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Fate plays chess, and you don't find out 'til too late that he's been playing with two queens all along.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Gambler
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Dark chocolate
Eye Color: Midnight blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: A long-lashed, midnight blue gaze soaks in the world around Melody. With a gracefully angled face framed by dark chocolate hair dusting her shoulders, she possesses a soft, almost ethereal countenance. An upturned nose, soothing voice, graceful limbs that taper off into dainty fingers, and fair skin neither kissed by the sun nor calloused by handiwork only serve to put emphasis on this appearance. Yet, hers edges on whimsy, a possibly feigned innocence and an air that she just doesn't belong.

Personality: Deft, clever, and impulsive. Melody is often getting into trouble and just as easily skirting it using her adroitness and charm, leaving with only a Cheshire-like, self-satisfied smile. And hey, trouble isn't always so bad - At least according to her. When she's not singing, dancing, and making money off of her sleight of hand (however that may be), she's gambling her gains away. Sure, she often strikes it big and causes a ruckus for having potentially gamed the system one way or another, but Melody makes it a point to live in the moment, win or lose. Not that she'd admit to a loss in the first place, as she'd much rather weave it into her own victory one way or another.

Her fun-loving antics and risk-taking attitude have a tendency to go a bit overboard (assuredly only ever a 'bit'), but that's nothing a few sweet words and a pleasant smile couldn't solve. Oh sure, occasionally it dips into excessively sweet territory, but sometimes you have to add a little bit of passion and flair to get what you want. It's all in the job as an entertainer, so she says.

Background: Not too far off an Abandoned encampment, Melody lived with her parents in the woods for the majority of her adolescence. When tragedy struck and her family passed, she remained in the woods by her lonesome. Though she was no hunter nor would she claim to be an exceptional forager, she managed to live a seemingly comfortable life of solitude for a couple of years. A decision to leave her home followed, made in an abrupt fashion as she snuck onto a passing caravan headed for the city of Arx - So the story goes.

Name Summary
Aahana A fellow prodigal whom I am watching closely. Her modeling skills are quite amazing and I know in such aspects there is a lot I can learn from her. And her advice I find to be quite helpful.
Agatha I do not know why my sister is a duckling, but at least she has the sense to accept my inner bear-dom
Alarissa A lovely woman, with an interesting secret. A chance to talk, some other time.
Alessandro Lovely, witty, and engaging. I should like to get to know her better, especially as she is also a Prodigal like my new family.
Amanda A Prodigal that is eager to learn and doubly eager to live.
Apollis A charming prodigal I've heard buzz about. She's quite the model, apparently. Very fetching and sweet.
Arcelia Though our first meeting was brief Melody was a very polite woman. I hope she stops by the Redoubt again sometime, perhaps for a swim or tea.
Avaline She seems very kindhearted, but also holds firm to her beliefs. I look forward to visting with her again.
Barik A harlequin in worn, commoner's rags. Nothing but laughter, mockery and grins, a thief of the soul. A terrifying creature.
Bliss I need more like this one in my life. A few words bantered back and forth, and already I can sense there is more than a little bit of kindred spirit between us.
Caspian I hope with a name like Melody she has a talent for singing!
Clara I didn't get to stay an' meet her really but she seems like the entertainin' sort. I hope ta meet her again soon.
Cleo Another Prodigal like me, but from nearby lands, in forest. Is good she has found safety in city, am glad that not everyone forced bend knee, and some do so by choice.
Coraline A very energetic and enthusiastic woman, she has many skills and a way with words that leaves me wondering what will happen next. I can't quite figure her out, but she seems like a very nice sort to have as friend.
Cullen An intriguing new prodigal in town who seems to have acclimated quite quickly! Knows of our family, this is a good thing given our warm stance towards fellow prodigals. I will be more than happy to help her out - pretty, charming, witty...and a taste for Haze, booze, and camping in the woods for a few days. I forsee a stellar friendship here...
Darren I find such social creatures as Melody extremely fascinating. And useful! Her services in promoting my fealty have been indispensable, and will continue to be so.
Duarte A prodigal courtier? She certainly strikes me as the ambitious sort, and certainly garrulous.
Elgana My dearest and silliest bear. In her I see so much untapped potential, so much promise. It is my hope for her that she reaches this potential and more. That she finds happiness. I treasure her dearly and look forward to watching her bloom.
Emmelline has a marvelous sense of humor. Seems rather good-natured.
Fecundo Interesting young lady offering me a view outside of the noble realm. All knowledge is worh having and it's always good to get more than one view of things.
Gareth Interesting. Though I could do without the constant laughter. Very interesting.
Gianna A member of the Bard's College with an expansive -- and expensive -- wardrobe.
Giulio Another enthusiast of Southern Thunder. And she seems pleasant all in all.
Hannah She seems a sweet woman who is ready to jump in and fight for herself, I respect that.
Helena She is such a nice lady. I hope that I get to know her better, and I can't wait to go on a nature walk with her!
Iseulet A lovely young girl with the whole world before her. A diamond in the rough - I can't wait to see what she blossoms in to.
Jarel Hm seems like the Whisper House has some great Bards. Here we have Melody, who quite literally lives up to her namesake. Though with the whole sparring I cannot recall if she sang, I was getting beat up to remember!
Jeffeth A prodigal. She's kind but clever. I'm sure she is whatever she needs to be when the moment calls for it. But when she can be, she's sweet and just wants to have fun.
Jordan Funny bard with a sense of humor that matches my own, I do think. Since she's with the Bard College, that means she's also an associate of Mistress Gianna's. I should like to know her better.
Kenna Welcoming to an Iron Guard in the lowers, even if she did say she was a bit worried about all of us.
Leola As sweetly charming as any I've ever met, unsettling as sap dripping from a tree, cloying sweetness
Lottie Well, she's as sweet as a peach pie in spring. Good humor too! Seems to know how to slip between the lines of social interactions with both us common folk types and the silks. Good skill!
Lydia A charming and adorable model, entertaining and a delight to share company with. I must keep my eye on this one, as I am sure she is going places.
Lys Oh she's very upfront and quite the flatterer! I like her!
Mercedes Met her in the Murder while looking into a case. She is unnerved by dead bodies -- as a person should be. It's a pity that brain-matter ruined meatball night but these things happen.
Mirari I can spot a girl on the take a mile away. Probably because I'm not always on the up and up myself. Lucky for her, it's late and I don't give a shit, and I have a soft spot for girls just trying to get by. Not soft enough tonight to offer help, but perhaps another time.
Neb Aspires to something above her station. Admirable but bound for disappointment.
Niklas She should join the Scholars of Vellichor where she can specialize in instructing people in things they already know.
Norwood A charming young woman who seems more than comfortable around the Greenmarch.
Oswyn Carefully charming.
Pasquale Prodigal with a taste for seasilk and for mixing with the Peerage. Friend of Mae. Interesting.
Petal Lively, spirited friendly and needs a pretty dress
Reese Cheerful, playful and I think she might be impish! I think she has wit and there is more to her than I have seen yet.
Reigna A kind and sweet natured young woman with a bright future ahead of her. She is clearly bright and ambitious. May hte gods watch over her. I am curious about her origins, I must admit.
Rinel She reminds me of myself when I first came to Arx--and reminds me of many things that I have lost. Have I really changed so much?
Sabella A singer, dancer, and actress! She'll fit right in with the other Mummers at the Black Rose!
Saedrus A very lovely young woman, who seems to smile as often as she can be seen to laugh. Both sweet traits, yet for all her saccharine nature I am sure there is a depth about her barely glimpsed upon by first impressions. You have my curiosity, Mistress.
Sasha A lover of the woods. I wish I could travel in them as freely as she does. Once I am cured I am sure I will be able to.
Scipio A charming and particularly well-dressed woman of the woods. I should like to get to know her better.
Seth A curious creature of the woods. She showed up ill dressed for the weather, but certainly comfortable in her own skin. She is a songbird of sorts with a pleasant enough demeanor. I expect to see more of her, even if it is to hear her sing to accompany us on one of our hunts.
Sparte A prodigal with the goal of finding a rewarding patron. I feel like what she is seeking won't satisfy her, but that doesn't make the goal a bad one. Just a stepping stone instead of a destination.
Theo Had the /gall/ to insult both Lord Kennex and I to our faces. Were she not so far beneeath me, I would have issued challenge on the spot.
Theodoric A lovely song among many many other poor singers. Capable and cautious.
Thorley Open and cheerful - I can see why Violet sought her out to recruit for the Blades. Her infectious spirit and drive should bring in plenty that are on the fence about joining.
Torian Young but with wisdom enough to recognize when a thing needs doing, even if it be unpleasant. Seems like she might like to have some fun at the expense of other people's fear of spiders. Mae might like her.
Valarian A somewhat enigmatic prodigal lass who lives or spends time in the Lowers. Pretty, witty, and smart - and seems to be hiding more than she's showing. I know that game all too well. I'll have to find out what that is, exactly.
Vera Equal parts charm and cunning, Mistress Melody is quite the intriguing commoner. I wait for our trip to the Grey Forest with baited breath.