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Islander Relief Auction

As war looms on the horizon, no one has any doubt that the
Isles shall be among those most heavily impacted. The
evacuation of Darkwater and the gathering of the fleet at
Setarco are clear indicators of this. To this end, Grimhall
Finance Minister Sameera Coldrain, Marquessa Samantha
Deepwood, and Thrax Finance Minister Princess Cassima Thrax
are arranging an auction of the finest luxury goods that the
Islands provides and vouchers for use with local craftsmen
for more personalized items in order to raise resources for
war and relief efforts.

Hosted in the Great Hall of the Palace at the King’s
generosity, it will be a night of fashion, finery, rum, music,
dancing, and a few other surprises ... all arranged in a
fiscally responsible manner.

The theme for this soiree? Why ... Under the Sea of course!


March 1, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Cassima Sameera(RIP) Samantha


Gwenna Percephon Lucita Zaina Alaric Juliana Cecilia Sorrel Galen Valdemar Sina Alarissa Abbas(RIP) Derovai Madeleine Mirari Wash Duarte Caspian Cadenza Orathy Khanne Felicia Arik Sabella



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, 1 Velenosa House Guards, Ignacio arrive, following Cadenza.

Khanne gets Maelstrom White Rum from A medium sized wooden chest engraved with a pattern of Thraxian sea serpents.

Orathy has joined the Shadowy Corner.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard arrives, following Eirene.

Cadenza gets Maelstrom White Rum from A medium sized wooden chest engraved with a pattern of Thraxian sea serpents.

Khanne gets a cerulean blue cloth swim dress from A medium-sized wooden chest engraved with a Thraxian ship on the water.

Cadenza gets a cerulean blue cloth swim dress from A medium-sized wooden chest engraved with a Thraxian ship on the water.

Springbottom, the ravenous pygmy goat, Teonia, a clever maidservant arrive, following Sorrel.

Felicia's not here on duty, and probably the fact that it's at the palace is why she's here at all. Oh no. The redheaded King's Own has, with the familiarity of one who spends a lot of time mimicking furniture in the Palace, found a darkened alcove to prop herself up in at at least watch the proceedings and pretend like her head isn't beating like a war drum.

Cecilia strides into the Hall in a sweep of sea-blue silk. She claims a glass of rum from the first servant to pass, then runs blue-green eyes over the assembled crowd as she searches for friendly faces who aren't in the middle of running entire auctions.

Cecilia gets Maelstrom White Rum from A medium sized wooden chest engraved with a pattern of Thraxian sea serpents.

Orathy "Rath" Culler has slipped into the party and dressed... to look sea-farring. Someone got him into a red linen coat and some matching pants. He stops long enough to grab a bottle of rum before retreating somewhere 'shadowy' and less out of the way, blending in as well as he ought to and could, in the crowd. Still, one can't quite miss the hard cut of his features and the souring lines of his ruffian mien.

With Henrik dragging her, yeah, he's totally touching the anti-touchy Sameera. She's even letting him. Rather than her usual black on black Sameera is wearing clothing with /colors/. Gasp. The companionof Sameera looks around then drags her along to deposit her with Alaric or Cassima, whichever notices the reluctant jeweler first is the one who gets her. THat is how it works, right?

Derovai strolls into the palace like he owns the place, even if he opts quickly for an out of the way corner where Felicia isn't. He's made something of an effort, wearing silk clothing (though it's black) and having run a comb through his hair (sort of). He gazes up at the dangling sea creatures, a skeptical look on his face, before he leans against the wall, busying himself with acquiring a glass of rum from a passing servant.

Khanne walks into the palace and, well, she doesn't look much like the sea, unless the sea is green. However, she does wear shells around her neck and a fish shaped comb in her hair. She looks around at the decor, and the people, smiling and greeting people she knows with a nod here and a wiggled finger wave there.

Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Lucita, Arik arrive, following Gwenna.

Sorrel hasn't dressed for the sea either, but she is here to support the effort in bright red. That should count for something. She seems in quite a good mood as she surveys the room, offering Cassmia a beautiful beaming bright smile.

Khanne has joined the Green Table.

After a moment's study of the room, Cecilia makes her way over to the Gray table to find a seat (after all, Royal couches should be saved for the royals, shouldn't they?). She takes a quick sip of rum and proceeds to study the individuals entering into the Hall. Sorrel gets a small smile and a raise of the glass of rum in salute.

Cecilia has joined the Gray Table.

Valdemar arrives for the event, dressed in a manner fitting for a visit to the palace. Of course, this means that he occasionally tugs at the collar of his seasilk tunic as he makes his way further into the room. Once he sees Cassima, he smiles and bows his head to her, though he doesn't approach the busy hostess. Instead, he finds a glass of rum and begins looking around for a place to sit.

The King is here! Well, that's less noteworthy when it's the Palace, but anyway. Alaric and retinue roll in for the auction, since it's conveniently located just out in the Great Hall and all. With him he's carrying something medium painting-ish sized under a small protective sheet for cover. There's the usual royal smiling and waving to the inbound huzzahing and stuff as he proceeds forthwith to find one of the hostesses first off. Apparently Sameera is the one he finds first. "Ah, welcome Mistress Sameera. I'm sure we're in for a fabulously successful event tonight, judging from the work that's been put into the decorations. Are you handling the donations for items to auction, or should I look for Princess Cassima?" he inquires regally.

"Lily, look a little bit like you want to be here, it's a party!" Sabella says with a laugh to one of her ladies, gracefully gliding into the hall in her beaded cerulean gown and slippers. "And for a wonderful cause so you can't be disapproving, Elizabetta. I've had to promise so many people I wouldn't wander around alone that you can rest assured I will remain in your care for most of the ev--oh, are those oysters?" And like that, she's slipping away from the two protesting ladies to make her way through the crowd, giving everyone she passes a bright smile. "Who designed the decor? I feel like I'm drowning! In a good way, not a horrible, about to die way. It's perfect!" she asks of those around her chattily.

Miella, a dark-haired shop apprentice arrives, following Mirari.

Mirari, Orland arrive, following Duarte.

“Good evening,” a voice from the dais announces, although it is likely lost in the din of new arrivals, fresh drinks, and splashing water from the longboat-turned-bath. The person clears their throat again, and tries with a little more vigor. Then, at last, she seems to reach a volume suitable to make a proper announcement in such a room.

”Good evening!” Princess Cassima Thrax announces, blushing slightly at the loudness of her voice as it echoes through the King’s Own Great Hall. She pauses, clearing her throat a little unsurely, and lets her hands settle, folded in front of her. Adorned in curve-hugging black Tyde ice silk gown with a lace overlay in the pattern of corals, she stands every bit the Thraxian tonight. Why, she even wears a Maelstrom coral cameo, the only touch of color in her attire.

She continues. “Thank you all for joining us this evening. This event is hosted by Minister Sameera Coldrain, whom I am sure many of you know as one of the premiere jewelers and artisans in the Compact, and Marquessa Samantha Deepwood, who has given generously to make tonight possible and who will be running our lottery. And myself,” she adds that last bit as almost a logistical afterthought. “And it is by His Majesty’s own grace that we are pleased to present this event in the Palace tonight.”

Cassima clears her throat, smoothing out her skirt with one hand before speaking again. “Tonight we invite you to enjoy an evening under the sea, complete with all the luxuries that the Isles have to offer. We welcome you to enjoy the water in our longboat, and appropriate swim attire is provided, or perhaps to sample some oysters and some Maelstrom White Rum. Tonight, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our home. But as we enjoy the evening, it is important to remember that these Isles are under attack, and these people are in danger. There will be casualties and losses. Tonight, we enjoy, but tonight we also put our thoughts to those in need. In a little while, our Auctioneer will make his entrance and we will open six lots for bidding, each featuring some of the finest wares and culture the Isles have to offer. All proceeds of the evening are designated to provide support and relief for those areas that will be most impacted by this war. The Marquessa Deepwood shall also be collecting for her lottery, which will be read at the end of the evening. If you wish to make simple donations, please find me during the evening. Now please, enjoy. We will begin shortly.” Looking slightly flustered yet relieved, Cassima Thrax turns to step briskly off the dais.

Abbas Thrax arrives and he wears the clothes of a nobleman instead of his typical squid, tentacle, and axe ensemble. The colors he wears are deep blue and with a pinch of black thrown in. His hair is tied behind his head and his beard has been groomed. There are no weapons on the Thraxian that are visible. He has recently cleaned up and seems to be more prince than sea barbarian for the occasion. He wears a smile and the man seems to be in good spirits. As he arrives pitch eyes search for a space to occupy.

Lucita comes into the room with Arik and Gwenna, pausing to curtsy when she is close enough to a person for whom that to be an appropriate gesture. She stays quiet as Cassima begins to speak.

Clank. Clank. Clank. The sword of Halfshav trails after Princess Gwenna Redrain -- though, upon noticing Khanne, he flashes the woman a warm smile. "Sister, dearest," he says, his voice soft. And then, with that, he moves to direct the associated entourage in the direction of Khanne's table.

Arik has joined the Green Table.

Alarissa's drifting through the room, every inch of her the perfectly coiffed and dressed Princess. Olenna on her arm and pellinor at her back, she's there to bid, support Cassima and relax a little.

Duarte strides into the great hall. Delicately holding to the crook of his arm is the lovely Mirari. Duarte has his land lightly placed atop hers. After walking closely together some distance inward, Duarte turns toward her and brushes some hair from her ear so he may give a silent whisper, as a pleased smile draws across his face.

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Ignacio has joined the Alcove By the Stairs.

Mirari shoots Duarte a smirk as he touches her, she listens to his words and makes a pretty fair attempt at not laughing out loud. She clears her throat and nudges him with her elbow, responding to his quiet words.

While her companions depart their own separate ways, Gwenna pauses a few steps within the entrance. She does not hide the look of near wonder, marveling even, that settles along her features. The hues, not terribly unlike her ensemble, are striking, as are the details of the ceiling creatures and swaths of seasilk. Her attention is on Cassima when the Thraxian princess speaks, and the Redrain offers some clapping before turning to find food, drink, and company.

A rather amused look is shared with Mirari. Duarte releases her hand and breaks away to explore the hall without her.

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Abbas makes his way to the bath. He goes to disrobe and change. Once he saw what was available in terms of where he absolutely /MUST/ be. The reaver prince grins and comes out with his bathing suit on. He found some tentacles afterall that are stitched into the trunks. The words 'SALT LIFE' are evident and he goes up and over the longboat straight into the water with a grin.

Abbas has joined the a sea serpent-headed longboat converted into a bath.

Samantha drops SKILL LOTTERY INFO.

The jeweler, after urging by Henrik Sameera gives a vague sort of bow to everyone. THen Sameera is mentioning her name as a host and Sameera grunts, "Royals are very difficult." she mutters. She definitely does not seem enthused about being given a shout out as a hostt. She was likely just going to content herself with writing names down of who bid on what and who won.

Samantha drops Rymarr Deepwood Voucher.

Abbas makes his way to the bath. He goes to disrobe and change. Once he saw what was available in terms of where he absolutely /MUST/ be. The reaver prince grins and comes out with his bathing suit on. He found some tentacles afterall that are stitched into the trunks. The words 'SALT LIFE' are evident tattoed on his abdomen and he goes up and over the longboat straight into the water with a grin. (Repose/Fixed)

Madeleine is here cheerful and bustling in her robes trimmed in coral and sea foam shades. She matches, as one expects of the Archlector of Mangata. She takes it all in with a dreamy smile, offering blessings and welcomes to the guests as she strolls in. Ooh what's this about a bath? Exciting. Her blue grey eyes take it all with an amused smile.

Cassima looks beyond relieved once she makes her way down from the dais, smoothing her skirts as she finally touches the sand-covered floor. Some familiar faces seem to light her own face, though, and Gwenna gets a personal fond beam and wave. Valdemar too gets a smile and a slight look of surprise, and a nod of respect for the man. Oh, is that rum? Why yes it is, bring us the rum, dearie!

Samantha drops Archlector Wylla Voucher.

Samantha drops Samantha Deepwood Voucher.

Samantha drops Cassima Thrax Voucher.

Madeleine gets a cerulean blue cloth swim dress from A medium-sized wooden chest engraved with a Thraxian ship on the water.

Samantha drops Aleksei Morgan Voucher.

Samantha drops Tikva Grayson Voucher.

Abbas gets a pair of slate gray swim trousers embroidered with a red sea creature from A medium-sized wooden chest engraved with a Thraxian ship on the water.

Samantha drops Master Tristan Voucher.

Samantha drops Mirari Corsetina Voucher.

Samantha drops Legate Orazio Voucher.

Abbas gets Maelstrom White Rum from A medium sized wooden chest engraved with a pattern of Thraxian sea serpents.

Making her way into the hall, for once she wasn't in her leathers. In fact, the dark haired Velenosa princess was actually wearing an outfit of Lycene fashion. Although she wasn't dressed to the theme, she did want to dress up. Wearing that black and red umbra gown ensemble, she looked to the man on her arm. Slowly a smirk would tug on Cadenza's as she looked to Ignacio. "See? It's not that bad...." But there was another man on her other arm. Her blue eyes would look over to Caspian with a bright smile. "I'm glad I convinced him to come with us...."

The sound of trumpets erupt from seemingly out of nowhere, or maybe everywhere! They grow louder and louder! The melody that of what usually accompanies a royal entrance, and oh does such an entrance come!

From the back of the aisle comes a sight that few are probably prepared for. Women dressed in torn green fabrics fashioned to look like seaweed, that leave little to the imagination dance forward toward the front of the aisle, spinning, twirling, writhing and chanting.

Next, the trumpeters themselves, wearing loincloths and only loincloths, twelve of them to be exact! Each of them with blue painted skin and accenting green stripes around their ribs and cheeks, they play non stop. The dancers reach the front of the aisle and disperse out to its sides, the trumpeters form a line before the auction dias, their melodious arts flowing through the air with a furious playing.

And then, it arrives! Three more male dancers twirling torches march forward on each side of what can only be described as a Kraken! A huge beast comes gliding forward, each tentacle moving and reaching toward the crowd under the power of a man controlling it with a rod. The construction of the body is that of mostly wood, painted purple with red stains on the edges of the tentacles and near the maw, each tentacle being a tube of wrapped purple fabric. It is carried by no less than 6 men underneath, its eyes also a bright and almost ruby red.

As it moves down the aisle, the trumpets are joined by the sound of thumping drums, a much more ominous sound playing through the air. Then, standing atop the Kraken is a man, a very well built and broad-shouldered man, he himself is painted, but the color scheme is reversed! His skin is green with blue accents and purple outlining the edges of his muscles, he too wears a loin cloth but on his head is a crown, an old looking bronzed crown. He stands very still, one hand gripping a spear that's hilt rests against the Kraken's head.

The drum line follows behind, and as the Kraken reaches the front they stop playing, the trumpets fade, the man turns to face the crowd, his steed from the depths slowly lowered. "Welcome to the depths of the sea! Tonight, you shall dine in elegance, be entertained in brilliance, and most wonderfully witness my greatness!" at the word greatness a hand lifted, the trumpets roared and then faded. "I am Nelag, King of these depths, master of this foul beast and here you are my favored guests!"

The self-proclaimed "King" lept from the beast and landed on the dias, spear still in hand. He took no time in moving to the front of the podium, "First a special thanks to the King," a hand is gestured toward Alaric, "For helping merge our kingdoms for the evening, a great ally indeed!" he grinned, his eyes moving back out over the crowd, "And now, I should warn you! bid low this evening and I shall release the Kraken!"

And with that the fire dancers dispersed, twirling the entire way, in front of their body, over their head and even behind their backs. The trumpeters though, they remained, no doubt for some other purpose!

Arik watches the proceedings with cool, frost grey eyes -- apparently, seated, but with a sort of watchful consideration. Of course, he is also wearing full plate. There is little of his demeanor that gives up more than consideration and contemplation.

Sameera belatedly registers Alaric talking to her, she is likely in ultra stressed out mode around so many people, "It is fine to give it to me." she tells Alaric, even her voice sounds tense. Closer to Alaric she moves, not quite touching but abnormally close for her. Another sure sign of her discomfort. "I'll have Henrik bring it to Princess Cassima THrax. You're stuck with me though, for at least the duration he's gone." Hey, Alaric can totally feel like a manly man since he's basically being used as a shield by the jeweler who otherwise has a way of keeping her distance from people.

Duarte has joined the Great Table.

The sudden burst of trumpets right behind Cassima causes the tense Princess to yelp and step forward quickly, almost stumbling in the sand. She turns in time to get a front-row view of the auctioner's procession, complete with a trumpeting two-thirds-naked man as he twirls around her and then continues on his mission. She heaves a long sigh and shakes her head, downing the shot of rum before turning to make her way further from the dais. No doubt, things were about to get a little crazy.

Galen gets a stygian and iridescite garland accented with diamond and Grimhall Sea Glass seashells from backpack shaped like a goat.

Sabella's jaw drops open as the dancers and the Kraken appear and she recovers a moment later with a huge grin, raising her hands to clap effusively, "Wonderful!" she calls out, saying to the person next to her, "I see this is going to be an amazing night! What entertainment! I daresay I didn't expect to be so enthralled at an auction of all things, though I would expect no less considering the location. I wonder if there will be any more surprises? Is that a place for swimming?!"

From the water Abbas holds a bottle of rum. He spreads out in the longboat and grins impishly. "ALL HAIL THE KING!" He shoults. To Alaric or Nelag. Or even both. He laughs at the sight and grins as he watches the spectacle. He uncorks the bottle and has a drink before sinking back into the water.

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Cadenza has joined the Gray Table.

Madeleine grabs herself a bathing costume and goes behind the screen to change. The curvy woman is hardly one to pass up a hot boat of water.

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Alaric is thoroughly enjoying the spectacle from the looks of it, schooling his bright grin away momentarily to nod seriously back at King backwards-Galen from one royal to another. "Don't let the seaweed dancers see that no nudity sign," he deadpans to Sameera as he hands over a painting to Henrik to take over Cassima's direction. "Do you think I can bid on the longship? I might want to keep that out here for a while."

Cecilia's mouth is definitely a little... open... as the entrance begins. Or perhaps it is at the sight of the painted individual riding the back of the Kraken. Her lips curve into a bit of a grin, and she shakes her head. "Quite an entrance, indeed..." As various individual join her at the Gray table, she tears her focus away from the dancers and the Kraken to be properly social.

Madeleine has joined the a sea serpent-headed longboat converted into a bath.

Eventually, Valdemar makes his way to the gray table with his glass of rum, inclining his head in greeting to those already sitting there and taking a seat himself as the procession of the "king of the depths" makes its way into the room.

Valdemar has joined the Gray Table.

"Let us open the bids with this wonderful Garland!... Who dares make the first bid?" The King of the depths announces, a hand waving out over the crowd, and as if planned perfectly, a tentacle from the Kraken that now rests on the floor sweeps out in sync with his own hand movements.

In fact, with each bid a Kraken tentacle would move in the direction of the bidder, only to glide back to its original resting location, the terrifying maw opening and closing now and then.

Galen drops a stygian and iridescite garland accented with diamond and Grimhall Sea Glass seashells.

Orathy says, ""500!"

Galen says, "Heard!"

Alarissa says, "A thousand"

Caspian says, "1500"

Khanne says in Oathlands shav, "two thousand."

e There is a hint of icy frost in Arik's gaze as he observes the scene before him. Idly, he strokes at his chin, before looking back towards those at his table. He leans in to whisper something.

Khanne coughs.

Khanne says, "two thousand!"

Galen says, "Two thousand heard!"

Lucita watches the parade and dancers, listens to the music and keeps quiet as she observes.

Caspian says, "Three thousand."

Alarissa says, "Three thousand"

Sina slips into the hall silently, pausing just along the edge of the wall, just in time to watch the grand entrance of the great Kraken. Her silvery eyes widen at that, staring at the spectacle with a hint of awe. The slim handmaiden lingers quietly at the edges of the room, however, glancing briefly toward Alarissa. For the most part, however, she keeps to herself for the time being.

Madeleine says, "Four thousand!"

Khanne says, "five thousand!"

Duarte says, "Ten."

"The Kraken is hungry!" with this his spear is lifted into the air and the tentacles on the Kraken flourish outward before falling back still, "TEN THOUSAND! GIVE ME MORE!"

Orathy has left the Shadowy Corner.

Samantha opts to loom over the lottery table, but she's keeping an eye on the auction in case she spies something she wants.

Orathy has joined the Great Table.

Madeleine settles into the hot-tub boat and leans over the railing. The woman in the blue bathing gown raises a wet hand to bid and summon a glass of rum over. She giggles at the Kraken King.

Caspian says, "Twelve thousand."

Madeleine says, "Fifteen thousand."

Alarissa says, "Twenty"

Caspian says, "Twenty one thousand."

Felicia's holding the wall up. It's not holding her up. There's an observantly dull noting of the arrival of the Kraken and the dancers, but so far, the black and rubicund clad knight seems to be content to lurk in wait for someone to waylay for a rum before retreating back to her dark alcove.

Orathy moves from where he was standing with a bottle of rum, drinking it as he mumbles something, "Twenty....." and by the time he mumbles it, he's out bid. But he does go to sit now at another table.

"I can tell her to see about putting it up for you or seeing if she will gift it to you for allowing us use of the palace." Before Henrik leaves with the painting Sameera does take a glance at it. Likely the jeweler is assuring the king is not doing something crazy like auctioning an image of her off. Sameera is, after all, a little paranoid about what plans he has in store for her.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

A mighty hand from reaches down to pluck up the garland, the King of the depths carefully inspects it with one hand, his painted brows lifting as he then looked back out over the crowd, "I have Twenty one thousand going once!"

Orathy says, "Twenty one and one!"

Madeleine says, "Twenty one, five hundred."

Alarissa says, "Thirty"

Madeleine says, "Thirty five!"

Alarissa says, "forty"

Sabella starts to say something, but then several other people beat her to the bids. "Does it come with the Kraken?!" she shouts with a laugh.

Derovai watches the bidding. His rum arrives, and Orathy departs the corner at the same time, the conversation having seemed pleasant. He settles back where he is, content to watch the auction and making no bids himself at the moment.

Cassima hears a voice addressing her as the bidding is going on. She turns to find Alaric is the one speaking to her, just as Henrik comes to push an item into her hands. She blinks, a touch overwealmed, and listens to the latter man's whisper. "Oh," she mutters softly, then looks to Alaric. She blinks again. "I had not thought on it, Your Majesty. I suppose if we have time left at the close, if there is any interest, then surely we can make some arrangement. Excuse me, let me bring this to the auctioneer and let him know of your request." She lowers herself respectfully toward him, then turns to move swiftly and neatly back to the dais. Well, as much as one can through sand.

"Forty thousand! An amazing bid from the most beautiful Princess Alarissa!" The man announces with a grin tossed in her direction, "This this is well worth fifty!" and with that the maw on the Kraken begins to open and close over and over.

Caspian throws up his hands, "Fuck it, daddy still needs to get a diamondplate knife to stab pirates with. You ladies love your jewelery."

Madeleine winks at Alarissa and makes an 'all yours' motion. The Archlector pouts a touch at the 'King'. "I couldn't."

Alarissa dips her head to Madeleine as if it were a graceful thank you to the Archlector.

"Forty thousand going once!" from the auctioneer.

"Forty thousand going twice!" from the so well built and muscular auctioneer.

"Forty thousand going thrice!" from the so well built, muscular and charming King of the depths.

Springbottom, the ravenous pygmy goat have been dismissed.

Teonia, a clever maidservant have been dismissed.

"Oh, I painted it myself you know," Alaric tells Sameera cheerfully as he basically waves Henrik off to go do the thing. The suspicious lack of a peeking opportunity can't be good for Sameera's paranoia. "Be rather strange to gift myself my own painting, really," he explains casually.


Cecilia smiles as the first item is sold, breaking out into polite applause.

Abbas grins over to Madeleine as she joins him in the tub.

Cassima approaches the dais, offering a wrapped package that had been handed off by the king to Henrik to Cassima. She hisses in the man's ear, who hurries up the dais to Galen, passing on the message and the package.

Alarissa has joined the Grayson Royal Couches.

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Sina doesn't bid on anything. She is a mere servant, after all. But she watches the proceedings with interest, attentive in case she is needed, and silent. Her silvery gaze scans the great hall occasionally, studying the various people present from beneath the fringe of her dark lashes.

Madeleine is admiring both the auctioned item and the auctioneer. Both are quite lovely works of art. She raises her rum in tribute to Alarissa. "Bravo princess! It will look lovely in your hair," she calls in her smoky voice. She looks back to see what's next on the docket.

Alarissa lifts a hand to sina when she see's the woman, beckoning her over.

Cassima picks up a stygian and iridescite garland accented with diamond and Grimhall Sea Glass seashells.

Nelag nods slowly at the man who came up to him on the dias, and then he casually placed his spear on the ground, "We have a special item to auction next...His Majesty has painted this beautiful painting...A painting by the KING!" he exclaims lifting it above his head, the trumpets blaring with his movements.

Galen drops 'Constance', by King Alaric Grayson IV.

Duarte very chivalrously stands and pulls out a chair so Mirari may sit.

Cassima turns away, now that the painting is delivered, and begins to move back through the crowd. She plucks up another glass of rum and pauses, smiling as she accepts some donations from friendly faces she passes. Another shot of rum down, and then she scans the crowd again, still looking slightly nervous.

Sameera eyes Alaric when he makes sure Sameera can't glance at the painting, "If you did a painting that involves me, Difficult King, I'm going to claim that as the favor I owe you." Nope, Sameera isn't even polite about how she says that to Alaric. Alaric can probably feel the slightest of tugs on his cloak by Sameera, likely her tension at being in a crowd is still building. She is not quite touching him but even someone else's clothign is a lot of contact for her. At Alaric Sameera slants a look that borders on a glare when she sees the painting, "You are a very difficult king." she says, exasperation in her voice. Her frustration, though, eases some of her tension of being aorund people.

Wearing a simple black dress and a few adornments for the occasion, Sina lingers in the background, as servants are wont to do. She is attentive to Alarissa's needs, however, and inclines her heard subtly as she sees Alarissa's gesture, and weaves her way through the room gracefully, as unobtrusively as possible, making her way toward the princess. She pauses to dip a curtsey, then moves to a position standing formally just behind and to Alarissa's left, and folds her hands before her, lips curve into a soft smile. "Well done on the bidding, your Highness," she murmurs.

Tentacles controlled by their handlers reach forward to those closest to the beast and the dias, the trumpets slowly fading as all falls back silent.

"WHO SHALL START THE BID!" Nelag screams out, his voice deep and melodious, "Someone open with five thousand! Or be fed to the sharks....Who are jerks by the way."

Felicia says, "5,000."

Galen says, "Heard!"

Alarissa says, "six"

Cadenza says, "Eight."

Galen says, "Eight!"

Galen says, "Do I have 10?"

Madeleine says, "Ten"

Sina has joined the Grayson Royal Couches.

Alaric is the very picture of innocence. "What was -that- look for?" he asks Sameera blithely. "You'd better start bidding if you want a chance to burn it, though," he deadpans.

Cadenza says, "Twelve."

Felicia says, "Thirteen."

"Let me hear fifteen!" The beautifully painted auctioneer cheerfully calls from the dias.

Sameera gives another look at Alaric; a kin to a glare, "I spent the majority of my sillver on this auction this time aorund. You know very well, Difficult King, I would not burn it."

"Going once to the lovely Felicia" The Kraken rider sings.

"Burning's a lot easier than sealing it up in a metal crate and throwing it overboard somewhere out in the bay, though," Alaric suggests helpfully in reply to Sameera.

"Going twice on the painting made by the Kings very hands," Nelag calls out.

Derovai says, "Fourteen."

"Heard!" and the trumpets erupt!

Sameera grunts at Alaric, "Just so you know, I would hang it up in my place. I, after all, wanted a painting by you." A pause, "Just not pleased with your cvhoice of what to paint."

"Going once for fourteen on this wonderful painting that is not like anyone in the room...It certainly doesn't resemble anyone...Made by the hands of the very man who makes sure we all have a future...Fourteen thousand it is...Going twice." Proclaims Nelag of the deep.

Felicia's eyes flit towards Derovai's spot as she's outbid at the last moment, passing a hand through her hair before she purses her lips thoughtfully and finally has to shake her head, only slightly and gently, mostly to herself.

"Going THRICE!" Nelag announces.

Percephon has joined the Green Table.

Sabella picks up an oyster in each hand and leans back against a table, downing first one then the other. Daintily. As daintily as one can when eating oysters. "If there weren't so much royalty here we could auction off random items used tonight. Not for these prices, of course. But surely there's a market out there for oyster shells a princess once ate out of. They could be earrings! Hm, maybe a bit heavy. There's probably a good reason I'm a princess and not a jeweler. Actually, maybe I wouldn't want someone to own the oyster shells I ate out of. That's a little strange. What if they tried eating out of them too? That just seems like it would be crossing a creepy line. This is probably why I am not an auctioneer either. I'd talk everyone out of everything."

"SOLD FOR FOURTEEN!" Trumpets erupt, tentacles go wild, and Nelag fist pumps the air a few times for good measure, "Next...We have..." a painted hand reaches into a backpack that looks rather like a small goat.

Derovai picks up 'Constance', by King Alaric Grayson IV.

"Alright, lets pick up the pace a bit...Next we have a set of womens...Attire..." The man lifts brow as he begins pulling items out of the goat.

Lucita is not really leaving just because another joined the table, she had already spoken a goodbye and excused herself from those seated near her and started to rise from her seat. A warm smile is given and she heads along.

Galen gets a misty aqua ice silk dress with a hammered champagne silver corset adornment from backpack shaped like a goat.

Lucita has left the Green Table.

Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Lucita.

There's a lanky auburn-haired figure in mostly black that slips into the great Hall of the palace and he moves directly for a green table. That's where Percephon perches.

Abbas splashes at the Archlector in the pool who shields her rum from the splash. The man grins and speaks with her as he watches the oction and ejoys getting to swim in the palace.

Galen gets misty aqua ice silk skippers with embroidered sea drops from backpack shaped like a goat.

Galen drops a misty aqua ice silk dress with a hammered champagne silver corset adornment.

Galen drops misty aqua ice silk skippers with embroidered sea drops.

Derovai remains in the shadowy corner, having said one audible word. He sips his rum, then moves to claim the painting, money exchanging hands, a brief and prompt transaction with the auctioneer's helpers done without preamble or, besides the trumpets, fanfare.

Derovai has left the Shadowy Corner.

Ignacio has left the Gray Table.

"To speed this up...We're opening the bid at 15"

Cecilia gasps audibly as the items emerge... she glances about, curious who might else be bidding.

Cadenza says, "Twenty"

Alarissa says, "forty"

Orathy says, "One thousand"

Cecilia says, "twenty t..."

"Forty heard!"

Cecilia silences as the bid goes far higher than she can manage.

Whereas Abbas is bored by the newest auction, Madeleine treads to the edge of the hot-boat and oohs at the icy silk. "Isn't that lovely," she coos.

Cadenza says, "Forty two...."

Madeleine says, "Fifty"

"Now this is a bid war!" The King picks back up his spear and thrust it into the air, trumpets once more erupt, "KEEP IT UP FOR THE SAFETY OF THE ISLES!"

Orathy says, ""1000 .... Open your bloody ears!"

"I have to follow my artistic muse where it leads me," Alaric observes airily. "What else can I say?" He grins brightly. "Well, there will be other paintings, I'm sure. Don't feel too disappointed about it." He pauses to applaud appreciatively for Derovai before regarding Sameera again. "But now that that's done, best get to making the rounds and being social, I suppose! It will distract me from wanting to take control of one of those tentacles. It looks like a lot of fun, I have to admit," he notes conspiratorially.

Alarissa says, "Fifty five thousand"

"Is that one million I heard from YOU!" The spear is leveled at Orathy.

"Fifty five heard!"

"Once I rob all ya, ayyyyyye!" He says in a deep pirate-esque tone

Cadenza says, "Sixty....."

Juliana has joined the Grayson Royal Couches.

Madeleine says, "Sixty five!"

Alarissa says, "seventy"

Arik raises his head towards those present, "Seventy five thousand," he calls out.

"Ladies, I will be up here looking stunning....Just let me know when you're done." A wink, one of those famous Galen...Errr Nelag winks is tossed toward the crowd.

Alarissa says, "eighty"

Cassima spies Gwenna among those present and makes her way over, coming up behind the woman to hug her around the shoulders fondly and slip into a seat nearby if she can find one.

Madeleine is outbid. She raises her glass in toast to Arik at his bid. She does, however, wink back at the dashing auctioneer.

Cassima has joined the Green Table.

"I'll stay here, away from people, if you want to go about." Sameera is absolutely, now, ignorign further comments on the painting. "After he's done, you should go ask to borrow the tentacles."

Juliana has left the Grayson Royal Couches.

Juliana has joined the Comfortable Crown Couches.

"Eighty it is!" Nelag announces with a loud cheer, "Going once!'


"Princess Alarissa, if you keep bidding like this, you are going to walk away with everything!" Caspian calls over towards Alarissa with a playful grin given to the woman.

"Thrice....ANYONE else?"

Arik says, "Eighty five."

Gwenna smiles brightly when Cassima comes to join the table. "I was /just/ talking about you," she tells her friend, lowering her voice once again so as not to disturb the bidding going on.

"AND THE PRICE HAS RISEN!" More trumpets, "Going once!"



"And sold!" the auctioneer points his spear at Arik.

Orathy has left the Great Table.

Alarissa lifts a palm, didpping her head to Arik. The princess isn't bidding further. Though she calls out to Caspian. "Master Wild. My husband is buying me things tonight. Not that he knows."

Sabella claps politely when the dress sells and looks with some jealousy over at its new owner.

Khanne smiles and lets out a cheer for her brother!

Cadenza claps at the winner, nodding to Arik with a smile.

Cecilia breaks into polite applause, studying Arik for a moment before turning the attention back to the... er... Kraken.

Mirari has left the Great Table.

Miella, a dark-haired shop apprentice leaves, following Mirari.

Arik nods towards Cassima and the officiator. "It will be good. In time, as brideprice. yes?" He nods again, before looking to those at his table, offering a pleasant smile.

Wash tikva grayson voucher

Arik picks up misty aqua ice silk skippers with embroidered sea drops.

Arik picks up a misty aqua ice silk dress with a hammered champagne silver corset adornment.

Alaric grins roguishly at Sameera. "If I can wait that long," he observes before heading off to a couch to schmooze it up a bit.

Alaric has joined the Grayson Royal Couches.

Madeleine raises her glass of rum over towards Arik again before going back to her chat with Abbas. "It's a lovely buy," she calls to Arik first.

Samantha waggles her fingers briefly at Alaric in passing, but seems ill inclined to disrupt his hustle and flow.

Suddenly a loud shrieking sound is heard, the trumpets pick up their pace, trumpeting faster and faster! "HARK! WHAT BE THIS!" his spear waves out over the crowd, tentacles of the Kraken flailing. "PIRATES!"

Orathy slams his fist down on the table he was sitting at, sending things clattering, enough to create a stir! He grumbles and shouts, "ARRG! Now ya fuckin done it!" He slams one foot down on the top of the chair he was sitting in. He doesn't have to try to look menacing to be such! His sword is drawn out and he points it in a swirl of a motion to get attention, "OPEN yer noble purse strings!!"

Abbas watches the conclusion of the auction. Not one for wearing dresses in public he grins happily at the price it fetched. "I need to hold an auction. Could buy some more longships with this kind of money." He comments before returning to his converation at the tub.

Derovai pays for the painting straightaway, tucking it under his arm. And he lingers through the next auction for the clothing, before he strides for the exit. Just in time, it seems!

Orathy wields Renewal, a steel longsword.

Sameera swticks to her spot of the least amount of people, Henrik having returned as Alaric left. Likely he was keeping himself scarce as he enjoyed Alaric causing Sameera to get all flustered.

"What do you think we're going to do with the money?" Sorrel quips to Abbas, standing nearby to watch things be auctioned. She hasn't been quick enough to buy anything as yet.

Zaina enters and pauses, dark reddish-brown eyes sweeping over the crowds before spotting Abbas and heading in that direction.

Madeleine stands up in the dragon boat and presses her hands to her bosom. "Oh dear. Pirates. Whatever will we do," she says with an rich laugh. Her smile is warm and deeply amused.

Arik has left the Green Table.

Cecilia arches an eyebrow at the "Pirate" and glances about herself for a moment. "Where are the Kennex Cousins when you need them?" she mutters to herself.

The King of the depths scoffs at the pirates, "Beneath me to deal with such lowly scum..." his arms fold over his chest and he awaits someone else to save the day, or feed them to the Kraken, whichever. It should be noted that Nelag has a very nice perfectly exquisite and pristinely kept moustache, and perhaps a grin is tugging at this lips.

Wash enters briefly, looking around curiously. He isn't with his wife, for whatever reason, so he dwells in the back for now.

Arik has joined the Green Table.

Zaina gets a cerulean blue cloth swim dress from A medium-sized wooden chest engraved with a Thraxian ship on the water.

Orathy moves a boot to the back of the chair and 'rides' it as he tips it over, sending the piece of furniture clattering as he swashes his sword around - it's kind of goofy, coming from who he is, but there he is, jabbing and swishing... and then his features darken at the laughter coming from Madeleine. "OY lassy, ya think yer purse strings be as rich as that laugh eh?" Sword wobbles toward her, his expression pretty spot on for a pirate. Yes, he's making a show of getting ready to steal the baubles off a lady.

"Not so fast, you salt crusted kraken fondler!" Caspian calls out as he rises from his own table, drawing his steel knife, Fox's Heart, as he points it towards Orthay. "We will not be coweled by some rum soaked, salt water gargling, sore covered fiend!" He begins to approach Orthy in a slow stroll, a grim look upon his face. "Ready yourself, khave, I will defeat you!"

Caspian checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

"Not so fast, you salt crusted kraken fondler!" Caspian calls out as he rises from his own table, drawing his steel knife, Fox's Heart, as he points it towards Orthay. "We will not be coweled by some rum soaked, salt water gargling, sore covered fiend!" He begins to approach Orthy in a slow stroll, a grim look upon his face. "Ready yourself, khave, I will defeat you!"

"Not so fast, you salt crusted kraken fondler!" Caspian calls out as he rises from his own table, drawing his steel knife, Fox's Heart, as he points it towards Orthay. "We will not be coweled by some rum soaked, salt water gargling, sore covered fiend!" He begins to approach Orthy in a slow stroll, a grim look upon his face. "Ready yourself, khave, I will defeat you!"

Duarte has left the Great Table.

Orland leaves, following Duarte.

Bare steel? In the king's presence? Felicia isn't on duty, but she can't help but stiffen in her dark corner, though from the fact that she presses a hand to the wall she just pushed off from, she's not about to charge out there, probably fortunately.

Juliana having found a quiet... quieter place to sit, blinks at the commotion, looking from one to the other before closing her eyes with a shake of her head.

Caspian wields Fox's Heart, a keen-edged black steel dagger.

Madeleine has no purse. She's in a bathing suit, water soaking her hair. The Archlector starts to reply but Caspian steps up as a hero. "Oh hooray," she says in mock relief. "My hero," she says with that same warm laugh. "Save me from the dreadful pirate."

Zaina finds a bathing suit and disappears behind a screen. With her veil still in place, but not her headscarf, the dusky skinned Eurusi woman enters the tub and finds a corner to sit in.

Abbas looks to the approaching Zaina and grins. He stands up in his bathing suit and invites her into the tub with a gesture. Abbas gets far away from the Archlector. he is no Caspian and no hero after all.

"This is the best party I've been to in forever," Sabella comments, smiling broadly at the display. She claps her hands together and watches the performance gleefully. "You show that landlubber what-ho, too right, get that salty barnacle!" she shouts happily even though she is not sure what side she should be rooting for.

Zaina has joined the a sea serpent-headed longboat converted into a bath.

Caspian has left the Gray Table.

"You get that law abiding do-gooder!" Abbas shouts to the pirate! "Carve him up and make him take a swim in the drink."

Orathy pivots as he's called a slew of various sea-esque curses. "Yer breath could kill a Kraken, with all tha landlover blubbering!" Orathy props his foot up on the bath that Abbas and Madeleine are in, giving them a very toothy grin and a wink, while he turns his back a little on Caspian, as to show a sign of disrespect. "Reckon how many baubles be bobblin in thar eh?" He pivots with a kick off from the longboat and bounces leaps toward Caspian, "You ... disgust me." And that, sounded real.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Caspian takes minor damage.

Gwenna has left the Green Table.

Khanne suddenly looks up at all the commotion. "Whoah, and here I was wondering what we were bidding on next..." She bites her lip and watches.

Wash mouths 'kraken fondler' silently, thinking just how one pursues such intimate relations with a kraken.

When Orathy leaps Caspian lifts his knife to block the longsword of Orathy, the pirate scum. And the battle begins! Caspian circles Orathy, knife held out and pointed to the man, lunging in to cut him a few times. Though the blows that are not thwarted bounce off his armor, and the same for Orathy, though he does land a glancing blow that came really close to cutting him! "Taste my blade, you pirate scum!"

Cassima has left the Green Table.

Galen checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

This act of swashbuckling is at least real enough that unpadded steel is being used, blades sharp and cutting. The pirate "Rath" leaps right near Cadenza, Cecilia, and Valdemar's table in the escalation of fighting, leaning back toward them with a look as he easily parries off Caspian, "Why be the rum always gone? Pour me a drink, ayeeee?" He barely has time to say that as he pivots around and ducks Caspian to enter into another series of sword clanging pings.

Cassima claps for the dueling pirate and hero as she moves to stop at the next table to visit. Hostessing and all!

Cassima has joined the Gray Table.

Madeleine calls out with a bit of concern, "Surely this can be settled with a drinking contest. Or I'll happily surrender my silver." Her hand brushes a wet strand of hair back from her face. "There's no need for such dramatic bladework."

Letting out a short gasp she would then laugh. "Why? Because we drank it all!! So no, you dirty pirate!" Cadenza would grin then as she leaned back, crossing her arms and legs. "Fix your own!!!" She was trying os hard not to laugh but...failed.

Cecilia laughs, calling back to the pirate, "You know, normally my family is called 'Pirate Killers', but in this case I suppose I can make an exception..." She gestures to one of the servants who'd recently poured her a fresh glass of rum.

Abbas tucks his bottle of rum behind his back.

Samantha applauds politely, murmuring briefly to the servants who are assisting her with the lottery table. The Marquessa's brow is a bit knitted with concern, though her lips remain set in a smile.

Valdemar's interest has perked up since this fight broke out. Watching closely, there is a grin on his face as blades clash against one another. The insults that pass back and forth elicit a laugh from the Grimhall heir. "I'd let you have what's left of mine, but it looks like you have your hands full," he answers the thirsty pirate as the battle goes on.

"Hm?" Sabella tears her eyes away from the exciting fray for a moment when Elizabetta steps up to whisper something to her. Then she sighs, "All right, all right. It was just getting so interesting though! What if they needed someone to ransom and save?! I could've drawn a nice bid! Okay, okay, I'm coming." And she follows her lady towards the doors, glancing back to watch the display for as long as possible.

The Kraken master catches sight of Wash mouthing 'kraken fondler' he somehow manages to contain his laughter, so, he stands stoic, his broad shoulders and well-chiseled physique no doubt making the Princesses swoon, and the Lords green with envy. "Glad to see we have a hero in the room." he muses.

Caspian takes minor damage.

Orathy takes minor damage.

Abbas takes Zaina in his arms and goes under the water in the longboat with her a moment before coming back up. He offered some words to the Archlector as well.

Orathy takes moderate damage.

Orathy takes minor damage.

As both mean start to bleed over things, Juliana leans towards the other couch, pitching her voice to be heard by Alarissa and anyone else that can be heard. "I would take bets the both of them were dropped on their heads as infants." sighing then settles back looking away from the fight to narrow her eyes on the ringleader of this merry mess, Galen.

Caspian takes minor damage.

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Elizabetta, a lissome lady-in-waiting, Lily, a lithe young woman leave, following Sabella.

The battle continues, each combatant trading blows and blocking, Caspian grinning with a wide, playful grin as he calls out taunts to Orathy, "Your mother tried creeping into my place last night. A rangy rat following me home!" He then leaps onto the table to get an advantage and leans down to swipe at Orathy, nearly getting the man in the process!

"A literal rat! Brown fur and all!" Caspian clairifies!

Orathy flings off a set of gloves and makes a show of rolling up his sleeves, while he puts the blade between his teeth. Rolling his head back and forth, and lifting up his shoulders, he does some fairly fancy moves to back step and dodge Caspian. "Close yer eyes and pretend it all be a dream, hero! Me mother be one hairy beast! She eat ya alive!" Orathy taunts, but then he gets swiped at and it nearly gets down through his jacket, a big long rent in the coat, "OY! Did everyone be seein that? I ain't do that again eh." He swishes his blade around.

Orathy takes moderate damage.

Madeleine relaxes a little as the two trade blows and banter. She has her own rum refilled as she settles back into the warm water. "Oh that's mean," she says with a faint pout, of rats and slashed coats.

Above the edge of the longship/bath, a golden silk Eurusi veil is held aloft for a moment.

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

And then, upon the table, Caspian leaps off of it, landing down and rolling behind Orathy to slash at the man, cutting him right upon the ass cheek! And one that's done he rises up kicking the man down and puts a foot upon his chest. "Yield, pirate scum! Or I'll turn you into shark chum!"

Alaric has left the Grayson Royal Couches.

Wash applauds the cut. "Well placed! He'll not sit for a week!" He ventures aloud.

Rath ... did not look like he was anticipating that! It doesn't seem like he's all that sporting when the sword finds... a cutting spot! He does flop oven and his hand tightens around his sword, something murderous in his eyes and then he hollars out, "AYyye me ass yields!"

Orathy also mutters, "Reckon I feel sullied and unusual."

Madeleine covers her mouth with her hand as she laughs. "Oh good goddess, this is amusing," she says brightly as the duel comes to a close.

Alaric stops by Samantha to chat quietly while the pirate exhibition comes to the, well, end.

Cecilia breaks into applause as the pirate yields. "Well fought!" she calls out, lifting her glass of rum in salute.

Cadenza clapping wildly she was giggling. "Good job!! Well done!!!"

Abbas is overheard praising Caspian for: The hero we desrve

Abbas is overheard praising Orathy for: The Villain we need.

Samantha gris at Alaric when he murmurs, and proceeds to talk to him quietly.

a black robed Silent Reflection arrives, following Driskell.

Caspian removes his foot from Orathy's chest and extends a hand out to him as he sheaths his knife. "Good fight," he says, offering him an appologetic smile.

"Well done sir hero, now please escort that mess...That was is done, let's auction our last few items and then drink until we think we're fish!" Nelag cheered, thrusting his spear once more into the air before grasping the goat shaped backpack and literally shaking some of its contents out, a book falls to the ground and some clothes. "I bid you all take part in the raffle it is for a wonderful cause!"

"A fine men's ensemble with fish stars all around! Let us open the bid at fifteen thousand." his stormy gaze washed back over the crowd, "Let me have it!" more trumpets, more tentacles!

Caspian is overheard praising Orathy for: He makes a really good pirate!

Cadenza is overheard praising Caspian for: Good job for defeating the pirate!

As the exhibition comes to an end, Valdemar applauds for both combatants. "Well done!" he calls out to them loudly, before turning his attention back to the auctioneer.

Cadenza is overheard praising Orathy for: Hell of a pirate!! Good job!

Rath glances at the hand extended from him and for a moment he doesn't look as if he's going to take it, but then he does, grasping at the other's forearm as he lifts himself up and hauls Caspian in for a quick word.

Cassima is overheard praising Orathy for: The most fiendish of pirates! Take all the rum you want!

Galen gets an ocean blue button up ice silk shirt with starfishes embroidered on the collar from backpack shaped like a goat.

Felicia needs more rum. This time when she manages to snare someone going past her alcove, she seems to decide that two are better than one for her to retreat back into her little alcove with. Aside from her bids on the painting seemingly content to lurk in the shadows.

Galen gets a black ice silk jacket with buttons embossed with little starfish from backpack shaped like a goat.

Galen gets a stylish pair of black ice silk lace up pants from backpack shaped like a goat.

Cassima is overheard praising Caspian for: The hero of truth, justice, and the Compactian way

Galen drops an ocean blue button up ice silk shirt with starfishes embroidered on the collar.

Galen drops a stylish pair of black ice silk lace up pants.

Galen drops a black ice silk jacket with buttons embossed with little starfish.

Galen gets a pair of black ice silk calf boots with multiple buckles from backpack shaped like a goat.

Galen drops a pair of black ice silk calf boots with multiple buckles.

Felicia says, "15,000"

Cassima is overheard praising Galen for: All Hail the King

Jacque arrives, following Demura.

Cadenza says, "Twenty"

Galen says, "Heard!"

Madeleine says, "Awww. That's lovely."

Valdemar says, "25,000"

Galen says, "Fromt he Grimhall!"

Cadenza says, "Thirty"

Madeleine says, "Thirty!"

Madeleine says, "Thirty five"

Galen says, "Is that sixty between the two? Will you both split it?"

Galen says, "Ah Thirty Five it is!"

Cadenza says, "Forty five"

Valdemar says, "40,000"

Galen says, "You know, I do think that I would look rather dashing in that jacket..."

Galen says, "Oh...Forty Five heard!"

Sorrel says, "Fifty!"

Cecilia shakes her head a little at the auctioneer's side comment...

Wash ventures away from teh door to look more closely at the outfit being sold. He looks skeptical about spending any coin.

Cadenza says, "55,000"

Galen says, "Fifty from my lovely wife who just got out bid!"

Galen says, "Cadenza has it at Fifty Five!"

Orathy gets Maelstrom White Rum from A medium sized wooden chest engraved with a pattern of Thraxian sea serpents.

Galen says, "Going once"

Orathy gets Maelstrom White Rum from A medium sized wooden chest engraved with a pattern of Thraxian sea serpents.

Galen says, "Twice"

Alarissa gets a cerulean blue cloth swim dress from A medium-sized wooden chest engraved with a Thraxian ship on the water.

Galen says, "Thrice!"

Galen says, "SOLD"

Rath departs from Caspian with a hand going to the back of his ass cheek. He takes ANOTHER rum... no TWO more bottles... stuffs one under his arm and pries off the cork of the other.

Orathy has joined the Alcove By the Stairs.

Caspian has joined the Gray Table.

Felicia gets a cerulean blue cloth swim dress from A medium-sized wooden chest engraved with a Thraxian ship on the water.

Standing up, she'd Sashay her way over to the kraken and looked over the items. "I think this will look great on me to be honest. More clothes than I have now...." Cadenza would grin as she would pay for her things and then took them back to her table.

"Alright...Now this book...Its special you see," Nelag leans over to lift the book, he examines the cover and flips through a few pages, "If I knew how to read I would tell you all about this wonderful book...Aside from the fact that it is an excerpt from a longer story of the Lycene Adventurer Lord Oster...From a couple of centuries after the reckoning, tis a one of a kind book." his eyes narrowed out toward the people, "Make me an offer the Kraken cant refuse!"

Alarissa says, "Five thousand"

Felicia says, "7,000"

Cecilia says, "Six thousand."

Alarissa says, "eight thousand"

Galen says, "Heard eight!"

Galen says, "Eight is going once"

Felicia says, "8,500."

Alarissa says, "nine"

Galen says, "It is going twice....And now we have nine!"

Cadenza picks up an ocean blue button up ice silk shirt with starfishes embroidered on the collar.

"You are not going to outbid the person who's library is rivaled only by The Archives!" Caspian points out, finger pointing over to Alarissa with a little grin given her way. He looks over to Cadenza and nods, "It'll look beautiful on you."

Galen says, "Nine going once!"

Orathy says, ""Ten thousand!"

Alarissa says, "twelve"

Cadenza picks up a black ice silk jacket with buttons embossed with little starfish.

Galen says, "Heard from the pirte scum!...And back to Alarissa1"

Cadenza picks up a stylish pair of black ice silk lace up pants.

Cadenza picks up a pair of black ice silk calf boots with multiple buckles.

Galen says, "Twelve once!"

Galen says, "Twelve TWICE!"

Orathy says, ""13,000"

Alarissa says, "fourteen"

Khanne says, fifteen

a black robed Silent Reflection leaves, following Driskell.

Galen says, "Fifteen!"

Orathy says, "16000"

Alarissa says, "sixteen"

Alarissa says, "seventeen"

Felicia says, "20,000."

Khanne says, "twenty"

Galen says, "Twenty!"

Khanne says, "twenty...three!

Alarissa says, "twenty five"

Galen says, "Twenty Five!"

Khanne says, "thirty!"

Alarissa says, "thirty two"

Galen says, "For a book? You realize its paper right?"

Galen says, "Thirty two heard!"

Khanne sticks her tongoue out at Alarissa.

Galen says, "Going once!"

Alarissa smiles to Khanne and blows her a kiss.

Galen says, "Going twice...."

Orathy says, "Thirty three"

Galen says, "Going Thri..."

Alarissa says, "thirty four"

Galen says, "Thirty Three!"

Galen says, "And four..."

Galen says, "Who will give me 40?!"

Madeleine is just drinking her rum and enjoying the hot tub longboat in the palace. Such novelty.

Jacque leaves, following Demura.

Galen says, "Thirty three it is!"

Felicia seems like she has to concede defeat once more, settling back with her rum. The first cup is thrown back and set aside, though the second one is nursed quietly.

Galen gets Lord Oster and the Thrall from backpack shaped like a goat.

Galen drops Lord Oster and the Thrall.

Galen says, "Going Once!"

Felicia gets Maelstrom White Rum from A medium sized wooden chest engraved with a pattern of Thraxian sea serpents.

Galen says, "Thirty Four is going TWICE"

Galen says, "Going THRICE!"

"As the Lead Archivist it's my duty to say that a copy of such book such as that ought to be added to the Stacks --" Percephon speaks up, looking very serious. He's trying not to grin.

Galen says, "And it looks to me like it is sold."

Wash glances at Alarissa and inclines his head, impressed. To Orathy he says, "There are other stories of Lord Oster." He consoles the man. "If I find one I shall point you at it."

Alarissa picks up Lord Oster and the Thrall.

Juliana gets Maelstrom White Rum from A medium sized wooden chest engraved with a pattern of Thraxian sea serpents.

Galen gets a slender pair of rubicund hairpins adorned with emerald and Escuma Tortoise Shell dolphins from backpack shaped like a goat.

Galen drops a slender pair of rubicund hairpins adorned with emerald and Escuma Tortoise Shell dolphins.

Orathy smirks at Alarissa, "Do I be lookin like I read stories?"

Cecilia says, "5000, though I'm sure I'll be outbid."

"And now these fancy things that...Well, I think you surface dwellers use them in your hair." The King of the depths just shook his head, "Five thousand is heard!"

Arik says, "Twenty thousand."

Galen says, "Heard"

Madeleine says, "Thirty!"

Galen says, "Heard"

Cecilia shakes her head and sits back, gesturing to the bidders still in the race.

Alaric gets into the random self-improvement racket after a quiet discussion with Samantha and moves along on the schmooze tour to the next table.

Alaric has joined the Green Table.

Khanne says, "fourty."

Madeleine perks up and runs her hand over her water-soaked hair. "I could use those!"

Galen says, "Fourty thousand!"

Madeleine says, "Fourty five"

Galen says, "Heard"

Galen says, "Going once!"

Galen says, "Going twice!"

Galen says, "Going thrice!"

Khanne says, "fifty."

Galen says, "FiftY!"

Alarissa sadly, doesn't hear Orathy, as one of her retinue scurries forth to gather the tome.

Madeleine says, "Fifty five!"

Khanne says, "sixty."

Orathy says, ""Fifty six"

"Seventy," Percephon adds on the end of the last bid.

Nelag applauds, "Keep it up!"

Galen says, "Heard"

Madeleine says, "Seventy five!"

Nelag lifts a slow eyebrow, "Is that the best we've got?!"

Galen says, "Going once!"

Galen says, "Going TWICE!"

Galen says, "going THRICE!!!"

Sameera is pretty much just watching things proceed all quiet like. Mostly because player is dying.

Galen says, "Sold for seventy five!"

Madeleine lets out a cheer as she wins the pretty things. She looks around for a towel so she can get out of the bath boat and collect her prize.

"And now I give you all our final item." A careful hand reached into the bag to produce the last item which was held high into the air for all to see, "This is a beauty folks, I would love for Ladies to bankrupt your husbands on it!"

Arik claps for Madeleine. "Pretty things for very pretty lady. Is good." He bobs his head in the Archlectors direction.

Galen gets a silver and Maelstrom Green Coral cameo brooch depicting the Mourning Isles from backpack shaped like a goat.

Galen drops a silver and Maelstrom Green Coral cameo brooch depicting the Mourning Isles.

Madeleine picks up a slender pair of rubicund hairpins adorned with emerald and Escuma Tortoise Shell dolphins.

Alarissa says, "Ten thousand"

Orathy says, ""11,000""

Arik says, "Twenty thousand"

Alarissa says, "Twenty two"

Arik says, "Twenty five."

"Heard! Lets make this night go out with a bang!" the Sultan of the seas, the King of the depths, the moustache from the heavens announced with glee

Madeleine beams at Arik as she wraps herself in the towel the servant brings. She drips water onto the palace floor as she retrieves her winnings. Her golden blond hair is twisted up off her neck and the pins slid into place.

Alarissa says, "thirty"

Felicia pushes off from her alcove at last, seemingly having decided to make her slow and ponderous way towards the exit. That she's lingering near heavy objects just in case her unsteady progress might require lurching into something capable of bearing her weight is /totally/ coincidence.

Orathy has left the Alcove By the Stairs.

Orathy has joined the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Felicia has left the Darkened Alcove.

Sina watches from her place near Alarissa's couch, quietly watching the goings-on and observing the auction. Occasionally, she might murmur something to the princess, but for the most part, she is very quiet, her expression carefully schooled to something akin to neutrality as the nobles toss their money around during the auction.

Cecilia claps for Alarissa as the bidding goes up, the woman's blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

Rath meanders across the room after a moment, drinking heavily and still rubbing his butt cheek. He might need a stitch or two, so, someone in the room has to be good at that right? He joins the Lady Pravus on the couch, leaning over the back cushions.

Caspian says, "Thirty one thousand."

Wash has joined the Grayson Royal Couches.

The trumpeters begin to trumpet, the Kraken begins to move and writhe, it slowly crawls up from its previously docile position. The King literally climbs the podium and steps off of it onto the back of the creature as it is hoisted to full height. "Thirty is going once!" he exclaims as his band of entertainings begins to an exit down the asile. "Thirsty one is going once!"

Wash heads over to Alarissa's couch and drops onto it as if he belongs there.

Galen says, "Twice!"

Galen says, "Caspian that sly devil has it doing Thrice for thirty one!"

Galen says, "And sold!"

Caspian picks up a silver and Maelstrom Green Coral cameo brooch depicting the Mourning Isles.

Caspian lifts up from his seat to head over and collect the brooch, giving a smile over to Galen and dips his head before returning to the table he sat at to hand it over to Cadenza, "Here, a beautiful brooch for a beautiful lady!"

Those baby blue eyes would light up as she took that brooch. "Ooh I love it!" Beaming over at Caspian she would then promptly slip it on....somewhere.....somewhere...on that dress. Cadenza would take a deep breath then a she looked it over.

And in much the fashion he arrived, Galen...Errr Nelag was carried toward the exit on the back of his Kraken. Bows were offered here and there, and nods, but everyone got a brilliant and delightful smile. "Back to the depths I go! Thank you again King Alaric, also do enjoy the gift of the ship tub! I believe it will be to your liking...And also, I look forward to our next dinner, I'll bring the rolls this time!" a wink was offered to the King.

The sound of the trumpets grew more distant, and finally it was quiet, the last writhing tentacle fading out of sight...Nelag was no more!

Samantha moves to center stage, nodding to Nelag...err, Galen? As they swap places. "Ladies and gentlemen, your generosity is has been incredible, and as one of your hosts, I thank you for your attendance. The party will continue for as long as you see fit to remain, but if you have the chance, if there are any skills you'd like to learn from some of the best in their respective fields Arx has to offr, consider purchasing lottery tickets. Everything from combat skills to artistic skills, skills of academia and practical realms. Our tutors include such notables as th former Lord Commander of the King's Own, the Legate of Concepts, two Archlectors, the Royal Stablemaster, and many other noted experts." Samantha gestures to the table, invitingly. "Your resources will be applied to provide necessary assistance to the war effort. Please enjoy the rest of the evening, and consider trying your luck!" (OOC: 10 econ res per ticket, and for every 10 tickets and for every 100 res, a bonus 10 tickets!)

"I don't have to bid on the longship after all? Why, he's the nicest painted King with assistant-operated tentacle arms who's visited us this year," Alaric observes approvingly.

Madeleine models her new hairpins for the people in said ship tub. She does a little spin, flaring her towel like a cape. "You hold down the ship," she says. "I see a buffet table that needs my blessings," the Archlector says with a cheerful laugh.

Hearing the King, Cassima turns her head and smiles to him. "Our gift to you, Your Majesty, with our thanks for allowing us to hold our auction in your home this evening."

Orathy gets a pair of slate gray swim trousers embroidered with a red sea creature from A medium-sized wooden chest engraved with a Thraxian ship on the water.

Orathy grabs the free shit and starts to make his way out, his hand covering his arse.

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