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Lady Cecilia Kennex

Diplomacy is quite simply the art of letting someone else have your way.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sprightly Lady
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 21
Birthday: 3/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Honey Blonde
Eye Color: Sea Gray
Skintone: Fair

Description: Cecilia is a tall, willowy woman of sylph-like features. Round penetrating eyes as changeable as the sea reveal her emotions easily beneath delicate arched brows. Her flaxen hair is long and silky, often bound in a tight braid or pinned up, its wayward wisps gently framing her heart-shaped face. She moves with captivating insouciance, as though she feels as if her beauty will never fade and she shines beyond all else.

(The scent of rosewater fills the air around her.)

Personality: Cecilia has always been a difficult woman for anyone to gauge, a young woman who keeps her emotions locked away deep within. Very few can claim to know the true Cecilia, a woman whose charm and manipulation shrouds who she really is beneath constant questioning of truth or fabricated statements to achieve what she desires.

A young woman of soft spoken word and a charming smile for anyone, there are some that speak of a more cutthroat side seldom seen. What is known for sure, she is no longer the spoiled young girl of innocence she once was. She knows now she will have to go get what she wants.

Background: In 992, Marquis Denholm Kennex and his wife Claudia gave birth to their last child; a daughter they would name Cecilia. It became quite clear that the young flaxen haired child was going to be a favorite of her father as she was consistently doted upon and given whatever she desired. In short, she was spoiled. However, the household courtiers that were often around her would confess there was something about her that you could not help but like, a certain charisma and charm that often made her the center of attention, even if she was the bane of their existence. Cecilia was permitted all the finest tutors and lucky for them she took to her studies without much fuss or difficulty. Life was good for the youngest child of the Marquis, yet that would all change.

When she was young, she would lose her mother. Shortly after, her brother Ford, who she was quite fond of, was sent away to foster in Setarco and you had a young girl on the verge of a complete and utter breakdown. It would be a few rough years for the young teen and her father, sensing this, sent her away to Tor to continue her studies. While attending Tor, she found herself having to rush home to word that her father was unwell. She would have one evening with him and made her loving father the solemn promise she would finish her studies and make the family proud. Denholm saw something in her, something many other people saw, an ability to always get her way and he knew that would benefit the family going forward. Her father passed that night.

Shortly after, Cecilia would return to Tor to fulfill her father's dying wish. Perhaps it was the fact that she could do nothing to help her father and his illness, but she threw herself into her apothecary studies and her interest in medicine. She would serve as a Lady's maid and ward to Lady Allegra Fidante. She does not speak of her time under the care of Lady Allegra, but people speculate it is something she wishes best kept unsaid. While still at Tor, she would lose her sister Renatta.

Her brother Ford eventually took over as the Marquisate while she was in Tor as well. When she finally left the institution she returned to Stormward to assist him whether he liked it or not. There were whispers of how Ford had achieved the transition in his position, but Cecilia dismissed them as purely rumor; rumor her brother dismissed and told her differently. Her affection for Ford left her little room to question. While assisting her brother she became what Ford would call: The Face of the People. Cecilia's ability to charm the masses kept the citizens of Stormward content. When the young beauty spoke, it did not matter, the people seemed accepting of whatever she tried to convey on her brother's behalf.

When her brother was brutally murdered and Duke Aethan took control of Stormward, Cecilia completely removed herself from any involvement in Kennex assistance. It would only be then that she would learn the truth of how Ford had achieved his power. She understood then why her brother had hid the entire truth from her, protecting her from the knowledge of the brutality of her sister Renatta's demise.

She would remain in Stormward keeping a low profile, the daughter of beloved Marquisate and the sister of a protective older brother who she had lost and adored. Yet, never forgetting her promise made to her dying father; make the family proud.

Recently, she has arrived back in Arx and is deadset on doing just that; fulfilling her father's wishes. What does the future hold for her? Cecilia does not even know. However, this much is clear to all that have known Cecilia through her life, friends and family: If Cecilia wants something, she always gets it. Thus, if she wishes to restore the Kennex family name to what it once was, you can be damn sure she will do just that.

Relationship Summary

  • Ford - My oldest brother, so much fun to tease...
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