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Greenblood-Estardes Are Married Party

Esoka Greenblood and Calaudrin Estardes are turning in some scrolls that say they're officially husband and wife now. That part's pretty boring. But! Afterward, they're having a party, to which are invited all their friends, loved ones, and any random passerby that wants to get a free drink and toast Limerance. Come! Play! Party! They're happy and want to celebrate with other happy people.


March 4, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Calaudrin Esoka


Tikva Rinel Saedrus Emily Thesarin Alban Reese Luis Rymarr Bianca Samantha Ainsley Aleksei Derovai Wynna Driskell(RIP) Khanne Corban Peri Monique Mia



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Nightingale Park - The Grounds

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Comments and Log


I want to write about getting married. I've sat down to do it many times over the past fortnight, but everything I put down on paper seems too sugary or too simple when I read it back to myself. Maybe this will be, too, but it's very important to me, so it's time I get it down before I'm to march Northward. If it's not said perfectly, I guess that's fitting.

The virtues of Limerance have been ones I've always felt clear on how to aspire to. My bonds with my kin and tribe, and later my oaths to the Rivens, gave my life and service purpose. I don't always feel I'm the best knight, but the vows I took when I became one shape how I conduct myself as a warrior in ways I think are good and right. I have always honored the fidelity of Limerance, and even felt Him as the god of love, for some of my oaths bound me to things I care for deeply.

When others sent prayers of romantic love to Him, though, I always privately thought it rather silly. I didn't think one had much to do with true fidelity or the more powerful things that held my oaths. What I thought I felt as 'love' as a teenage girl I now look back on as shallow and embarrassing. Over the years I've known passion and good friendship with many of the men who've shared my bed, but it never held my soul beyond that. My life seemed full enough without all that.

I don't know when I began to want more with Calaudrin Estardes. It feels a thing that happened so slowly I did not realize it had wrapped itself around the shape of my life until it had changed it in ways I couldn't undo. Did not want to undo. We've been lovers for over two years now, since the Siege of Arx, and in that time he's become one of the best friends I've ever had, one of the sturdiest soldiers I'd ever want beside me in battle, and a source of comfort and steadiness when everything else around me seems wrong. He's brave and funny and decent in a way that's rarer among men than I think he knows. When I picture my life two years from now, or twenty, I cannot see it without him in it. When I picture the children I want, I can't see their features without pieces of him in them. Even if they get his nose. I happen to think it's rather handsome.

We aren't highborn and we know no pressures to have heirs or cement alliances great houses and all of that. We're just common people and it matters to none but us if we ever marry or not. When he asked me, though, I felt very powerfully that I DID want the oaths. I wanted to honor the fidelity we shared, that was passion but so many other things, too. It is as important to me as my vows of knighthood or my vows to my liege Countess, and I wanted to give it a place equal to them in my own heart.

And, so, I'm married now. I'm happy in it so far, and I think we're doing all right by each other. I promise I'll uphold the vows I've taken as best my heart can.

Well, they've finally had done with it. Esoka Greenblood and Calaudrin Estardes turned in their scrollwork and said a few words to a priest today, and are now officially wife and husband. There wasn't much ceremony to it, and that part was dull anyway, so it's long done with. Afterward, though, they took over Nightingale Park for a party for their friends, colleagues, well-wishers, and random people who might happen by for a free drink. There's food, and lots of booze, and music from competent commoner musicians playing reels for dancing 'round the maypole.

Esoka herself is by a table, getting herself a glass of perry and just /beaming/. She's minus arms and armor today, in a deep green dress cut to display the intricate tattoos that cover her arms and shoulders, hair done in little braids that fall around her chin. She waves brightly to folks as they file in. Some will, inevitably, have hugs thrust upon them.

Tikva swarms over to Esoka at high speed and high volume, making a sound best described as a squeal as she throws her arms wide for a hug. "ESOKA! YOUR HAIR LOOKS ADORABLE!" is how she says hello. This isn't really her /scene/ in a number of ways, but that doesn't appear to even be slowing her down.

Calaudrin drops a case of scotch - take one.

If a person were to think really hard on all the times they'd met Calaudrin, they could probably begin to think that he's been wearing the same exact set of clothes for nearly two years now. But that would be crazy, wouldn't it? Yes absolutely. But look, whatever he's wearing, he's shined it all up a bit. Looks clean and new! And he's shaved. And washed his hair. Miracles. He finishes talking to a fellow guard before returning to Esoka's table and dropping down next to her. When Tikva collision becomes clear, he leans a little away so as not to be knocked over by the enthusiastic hugging next to him.

In swans Aleksei! But much more importantly, in bounds Peanut. We all know which of these is more important. He's grinning wide and delighted for the party he's shown up for. "Congratulations!" he says, striding over. He doesn't try to compete with Tikva's hugging, though.

Aleksei gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

Tikva gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

Luis gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

Captain Reedy, a Telmarine military aide arrives, following Corban.

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, Corban arrive, following Monique.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrives, following Khanne.

Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rascal, a hyper terrier arrive, following Reese.

Zavi arrives, delivering a message to Calaudrin before departing.

"TIKVA!" Esoka yells at it top volume, barrels past Calaudrin, and envelopes the Grayson princess in a tackel hug. After a squeee, she leans back, to give her head a shake that shows off her braids. Her smile gains wattage, if possible. "Thank you! It's too much trouble to do every day, but getting married is a special occasion. This also feels like the first time I've been out of armor in weeks." And might be the last for awhile, not that she dwells on that. She's hugging people while Calaudrin does his best not to get flattened in all of that. There's food and drinks and music if folks want to dance. Aleksei's entrance earns a happy yell, "Aleksei! PEANUT! Welcome! We don't have anything grand planned, but we're happy and wanted to be happy with other people."

Zavi arrives, delivering a message to Esoka before departing.

Reese arrives while adorned in all her pink and toting along a good deal of weapons. She peeks over the gathering and has a smile for Esoka that touches her blue eyes.

Calaudrin receives a message, reads it and then starts to laugh. He waves it towards Esoka when she looks free. "You know, I wasn't actually concerned that he was going to show up and cause a scene. I suppose I should have been more suspicious as he clearly /was/ thinking about it." As people begin to arrive, he waves his hand at them before neatly folding the paper up and slipping it into his pocket.

Tikva definitely does not limit her enthusiastic hug assaults to Esoka. She squeezes Esoka's arm as they break apart, and then moves on with a bright and beaming smile to approach her friend's new husband and tackles him in another hug. It's probably possible for him to escape. But even still. "I'm so happy for you two!" she says. She's so happy for them that she's going to attack them!!

Aleksei is next with the hug assault once Tikva gives him a bit of room to swoop in and squeeze Esoka tight. It's not too long, at least, and then he's bullying Tikva trying to get at Calaudrin next. "I take it Magpie's too depressed to show up," he says, grinning.

Arriving with the arm of Emily in his own, is Luis Igniseri, the Lord dressed in black and crimson silks depicting the Phoenix in artistic rampantness across his chest and over his shoulders, tying into the wings that spread down the back of his cloak. Even at a wedding celebration, the sabers of his homeland are attached at his hip, knotted for the peace of the moment however. He wanders in, looking around, while making small conversation with the Lady at his side, looking to see if there's anyone he should greet, or say hello to. "I suppose we should say hello to the guests of honor," he notes with a wry grin. A moment later, he stands before Calaudrin, easily sidestepping the bounding Esoka on Tikva action, "Ah, Master Calaudrin, congratulations on your signatures and contractural pact. I wish you both well! We shall have a toast later when people are more settled," he notes to the man.

Monique arrives, dragging Corban along by the hand, smiling wide for the party. "This is so wonderful! Isn't this wonderful, Corban? I love this place," suggesting a certain familiarity with it.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Corban tags along behind Monique, looking around, somewhat dubiously. It is clear that he does NOT have familiarity with Nightengale Park. Or the Lowers. Or really of it. But he summons a smile for his wife and gives it a squeeze. "Well. It is a good thing indeed for Dame Esoka and Guardsman Calaudrin. And that is what matters," he non-answers.

"He said that he was too tired to come up with something embarassing. So he was going to give us the better gift of staying away." Calaudrin replies to Aleksei as Tikva is hugging him and he's awkwardly patting the Grayson princess on the back. "Oh, yes. Thank you. I'm very happy too." He tells her, the shining beacon of social graces here. He smiles to Luis when he mentions toasting later, "That is a very good idea. Someone who is good at speeches can give it."

Esoka gets a letter from the same courier as Calaudrin. She reads it with a snort, laughing and shaking her head. "I feel like I should send him something. Or at least let him know that offer I made to the pair of you way back when is still open, if you're ever interested," she says to Calaudrin with a toothy grin. The park is reasonably clean and festive for this, and there are lots of guards in attendance. "Lady Monique! Lord Corban! Welcome! Have a drink and something sweet!" Her next assault of hugging goes to Peanut. She bends down to give him an enthusiastic petting. Shouting a, "Thank you!" at Luis. "We're very happy to be properly contracted!"

Triumphant in getting to Calaudrin first, Tikva limits her hug of the guardsman to a quick squeeze and then bounces backwards to give Aleksei room, does not crash into Peanut by dint of a very near thing. "And it's a lovely party! I've never been to this park before, I don't think..."

a black robed Silent Reflection arrives, following Driskell.

Sir Alren, Driskell, Derovai arrive, following Bianca.

Reese is still at the party. She looks over to Esoka and Calaudrin. "Congrats. I am very happy for you both." She murmurs softly. She goes to find a place to sit, taking a seat on top one of the picnic tables.

Not having assaulted both halves of the wedding party, Aleksei takes a step back and grabs a drink while Esoka attacks Peanut with scritches and pets. He offers a bright, sunny smile to the others who show up that he knows -- Reese, Corban, Monique, and the like. "Well, that's generous of him," he says brightly of Magpie.

Calaudrin gets a musical wooden banjo from a case of scotch - take one.

Bianca stepped into the park, a small smile touching her lips as she glanced upwards and about to the collection of musicians and tables. A book was woven within her arms in addition to the usual bag she wore. To her right loomed the darkly robed figure of Driskell and her left the similarly darkly garbed Derovai. A glance was given to either of them before she proceeded forward further, first in search of the happy couple.

Reese gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

Khanne walks into the park and smiles as she looks around. It does not appear to be a place she is familiar with at all. She is, however, familar with many of the guests, and she waves to them, nodding greetings as she makes her way in further. She waits for an opportunity, and when she spies one, she approaches Esoka and Calaudrin. "Congratulations to the two of you. I have seen you both over the years here and there..." and she looks to Esoka with a grin, "and you never enough. But, I know that you will be happy. May you enjoy every moment of your lives together."

Calaudrin toes a piece of trash underneath the picnic table as fairly wealthy people begin to make their way in. He's occasionally whispering to Esoka, something that often results in a quiet nod. "Or grab some scotch from the case! But uh, don't look too closely. I forgot to take some of the other things out." He clears his through self-consciously. From somewhere, he pulls out a banjo and hands it to Tikva. "Look, I think you're qualified to play this! Unlike me."

Khanne gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

Rinel slips in behind the Archscholar, her eyes wide and a bright smile on her face. She laughs and claps her hands in delight at the musicians, twirling briefly before following Bianca towards the newlyweds.

Bianca gets a bottle of witch hazel from a case of scotch - take one.

Being handed a banjo, Tikva looks surprised, and then laughs. Then she starts picking at it. Pick-pick-pick. Her original plan was to go for the perry, but she's clearly been distracted now by the advent of a stringed instrument. Pic-pic-pic-pic-pick, go her fingers, and she tightens one of the pegs to tune it a little sweeter before she resumes it. "Is there something you wanna hear?" she asks. "I feel like this thing just cries out for bawdy songs of the kind a soldier knows, but it /is/ a wedding party."

Bianca puts a bottle of witch hazel in a case of scotch - take one.

"Princess Reese!" Esoka springs up from all the affection she's giving Peanut to try and catch Reese in an enthusiastic hug. "Thank you! I'm glad you could come! There's drinks! And food! AND THE BANJO!" She /yells/ it with gleeful enthusiasm when she sees it. She claps Calaudrin on the shoulder. Good job! For making her randomly happy. A wave to Khanne. "Lady Khanne! Welcome! You are in time for music! Which Calaudrin will not play."

Bianca gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

Luis bows his head to Calaudrin and Esoka, giving them both an affectionate smile as he slowly slips away, allowing the others to continue congratulating them while he heads to find himself a bottle of scotch and something else to drink, he wanders around slowly, making acquaintances and eye contact with those whom he knows. Until he eventually moves to take a seat nead the fountain.

Luis has joined the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

Derovai gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

Tikva checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Tikva has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

"I do enjoy good music," Khanne says to Esoka with a smile. "Is that why Calaudrin is not playing?" She winks at him teasingly.

Aleksei has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Bianca made her way after a brief diversion to the wedding favors, a gentle smile offered to the small gathering of Calaudrin, Esoka and Khanne. "Congratulations to you both." The book in hand was offered toward Esoka. "I was uncertain if you both already had a copy of this, but it seemed an appropriate gift for the occasion." Smile warmed a touch.

Reese takes a bottle of scotch from the case, seemingly all pleased with such as she looks it over. Calaudrin tells her not to look too closely at the case, so she peeks into such all curiously. Reese smiles back to Aleksei. Rinel is given a wave. Reese then returns Esoka's hug. "Oh, I like this scotch and Calaudrin is such a lucky man. Probably also a safe one, you are so bad ass."

Driskell blinks a set of gold eyes from under the dark hood at the strange instrument being picked. He looks over a shoulder before he heads over to help keep up a tree from falling over as he leans against it to people watch.

Rinel looks around surreptitiously and attempts to sneak a bottle into the case of scotch.

Rinel gets Golden Mango and Ginger Wine from Small Cloth Pouch.

Rinel puts Golden Mango and Ginger Wine in a case of scotch - take one.

Driskell has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Derovai offers Bianca a quick smile, shoving a gloved hand through his hair as he moves to follow her. But something catches his attention and he stops short. "Wait, Lady Halfshav, is he the one with the banjo? It's all coming back to me now." He grins about some unshared joke, and then moves to grab a bottle of booze. That first, it seems. Tucking the scotch under his arm, he nods at Reese nearby. "If you're not gonna drink it, I know a charitable cause. Let me know."

Samantha gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

Monique receives a messenger with a frown, leans to whisper something to Corban, and then slips off at a quick clip.

Philomel, the Nightingale arrives, delivering a message to Driskell before departing.

Tikva swings up onto the bench and starts keeping time to the banjo with the repetitive stomp of her boot, and, keeping time, launches into a remarkably /loud/ rendition of a soldier's song that is on the bawdy side, but certainly full of joy and cheer for the occasion.

Tikva checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Captain Reedy, a Telmarine military aide leaves, following Corban.

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, Corban leave, following Monique.

Bianca turned to note the nearby Reese! "Princess. I just received a rather breathtaking figure of you as a gift. The likeness is incredible."

Reese hmms and looks over to Derovai, having a smile for him. "Oh, I will drink it. Besides I need the bottle for my collection." She is quick to say. Reese then smiles to Driskell as well, but it is a bit more of a polite and somber sort of smile. "Brother Driskell." She greets. She waves over to Monique. Her attention turns to Tikva at her song and Reese taps her right foot along.

Samantha makes her way to the party, visibly delighted by the atmosphere and taking a moment to locate Esoka and Calaudrin. Mindful the bride and goom will be quite busy, she takes time to explore the party layout and will wait until they're free to greet them.

Rinel has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Esoka checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Esoka reaches a hand out to clap Khanne heartily on the shoulder, laughing. "Exactly," she says. A little bow of her shoulders to Bianca as the archlector approaches. "Archscholar! Thank you for coming! Please, have some scotch." She takes the book, her smile softening, leaning over to show it to Calaudrin. "It's lovely. We hope our union does well by Limerance. We're going to try to do well by each other, at least." When Tikva gets going, she picks out a free space of table to pound along, to add drum accompanyment. It's on beat, at least.

A little nightingale flies around and Driskell lifts a gloved hand so it can perch a moment on his wrist as he takes a small rolled scroll from its little case before giving a shake and letting the bird fly off to wherever it came. Reese is glanced at but he gives a bow of his head to her, and says in that flat tone, "You ought to dance, your highness. One shouldn't let days like this go without taking an excellent memory to keep you in times where your heart will be tested."

Philomel, the Nightingale arrives, delivering a message to Driskell before departing.

"Oh yes, that is exactly why I handed her the banjo." He tells Khanne when she arrives. He grins and calls over to Tikva, "I think bawdy songs are appropriate for this wedding party." He pulls a flask out from his pocket and begins to drink, clearing his throat and stopping when Bianca comes by. "Oh yes, thank you Archscholar. It's a pleasure to have you stop by and give us your blessings."

Finishing the song, Tikva calls, "Reese! I owe you a hug!" and hoists the banjo high in the air as though it is, itself, some kind of triumph. She bounds down off the bench with a heavy THUNK of both boots, stirring up dirt as she moves to swarm over to the other Grayson to put action to her words and give her a hug.

Emily has joined the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

Emily is with Luis and when he moves to great Calaudrin and Esoka she is there as well, a warm smile drawing across her features as she notes the Dame. Giving her best wishes for them both she reaches out to touch Esoka before she is greeting the rest of her attendees. Her leathers are a constant choice of dress for an occasion and though she may not be so beautifully ensconced she is practical in the very least. She moves to settle herself beside the Lord Igniseri at the fountain, smiling at him as she watches the other occupants arrive and quietly converse with him.

Bianca dipped her head to the happy couple with warm smile, though stepped aside so others could make their greetings. She turned in soft applause to Tikva's completed song! She bayed back a little further, a brief murmur offered to Khanne before she moved to the gathering's perimeter. Per usual a preferred observer.

Bianca has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Reese looks over to Bianca, seemingly flattered. "Oh, I am honored then, that you were given such, Archscholar." She says, having a smile for her. She then turns her focus to Driskell. "Maybe I should." She says, sounding all thoughtful. The song is over, but Reese still seems to linger on that idea. She then notices Tikva. "Oh, that is right." She say sand returns the hug, wrapping her arms around Tikva and returning such.

Khanne chuckles with a grin to Esoka and another to Calaudrin. "Wise," she says before turning to listen to Tikcva with a bright smile. She looks, well, like spring today. Possibly the most colorful outfit she has ever worn. She claps when the song is finished and shouts to Tikva, "you have to promise to sing at my wedding!"

"When are you getting married?" Aleksei shouts back over to Khanne.

Tikva squeezes Reese and gives her a bright smile, and then backs a pace, angling back to her spot but pausing en route to go, "Whaaat, of course I'll sing at your wedding! Khanne! Are you getting married? Yay!!"

Aleksei's shout bayed Bianca's turn, her hand lifting in distant greeting to the fellow Archlector. A smile and nod was turned to Reese soon after in reply to her words.

Well, she didn't expect that. Khanne blinks and says to Aleksei, "Uhhh... someday?" She smiles at him with some level of mischievous innocence. "Someday!" She says again to Tikva, "I mean, I hope."

Samantha patters up behind Aleksei, tapping him on the shoulder on one side before shifting herself to the opposite side. "Hey!"

"Oh." Tikva wilts a little and retrieves the banjo so that she can play a disappointed twang across its strings at Khanne. "I got all excited," she complains, and swings herself back down onto the bench, her boots planted wide as she strums. "Well, I will theoretically sing at your theoretical wedding."

There is LOTS of clapping from Esoka as Tikva finishes her banjo rendition. Then, she resumes attempting to circulate. "That is Lady Emily," Esoka says to Calaudrin, pointing to the Deepwood lady, apparently taking up some exchange they'd had earlier. She picks up her drink, a large glass of Riven perry, and goes to greet said Deepwood. "Welcome!" A blink, sa she finally spots Samantha. "Marquessa! I'm glad you could make it. Please, have a drink. There should be plenty."

Reese peeks over to Emily giving her a warm smile of greeting. She opens up the scotch and tries a sip, because it is just too tempting.

Khanne winks at Tikva, still smiling, and says, "thank you." She taps her foot to the song Tikva begins to play after, looking around at the others in attendance.

Derovai half-smiles at the Halfshav, before he's making his way to Esoka and Calaudrin at least. "Dame Esoka. I guess Limerance finds me... surprisingly quickly," he remarks a bit dryly. "Well met, though." And then he looks towards Calaudrin as Esoka steps off, giving him a quick, businesslike nod. "So you're the banjo-player Thena spoke of. Put that song of hers to music. Might be interesting to see what you'd make of it. Having fun?" He gives Cal a too-bright grin.

Wynna wanders into the celebration, perhaps drawn to the promise of free, decent drinks and company that isn't in a tavern for once.

"I'm not a banjo player!" He scowls at Derovai before taking another quick drink from his flask. "If anyone would like to join me for a game of darts, I'll be over here! Just to be clear, this isn't one of those fancy parties where you win something. Just bragging rights! Or well, I dunno. You could take some of my crap out of that box if you really want. I think there's an old sandwich in there." Calaudrin wanders away from the knot of people he's been standing with to drag over a dartboard set up on some posts. He brandishes the darts in his hand!

Rules: For funsies! Get in line, at your turn roll: Luck + small wpn/archery/athletics/whatever at 35. Person with the least terrible (or best) score wins!

Reese smiles over to Wynna once she notices her. "Mistress Wynna." She greets.

Wynna wiggles her fingers in a lazy wave. "Princess Reese, good evening."

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Aleksei falls for it. He looks to the side of the shoulder Samantha taps, and then has to look back around to find her on his other side. "Hey!" he says brightly. "It's you! I--" His gaze snaps over at the news of a CONTEST, though. "Be right back!" He bounds up, but he does leave Peanut with Samantha to drop his big furry head in her lap.

"Esoka! My heartfelt congatulations." Samantha presses her hands to her mouth in a kiss and extends her fingers to Esoka warmly. "I'm terrible excited fo you."

Reese perks up a the talk of a contest and quickly gets into the line. "I'm a dart expert." She playfully brags.

So many people in attendance, but then she is not surprised but as Esoka heads their way to speak to her she brushes her hand to the lord's shoulder. "Dame Esoka, I am so very happy for you. This could not have come at a better time," she says and looks to her cousin as she is then greeted as well, "Samantha," she says warmly before she moves to sit beside Luis once more, turning her head to say something causes her gaze to find Reese's smile. "Princess," she says loudly enough to be heard and makes a motion for Luis to follow.

Calaudrin has joined the line.

"Darts!" Tikva laughs and claps her hands, putting the banjo down on the table. "I'm game!"

Wynna has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Esoka notices Wynna and shouts a high volume, "Hello!" to her. And then attempts to hug her. Does she even know this person? Possibly not. She doesn't appear to care, though. She snorts at Calaudrin, at his eloquent opening of the game. It's a fond sort of snort, though. A grinis flashed at Derovai. "Don't let him fool you! He loves the banjo. Too much to play it in public, of course. Good luck!" Bellowed at those playing darts.

Khanne spots Derovai looking at her and says, "Oh! Hi, Derovai. I didn't see you come in. How are you?" She heads over to where a line begins for darts and says, "I am all for a good game of fun."

Khanne has joined the line.

Wynna pats Esoka on the back at this, game enough to hug a person she's only met very briefly in passing. She's all smiles, though. "Congratulations."

"Same as I've always been, Lady Halfshav," Derovai notes, but it's more pensive than flip. He murmurs something briefly to Calaudrin though, before turning to shoot a vaguely apologetic look back towards the Scholar-laden arbor. He waves a gloved hand to Emily in recognition as he disengages from his conversation, brows raised at Cal as he backtracks.

Turn in line: Tikva

Calaudrin hands the darts over to Tikva and steps out of the way, content not to be the first to go in this. In a party where people have already begun to begin drinking. Something he contineus to do!

Tikva checked luck + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Tikva checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Tikva throws a dart! She misses. The board. And then starts to cackle like an idiot.

Turn in line: Reese

Reese checked luck + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

"You totally hit that spot on the tree you were aiming for!" Aleksei calls up to Tikva.

Noticing the others after her words with Esoka and greeting to Reese, the Deepwood smiles at Derovai from her place at the fountain with the Igniseri Lord. It grows a bit more as she lifts her fingers to the air and curl them in greeting. "Master Voss," she says to be heard before her head dips and hand falls back to her side to rest at the side of of the fountain to regard the others as they compete.

"Fuck that tree! Fuck it!" Tikva announces, and blows a kiss to -- the world, possibly, on her way back to her seat, still giggling.

Turn in line: Aleksei

Reese watches as Tikva throws the dart and blue eyes widen. "I have a board at the mansion if you need to practice, Princess Tikva." She offers. It sounds like she is trying to be helpful, but she does look amused. She then goes to throw a dart herself and the throw was quite good.

Aleksei checked luck + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

"Hello, Reese. Lovely party, isn't it?" Samantha smiles contentedly, letting her fingers roam Peanut's fur as she watches the contest. Tikva and Aleksei's exchange makes her laugh, and she lifts the a hand in greeting to Emily.

Rinel laughs in delight at something Driskell has said, and then the young scholar is taking the priest's hand, and they're... dancing. The Valardin Tango. What a night this is turning out to be.

Driskell checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Rinel checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Reese looks over to Samantha, giving her a smile. "It very much is." She says in her direction. She gets distracted by Rinel and Driskell, seemingly drawn to their dancing. They are given a smile.

Esoka checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Aleksei strides on up once Reese has taken her turn, making a big show of aiming before carelessly tossing off a throw. It's a solid hit, although not quite the flawless bullseye that Reese managed. "Alas!"

Turn in line: Calaudrin

Calaudrin checked luck + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Turn in line: Khanne

"Lady Deepwood. Thank you for the help. Let's talk soon," Derovai tells Emily, before strolling back to Scholar City over there at the arbor. He tilts his head at Rinel and Driskell, letting out a surprised little laugh. "Now I've seen everything," he drawls, before settling in the spot the other two have left, content to watch. He leans in towards Bianca.

Derovai has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

"I think life is going to continue if I continue to fail miserably at darts," Tikva says, leaning back against the picnic table as she resumes her seat.

Khanne checked luck + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 17 lower.

Calaudrin takes the darts when they come around to him again and throws! Not terrible, but it doesn't beat Reese. He shakes his head and steps away remarking with good natured amusement, "I need another drink if I'm going to lose at my own wedding."

Who would have thought a priest like Driskell and a young pretty Oathlander like Rinel would be dancing to the music happening. The Valardin Tango might not look like much to those watching, but one can see at the hem of his black robes that a booted foot is tapping. Oh my, such emotions conveyed! Such artistry! The gloved hands do hold Rinel's fingertips though as he goes through the dance move.

It is Khanne's turn with the darts, and taking them in hand, she steps to the line. She seems confident, at first, but then... misses... and again.. and oh, that one didn't even make it TO the board. She pouts and goes to retrieve them, to hand them to the next player, or to Calaudrin. Shaking her head she says, "and to think... I won a trophy for this stuff once..."

Esoka lets out a cry of delight as Rinel and Driskell start dancing. Attempting to give them more drumming accompanyment. She continues to stay on beat! It's fortunate none of the music here is particularly fancy. And that she's very loud, by nature. The drumming turns to clapping as she directs her attention back to the game of darts. Applause for Reese's victory! And a snort at Calaudrin. "You won /me/, First Officer. Surely that's better than darts." She gives him a mock level look, before snorting out a laugh.

other white-tailed eagle, 3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors arrive, following Mia.

"Of course, Master Voss, hopefully before we march," Emily remarks to Derovai as her warm smile regards Samantha. She leans into the Igniseri's side and says something faintly before she watches those competing.

Calaudrin laughs as he gets the darts back and drags the board away. "I shoot things for a living." He remarks to Khanne. "Victory to Princess Reese!" He calls out to the woman from across the room. Esoka might be a bit far away, but he did catch that remarks. It causes a loud round of laughter from him. "You're right! I /did/."

"Better than darts." Reese is quick to agree with Esoka in that regard. She looks toward Rinel and Driskell once again. "Oh...I didn't know you danced Brother Driskell." She smiles at Calaudrin's words, because well Reese does like to win, that much is clear.

Derovai mururs something towards Bianca, but he lets out a whistle from where he leans at the arbor. "First darts, if I recall correctly, then books, now -- this. Wouldn't want to go up against you in a contest of luck, Your Highness!" he calls out to Reese, casual where he's staying for the time being.

Khanne smiles at Reese and says, "congratulations, Reese. I am not sure I have ever seen you lose at darts..." She grins to Calaudrin and says, "I suppose if it comes down to being good with my bow and arrows when in battle, and being good at darts, I am glad to do okay with the bow and arrow..."

white-tailed eagle arrives, following Thesarin.

When Mia arrived, it was as she so often did -- a swift, brisk pace, with her skirts kicking up around her ankles. But it was also with a page in tow, to whom she was rattling off a string of very specific and -- judging by the expression on her face -- very serious instructions. Or at least instructions that she took very seriously, and so as far she was concerned, he ought to consider them to be the same thing. "...for the right moment. I don't want any of it spoiled, or seen too soon."

"Maybe you could give me some pointers sometime, Reese," Aleksei says to her with a crooked grin. "Luca was going to help me work off some of this -- uh, well, you know, don't get to train as often as a priest. Anyways, I think he got distracted."

Driskell continues that formal and constrained dance of the Oathlanders with Rinel, although he bows his head to Reese before he says "I merely am the reflection of that which is near me, your highness, although I'd pale compared to your ability."

Thesarin gets a bottle of wedding scotch | Greenblood - Estardes from a case of scotch - take one.

"Calaudrin definitely got the /best/ prize," Tikva says with easy cheer. "More dancing," she adds, swinging to her feet again. She strides out into the square and holds up her hand. "A partner!" she says. She smiles, looking about the park with high swept eyebrows. "A partner?"

Reese looks over to Derovai, giving him a nod. "Oh, you might be interested in seeing my books sometime. I got quite the collection now." She says in his direction. Reese then looks over to Khanne. "I have lost before. Master Caspian beat before at the Murder." She says and then smiles over to Mia. "Countess Mia." She greets. Reese turns to Aleksei. "I can train you." She adds. Reese looks all thoughtful as she studies Driskell once again. "I don't really think that. I think my words would compared to yours and words have lots of power."

Esoka is drinking and laughing and practically glowing with merriment and happiness. Once the darts are concluded, she strides over to grab Calaudrin's arm. "You have to dance with me." It's an order, if a loving one. She does not immediately drag him off to make him do that, though. She spots Mia and /launches/ herself at the Countess. More people are here that require hugging.

Khinn, the Surly Attendant, Titan, a tiny flat-faced puppy arrive, following Saedrus.

Calaudrin is easily captured by Esoka, letting the momentum of whatever he was doing propel him towards what she wants instead. "Alright, I'll dance. But if I bruise your feet or dirty your nice shoes, just know that I warned you." He tells her with a hint of humor. The arrival of Mia and Thesarin garners his interest and he slows down a fair bit. And then Esoka is gone. Hugging Mia! It's okay, he'll hang out here in this spot and nod politely.

Driskell checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

"Princess Reese," Mia replies with a swift and perfunctory curtsy. And, surprisingly, a warm smile. It seems the festivities have her in extremely good cheer tonight and that, if nothing else about her arrival, was certainly worth noting. Her warm smiles, after all, were usually reserved for the confines of her own home. She was, perhaps, about to say something more when she spotted the bride barreling towards her and, having been the recipient of many Esoka-hugs over the years, braced herself for the onslaughter. It was all about properly bending her knees, by the looks of it.

Derovai grins at Reese. "I'd be honored," he tells her briefly. "Say the... the word," that's a little dry, given Reese's last words to Driskell. He gives his fellow glove fan a pensive look, before it darts towards Emily, and his dark-haired head jerks that-a-way as if in indication about something. An introduction, perhaps, although none seems immediately forthcoming.

Driskell finishes the dance with Rinel, and he gives a rather old-fashioned orthodox dance bow to her before he gestures to return back to the comfort of the spot they came from.

Thesarin makes his way into the park several paces behind Mia, very much the opposite--slow, measured steps, arms at his side, looking over the park. He gives short nods toward many of the guests, friends and fealty and acquaintences, but he gives an actual smile toward Esoka and launches herself to hug his wife. He looks over toward Calaudrin, and gives the man a short nod. "Master Estardes. Or is it Master Greenblood, now? Wasn't quite clear.

Saedrus arrives late to the celebration! It's probably not a fashionable lateness, but the courtier is by nature very fashionable. So that should count for something, right? Draped in crimson silks, shadowed by faithful Khinn and an exuberant puppy, Titan, Saedrus looks about the crowd of well wishers with a smile. Evergreen eyes considering each, but probably on the look out for the newly weds. He spies Esoka and Calaudrin on their way to dance and smiles brightly. Sooo cute.

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Luis rises from his seat at the fountain after exchanging a few words with Emily, his gaze sweeping over the gathered crowd as he waits a moment and then will move with the Deepwood, giving Tikva and apologetic look as they pass by, clearly hoping someone will take her up on the offer.

"The word." Samantha murmurs in amusement. She's still seated on her own, with Peanut shamelessly earning her affection as she pets him. She watches the dancing with a content smile, and Esoka in particular is regarded with fondness.

Tikva is standing in the square with one hand at her hip, one hand still flung up in the air. It's only a little silly.

Ainsley drifts on in, pausing long enough to spot a specific red head, and snatches up her hand, and spins her in a sudden flourish to tug her in against himself, and pick her up into the air in a little spiiiiin.

Tikva checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Khanne watches the festivities, clapping along to the music for some time. But, eventually, she starts to make her way towards the exit, stopping to wave to the newlyweds and any of her friends that she is able to catch the eye of before she goes.

Tikva makes a noise that is best described as a squawk and then breaks into ridiculous chortling in the midst of her "Aaaaah!" noise.

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Emily rises upon see Derovai's motion for her and Luis is coming in tow until she notes his look to the Princess. "Lord Luis, you should dance with the Prince...Oh my never mind. Dashing husband to the rescu," she remarks to Luis as they continue on their way towards the grouped scholars.

Emily has left the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

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Ainsley checked composure + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Emily has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Luis has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Reese smiles over to Saedrus as he arrives. "I think you were right about dancing Brother Driskell." Reese says. She then goes to dance by herself. Reese doesn't know how to dance and while she is very athletic, she has no sense of the music and her dance is down right goofy as she spins in circles by herself.

Tikva checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Ainsley curls both hands around Tikva's hips, hoists her upward and spins about, before putting her back down and taking two steps away, holding out his hands.

1 Velenosa House Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery arrive, following Saoirse.

"I was thinking to go Greenblood-Estardes, so as to take up as much room on legal documents as possible." Calaudrin tells Thesarin when he speaks to him. "It's good to see you." He tags on at the end. He doesn't attempt to get in the way of any hugging that's going on. Instead as a few more people wander in, he lifts a hand and waves at them politely. A good host!

Esoka twirls Mia around once, before releasing her from that hug. "Countess! Chief." She reaches over to clasp Thesarin's shoulder, though she doesn't try to twirl him. "Whisper Saedrus!" It's exclaimed with delight at the sight of him, and she moves to attempt to hug him as well. "Get a drink! There should still be lots of that. Though if you see any sandwiches near the bottles...don't get those. Some of those were left in the box accidentally and they probably aren't good." Ainsley's arrival is greeted simply by motioning him toward the area set aside for dancing. GO!

"Emily," Derovai calls over after saying something to Bianca, with a glint of a silver coin over at the arbor for some reason. "Let me introduce you. Lady Emily Deepwood, Archscholar Bianca, Prelate Brother Driskell Stillwater. New student." He adds something briefly after that that's meant mainly for Driskell, it seems.

Tikva clasps Ainsley's hands, while laughing. "My big damned hero," she says. "Calaudrin and Esoka are married now and it's fucking adorable," she adds very seriously, even her eyebrows quite serious, though her eyes are still laughing. The musicians are playing a sprightly tune, so it's not like there's nothing to dance to!

Luis arrives with Emily and after Derovai's introduction, he adds, "I am Lord Luis Igniseri, though I know many of you already," he notes, chuckling softly, and giving Derovai a pat on the shoulder, "A good evening to you as well Master Voss, I trust you've been up to your eyes in trouble, again?" he teases the man.

Driskell lifts a pair of gloved hands and a muted clap is given as Reese does try to dance. "A crusader needs the hymn of battlecries lifted to the beat of steel clashing against steel so her dance can be truly appreciated, your highness." to the dancing princess.

Peri isn't one of the dancers. She's looking for a place to settle down after trying to slip in without making a big scene about it. People dancing? The perfect diversion. She settles down on one of the benches, watching the festivities quietly as she sips on her drink.

Peri has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Mia laughed brightly as she was spun around, a touch sharply; it was not a sound that fit comfortably in the woman's mouth. "I will bear that in mind, Lieutenant, in the event that we need to have the lawyers amend your gift. Of which we've brought a few," she answered. Though really, what sort of gift could it possibly be, if it necessitated lawyers?! What had she planned for poor Esoka and Calaudrin? Her bright laugh became a devilish grin. Clearly, it was nothing good.

Saedrus is pretty easy to wrap into a hug, since he has absolutely zero way of protecting himself from such; not that he would have. There is a brilliant smile for Esoka, "Dame Esoka," he chortles in return, "thank you, and I am affraid I cannot stay long but I could not miss an opportunity to congratulate both you and Master Calaudrin on your wedding. I hope you are both very good to one another, and you look beautiful today, I should add. Now go and enjoy yourself," he say linking slender arms about the woman for a warm hug. "Congratulations."

Smiling to Derovai, Emily nods her head towards Luis as he introduces himself. "I believe the Brother Driskell and I have had a meeting in passing without introduction, if I recall," she intones and nods her head to him and the Archlector. "A pleasure to meet you both," she says as the two slide in to join the other scholars. "New and hopefully doing what I can to aid the Scholars."

Derovai grins at Luis' approach, responding quickly, "Ah, Lord Igniseri. My apologies. I'd forgotten you!" It's a little baiting, but clearly teasing. "Generally up to my neck in trouble, but eyes -- that's indeed a new level." He lets Luis give him a pat on the shoulder, glancing up at it. "Generally doing pretty good, though. Manner of speaking." He nods after Emily's words.

"Not as much as he deserves!" Rinel calls to Luis as she drags Wynna towards the dancers. Rinel takes up a formal stance with Wynna and begins a simple country waltz with the woman to the sprightly tunes of the commoner musicians--Rinel leads, and manages not to make too much of a hash of it. She looks absolutely delighted.

Wynna gamely does her best.

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"Great! I'll guess I'll write soon," Aleksei says to Reese with a warm smile. He catches sight of Saedrus entering and his smile spreads to beaming. He makes his way over to him, sneaking up behind him so that as soon as Esoka releases him from that hug he can slip his arms about his waist from behind. "Hi."

Wynna checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Esoka /beams/ at Saedrus, releasing him without too much squeezing. And no twirling. She respects the Whisper. "Thank you! It feels good to have an excuse to dress in something other than armor, I'll admit. I'm going to enjoy it while I can. And we'll try." She lays a fond hand on Calaudrin's arm. And gives him a little shrug, when Mia mentions lawyers. Whatever this gift is, /she/ isn't in on it. She's buzzed and happy enough to take it in stride, though. "Oh, thank you, Countess! Whatever it is. What is it?"

Wynna could be doing better, to say the least - she mostly tries to follow Rinel's lead, obviously doing more mental arithmetic to figure out where the next steps will lead them than really going with the flow.

"Lawyers?" Calaudrin repeats a bit blankly as he looks towards Mia, then there's a suspicious slant to his eyes. Can he run away at his own wedding? Post the vows? He attempts to smile at Saedrus, "Thank you. I know that I'll try, for certain." That look is transferred to Esoka and he slips an arm around her waist once she's back by him again.

Ainsley grins at Tikva, twirling and spinning about with her, in an energetic dance. He looks toward Esoka and Calaudrin, finding each of them with a grin. He says, "We'll have to have them over for a super secret married couple dinner." A little dip is given of the redhead and he says, "I need to get them something very grand for a wedding gift. Do you think they'd like a house?"

Samantha mmms a mooment, looking down to Peanut. "Sit." she says, though whether he does, or follows her, or wanders over to Aleksei is up to the dog. Samantha starts to make her way over to Emily, and if possible will settle next to her quietly, offering a nod to those who've gathered around her.

Nice try Aleksei! Saedrus has an Aleksei-detecting device, it's called Titan. And as soon as the pup gets a wiff of the Archlector he's yipping and yapping as he sprints to Aleksei to jump and just barely reach his knees in all his excitement. He still has a priority though to the newly weds, smiling to Eoska, assuring, "you do the gown great justice, as much as you do your armour. And congratulations, Master Calaudrin," he chuckles brightly, "you look very handsome as well-- Oh!" There's Aleksei. Saedrus glances along his shoulder with warmed cheeks and a private kind of smile, "hello."

Luis chuckles at Rinel, and nods to Derovai, "Well there you have it, and I've been told that if you spend too long around me, you'll end up in trouble, regardless, so there, perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone, as it were," Luis replies to Derovai, looking to the man a moment longer, before his attentions are drawn to the company at the arches, and their quietly spoken words.

Thesarin returns the clasp on Esoka's shoulder, and another at her forearm, a whole series of friendly, rather vigorous clasps and shakes. He nods again toward Calaudrin, again, and looks between the Greenblood-Estartes pair. "It's good to see you as well. Happy for you--both of you." Although it's mostly Esoka that he looks at when he says it. "I've a hard time speaking without pissing on camp-fires, I know. So I'll let the Countess give the news." Thesarin turns toward Saedrus and Aleksei and gives the pair a nod as well. "Master Saedrus. Blessed Aleksei; fine seeing you again.

Some people sing off key. Reese dances off key. Maybe she sings off key too though. The warrior continues to dance about. She seems to having fun at least. When Driskell speaks, she looks over toward him giving him a grin before stomping on the ground clanking her sheathed weapons together like she is trying to make a battle sound. She looks over to Aleksei, giving him a nod. "Just be warned I have had some students do push-ups in full steel while Violet tries to shot them blunt arrows." She says.

"We can stay in our apartment over my shop in the lowers!" Calaudrin calls to Ainsley. No need for a house! "It's very nice there and I promise there are /no/ rats!" He looks back to Mia and Thesarin and clears his throat. "Or stay with you. Which is also very nice."

Derovai looks from Luis towards Emily, thoughtful. "Been well amidst being good," he tells Emily, a bit dryly. But his conversation with Bianca, quiet as it is, shows no signs of abating. "Just wanted you to have some faces to put to names. You know, so you could stroll on in there and know where to go." At whatever Bianca says, he grimaces a little, clearing his throat, steeling himself a bit before he replies to her.

Rinel is overheard praising Esoka for: For providing a beacon of hope and love when the city is dark and worried.

Reese is overheard praising Esoka for: Yay, congrats, the bride looks so lovely in green.

Reese is overheard praising Calaudrin for: Yay, congrats! and he made wedding scotch too.

Bianca is overheard praising Esoka for: Congratulations and thank you for the lovely reception.

"Oof, Titan." Aleksei leans down to ruffle the pupper's silver fawn fur, grinning over towards Reese. "Sounds invigorating!" he says with a laugh. "And kind of fun. You know, in a totally miserable sort of way. Leona had me doing suicide sprints for hours once years ago." He straightens up, stepping up closer to Saedrus and offering Thesarin and Mia a warm smile. "Hello!"

Bianca is overheard praising Calaudrin for: Congratulations and thank you for the lovely reception.

Having found further companions at the arbor, Emily smiles at Bianca, "I am glad to be of help," she says as her smile warms. "Thank you, Master Voss, I do appreciate the thought," she admits and catches sight of Samantha as she draws near. "Cousin," she greets with enthusiasm though tilts her head at Luis' suggestion. "That is a wonderful idea," she says in reference to his words. "Though I do have some of my own notes that I will be bringing along. It should be a rather long march."

"I suspect that I may have resolved that issue for you, Lieutenant -- at least when you're not in Arx," Mia said, and the corners of her mouth began to twitch. Another smile? Already? Her eyes darted to Esoka; clearly, she very much enjoyed surprising people with gifts. "Would you like your wedding gifts now?," she asked, turning to look back towards her page just as Aleksei approached. "Archlector. Thank you for the help you've sent in our research; I think it'll make quite the difference."

Rymarr arrives at a steady, stomping march. It may come as a surprise that the man is devoid of his armor and dressed rather simply, save for the heavy sword belt worn smartly around his waist and the blade sheathed within it. The typically stoic man seems alert and wide-eyed now, seemingly far more attentive to his surroundings than he may typically be witnessed. The sound of festivities draw him and, as he moves, a hand lowers to rest atop the pommel of his blade. Absently his free hand, gloved as it is, rises up in order to pull at the front of his silk tunic. When his hand doesn't meet armor that he attempts to shift down from riding up toward his throat, he glances down and realizes the air. He shakes his hand free and away before he continues onward and into the midst of bodies gathered together in celebration.

"Count Riven," Saedrus greets in return, bowing as gracefully as he can with an Aleksei at his back, arms around his waist. "Lovely to see you as well, especially during such a heartfelt occasion." He offers, looking back to Aleksei then and chuckling, cause Titan is still trying to get in on the cuddles. Reese, for Aleksei's attention the Princess' way gets a bright smile and delicate little fingerwave from Saedrus but he's soon enough wrapped up in the man wrapping him up. "I made dinner," he adds in a small voice back to Aleksei, "or have you had your fill of all the food here?" Sans... the sandwiches. Don't have those apparently.

Wynna dances steadily with Rinel, engaged in a quiet conversation as they go through the motions.

"Em." Samantha says fondly, offering easy nods for those present, but can't help but add, "Master Derovai. I'm a fan." Looking at the others, "I recognize Lord Luis of course, and the Archscholar, have we met?" This to Rinel, "I'm Samantha Deepwood. It's nice to meet you."

Esoka starts to mutter something back to whatever Calaudrin says to her. Instead, she just cackles and claps him on the shoulder. "Now's just fine, Countess," she says to Mia. "Though later is also fine. We both live at Heron Hall now, after all. Though I also have claim to a shop in the Lower Boroughs." She sounds very pleased, to be able to claim ownership of Calaudrin's things. "LORD RYMARR!" More people are here who require hugging. She promptly launches herself at the Marquis-Consort of Deepwood.

Rymarr checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

"Honor to make your acquaintance, Lady Deepwood!" calls Rinel happily as she sweeps past the Marquessa in a country waltz with Wynna.

Derovai checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

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Leaning in to Luis, Emily dips her head to say something as she looks to Derovai when Samantha says she is a fan. A brow arches when she looks between them. Something crosses her expression before she then states, "Master Voss, we may not have the time but we should speak again soon over some matters. Hopefully upon my return," she intones and motions for Samantha to join them but pauses when she hears the cry of Lord Rymarr from Esoka. There is a faint laugh for the enthusiasm as her head turns to watch.

Luis bows to the arriving Samantha, "Good evening Marquessa, a pleasure to see you again," he adds sweetly. He turns, at least that was the plan until Esoka shouts out the arrival of Rymarr and Luis looks in that direction, noting the arrival of the Marquis and giving the man a bow. He chuckles as he is drawn back into the conversation at the arbor, even as he rases a hand to give a wave to the retreating Driskell. "It's a lively evening," he notes aloud.

Calaudrin watches as Esoka launches towards another human and tackles them with hugs. He smiles towards Mia and shrugs his shoulders. "You may have to just get it over with quickly before she finds someone else to embrace again. There have been many, many hugs given to night and I don't think she's done."

Derovai tilts his head at Samantha, scanning her, somewhat openly. He glances sidelong as Driskell leaves, but nods at Samantha. "Don't be. I'm not that impressive." He looks back towards Emily, nodding. "When we can. We'll make the time." And then he looks back towards Bianca, continuing his conversation /yet again/ with her, with a vaguely apologetic look to the rest of the arbor.

Tikva laughs and laughs. "A super secret dinner," she agrees as he dips her, swinging low and letting Ainsley's arms bear the brace of her weight. Her eyes are bright with delight. She is full of energy, and swings upwards again to spin him around in turn. "Do you think they'd /want/ a house? They already have a shop!"

Ainsley shrugs a little bit and says to Tikva, "Houses are nice!" But then he twirls her in a circuit nearer to Calaudrin and he says, "Congratulations! What do you want as a wedding gift?"

At Calaudrin's words, Mia does indeed wave her page over. And he, in turn, waves to a woman at the edge of the park. Gift-giving is a multi-person process, at least when Mia is attempting to keep the Rivens' gifts a surprise -- and it's quickly obvious as to why. While the page bearing their heron sigil hands her a small sheaf of rolled parchment tied with a ribbon, the woman at the edge of the park is sporting a falconer's glove. And clinging to it is a rather large bird that is currently preening its pale brown feathers, apparently entirely unconcerned with the festivities going on around it. All the better that Esoka is momentarily distracted. It may take her a moment to realize what's happening.

"You might not be, but your talent is." Samantha replies serenely, and then is distracted by the sound of her husband's name. The inbound Esoka heading for Rymarr prompts a delighted laugh. Aside to Emily, "Am I interrupting to and Derovai? Because I can just as easily go greet Rymarr. He's not wearing armor...I may swoon."

Wait, Rymarr's not wearing armor?! Alright, Mia may be distracted for a moment, too, as she stares at the Marquis. And blinks. And then blinks again. But no! There's another matter at hand -- presents.

Thesarin turns over toward the scene of Rymarr, and a launching Esoka giving the Marquis-Consort a big hug. He makes a low, rumbling sort of laugh at the sight, giving Samantha a sort nod and a clasp of his fist to his chest. He looks back toward Calaudrin, and gives the man another nod, looking rather serious as he does. "Keep an eye on it, while we're away. Shouldn't be long." Another nod, and he looks back at Aleksei and Saedrus. "You two going to be dancing? Recall quite the show, last time." Then the Prodigal Count takes a half-step back, leaving room for Mia to make the most of her announcement.

Rinel curtsies to Wynna as their dance ends, and the two return to their places. She is beaming.

Aleksei murmurs something quieter to Saedrus before offering a bit of a crookedly rueful smile to Mia and Thesarin. "I actually think that we need to get home before dinner gets cold. Just wanted to make sure we both got here to congratulate the happy couple." He glances over to Esoka and Calaudrin with a spreading smile.

Rymarr Deepwood seems to freeze at the shout of his name and the hand laid atop the unadorned pommel of his sheathed blade only tightens down with that sound. He was without his armor and in a strange location. Eyes widen yet more and his eyebrows bounce upward with surprise to see Dame Esoka making way for him, bellowing his name into the heavens. This is how he dies. Resolve breaks as Esoka approaches and it becomes apparent that a hug was being aimed in his direction. Rymarr seems to spring to one side and then... he begins to run away, much like a deer spooked by a hunter. He hasn't drawn his sword at least. He's got that going for him. Which is nice.

Calaudrin is eyeballing Thesarin and Mia a little dubiously as a person begins arriving with a large bird. With a smidge of hesitation he says, "I was serious about there being no rats in the apartment or the shop. I promise. And that's with a cat." When there's a remark on 'keep an eye on it, while ew're away', he looks confused. "What?"

"Oh no," Emily says quickly to Samantha, "Master Voss wished to introduce me to the Archscholar and Brother Driskell. He has been helping me with some of my reasearch." There is a faint curl of her lips as she glances aside at Rymarr and then back up to the Marquessa. "We could join you however if you wish, I think Lord Luis had asked me for a dance, did you not?" she asks fo the Igniseri.

"They have an apartment /and/ a shop," Tikva says, spinning back to Ainsley so that she winds her arms tighter around his neck and grins up at him. "What if we bought them a /treehouse/? Calaudrin, Esoka! Do you want a treehouse?" Why would they want a treehouse?

Derovai laughs at that. "My talent?" he remarks to Samantha. "None of that, honestly, but if you insist." He looks over towards Emily, the conversation with Bianca lapsing for a moment, and he smiles at something Emily says, before he glances over to Thesarin and Mia, a familiar nod given the man. No words yet, though.

Saedrus chortles gently to Thesarin, smiling to Mia as well, "thank you, my Lord. No dances tonight though, there are puppy's to be fed and walked." Demurely admitted with another delicate bow. Oh domestic life. Snowy white hair curtains his features as he looks back to Aleksei, listening to what is said before there is a final farewell to Thesarin and Mia, a smile out to Esoka and Calaudrin. And then, it seems it's time to go. "I hope you all have a wonderful night." Saedrus bids happily, "dance until the moon kisses the sun, mm?" and it's time to get home.

Esoka does not let Rymarr escape easily! Well, he almost does, but she attempts a warrior-y sort of clap-on-shoulder before he totally flees. "You're not in armor!" She blinks at him. Has she ever seen him out of armor before. It's the day for it, given that she's wearing a dress. "There should be booze left. You should get some. Oh! The Countess is doing something. I should make sure Calaudrin doesn't hurt himself." And she makes her way back to her husband's side. In time to wave gamely to Aleksei and Saedrus. "Limerance's blessings on the pair of you! Do something joytful tonight!"

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Luis chuckles, watching the conversations for a moment, seemingly lost in his own thoughts as those around him continue to converse and lean into each other. There's a pause when he realizes someone spoke his name, before he blinks and recognizes what it was that was said, "Ah, yes Lady Emily, I do believe that I asked you for a dance earlier, though if you need to be here, or somewhere else, do not worry about my feelings on the matter," he remarks, chuckling and bowing his head to Samantha.

Samantha lets out an unwitting laugh as Rymarr starts to run, but shakes her head to Emily. "Oh, I had no idea. I just had a sense that you wanted to discuss something on your own." She blinks languidly at Derovai. "I do." She leaves it at that, raising a hand to Saedrus now that she sees him, and remarks to Emily, "I hadn't realized you've become so well acquainted with so many people, but I'm glad you have. Oh!" She looks between Luis and Samantha, "You should go dance!"

"That wasn't the solution that I was proposing to solve," Mia replied, shaking her head faintly at Calaudrin. "Besides, she much prefers fish to rodents." The Countess' hands folded together. She offered Aleksei and Saedrus a dip of curtsy; at the mention of dogs, she couldn't help but spy over people's shoulders for a glimpse of Peanut. She was obscenely fond of that dog, even if the circumstances prevented her from simply flopping down onto the grass with him to show it. About to say something more, her words fell away in favor of a grin at Esoka's return. "Can I steal your attention away just long enough to thrust something besides guests into your arms?," she teased the knight.

Rymarr cringes as hands lay on his shoulders, but ultimately he seems to know when to accept his fate. One eye twitches and with a clearing of his throat, he turns smartly on a heel in order to face Esoka. He offers a polite dip of his chin in greeting and answers, "Yes. I didn't have any very casual armor. Not yet. Now I'll have a suit of it cobbled together in a few days. You, however, look very...", Rymarr's eye twitches as he considers Esoka before one eye squints as though he was in the midst of seeking out the appropriate word, "...charming?" Then onward Esoka goes and Rymarr's cold blue-eyed stare turns around to regard the drinks of choice before he takes in a deep breath, holds it a moment, and then exhales it as he moves inward to join the festivities in earnest. Or as best he's capable.

Reese finally stops dancing and she looks a little bit exhausted, but happy. A message comes and she reaches it over while looking all thoughtful. "Oh, I need to get going." Reese then smiles over to Esoka and Calaudrin. "Congrats again and wonderful party." She murmurs softly. She waves to Devorai. "Send me a message when ready to see all the books." Reese notices Rymarr a bit belatedly and has a smile for him as well. "Marquis." She say son her way out.

Peanut is there! And when Aleksei calls over to him, he trots over, but not before making a pit stop at Mia's side and nosing at her hip for a moment's pat. Aleksei just grins, arms still slipped around Saedrus, and begins to draw off. "Enjoy the party!" he calls to everyone.

Thesarin nods toward Saedrus and Aleksei. "Health to you both." He watches the pair go, and then looks toward Calaudrin with a short shrug. "Long way north. And I'm fond of the place." He looks over toward Derovai, and returns the man's nod, before he looks back toward Esoka with a hint of an actual grin. "You're going to want to hear this." He clasps a fist to his chest and gives another nod toward Rymarr. "Marquis." And another nod toward Reese as she makes her way out.

"It has been quite the adventure," she remarks to Samantha, missing Rymarr's attempt at fleeing for the moment. There is a bright smile for those she is with and Emily adds, "Arx continues to be an endless source of bemusement and learning," she admits. She then dips her head to Derovai as she rises, "Thank you, Master Voss, for introducing me. I will hope to see you upon my return from the North." This said with a light, fleeting touch to his shoulder before she turns her regard on Luis, "I see you trying to get out of the dance you offered me before..and I think my cousin needs to go see if she can save the Marquis," she remarks now noticing Rymarr. She then glances to Samantha, "Come let us see what we can do for him together and then dance," she adds the last for the Igniser's benefit.

Saedrus reaches down for Peanut as the pooch arrives having clearly made all the friends tonight. "Come on you," said fondly to Peanut. He does catch Samantha with a final look over those gathered, a bow of his head and brilliant smile. But alas, puppies to feed and walk. Gotta go be a good fur-parent.

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Derovai grins at Reese. "I'll do that," he tells her. "Make sure you put the good ones at the top; I'm not much of a reader." Blatant lies. And then he looks back towards Emily. "I'll introduce you to everyone I can think of, Lady Emily Deepwood. I can tolerate you." It's a teasing sort of phrase, though he /does/ give Luis a quick look to assure him he means no harm.

Ainsley spin spin, and then to Calaudrin, "Yeah? Do you want a /treehouse/? We can arrange that! It could be right up against your shop, even."

"In the lower boroughs? In the street?" Calaudrin says to Ainsley, looking confused. Then back to Mia and Thesarin and then to Esoka. "I have no idea what's going on more." He shakes his head appearing to be genuinely baffled now, "Is there more scotch? I need some of that."

Esoka laughs at Rymarr. She has to. It's a very fond laugh, though, and a grateful one. She appreciates the effort at merriment. "The Marquessa is here. So you'll have some fun, at least." She turns her attention back to Mia, placing a hand on Calaudrin's shoulder. "Certainly, Countess. Treehouse?" A blink at Ainsley. "Umm. A bottle of some good whiskey will do just as well, Prince Ainsley!" And then her attention /is/ fixed on Mia, when she's reasonably assured she won't have a surprise cottage thrust upon her.

Samantha lets out a soft chuff of a laugh at something, and remarks to Emily, "Rescue him? Oh, no. If there's one thing I adore, it's seeing my very stoic husband manage the fondness others have for him." Pausing, she adds guiltily, "I had thought to offer them property myself - but I felt that should come from their liege. I didn't want to overstep." A look over her shoulder at Derovai briefly, and then she's ready to head over to Rymarr with Emily.

Rymarr gradually locates a source of drink. While whiskey and the rest flows, Rymarr's drink of choice? Water. He lives on the wild side. He sips at it, tentatively, before he gives a simple nod of his head in appreciation. Eventually he begins to move, traveling through the masses with quick, watchful glances this way and that. At least until he arrives near Thesarin and shifts himself around so that he may watch over Thesarin's shoulder and, presumably, the Count of House Riven could do the same for himself.

Tikva starts to giggle and buries her face temporarily in Ainsley's neck, snorfling against him for a beat before she picks up the rhythm of the dance in her next active step. "It seems so silly to give a bottle of whiskey to someone who owns a spirits shop, though!"

"Oh." Alban says to himself when he comes into the park, especially at the talk of armor and the casual nature there of. He looks down at himself and then says to himself, "Note to self, save up for some steel silk..." Before he starts to walk around the park, looking for people he might know or recognize. He does however offer polite nods of greetings to those whom might look in his direction that he notices.

Luis chuckles at Derovai's words, "Indeed, she does seem very tolerable, does she not?" Luis jests with the man, giving a half shrug and then offering an arm to Emily, "Well, should those who simply tolerate you not wish for your company any longer, then perhaps we should have that dance and then perhaps they shall wish for your company once again?" Luis asks of her, turning to look to the Archscholar, "Unless you have need of the young Deepwood?" He nods to Samantha, "Ah, yes, Marquessa, and that is such a noble way to approach such things, your kindness for your husband knows no bounds," he finishes with a sweet smile before looking to Emily one more time, "Shall we then?"

Ainsley continues turning around, utterly at ease with Tikva and dancing. A frown is given and he says, "Mmmn, what about a statue?" He calls toward Esoka, "Would you like a statue? Or! Oh what about a fancy bath? We could pay to have the apartment renovated with a fancy bath. Orr... Hm, what else. Furniture? I could buy you a set of furniture from that swindler Magpie Grayhope."

"Given the long history of the Greenbloods, their traditions, how they came to be a part of House Riven, the Count and I wanted to both ensure strong ties to your past," Mia said, gesturing towards the very large bird on the woman's arm. She, like Mia and Thesarin's own birds, was a white-tailed eagle. A year younger, she was a fledgling still, but remarkably calm given both her youth and her surroundings. "As well as secure a happy future, for you and for the Greenbloods to come." And with that, she held out the sheaf of rolled papers towards the pair of them, to be opened and reviewed.

"I do agree, that it is rather amusing to see him placed in such situations. I myself have not seen him out of armor since the skating competition," Emily says to Samantha as she takes Luis' arm and grins at Derovai, "I will hold you to it," she says to him with a nod of her head. "And I take what I can get, tolerate or otherwise," she says and then as the three start towards the Marquis of Deepwood. "We shall," she says to the Igniseri. Bemused for moments after as they approach Rymarr, it remains when she lifts her voice to him accompanied by Samantha and Luis. "It is good to see you, Marquis. I did not think you existed without armor and I am glad to be wrong."

Derovai looks puzzled at Samantha's look, but he shrugs, leaning againt the arbor where he's hanging out. "is she /that/ good of a dancer, Lord Igniseri?" he wonders of Luis. "I can see it." But he's continuing his conversation with Bianca anew, even if the slight break seems to have dampened whatever ardor that was for a moment.

"Hello, Lord Farshaw!" Rinel calls out to Alban. She bows, smiling happily.

Alban lifts a hand towards Rinel and smiles, offering her a polite nod of his head before he starts to make his way through towards the woman. "Mistress Rinel, it has been some few days. Everything is well I trust?" He asks her and then takes a look around, "I unfortunately do not seem dressed for this occasion." A soft dry chuckle follows, "I am trying to get used to the heavier armor again so that it is as comfortable as possible when we march."

Esoka shouts over to Ainsley, "Yes, Magpie furniture!" with a cackle. For all the laughter, she sounds genuinely enthusiastic about that as a present. For better or worse. The laughing fades as her attention directs back to Mia, though. Expression assuming a gravity as she regards the bird. A bow is given to the Countess. "I shall teach our son or daughter to hunt well with it." An aside to Calaudrin, she mutters, "I can show you how to keep her alive." The papers are read over with slightly widened eyes. And another bow. "Our love and thanks to House Riven. May it be stronger for this. I know I shall be."

Bianca's brows lifted, having drifted back into the recesses of her mind as she observed the goings on around her. At Derovai's murmur her head turned toward him, responding in kind.

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Luis shoots Derovai a puzzled glance, but shrugs, "I would imagine she's capable at the very least?" he offers, though clearly he's about to find out. There is a strange half-step in the man's cadence as he notes that instead of stopping at the dancing area, they keep wandering past it to go and greet the Marquis, "Ah, hello there Marquis Rymarr, a pleasure to see you again, though I must say, you should find those pants you wore skating, they were much more... delightful," Luis remarks, his lips curling into a sweet smile.

Rinel says, "Everything is lovely! It's a wonderful day."

Samantha remarks to Luis, "I think he does it to tease me." Looking to Rymarr with an impish air, noting, "If you wanted to dance with me, it would not be amiss."

"Magpie furniture it is," Tikva says in a tone that is both amused and a little mystified. She spins in a pirouette and then collapses into Ainsley's arms. "Let's get a drink and then head out, yeah?" she asks him lightly.

Derovai draws a breath, about to say something to Bianca, but he thinks better of it, nodding slightly and responding to her. "Ah, /hello/, Lord Alban. I trust you had an enjoyable night?" His eyes glint and his grin is far too bright.

Mia brightened, but it wasn't at the bow. "We wanted you to have somewhere for a small pack of fat, happy babies to toddle about." And then, in a grand show of something characteristically un-Mia, the Countess of House Riven rose up on her toes and actually *shouted* across the grass at Ainsley. "Do you hear that, Ainsley?! You're going to have to settle for furniture, because I've already given them a house. And the land that it sits on. And all the trees around it. Consider it my revenge for thieving your lovely wife from under my roof!"

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"A statue?" Drink. "A fancy bath?" Drink. "Renovate my apartment- Don't you dare fill it with things from Magpie!" He calls back over to Ainsley. Meanwhile, papers are being shown to him and Esoka. He begins to read and seems a little confused. "What? I don't know how to take care of birds. You're all going to come back find that its eaten me." When he gets to the part of the documents he can understand, "Oh." He takes in a breath and just looks rather surprised. Catching his composure, he nods once. And then again. "Thank you, Countess and Count Riven."

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Rymarr glances away from Thesarin's shoulder and the space behind him at the sound of his own name spoken. He shifts around so that he may keep Thesarin and his vulnerable back in sight, but angles himself so that he may turn his focus the trio that is Samantha, Emily, and Luis. A solemn nod is cast toward the trio and then Rymarr glances aside to regard Thesarin. Something quietly exchanged between the pair draws a frown to Rymarr's typically stoic expression before he states firmly in response to the quiet exchange, "You're different". Then Rymarr's attention turns back to Emily and Luis, considers the pair for a moment, and then nods once, "Those pants are for special occasions only, unfortunately". Then Samantha's request for a dance is considered and Rymarr shrugs lightly, "Dance? I'm in my armo...", Rymarr pauses, his eye twitches and under his breath a low mutter may be heard, "...damn". At which point, Rymarr's eyes widen slgihtly and a hand quickly lifts to cover his mouth and rub at it for a moment.

Ainsley checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

"I'll take care of the bird. You can teach our babies to fish, when we've time for them. And not eat any mushrooms, because you can't identify poison ones," Esoka says with a warm smile to Calaudrin. Then, she takes his arm. "Come on. We still need to dance." To the party at large she says, "There is still lots of drink left! Raise a glass to Limerance and something you love!" She'll drag her husband off for a turn around the maypole, with that.

"I think I might take my leave." Bianca murmured softly to those nearest her. "I'm finding myself a little weary tonight."

Ainsley's jaw drops at Mia, and he misses a stop in the dance. Looking from between Tikva and Mia, then Esoka and Calaudrin. His jaw works a moment and he says, "I, wha... But I wanted to give them a house!"

Tikva starts to laugh.

"Never in my life have people fought over giving me a place to live." Calaudrin remarks as he looks between Ainsley and Mia. Then Esoka is pulling him away for a dance. "Yes, lets do that. Before I'm too drunk to even begin to figure out how to walk properly."

Pressing her lips to a firm line, Emily does her best not to laugh at what Luis says and how Rymarr reacts, merely a nod given. Backed into a corner, Emily does not help the poor Marquis of Deepwood, "I am certain the Count would not mind if you joined us. The Lord Luis has asked me for a dance as well. We would be honored to have you two join us." She shoots Samantha a look as her smile momentarily grows. "Lord Luis...if you would lead.." she says with a tuck of her chin in his direction, hand on his arm moving to slide her fingers int hi shand.

Thesarin nods toward Esoka, then, clasping her shoulder again firmly. "Blessings on your new family, girl. Happy for you." And another nod toward Calaudrin. "Both of you." He turns toward Tikva and Ainsley, giving the pair of them another nod of greeting. His wife's shouts have earned another, brief hint of a smile on the Prodigal Count's lips, as he starts over toward the Grayson couple. "Well, Highness, should've done it quicker. Prince Ainsley. Tikva, I haven't given you my blessings just yet. My congradlations, for both o' you, as well."

Rinel bows to Bianca. "Safe travels, Archscholar. You will be in our prayers."

Ainsley is full on pouting now. He turns his gaze to Tikva and asks, "Can I challenge her to a duel?? No- no better idea. Can I challenge Cal to a duel, and if he loses he has to accept another house /from us/ and say it's better than Mia's?"

Samantha manages to widen her grey eyes to look as appealingly fawn-like as possible, holding out her hands and glancing at Rymarr through her lashes. "I won't even cry if you step on my feet. Please?"

"No, sweetheart. It does no honor to Limerance to treat our vassals' vassals that way." Tikva pats Ainsley's cheek, rocks forward onto her toes, and kisses the corner of his mouth. "Let's go find the most ridiculous furniture we can, all right?"

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With his hand taken Luis bows slightly to Rymarr, "To special occasions then, such as they are," he gives the Marquis a wink before agreeing with Emily, "Ah, well shall your relatives wish to join us, that would be wonderful, though let us not forget to say some fond things to our hosts for the evening before we get too enamored," he replies, though seems rather keen on heading for the dance. "Perhaps if the Marquessa plays her hand right, she can have Rymarr... well let's say the lack of armor is simply a step closer to a different goal." Once again, he shares a wink and then will lead Emily out to the place of dancing.

Esoka's an athletic dancer, but not a terribly skilled one, so she'll content herself with reeling and swaying with Calaudrin. She'll drag him off for other things, eventually. Even after that, there's plenty of booze to toast love and life as one will.

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