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Princess Gwenna Redrain

I guess if I have to pick a theme song, mine might be ... you know the smacking sound your palm makes when you hit yourself in the forehead?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Snowflower
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: female
Age: 21
Religion: Open to Persuasion
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: buttered toast
Eye Color: warm brown
Skintone: fair

Description: Gwenna has the laughing-eyed allure of dynamic expressiveness to go with her dimpled cheeks, a pleasant whimsy frequently lighting that warm brown gaze beneath her saucy eyebrows. The dewy softness of her bowed mouth beneath her snub nose is full enough and shaped with a downward pull enough to suggest a resting pout, but the moment she smiles, her dimples manifest in the apples of her cheeks. Her hair is a shade between gold and brown, splitting the difference between the two and falling like a cascade to the midst of her back when it's down, but more often than not it rings and loops her head in intricate braiding with a few escaped strands to curl around her cleanly angled jaw and slightly prominent rounded ears.

Personality: In a world of extremes, Gwenna prefers to avoid them. Averse to butting heads but not to friendly debate, she approaches life in a slightly wry way, and she has learned to tilt and skew and weave her way around many clashes of strong personalities, declawing nastiness before it gets too sharp. She'd rather a chilled white wine than a whiskey and she'd prefer a book and a hot cocoa to a bar fight. Some roar and swing an axe, or sing out loud with passion and verve; Gwenna would like to crack jokes by the fire while she does a little light tapestry and shares local gossip. Warm, compassionate, pleasant, affectionate, tolerantly appalled by political disaster: she is a quietly clever woman with a warm smile, a muting foil to the brash and the bombastic. Open-hearted and open-minded, she is interested in the world around her, open to the Faith of the Pantheon and to shamanism, to mystery and to legend -- not a staunch believer, but a suspecter, willing to entertain most possibilities.

Background: The North breeds hardy stock, and there are ways that Gwenna's life was no exception to this. A child in Farhaven, running in the snows, building snow forts, climbing trees, scraping her knees, failing dismally with spear and shield only to get up again and try again with grim determination in the set of her young jaw, nothing about these things made of Gwenna something unique among her brothers, sisters, cousins. But the lure of finer things and her mother's brewing hobby and knitting and crochet drew her back indoors for a loving seat by a crackling fire among their enormous dogs more often than not. Her strongest memories are of learning the needle, of matching bright colors and coming up with silly rhymes with her mother. She was never a wilting flower, but she always loved aesthetics, and art, and preferred the homely warmth of indoors to out, and of listening to song and story rather than trying to invent them herself.

Gwenna learned an open heart and an open mind from her family. She listened to the stories of the spirits from a laughing shaman and the stories of the Faith from a smiling seraph. She learned the strength of diplomacy and subtlety from her mother and the stories of war and conquest and wildness from her father. While her older brother was close to her in age and heart, a wild hellion running madly about the woods and stones, she learned drawing and sewing and drank home-brewed ale from her mother's casks and wondered about a future where she might be the center of her own beautiful domestic picture.

Politics are the doom of many a northener and it was her mother's machinations that sent her softer hands south, believing in her potential to aid Redrain, in all, maybe even to apprentice with Princess Donella and learn from her the lessons of the Southlands. It was with wide open eyes that she set out.

Name Summary
Aerandir A considerate woman, remarkably so for one of her station. Her concern is endearing, though I think she might worry overly for strangers. In spite of this, she appears an immensely pleasant woman, and most certainly is good company; I am eager to see more of Her Highness.
Ashkyr A nice and playful woman. Seems willing to help in anyway she can during the upcoming conflict, which is certainly worthy of respect in my eyes.
Caspian She seems like a charming and upbeat princess. Very talkative, but not a bad thing! A good thing, in fact.
Cirroch By far one of my favorite princesses. Not the top, that spot is already taken by the woman who stole my heart. But my house is fortunate to have such an ally as her.
Cristoph It's been /years/ since I've seen my cousin. But I'm glad to have another member of the family in Arx again! She's as warm and friendly as I remember her being. And it's about time that we catch up. I look forward to having her over for dinner so that she can meet Nicia.
Darren It is /so/ wonderful to have you in the city. I can't tell you what a relief it is to know I have another Redrain in the city who I can count on to help me maintain the social norms of a ruling family in the city. Sometimes the houses of the South don't get us, but I know you will help bridge that gap.
Petal She seems quite friendly. I am flattered that she asked about my work.
Theron A gentler, more domestic Princess of House Redrain. Even so, she still participated in no less than two contests. Seems to be a bit more serious than the rest of the northern Royals as well. Perhaps she'd enjoy a bottle of Ostrian brandy.