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Lady Veronica Keaton

No matter the trick, no matter how far, I am coming. You will not escape justice.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Relentless Rat-Catcher
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Golden blonde
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Sword of Oakhaven, Inquisitor

Description: She moves with unthinking grace, a byproduct of years of training with sword and shield and fist. There is a comfort, a confidence in her movements, in herself that shows in each step taken, it lends a touch of arrogance to her delicate features. Her brow is wide and smooth, her eyes sharp, intelligent and as blue as a Summer sky after a rain. Her nose is straight and set above a mouth that is too generous for the rest of her face. There is a coiled intensity around her, found in the restless motions of her long limbs; hints of a temper lurk, the promise of violence if unleashed, though it is matched in the boldness of her smiles and the uninhibited nature of her laughter. She is tall, her femininity blended well with her athletic frame.

Personality: Determination, tenacity and perseverance, thy name is Veronica Keaton. From even a young age, the stubborn resolve of this Keaton Lady was legend. When she has a target she is ferocious in her focus, all lines of thought return to the situation at hand and she will pursue her goals with a fiendish, reckless abandon that some call driven, and others call 'Oh gods, why is everything on fire?!'. On the rare occasion that she has no pressing hunt, she is just as intense in her pursuit of entertainment. One thing she rarely is, is relaxed.

Background: The second born of Ambrose Keaton of Thistle Hill, Veronica Keaton was born a force of nature and has never ceased being so. It was when she was quite young, only seven or eight years old that her mother was taken from her. A man, arrested for banditry escaped capture and as he was fleeing, sent Lady Anastasia Keaton hurtling from the ramparts, falling to her eventual death. That the man not only escaped, but killed her mother was an injustice that never stopped clawing at Veronica. She joined the family business, as it were, dedicating herself to stopping criminals, letting nothing, nothing ever get in her way of seeing justice done.

Since joining the Huntsmen of Keaton, she has brought in no fewer than one hundred and fifty bandits single-handedly, which led to her swift rise through the ranks and the inheritence of the title, Sword of Oakhaven. She has been Sword for just over a year, and is, by all accounts, doing her family proud. That being said, her dedication has resulted in three house fires, four hobbled horses, the destruction of a town bakery, the cracking of a mill stone, an entire wheat field set ablaze and the loss of her father's left eye. A whisper campaign has begun, filling the young Sword's mind with thoughts of heading to Arx. There she can continue her duties as the Sword of Oakhaven while pursuing new goals: Joining the Inquisition and becoming a Disciple of the Sentinel.

Name Summary
Adalyn We sparred at my birthday tournament. She seems like great fun, and I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.
Agatha I like this Oathlander! She didn't get bent out of shape when I started our match with a call to the Spirits as well as Gloria. She fights well and hits! Look forward to many matches with her
Alarissa The Keatons. They're everywhere. And much like the others, Alarissa quite likes Veornica too!
Amari I'd say she hasn't changed much in the two years we didn't see each other, objectively. She's still very much Veronica, and worse she still makes me feel a little inferior, just like when we were young and I was her shy tagalong at Oakhaven. Why does she still have to be so tall and confident and golden?
Ardoin What an impressive and forceful woman! I can see why she'd be effective as an inquisitor and a warrior, she's got the look of martial prowess and determination all about her. Someone I'm quite glad to have met, even if I had the odd feeling she was going to cut off my hair.
Aric She is the Sword of the Oakhaven in every regard. Stalwart champion and defender of the weak, yet discerning in her own right or others. She is every bit the steel and sharpness of the blade she carries.
Barric Sword of House Keaton, she carries herself well and no doubt has some skill. She is honorable and disciplined, and that alone would make me want to get to know her better.
Bianca By all intents a proper knight of the Oathlands. Diligent to duty and emphatic in her offer to help those in need.
Cristoph I have met /so/ many Keatons in the last year. While I'm not sure that her taste in battle cries are for me, she seems to be another hardworking and upstanding member of this family. It's good to see. I look forward to working with her in Southport, even if I'd rather we didn't have to be here.
Cullen A strong and fierce sword, yet with a charming sense of humor! I am glad she knows her job, as I am very new to mine, and wish I didn't get it in the way that I did. I will have to become friends with her, I can learn much, I am sure. Plus, secret Sword rituals are going to be a thing.
Derovai Surprisingly direct with information for an Inquisitor. Are they all like that? And something tells me she doesn't really share my taste in tea.
Dominique On her way to the training grounds. Dressed in leather armor. Still staying to eat before hand? I think I may have just found a new friend.
Duarte Staid inquisitor lady.
Elgana A lovely lady! Lady-knight? Sword! She fought with great skill against my sister. I look forward to seeing what she can do as the days and weeks and months pass. I pray I get to know her much better as well.
Emily The Lady Veronica seems a rather apt woman, a sword no less. She also seems to relish conflict if her expression had anything to say about it. I sense a great deal of focused energy.
Faye Had a bit of an adventure together in the Village of Thracia. A sharp warrior and a fine traveling companion, would definitely travel with again.
Felicia The lady Inquisitor has a mind as sharp as her sword, and should never be underestimated.
Fiora If you're coming to me to learn how to socialize, your problems go pretty deep.
Gabriel A respectful soldier who is a fan of mine. I'm uncomfortable with some of the attention I get usually but she carries herself well. I wouldn't mind helping to guide her if she wished.
Gareth A huntress from Keaton. Apprentice Inquisitor. Seems no nonsense at least in the House of Questions. We'll see how she does.
Genevieve A lady of noble bearing who spoke to me with respect and interest. She seems sincere and good-hearted. I enjoyed speaking with her at the tavern.
Giulio She blushes a bit much, but a talented investigative mind behind all of that. I do whole heartedly approve.
Jaerith My loving sister, how can I ever sing her praises enough? Quick to anger with my tomfoolery, but easy to get her to forgive me. Her opinion is the only one that will ever matter to me. *stage whisper* But don't tell her that.
Jeffeth A Inquisitor Lady Keaton. She is a noble but seems the type who'd fit right in, in the Lowers. I'm glad to have met her.
Jenessa Lady Veronica Keaton, she seems to be a very kind woman, and was very helpful to me, giving advice as I settle into the city. I hope to work together with her and her family, as well as get to know them better.
Jordan Apt swordswoman, definite Sword material and I can see why. Gracious in many ways, too. Always good to see.
Kia A strong woman. You can tell she has authority. She's at least very friendly, so that's a good thing.
Laric She'll go far one day, whether it's here in Arx, back in her home of Oakhaven or some other part of Arvum.
Luca When I first became a Champion, beautiful women would come to me with adoration and tempting words, in hopes that I might cut someone down on their behalf. More and more, the beautiful women seem to be appearing with sword in hand, these days. It's different, and not unpleasant. On looks alone, this one is worth spending time around. She can handle a conversation, too, but I'll have to see how she handles a sword. With luck, she'll be absolutely terrible, and I can keep a sliver of my heart. But then, people who fumble at the deadliest dance aren't often given the position of Sword, are they? Maybe I'm doomed.
Luis Discovered that she is a Sword, which is a testament to her prowess, of course that does mean that a spar is required. The proper form of communication between those of the martial persuasion.
Margerie When she first came to the city, I saw the girl I knew - running into walls full speed ready to burn down the world in pursuit of her quarry. And I know she would go to the ends of the continent to pursue justice, but she has learned reserve and a solidness that is impressive.
Mirari Now I have plenty to say about blondes, and it's not always nice things, but this Lady seems to be an exception. She is kind and polite and asks interesting questions. I'm not always a big fan of Oathlanders, but if I squint a little bit, she could be Lycene.
Monique She looked at me as if she expected me to vomit up a book. For all that, she has clearly exceptional tastes in style.
Mydas Dedicated to bring the guilty to justice. The Inquisition may no longer be disciples of Sentinel, but Lady Veronica certainly exemplifies their tenents. She remains an excellent woman to work with, even on difficult subjects.
Norwood The Sword of Oakhaven is a woman I hold in highest regard, not a thing she has said here has given me any difference of opinion.
Petal She likes to avoid parties, I think she still likes dresses and she seems quite friendly.
Petra A Lady of Keaton and a bold one -- unafraid to ask questions. She recognized that I am new to this Compact right away.
Philippe There is great honor in being named the sword, especially the sword of a Valardian house. A direct person and easy to talk to.
Reese Eager to lear and investigates with such skill!
Reigna She is so... tough. Strong in ways I simply am not and yet there is heart there too. The offer to ride with me that first day -- I admit, I wanted to hug her in that moment. She's a true friend.
Rinel She looks and acts like a general. How inspiring! And more than a little frightening, too.
Simone A serious lady, yet still there is something about her that I like.
Theron Sword of Oakhaven, got out of her way to greet me once she realized she spoke with a fellow Sword. I can respect that very much, and I enjoy the attitude of giving honor to those that carry this station.
Valarian A Sword. Most are intolerable, but this one seems alright. Kind of reminds me of my sister, but blonde and far less self-righteous. Pleasant enough, actually, which was surprised me. I'll have to spar her sometime, maybe have a drink.
Venturo While I quite enjoy such beautiful, glum company as such Veronica offered, I might only hope that my story struck a chord of reassurance for her that -- as enjoyable as those down feelings can be -- they won't linger forever. She's welcome to sit with me anytime she wishes.
Viktor A noble young lady, even if she were not by blood, her heart would carry her so. I only wish I had the vitality to match her own in these old bones.