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Prince Ainsley Grayson

I'd rather protect than rule.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Paladin of Gloria
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Light brown

Titles: Paladin of the Sword, Deputy Commander of the Iron Guard, Disciple of Gloria

Description: Around six foot tall, with light brown skin and gray eyes Ainsley Grayson holds himself with a Knightly bearing. His black hair is often shaved shorn and cropped close to his skull. A hint of stubble there on occasion. His form is athletic and lean; full of muscle without being bulky or too broad.

(His hair has grown out from his usually shorn look. Inky curls ring his head in a hallo of black fluff. He's currently sporting burn wounds all over his body; notably upon his hands, and a large one up the side of his neck to his jaw.)

Personality: Genuine in all he does, it seems almost as if Ainsley cannot lie. In truth he simply prefers not to. Finding the pressure of being a political body from his family too much he tends to seek other paths while still doing the Grayson name proud. Politics, lying, and intrigue is far too much effort and work. He would rather throw himself into exhausting physical labor than have to remember what web has been weaved. He would rather be a protector than a rule. There is honor, he finds, in being the guard and the knight. Ainsley takes a straight forward approach to most things. His moods may be mecurial at times but they are all genuine and honest, to be otherwise is too much work.

Background: Born to Daniela Bisland and Rodric Grayson, Ainsley Grayson is a distant cousin of the Crown Prince. His parents tried to groom him for politics and the spotlight. Wanting him to shine like a star. They had many a plan for him. He created for none of them. As a boy he was far more interested in being outside in the training yard. As he grew he found it far too exhausting to deal with politics. Don't say this, don't do that. Pretend you like that person, don't talk to that person even though you like them. Why can't he just tell people whether or not they are annoying him? Why does he need to act a certain way?

His parents saw it as a rebellion when he pursued a career in the Iron Guard. He saw it as a way to still do the Grayson name proud, without spending all that time exhausting himself trying to weave political webs. He'd rather just be himself. So he has thrown himself into the Iron Guard. He wants to do the Grayson motto justice: 'None greater than Grayson'. He wants to the best knight in the Iron Guard.

His parents eventually found peace with his choice in life, and have stopped putting as much pressure on him to be some political maestro. He was, aside from his parents expectations, quite spoilt as a child. He spent time as a child with his Bisland cousins but his Grayson ones as well. Though most of those connections have not been very strong. Connecting with his family is something he looks forward to in the future.

Relationship Summary

  • Everard - Damnit.
  • Brand - I cut off your damned head.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Hana - Crownsown Weaponsmith

  • Parent:
  • Rodric - Father. Prince. Stern.
  • Daniela - Mother. Princess. Fiercely disapproving.

  • Family:
  • Reese - Warrior-Princess Cousin
  • Lark - Cousin and High Lord
  • Dawn - Cousin and ex-Regent
  • Michael - Cousin and Guardsmen
  • Lailah - Bookish Cousin
  • Laric - The Most Tolerable Cousin (or is he?)
  • Iona - Diplomatic Aunt
  • Gabriel - Duke-Uncle (Dunkle!)
  • Asharion - My son, my loudest child.
  • Aniyah - My ward, my most stalwart child.
  • Tiber - My ward, my most energetic child.

  • Sibling:
  • Ailys - Best Sister
  • Aiden - Best brother.

  • Deceased:
  • Vincere - My fallen beloved's fallen twin.
  • Pietro - Fallen Beloved.

  • Friend:
  • Samantha - Childhood Friend
  • Killian - Lord Ashford
  • Max - "Fooken" Darkwater
  • Aislin - Lady Ashford
  • Tiber - Little Lord Riven.
  • Niamh - Adored friend.

  • Spouse:
  • Tikva - My Princess, My Tikva.

  • Ally:
  • Aleksei - Steadfast friend.
  • Cara - Co-Voice and Princess.
  • Name Summary
    Aiden The Paladin of Gloria, first known to me as my brother. I'm not surprised he turned out to be what he is, as he was always trying to protect me when we were younger. He will have to let me stumble and fall on my own now, as much as I love him watching over me, life takes us on different paths.
    Atherton I'd feared this city was the source of spoiled youths with undeserved treasures I'd been hired to guard so many times in the wilds. I have a new bruise to show me that sometimes they are very deserved indeed. A good man.
    Caspian Seems like a decent enough guy and a decent fighter. Meeting lots of decent fighters I need to surpass!
    Christine He seems like a nice kid. And he can fight! Although he seems to need a bit more patience... And shoes. Although I didn't get why.
    Cirroch He has a beautiful dog! I bought him a drink and he seems friendly enough.
    Cristoph Prince Ainsley is just a regular hero, doing hero things, out in public. Definitely a great guy.
    Edain He's a great knight, it's in his blood, his heritage is Grayson and Bisland which is the perfect cocktail for a superlative knight. I have heard some question his temper, but those are people that don't understand that a knight is a creature of passions. He's a good man. He's done great things, and he will continue to do great things.
    Emilia First time I saw him, he introduced himself as simply 'Ainsley Grayson'. I could tell that he was honorable, and righteous, at a simple glance.
    Jeffeth A very passionate prince. Way he would roar and yell reminded me of boys I grew up with, not princes. He wants the best, badly.
    Jordan A Prince who is concerned with the betterment of the whole Compact, not just his frontyard. That is important for the Compact that struggles together; to prosper together as well.
    Killian Sure, he's a Paladin. A hero. Blessed of Gloria and a capable warrior, Voice of the house I'm sworn too and all that. But none of that really matters. He's Ainsley. He's a dear friend and ally, and one of the very few people I trust and rely upon.
    Lucita Kind, caring, married to a friend of mine and an old, very dear friend of other family members. I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Nierzen Who in the hell wears all that to the Murder? Prince or not, that fellow has perhaps taken a few too many blows to the head. Lucky if he doesn't wind up dead in an alley - a family could live for years off the proceeds of selling his cloak alone. He should see a Mercy...
    Samael My beloved nephew. It is good we are both finally in Arx together. I look forward to connecting with him again.
    Silas Silas's trusted second-in-command and a treasured friend. He'll be there when Ainsley needs him... unless he's unconscious or something!
    Sorrel Tikva's husband seems really nice, even if I did meet him under really stressful conditions. And he seems to be very fond of Tikva, as well. Protective. I approve. Not that it matters if I approve, but I like approving. Ainsley is okay by me. And he was very helpful, too. Despite the stressful conditions.
    Thesarin The man took the head off Tolmar Brand, and who at a stroke took from my House our Voice, my best scout, and my sister by marriage. If she spoke of him even the least bit less well, I'd be much disposed to mislike him.