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Archscholar Bianca Wyrmguard

Knowledge is not something to be feared. Only ignorance can truly manipulate and corrupt.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Perpetual Student
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: female
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: silver
Skintone: Albino

Titles: Archlector of Vellichor, Guardian of the Great Archive

Description: Ethereal would be an apt adjective to describe the young Wyrmguard scholar. Often mistaken as a potential twin to her cousin Damon, Bianca maintains a certain sort of irrefutable beauty not often found beyond ancient fairytales of Arx. Shock white hair, sylph-like stature and crystalline gaze all command attention when the woman enters a room.

Personality: There was something about her; an ageless wisdom lingering just beneath the surface of every gentle word she spoke coupled with stoic determination that seemed well beyond her years, but from time to time it would all crumble away and a girlish giggle or brilliant smile would rupture the calm waters of Bianca's demeanor. In familiar company she was good-humored and even a little silly, but for the most part the scholar of Wyrmguard maintained a placid warmth to her personality. Not easily shaken nor insulted, Bianca seemed to take the world in stride.

Background: Daughter of Daniel Wyrmguard, the almost unknown youngest brother of Marquis Denis Wyrmguard, Bianca maintained much of the same peripheral status to the Wyrmguard family that her father once had. Unlike his brothers, Daniel was a man of knowledge and chose to spend his life in pursuit of it. Unfortunately, that quest was cut very short as Daniel did not live past the age of twenty-four, survived only by his toddler daughter as Bianca's mother had passed presumably during the child's birth. Thankfully for Bianca, her father was able to deliver his daughter to the Oathlands and from there left specific instructions for her education and general future prior to the end of his life soon after.

Upon reaching the age of twelve, Bianca would be sent to study with the Mercies of Lagoma and choose her own path of study be it as a priestess or following in the footsteps of her deceased father. After a few years, the blossoming beauty made her decision and proceeded to depart from the priesthood and instead follow the pursuit of knowledge. While she adored her theological and medicinal studies, there was just so much more to the world. So much more that she couldn't wait to see and experience. And so at the age of eighteen, Bianca was granted a single guard/escort by House Wyrmguard to begin her travels outside of the safety of Blancbier and extend her knowledge and understanding of the greater world. Intermittently Bianca would return home to Blancbier to visit throughout her youth.

It was at the behest of her cousin, Lord Damon Wyrmguard, that she come to join some of the family centralized in Arx and no great secret that her desire to explore the Great Archive was her primary reason for her arrival in the city. Within a matter of weeks Bianca had gained the permission of Dominus Fawkhul to pursue further investigation into the lost art of Exorcism and from there she joined the discipleship of Vellichor in a more official capacity, first as a simple Scholar and following a Prelate. It was with Fawkhul's great betrayal and the elevation of Dominus Aldwin that her career within the Faith continued forward. After much internal searching and seeking the guidance of many of the Godsworn, Bianca stepped down from her role as Voice of House Wyrmguard and took her oaths to join the priesthood. Within her annointing ceremony and to the surprise of many, Bianca was named Aldwin's successor as Arschscholar of the Scholars of Vellichor.

Since then, Bianca continues her work as an icon of the Faith and representative of the discipleship she leads.

Relationship Summary

  • Aldwin - A man I aspire to emulate in wisdom and faith.
  • Khanne - Our mutual similarities of opinion could morph to friendship with ease. Someday we will find the time.
  • Belladonna - Cunning intelligence wrapped in a package of poise and beauty.
  • Rowan - Intelligent and sincere. I hope to meet his children.
  • Merek - Ambitious, but sometimes too familiar.
  • Annabelle - There is a fire in the Lady Lyonesse. I hope to help stoke it.
  • Jasher - Succinct and appreciated.
  • Orazio - Loss I can not fathom rests behind his eyes.
  • Ford - We walk the border of friendship, yet I am not quite ready to fully open that door.
  • Branan - We share similar sentiments on many things.
  • Costas - Cast to the winds of personal duty. I understand.
  • Lailah - Refreshingly fierce.
  • Alis - Kindness wrapped in plate.
  • Benjamin - Diligent and professional.
  • Ira - I doubt I will ever understand why he masks his intelligence beneath such whimsy.
  • Aislin - She has faced an insurmountable amount of loss in the brief time I've known her.
  • Felix - He has a hero's heart.
  • Bethany - The world lays at your feet, you need only to take hold of it.
  • Silas - A respectable and altruistic man.
  • Calliope - I am not often impressed to such an extent during a first meeting.
  • Duarte - Puzzle box.
  • Larissa - So much could be said of her. Her presence is a light in all of our lives.
  • Lianne - Another I wish to spend more time in the company of, if only life would permit.
  • Eirene - I have the utmost respect for the woman.

  • Friend:
  • Max - A friendship risen from the ashes of loss. I trust you.
  • Ferrando - A guardian as much as he is a friend.
  • Denica - Have courage. You shall do great things.
  • Valencia - Our time is always brief, but your warmth never wavers.

  • Family:
  • Sophie - Adored Cousin
  • Damon - I could really use your levity. I miss you.
  • Desiree - Your abilities in the social sphere continue to astound me.
  • Dominique - It will be alright. I believe in you.
  • Name Summary
    Alaric While she might be more comfortable surrounded by tomes and scrolls of all varieties, I very much appreciate her coming to the Palace to speak with me anyway. I even got a unique research project out of our meeting. She seems very calm, composed, and considered, as one would expect from the Archscholar.
    Alban An interesting woman, thoughtful, smart, cautious as well she should be given the situation. I am surprised she worries for me, somewhat, after my previous associations but it warms me that she does. Her advice is always good, and I am made the better for knowing her.
    Aldwin She understands the Faith in a way I wish many others did. The gods guide her well.
    Alessandro An immense help -- but then, that is to be expected.
    Arianna Exceptional! Unique and beautiful in a mysterious way that makes me go mad with finding out /who/ actually is the Archscholar of Vellichor. Brilliant and well spoken, she seems to be a bit reserved but I understand feeling ostracized or judged for being who you are. Her story of childhood reminded me of my own. Being Lycene in the Crownlands was a very very hard thing to be. I wish her well and know I'll see her in the future.
    Astraea She is warm and very wise, once can tell from the way she carries herself. I can tell she has a good heart to match her mind, and I do hope that we'll have the chance soon to say hello again.
    Barik A dove in silken white, but will her flesh bend like silk under pressure? Remains to be seen. I wish her luck in the wars to come.
    Bliss What a lovely woman, I saw her grinning as I was trash talking. My favorite kind.
    Caith Oh my goodness, she knows everything! Well, not everything-everything but almost everything! I want to whisk her away and hide under a blanket fort with a pile of books, enough cake and tea to sustain us and talk talk talk until the sun has burned out of the sky! And go on adventures too! I feel like I could open up any book from my childhood, point to a page and she and I could be transported there, to discover all the mysteries therein with much derring-do. She is like all the stories come to life! IT IS GLORIOUS! SHE IS GLORIOUS!
    Christine Sweet, nice, helpful and polite. All that I could expect of her.
    Cirroch I've met her a few times, she's seems quite friendly and respectable. Though she also seems to be quite busy when she is not at birthday parties.
    Cristoph Blessed Bianca is as always a pleasure to be around. Her presence in Southport is going to be mean a lot to the troops and I hope they can find a kind of solace knowing an Archlector of the Faith is here with them.
    Cullen Intriguing and wise, the Archscholar is able to understand my plight and some of the sensitivities that come with it. An excellent conversationalist, I think I could learn much from her - and one who doesn't judge me for my bluntness, something that is a great relief.
    Cybele Arcscholar Bianca Wyrmguard Godsworn of Vellichor. Thoughtful lady. She is not Aldwin, but that is good because we only need one Aldwin. She has always been kind and respectful.
    Delilah Though I haven't had the ideal scenario of meeting Bianca in brighter times, she has proven to be very thoughtful and resourceful. The discussion leads me to believe that she is as trustworthy as her title would suggest. Truly a pleasure to meet her.
    Dominique The smartest cousin that ever did cousin.
    Duarte I don't envy her burden of knowledge.
    Echo Quiet and scholarly. She looks sorta' like me, but I bet she'd argue that I look like her. Or that we're completely different. And she'd be correct, a book is not at all like a sword. She's not an open book though, not all secrets are free to have. Some are not hers to share and others are for my own protection. In a way, she's like a choose-your-own adventure book! I only get to see some of the pages.
    Edain I am a bit biased because of my affection for the Wyrmguard as a whole, but there is no single person that could have been a better choice to become Archscholar after Aldwin became the new Dominus. Brilliant, but with a charming enthusiasm for knowledge that makes one feel comfortable around her rather than being intimidated by the the fact that she is probably the smartest person in any given room. Vellichor is honored well by her.
    Emily The Archscholar seems rather fair minded. I trust that I can share with her my thoughts on a few topics.
    Ezekiel I have never had such appreciative applause! I hope to see her in many more audiences of mine!
    Ferrando It's fair to say she's just a little smarter than me... kind of like a mountain is just a little bigger than a rock. But even if I wasn't personally built for academic purposes, the nice part about independent security contracting is that I can still contribute to the advancement of knowledge by getting in between the Archscholar and sharp things! I think she appreciates it too, because not only have I not been fired yet but we're actually pretty good friends now.
    Harald She is a scholar, and the lot of a scholar is to seek truth. May she prove to be a good scholar.
    Ignacio The Archscholar seems to be a well educated person. She doesn't look down upon those that learn first hand instead of from a book. I look forward to speak to her more in the future.
    Jeffeth The Archscholar! She seems much nicer than I thought she'd be. I didn't get to talk to her much but she seems like a very pleasant lady.
    Marian She is a leader of the Faith, the protector of Knowledge. While many may seek the criticize the Faith, I find that stalwart leaders such as herself are not as appreciated as they should be. I for one am glad that there are those trying to keep knowledge alive. Helping others find information to help us in our fight against darkness.
    Merek Bianca is the first person that befriended Merek besides Valencia, and she also has been like a mentor to him when it comes to being a scholar. She seems to really like knowledge!
    Monique The Archlector married me to my husband. But even before then, she was a wonderful source of knowledge and compassion and friendship.
    Naka The Archscholar has a striking presence and a calm, wise demeanor. She is quite generous with her limited time, as well, which I flagrantly abused. That was a statement, not a regret, by the way.
    Nierzen Not an idiot. Worth talking to. Let's see what she can do.
    Norwood The old campaigner in me worries about such a slight woman with ink stains on her hand among all of us soldiers. She seems to have a quiet strength about her, and if this war goes on too long, we'll need her mind here to keep the rest of us centered.
    Orathy Reckon she be offering the academy to be helping me words first off. Seems alright, for one of the faith. Treats me like a person, reckon so.
    Oswyn The Archscholar is intelligent and kind, but above all, wise.
    Petal I see her alot, generally involved in deep conversation. She seems to have a lot of important things do. She seems polite and often notices me.
    Quenia I have found that Archscholar Bianca is a wise and patient teacher. And, I am glad that she was the one who was able to give me the finer point of leadership. I look forward to any further knowledge she is able to impart, as part of the Vellichorian Academy.
    Reese It is good to see her again! I still remember when I was new to fighting the abyss and she gave m and Merek such good advice. She has always been kind.
    Rinel She looks as though she stands between this world and the next--beautiful, but remote, like a work of art on a pedestal. Yet she is kind, and has given me much of her time.
    Rook The Archscholar of Vellichor, and able to lead the masses in matters of educational pursuits.
    Sabella I don't know how she sleeps at night. She is very knowledgable and brave and gives me some hope that knowing such things doesn't have to completely ruin your life.
    Sabella The Archscholar is one of the most learned, kindest people I have ever met. I know her duties weigh heavily upon her, but she never fails to take the time to talk and engage with the people of this city, something we all are truly grateful for!
    Samael An ethereal beauty. Mysterious and illuminating. I am looking forward to getting to know her better. She is definitely a useful friend to have.
    Scipio The Archscholar of Vellichor was very kind to me, and informative. She knows Felicia, too!
    Sebastian It was a pleasure to meet the gracious Archscholar during the art show. Gracious, graceful, and charming.
    Sophie Blessed Bianca, ever so scholarly, how unsurprising that she ascended to be Archscholar of Vellchor. Time and distance, duty and loss have parted us somewhat from our ties of youth. I do intend to see us closer. Stuck with me for reasons beyond familial affection, I suspect my dear cousin and I will grow closer. After all, she inherited me when Aldwin resigned.
    Sorrel My holy cousin devotes herself to being scholarly, so she's always a good resource when it comes to information and learning. It makes me proud to know how well she's done for herself, and I always enjoy spending time in her company.
    Sparte Oh god why am I embarassed again it is like her special gift to show up when I am trying to do something and suddenly everything is embarassing.
    Theron Archscholar Wyrmguard seems willing to debate instead of refuting one's arguments through stubborness. She fielded my question patiently and respectfully. Perhaps someone to ask about things that are difficult to understand in the future.
    Thorley When faced with a crisis of the faiths, the Archscholar stood tall admist the questions and was unflenching in her sharing of knowledge. I've seen full plate knights bend the knee at such a catastrophe, and yet she carries on.
    Vanora The Archlector of Vellichor is clearly fit for her position. She handles herself eloquently during theological discussions and is composed and thoughtful under pressure. I admire her.
    Vayne A thoughtful woman who, I believe, as her heart in the right place, ironic given her love of books. Anyone who can be honest with me about something I need to hear, regardless of whether she believes I will want to hear it, is someone I can grow to trust.
    Veronica The Archscholar herself, and I acted somewhat foolish before her. Thankfully she is a calm, kind woman who took it all in stride.