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Knighting of Princess Coraline

After having squired under Solace for some time, Princess Coraline will be officially knighted in the purview of House Thrax. Drinks will be served and the ceremony shall be conducted knee-deep in seawater!


June 30, 2018, 10 p.m.

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Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

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Monique has joined the Northern Dunes.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay arrive, following Ailith.

Mirari waves at Karadoc, moving to take a seat at the table with him and his companions. She leans over to say something quietly to the Saik lord, a grin on her face.

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Elgana arrives with her retinue in tow, a glance given around at the crowd of people as she looks about for familiar faces, giving little waves as she passes those she knows.

Esoka comes, eyes bright and a toothy smile splitting her red-painted lips. At her hips she wears the Twain, twin scimitars which are the heirloom blades of House Riven. She waves to Coraline - a big, arm-thrust-to-heavens wave - and finds herself a place to mill in the crowd.

There isn't a chance in Abyss that Fairen would miss this. Arriving with his somewhat larger than previously noted group of guards, the Leary Marquis strides onto the beach with Abalene perched up on his shoulder, holding himself with grace and poise. But of course, Abalene is staring out into the gathered crowd with disdain, judging each person her gaze lands on harshly. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to bring her here.

Harper slips in quietly and looks around. She gives Cora a wave and a big grin. Spying the King she gives him an awkward bow before making her way over to where Thena is standing with a soft spoken, "Heya, Grandmaster." Spying Esoka, she gives her an ethusiastic wave.

3 Thrax Guards, Carys, a slight woman with ink-stained fingers, Cuddle Puddle, the loviest-doviest feline arrive, following Caith.

Caith arrives, following Jeffeth.

A curtsey for the king and a wave for Barric, and then Lisebet does indeed wave to Amari and Lethe if they see her. it's nearly as crowded here as at the last location, but it was a little tighter quarters there.

Three figures, Carita, Lucita, and Mirari, emerge with a little fanfare, given the ladies are fresh off the gathering of women, cheeks pink from the weather and laughing. Or, at least Carita's are. They make their way on to the beach to join the others and blend in to the crowd like a fog disperces. There's one exception in that the Darkwater woman pauses to pick up one Karadoc to add to their group.

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The blister of the wintry winds pick up, tugging at the edges of the Palace Seraph's robes. Wide-eyed, Ailith studies the expanse of the beach, glancing left and right to find where to sit. Her hand raises in greeting to Coraline and Alarissa before ducking to where the crowd of guards are and somewhere likely in the midst is the King.

Ian and Zoey brought enough liquor to share, and are thus sharing with Jasher and/or whoever else ends up sitting on a log up on solid ground with them. Like Sorrel.

Amari strolls along with Lethe and gives a little nod of agreement, "Anywhere you like, so long as we can see the water." She's not too picky, letting Lethe lead the way. She does see Lisebet wave, so does the same and heads that-a-way.

Thena turns and smiles when Harper fetches up next to her. "Hey. I just finished up chatting with my brother." Seeing the guard's gesture, she lifts her hand to wave at Esoka as well.

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The procession of the evening does not seem to have spared any expense. The beaches are lined with reavers standing a solemn vigil, torches in hand. Perhaps an unsettling sight to those not used to a Mourning Isles style welcome. Or especially those who are familiar with the kind of attention they bring. Tonight though is no matter of bloodshed nor rowdiness. As the soldiers stand in stoic reverence, each one bearing a banner of Thrax's colors. Sea serpents are predominantly displayed on each and every one, waving gracefully in the shore's breeze. Tables are set out across the pathes leading down to the beaches, providing alcoholic refreshments for any and everyone.

Parting the way through the crowd is Prince Victus Thrax, arm and arm with his wife. They pause to share a quick amorous moment, a kiss to the cheek, before he moves to stand before the tide. The waves laps at his boots as he watches people filter in from the city and make their way across the dunes. His leather coat, beaten to hell and back moves with the wind as well. The ceremonial coronet of House Thrax resting atop his head, drawing the moonlight despite its stygian gemstones. He stands as the only unarmored individual in a grove of seaborne warriors.

"Welcome." Victus calls out to the crowd. "What you are about to witness is a ceremony not often seen of our people. A woman who bears arms being knighted within the purview of Thrax itself. To sum that up in a gross understatement, this ain't something you see everyday. So I and the people I represent formally thank you for your attendance this evening. Drink and be made comfortable, for this is a celebratory gathering."

His eyes rest upon one out of many. Princess Coraline. He raises a hand and beckons her to approach. "If you are ready, step forward and join me."

Lethe notices Lisebet's wave and continues walking with Amari. "This should be quite the experience to see."

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Zoey gets Moonlight Caress from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper arrives, following Bliss.

Esoka takes her milling over to Harper and Thena, offering one of those large waves to Ailith as well. "Hello, you lot." She snugs her leather cape tighter around her shoulders. Against the cold, though she's not suffering for it too much. "Been looking forward to this. Princess Coraline has certainly earned it well."

The large form of Jeffeth Bayweather makes his way through the sands quietly, escorting Princess Caith. He makes his way over to an empty section of stand and pulls his duster in around him a little closer from the chill of winter. But other than that, the big man stands on the sands and turns his eyes to those in the water, quietly.

Bliss stumbles quickly down the beach, looking relieved that the ceremony isn't quite over yet. The Lycene smooths out her skirt, then heads over to Elgana, walking up to her and greeting her with a light touch on the back.

Leona steps onto the beach with a contingent of King's Own. Her armor is carefully polished and spotless, with the sword of the Lord Commander sheathed at her side, and carrying the shield of Dayne Valardin. It appears she's taking this moment quite seriously and for a moment her eyes scan the crowd assembled, and then she makes her way to stand next to the King, bearing witness with a solemn air. Whatever she is thinking she keeps it to herself, hidden behind a serene expression.

Lucita makes her way over toward the others taking seats to quietly watch the ceremony. She stays respectfully quiet, drawing her cloak around her and tucking her hands in gloves.

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Before things began Cora had returned each wave and greeting with enthusiasm. But as the ceremony starts, gone is the excited Cora, in her place stands a woman who shows an understanding of the gravity of this ceremony, and of what it means. At Victus' beckons, Cora moves with certain strides to stand before him and bows formally.

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That solemn kiss for Victus, and then Alarissa's departing, to leave him to do his duty, all decked out in the not often seen armor of her own. Dark blue eyes flit about to see who all has come and to find another place to stand while the ceremony starts.

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Silas is here precisely because it wasn't an everyday knighting, but it helps to be in good company as well. He remains standing on the beach instead of seated, but in a place where he does not interfere with anyone coming or going. He smiles when the High Lord shares a moment with his beloved before proceeding, and takes the opportunity to spare waves to those he knows in attendance: Harper, Thena, Esoka, and Monique. When the ceremony starts, his attention is undivided.

Solemnly, Fairen stands with his hands folded in front of himself as he observes the events silently. His eyes tracing the movements of his young, soon-to-be Knighted cousin with the twinkle of a proud smile threatening to etch it's way on his lips.

Not long after the ceremony is underway, Melody comes rushing out onto the beach, with her slips hooked between her fingers. At least she's here, waving out to all her friends before finding herself a spot to quietly observe.

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper have been dismissed.

Monique lifts a hand to Silas at his arrival, waving the Commander over to join her at the Dunes. There's a grin for him that is not entirely the amazement of the ceremony and the triumph of Princess Coraline's knighting.

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Thena nods to Esoka and murmurs, "She worked her ass off for this," before catching sight of Silas and waving back, looking at him what he might recognize from her Guard days as the battlefield medic once-over before nodding, apparently satisfied.

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Lisebet is here out of curiosity, certainly. She may not have seen too many knightings in general, truthfully, but this one promised to be something worth watching. So, here she is, watching.

Harper grins over at Silas and gives him a wave. She loops an arm around Esoka and gives her a quick hug, saying softly, "Heya Aunt Esoka." She looks over as Victus starts talking and falls quiet though, listening closely.

Barric can't seem to stop grinning like a madman, well almost a madman, but he is beaming with all sorts of good emotions as he watches Coraline approach but as the ceremony begins with Victus starting in he grows more somber. For a moment. It's hard for the Prince to not smile at least a little.

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With Coraline's approach, Victus turns his back to the beaches and steps into the waters proper. There's hesitation and a slight sting. It's still winter and while these waves aren't exactly frigid, they do have bite to them. Nonetheless the two of them will have to persevere through the chill. Once the Prince has sunk about knee-deep into the tide, he turns around yet again. Each soldier stood shoulder to shoulder on the beaches turns in kind, facing their liege and Princess.

"Princess Coraline. Though your stay with us here in Arx has only been months, in that time your dedication has been unmatched. Your service in the Pirate War not gone unnoticed. Your drive has led you to seek counseling of the finest and most honorable stock this city and this Compact could produce. Through your digilence and your unwavering resolve, we now ask that you take oaths of duty, of responsibility and service to your House." Victus reaches into his coat, withdrawing a bundle of garment. Seasilk.

"I ask that you kneel before the sea." As the command is given, the longships that loom over the High Lord's shoulder drift just a bit further into view. Ever watchful.

Arrayed in her red and black steel armor, which now feels like a second skin, her back as straight as a ships mast as her High Lord speaks Cora is stillness. But with his request that she kneel, She does so, head bowed facing the High Lord and the sea.

Sparte watches the ceremony silently from his position near Silas, eyes and attention for Victus and Coraline as the ceremony unfolds. At the sight of the garment in Victus' hands Sparte bounces on the heels of his feet a little bit in anticipation. Keep it together Sparte.

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Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

The Prince slowly reaches down, taking Coraline's hand in his hand and wrapping the seasilk sash around it. Once, twice, thrice, until finally it resists on the last go-around. His calloused hand rests atop the Princess' own for a time. "I ask you these questions and you shall answer them with your heart freed of doubt." He speaks, tugging this line of connection between them.

"Will you serve to protect Mangata's sea and that which they are home to? Will you serve to protect the weak and allow them to grow with your strength? Will you seek the Sentinel's justice against those who harm our people and the Compact? Will you fight honorably and respect those who do the same? Will you revere the passing of your enemy to the wheel, for the uncertain future where you may call them brother or sister? Will you uphold the people of the Isles' integrity, dignity, honor, and security?"

His other hand comes to join her's, squeezing. "Will you take these oaths in Thrax's service now and honor them for as long as you draw breath?"

Remaining knelt upon the sands, her hand held and wrapped in the sash, Cora speaks in a carrying clear tone, there is no doubt here, no hesitation.

"I will serve to protect Mangata's sea and that which they are home to. I will serve to protect the weak and allow them to grow with my strength. I will see the Sentinel's justice against those who harm our people and the Compact. I will fight honorably and respect those who do the same. I will revere the passing of my enemy to the wheel, for the uncertain future where I may call them brother or sister. I will uphold the people of the Isles' integrity, dignity, honor, and security."

Looking up at Victus she continues in that same clear carrying voice, "I will take these oaths in Thrax's service now and honor them for as long as I draw breath."

Fashionably late? Veronica arrives -- at least she hasn't completely missed the ceremony. Hearing Coraline's voice speaking the oath of knighthood, she makes her way into the crowd and pushes her way forward a bit. Once she gets to a spot where she can observe the proceedings, she clasps her hands together and stands in silent attention.

The grip on Coraline's hand releases. "Then this sash you now bear will serve as the binding of your vows. Fashion it in your desired image and wear it proudly. Saltwater is the lifeblood of every man, woman and child of Thrax. Now it will serve to seal what you have sworn, in body and soul." He places his hand upon the back of her neck.

"Go now, Princess Coraline." With a moment of pause to allow her time to prepare, the High Lord pushes her head beneath the water. "... And raise up, as a vigilant of your people." But a few seconds later the Princess is brought back up, sufficiently soaked for a saltwater bath.

"I, Prince Victus Thrax, High Lord of the Mourning Isles, hereby recognize this woman as a knight of House Thrax. May her resolve be a testament to us all, now and forevermore." Victus lets forth a loud whistle and... nothing. Nothing happens. A moment of awkward silence falling over them before he's turning to stare away from the coast with an irritated expression. "DO THE THING!"

On cue, the trio of longships suddenly becomes alight with dozens upon dozens of lanterns. Like three separate beacons blasting into the night-sky to create a beautiful glow, seemingly dotting every surface from a distance. It's a clever trick for the first few moments, though the majesty fades before too long. Leaving the pretty sight more modest before too long. With a roll of his eyes, Victus turns back to Coraline, offering a hand to help her up.

"Congratulations Princess. Now, greet your fans."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fairen before departing.

Lucita claps appreciatively as the ceremony concludes, a beaming smile given the new Knight.

Silas is overheard praising Coraline: Congratulations!

When the ceremony comes to that closure, the proud smile that has been threatening to break Fairen's composure finally ripples through his expression, absolute delight shining through as he lifts his hands to clap. "Congratulations, Dame Coraline Thrax." He offers out, raising his voice to be heard over the inevitable uproar.

Sorrel is overheard praising Coraline: A new knight for Thrax!

Lucita is overheard praising Coraline.

Ailith is overheard praising Coraline.

Sparte is overheard praising Coraline: Princess Coraline, what a Dame!

Ian is overheard praising Coraline: Good job not drowning. Also, the other thing.

Jeffeth brings his hands together, clapping a few times, joining in with the others who do so.

Esoka errupts into loud cheering, her throat undulating as if in a triumphant song. She even jumps up and down.

Down goes the Princess of Thrax and up comes a Princess Knight of Thrax. Alarissa smiles at the ceremony's conclusion and claps her hand for the newly minted and first current times female knight of Thrax.

Thena is overheard praising Coraline: No one deserves it more.

Sorrel claps proudly for the new Thrax knight, beaming a smile at Coraline.

As soon as the ceremony ends, Elgana gives a loud cheer and adds her applause to the mix.

At that, Melody lets out a whistle and a cheer before bringing her hands together in applause.

Veronica lifts her chin and beams a smile at the completion of the ceremony, adding her applause to the rest.

Having held her breath before the getting dunked, Cora stands with Victus' help. As salt water streams from her armor, she likely should feel cold, it is winter and she just got tipped like a biscuit into the teacup that is the ocean. But oddly she doesn't feel the cold. She bows to Victus and says something softly before turning she hears the applause and realizes just how many people are out there. But again the natural inclination that is usually there to run and hide, is absent. Instead she gives those present a respectful bow, a silent movement of respect and gratitude for having come to witness this moment that to her holds such personal importance.

Harper tands up on her tip toes to see exactly what Victus and Coraline are doing. Her eyes light up with amazement at all of the lights on the longships as she says quietly, "Ohhh that's pretty!" Then she is cheering right along with everyone else for Cora.

Bliss claps her hands together and lets out a cheer herself for Coraline, nodding her head a few times in approval.

Ailith claps slowly until it builds to a loud thunderous applause.

Carita is overheard praising Coraline: Princess Coraline, the new Thrax -Knight-!

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Silas claps as well as one can when donning gauntlets!

Zoey brings her hands together, clapping with a politely pleased look on her face. And then she's drinking from her rum again.

Karadoc applauds for Thrax's new knight, the Princess Coraline!

Lisebet is overheard praising Coraline.

Sparte puts a hand to his chest in a salute towards Coraline, grinning widely. He doesn't try to compete with the sounds of the crowd.

Carita's gloved hand, resting at her side, claps against her thigh as she watches Coraline rise, her smile warm.

There's a sharp whistle from Barric, along with the requisite clapping. No more trying to be serious again, he's just beaming a wide smile at Coraline when she comes up for air and then gives the bow. He starts away from the Dunes with a polite, "Excuse me." To those who are there as he walks down closer towards the surf. He offers a respectful bow to Victus, and then to Coraline afterwards. "Dame Coraline Thrax." He says with a smile, eyes shining.

Leona watches, her attention fixed on Coraline. She stands still, a stalwart witness, and her attitude is one of patience, waiting for something, perhaps.

Amari adds her applause to the din, smiling quite happily at Coraline after she's been properly awed by the lit up ships, despite the minor hiccup. There's a quiet farewell for Lady Lethe, and when she looks back, she spots a tall, armored blonde she's well familiar with in the crowd now. After a few words for Lisebet, she excuses herself from the table and strolls over to join Veronica, and see the shiny new knight from a better vantage.

Ian shakes the bottle he's holding a couple of times, then stoppers it back up and, bracing himself on his cane, pushes to his feet.

Lisebet watches, rapt, and then she cheers with the others, when it's the right time to cheer. Then she inclines her head as Lady Lethe departs, before standing as well, to take her own leave.

Victus fixes his gaze upon Coraline, shoulders slumping and all of that formal air just getting sucked right out of him in an instant. His arms crossed as the tide washes down his legs, the glow of the ships behind him casting their shadows far across the dunes from where they stand. "How about we go up on the beach now?" He offers to Coraline, beginning to trudge up toward Barric. "It's fucking cold, Mangata won't mind I'm sure." With a few quick gestures to the lineup of guardsmen, they also take their steps back. No longer holding such dedicated vigil as the significant part of their duty has passed. "Have drinks, the lot of ya'! It's on us tonight."

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Monique draws herself up from the dunes and essays a curtsey to Alaric, turning to follow in Barric's wake, towards the valarous new Dame.

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Zoey rises alongside Ian, tucking her bottle of rum away. It would seem that Ian and Zoey are preparing to depart the trecherous sliding sands of sliding.

Thena cuts an amused sidelong look at Esoka and claps her gloved hands, an uncommon softness to her expression as the new Thrax knight makes her way out of the water.

Ian gives Jasher a nod, says something brief to Sorrel, and then, mostly watching his feet as he walks, heads back up towards Arx with Zoey.

As the more serious part of the event passes Cora gives a light laugh, "I think it is supposed to be cold this time of year." She follows beside Victus as he leads the way up to the beach and sees Barric on his way to her, her eyes shining. "I love the sound of that."

Silas dips his head towards Sparte. "It's a shame you don't drink." He grins. "I need to head back to the manor now for dinner. Be well, Officer Fatchforth."

Noticing Amari coming over to join her, Veronica sidelongs at her cousin, tilting her head. "You really have become quite the socialite, haven't you? Do you go to most of the ceremonies and social events now?"

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Leona waits until Coraline steps from the water, and then she steps away from the dunes and walks up to Coraline and nods once while her own escort fans out around her. "Once upon a time the Knightly Order of Thrax was made up of Godsworn Paladins. They called themselves the Paladins of the East, as you know. And when they took a new squire among them, their words were important. 'This is but the beginning,' they would say. 'This is the heart. We stand. We fight. We protect. We guard. Not for ourselves. Not for our own glory, but for the preservation of the world.' It was the sign of beginnings, the way they would mark it."

She looks at the newly dubbed Dame Coraline, Princess of Thrax and then adds, "But when they were Knighted, they had other words. 'We stand for those who cannot. We stand for those who will not. Against the Abyss we hurl our challenge, and steadfast we remain forever.' You start a new tradition now, but I think they would be pleased to see what you will make of it, for you carry that same challenge, Knight of Thrax." She smiles now, calm and serene. "Make the Abyss tremble before you."

Now that Cora and Victus are making their way back to the beach, Marquis Fairen refolds his hands in front of himself, holding himself poised here for the moment.

Jasher moves to sit quietly on one of the logs near the trees, a glass in one gloved hand. He seems content to sit apart and take the occasional sip while the post-formality formalities proceed.

"She already has," Monique replies aside to Leona, keeping her eyes on Coraline, the deep smile and warmth in them unmistakeable. "Dame Coraline." The Minx of the Marches extends a small package out. "You deserve more than this, but for now, this is all I have to offer. Congratulations. We would have lost without you."

As Leona moves forward Cora stands at attention to listen to her words. Her eyes widening at those words. But that final sentence, that elicits a look of determination, "Yes ma'am." she says softly but with clear and absolute intention to follow through. "Yes ma'am." she says again. She speaks quietly to Leona, her expression as she does showing deep respect and gratitude.

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Esoka bows deep at the conclusion of Leona's words to Coraline, murmuring something beneath her breath. The word 'Gloria' is audible, so it's a prayer plainly. When she straightens up, both are offered a knight's salute.

"Yes, all of them." Amari replies rather deadpan once she's stationed at Veronica's elbow. She watches Victus and Coraline wade back towards drier land, then glances sidelong at her taller cousin, "Some of them. A lot of them. I missed the duel earlier, but there's been so many lately." She has some duel fatigue, the poor thing. Aside from that, she listens and watches, paying especial attention to Leona's words. Should Coraline happen to glance her way she'll surely flash her a bright smile.

Ailith quietly steps forward to bow before Coraline, she leans close for those near can only hear.

Victus pauses to look aside to Leona, quietly reverent as she speaks. "... That kinda sounds better than all that stuff I said." He muses, scratching at his beard in thought for a moment. "Oh well, I already did the lantern thing and that cost some pretty coins." The Prince snorts, taking one step toward Coraline again to speak softly before he rounds Leona's side. If he doesn't get turf'd by her own retinue of King's Guard, of course.

The Hundred are the elite of the elite. They're not going to turf the High Lord at his own ceremony. Probably.

As she is wont to do, Thena pulls the furred hood of her cloak up and melts away into the crowd before anyone gets turf'd.

Barric doesn't intrude to much on the gathering swarm of people who go to offer their own knightly comments to Coraline, or otherwise. He stays nearby of course, but otherwise waits patiently for his betrothed to be free of the well wishers and comments so that they can do the couple thing.

Harper peers over at Esoka curiously, but stays quiet out of respect. Grinning at her as she finishes it up, she turns back to look at Cora and the mob surrounding her. "I think I'll give her my congratulations when she's not being swallowed whole by a mob of people." She wanders off quietly after giving Esoka another hug.

As Monique speaks and hands her a book, reading the words a look of confusion appears and her eyes go to Monique, "Thank you, I don't understand it, but thank you." She grins wryly, "I get the feeling this has more meaning than I know." Amari gets a bright grin in return. As Esoka salutes her she returns it, deep respect in her actions there as well. Ailith gets a very warm smile and returns the bow, again showing a deep respect.

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"I will never know how you have the energy." Veronica shakes her head to Amari, equally deadpan in tone. She also catches Amari's smile towards Coraline, and the grin in return. "Have you personally congratulated her yet? If not... let us do so." She heads towards Coraline, presumably with Amari in tow, but she'll patiently wait for others to get in line first.

"I know you don't," Monique murmurs quietly to Coraline. "But you will. Prince Barric can explain it to you later. Proud of you." And she slides back into the crowd, leaving room for the others.

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Carita, like Barric, seems unwilling to intrude on Coraline's well wishers, being a more quietly supportive friend from her spot near the outskirts of the crowd.

At Monique's words Cora looks to Barric with raised brows but smiles at her friend and goes in for a hug, "Thank you. I love the story even if I don't understand it. I never claimed to be book smart. I think that is why I keep you around." She teases gently.

Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

Esoka hugs Harper in return, then makes to wander off herself.

3 Iron Guardsmen, Dot, the war-wiener leave, following Harper.

Stepping forward, away from his little collection of friends and family on that southern dune, Fairen moves towards his newly Knighted cousin. That smile of his reforms itself on his lips as he makes his way towards her. First, he inclines his head at her politely, formally. "Congratulations again, Dame Coraline Thrax." He offers, then grins and extends his arms out to her for a familial hug.

Alarissa stands at the dunes at the side, qhatever conversation that has passed quietly between her and Fairen culminates in a dip of her head to the man and she smiles at the gathering and newly minted Knight.

At the mention of his name, Barric raises an eyebrow, "I can certainly try." He says to Monique and Coraline, though not having the book in hand he's a bit at a loss for the moment. He looks over towards a few others who come to speak to him quietly and he smiles nodding, though Carita gets a quiet murmur of her own in response.

Sparte makes his way over towards Jasher and Sorrel, now that Silas has left him to watch on his own. He grins at the two of them, nodding over towards Coraline. "She deserves every bit of the respect she is getting right now. Do you mind if I sit with you?"

Amari will be towed, but she's not going to run in with her elbows up to try to push past the more notable figures. She'll hang back and wait until she has a chance, still chatting quietly with Veronica, "I suppose I don't waist it swinging swords around all day. I also don't wear armor all the time, so that helps." Seasilk does weigh considerably less than steel plate.

Sorrel heads over to the gathering of people around Coraline to clasp her hand upon the other woman's shoulder in a show of camaraderie. "You did very well, and I look forward to standing with you against the Abyss and all that threatens the good of the world," she says seriously.

Jasher vaguely motions with his chin. "Suit yourself," he says Sparte's way and takes another drink off his glass.

At Fairen's arrival Cora hugs him, trying not to dent him as she is still wearing armor. Probably he will end up a little damp cause, she /was/ dipped in the ocean. "Thank you cousin, thank you so very much." Seeing Veronica and Amari and a smile is sent their way. Then Sorrel is there clasping her shoulder and Cora beams, "I look forward to this as well. I have no doubt we will see plenty to stand against, I also know we will, I believe Victus' words would be, 'kick its ass.'"

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Monique returns Cora's hug with a fierce squeeze and a smile. "Oh, is that why? I thought it was for my..." she says something else quietly, eyes dancing, even as she slips off. For real this time, Cora!

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, Q, a very tall man with a very short name leave, following Monique.

With the hug provided, Fairen allows the embrace to conclude naturally, then he gives her a cheerful smile. There are still so many people around her though, so he makes his way back to his previous position next to Alarissa, Caith and Jeffeth.

Whatever Monique says has Cora looking doubly confused, "I....I don't understand." She says as her friend has moved at Mo speed outta there. Shaking her head she laughs softly.

Tugging Bliss on the arm, Elgana leads the Whisper over toward the crowd that is gathered about the woman of the hour, Coraline. She waits patiently and doesn't try to squeeze or butt in as she waits to get Coraline's attention.

Bliss nods at Elgana with a smile as she walks up toward Coraline as well, nodding at her with some quiet pride if she's looked at but not pushing through for once. This isn't about her!

Seeing Carita, Elgana, and Bliss as well, Cora gives a bright smile to each. "Thank you all for coming. It means so much to me that you came." Barric gets a little come'ere sort of wave like as an invitation to come on over.

Barric comes on over and murmurs something softly to Coraline with a smile.

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Carita speaks low with Barric, humor sparkling in her eyes as she watches the crowd formed about Coraline. Her chin lifts to spy the Priness in that crowd, as she leans to speak with Barric again, quietly. After, she smiles at him, dips a curtsey, and begins to make her way out. "Congratulations, Your Highness. I hope I don't sound patronizing to say that I'm very proud." Though, with that said, she coninues on her path to go. Just before she leaves the beach, she turns to walk backwards a moment, her smile lingering, before she turns back around to find her way out.

Squeezing through the crowd of people -- And struggling for a moment as her bag was caught in between a few others, Melody finally managed to make it to Coraline's side. She'd smile sweetly at the princess-knight, rocking on her toes as if she were about to throw her arms around the woman clad in armor at any moment. But, she steeled herself and instead leaned in close to share a murmur with the princess before dropping that very same bag in Coraline's arms. Her voice would raise in volume as she pulled back, and her parting words were, "Thank you."

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Bowing deeply to those he stands with, the big man gives a bow over to Coraline, pressing his fist to his chest. Offering his arm to Caith once more, Jeffeth starts leading the way off the dunes and back towards the city.

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Elgana waits just a moment as she gets Coraline's attention. "I am so very proud of you my little Thrax sister!" she says as she makes to give Coraline a big squeezing hug. "Aggie would be so proud of you, too."

"Of course, darling Cora," Bliss says to the the new knight with a bright smile. "I absolutely did not want to miss this for the world - you have worked so, so very hard and deserve the title unquestionably. That is not something I say to just anyone, either. I'm so proud of you." That little speech done, she waits until Elgana is done before moving in to give Cora a tight hug as well.

Alaric makes his way to the beach now that the crowd has thinned out a bit and his well-armored retinue is in less danger of running over people willy-nilly. His first stop is next to the Palace Seraph to have a quiet word.

Cora gives her friend Carita a warm smile and is about to say something but poof she disappears, then Melody is handing her warm words and a bag and Cora gives a grateful if confused look, "Thank you Melody. You don't need to gift me anything but thank you." She smiles and hugs the woman, "I am sorry if I am still damp." she says grinning. Jeffeth gets a returned bow and a warm smile, which is shared with her sister. And then Elgana and Bliss have her attention. Elgana's hug is returned, carefully, but very warmly. "I will buy her a drink, I am sure she will be sad to have missed it." Bliss gets an equally warm hug, though also equally careful, armor can hurt yo!. "Thank you, thank you both so much. You have no idea what it means to me. I am just not good enough with words. But it is a lot, a lot alot." And they both get second hugs.

Ailith lingers about and bows when the King approaches.

As the second hug is given, Bliss tilts her head in, murmuring something to Cora quietly, until she is released, grinning as she does so and turning. She notices Ailith then and lifts a hand to wiggle her fingers cheerfully at the Palace Seraph, not interrupting her and the King, though.

"I'm certain that Aggie will appreciate that," Elgana says to Cora as she gives the new knight another squeeze, stepping off so Bliss can get hugs and everything too. "I cannot wait to see everything that you do, Cora. You are amazing and will no doubt leave a great mark upon this world before you are done."

Leona stands with Victus, murmuring quietly, and then she pats him on the arm. "Don't worry, Victus. It's not quite as bad as all that, I promise." She grins at him then, letting her earlier solemnity drift away. "I'll explain everything tomorrow." And then she gives a wave to Coraline and starts to head back down the beach, though she pauses to have a brief word with Sorrel as well.

Ailith wrinkles her nose in response to the King before smiling when glancing once over her shoulder to Coraline and the others close by. A murmured reply and her hand raises to wiggle fingers in return to Bliss.

Lucita moves over toward Sorrel and waits till she seems to be free of conversation before speaking with her.

Leaning back, Bliss has a little blush on her face after some whispered exchange with Dame Thrax, and she squeezes Elgana briefly on the shoulder, motioning toward Ailith with her chin in explanation. "Congratulations again, Dame Coraline," she says, before she walks over to join King and Seraph.

Following Elgana and Bliss, Veronica leads Amari towards Cora now, finally. The blonde Keaton has a crooked smile on her lips, but it's nonetheless wide and genuine. "I apologize for running late, Princess... /Dame/ Cora." She pauses to bow her head at the newly knighted princess. "Please accept my most sincere congratulations." She spreads her arms in an offer of a hug, but doesn't presume to just hug Cora.

Isabetta waits until things seem to have cleared out a bit to head over to Coraline and offer her a little congratulation hug and then says, "I think I will see you later, I'm not sure what all you went through to earn it but, well done all the same."

As she sees Leona heading off Cora returns her wave and adds a salute, then her attention is back to the two before her and she grins, "Oh I expect I will end up with one of her bear hugs. I look forward to it, even if it does make my spine pop." She beams, "Oh I don't plan on being done for a very long time. And I don't plan on being alone doing it." A particularly grin goes at that one. Is there meaning there? Yes I think so! Bliss gets a nod and a smile, "Thank you, thank you very very much." and clearly means it.

And then there is Veronica there offering a hug and Cora gives it with gentle warm enthusiasm. "Thank you, Though either or works. I guess since tonight I just got knighted Dame is more appropriate. Man that gives he such joy to say, or hear."

Ailith adjusts her stance to welcome Bliss to the small circle of murmurs. Who knows the subject of their conversation but the Seraph has faintly been glancing toward Coraline.

Amari sees her chance so totally sneaks in, if only to curtsey to Coraline and smile, "Well done, Your Highness. I'm sure the Abyss is trembling in fear somewhere or will be, when it hears the news." Barric is given a polite dip of her head, and Victus too, "Your Highness, Your Grace." The latter she adds very tentatively, "Apologies for hitting you with a snowball. I think I may have anyway."

Isabetta gets the next Cora hug, "Thank you, thank you so much for being here for me." The sincerety in those words clear.

Sparte sits next to Jasher, watching the continued gathering with a smile.

"Congratulations!" Melody tosses a wave to the knight-princess before turning to Elgana to share a few quick words. Then she was off!

Amari is given a very warm smile, "Thanks, though I doubt the Abyss cares much about me as of yet. But I fully intend for them to feel terror at it's very foundations." Cora is oblivious to looks because well, there are hugs and friends and she is pretty much high on life right now. She would be floating if she could, hell maybe she is!

Barric laughs at Amari's apology and he smiles towards her, "It's quite alright. Seems like everyone was throwing to peg the High Lord and myself with snowballs that night." He shakes his head, "To no avail." There is a playful wink at that before he nods politely towards Veronica when she approaches, Elgana gets a smile and a murmured comment as well.

Ailith busts out laughing and swiftly slaps a hand over her mouth. Cheeks enflame as she coughs and ehems, her attention briefly on Victus. "He could."

Isabetta departs quietly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Coraline before departing.

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Lucita again offers her congratulations to Coraline, gives a curtsy and starts back toward home, her steps careful when she encounters patches of snow or ice.

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Coraline gets A pair of emerald and white topaz chandelier earrings from a simple velvet bag.

Veronica releases Cora from her hug, but reaches up to give the new knight a pat on the top of her head. Stepping back so others can now congratulate her, Veronica nudges Amari back, before turning to the others nearby. Barric receives a bow of her head, along with a "Prince Barric. It's been a while."

Victus rolls his eyes at whatever quiet conversation he and the Seraph had been having. "Greaaat." He murmurs, his eyes falling upon Amari. "Ah, Lady Amari. Soon to be of Tyde. I hope none of this has been concernin' for ya', but I do hear Margot has her own fun times with drowning." He jests with a dry chuckle.

"It has indeed." Barric says to Veronica with a small faint smile at the comment, "I hope you have been well."

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3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Barric arrive, following Coraline.

Jasher resumes watching the beach from his log seat, legs stretched forward, heels dug into the ground. Though Sparte sits beside him, he gives the other man as much attention as he's giving the flotsam by his feet.

"Thank you. I'm glad you weren't too upset, it was just that you were the team to beat, so it was the only strategy that made sense." Amari smiles to Barric before giving Coraline a quick final grin and bouncing back out of the way of all the other well wishers. The Veronica nudge wasn't really necessary, and she arches a brow at her for it, mildly. Victus' words get both of her brows up, and high, "... fun times with drowning?" She looks to the cold waves, and back to him as if she's thinking she's in store for a dunk in the same at some point, like when she becomes a Tyde. "I should learn to swim better."

"Busy, mostly." Veronica inclines her head at Barric. "But well enough. I do wish to congratulate your official betrothal to Princess Cora, though. I am sorry I didn't get the opportunity sooner. I trust you have been keeping well?" As an aside, Amari's conversation with Victus draws a curious glance from her as well. Since, y'know, she's never met the man.

Ailith comments aloud. "His Grace is a decent swimming coach, but a better tutor of axe-ing fish with sharp noses like swords."

After a brief chat with Leona, Sorrel glances to Victus. "Lady Amari and I are due to have a little chat in which I explain what it's like to be an Oathlander woman married to a Thrax man," she informs him with a wink.

"I wish to see this thing!" Cora calls at the axe-ing large fish with sharp noses like swords, "This sounds like a wonderful thing!" A grin is sent to Amari and Sorrel, "Does it involve, 'Give em hell?'"

"Of course not Lady Amari," Barric says with a smile, "I had a lot of fun that night, even if I was the target of choice for so many people. I take it as a compliment that everyone was so determined to beat us. It's a mark of honor, those almost bruises from those hundreds of snowballs that were pelted in our direction." He says with a wider smile towards Amari, "And if you wish lessons in swimming, I can help there as well, should you wish." He looks back towards Veronica and his expression turns down a bit, "As well as can be expected, all things considered." He tells Veronica, "It is an adjustment. Of course. Some things will never be the same."

Victus lets out another hallow chuckle for the woman. "Joking, she only does that to the ones she don't like. I imagine she loves you like a daughter already with you finally being a match for Archeron. From the look of ya', I'd say the man is lucky." He casts a thin grin her way, looking to Sorrel next. "This one can probably teach you how to swim in armor without sinking too. Maybe not in the winter though. That water is fuckin' frigid." Veronica is also given a passing glance and he nods in greeting to her.

Alaric steps up to give Coraline a regally approving smile. "Allow me to extend my congratulations in person, Dame Coraline," he declares brightly. "I hope that this is but the first step in a distinguished life of service to House Thrax and the Compact." He pauses a beat. "The second step being regaining feeling from the knees down, of course," he quips. "Bay's always been dreadfully cold. But the third step and beyond should be where the real glory starts," he concludes reassuringly.

"I got married on the beach in winter in armor," Sorrel notes reassuringly to Amari with a cheery smile. "It was frigid. And then the Kennex boys decided to help teach me to swim. For my own good. And it was painfully cold. I've encouraged Coraline to get married in armor -- I think we'll get her some shiny rubicund with sea serpents on it."

Oh, that's a familiar voice, so Amari turns towards it and looks overjoyed to find Sorrel there, despite the wink. "We are. I was hoping to find you and pin down a good time for it, Your Highness. I'm hoping for a summer wedding..." For swimming? She'll take any help, even if it means also having to learn how to axe-fish. "I would welcome any help, I've only ever swam in calm waters. Duchess Margot does seem to like me well enough though." So, maybe she won't be drowned. Which will be nice. "Thank you, Your Grace." Perhaps noticing then the looks between Victus and Veronica, she smoothly provides an introduction, "High Lord Victus Thrax, this is my cousin, Lady Veronica Keaton, Sword of Oakhaven."

As Alaric speaks Cora turns her full attention on him, "Thank you your majesty. I admit I don't seek glory so much as fulfilling my vows fully above and beyond anything else. Service to Thrax and the Compact is where I feel called to be. I have always felt it to a point, but since that day in Maelstrom, that calling has gone from whisper to roar. I will give it everything I am to meet that calling with honor."

"No they don't." Veronica shakes her head, but clearly in agreement with Barric. "But hopefully, things will be better. I expect your union with Princess Cora will be a happy and fruitful one. And I wouldn't miss your wedding for anything..." Amari's call of her name now seizes her attention, and Veronica dutifully turns to her cousin as well as Victus. "Your Grace. I heard that you have frightened my cousin Amari at your first meeting. I would like to thank you for that." That is possibly a deadpan.

"You probably want to wait until summer for your swimming lessons, too. Or at least spring. The water will be cold, but the sunshine will be warm," Sorrel says easily to Amari cheerfully. She glances over her shoulder at Sparte and grins at him, then heads in his direction.

Alaric grins confidently at Coraline. "If your current efforts are any indication, I tend to think glory will seek you out whether or not you're seeking it. But your example of challenging yourself with lofty goals and then striving to meet them is a most laudable one and a fine example of the Arvani spirit. I have no doubt that your service will do us all proud. Again, congratulations."

Alaric's words cause a blush to appear on Cora's cheeks, she bows her head with a shy smile, "Thank you your majesty. I will do my best to make your words prophetic." Sorrel gets a quick grin and nod, "I am certainly hoping to wear armor to my wedding. I can't think of a better way to dress."

Victus flashes his grin to Veronica in kind. "Aye. We do have that effect on people I'm afraid. Isles charm I like to call it. But I'm sure all the best will come soon enough, Tyde has always been an upstanding house. To see it grow is honestly some of the best news I've heard in quite awhile." He offers, spreading out his arms as well. "Nonetheless, I'm also glad you were here to witness a little piece of history happening."

"Personally," Barric says to Sorrel and Coraline, "I'd rather be able to hold and kiss my wife without getting bruised up by steel or rubicund." He smiles wryly, "And just once, once, I would like to see her in a beautiful dress. If there's one time I'll get the opportunity. It is then." He looks back to Veronica and nods, "Thank you for your kind words. There is no way you would not be invited."

"It's not about you! She's the bride!" Sorrel calls to Barric impishly, her evergreen eyes twinkling before she devolves into delighted giggles. "I kick my husband's ass in the sparring ring whenever I can! We call it foreplay, though."

Barric says, "If she beats me in the ring, then I'll stop about the dress."

Sparte smirks at what Sorrel says. "Don't let the Champions hear you calling combat foreplay. I really don't want to know what sort of tournament they'll throw if that idea catches."

As the conversation turns to dresses, Cora gets /really/ uncomfortable and a brow raises, "I doubt I will be beating you in the ring anytime soon love, as you well know. And there are some women who wear dresses well, I am not one of them. If you drop the whole idea I will wear one for you in the privacy of our rooms. Then you can see me in a dress and I won't be going through torture when we get married."

"Sage advice, Princess Sorrel. I think I'll have all spring and summer to practice." Amari nods solemnly, after another look at those unwelcoming steely blue waves out there, and seeing the Princess leaving she adds, "See you soon." Veronica gets a /look/, but if she's truly upset she suppresses it really well. She's soon smiling again, especially after Victus' reply. "I'm sure I'll grow accustomed to the charm. It's not as though the Keatons are all mild mannered tea sippers." As for being her to witness, she nods bouncily to that, "It was very nice, I liked especially the lanterns. I didn't expect it at all. It was a very nice touch."

"I heard it!" Bliss calls to Sparte and Sorrel. "And it's definitely giving me ideas!"

Veronica bobs her head in agreement with Victus. "I hear the same of House Tyde, your Grace. I also hear they are a strong House. I'm confident they will survive my cousin." Yup, that's definitely a deadpan as she flashes a sharp grin at Amari, especially when the latter chimes in. This allows her to turn back to Barric as the Prince speaks of a wedding invitation. "Is there a date yet?"

"Not to my knowledge." Barric says to Veronica and then looks over towards Victus, "I imagine I will learn the date when everyone else does. I think it is going to be a double royal wedding though so I can only imagine how long it will take to plan and get put into motion."

Bliss and Sorrel get a quirked brow, "Now I might start going to duels." She chuckles, "And a wedding is about both bride and groom, it is tying two lives into one." Her eyes go to Barric fondly, "If I didn't feel so strongly against wearing them, a dress wouldn't be a problem, but that many people in that sort of setting will be hard enough. Adding something I am so further uncomfortable in will just be so much worse. If I am ordered to wear one by someone with that authority then I will. Otherwise I will avoid the idea like the plague."

Sparte says a few quiet things to Sorrel before rising up from where he was taking a short rest, giving Jasher a polite dip of his head and Sorrel a second in turn. He looks off at the gaggle of people around Coraline, rubbing at the back of his neck a few moments before turning and making his way back towards the city proper.

Jasher offers a cordial nod back, watching Sparte departing until the thinner man is out of his field of vision. Then his eyes turn to Sorrel, the slightly lifted eyebrows hinting an unspoken question.

Ailith rounds a look at Bliss before promptly and loudly saying for Coraline's benefit. "I bet Bliss could defeat any Champion while in a dress. No silks or billowy skirts could prevent her skill. In fact, I daresay, the dress would elevate the duel and render her opponent speechless."

"I'm lookin' forward to it as well." Victus muses toward the ladies of Keaton, his eye moving to Barric next. "You can count me into 'everyone else' too. I'm hoping to set something soon...ish. But I ain't a wedding planner by any means and you definitely don't want me decoratin' yours." He snorts.

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Seeing Sparte heading off Cora calls out, "Sparte! Get over here so I can hug you." Ailith gets a bright grin, "I would agree with you, but then Bliss is elegance and grace, she doesn't need a weapon to win." Victus gets an amused look, she could only imagine. "By the way Victus. When will you be granting Alarissa an actual wedding ceremony?" She says this innocently but with a certain twinkle in her eyes. Aaand there goes Sparte all gone sigh.

"I'm sure that Princess Tikva will be happy to coordinate things for you, Your Grace," Sorrel says to Victus cheerfully. "I can get in touch with her if you like. I don't know how long the courtship's been. Is it time?"

"Oh, I've certainly done it before!" Bliss says with Ailith's support. "Of course, it couldn't just be any old dress, otherwise, I would be both a disappointment to myself and anyone who came to see me. I am rather looking forward to the thaw, I have to admit!"

"Where is this question coming from?" Victus inquires in borderline accusatory tone right back to Coraline. "... Soon. We've had some real expensive projects going on lately, but we're headed toward being freed up. So ya' know, I'm thinking proper ceremony in the Maelstrom and all that. Or just down here at the beach. We'll probably wait for warmer weather though, wife don't share my love of the cold." His eyes turn to Sorrel after that hamfisted explanation. "Sure. She's gotten a promise out of me to do one dance, so feel free to take your sweet, sweet time getting it done."

Amari grows quiet there next to giant Veronica, pulling her cloak tighter as though she's starting to get a chill. A smile lingers and her gaze flicks from person to person, following the conversation even if she's got nothing much to add. The actual wedding ceremony comment from Cora does have her look to Victus, curious. She gently offers a word of advice to him, her smile slightly wry, "Perhaps you might consider not cleaving the wedding cake in half, Your Grace." A curtsey, to Oathlands standards, is offered. Not that she's fleeing, but she is sort of fleeing. "I should be going now. Your Grace, Your Highnesses." Cora get a quick final grin before she's headed back to the city.

Barric smiles and waves to Amari.

Cora crosses her arms and just grins, "It is coming from your lovely, wonderful, generous wife really wants a nice proper pretty ceremony. She does kinda deserve it. But I know, and I know she knows, that there have been a lot of expensive projects. Just thought I would bring it up, you know, gentle reminder and all that." Amari gets a bright smile and a wave, "Thank you so much for being here."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Coraline before departing.

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"Honestly, I hope you cleave many more cakes, Your Grace," Sorrel counters cheekily, grinning broadly. "You know, it's been almost a year since I got married on this beach, and now I have a fat baby."

Veronica quirks a brow as Amari excuses herself, and the blonder Keaton turns back to the others. "I best be seeing my cousin home. Pleasure to meet you, High Lord Victus. Prince Barric, Princess Cora." She bows her head just a tad to each, and then she's off to catch up to Amari to escort her cousin.

Veronica gets a warm smile, "Thank you so much for coming. I will come find you soon, in the next couple of days." She gives Vee another hug before letting her head off.

"Hmph." Victus makes that noise of... Well, some kind of noise at that. "Consider me reminded then. And consider cakes being cleaved a forgone conclusion, 'specially if it's my wedding." The High Lord straightens up, cracking his neck as he looks out toward the waves again. The longships from earlier having departed a little while ago. "I got a fat baby myself. You seen Danse? He's downright pudgy. And speaking of, it's probably close to the time I need to be gettin' home to relieve the nannies. So, time for me to bid goodbye. Enjoy what's left of the drinks and grub you lot."

"Well," Barric says to everyone that's left, "I know it is a special occassion, and that means, there is celebrating to be done." He smiles towards everyone, "It was a truly spectacular ceremony High Lord." He says to Victus with a bow of his head, "Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Cousin." A smile and a bow of his head to Alaric, "And to everyone else, thank you also for coming. It amazes me that I am going to be marrying such a popular woman. But," There's always a but, "I am going to have to steal her away now." He announces.

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