashing anyone too much but it's a good time to splash back if he splashed you. He'll probably be near the edge again before too long... hopefully.

Victus has another quirk of his brow for Ian. "You just had a whole bath of spirits...? I thought there was some other remedy for that. With tomatos. Or did Leola mislead me...?" He ponders on that himself before his attention returns to Juliana. That vague smile grows a bit less vague. "Three children, you say? Excellent! That is a strong continuation of the lineage. I hope they grow strong and serve your house well." A beat. "Speaking of, how does fair Igniseri? It's been long since I've crossed pathes with Marquessa Quenia."

Though the boss swims around, Sam sticks to the edges of the room, dodging giggly Redreef handmaidens while trying to convince some Tyde, Thrax, Grayson and Crovane guards to join him in some spades. Niklas splashes about for a bit before getting bored and swimming to the edge of the pool to wave down a servant and order up a glass of brandy, then climbing up on the side of the pool lest he accidentally waste some by spilling it on someone. "Oy, Cat! Where's Ceci? I haven't seen her in forever!"

Drake chuckles toward Ian. "Well then, you're a man of adventure as well. Sometimes we who love adventure must take some risks. And sometimes risks...." He drinks again, pausing to do so, "Don't always pay out, but this rum is quite fantastic. Though I understand the house drink is vodka, if I'm not mistaken?"

Wash meanders over to the table to pour drinks for Sabella and Katya stopping to introduce himself to Drake. "It is. Though most of what we export is flavored. Apparently it's made from potatoes?" He says, before his hands are full he introduces himself. "Wash Kennex. Do you sail Lord Wyrmguard? No adventures like sailing adventures."

"We were out in the middle of blasted nowhere," Ian calls to Victus. "We didn't have any tomatoes. There's these bugs. Big brown things. And they look like they wouldn't be much, but if you crush one, it makes this unholy stink. And it doesn't come off. We were casting off for the sail back to Stormward."

Cecilia comes down from her room once she starts hearing the visitors begin to assemble and enters from the main hall. Her clothing seems to follow the suit of a few others as she doesn't seem entirely dressed to be in a pool. She takes a few moments once passing into the courtyard to survey the mass of guests beginning to mill about and socialize while trying to pick out those she recognizes from those she doesn't in an attempt to make mental notes on who she should make sure to greet before the end of the party offering a small but noticeable smile and nod of the head to any who meet her gaze momentarily.

"I had met both Lord I an and Lord Aethan since my return to Arx, to be fair." Tyrus confirms in defense of Ian. "Though yes, we'll have to catch up soon." He frowns at the water, before deciding. "That'll require whiskey, I think." To Catalana, he adds. "And in Lord Porter's defense, I was declared dead more than thirteen years ago. I still have the grave in Maelstorm, so the error is more than understandable." Could happen to anyone, right? But then Katya is talking about his pants and Tyrus remarks wryly. "You'll notice the umbra remains as obscuring as it ever was. Though do feel free to jump into the pool." he smiles.

"I still think it would have worked if we'd had more wine." Wash adds to Ian's story. "The problem is we had to water it down in order to fill the hogshead."

Drake offers Wash a small bow, and then a grip of hand if he'll take it - two drinks have made him at least that friendly, though he's not the unfriendly sort to begin with. "Afraid I don't have the knack for sailing. Home has more mountains than ocean. Do a bit of riding though. And a pleasure to meet you."

Catalana regards Victus's words. "Perhaps it is an islander's trait. I have thought Wash dead at least five times so far." She glares at Porter and Ian at that. It's always there fault when she thinks Wash is dead.

"Thank you. And Quenia is well, the house is thriving, as one would expect." Juliana nods taking another sip as she watches the back and forth of the Kennexs with a good sense of amusement. "And your house, Lord Victus? How fares the rest of our family? I spoke to Galen not long ago, he seemed to be doing well."

Lethe says quickly. "If you die again I'll say something nice at your funeral. Hmm I think I need another drink."

Porter's drink isn't going to fill itself, unfortunately. So he bids farewell to the people in his immediate vicinty (who are probably going to be really happy that he's not near them being loud) and begins wandering around looking for his next one.

"You should have a funeral...or dig up the grave." Katya points out, then she glances at Tyrus' pants with a shrug, "If you say so." She toes her pile of clothes out of the way of anyone that might want to walk in that spot before she takes a run at the pool to jump into the water.

Wash is similarly inclined toward new acquaintances. "You won't find me near a horse I'm afraid. Not a live one. Not that dead horses smell much better." He pours the drinks. "Glad you could make it out still. I'll have to introduce you to my second favorite Igniseri. Luis is something of a horseman. Do you know Luis? Juliana's husband."

Thea for now is content to listen to everyone's stories as she sips her drink. Is this usually behavior? Yes. Yes it is.

Sabella waits for her drink from Wash, giving him a smile of thanks, "I could go on and on and on about Prince Niklas, but I think he's the one that most likes to hear everything I might say, it's true! He's close to performing his next play--well he'll be performing in Lady Evonleigh's latest, but he has a play in the works as well." She looks curiously over at the conversation about being dead and having graves, "That sounds like it would make a marvelous play or even a short story! You look very well for a dead man I have to say, Prince Tyrus." When she sees Cecilia come in she beams a smile her way, "Lady Cecilia! Your brother has told me such stories and I have to say despite his tales your ears are quite lovely!"

Jules finally splash-bobs his way to the edge of the pool and makes his way back out and allows himself to drip a bit as he sits on the ledge before he moves away from the pool. His hair is wet and is not poofed in the least now. He looks about slowly with his happy little face and makes his way to look for someone who seems off by themselves or looking rather isolated and to that person he waves and looks for a wave back to make his way to them.

"Wash if I have to be the seconds favorite Pravus, then I better damn well be the favorite Igniseri. At least until you meet my children."

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Ian seems to be drinking his way steadily through quite a lot of rum, but someone watching him close might notice that he's only on his second glass.

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Speak of the Devil! When he overhears someone greeting her Niklas looks up, then jumps up, the sprints over to his sister. "Ceci! Gods, it's been too long!" He gives her a big, wet hug and says, "My last living sister!" Before Catalana can correct him he shoots her a look and says, "Can what Tavi does really be called living? Come now." He gestures Cecilia over to Sabella, "This is my wife, and she will introduce you to everyone eventually. You have a niece around here somewhere."

"I believe we've met in passing but I spend a good deal of time in the training yard these days," Drake confesses. "Though I have a better memory for the ladies, I have to confess," he says with a laugh. And then he looks to Juliana as she speaks of the children, and gives her a smile.

"Bugs strong enough to leave a lasting stench?!" Victus was taken aback by that revelation. His jaw locks tightly. "Bah. Horrors of this world know no bounds. But if Wash declares you needed more wine, was the spirit bath for naught? That waste must have been hard to swallow." Massacre of alcohol aside, the Prince has a more dry look when he turns to the conversation with Juliana. "Well. As I'm sure you've heard, we're being encroached on by an Eurusi invasion. That has set the mood rather low of late. Otherwise, it's not been awful. Think of it like a constant state of anxiety. Waiting for the next shoe to drop." Finally uncapping his vodka, Victus raises it to his lips. "A bloody shoe." And swigs.

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After doing a circular route through the party, Porter finds himself in possession of one bottle of vodka along with his glass. Without saying another word, he drops down across from Ian and Zoey at one of the tables. The bottle gets a little soundless wiggle.

"No, the alcohol did it," Ian explains to Victus. "It just blasted hurt. If it makes you feel any better, I was still pretty scrawny."

"I already had one." Tyrus remarks to Katya before the young woman is running off to jump into the pool. The prince himself remains where he is, enjoying the whiskey he sought, going through his glass rather quickly. At Sabella's remark, he smiles, yet there's something to that smile. Dark amusement. Irony, perhaps. "A short story? Perhaps. A tragedy would be more befitting, I think." But then he's moving away, just as he finishes his glass. As he steps towards the pool, he removes his boots and then his waistcoat. There's a moment of hesitation before he removes his shirt and perhaps some explanation is thus offered as to his previous words. His shoulders and especially his back are covered in scars. Layers upon layers, caused not by excessive fighting but rather the slaver's whip. More than a decade's worth of it. It doesn't take the prince long at all to move into the pool, nor to stay with his back against the edge. He might have braved his initial discomfort, but that doesn't mean he's entirely at ease either.

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"Quenia will have my head if you're my favorite Igniseri." Wash replies to Juliana, nodding a farewell to Drake as he returns around the pool to deliver a drink to Sabella and set one down at the edge of the pool for Katya. "We were on our way back to Stormward, so a barrel if wine was no loss. Not like we wasted any rum on him. I want to go back to that island and capture some of those bugs though. Send the Eurus packing with just the smell."

Drake waves to Wash amicably, and then he sets down his ... again empty glass. Now that he's somewhat warmed up, he's going to try his luck in the pool, it seems.

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Getting a bit on the wrinkled end, Thea climbs out of the pool, grabbing a towel as she walks by. She pours a drink and takes a seat on the chairs, getting comfortable.

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"It was either get the smell off me or leave me on the island. There'd have been a mutiny, otherwise." Ian downs his drink and slides the glass across to Porter. "It wouldn't have been quite as bad, except they tried scrubbing it off first with this really rough piece of canvas."

When Katya resurfaces she slides her hands through her hair, slicking it back from her face before she moves towards the edge of the pool to retrieve her drink, "Much obliged, Lord Kennex." She lifts the drink to take a healthy swallow from it before turning her attention back towards Tyrus, "I know you had one, but...Not the point. This was about proving I was fun. Which I fail at."

"Wash Kennex, I am not getting delegated to third. You are going to have to pick, Sebastian or Quenia and Luis" having no issue at all tossing both her twin and her husband over board. They would expect it." arms crossing to arch a brow to him however after a moment she looks down at Victus. "Yes, but I was asking about the family, not the political nature of things. I am perfectly aware of the Eurusi, it's been all over the news and all." offering him a smile then shooting Wash a look as if waiting for the choice.

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"We have embroidered towels in the chest there," Zoey announces to those in or exiting the pool as she points to a chest that was brought over earlier.

Cecilia returns the smile to Sabella but before she has a moment to answer she is wrapped in her brothers sopping hug though the water doesn't seem to bother her too much, it is supposed to be a pool party after all. She returns the hug happily following his lead and answering "Its amazing to see you again as well! It has been entirely far too long I'm sure you agree, but what's this about my ears then?" She finishes off with a short giggle before turning to the woman she was being guided towards "It's a pleasure to finally meet, and I'm more than excited to meet everyone. Especially this niece! Octavia just yesterday was telling me that we now have quite a herd of nieces and nephews forming in the nursery."

Wash returns to his chair, and his seat. He pantomimes musing thoughtfully. "You'd be fourth if Lucita hadn't married out." Wash points out unhelpfully.

A minor function, this isn't. Baelor's eyes are wide as he steps through the crowds to guide himself through to the important places. Where a glass of rum can be plucked up and unadorned by chaser or ice or anything other than the spirit. The pool is side-eyed and dismissed immediately to be left for those of a more frivolous nature.

The lounge chairs seem the best place not to get noticed. Nobody to recognize him there, right?

Baelor has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Juliana arches a brow. "Keep it up Kennex, I might start docking ya'll points in the race."

Sabella has a seat by the pool. Not close enough to dip her feet, but close enough to have a conversation with those who are swimming nearby, "Wait, who is your favorite Grayson?" She asks Wash as Juliana asks him about placement, "That's me, right?" She gives Baelor a smile as he comes to join them, "You're the man I almost bowled over at the tea shop the other day, right? Princess Sabella Grayson," there's an edge of something to her voice. Like 'you've probably heard of me.'

Sabella has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Catalana shushes Wash and assures Juliana, "You're my favorite and that's all that matters."

"You did jump into a pool on command. I'd say it qualifies, surely." Tyrus replies to Katya, smirking in amusement. Determined amusement. "Still... This is nice. I'm more used to swimming in the sea, but this is certainly more pleasant. And less potentially crowded by sharks." He otherwise remains quiet, watching the others, letting the surrounding conversations go on, listening but participating little.

Lethe looks to Wash with amusement. "I do hope I'm one of your top five favorite Tydes."

Thea listens. Is everyone related? Somehow yes. She drinks her rum and looks over to Wash and Baelor. Nope. She knows they're not related.

Baelor gets a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

Baelor gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka from Intricate model of a Kennex ship.

Porter grabs Ian's glasses and pours enough into it to keep his brother busy for awhile, then he pushes it back over. He does the same to his drink and then leans into the chair, tossing back some of his drink before he gives the party a once-over. Some places get more of a look than others.

Jules makes his way over where Zoey has pointed out the embroidered towels and wraps one around himself and begins to make his way over towards where he happens to spot Thea just listening. When he reaches her, he sort of stands to the side and gives a half bow and says, "My lady." In greeting then, "Are we discussing anything particularly interesting or engaging in small talk?"

Ian takes his drink and settles back with it. "If this keeps up, Wash is going to have to make a ranked list of everyone in Arx."

"I did, yes." Katya agrees with a slight shrug, "But that's what the point is, isn't it? Swimming." She glances around, then spots Porter, moving closer to Tyrus to point out not at all quietly. "You think he takes dares?"

Drake gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka from Intricate model of a Kennex ship.

Thea looks up to Jules, a sip from her drink follows,"Not at the moment. I've been content listening to everyone's tales. However, you're more than welcome to join,"Thea offers with a smile.

"Second favorite Tyde." Wash assures Lethe. "I know three though, so that's something."

"There's nothing about your ears," says Niklas soothingly, as if talking down a particularly grumpy animal of some sort, "they are the perfect size for your head and I certainly haven't been telling people that when we were kids you head gigantic ears. Nobody. Ever. I wouldn't say that. It's simply not true." To anyone nearby his raises his eyebrows, like, man, they were HUGE. "But you look so good! It's about time House Kennex had a little fabulous." He looks over to say to Catalana, "I mean, a little MORE fabulous, of course!"

Catalana notices Drake looking at her, she immediately turns on her most charming smile to the man. Her inky dark lashes batting down over her cheek, in an almost demure gesture. Finally, she extends her voice, a mixture of honey, smoke and something dark and gravelly to Drake, "Lord Wyrmguard correct? I don't think we've met. I'm Lady Catalana Kennex."

4 Thrax Guards, Chief Rin Redreef, Hrafn the stoic raven arrive, following Galen.

Juliana smirks at Catalana "Aethan owes you a raise." taking another drink. "You know if he had said Bastian, Lucien or Abbas, I would have been fine, they are awfully cute after all.. but Luis?"

The prince glances back to Katya when she speaks and indicates Porter. "Porter? Please, be my guest." Tyrus motions, his lips curved in amusement. "Do make it an interesting dare, though. Wouldn't want the fun and exciting Lady Katya be thought of as lacking imagination, mm?"

"It's difficult to separate the two of late, honestly." Victus admits to Juliana, taking a far-off gaze across the pool. "Most work in tandem to prepare for the inevitable confrontation. In militarily, socially, economically..." He rolls his hand as if to say 'so-on, so-on'. "But let me think of specifics. Princess Denica, often finding muses on her art barge. Warlord Galen, soon to return to the city with his mustache in tow. Prince Tyrus, in all his frightening glory, showing his majestic side here." He nods to his cousin in the pool. "Princess Sylvi, finding comfort in godly and pious work. Princess Alarissa, at home with our son Danse, as he's the quiet one." As if on cue, Astrid splashes her arms about with a triumphant roar, a true terror of the sea. Princess Sorrel, working with the knights of East Light. Prince Alecstazi, no longer blind. Princess Caith, hugs..." He trails off after a few murmurs. "I'm afraid that's about all I know. The rest tends to get jumbled with all the crisis."

Lethe grins. "So I'm not last. That's great." She speaks to Wash with a laugh.

Baelor drops a suede Keaton hound plushie.

"Ouch...Who put that rock there! No I'm fine...I said I do not require shoes!" Comes the voice of none other than that dashing Moustache errr...Prince Galen Thrax! His guards are in tow, as is Rin who seems to be carrying all of his weapons since the Warlord is wearing only a pair of slate gray swimming trousers embroidered with little red sea creatures. As he comes into view of the masses his arms stretch out wide in a welcoming gesture, "My friends! My family! Tis a glorious day for a swim and a pleasure to see you all!" he announces with a beaming smile as stormy eyes offer winks and eyebrow waggles where they were appropriate.

Juliana nods to Victus, as Astrid roars and she smiles. "Yes, Thrax tends to be loud.. one of my boys is so Thrax, the other so Pravus.. it's a good thing that Bastian is her father's daughter." then pauses letting her eyes meet his for a moment. "Have you heard from my sister as of late? I have not and with.." does a general wave.. "Eurusi business, I am worried about her." then there is Galen and Juliana takes a deep breath with a slow shake of her head. "Well there goes any possiblility of sensible anything tonight."

Frightening glory. Majestic side. Tyrus blinks and then arches a brow at Victus. "Please, I'm quite certain you only need to look like you might draw your sword to overcome everyone in a hundred mile radius." There's a pause before he adds. "Whether with fright or awe, I cannot rightly state. Do try not to, cousin. Ladies and children are present." Wait, what? And then Galen is here! Horray! Tyrus raises a glass of whiskey in his direction. "Do feel free to join us!" he says from the pool.

"Prince Galen." Ian straightens up a little bit, one might go so far as to say that he -brightens- when Galen shows up. Not a lot. Not for long. But there was definitely a brief smile. Smile-like expression.

Catalana there is a glare at Niklas. Does he want a smack down? Declaring she is not at all the most fabulous Kennex. Hmpf! She's about to open her mouth when Galen arrives. The surprise and pleasure is etched on her face! She laughs loudly, a hand against her chest as if to contain it. "I should of known the mention of the Kennex pool party would have you reemerging." Hopping to her feet and bringing Galen some rum, she gives his cheek an air kiss and his arm a fond squeeze. "We have missed you dreadfully."

"No pressure, there." Katya points out to Tyrus with a roll of her eyes, "I'm never going to come up with anything that'll be suitable, you know. You've ruined me, I might as well just drown myself now." She takes a deep breath, then starts to sink beneath the water to do just that, one hand raising upwards to give Galen a wave on her way to her death.

Jules listens for a bit to the various conversations but then, upon starting to get settled, is approached by a messenger and whispered to. He gives a subtle nod of his head and moves to get his shirt before departing out silently.

Juliana raises her voice "Galen! I demand a kiss and hug before you are too drunk to know who you are kissing and hugging. And for you to inform Lord Wash that I am indeed your favorite cousin."

"Oops." Tyrus says, deadpan, to Katya. He cannot hold so neutral expression for long, however, grinning even as he reaches out to raise Katya back up from the dangerous depths of the pool. "Get back up here, you're not getting out of it so easily."

Everyone turns around when Galen arrives, so Drake does too, just as a matter of course. That man must clearly be the sort identified as the life of the party.

And a picture of grace complaining about shoes. Drake raises his glass as this has become his standard method of party greeting now that he's three in.

"Princess Fatima has been enjoying her privacy since she returned to the family." Victus replied. "She found good company deeper in the city after everything that'd happened. I believe she lives with them, in shared lodging. Truthfully, I wish she were closer to home so I'd know she was better protected. But..." He shrugs. "I respect her choice, and I am confident that she can handle the strife, come what may." Then came that familiar, roaring voice. Victus turns his head from his spot at the edge of the pool.

"MUSTACHE!" Cried Astrid from the waters.

"Yes. Mustache." The High Lord confirms with a nod and a firm grin for his Warlording cousin as he marches in. "And he's not dead! Two! TWO of my family confirmed not to be dead tonight! Cause for celebration." Victus thrusts his drink high in the air. "MORE VODKA!"

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Ashe, the studious Stormward paralegal, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Octavia.

Thea is actually chuckling amongst her place of lounge chairs as she drinks, lowering her voice to correct to correct something.

It isn't entirely clear where Zoey disappeared to all this but upon hearing the ruckus that could ONLY be caused by a Prince Galen entrance, she arrives again in a white chemise that stops short at the knee, clearly intending to join others in the pool. "Prince Galen! You made it too!"

"Tyrus I shall do just that!" Galen says with a toast of an invisible glass, which, is not invisible for long! There is Catlana with Galen's best friend...Rum, and so he takes it from her and returns the air kiss to her cheek, except it doesn't remain in the air, "You're wonderful!" Galen then looks toward Victus and winks while giving Astrid a little finger wave, "More Vodka for the High Lord my favorite cousin!"

Grinning like the Cheshire cat his eyes cut Juliana, though his words are loud enough for all to hear, "I have been extremely busy as of late and I am sure here soon you will all know of what I have been up to." His steps come with their normal measure of swagger and he quickly offers a lifted glass to the others who have lifted a glass to him. Hugging Juliana and giving her a longer than necessary hug finds him pulling away. "Katya!" he shouts out, "Never fear the Warlord is here!" and with that he is chugging his glass of rum and diving into the water where she was sinking, but not before tossing his glass toward Ian.

Ian has to lean a bit to catch the glass without getting up, but he manages it with aplomb. He sets the glass on the table, and pours some rum in it. "Should I throw it back?" Hopefully he's joking. His voice is so flat, it's hard to tell. He might not be joking.

Cecilia smiles cheerfully as she moves along with her brother nodding and agreeing as he continues and responding with a bit of dramatic sarcasm "Oh of course, I knew I could trust you to /never/ say anything so dreadful or wholly untrue" finishing off with another little laugh. "I think we can always stand to fit in a bit more fabulous as impossible as it may seem for us." She takes note of Galens arrival and Cat rushing over to greet him, herself offering another smile but entirely more focused on her sibling and his partner.

Juliana is in middle of answering Victus when.. well her feet aren't on the ground.. and that is saying something for the tall Igniseri Lady. Laughing and hugging her cousin back, presses a firm kiss before he sets her down. "And you need to tell Wash, Galen.. otherwise, I might make Dagon my favorite cousin." teases then wonders what happened to her wine in all of that.

Octavia wasn't going to just ignore the pool party and shut herself in her room with law books. That's ridiculous and you should be ashamed for thinking such things. The eldest Kennex steps out of the Kay through one of the side doors and leans against the wall, just watching the marine shenanigans for now, and lifting a few fingers in a wave towards family when they look her direction.

Catalana returns to Victus with another bottle of vodka. Clearly the Kennex lady being in her element at the party. She saunters finally to join her husband, plopping into the seat beside him. A warm bright smile is shone to Wash before returning to her original thoughts and Niklas, "Isn't that why you left darling cousin? Couldn't keep up with my fabulousness?" She laughs at the end, clearly no malice at the fabulous comment.

Dangerous depths they are, full of water! And depths. Katya doesn't fight getting pulled back up to the surface, first by one Prince, then another. When she is back above the water there is a laugh, and a hand pushes her hair from her face, "I think that Prince Galen should come up with the dares, don't you?" This question is addressed to Tyrus, because this is all his fault.

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Zoey eases into the water of the pool with the other swimmers.

Ember has maintained her position of rest and relaxation. The Bloody Baroness is, by now, a few drinks in, and has been making idle chatter with those who dare approach someone called 'the Bloody Baroness' for such a pursuit. She does seem downright relaxed, by her peculiar standards.

Alas, it's not long at all before a messenger arrives bearing a letter for Tyrus. "You'll have to do them without me, I fear. Not something I can put off." he tell Katya and Galen, referring to the message. "Enjoy the party, and let's talk later, yes?" And with that, the prince shares his farewells with his family, takes his clothes and leaves.

Baelor gets a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Drake is a brave man. And now that the initial excitement of Galen's arrival is over, he'll take a shot at talking to the Bloody Baroness. She is in the pool after all. It's fair game.

He also seems relaxed, and he's also a few drinks in. "My lady, is it true that I heard you were a fixture at this particular party in days past, or is that simply a rumor unfoundned?"

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3 Thrax Guards leaves, following Tyrus.

"Of course you should throw it back!" Comes the reply to Ian from Galen once he has resurfaced near Katya who gets a quick wink. "Wash is my favorite Wash and that is a fact...So tell me, who do you think my favorite cousin is?" The Prince inquires with a sharply lifting brow before his attention turns toward Zoey and he beams, "Zoey luv, how are you?"
Now Drake gets an inquisitive look as he moves in on Ember, "An accurate rumor for sure." he adds. "So," he begins while looking back to Katya and brushing wet hair out of his face, "Miss me? Also, who is that," he thumbs toward Baelor and if he gets noticed will also wave.

Ian picks up the glass and takes a sip, then hefts it in his hand, considering the weight. He gauges the distance between him and Galen. Oh gods, he's really going to do it.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 2 House Crovane Guards, Biorna - The Protective Mastiff leave, following Mikani.

Wash heard his name! He lifts his glass of rum in salute. "No Wash Greater!" He says, corrupting the Grayson words to his own use.

Ian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 38 higher.

Thea slides from her seat and smiles. And snickers as Baelor lists of names. Finishing off her drink, she unfortunately admits,"I should be off I'm afraid." To Catalana, she says,"Thank you. It was--"but hears Ian. The youngest Malvici starts to inch over to the exit.

There comes a surprisingly jolly laugh from Victus as the party kicks into a new gear. For now, he seems content to sit back and watch the storm roll over. There's a quick thanks to Catalana as his vodka is refilled, and he sits back with the renewel of good drink as he watches the merriment.

Ember might be relaxed, but a relaxed Ember still carries the general intensity usually reserved for, say, soldiers in the middle of an active battlefield. When Drake approaches and asks his question, her amber eyes settle on him for a moment, and it's as though she's trying to see through him all the way down to his skeleton. However, it doesn't seem like she's angry or anything. Just... weird. "I had a good show last year, indeed," she replies. "I'm evening it out by taking it easier this year."

Ian throws the glass like a discus, and it stays perfectly upright, almost floating in the air, aimed just so Galen can catch it.

"Well and glad to be adventuring again," Zoey replies to Galen with a wide smile. "And grateful to no longer be pregnant!"

Juliana arches her brow at Galen. "That's it, Prince Galen isn't allow to sail in the contest. No caravel for him." then turns and goes to find another glass of wine.

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"Of course, Your Highness." Katya replies to the departing Tyrus before she glances at Galen, her head tilting faintly, "I suspect your favorite cousin is...You know, I've no idea. You've enough cousins that you probably don't even know them all." There is a glance towards Baelor before she lifts her shoulders, "Hold on..." With that she starts to lift a hand to wave, "Excuse me! Who are you?"

Catalana picking up on the game she eyes Galen, her own glass of vodka raised, "Next question, who is your favorite Kennex?"

Juliana arches her brow at Galen. "That's it, Prince Galen isn't allow to sail in the contest. No caravel for him." then turns and goes to find another glass of wine. (reposed for Galen's benefit)

Octavia pushes off the wall at Catalana's question, making her way towards the rum and quipping, "If anybody says me, you're cut off from the alcohol."

Ian sits back in his chair with his own glass of vodka looking just a LITTLE bit smug. "I just threw him a glass of rum," he calls to Catalana. Okay, more than a little bit.

Drake doesn't flinch at all under the pressure of being assessed. Really, he revels in it. "Then I'll ask no more questions. If you try to outdo yourself year after year you can't spread the fun around to others." He laughs. "Always good to meet people outside my family, even if it means being a party crasher, but I heard the legends of so much happening there was no way I couldn't attend."

Catalana counters Ian with an even smugger look, "I'm the one who organized the party."

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Galen reaches up to catch the perfectly thrown glass of rum with ease as if he knew Ian would throw it just so perfectly all he had to do was hold his hand up and Ian would make him look good. "A lesson on politics," he begins, though he stops to lift a finger and take a sip of his rum. Then he looks directly at Ian "I favor all of the Kennex in truth, at the moment Ian must certainly have my favor as he has made me effortlessly look amazing and given me drink. Though, the hospitality of all Kennex cannot go without notice and the joy I find being here is abundant." Then his eyes cut over to Victus. "Now back to my lesson...You see Victus there?" he asks, like people didn't see Victus, "In his presence, my favorite cousin is always him, clearly. My favorite Redreef Ember and so on." moving closer to Katya he wraps an arm around her almost idly. "I can happily say that Juliana is one whom I love dearly and without question my favorite Igniseri," he chuckles and sips on his rum.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

Juliana holds up a hand as she takes another sip of ... her second? third glass? Has anyone ever really seen Jules drink? "Nope, not good enough Galen.. sending Dagon a letter now, letting him know he has been upgraded. And you are going to have to do a lot better if you don't want to be banned."

"You would even cut me off?" Ember asks Octavia from her nearby spot in the water. She lifts her drink toward Octavia in a salute, along with a gentle arch of her eyebrow. She then turns her gaze towards the equally nearby Lord Baelor. "If she cuts me off, you will find House Redreef most agreeable if you claim drinks that, as if my magic, continue ending up in my hand."

"My favorite Kennex is Catalana." Wash points out. "That needed to be said."

Octavia finishes pouring her drink, rolling her eyes a bit at Galen as she turns around. "I would cut you off first, Ember," she quips. "I remember the last time Catalana had a pool party." Spotting her brother and little sister among the crowd, she starts walking in that direction to drop down unceremoniously in a nearby chair. "Nik, you should have come to Vanora's ball. I could have used your help showing people how to properly tell a tall tale."

Catalana pouts! Full on pouts! The lower lip trembles, her crystal blue eyes round in exaggerated hurt. Another hand to her chest in gesture of being wounded. "Ouch Galen. Ouch!" She leans against Wash, yet another exaggerated movement. "Please tell me I am -" She grins at Wash and plants a loud kiss on his cheek. "This is why you're my favorite too Wash."

"Tell her she's your favorite Jules," Ian calls to Galen, his flat voice livened with a trace of humor. "The other one looks like he left, so he doesn't have to know.

Porter stands up and announces, "I need to bother Aethan. It's time." Time for what exactly? No one really knows. But there's probably some shouting that filters from the inside to the outside.

"Wash you don't say that needed to be said after saying something that needs to be said," Galen quickly shouts over to the man.

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"By that logic, that means I'm your favorite Grimhall?" Katya wonders, which is probably an easy assumption as she is the only one. Which she double checks before glancing in Octavia's direction at the mention of tall tales. "Oh, I'm glad to hear people started sharing stories."

Niklas holds up his drink. "My favorite Kennex is Aethan. He's always very nice to me, which is an enjoyable change of pace." Then he finishes his drink. "Though there are plenty close seconds. Anyone remember Anton? Loved that guy."

"Perhaps I simply need a minder," Ember comments dryly to Octavia. She's far less drunk than she was last year. "Someone to come sit by my side in the pool and ensure that I don't get into too much trouble." Ember tilts her head just so, and nods toward an empty space next to her in the water, while still looking at Octavia all the while.

"That didn't need to be said!" Wash retortsm to Galen. "What you said I said. Not what I said you said you said."

"Coincidentally, this also makes Galen my favorite Warlord at the present time." Victus dips his half-empty vodka toward his cousin. "He always says the exact right things in just the right way. And he has a very big hammer." The Prince chuckles. A laughter which fades after a stewardess bends down beside him and whispers calmly into his ear. There's a brief moment of silence before the High Lord is standing up straight, vodka being tucked into his belt. "Astrid. Come." He gestures to the girl before turning to their hosts. "I'm afraid I must depart for the evening. This, though. This was a raucous party. Thank you for having me."

Most of Ian's good humor fades when Niklas brings up Anton. His expression now back to flat, he takes a drink, and then another one.

"You are always welcome here, Your Grace," Zoey tells Victus with a smile and a bow of her head. Curtsying in the pool would have been a bit much.

The favorite Warlord eyes his cousin as he gathers Astrid, "Victus, do you need me to go as well?" Galen asks of the High Lord clearly concerned that something might need either his moustache, giant hammer or Warlordy expertise.

Octavia lifts her glass in memory of Anton, then needles her brother a little bit. "I'm /hurt/ that you didn't even mention me in a footnote, Nik," she teases. "Is it because I used to box your ears?" Directing her attention towards Ember, she smiles and replies, "I appreciate the offer, but I can't say that I'm feeling the pool tonight, Ember. It's been a long day, and I just need a chair."

Cecilia laughs again turning sharply to Niklas before starting "I'm not your favorite? Not even your SECOND favorite?" She tacks on after Octavia and laughs a bit before continuing "Well then Octavia is definitely my favorite now, you've certainly made sure of that!"

Victus bows his head toward Zoey. "Thank you." And then onto Galen. "No not tonight, Warlord. Enjoy yourself. Tomorrow though. We can talk about a storm." The Prince fishes Astrid from the pool and drops her a towel. The small Princess has a fierce pout, but nonetheless is marching along. "Good eve. Gods be with you, one and all." And with that he departs.

Niklas waves a hand at Cecilia. "My favorite wouldn't be so absent for so long! Give me a week and we'll reassess." Her comment gets a snort. "Octavia isn't even Octavia's favorite Kennex." Then calls out, "No offense, Tavi!"

Drake, still standing next to Ember, gives a small dry laugh when she invites Octavia over. "Probably wise. I'd make a terrible chaperone," he says.

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Lethe looks around. "If anyone wants to be my favorite Kennex I do take bribes."

Juliana sits down beside Ian with her new glass of wine. "So really I think Galen got himself banned from the race because he knew he couldn't beat Kennex." takes a sip, watching the Warlord amused.

Octavia sets her drink down and mimes boxing Niklas's ears. "No, Cecilia is and always will be my favorite Kennex." The comment from Lethe makes her laugh loudly and quip, "See, that's proper mercantilism right there. Well done, Lethe."

Galen points to Lethe, "If I were not nearly naked I would toss you some coin just for that!" His stormy orbs quickly dart to Juliana, "You're drunk! And also I do not think I could beat Kennex, because, if I were to build a team of my own choosing it would have to include some of them and I believe that may be against the rules."

"I don't want to say we're definitely going to win that race without knowing who's competing," Ian remarks to Juliana. "And the sea doesn't always do what you think it will. But we'll put up a good showing, at least."

Ember lifts her drink toward Octavia once more, and settles back in the water, turning her amber eyes to face Drake. "Would you? Mm. That's a shame. Not that a chaperone is needed, anyway. I find myself in greater need of relaxation tonight than... antics."

"We have a team this year. Lady Igniseri is going to have to up the challenge for us I think." Wash explains. "Porter was away on a sailing trip last time."

"Ah, well, the combination of water and alcohol can be relaxing, if you let it." Drake demonstrates this by allowing himself to sink into the water a bit, though he's still holding his glass above-water. Then he pops back up, and pushes a little hair out of his eyes where it got splashed and into them.

"I am not." Juliana, so is... or at least on the way. "And the only reason Kennex can't sail for you is because they are sailing for themselves. So don't go using that as an excuse, Galen." looking to Wash smiles and nods. "Yes, I remember he was away last time. We have at least three teams at the moment."

Lethe finishes her drink and rises. "As fun as this has been I really must be going. Perhaps I will see you all at the next party."

Catalana glances to Wash and then Juliana, "Aethan has asked my assistance on the team too, though I will be dreadful at the sailing part."

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"We're on the team for the other challenges," Zoey points out to Catalana. "It's not purely sailing, from what I heard about the last one. Our talents will be needed."

Ian takes a sip of his drink. "Last time, there was more to it than sailing."

Juliana sips her wine and nods. "The fact that they had thought to bring Zoey last time helped the Kennex a lot. I would say in fact gave them a very clear advantage."

Niklas takes a message, scans it and then leans in to Cecilia to say, "I should be going home, but you should stop by Grayson Mansion some time and we can have some tea. You can meet all of your nieces and nephew. Maybe I'll introduce you to the very single and presumably handsome Lord Michael!" Niklas shows the note to Sabella, then offers waves and blows kisses to whoever cares to catch them. "Goodnight, family! Cat! Zoey! Wash! Others! Oh, and Lord Baelor, I didn't even see you there!" There's a special kiss blown toward the smilin' Keaton. "And goodnight to everyone else, too!"

"If there is a put a blindfold on and get out of a maze event someone bribe my favorite cousin Juliana to let me participate in that one and I'll win it for you," Galen says while sipping his rum and allowing his stormy gaze to drift about the event, occasionally leaning in to whisper something to Katya.

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Drake pulls himself out of the pool to dry off. Fortunately, there's also commemorative towels, which he goes for.

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Drake gets a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

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Cecilia leans into the conversation replying "Of course, just send me a message whenever you have the time! I have had quite a bit of free time on my hands since returning." She once again bears a sweet smile and waves to her departing sibling.

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Catalana scoffs at Galen goodnaturedly, "Should there be a keg stand event, I will pay you to do it. I think it took Wash a month to recover after the last one he did." She rests her head on Wash's shoulder, relaxed now the crowds are dying down. "We're not sixteen anymore. The drinks seem to catch up faster these days."

"Good night." Katya calls towards those leaning, but she's otherwise fallen into a watch and listen to everyone state. Other then whispered responses to Galen's whispers.

"The month was because I dislocated my shoulder jumping off the roof into the pool." Wash explains.

Juliana sticks her tongue out at Galen, then takes another sip. "This is going to cost you plenty, cousin mine."

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"I was impressed that you didn't miss," Ian remarks from where he's sitting.

"I was not aiming -for- the keg." Wash explains. "So I kind of did miss."

"I dislocated a shoulder once," Galen says turning his eyes toward Wash and looking briefly between him and Ian, "I have no idea how long it took the man to get over it...Looked painful though."

Ian rolls his right shoulder. "Mine's never been right since I dislocated it pretty bad when I was a teenager. It pops out of place if I spar someone without the right armor on."

"It's interesting to watch people's reactions to when you pop it back in," Zoey notes to Ian, sipping a glass of something suitably alcoholic.

"Goodbye Lord Wyrmguard. Look Lord Baelor, Lord Drake is here. Farewell Drake!" Wash says chipperly. "We'll go cliff-diving some time. That's the best compromise between mountain and ocean I can think of."

Drying himself off, Drake points directly at Wash. "Perfect. That sounds like the exact sort of danger we can both agree on."

He wraps the towel around his waist as is proper.

Then to those present to whom he had spoken he gives a bow before he departs.

Catalana pinches her nose briefly. "Let's not take that as our cue to experiment." She thinks for a long moment. "I don't even think I've so much as ever grazed my knee. Paper cuts and wax burns, yes. But nothing from strenuous activities." She waves to Drake as he departs. "Pleasure to meet you Lord Drake."

Galen finishes off the remainder of his rum and lifts the empty glass toward Drake, "Be well! Come find me soon, I want to buy you lots of drinks and listen to your tales." Now, to Catlana, "I will do this keg stand challenge should it arise."

"It really hurt the first time," Ian says, having donned his Captain Obvious hat.

Sits quietly listening to them talk, though she has stopped drinking, after having trying to stand and realizing exactly how bad an idea that was.

"Wash, we all remember the disaster of you jumping off a roof. Is a cliff really better?" Zoey asks him.

"Well... the ocean is much bigger than a pool." Wash points out.

Catalana regards Wash and dares him, "If you go cliff diving, I go cliff diving." She smiles with the memory, "Though, I imagine it will be much like the time I pushed you off the diving board. You squealed like a small child."

"We should find someone who doesn't know how to swim and teach him...That was a good time," Galen says cheerfully while losing himself briefly to memory lane and looking over to his FAVORITE cousin. "Jules, you ok? You need me to help you home or get something for you?"

"Cliff diving sounds exciting." Katya observes, then she starts to move in the direction of the edge of the pool, "It's been a lovely party, but I think that it is time for me to be moving along."

"Hey, anyone gets hurt, I can put them back together. I did it to him." points at Galen. Then focuses on him or tries when he asks. "Mint tea would be good..and it would be really helpful if you sent someone for my bag."

Ian finishes off his glass of vodka and then uses his cane and the arm of the couch to lever to his feet. He leaves his glass behind and heads over towards Galen.

"Rin," Galen calls out without hesitation as he too moves toward the edge of the pool to see Katya out of the water. "Kat, be well. It was a pleasure to see you," his smile here is bright and warm. Now back to Rin, "See to Juliana's requests with haste," he himself now steps out of the pool. "Cliff diving is fun...We should all plan a trip Juliana is great at patching folks up, its true!" Now Ian gets his attention, "Hmm?"

"I'll keep you in mind when I arrange it Katya. Have to find a really exciting location not too far from here." Wash promises. Then he adds. "Sorry. Lady Grimhall."

It was asking a lot for Ian to not be serious for a WHOLE party, really. So it's commendable that he waited this long before laying a hand on Galen's shoulder and saying something to him in a low voice that does not look or sound like fun, festive, pool party stuff.

"Maybe it's the rum talking, but cliff diving is starting to sound like fun," Zoey admits as she sets her empty glass at the edge of the pool.

Catalana gives Katya a wave before organizing mint tea for Juliana. "There's spare beds if you need them here."

Galen furrows his brows as he and Ian exchange low words. In truth, it looks as if Galen takes on an entirely different persona, his posture straightening and broadening his muscular shoulders. How quickly the Warstache can be summoned!

"Katya is fine." She replies with a smile, moving towards her pile of clothes that she left behind earlier, tugging on her boots and picking up her sword, "And I'd very much enjoy that, Lord Kennex." She inclines her head towards Catalana, then Juliana before wiggling her fingers in Galen's direction.

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