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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar IX

It's time for another night filled with sparring, spirits and superb company. Once again, the Golden Hart is inviting one and all to come relax and enjoy night of merry making and matches. All levels of fighters are welcome.

Bring your weapons and armor as you please or use the Hart's armor and weapons to truly test your skills. Or just come to enjoy the scene, drink deep, and/or lay playful bets on your favourite fighters.

This is a relaxed social event and all the drinks are on the house.

All are welcome!

(OOC: This event is created just to cut loose and have some fun. The Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. We would be very happy to have you.)


Feb. 11, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Armel(RIP) Violet Wash Thesarin Harmon Caspian Luca Emilia Cadenza Astraea Luis Orathy Emily Jericho Waldemai Mirari Lethe Lucita Echo Dagon Ian Brogan Sparte Esoka Jeffeth Vano Zoey Apollis Angelo Felicia Giulio Felix Mattheu Juliana Valdemar



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Having already secured her drink from the outer room, Mirari simply walks to sit at the bar, setting her sketchbook down so she can work while she watches the action.

3 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Valdemar.

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Ian comes into the arena together with Zoey and Valdemar. As usual, when he walks, he doesn't really project a sense of being 'with' anyone, really, too focused on his own careful footsteps, but the physical proximity is there, and he pauses to look at both of them to get a sense of where they want to sit.

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Zoey motions towards the corner table with a questioning look for Ian and Valdemar.

Waldemai is ready for a good fight. "Bring ale!" he calls, and then heads up to the cheap seats in the rafters.

Following Ian and Zoey into the room, Valdemar nods at Zoey's silent suggestion, but walks over to the bar first rather than the table to get his glass of mead refilled. While he is there, a pair of Grimhall servants arrive, bearing his armor so that it is at hand in case he spars tonight.

Felix made sure to get here early, though he was still full from lunch, he stopped to get a tankard from the bar. Moving to take a seat down near the sands, tonight the smith was armored and armed; a sign that he at least intended to step in at least once tonight. For now, he relaxed and enjoyed his drink while waiting on the Princess to start off the night's festivities.

Ian seems amenable to the corner table, although he's careful that it's not a table under where Waldemai is sitting in the rafters, because nobody needs ale accidentally (or 'accidentally') rained on their heads.

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Mattheu walks into the room now, with a his mead in his hand, and then he walks over to the the bar, to lean against it sipping his drink, as he looks around with a little chuckle, the bells still tingling in his hair.

The little vixen sweeps into the room with a rustle of southern silk and a big bright smile as guest begin to fill the seating around and above the ring. Valencia smiles up and waves to Waldemai as a pretty blonde barmaid rushes past to climb the ladder to the rafters and bring the smith a large pitcher of ale with a little wink and playful bump of her hip. The little princess nods warmly as more guests arrive. Each one greeted and honoured as they enter the arena.

Felicia's not clad in her platemail this time, but rather some lighter leathers, mostly, snagging herself a whiskey at the bar before making her way down to settle at the ringside table as is her usual wont.

Esoka strides into the Hart and bellies directly up to the bar. "Ale, if you will!" she hollers merrily at a convenient server. Turning herself on her stool so she's got a decent view of the arena. She's dressed as if she intends to participate as well as watch. In colorful leathers, sword at her hip.

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Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrives, following Sparte.

Jericho arrives into the Arena, dressed in his armor with his sword in hand...ready to give this another go. He's been training....with the hopes that he's gotten better. Here's hoping his training hasn't been a waste! He offers everyone a kind smile. "Anybody like to spar?"

2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Philomel, the Nightingale, Micana, the efficient amanuensis, Golden, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Lucita arrives, following Apollis.

Nodding in silent greeting to Mattheu when he comes up to the bar, Valdemar then offers Esoka a more personable greeting. "Good evening, Dame Esoka. It is good to see you again," he tells her as he waits for his glass of mead to be refilled.

Upon hearing Jericho's request, Caspian looks over to Jericho, calling out to the man, "I'd like to spar! But wait a moment! Princess Valencia likes to open up this an announcement and such. I'll fight you afterwards!"

2 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Eleanor.

Valencia offers a bright smile and nod to Jericho as he arrives in his armor ready to take to the sands. Esoka makes her smile as she boisterously calls for ale, "Welcome, my Dame. I'm so glad you are here tonight," she beams turning to smile again at Matthue as he surveys the room and offer another radient smile to Felicia as she arrives as well. Matches start being made and bets laid, and so the little vixen gives Lord Brogan a shy smile and slips off to start the event in earnest.

Brogan had offered to help Valencia out today with the event, and so he's standing by the little princess as people come and get themselves settled. As the groups gather at various tables, his voice booms out, "I'd like to Welcome everyone tonight for drinks and tussles!!" His eyes scan the crowd, his smile broad, "I'm sure everyone knows the rules, fair and honest fighting, let's keep the nether regions out of it..." At the smile, Brogan gives Valencia a wink, and roars "LETS SHOW OUR THANK TO OUR HOSTESS!! Princes VALENCIA!"

"Lord Valdemar!" Esoka booms it heartily at the man. "Will you be fighting tonight? There's usually good sport to be found at these things." Her ale is delivered and she takes a sip. A small one, for the moment. Nursing it, so as not to mess with her wits too much. A bow of her head to Valencia. "Your highness. Thank you. I always enjoy it."

Elegantly clad in storm grey silks that embraces slender waist and enticing curves, Valencia steps lightly into the center of the Ring of Valor. There is a gracious incline of her head as she offers radiant smile to the room. Pausing for a lull, she calls out, her voice ringing out across the arena bright and clear. "My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends, welcome to my Hart. As always, tonight is a night to relax and enjoy remarkable skills excellent company with a strong drink or two.”

”All here are welcome to participate and the bar is open for your pleasure,” the little vixen invites the growing crowd with a bright smile. “I should also say that, as always, we are collecting donations in support of the Hart’s charitable work. If you would like to consider supporting or joining our Hart, please let us know. We would be so very grateful and so pleased to have you with us. It is your support that allows us to help make our realm and peoples stronger.”

”As you know, the Hart is a place for all of Arx, but what you may not realize is that it beats so strongly because of you. Thank you for blessing us with your good will, fine company and generous spirit. Thank you for making this event such a successful tradition in our city.”

”And now, let us begin! Thank you again for being here. Much light, luck and love to you all! Warriors, would you please take to the sands!"

4 Culler Hoodlums, 2 Culler Brute, Cyrus arrive, following Orathy.

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Apollis enters the Arena, his beautiful cousin Lucita on his arm. He is wearing dark leathers but his hood is pulled from his head and his cloak and gloves have been checked. He spots Valencia and smiles as she walks over to her. He watches her do her little speech and then walks over to greet her after. "Good evening, my sweet Princess," he says with his creaky honeyed voice, his southern Grenato accent shining through. He leans in close to Valencia to give her a kiss on her cheek and then says something quietly to her.

2 King's Own Guardsmen leaves, following Eleanor.

"If someone wishes to fight, I'll be happy to, but I don't have an opponent yet. I do have my armor with me, so I can be ready in short order," Valdemar answers Esoka with a smile on his face. When his drink is refilled, he picks up the glass and then adds, "For now, though, I should probably get back to Lord Ian and Lady Zoey. If you'd care to, I'm sure they won't mind if you join us." With the invitation made, he makes his way over to the corner table where the two of them are already sitting.

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With soft footsteps, Echo stepped into the Hart, pausing momentarily by the door as she looked for any familiarity in the sea of faces around. As people continued to press inside the Arena, Echo shifted to an alcove and with a flutter of her eyelashes, she eventually spotted Apollis. "Hey Pol! Evening everyone!" Her greeting was accompanied with the wave of her hand.

Lucita chuckles at Apollis and gives a little shake of her head. She murmurs a quiet. "Princess, see, I told you I would get back here and here I am!"

Jericho smiles to all. "I'll face any blade here. I seek to test my blade and imporve." he states rather candidly.

Felicia raises a hand as she spots Brogan arriving, a look cast his way for shouting, and after Valencia with a sharp whistle of approving acknowledgment, but there's whiskey, and from the way she stretches out her feet onto an unoccupied seat she's perfectly comfortable remaining where she is. Something in the set of her jaw and her green eyes.

Orathy is drawn yet again to the Golden Hart. He has a gang that arrives with him but with a simple gesture, they take up spots in one of the booths, seemingly uninterested in causing any trouble other than drinking. Orathy, as usual, makes his way toward the arena, looking around at the tables near to the fighting ring. He spots Valdemar because of the offer and notes, "OY, reckon I can be fighting you." Finger point.

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Ian raises his eyebrows. He gives Orathy a long look, and then says to Valdemar: "Looks like you'll have your sparring partner tonight, after all."

"That sounds merry company," Esoka says, picking up her ale and moving to follow Valdemar. "I believe I shall. Thank you." Jericho's declaration gets a flash of a grin and she eyes him in an assessing sort of way.

Caspian rises from the bar and moves over to The Ring of Valor, giving Jericho a little grin as he reaches into his backpack to pull out his helm. "I will fight you, your highness," he says over to Jericho, strapping on his helm as he moves to the center of the ring.

Noticing the man pointing at him, Valdemar then nods at Ian. "It looks like I do. I'll be happy to fight you, Master..." he answers as he turns to Orathy, someone whom he has not met before. After setting his glass of mead down, he walks over to the servants who have brought his armor, so that they can begin helping him into it.

Sparte sneaks in to find a seat, just another member of the crowd here to spectate.

Zoey seems to be in good spirits, relaxed as she jokes with Ian. When Valdemar joins them, she smiles warmly. "It seems so indeed, my Lord Grimhall. Good luck."

Valdemar gets Horned war helm from Belt.

Apollis waves over to his sister Echo. He waves her over to him near Lucita and Valencia.

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Valdemar gets Long Maile hauberk from Belt.

Valdemar gets Grimhall cuirass from Belt.

Valencia smiles up at Apollis and offers her cheek with southern flair, quietly replying to him and nodding warmly. A bright and beautiful smile finds her face as Lucita is greeted with a warm hug and a little kiss upon the cheek. "Welcome back to my Hart, my sweetest Lady Lucita. You make my heart happy to see you again. And thank you for bringing her here my dear Lord Apollis. It has been too long. Please be welcome," she nods, catching Sparte slipping through, a little smile offered in his direction.

Valdemar gets Heavy gauntlets from Belt.

Valdemar gets Greaves worn over maile leggings from Belt.

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Caspian wields Freedom.

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Jericho smiles softly to Caspian and then to Echo. "ah, two challengers? I can face you both in a free for all, if you like?" he offers to the both of them as he draws his blade and hops into the ring.

Orathy supplies to Valdemar, "Rath." There's a smug look on his face, as he moves toward the arena, "Reckon you ought not take it easy on me m'lord." Spotting Caspian upon the field, he regardless joins the arena, looking back toward Valdemar. "Who do I be having the honorin of competin against eh?"

Jericho wields Eclipse, Blade Of The White's Wolf.

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Lethe arrives to the event with a smile for those she knows. She finds a good spot to watch.

Returning the wave to Felicia, Brogan's large arm waves over the crowd, and raises his mug of mead to her as well. After Valencia's announcemnts, he leans over to the Princess to whisper something to her, and straightens up next to her again. The Northman offers a smile to the small group around the princess, "Well Met, Brogan Nightgold." he introduces himself, a small but friendly smile on his face.

At the invitation, Echo moves to sit with Apollis. Jericho's voice has her pausing mid-step before she slinks to Lucita's side. "I'll wait my turn, no big deal!" She has a lopsided smile for the man before giving Valencia a gentle nudge with her elbow. "How have ya' been? Haven't seen you in some time."

Felix had been focused on his mead, blinking a bit as all the sounds of the room come back to himself. Realizing people are starting to square off, starting to pay attention so that he doesn't get left without one. "Anyone need a sparring partner that doesn't yet have one?" half standing from where he'd been sitting, making it apparent at least that he was open for a challenge as well.

Waldemai calls down, "A thousand silver on the Prince! Any takers?"

Jericho nods then for a moment, looking then to Caspian with a small bow of his head. "Let's have a nice fight."

Mirari jerks her chin towards Waldemai. "I'll take you up on that bet."

Orathy grouses up to Waldemai, "A thousand on the other bloke-" he points to Caspian.

Waldemai waves down to Orathy. "Done and done," he calls.

Mattheu watches the event from the bar, and he is sitting near Mirari, and his mead, is drinking slowly as he enjoys the event.

"Lord Valdemar Grimhall. And I look forward to it, Master long as you don't take it easy on me, either," the Grimhall heir responds to his opponent, a grin on his face as the servants finish helping him into his armor. Since it seems another fight is getting ready to start, he then sits back down to enjoy another mead before his time comes to step into the ring.

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

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Caspian offers a little grin back to Jericho, twirling the dagger in his hand after drawing it, then sldies his feet into a fighting position, holding out one hand and his blade, body slowly rocking as if to a beat. "Ready whenever you are."

Apollis reaches out and squeezes Valencia's arm as she whispers to him and then and nods his little blond head. He then turns toward his sister Echo and leans all the way down to give her a kiss on her cheek. "Echo, you're beautiful," he says with a smile. "Welcome to the Sip'n Spar. Please excuse me," he says as he walks over toward the bar leaving Valencia, Lucita and Echo together. "Sweet Mirari," he says bowing his head. "So good to see you here." He turns toward Mattheu and gives the man a smile. "Hello. Welcome to the Golden Hart. They call me Apollis Malvici."

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Waldemai is whispered to by one of the other drunks in the rafters. He waves to Mirari. "And you, too...One thousand each to you and the big fellow. I'll make his back betting on him later on!"

"Princess Echo! Welcome to my Hart. Have you met Lord Brogan?" Valencia asks, offering Orathy a big smile as he swaggers in with his men. A little smile is shot up at Waldemai as he starts the betting. Caspian is offered a warm incline of head s she passes, "My dear Champion. Thank you for coming, sir. Good luck in your match," she offers turning to smile as both Orathy and Mirari take up the Lycene Smith's bet. Dark eyes find another of Arx best smiths and she offers Felixa a warm and affection smile, not withing to interrupt is conversation, though she seems delighted he is here as well.

Orathy tilts his head at Grimhall, "Oy, I worked with one of you in the siege. Harald his name were. Old bastard still alive I be hopin? And aye, I won't be giving you an easy win, young Grim." He twists toward the side of the arena to give the other lads a chance at their duel. He hooks his arm over the railing, the other hand hooking on his axe, with an eager shuffle of feet.

Mirari chuckles up at Waldemai, raising her hand to wiggle her fingers at him.

Leaning into the kiss on her cheek and returning it before flashing Apollis a warm smile, she said, "Oh thank you so much!" His comments had her looking down at her dress, which was very plain and non-descript, but she shrugged her shoulders anyways. When her head lifted and Apollis left to visit 'sweet Mirari', she squinted over at the woman for a long breath before allowing her gaze to drift back to Valencia. "I have!" She winked to Brogan, "Hopefully today you'll be able to see my prowess. Good to see you again."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Lucita gives Valencia an hug and kiss on the cheek then the same for her cousin Echo. "These just get more and more popular, Princess! You have lots of helpers, too, it seems. I better get out your way so you can greet the others as they arrive." She glances around to see who all is present.

Emilia makes her way towards one of the tables, like a quiet spectator. Even she's not sure how she managed to maneuver through the crowd.

Harmon makes his way inside, skittering quickly and while not making any eye contact with the sea of faces around him to control sensory input until he can take a seat.

Mirari is involved in a conversation so she missed that look from Echo, oh well. She turns to watch the fight, especially since she has money riding on it.

Valdemar laughs somewhat when Orathy speaks of working with one of his family members. "That would be my father, Master Rath. As you can probably guess, death hasn't been able to drag him away yet. I wouldn't want an easy win or an easy loss, though, so this should be fun," he calls back to the man he will be facing once the current fight has finished.

Ian's attention is drawn to the fight as it starts, almost without him having the will to resist it.

"Aye, we've met once..." Brogan grins, returning Echo's wink with one of his own. "I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got, Your Highness." His smile is warm, "What're you drinking tonight? Something to warm the blood before your match, or rather wait until after?"

Caspian moves with a praticed grace as he weaveds left and right, dodging sword swings and deflecting blades of redsteel with his own, smaller redsteel blade. Each attack is he tries to land upon Jericho is purposeful, attempting to strike him in the gaps in his armor, though so far no success.

Mattheu nods towards Apollis, as he walks towards him with a wide smile, and his mead brought to his lips for a small sip."Hello, to you, I'm Lord Mattheu Rivenshari and it is a pleasure to meet you Apollis Malivici, sit with me and have a mead on my coin at least one for now, maybe more later."

"Noooo shit!" Orathy's rough and tumble voice can be heard, eyeing up Valdemar a bit more, "Tell the old bastard I be saying hello aye?" He looks back toward the arena, then toward Valdemar again, "Reckon it were him asking for me help back then, imagine that eh? Them traps in the Lowers worked real well." His eyes scan the other faces in the Hart, nodding to Valencia as she offers him good luck for the bet.

Jericho tosses off his cloak so he can be more free of movement, before he leaps into the fray! duleing with Caspian as their red blades make contact far more than one time, though it seems Jericho is doing far better than the last time they faced off, with Jericho's footwork being presently astounding and his ability to parry having significantly improved. He twirls away then, entering a stance as his eyes move along the length of his sword and into Caspian's eyes...those emerald greens locking onto Caspian as he tries to find a way to break his defense for even a microsecond.

Lucita moves over toward Ian, making sure her passage toward him breaks his line of sight so she comes to his notice. "Lord Ian, you not taking a seat at the table or bar tonight?" She is polite enough to not just stand there blocking his view but moves adjacent to him so she can watch the fight, too.

The little vixen has sharp eyes it would seem and Emilia gets a warm smile as she slips through the crowd, "Good evening," Valencia nods to the woman with a warm and bright smile. "It is a very good turn out, yes? May I get you a drink?" she offers, glancing up to see Harmon also arrive, leaving the man to get settled before offering him a sweet smile and warn nod of welcome.

It does take walking into Ian's line of sight to drag his attention away from the fight. "No, this table's got a pretty good view." The corner of his mouth quirks. "Or it did. You're welcome to join us. Do you know everyone?"

Apollis walks pass Emilia on the way to the bar and gives her a roguish grin. "Good evening, Dame Emilia," he says. "Welcome to the Golden Hart. I hope you enjoy yourself. Might you want to join me at the bar?" he asks before turning toward Mirari and Mattheu. "A pleasure, my lord," he says bowing his head to the Rivenshari lord. "I'd be delighted to share a drink with you. All drinks are on the house, though." He looks toward Mirari and smiles. "Echo and Lucita is my cousin. I can call them over here, if you'd like to meet them."

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Jericho continues to duel Caspian to a stand still for now, meeting him blow for blow. Though he uses his armor at times to allow Caspian's strikes to glide harmlessly away, he can't resort to that forever. both hands on his longsword, he manages to parry or dodge Caspian's mighty strikes, returning into the fray for what could be a decisive round...

Orathy jumps over the ring since Caspian and Jericho are going at it. He's a little thirsty. He makes his way toward the bar.

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Echo returned the cheek kisses to Lucita before shooting Mirari another dubious look. Her gaze trained on Apollis for another long moment before she allowed a small breath to escape her lips, anchoring her attention on the two in the sparring circle next. Though her gaze never leaves the arena, she leans over to Brogan and stagewhispers, "I don't need to warm my blood before a fight, my Lord. A drink does sound nice, maybe I'll have three fingers rum and some sugar."

Looking toward the fight himself, Valdemar nonetheless nods at Orathy. "I will be sure to pass on your message, Master Rath. You're the one who helped him in the Lowers? I think I remember him speaking of you. I'm sure he will be glad to hear from you," he suggests, looking back at the man again for a moment before his gaze returns to the match happening in the ring.

Zoey chuckles softly at Ian's joke to Lucita, but her eyes remain on the spar for the most part.

Caspian does his best to keep Jericho from breaking through his defenses, that redsteel blade deflecting in angles so that the blade slides against his own. With fluid motions he mades slicing attacks at Jericho, though rather then striking flesh they hit the steel. He's grinning wide at the man, sliding across the sands as he circles him, trying to get that opening.

Esoka keeps nursing her ale, eyes on the Jericho/Caspian fight. A smile is offered to Lucita, as the lady converses with Ian. And a wave to Echo as well, when she spots the princess.

Jericho takes minor damage.

Jericho takes very serious damage.

Waldemai watches the fighters dance. This ain't boxing, and staying away from the other man's blade is good technique. "A fine fight," he calls. "Have a mug ready for each of them at the end!"

Still seemingly distracted, Emilia looks away from the fight and towards Apollis. "I am fine here, my Lord." She replies, clasping her hands together.

Orathy nods at Valdemar, "Aye. I were. Reckon I had a bunch of us rig up the lowers and make pinch points. It worked well enough, until the enemy be coming on us from the other way." He smirks in his passing, "Such is war eh? Reckon I might be having time for a drink." He approaches the bar and looks over Mattheu, Mirari, and Apollis. As he pivots upon leaning on the bar, he catches the action in the ring. "Mm, fucking drinks on me if I win that bet...!"

3 Armed Confessors arrives, following Giulio.

"A Princess after my own heart.." Brogan chuckles at her comments about being readh to fight. "Easily enough done, Your Highness.." then he wrinkles his nose slightly as he orders the drink, "and no Lord for me, just Brogan while we're drinking." As he returns with the drink for Echo, he calls over to Esoka "Hello Stranger. Good to see you again. Going to be in the ring at some point?"

Mirari glances at Orathy, a wicked smile on her face. "Oh good, you can buy the drinks and I'll keep my money, eh?" She stands up to cheer loudly as Caspian lands a hit. "Don't let me down Caspian, or else!"

After receiving a whisper from Valencia, Brogan nods his head as he takes her arm and begins moving towards the sturdy table with plenty of room. He smiles to Esoka and Echo, "Come, have some drinks with me, and tell me who you plan on showing your skills on tonight."

Ian steals a glance at the fight (yes, he's supposed to be paying attention to Lucita) and says something to the people at the table with him, with dry amusement in his voice and a slight shake of his head.

It was all going so well.

Jericho manages to hold his own for but a moment more, but as the battle intensifies and Jericho meets Caspian blow for blow, he takes a glancing strike that is -way- too close for comfort before getting knocked flat on his ass by a heavy handed swing. Rolling with the momentum back to his feet, he takes a few shallow breaths, cracking his neck. "Whew....fine hit." he enters his stance again. "But I have a bit left in me." Just one hit...come on....

Harmon returns the wave to Valencia, though his smiling needs more work. His eyes swing down to the fight below, attempting to learn.

Mattheu nods towards Orathy, with a wicked smile, and then he sips his mead quicker now, and then he laughs softly."The drinks will roll tonight, and we will drown in mead and wine, and spirties it will be a fine night!"

Ensconsed in an odd, sygian blue set of leather armor, a cloak drawn tight to his throat, Dagon enters the arena and pauses to see combat joined in the fighting ring. He pauses, momentarily watching blows exchanged before he turns his gaze from the fight to the spectators. Finding a few familiar faces, he approaches Ian's table nestled in the corner with a steady step, nodding back and forth to a few murmured greetings until he reaches the table in question and flashes the man a smile. "Lord Ian, it's been too long," he greets, flashing a quick glance towards Lucita accompanied by a respectful nod.

A flurry of cuts come from Caspian, each one aimed at Jericho's opened spots in his armor. All the while he is parrying and dodging as he tries to land those hits, kicking up sand as he moves at full speed against his opponent. He manages one small hit, then a huge hit upon Jericho as he cuts good across a gap in his armor. He lets out a chuckle. He waits for Jericho to rise, obviously not so dirty as to attack him as he's down. "Come at me, Prince. Show me how much left," he says with a playful grin.

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Jericho takes minor damage.

Caspian takes minor damage.

When her drink was obtained, Echo brought it to her lips, nodding to Brogan as she catches Esoka's wave in her periphery. She waved back before hurriedly following the others to the sturdy table and dropping into a seat. "Messere Caspian never seems to tire."

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Jericho takes moderate damage.

Where Lucita had to walk into Ian's way to drag his attention from the fight, Dagon's voice brings him right around, and gives the other man a quick, but genuine smile. "Duke Tyde. I didn't know you were back in Arx. You're welcome to join us." He sounds genuinely gratified to see him.

Jericho takes minor damage.

"Yes, war can be tricky that way. I'd love to hear more about it sometime, but enjoy your drink for now. I will do the same," Valdemar calls back to Orathy, lifting his glass of mead in the man's direction before taking a drink. He then looks toward those now standing near the table, speaking with Ian, at least briefly before his attention is drawn back to the fight going on in the ring.

Orathy side glances at Mirari, "Aye. Reckon if that... bloke Caspian wins it. Then I be paying for the whole lot. A thousand silver eh? That be covering a few drinks, I supposin." He thumps his hand on the bar top, gesturing for the keeper to bring him some whiskey, prior to looking aside at Mirari again, "Reckon I be knowing you, yah? Mirari 'n the like I think your name be. Reckon you got me to fight that Sivard fellow." His dark eyes swing to Mattheu, "Aye, that be the spirit lad. It's what it be all about. Drinking, fighting, and well... if you be lucky, you fill in the last eh? HAH."

Apollis takes up the offered mead before turning back toward Emilia and nods his head. "Ok, sweet knight," he says with a smile before take a sip of his drink. He holds it up to Mattheu. He turns to Mirari and smiles. "Glad I can still surprise you." He looks toward Orathy and nods his head to him. "Good evening. Welcome to the Hart. The call me Apollis Malvici." He looks on as the fight seems to get interesting and he smiles.

Offering a very faint smile, Giulio makes his way into the arena space, trailed by his three Confessors. With a flit of his hand, he directs them to seat themselves find a place against the wall. There's a brief consideration of wear people are seated, looking to the ring for a moment. Blandly, he tilts his head towards them. A salute is lofted in their general direction before he considers where to go. Glancing towards the bar, however, he makes his way over, settling himself down.

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Zoey looks up when Dagon comes over offering the man a warm smile of greeting. "Please. Do join us, Duke Tyde," she greets him, gesturing with her free hand to one of the table's chairs.

The duel just gets more intense, and Jericho is giving it his best shot. He has improved, certainly...but as the strikes get more frivolous and the clashes between blades starting to spark, Jericho slides his blade forward to cut Caspian's cheek in a ditch effort...though Jericho takes his lickings in return, he moves back again, panting as he keeps those eyes on Caspian like a wolf fending for itself...

Lucita gives those at the table a grin, gaze slipping from one to the other amicably. With a good natured shake of the head she says to the others. "Would not seem like a Sip 'N Spar if did not get to exchange a little teasing with Lord Ian." She nods amicably to the other who approaches but the fight is kept in her peripheral vision. Ian's comment serves as a one sided bit of introduction so she provides the remainder of it. "Hello. I'm Baroness Lucita Saik, M'Lord."

Orathy turns his gaze on Apollis, "Malvici huh? Ain't sure where that all be from, one of these days one of you have to be making a map for me to plot out where y'all be from. Names Rath. Princess there, be seeing me plenty in the Hart. You fightin?"

Esoka barks a laugh at Brogan. "Anyone who shall take me. I've not found an opponent yet. Most nights during these I find the ring, but others I'm content to watch and enjoy the fine displays." She bows her head to Dagon, as he moves toward the table she shares with Zoey and the others. "Duke. A good eve upon you."

Caspian keeps up his tactic of focusing on Jericho's weak spots, blocking the man's sword swing with his knife then pushes the blade back and thrusts his dagger at the man, following it up with another minor cut against Jericho. But he's cut in turn, and he reaches up to brush at the blood on his cheek. "Hey, careful, don't mess up the money maker!" He laughs, then lunges forward to strike towards the Prince.

Saskia, a fine aplomado falcon, Jason, a valet arrive, following Angelo.

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Jericho checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 2, rolling 53 higher.

Jericho remains capable of fighting.

Jericho checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 5, rolling 45 higher.

Jericho remains capable of fighting.

Apollis turns to Orathy and smiles. "A pleasure," he says. "Southport is as south and you can go." He looks from him to Mirari and then back. "Are you friends with Mae?" he asks with a cock of his head.

Valencia smiles graciously to Brogan as he sees her to a seat at the large sturdy table at ringside. "Thank you, my lord," she smiles up at the Northman as he sees her settled. Catching a glimpse of Dagon as he arrives, there is a little smile, but the Duke of Tyde has his course set and moves with elegant ease to speak to Ian. The smile blossoms a little more as Lethe is spied, "Lady Lethe, would you join us?" she beckons with a wave of her hand, pausing to nod warmly to Giulio as he arrives as well. "Please join us, as well, my lord," the little vixen invites.

Jericho checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 22, rolling 38 higher.

Jericho remains capable of fighting.

Orathy confirms to Apollis, "Aye, more like family. Orathy fucking Culler, reckon I be her uncle, in a way." He offers in full his name this time.

Caspian takes minor damage.

"Duke Tyde, a pleasure. Your wife suggested I make your acquaintance when I spoke with her not long after returning to the city," Valdemar tells Dagon, bowing his head in gretting to his fellow Islander. He then turns to Lucita, smiling as he goes on to introduce himself to both of the new arrivals, "I am Lord Valdemar Grimhall, heir to Grihem's Point."

Isla, a small silver fox, 1 Velenosa House Guards, Emily arrive, following Cadenza.

Mattheu sips his drink, and then he looks at the others at the bar with a little chuckle."Lord Mattheu Rivenshari at each of your services, it is a pleasure." His eyes on the new arrivals by the bar, and then he orders another mead with a few coins hitting the top of the bar.

Lethe looks toward Valencia with a nod. "Of course." She stands and makes her way toward her. "Hello."

Harmon takes notes as he watches the fight.

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Zoey's greeting draws Dagon's attention next, and he offers her a smile and another nod of his head, then the same is given Esoka with murmured greetings given both. Lucita draws his focus back though, and he offers her a broad smile, "My Lady, it is indeed a pleasure." He bows his head again, this time a fraction more deeply before he turns to an empty seat and settles into it, placing his helm in front of him. "How is the fighting?" he asks of Ian, before his gaze next turns to Valdemar, "Ah! Lord Valdemar. Yes, my wife made mention of the same. It's good to finally put a face to the name."

Jericho somehow doesn't fall! He takes a beating, though he manages to turn this into a partial endurance he's critically losing. Panting and just barely keeping up anymore, Jericho keeps his blade raised as he keeps his parries and flourets as best he can, sneaking in a strike to Caspian's shoulder...but what Caspian can also see is that Jericho is smiling. He's enjoying this.

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As Lethe makes her way over, Brogan stands, moves to one of the chairs, and pulls it back for her to sit, "Lady." He offers, and then scoots the chair in once she's settled.

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Giulio pauses for a moment, as Valencia makes the offer. "Certainly, your Highness," he offers, with a polite tilt of his head. There's a glance towards the bar as he does, however, order a small bottle of wine, before making his way towards the table where the Velenosan Princess is seated. "You are too kind," he says, pouring himself a glass of a red wine, before offering it in a tilt towards those present. "I trust you are well, this evening?"

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Caspian lets out a little laugh as Jericho scores another crazy hit upon the man, and returns the favor by landing another series of blows. Some hit meaningfully, others bounce off the man's armor. His attacks become a little quicker, putting more and more force into the blows, looking for that finisher!

Ian makes a vague permissive gesture to the table in general, possibly a reminder to the people gathered around it that there are indeed spare seats. "It's been good so far." He quirks half a smile. "And the night is young. Have you met Lady Zoey Bisland or Dame Esoka Greenblood?"

Apollis smiles a wicked grin and nods his head to Orathy. "A happy coincidence then," he says with a smile. "I don't think Mae got the best first impression of me. Thought me cocky," he says. "I thought it best to assuage her of that notion." He turns to Mattheu and smiles. "Where are you from, my lord?" he asks glancing back toward the ring and taking a sip.

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Jericho remains capable of fighting.

Jericho checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 98, rolling 17 lower.

Jericho checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 58, rolling 5 lower.

Jericho is incapacitated.

Jericho falls unconscious.

Mattheu looks right at Apollis, for a moment with a little chuckle."I'm a nomad, I come from the rivers and the seas, and I travekl but now this is where I reside for good." His voice is teasing and the bells in his hair, jingling as he laughs and then he nods slowly."Rough answer, not dishonest though."

Angelo makes his way to the bar to collect a drink before turning his attention towards the crowds and the activity in the arena. He continues to have an absentminded air to him, as if he's not sure where he's at while lost in thought.

Mirari turns to gaze at Waldemai, a grin on her face. "Think you backed the wrong horse there, pal."

Lucita watches each person in her area as they speak, giving them a beguiling smile. "It is a pleasure to meet all of you!" And with a little sweep of her amber glance over the table she asks. "So, what is the drink of choice for tonight?"

Cadenza was making her way into the arena, laughing was heard as she started to pull her hair back up. Using those hairpins to put her hair back up she'd laugh. "And how you do it! I'm so proud of you!" Patting Emily on the back she would nod then as she lead her over towards the raised seating. "Let's go hide over here for now I think."

Waldemai applauds. "Well fought! Well fought!" Alas, he purse is now lighter, and he checks to see if he can see bottom yet. Nope. "More ale," he calls, sending smaller purses to Mirari and Orathy.

As Giulio makes his way to the table, Brogan gives the man a grin, "Giulio, it's good to see you again! Not often I get a chance to talk about drinks." As the man takes his seat, Brogan moves back to his own, and appluads loudly for the combatants.

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Alas, Ian misses the end of the fight. Although for once, he doesn't really seem to mind, distracted now by good company -- at least for the present.

"Well fought!" Echo applauds and cheers out from her spot at the sturdy great table. A lopsided grin is flashed Brogan's way and she says, "I think a couple others wanted to spar but I'll definitely give it a go if I get a chance in the ring tonight."

Orathy glances at Apollis, shaking his head at the man, "Reckon not lad. You be having to do that on your own, as I don't be changing no one's opinion for free. And even if I were paid, Mae be having a head of her own." He moves from the bar, heading toward the ring.

Emily is jubilant at the very least and flushed from the earlier test and walk to the Hart, the Deepwood Lady laughs at Cadenza as the two arrive. "I am just glad my zeal didn't harm you," she says, laughing at the Princess. The place is crowded and in agreement the lady follows after, still picking a bit of foliage and dirt from her own dark hair, frayed around the edges from her braid. She smiles at a few people she knows seated about the area.

With increased aggression, Caspian ends the fight in two more blows, landing two powerful strikes with his knife until it looks like the Prince can no longer stand. He's grinning from ear to ear. He looks to the Prince, giving him a nod, telling him, "Good fight. That armor was tough to get through. Really made me work to hit you."

Mirari waves to Waldemai, calling out. "Want to try again? I'll bet on the old man who just lumbered into the ring!" She says, pointing to Orathy.

As the current fight draws to a close with Jericho being knocked out, Valdemar finishes off his mead and then rises to his feet. "It looks like its time for me to begin getting ready for my fight now. I look forward to talking to you more later, Duke Tyde," the Grimhall heir says before stepping away from the corner table and moving toward the entrance to the ring. Just outside, he pauses and draws the greatsword strapped to his back, allowing it to be wrapped so that it will bruise rather than cut if it strikes true.

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"Drinks on me!" Orathy cries out as he captures a silver purse from Waldemai, "That includes you! Ya have no eye for the bets yet!" He slips into the arena behind Valdemar.

Jericho keeps up a valiant effort, but in the end, he just gets taken out. Sitting up a little bit while leaning on his blade, he looks up to Caspian, offering a kind smile then for a moment. "Thanks..." a smal chuckle then as he stands up to his feet and sheathes his sword on his back. "We'll fight again soon...and maybe one day I'll best you. Swordsmanship isn't a specialty of mine." he teases softly.

Valencia looks to the ring and smiles brightly, her hands coming together in appreciative applauds for the first match while somehow remaining poised and no cheering as she normally does.

Giulio chuckles to Brogan. "There is that, yes," Giulio remarks, with a flash of a grin. "It was a pleasure. And, it is still a highlight of my time at the Arena," he admits with a flash of a grin. Glancing towards the two fighters, he raises a brow, clapping. "Well fought, my lords," he calls out, before looking back towards those at the table. "I trust everyone is well today."

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Waldemai shakes his head. "I wanted to win my money back on him! Anyone like to bet with both of us?" Meaning he and Mirari both want to bet on Orathy.

Apollis smiles toward Mattheu and nods after looking away from the fighting sands. He gives a soft clap. "A nomad, hm? We have more in common than one might think. Are you an adventurer?" he asks. He glances toward Orathy before he leaves the bar and nods his head. "I don't doubt that," he says in regard to Mae.

Plate boots hitting the ground the huge frame of Sir Jeffeth Bayweather enters the Arena. Deep blue eyes wandering over all the occupants there within. The large knight balances his wrist on the pommel of his blade. Eyes flicking from person to person as he looks a little lost on where to go.

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"Like I told you....I've taken a much worse beating." With that she'd nod as she looked up, realizing they caught the end of a fight. And it was between Caspian and Jericho. Smiling slightly she would make her way to that raised seating with Emily for now and nodded. "Let's just...get settled first and get our bearings of what the hell is going on."

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Aaaaaand Ian is distracted by the fighting again. Already. He follows Valdemar to the ring with his gaze. Hopefully someone else at the table can pick up the social graces where he's abruptly chucked them.

Mattheu nods slowly, with a little chuckle at the adventure comment."Yeah you could say that, and I mean honestly Nomad have adventures, but I stumble on them not seek them." His eyes on the ring now, and then he looks at the girl next to him, with a wicke chuckle.

Zoey seems to be taking over for Ian.

white-tailed eagle arrives, following Thesarin.

Mirari waves to Jeffeth when he walks in, gesturing for him to come to the bar.

Dagon bobs a nod to Valdemar as he rises, offering up: "Good luck, My Lord." Ian draws his attention back and he flashes the other man a smirk before looking to Zoey and Esoka, "I don't believe I've had the honor. It is good to meet you both." He nods to them in turn before addressing Zoey again with a grin and a quick wink, "I believe I could do with a rum if you happen to find one."

Apollis looks toward Caspian and bows his head. "Good evening, Caspian," he says with a bow of his head. "Well fought."

"The beach was far more...pleasant at least there is room," Emily remarks sitting beside Cadenzia on the raised seating. She grins down at the fight, nodding to Caspian as he heads to the bar before she draws a breath and runs her fingers along the tendrils of hair, plucking out another piece of foliage and giving it a toss to the side.

Waldemai can't bear to let a fight go by without a bet. "All right," he calls down to Mirari. "I'll take Lord Valdemar for five hundred!"

Zoey looks up, spotting Thessarin, and she waves quickly before flagging down a waitress. "A whiskey, rum, cognac, ale, and... What would you like, Barroness Lucita?"

Orathy isn't wearing much in comparison to Lord Valdemar. The other man seems to be wearing a cuirass and Orathy? Nothing but a red jacket and a few scraps of leather. He spends a moment to wrap his own axe so it doesn't hit quite so viciously, eyeing up Valdemar, "Ya ready Young Grim?" Orathy's shoulders give a roll and he digs his boots into the surface of the arena, rolling his axe in his hand with a practice hack and heave. "Let be seeing what sort of Grimhall you really be eh? Big enough of a fucker for one."

Caspian looks over to Emily and Cadenza, giving them a wide smile and a wave, blowing a kiss towards the later!

"You're on, say goodbye to more of your silver Waldemai." Mirari calls out, pointing to the smith with a grin on her face.

Looking from Valencia then to Mirari, there is a slightly confused look on the giant knight. Two people beckoning him it seems Sir Jeffeth is having difficulty deciding which way to go. Though a wave is offered to both, a bright smile painted over his features. Finally he gives Valencia a deep bow before he starts to shuffle over to the bar.

Thesarin makes his way into the Hart's Arena, dressed up against the cold, giving a quick look once over the assembled crowd. Unarmored, armed only with the ever-present arming sword at his hip, he gives a few nods to faces he recognizes as he starts his way on toward the bar.

Waldemai nods. He knows it's a bad bet, but a bad bet is much better than no bet at all!

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Esoka is seated at a table with Ian, Zoey, Lucita, and Dagon. Drinking an ale and occasionally yelling exhuberantly at the sparring ring. She seems to be cheering for Valdemar in this competition. Her head turns, following Zoey's gaze, and she flashes Thesarin a broad grin and wave.

Waldemai calls, "More ale in the rafters!"

Valdemar wields Grimhowl - the Great Sword of Grihem.

As Caspian leaves the pit, Brogan raises a large hand, and waves to the man but refrains from too loud.. well it is Brogan. "Caspian! Well Fought!" and then turns back to the table and his mead.

"Good fight, both of you," Valdemar tells Caspian and Jericho as he steps into the ring and begins to loosen up a little for his own impending match. Looking to Orathy, his grin can be seen from under his horned helmet as he answers, "Ready when you are. Let's give these people a show, Master Rath." Grasping his sword in both hands, he takes up a ready stance.

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Waving to Caspian as she caught that kiss then smiled as she then looked to Emily. "Right?" Cadenza would touch her hair. "I'm sure there's still sand....."

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Sitting up and forward at the new fight, Emily looks to Cadenza, giving her hair a real look as she nods, "Yes, I see the grains...going to definitely need a bath," she says, giving her a sheepish look before she nods and speaks something to the other woman, glancing down at the two in the ring.

Valdemar takes moderate damage.

"Oh?" Dagon remarks, looking between Ian and Esoka with a grin, "Have you fought yet tonight?" He gives her a quick glance, perhaps checking for bruises or fresh injuries to give him some indication.

white-tailed eagle have been dismissed.

Zoey sends the waitress off, running for the varied orders, before looking back at her table and talking quietly with a smile.

Orathy watches as Valdemar comes out him, dodging quickly, the old Culler takes the first strike, starting off the spar with a solid hit to Valdemar's ribs. There is a quickness to Orathy's feet as he tilts his head side to side, clapping his fist to his chest, "Aye, come on Young Grim. The man-eating fishes are faster than that." He waits for the Grimhall to get his bearings and waves him to carry on.

Thesarin gives short nods to Emily, to Valencia, and to Apollis, before he heads toward the corner table. "Lady Bisland. Esoka." The prodigal knight gets a firm clap on the shoulder as he starts taking a seat. "Missed any good shows?" Dagon Lucita, and Ian each get a nod of their own as the count settles into his seat.

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Valdemar starts off rushing in, letting out a loud growl as he swings his greatsword in a wide arc. Not wide enough to catch his opponent, however, and so he corrects himself quickly, dropping into a lower, more defensive stance and using a more cautious approach for now. "Perhaps, but you're not fighting a fish, Master Rath," he retorts as he draws close to the man again.

Apollis waves his hand to Thesarin giving his a grin. "Hello, my lord," he says from the bar.

Ian drags his attention away from the fight long enough to give Thesarin a nod of greeting when the man joins them at their table.

Emily motions at the bar while speaking with Cadenza and catches the not from Thesarin. She dips her head to the man and smiles, her hand lifting.

Valdemar takes minor damage.

Valdemar takes minor damage.

Climbing to her feet on the raised seating, Emily gives a bow to Cadenza as her leathers creak and she climbs down. "I will lead the way your highness," she says, a brilliant smile taking her full lips, a minor amount of brevity there within. The two cut their way towards the bar, doing their best to weave amongst the masses.

Valdemar takes minor damage.

Valdemar takes serious damage.

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Certainly that wasn't sand that seemed to fall from her cloak. Of course not. Following after Emily she would nod. "After you, pretty lady...." Cadenza would rest her hand on her sword, idly tapping it as she looked around a bit, waving to those she knew.

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The little vixen smiles to Jeffeth as he heads to Mirari and the bar and then glances side just in time to catch Thesarin as he head to join Dagon and the others at the corner table. A bright smile is leveled the Count of Riven's way along with a warm incline of head and her eyes are back on the ring again as the match rages on.

Valencia claims this

As he continues to take a more defensive approach, Valdemar's measured strikes are parried in short order by his opponent, one after the other. The same continues to happen, though, even when he puts a little more force behind his blows. Unfortunately, for him at least, that extra force leaves him open to a couple of glancing blows that set him up for a much harder strike to the head that leaves him stumbling just a little before he recovers.

Orathy kept moving quickly around the younger Grimhall. Everytime that Valdemar made an advance, somehow Orathy wasn't there, instead, poking in various minor attacks, like a wolf trying to heckle a bison. The older man looks determined to stay one jump ahead of Valdemar's swing, as if he anticipates the movements against the Lord. Finally, in a motion that carries him swiftly, he finds another vital and vulnerable chink in Valdemar's form, managing to deliver another solid hit of his axe against the other's rubicund gear. Once he succeeds though, he's lept away, much like a ravaging wolf. His lips give a sneer under the salt and pepper whiskers of his beard, though he waits for the other man to recover, surprisingly! Maybe there's a little Gloria in him after all. Or not. He goes on the attack in short order.

Angelo watches the fighting as he sips at his drink, absently frowning at this or that action. He doesn't catch the details of how or why each combatant does what they do, but it's obvious when one or the other has the better skill or technique.

Valdemar takes minor damage.

Valdemar takes minor damage.

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Valdemar takes minor damage.

Orathy takes moderate damage.

Valdemar checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 62, rolling 12 lower.

Valdemar checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 29, rolling 19 higher.

Valdemar remains alive, but close to death.

Valdemar falls unconscious.

Wash claims the last seat at the table with Ian, Lucita and others. "Evening." He greets, setting down a pitcher with condensation on the side and citrus on top.

Felix stands up when Valdemar falls, looking around. "Anyone mind if Dame Felicia and I go next?" looking around to make sure none of the others had objection, helmet palmed in one hand, polearm in the other. If there were no objections, once Orathy and Valdemar cleared the ring, he would make his way down.

There is a look of sweet surprise as Lord Angelo is spied and the little vixen smiles brightly and offers a warm incline of head, "My Lord Angelo, how lovely to see you! Welcome back to my Hart. Would you care to join us?"' Valencia invites the Lycene lord with a wave of a delicate hand.

Mirari points to Orathy and nods. "Good job, I had every bit of faith in you." She turns towards Waldemai and gets to her feet, bowing towards him. "You can name your bet next round, I'll take the other."

Waldemai stands up to clap his hands. "Oh, well fought! Well fought!" And yes, he owes Mirari more money.

Lucita says, "M'lord. Good to see you again!" She speaks to Wash. "Good evening."

Not even Wash arriving pulls Ian right away from the fight right away, not at this critical juncture. He's leaning forward, intense blue eyes moving fast, following the motions of both fighters at once.

Finally, Valdemar manages to get a good, solid hit in on his opponent, the heavy sword thudding loudly against the unarmored man's midsection. However, this leaves him entirely open to Orathy's next blow, which puts the large Grimhall heir flat on his back and out cold.

Cadenza gave a cheer then as she clapped. "Good job!!! Congrats!"

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Felicia rises from the same table with Felix, not bothering with a helm tonight. There's applause offered for the fighters before she nods Felix's way, seemingly content to head to the ring also.

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Leana, an Igniseri Guard, Juliana arrive, following Luis.

Orathy was waiting for Valdemar to rush at him. Instead of dodging this time, he absorbs the attack from the other man and like the ruffian usually does, spinning around after the hit, he aggressively charges in underneath the blow from his opponent to come in strong and heavy. A direct hit to the other's gut and upward slam that may have caught the other's jaw, something that in life without the padding, would rip Valdemar open, but.. here and now, sends Valdemar sprawling. He follows through and sends Valdemar out cold. There's a moment he inhales his victory before his axe falls and he moves to check on the other man's well being, "Young Grim-" he slaps the other's face as he takes a kneel beside him.

Angelo looks up from the combat as he hears his name. He nods to Valencia, missing the results of the combat in the arena as he tries to make his way through the crowds.

Sparte calls out. "Well fought with the foughty bits and the smacking!"

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"Another splendid match," Echo says with a smile playing on her lips as she sets her drink down. The Redrain chevalier glances around, looking to see if anyone else wants to join in before she eventually slinks back in her chair, spotting Felicia and Felix move for the sparring sands. "Good luck you two! I'll take on whoever wishes next."

When Felicia moves to take up spot in the ring, Brogan whistles loudly, and cheers for the King's Own. He shouts to Felix, "If she thinks your face is pretty she'll go for it!"

Esoka stands up, when Echo says she needs an opponent. "Looking for a partner, Princess?" she shouts. "I need to do at least one turn in the ring before the night ends."

Mirari turns to glance up at Waldemai, placing a hand to her ear, waiting.

Felix has joined the ring of valor.

Orathy looks up to Felicia and Felix who are coming to the arena, "Oy? Give me a hand with him. Rang his bell pretty fucking good-" he chortles, patting Valdemar on the shoulder, giving him a bit of a shake, "Come on Grim, I ain't wanting your father down me neck over this. I do be liking the idiot."

Waldemai is waiting to see who's in the next bout...

Felix heads into the ring, setting helmet and polearm down just as Orathy asks, giving a grin. "Master Culler, you really should be more careful with the younger generation.." but he would move to assist, making sure that they weren't going to do more harm than good getting him to a chair, or at least awake enough to stumble off. "Seems drinks are on you tonight."

"Gah," Valdemar wakes to being smacked in the face, looking up at his opponent. He is soon laughing, in a bit of a pained manner, before remarking, "Damn, you're a quick one, Master Rath. I'll be feeling that for a few days, at least." He allows Orathy...and whomever else he can help him up, but it is not long if he is steady enough on his feet to walk out of the ring, if a bit slowly.

Flashing a grin Esoka's way, Echo nods and lifts her drink in cheer. "Let's meet blades after Messere Felix and Dame Felicia have a round."

Arriving on the scene, is Luis, dressed in the black and crimson leathers that have become as a second skin in these days. The sword at his hip reflects with red and yellow accents of the rubicund metal and embellishing there. On his arm is the Lady Juliana dressed in her blues, while the two enter and he looks around, seeing the place rather packed. "It's a zoo in here, and I thought the menagerie was populated." He remarks, chuckling as he will lead Juliana from the entrance and into the fray, seeking out the hostess, Valencia, so that he can pay his respects. There's a pause in front of the princess as he slowly lets go of Juliana's arm, freeing himself so that he can offer Valencia his own arms, for a hug, should she wish it, and a greeting, "Princess, it is good to see you, far too long. Thank you for hosting, once again."

Felicia's green eyes go in the direction of Brogan with an entiely too broad a smile before nodding to Orathy,"Aye." she agree's, coming over to help,"Let's get him into one of the seats at the ringside, at least? So that way a Mercy can take a look at... ah, there he is." a hand's offered out to help the man up,"Nice fight, both of you."

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Waldemai calls down to Mirari, "I'll have Dame Felicia for five hundred." Got to save a few pennies for more ale!

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Sparte rises up and slips out after a while.

Ian braces himself on the table, careful that his dodgey right should doesn't decide to do another dodge, and levers himself to his feet. He takes up his cane. It looks like the people at the corner table are relocating to somewhere where there's more room.

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Wilhelm the Iron Messenger leaves, following Sparte.

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3 Armed Confessors leaves, following Giulio.

Waldemai is reminded by his own thought. "And we'll have more ale up here!"

Esoka raises her cup to Echo. "It shall be!" She stands, both to get a better view of the Felicia/Felix match, and to be ready to move if the table migrates.

Orathy glances at Valdemar as he comes around, "Ahh there he be." He nods to Felix and Felicia to get their help in hoisting Valdemar up, and Orathy takes it upon himself to at least see that Valdemar gets to a table before he falls over again, not that it appears he might. "The ring be yours Felix." And he nods to Felicia, "And it be your own eh. Fight well and all." He gestures for booze, "Grimhall here be needing a good stiff drink aye!" He smirks to Valdemar then, nodding, "Aye, have to be. Where I come from, if you ain't fast, you be swinging from a rope, such as it is."

Glancing up new arrivals that make the room more full by two, Emily lifts a hand that is mugless to Juliana and Luis, offering them both a smile as she stands with the others at the bar. She drinks from the mug and leans back in to hear something Caspian says letting out a little laugh.

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Felicia wields steel great sword of the King's Own.

Stepping in beside Luis, pink nosed and snow dusted under the blue cloak. Juliana blinks at the sudden noice of the arena, gaze sweeping room finding those she knows as Luis weaves them towards the Hostess of the evening. As he lets go, Jules pulls the cloak tighter around her with a smile to Valencia. "Your Highness, good to see you again."

"You're on Waldemai, I'll take the smith." Mirari calls up to the rafters and directs a server in that direction with some ale.

Felix helps Valdemar out, then picks up his helmet; chainmail aventail settling in over his shoulders and chest, hooked in under the occulari and covering his features. Polearm taken up, used to salute his opponent before it is settled in, held in both hands.

Felix takes serious damage.

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Lucita takes her drink in hand and seems ready to move when it is mentioned to do so. "Raised seating you said? Alright."

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Zoey rises when Ian does and migrates with him to the other seating.

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With a laugh, Dagon nods once to Wash, draining a fair portion of rum from the tankard set beside his helm in front of him. "Pure coincidence, I'm sure," he remarks before glancing to the ring and rising with Ian. "It was uneventful," he finally answers the other man, glancing his way again, "I'm quite glad to be back."

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Ian gives Lucita a quick smile and raise of the eyebrows at something she says to him. "Something like that," he remarks before changing seating spots.

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A big and beautiful smile immediately blossoms on Valencia's lips as Lord Luis arrives with Juliana at his side. "My dearest very missed Lord Luis," she says with warm incline of head and the offer of a delicate hand. "I am so very pleased to see you. Welcome, Lady Juliana. Would you care to join us?" she invites turning back to the table. "Have you met the lovely Princess Echo? The charming Prince Jerhico. This find gentleman is the one and only Lord Brogan? This delightful Lady Lethe. And this is the very charming Lord Angelo, who I have rudely forgotten to introduce. Please, sit and enjoy," she smiles again.

Wash waves for Luis to come join them as they change seats. "Lord Igniseri! Come and join us for a drink. I am looking forward to this match."

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"Thank you," Valdemar tells Felix briefly as he helps him up, and then nods when Orathy says he needs a drink, adding, "Mead, please." Listening to what the older man has to say about where he grew up, the Grimhall heir remarks, "Well, I have a feeling you don't have to worry too much about ropes, at least. Thank you for the match." Once he has a glass of liquor in hand, he drinks deeply.

Felix takes moderate damage.

Felicia takes minor damage.

Orathy claps Valdemar on the back, looking up and spotting Lady Juliana and his eyes slide over toward Lord Luis. Though for now, Valdemar has his attention, which he notes with a grunt, "Aye. Reckon I always be having a way to keep my neck out from the noose. Supposin working for Pravus be helpin for that cause. I weren't this fast before. It be their training that helped."

As he's introduced, Brogan stands up as he smiles to Valencia, "Too gracious by far, my Princess." He looks over Luis, offering his hand in greeting, "Well Met, Lord Luis. A pleasure to meet a friend of the Princess Valencia's." He then gives a warm smile to Juliana, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Juliana." He motions his hand to the table, "Please, sit, drink, and enjoy the matches. They've been quite a tussle so far."

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As she's introduced, Echo lowered her head in a gentle bow. "Hello, Lady Juliana." Her gaze drifted to Luis and she grinned, wiggling her fingers to her cousin. "Hi Luis. You better not bet against me when I'm up against Dame Esoka now." Her attention set back on the two in the sparring sands and she nursed at her drink as she watched the two quietly.

Luis gives a smile to Emily as she greets them, but then there are others who are doing the same, he waves a hand to Wash, "In a moment Lord Kennex, I've still got to make the rounds," he calls out to the man, giving him a grin, but then adding in a quieter tone, "And find a drink in the midst of this mass," though it's all in good humor. He smiles to Valencia, "Thank you dear and kind princess. Your welcomes and your sweetness never fail to warm my heart," he kisses the Princess' cheek during the exchange and then backs up for introductions. "I have not met the Lord Brogan

As everyone re-settles themselves at the raised seating, Ian keeps half an eye on Valdemar to make sure the young Grimhall Lord is going to know where they've moved to. He says something in a dry tone to the people he's sitting with.

Polearm versus greatsword. And Felicia's in leathers instead of platemail... mostly, trying out something new. She's not one to hold back, for all that she waits for the smiths acknowledgment of his readiness, greatsword held comfortably ready. It's not so much that she dodges more than others, it's that she knows where to turn to bring polearm to meet the metal of her pauldrons and vambraces, the steel reinforced cuirass of dark leather and fur. What gets through is acknowledged with a grin, a pause to check that he's good to go with the compliment of,"You wield it well." before she steps in to strike again.

Felix went a bit more aggressive right at the start - trusting, with some reason, in the armor. A solid hit, though the steel plate wards off much of the damage that might have followed, further blunted by the mail beneath. A hard exhale from ths smith, but under the mail veil, he's grinning. Managing to ward off any other serious strikes, working the bec de corbin to manage a few light jabs of his own in return. Falling back into a more balanced stance after the first couple of exchanges, to better let him get a feel for his opponent's style. "Getting rusty sitting in the smithy all day."

Luis continues, after saying, "I have not met the Lord Brogan... or the Prince, though the Lady Lethe and I are acquainted, and the Princess Echo, she's a terrible person, I don't know why I would know her," there's a laugh in his eyes that then appears on his lips, as he goes over and wraps Echo up in a wonderful hug, "How is your evening, cousin?" he asks her, taking away any sting from the comment.

Felicia takes moderate damage.

Felix takes minor damage.

Nodding slightly at what Orathy has to say, Valdemar sips a little more slowly from his glass now. "I've not met many from that house, myself. I think Marquessa Vanora Kennex is the only one I've spoken with at all. She was born to their house," he says of house Pravus. He does glance around, finding Ian and the others, but remains where he is for the time being.

Lucita speaks to a few people on her way toward the seating, turns to consider the crowd, and the time and finally says. "I remember something that requires my attention back at the tower. I bid you all a good evening, enjoy the spars!"

Ian nods to something Lucita says to him. "Have a good evening, Baroness Saik."

2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Philomel, the Nightingale, Micana, the efficient amanuensis, Golden, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Lucita.

"Well met Lord Brogan, sorry about that, I haven't seen my cousin in some time," Luis tells the man, then looks to the table as he notes that there's people everywhere, "It's going to be a long evening, of meriment," he notes, then watches as his sister heads out, "Dear sister!" but his voice is lost in the crowd as Lucita leaves before he can catch her.

Lethe looks around the table and toward Luis. "It has been entertaining tonight.

Orathy shakes his head at the name, "Reckon I ain't knowin who that is meself. I only be giving oath to Pravus some years back and I ain't no favorite to be sitting at no noble table." He notes where Valdemar looks and nods, "Go have a drink with 'em. I reckon I be needing to say hello to Lady Pravus." With that, he breaks from Valdemer to approach Juliana, offering, "Allo Lady Pravus. Fancy findin you here."

Juliana sends a wink towards Emily as the woman waves, her gaze sliding and falling on Orathy for a moment as he steps off the field, that healer's gaze sliding acros the big man but soon she is turning back towards Luis and Valencia and the introductions. "You Highness. My Lord." Offered to both Echo and Brogan, her blue eyes meeting each directly with a small nod of her head, but otherwise leaving Luis to do the greetings and answering for a moment as she glances towards the feild.

Echo snorted out a half-laugh and grinned over at Luis, leaning against him for a moment. "Am I really /that/ horrible? Geez, Luis..." Her smile widened and she set her drink down again. "The evening is going well thus far! I haven't lost any money yet." She hasn't won any either, but that detail just happened to disappear completely.

Felix was starting to tire; the work at the smithy was a lot different than the work of wearing armor and fighting in combat. It was something that you quickly lost if it wasn't done regularly - and the smith had indeed fallen behind in his practice. Panting underneath the veil, but at least managing to deflect and return some of the attacks sent his way. Movements coming a little slower, his stance a bit more wary. "Remind me over our next drink that my idea of mixing in leather rather than full armor was a better plan." amusement clear, even through the growing exhaustion.

"Family first, Lord Luis, always..." Brogan replies with a smile, and nodding towards Echo, "She's been ready to go for a bit, I think. You came just in time." Then he watches as Lucita leaves, and grins as he tells Luis, "And not quite in time for other things."

Angelo nods in greeting to those he is introduced to, though his attention does wander back to the combat in the arena. He considers the difference of encumbering in full plate versus the lighter leather, as that does seem to be one of the factors involved presently.

"Should come by the training center, plenty of people to keep you on your toes." Felicia suggests for the smith, staying on the aggressive tact with that large blade wielded with the strength of one well used to fighting in heavier gear than she's currently clad in. The knight courteously gives him a moment to catch his breath with a laugh,"I made that mistake a few times myself... so far I'm happy with this though." which didn't help much for the good blow he snuck in, certainly she takes her off hand to test the spot under her arm before nodding,"Come, we still good?" she'll wait for that nod, but there's nothing less agressive in the way she moves back in.

Julian chuckles at the comment about finding a drink. "If we can find glasses we can open that bottle." points out. "Or even if we can't." Her attention turning back to the others as Rath steps up and pulls her gaze again, smile brightening. "Master Culler. It looks as if you just left field, I am sorry we were too late to watch. Did you win?"

Felix takes moderate damage.

Felix checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Felix remains capable of fighting.

Felicia takes moderate damage.

Orathy nods at Juliana, "Course I fucking won." A little smug, though he leans in and whispers something with a distinctive nod down. He then looks around, "You going to be standing all night m'Lady or ya going to sit your arse down and drink with old Rath?"

Felix checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 6 higher.

Felix remains capable of fighting.

Felicia takes moderate damage.

Ian's attention is drawn to the tail end of the fight that's been going on in the ring. The view from here is a lot better, after all.

Felix checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 42, rolling 3 lower.

Felix checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 13, rolling 35 higher.

Felix remains alive, but close to death.

Felix falls unconscious.

To Lady Lethe, Luis leans in and smiles as she tells him of the situation, "Thank you, the crowd is much bigger this week, I would imagine that something exciting is happening," he notes, then turns and sees Orathy with Juliana, so he gives the man a smile and a nod, before turning back to the table at hand, "Ah, Princess Ech, you've not made any money either, I'd bet, but that'd probably mean you'd lose some now," he remarks, giving her shoulder an affectionate squeeze before turning back to Lord Brogan, "Aye, such is life, we win some, we lose some, and sometimes we simply wake up on a couch in the King's antechamber, wearing nothing but a napkin, and sporitng a massive headache... Okay that last one is far too specific..." he notes.

Waldemai stands up in the rafters to cheer...Yes he's drunk but not so drunk that he might fall. "Well fought! Congratulations! Well done!"

Mirari gets up and tosses a coin purse up to Waldemai. "Don't fall out of the ceiling because you cheered too much!"

"We will have to drink again sometime," Valdemar says to the man who defeated him as they part, and he then makes his way over to where Ian and the others are now sitting. Joining them, he sets his drink down and looks around, making some remark as he settles.

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Wash salutes Luis with his drink and returns to chatting with those neary him.

Brogan laughs deeply at the story, good natured as it is, and nods to Luis, "Or we find ourselves running from a town, a Tavern burning to it's foundation, and no bloody idea where or how..." Pausing dramatically, he nods, "Agreed, too specific for here, but perhaps we can swap war stories at another time?"

Felix manages to hold on for several more exchanges - enough that he even manages to bait a couple more retalitory strikes before a solid smack of her sword to the side of his helmet stumbles him to one knee, dropping the polearm so he doesn't plant himself face first into the sands. One hand managed to lift up a bit, "I yield." through the heavy blows of breath, lifting his hands to remove the helmet, running a hand to slick hair back away from his face. "And very well fought." staying where he is for a moment, making sure that the room was going to stop spinning, before he picked up his polearm and used it as a staff to brace himself on, to push up to his feet.

Esoka stands up as the fight winds its way to a conclusion. So she can get a good view, and so she can prepare. An arm is raised to signal Echo. She's ready. "Drink a toast to Gloria for me!" she calls spiritedly to her table, winding her way down toward the ring. She'll be ready to enter, as Felix and Felicia clear it.

Mattheu cheers loudly with a loud whoop, and then he is sittin again quietly, at the bar.

Valencia smiles gently then gives Luis a strange look before turning to signal for a few more bottles and glasses to be brought to the table. The arena fills with cheering and she adds her applauds to the chorus for the fighters below.

At the end of the battle, Brogan again whistles loudly, and claps his hands for the two combatants. "King's Own!" He cheers again as his voice raises with the others applauding the match.

"Well fought!" Another round of applause from Echo as Felicia scores a good hit off on Felix. That concluded, Echo knocks back the remainder of her drink before moving for the sparring circle, grinning wide at her opponent. "Ready, Dame Esoka?"

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"I'll take the bet, how about a thousand silver on Esoka?" Caspian says back to Apollis after a moment, grinning wide to him. "I need to run out real quick anyway and hit the bank after this fight anyway for something."

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Wash applauds widely for the knight when the match is resolved in her favor. "Well done Dame Harrow!" He doesn't know Felix, but he raises a glass to him. "It's training, not armor that wins the day, well said."

Echo wields a halberd in Oathlands steel.

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Waldemai doesn't even wait to see who's up next. He counts his coins. "A thousand on Dame Esoka," he calls out.

With her drink gone she sets her mug down and turns, looking to her companions at the bar. "The next round is on me in new horizons and great adventures!" Emily grins and starts to reach for her pouch, pulling free silvers.

Esoka draws her blade - a sturdy steel thing she likely borrowed from the Riven armory - and offers Echo a knight's salute. "When you are, highness." Shoulders squared, stocky posture defensive, she's ready.

"A thousand on the other!" Calls Orathy for the bet for Echo!

Juliana tips her head a little as Orathy whispers then glances to the ground between them and smiles. Nodding a bit looks back up at the rogue. "Of course you did, what could I have been thinking to ask." teases as she touches his arm lightly before letting go and reaching over to curl her fingers in Luis's hand. "I would love to have a drink with you Rath, but at the momnet I am not sure where Lord Luis is wanting to finally settle at." glancing over to Luis with a slight arch of her brow. "Were you intending to fight this evening, Luis?"

Felicia might have a little aggression to work out, maybe, of course, that's also probably responsible for the few times that the bladed polearm catches her roughly. The redhead's grin turning more toothy at the breath-stealing blows in the less padded leather catch her a couple of times quite well. But when he yields, she halts, breathing heavily. The greatsword is slid away before she offers a hand out, turning it to a clap on his shoulder,"You, too. Nicely done Master smith." she chuckles hoarsely, content to be slow to walk off the sand with him back towards the ringside table, a gesture made at Brogan for his calling out like 'you're next, my lord'.

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A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Waldemai waves down to the big fighter. "I'll duel your purse with mine, good man! You're on!"

Thesarin looks over toward Waldemai. "I'll stand that bet." He remains causal at the raised seating, and gives just a short grin as he looks at the arena.

Felix lifts a hand in Wash's direction in thanks, but offers a grin now seen without the mesh of mail in the way. "But untested armor can't be relied upon, either my Lord. And can't test it without putting it through at least some battering." thumping himself down into a table, and signalling for another pair of drinks to be brought for the both of them. "Easy to see why you're the King's Own, Dame Harrow."

Esoka takes minor damage.

Orathy lifts his tankard of mead, because he got one too when he ordered for Valdemar, toward Felicia and Felix, "Well fought Master Felix! Oy and your opponent thar too. I ain't having her name but damn, that looked like she can hit hard." His eyes walk back to Juliana and he nods, "Reckon I can be fighting him if none others be wanting too."

Esoka takes minor damage.

Waldemai checks his purse, and then says to Thesarin, "And you as well!"

Luis cheers as the fight ends, then grins as his cousin rises, "Well it would be bad form for me to bet against you, Echo, so why not go out there and win, that way I can keep my money tonight," he notes to her, even as she goes off and then he sees her opponent and he sighs, "Where to I send the money to, Princess Valencia?" he asks, his lips breaking into a wide grin. "And yes Lord Brogan, far too specific, though if my story sounds like a war story... I want to fight in the wars you fight in, they sound much more pleasant," he notes with a laugh, then finds himself with a mug of something in his hand, and sips from it, nodding to the mug, "That'll do," though... he stops as he feels a hand curling into his own and he looks over at Juliana, "Ah, do not worry Lady Pravus, I would not keep you from your friends, though your dedication to stay with the one you walked in with does warm my heart. Please enjoy yourself, I must speak with the Kennex's before the night is through, and I would not wish to bore you with my own drivel. I am sure that Master Culler's conversations are much more interesting." He sets the mug down and pats Juliana's hand before he slowly releases it, so that she can not have to worry.

Orathy is overheard praising Valdemar for: Respect for the Young Grim

With the smith heading out and the table empty, Felicia elects to take her whiskey and meander her way to the bar, ceding the proximity of the ringside table for somewhere with a few more people and easier access to drinks.

Ian's attention is already being dragged away from the people he's sitting with (again) by the fight. He leans forward, watching, impossibly blue eyes intense. He's even forgotten about his drink.

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Esoka takes a few early stinging blows from that large blade, though they don't seem to do much more than spur her own. That wide, toothy grin splitting the deep red of her lips. She ups her guard, parrying Echo's blows back at her with shove-like thrusts of her blade, eyes narrow as they search for a break in the other woman's guard.

Apollis claps and cheers. "Go Echo!" he calls out from the bar. He makes sure to step away from Emily's ear, the poor girl.

"You wound my heart," Echo teases out as she overhears bets against her. Signaling her readiness with a gentle nod, the Redrain knight-princess takes on a stance with her feet shoulder-width apart and a lopsided grin for Esoka. "Now don't go easy on me, Dame Esoka. I've heard you're really talented, and I didn't come out here to be disappointed." The fight between two talented warriors was mostly just dodging and parrying at this point, though Echo did score a small hit.

Valdemar is overheard praising Orathy for: A great fighter

Esoka takes minor damage.

Esoka takes serious damage.

As if not to be left without cheering, Emily lifts her mug of cider after the toast at the bar and cheers as well, whistling loudly to give support.

Orathy laughs up to Waldemai, "Reckon at this rate there ain't going to be much left in your coin purse!"

Esoka takes minor damage.

Esoka takes minor damage.

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As he sees the gesture, Brogan returns a wink in Felicia's direction, and grins at the thought. Looking back to Luis, the Northman laughs, "Well, Lord Luis, there are many types of wars, some flow with blood.. the others flow with drink. I agre, I prefer the latter." He raises his mug in salute to the Lord, and takes a long drink before looking back to the pit. He whistles for the Northern Princess.

Caspian rises up and shouts to Esoka teasingly, "Esoka, you're suppose to avoid her sword! Dodge! You know what that is, right?!"

There is something in the little vixen's eyes as she smiles graciously and looks out to the sands below her head held with high, her delicate chin lifted. Luis' question seems to catch her by surprise and the turns back, "Oh,if it pleases, Lizette will see it put in proper place. I thank you for the kindness," she says politely. "How are you faring this evening, Lord Angelo? I had heard you returned recently. I'm so glad to see you return to the Hart."

Esoka takes moderate damage.

Esoka takes moderate damage.

Esoka takes minor damage.

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Esoka remains capable of fighting.

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Esoka remains capable of fighting.

Esoka checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 39, rolling 26 higher.

Esoka remains capable of fighting.

Echo takes minor damage.

Orathy nods at Juliana's words and decides to join Princess Valencia's table.

Esoka checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 66, rolling 32 higher.

Esoka remains capable of fighting.

Echo takes moderate damage.

Esoka checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 90, rolling 6 lower.

Esoka checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 52, rolling 19 higher.

Esoka remains alive, but close to death.

Esoka falls unconscious.

Zoey lets out a breathless 'wow' by the end of the fight. "Good gods," she repeats. "That lasted forever and yet not long at all."

Esoka spends a lot of time chasing Echo around that sparring ring, which wears her down. Even in lighter leathers, that gets tiring after awhile, and that huge blade gives her /many/ hurts she'll feel in the morning. She doesn't go down easily, managing to finally land a few blows on the other woman before she's felled, taking a knee. "I yield. Well fought."

Wash isn't surprised by the result and applauds only slightly less vociferously.

Waldemai pays off his bets, but that doesn't require use of his mouth. "Well fought! Well done!"

Juliana arches a brow, looking from Luis to Rath then back before leaning in to whsiper something in the Lord Igniseri ear. Turning her attention back to Orathy. "Congradulations on your win, Rath."

Apollis is overheard praising Echo for: Legendary swordsman, clearly.

Luis watches the fight, drawn to it as people start to get into it, and since it's his cousin, he figures he should at least watch. When the fight comes to an end, Luis cheers, "There you go Princess, saved us all! And made the Master Smith a little lighter in the pocket. That's the aim of the game around here!" he calls out, giving Waldemai a wink as he looks in the smith's direction.

Caspian lets out a little sigh and a shake of his head, grinning as he reaches into his coin purse and pulls out some coins, giving it over to Apollis. "I'm short a silver, I gotta run to the bank for something anyway, I'll be back with that last silver." He rises up, planting a kiss on Cadenza's head, telling the group. "I'll be back!"

Orathy let's his large hands come together in a loud thunderous applause, calling up toward Waldemai, "Another round on me!" He hoists his tankard and looks toward Juliana, nodding, "Aye." His eyes follow toward Echo, "Reckon I want to fight her..."

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It was a long fight, and the lack of armor on Echo's part played to her advantage for sure. Her ability to dodge was on point and her ability to parry most attacks with her halberd was likely not a common sight in the hart. She let out a vibrant laugh during the fight, eyes filled with mirth, and when Esoka concedes, she holds her hand out for the woman. "Well fought, Dame Esoka!"

Apollis cheers and claps for Echo from the bar.

Noting the passing of silver from Caspian to Apollis, Luis laughs, "Oh Missere Caspian, did you think all Igniseri's fight as terrible as I?" he says to the rogue, laughing, and then turning back to the ring.

"I owe you a round of drinks, Master Waldemai!" Esoka calls up to the smith, with an apologetic laugh. There's a bow to Echo, as she goes to rejoin her table, falling back into her seat and breathing heavily. "Most bracing."

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Caspian lets out a laugh back to Luis, shaking hsi ehad as he heads for the door. He calls out to Orathy, "Drinks are on the house tonight! You can't buy free drinks!"

Valencia nods a warm and sincere, yet perhaps an over abundance of politeness, as Orathy arrives at the table. A bottle and glass immediately appear for those new to the table as the room swirls with activity. A small smile is offered to Lady Lethe, as the little princess looks down the table to see if she is enjoying the event. "Would you care for more drinks, Lady Lethe. Lord Luis, you know this place better than many, what is it that you would wish to drink?"

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Waldemai has never in his life turned down a drink. "Send 'em up," he calls.

Angelo looks over as he is addressed, "I am not sure that I am all the way returned, though I am endevouring to. Thoughts continue to plague and distract me, sometimes circular ones that require pulling my way from my thoughts." He gestures to the arena and crowds around with his glass, "Perhaps a fresh perspective will come to me once I return to those thoughts."

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Esoka calls out to the bar, "A drink on me for Master Waldemai and Champion Caspian...and anyone else who bet on me! I owe them, since I lightened their purses!"

Luis, realizing he's still standing, he nods to Valencia, "Whiskey is fine this evening, you always have the best hidden somewhere, quite literally," he remarks, chuckling, then nods to something Juliana shares with him and he gestures towards the large table where everyone is seated. "Shall we join them?" he offers, but then holds a seat before sitting down himself, seeing what everyone is up to, while giving the Lady Lethe a small smile. "And Lord Brogan, we shall take that up sometime. Perhaps somewhere where we will not have to shout to be heard, as I imagine some of our stories may not be suitable for delicate ears," he notes, giving the man a nod of his head before he settles himself.

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Caspian wields Freedom.

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Juliana settles down into the seat as Luis pulls it free tugging her cloak tighter around her. You know those Setarco girls, without the sun on them, they freeze. Once settled her gaze sliding to the others at the table, smile offered though her thoughts to be focused elsewhere.

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Echo seemed about ready to leave the ring, but seeing as nobody else moved to spar, she asked, "Did anyone else want to have a go while the night is still young?" She glanced curiously around the room.

Orathy slides out of the chair, recently decided upon, only to move toward the arena to speak with Echo. She's still in the ring, and as it happens, he comes to answer her challenge, just in time, "Aye. I reckon I do, if ya aint' having no qualms hitting an old silver beard eh?"

After finishing his glass of mead, Valdemar rises to his feet again, telling the people sitting around him, "Its been fun, but there are some things I need to get done tonight still. Enjoy the rest of your night." As he moves to leave the room, the Grimhall heir waves to Orathy and to Valencia.

Zoey smiles at Valdemar. "Be well, Lord Grimhall," she says.

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Caspian is walking bakc in when he hears Echo's challenge, calling to her, "I will fight you, Princess! If you wish."

Ian nods to Valdemar when he rises to go. "I'll talk to you soon."

"I have no qualms with that," Echo says to Orathy with an open palmed gesture to the ring before her. "Don't go easy on me though." She nods over to Caspian and says, "Another time, or after, if you're feeling up for it."

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Orathy walks into the ring, freeing up his padded axe again, since he didn't unwad it from his last fight. "Reckon I won't be going easy... What be your name so I be knowing it?" He offers his own, "Names Orathy Culler, though I be liking Rath, as it is."

Apollis smiles toward those at the bar. "I hope you've all had a pleasant night. If you'll excuse me," he says bowing his head.

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Emily leaves, following Apollis.

Cadenza is overheard praising Felicia for: Thanks for avenging Lady Emily and I by defeating Felix.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"Good to meet you Rath," Echo said with an inclination of her head. "I'm Echo." She set the base of her halberd firmly into the ground, waving out to Apollis as he makes his exit. "I don't go easy either. Gloria would not approve."

As his eyes drift back towards the match, Brogan calls out to Echo, "He's a tough one! Be on your guard!" raising a glass of whiskey, and smiling as the fight starts.

Orathy takes minor damage.

Orathy takes minor damage.

Orathy takes minor damage.

Wash puts his feet up and sips his drink as he watches the new fight resolve.

Zoey falls silent as the fight continues.

Orathy takes minor damage.

Orathy takes moderate damage.

Echo takes serious damage.

Orathy takes minor damage.

Orathy takes minor damage.

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"Ah, guard work is so boring," Caspian says back to Felicia with a small sigh, tugging Cadenza in to his side. "Standing around, watching and waiting is the worst. You can't go off and daydream or talk to anyone, because you can't be distracted. I mean it's a little better if you got a steamy affair going on with who you're protecting, but how often does that happen?"

It looks like a well matched fight. Though early on, Echo is getting some quick hits in on Orathy, he doesn't give up... and he's actually switching tactics, falling back into defensive then switching to offensive, only to bounce back to the other. He's trying to figure out how to get through that heavy weapon of Echo's, moving swiftly enough at one point to ding his axe off her frame since she was devoid of armor! Orathy grunts a little, "Reckon you think you be good enough not to wear armor huh?" He squints, "Supposin I just have to be fast enough..."

Echo takes moderate damage.

The spar started out pretty good for Echo, but one hit from Orathy had her reeling in pain. "Ouch!" She eyed the axe and huffed out, "Diamondplate hurts." Her halberd was expertly crafted, but it was still just high quality steel. She stepped back to reassess her opponent, sweeping her damp hair back. "I suppose so, but I might be biting my tongue here soon enough," she says with a breathy laugh.

Echo takes moderate damage.

Orathy takes serious damage.

Luis lets himself get settled at the table before he looks around at the thinning crowds, but still plenty of people around. "Ah, it's almost conversable now," he notes with a chuckle, turning to the table to share some things with those there before he notes the fight and the strikes as they go back and forth, "Ouch! Don't get hit!" he tells the ring centered pair, though clearly for Echo.

Orathy is getting hits on Echo... which is likely more than most do! He does take a rather nasty hit though, staggering back after he deviously tried to cut in under her guard fast enough and gets slammed for the effort. He spills to the ground and then has to catch himself with a roll and a spring of a hand to get him out of the way of a descending blade again. He heaves upward, "Reckon you be making me sweat Echo! Tis a good challenge aye!" He taps on the padded blade, "Aye, reckon if it weren't padded?"

Echo takes minor damage.

Orathy checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 90, rolling 23 lower.

Orathy checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 52, rolling 11 lower.

Orathy is incapacitated.

Orathy falls unconscious.

Waldemai cheers. Now that was a fight, a match between champions! "Well done! Well fought! Hooray!"

Esoka stands to applaud for Echo and Orathy both. "Well fought! Well fought!"

Wash applauds widely again for the victorious Echo. "You're a tribute to your house Princess."

Astraea comes in just in time to clap for Echo and Orathy! "Brava, both of you fought well. Good job Echo!"

Orathy was whittling Echo down, but eventually one of her swings connected and almost immediately after the strike, she pulled back to make sure her opponent was okay. "You hit hard," she says with another vibrant laugh, holding out her hand for Orathy to help him up.

And... all at once, it just takes one hit from Echo's heavy weapon to send the old bastard sailing. It's a slow motion moment where his eyes widen as he sees it coming and tries to late to get out of the way. He made a hit, but at the end of the day, he opened himself up for that giant blade and his goes soaring from the momentum brought on by that greatsword. The old guy is down for the count. He's not even moving. Like oooow, that hurt. Breathless, winded. He'll be feeling that for a day, when he wakes up to feel it.

Clapping loudly and Whistling for the two, "Good Match! Echo, Rath!" and he raises his arms for the rest of the locals to increase their cheering for the two combatants.

Caspian looks over to the ring, where Orathy is down for the count, wincing, asking, "Is he still alive? Someone should make sure he's still alive."

Thesarin snorts at something Wash said at the table, and just nods, slow, at the conclusion of the fight.

Luis stands as Echo makes the final blow, noting Astraea, but also giving a hoot and a hollar, "Well struck! Master smith, the man need a bucket of beer to wake him after that one!" he calls to Waldemai, though he watches the action, waving over to Astraea as she draws near, "Come cousin, we were discussing how wonderful my cousins are at battle, and I seem to be falling behind."

A bevy of the Hart's mercies heed the call and are seeing to the man even as he struggles to rise.

Waldemai lets himself down from the rafters and staggers off in the direction of Southport Square, another fine night of fights under his belt.

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

The /other/ white haired Redrain princess looks down at Orathy with concern. Her eyes flit to Luis, then back to the man and the mercies and then back to Luis. Somberly she strides over to him and pecks him on the cheek,"Stop lying. You haven't fallen behind. The last time we tussled you gave me a bit of a wollopin," claims the young woman before finding a seat next to him and occupying it. Valencia is given a cheery wave, and then Astraea gets up to hug and kiss her too -- for good measure.

Ian belatedly remembers that he's holding a drink, and drinks from it.

Juliana watches the fight, wincing as Orathy goes down, for a moment she watches holding her breat until it is stated that he is indeed not dead, then looks back to the table nodding to the conversation that his going on.

Crouching down by Orathy, Echo gives him a gentle nudge before she nods and proclaims, "He's not dead!" The mercies tend to him and she slips away from the scene of the crime, bee-lining it straight for Astraea to throw both her arms around her sister. "Raea!" She planted a kiss on either cheek before moving to sit down somewhere.

Orathy eventually moves, with the aid of the Mercies. He starts to roll over onto his stomach and cough. That's what happens when you don't wear armor folks! He pushes against the arena surface. The movements are slowly done and a few times he gets grouchy enough to push at the mercies. Eventually he is pulled up onto his feet and moved aside to a seat where he could enjoy the whiskey that was being sent his way!

Esoka didn't look /too/ worried about Orathy, but she grunts, satisfied, when it's announced that he's all right. "Thanks to Gloria /and/ Lagoma, then." She offers an inclination of her head to her table. "I should be retiring. Perhaps stop at the Grotto to soak after that, before I head home. Always a pleasure to drink and fight with you lot."

Cheering loudly, Brogan calls out "NOT DEAD YET!" and looks to Orathy as he starts to roll over, "Northern Whiskey, Rath! The best medication money can buy! Back up here, and we'll have a few glasses in a row."

Wash gives another round of applause for the awakening Orathy. "Well fought old one. Well faught."

Ian blinks and looks over at Echo after she murmurs to him. He finishes off his drink, then responds to her, softly.

"Rest well, Esoka." Thesarin gives her a short nod, and leans back in his chair. "I'll be following along, 'fore too much longer."

Zoey nods at Ian, seeming satisfied, and she nods to Esoka. "I'll come find you after I speak to my father, Dame Esoka," she says with a smile. "Rest well."

After growing silent, likely in contemplation over something, or simply because he's exhausted and snuck a quick nap, Dagon finally stirs and rises from his seat. "It's been a pleasure to meet all of you," he intones to his tablemates, giving those he already knew a solid pat on the shoulder or back as appropriate. "Unfortunately, my dearest wife will have my hide if I don't return and finish the tower of paperwork that's accumulated." With that, he begins picking his way back to the exit.

"It does pile up." Thesarin gives Dagon another slow nod from his seat at the table. "Well met, Duke Tyde."

Astreae's welcome is met with full force and a warm hug and kiss upon the cheek is returned whole heartedly. "How are you, my darling Princess? I am so very happy to see you. Welcome back to my Hart. It has be an..." she glances with a little concern Orathy's way but nods as he is well cared for by Echo and the Hart's mercies. " eventful night. Have you come to spar or just enjoy goood company?" she asks.

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Ian nods to Dagon when he rises to go. "We should catch up sometime soon. It's good to see you again." But sadly, he is slow, and Dagon is already gone.

Orathy lifts his hand to the applause, though he'll make sure to drink down his fair share of whiskey before he gets out of the ring itself... A bench sit is required.

Astraea waves to Esoka and Dagon,"Have a good evening you two!" Echo is given hugs and kisses as well and then Luis is being poked. "Have you gotten out there tonight? Done any sparring with anyone this evening cos'?" Valencia's beautiful voice makes her snap her head back to the princess with a grin,"I'm doing well thank you for asking Valencia. How about you? I hope you've been well since our paths last crossed."

2 Solace trained guards arrives, following Armel.

Violet enters and her face is filled with a mix of curiousity and mild awe. The kind of expression someone who is visiting the Hart for the first time might wear. As she walks into the arena her pace slows as her eyes scan the large crowd. A few familiar faces from earlier, Echo and Ian, then she spots Zoey as well. The mercenary lieutenant bobs her head politely before going to get herself something to drink. Ale for the moment.

Luis looks about to say something before Astraea is poking at him and he nods his head, "No, no, I haven't been out there this evening, I wasn't planning on it either. It doesn't look like it's going well out there. I'd likely be trounced soundly again," he admits, grinning at her, but then nodding to Valencia.

Juliana laughs warmly at something being said at the table, pausing to look up at Astraea as she steps close and offering a smile before turning her eyes back to the conversation.

As Astraea greets people at the table where he's seated, the large Northman stands, and nods his head in her direction, "Well Met, I don't want to be rude with everyone greeting you, and me just sitting my happy self at their table. Brogan Nightgold."

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After a while, Orathy starts to make his way from the arena and not without a bit of a favoring to his side and a slight limp - slight because he's trying to walk on it normally and still not covering it up completely. He's making his way out of the arena, having taken his lickings for the night.

With a roll of one large shoulder, Grandmaster Armel takes a few heavy-footed strides into the arena and glances around, ignoring the fighting ring for the moment as his gaze narrows in on a waitress. "Whiskey," he grunts harshly, the polite nod that follows in contrast to his tone. He pauses only a moment more before pushing his way further in, slipping through the crowd as he turns his one eye about looking for familiar faces.

Wash stands up. "Well, I can't compare with that display, and I can't shoot, but I'm here for a reason, right?" He glances around the room. "Nightgold. Do you care to go a round?" He singles out Brogan across the room.

Juliana is given a reflection of the smile she offered and a coy wiggle of the fingertips. Luis is given a small nod and then an appraising look,"I think you underestimate yourself but Gild favors you like no one else. So I don't wanna bet against those odds." She nudges him playfully but the Nightgold lord's introduction causes her to stand and bow in a proper show of greeting. "Knight-Princess Astraea Redrain, of Farhaven." She professes quietly before taking her seat again.

Violet spies Echo moving from the ring and moves to a server. She fetches another mug of ale from them and approaches the Redrain noble. "I apparently missed the show," She says, sounding dissapointed. She holds of the mug to her with a friendly smile.

Glancing from the table Violet is noted, her expression bringing a gentle smile to her face. Rising gracefully from the table, she pardons herself to go and greet Violet and welcome her properly. Stepping gently to stand beside her she smile, "Hello, my lady. Welcome to my Hart. Is this your first visit with us?" she asks warmly.

Looking over to Wash, the Northman raises two big meaty fists, "These are the only weapons I happen to wield this night, friend!" Brogan's grin is broad, and welcoming, "If you'd like to go a few rounds with the bare knuckles I"d be happy to oblige."

"Oh, thank you," Echo says with a warm smile. She accepts the drink and takes a long sip of it before placing it back in Violet's hands. "You missed a few spars but I'm certain that others would love to put on a show for you." She glances to the crowd of people around. "If I knew how to use a bow I'd take you on, but I definitely can't use one."

Luis laughs at Astraea's comments about him, "Perhaps, though thank you, and yes, be careful with the Nightgold here, I think he's even more a rogue than I, he's fought wars where it's been more bare flesh and less blood... maybe he'll share stories later," Luis explains, though seems mildly jealous, though as the grin returns, it's clearly all in good fun. Conversations circling, the Igniseri Lord settles back into his seat for a time, listening to the words around him.

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Luis is overheard praising Valencia for: For a wonderful Sip and Spar!

"Watch his right, Lord Admiral, he hits like a hammer." Felicia calls out towards Wash from her spot at the bar.

Violet smiles and says, "A pleasure. I know a drink is the one thing I want after practicing or fighting. And in a place like this, well, water would probably be posh right?" Then she has caught Valencia's attention. She turns and smiles at the princess, her eyes taking in the striking woman. "Oh! This is your place? It is so fine indeed. A friend told me I should come. Seems I chose a good night. I'm Violet. Violet Marjawn."

Wash nods to Felicia. "Sounds like you have met his hammer once or twice Dame Harrow. I'll keep an eye on it."

Looking to Astraea, Brogan nods his head respectfull, "Well Met, your Highness. I hope you enjoy the tussles and the company..." At Luis' comments, the Northman does a horrible job of looking indignant, "Lord Luis, we've only just met, and you've done such a fine job of describing my shenanigans. I feel like I'm being followed!" Then, a grin follows a nod, "Aye, if it's stories you wish, I can deliver."

Felicia salutes with her glass in Wash's direction,"Aye I have." she offers with a smirk,"But if you don't want to meet him with fists, I'll go another round with blades." she offers with a glance over at Cadenza, laughing lowly at something said.

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"Since Lord Nightgold is busy entertaining, I'll call that a favor Dame Harrow." Wash steps into the ring, answering the call.

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Cadenza would chuckle a bit then as she heard something Felicia said before leaning against the bar. Now she would just....wait and watch.

Ian watches with interest as Wash heads out into the ring.

Felicia dips her head towards Cadenza at the bar,"If you'll excuse me, your highness, I'm about to see whether an admiral's going to make me unseaworthy." she offers with a grin, draining her whiskey before getting to her feet and meandering her way back down to the ring.

Luis raises his glass to Brogan and takes a sip at being mentioned, then he laughs, but says nothing else, leaving the Lord the opportunity to reply to Wash's challenge. He chuckles at something that Juliana says though he looks to Astraea, "So there you have it, that's about as far as I got, too."

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"This is far better than water," Echo assured Violet. She nursed at her drink and peered over at the rest of the people. "Definitely nice to have after a few spars." Seeing as Wash and Felicia are ready to fight, Echo dropped back into her chair.

Harmon sits in his chair, watching the fight intently and taking notes upon notes.

"I am so pleased to meet you, Mistress Violet. I hope this is the first of many times that you visit my Hart. And I can assure you the water though excellent is not very posh," Valencia smiles warmly between the lovely ladies. "You would be so very welcome to use our arena for practicing if it pleases. The Hart is here to serve all of Arx. I would be so pleased to see that it well used," she affirms with a nod and then a blink as Amel is recognized. She smiles and stares, not sure if she is seeing what she seeing. "Grandmaster Armel?! Is that really you?" she asks with delight.

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Juliana settles back into her chair, listening quietly to the conversations that flow around the table, occasionally reaching over and stealing a sip of Luis' drink." At Angelo's comment, Jules smiles. "Well I will admit, it would be nicer if they had decided to have an outdoor gala in the summer."

Wash takes serious damage.

The Large Northman calls out to Felicia and to Wash, "Next Sip and Spar I will see if I can convince the Princess Valencia to make it an all Boxing Match night! No Armor, No Weapons, all bare knuckles! Then we'll all have fun!" He raises his galss to the two of them, "Good Luck to you Both!!"

Scratching at his jaw, Armel eventually receives his whiskey and gives the waitress who brought it to him a grateful bob of his head. He drains nearly half of it in one go, and lets his eye fall on the ring and the entering combatants. Then suddenly he hears his name and looks up and around, finally locating Valencia in the crowd. He flashes her a crooked grin and lets a rumbling chuckle briefly escape his lips before he bobs his head, "Aye it's me, Princess. Been quite some time, hasn't it?"

In his usual wanderings, Vano will sometimes find himself in a new place. Or at least someplace that's caught his interest. Hearing that's going to be a little bit of combat going on, the former shav is always curious to see how these Arvians fight. And if for nothing else, something to pass the time doing.

Ordering herself another drink, she'd watch that fight intently. Cadenza had a smile tugging at her lips then.

Violet glances at Echo and then back to Victoria, "Oh I rather think it will. I am quite impressed." And she eyes the ring as Felicia and Wash enter. "Oh, I do not want to miss this." And her eyes turn on the ring as she stands, rather casually near Echo's table to watch the fight. A slight cringe as Wash is hit. "I'm sorry, my lady, but I did not catch your name I believe?" She says with utmost manners to Victoria, eyes turning back to the dark-skinned beauty.

Felicia takes minor damage.

Astraea chuckles along with Brogan and Luis,"It's good seein some other northerners down here in the city. You recently arrived Lord Nightgold?" After posing her question she leans over to ask Luis a quiet question, so as to be respectful of the match in progress. Armel and Vano are given waves of their own as well.

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Felicia takes minor damage.

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Looking back to Astraea, Brogan gives her a warm smile, "Aye, Your Highness, recently left the Mountains near Stonedeep. I've been here a bit before, but it has been awhile.." There's a sly grin on his features, and he said, "A big white deer told me to come back here, and help out." He raises his glass, "See the damnedest things when you're drunk."

"Please join our table, ladies. You are so very welcome," Valencia smiles, glancing to Armel an smiling broadly. "If you will pardon me a moment, there is someone I must greet properly," she says with a little incline of head as she turns to move toward Armel. "My sweetest and most dear Grandmaster, what a beautiful thing it is to have you return to my Hart. Welcome back the city. I'm so glad to see you," says with a bright and beautiful smile and the offer of a delicate hand. "Join us at the table?" she invites.

Wash clearly didn't bring his best the first few minutes of the fight. He's slashing wildly at at Felicia's larger blade and turns it in toward himself instead of away. "We are starting?" He asks jokingly, dancing back out of reach while twisting his arm to regain feeling in it.

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Harmon moves to take a seat at the large table, bowing politely before doing so.He's pleased with having room to spread out his notes, that he's been furiously scribbling during each battle. "Greetings. Apologies for taking seat. Needed more room, and also kept getting arm bumped."

Felicia dips her head to Wash as she steps into the ring,"I've already been a round, so not going to pretend I'm not already working on a few bruises. Fortunately.. I've already worked on a few whiskey's, so it should balance out." she grins at Wash, as with Felix, waiting patiently until she's sure her opponent's ready, mostly because once he is she goes on the offensive with that big blade of hers. The ease with which she carries it, it might be mistaken as something lighter and smaller, the redhead infinitely comfortable with its use,"Well, you did nod like you were ready, were you not?" she asks sunnily, giving him a moment or three before pressing the attack again with a laugh.

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Wash takes minor damage.

Wash takes serious damage.

Felicia takes minor damage.

Wash checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 18, rolling 2 lower.

Wash checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 0, rolling 17 higher.

Wash remains alive, but close to death.

Wash falls unconscious.

Ian leans forward, murmuring something absently probably to Zoey, but with most of his attention on Wash and Felicia.

Echo lifted her brows and glanced over at Harmon for a moment. "Taking notes?" Echo tilted her head slightly. "Are you figuring out who is worth betting on and who isn't?" She tut-tuts playfully before slinking in her seat some, looking over to Armel next. "Oh! You're the Grandmaster? I was considering joining the Knights of Solace for some time. I even have a brochure and everything! I ended up going with the Templars instead." Echo gives Violet a gentle nudge. "Been with the Crimson Blades for long?"

For all of his acrobatics, and defensive footwork, Wash's weaponwork is not a match for Echo's or even Felicia's. He learns this the hard way a few rounds later when he is forced, once again to the rail of the arena and has nowhere to retreat to, and no armor to protect him. He leans his strength against Felicia's but that avails him nothing as well as he's knocked completely off his feet and lays there, breathing heavily, sword released. "Where was that against Lord Valdemar?!" He complains.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Juliana before departing.

Clapping for Felicia she would smile before finishing off her drink. Pulling her cloak around her shoulders a bit tighter she would mover her way over to Valencia with a smile. "Pardon me...." Spoken to the table but she'd lean over to kiss her cousin on the cheek. Cadenza winked as she stood back up straight. "Excellent night, cousin..."

Oh that's good, there's people that Vano recognizes at one of the tables, which is where he heads towards. That being the number of Northeners. "Brogan. Astraea. Echo." he greets a a nod, before his eyes get diverted from to the fight, and he stops a good long moment, stopping in the midst of pulling a chair for himself. "Who is *that*?" he asks of the woman fighting Wash. "She's...amazing."

Violet raises a brow as she watches the fight. A short whistle given as she watches Felicia's prowess as work. The mercenary lieutenant is suitably impressed. "A few years now, actually," She says, not afraid to let the pride show in her voice. "I lead my own special scout regiment...well...I have to fill the ranks again but that is the life sometimes," She sips her drink and lets her eyes be drawn back to the fighting. Then she begins to applaud Felicia as well.

Zoey continues to speak quietly with Ian and Thessarin as she watches the fight.

Armel bobs a nod over to Astraea as he catches her wave, but his focus is on Valencia as she approaches. He grunts something that sounds like a laugh as she greets him and he takes her offered hand, bowing over it very briefly before he rises and releases her. His whiskey returns to his lips and he offers her a smirk, "Believe me, no ones more pleased I'm back than myself. Which table?" He glances back the way she came, searching for whichever one she offered him a seat at before he nods obligingly. Echo's given a quick once over before he grunts, bobbing his head in recognition, "Templars do good work."

Harmon wobbles his head from side to side in a "eeehh" shrugging motion. "Happy side-effect of notes, but would need more fights, same fighters. Taking notes to learn to defend self. Did not appreciate being stabbed, would like to avoid in future if possible. Experts on not being stabbed, should learn from watching experts." Harmon gestures down at the fight.

If anything, perhaps the whiskey helped Felicia loosen up some, certainly it must help for the blows that sneak through as she pursues Wash around the arena, but without all that platemail wearing her down she's got strength to spare... even if she seems somewhat chargrinned at herself when Wash falls over. A moment's chosen, to compose her breath and slide away the sword before she reaches to offer the other man a hand up,"My apologies, Admiral. And here I was fairly certain you were going to win."

Astraea waves to Vano again as she bounces in her seat at the end of the bout. "Dame Felicia Harrow, I believe. I've heard of her by reputation and I see it's well earned." The shav man is flashed a welcoming smile before the white haired princess turns her gaze back to Brogan. "A white deer? Hmmm...I don't know much about omens and portents but that's an interesting one. You talked to auntie Drea or Lady Khanne about that?" Then she's standing to clap for the two combatants again.

"Vano!" Echo lowers her head in a gentle curtsey to the man before glancing over to Violet. "Oh wow, years, huh..? I've only squired for the most part, so, I'm finally ready to get going." She offered the woman a warm smile before beaming out at Armel's words. "And the Knights of Solace do amazing work as well. I'm humbled to be in your presence, honestly."

Wash holds up his hand for Felicia and lets her pull him to his feet. "Sure you were. At least you wait until after the fight to think about my ego." He says with a grin. He is as ready to walk this off as anyone else. "You overestimated me."

Wash says, ""That's a first."

"This one," Valencia says, leading him to the sturdy table by the ring, smiling to Brogan as he offers more wine. "I should like that very much, my lord," she smiles and nods, "But first permit me to introduce Grandmaster Armel, a very dear and beloved friend of mine. Grandmaster, this is Lord Brogan, Lord Luis, Lady Juliana, Mistress Violet, the lovely Princesses Echo and Astraea and I'm so very sorry, I have yet to properly introduce myself to our two newest arrivals."

Violet looks up as Armel comes to the table and her loose and easy smile becomes a little, well, star-struck really. Any soldier worth their spit knows the Grandmaster's name. "An honor to meet you, sir," She says and bows her head with respect. Then she takes a very big drink of her ale.

Felicia reaches to collect Wash's sword and offer that to him, too with a grin of her own,"Oh I've seen you hold your own, I'd say it was hardly unwarranted." she chuckles,"It's been watching you and some of the others that inspired me to try a lighter set for sparring."

When Juliana speaks to Luis, he looks to her and shakes his head, "Ah, no, I have not yet, I've been here at the table, though it would appear the one I was to talk to just took a wallop, I will speak with him later and let him recover." He gives the noted man a chuckle, but a raise of his glass as he raises his voice, "Good show Lord Kennex!" and then back to the table, he bows his head to the Grandmaster, "Grandmaster, a pleasure," he adds to the introduction.

Luca comes as himse-- oh, wrong party. He arrives as he is. In mostly clean clothes, fully sober, and partially distracted. Any or all of these facts might change during the course of his socializing evening. He flips a hand up in greeting to the room, glances around, and he slinks toward a chair that he can flop and sprawl in. "Luca. Grayson. Prince, but it's an enjoyable title that's trotted out like a show pony during high-end affairs. Not here."

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Thesarin raises an empty cup toward Luca as the Prince moves to his seat, sitting comfortably in a chair with Ian and Zoey.

"Humbled, huh?" Armel replies to Echo, regarding her with one dark brown eye, and one of silver and gold for half a moment before he cracks a short-lived smirk, "That's a new one. Maybe I should train the rest of the Knights of Solace to be more humble in my presence." He chuckles briefly before nodding to each individual introduced by Valencia, "My Lords, Ladies. Your Highnesses."

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The Northman stands as the Grandmaster is brought to the table, "Well Met, Grandmaster." offering the man his hand in greeting. "Would you like a bit of Northern Whiskey or some Mead? We've got plenty at the table if you're interested."

Raising her brow, she'd glance to Luca before grinning and giving him a little wave. "What's going on, Luca?" Cadenza tilt her head a bit then blew him a kiss.

Valencia turns to smile as Cadenza arrives and hugs her cousin warmly, returning the kiss on her cheek. "My beautiful Cadenza. I'm so glad to see you. Will you join us? Ladies and gentlemen, my most delightful cousin, Princess Cadenza." she introduces with a warm nod only to see Luca arrive and she beams, "LUCA!" she calls out, instantly reverting to being seven years old again at his arrival apparently. She kisses Cadenza again and rushes to jump up and give the Grayson Prince a big warm hug.

If Harmon is gestured to, he will introduce himself with a small wave and averted gaze, followed by "Harmon of Malvici. Hello." Social stuff was never his forte.

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"Well met Grandmaster, it's an honor to make your acquaintance." Astraea says with a smile and a raise of her glass. She quiets down until Brogan's voice draws her attention and then she's giving the man a nod,"Aye. We can talk about it later. Been meaning to spend more time with the Nightgolds as is."

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Ian nods to Zoey when she rises to duck out. He lifts his cup of whiskey, the one he keeps forgetting about, in a greeting to Luca.


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Sir Aldahel, Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards leave, following Zoey.

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Looking to Valencia she'd laugh as she returned the hugs and nodded before moving out her way before she was run over. "Sure...I have a bit." Cadenza found a free spot and plopped down in it.

"Val," he drawls out in greeting of his adored cousin, hauling himself to his feet quickly to embrace Valencia. After a kiss to both cheeks, another squeeze, he plops right back into his seat all the happier. "You look as though you're lit from within, cos." He grins, and offers a wave to the others that acknowledge him.

"My advice," Echo says, leaning over to Harmon, "Is to focus on your footwork and survival abilities. If you're not a trained fighter, you have a lot of catching up to do if you want to pick up a blade. But you can at least focus on the not getting stabbed part." She nodded softly before grinning over to Armel. "The Knights of Solace are so pure in their resolve, I'm surprised you haven't met others that claim to be humbled in your presence. You have good values, that I'm sure of." She took a small breath and leaned back in her seat. "I chose the Templars for a number of reasons. I am one with the gods, Gloria most certainly does shine her light on me, and my sister, Avaline, is with them. It was a very close tie. If I had more time in my day, I would've taken on both organizations for sure."

Sir Aldahel, Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Zoey.

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Harmon looks back to Brogan, then attempts to smile. It seems more like a grimace, as the expression doesn't really come natural to the scholar, but bless his heart he's trying. "Whiskey, acceptable. Three fingers?"

Valencia gives Luca a smirk, "Well, now that you and Cadenza are here, how could I not be elated." There is a little look to the table and glance up to the rafters at a lone arrow buried deep into the wood. "If it pleases, we could have a small archer contest? Would this please you?"

Harmon then nods to Echo. "Footwork. Survival? Unclear: Wilderness survival, or endurance training?"

Felicia takes a look over the room, waiting to snag a glass of whiskey from one of the passing waitresses and throwing it back smoothly, but it seems from the way she heads towards the exit that for the evening at least, she's done.

Felicia is overheard praising Valencia for: For hosting an excellent Sip'n'spar

Zoey returns and makes her slippered path up to the raised seating, rejoining her table and reetaking her seat next to Ian. Her congac is collected and sipped again. "Did I miss anything exciting?"

"Not in particular." Thesarin nods toward Zoey, and starts to stand, giving a nod to her and Ian. "Be a moment. Should pay respects to the hostess."

When Luis leans down to exchange a quiet word she smiles and then nods, grasping his wrist before he leaves. "I'll go with you back to the Domus. One moment yea?" She says quietly before rising and finishing her drink. A respectful bow is given to the table,"Thank you all for the wonderful company and Princess Valencia, thank you for always inviting me into your Hart." Hugs and kisses are given to the folks she knows well enough and polite waves offered to everyone else before following Luis.

"I will see you soon, Lord Luis. I should like to see you very soon if it pleases," Valencia smiles to the Lycene lord as he prepares\ to go. "Thank you for attending, Lady Juliana. It was lovely to see you once more. Do be safe."

With Astraea and Juliana holding onto him, Luis makes for the exit, seeming tired all of a sudden.

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Leana, an Igniseri Guard, Juliana, Astraea leave, following Luis.

Ian shakes his head to Zoey. "You weren't gone long." He nods to Therasin.

Zoey smiles at Thesarin. "Of course."

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Harmon "hrrrms." He then nods, agreeing with Echo's suggestion. "Reasonable. Will find tutor for survival, evasive footwork. Necessary. Dreading activity, but needed. Hopeful to find private tutor, as research takes most of day and night. Hm... will have to look into possibility of changing sleep pattern to full day, then half day of sleep. No.. inefficient."

Harmon then nods in thanks when Brogan gives him some fine whiskey.

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Thesarin makes his way toward Valencia and the great table, giving the Princess a low nod as he makes his way toward her.

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"Very true," Echo says with a firm nod to Armel. "Your words are wisdom to my ears, Grandmaster. It's important that we all do our part, now more than ever. I'll hold you all accountable to it." The Redrain chevalier lets out a gentle laugh before knocking back her drink. "A private tutor, huh?" She directs this bit to Harmon. "You could considering asking Reese, or maybe..." She glances over to Valencia with a curious gaze.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vano before departing.

Ian nods to Zoey. He braces himself on his cane and pushes himself to his feet.

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Zoey smiles at Wash. "Goodnight, Lord Kennex." And then she stands with Ian and heads towards Valencia and the great table.

Valencia smiles up at Thesarin as he approaches, reaching out to offer a delicate hand in greeting. "My dearest Count, you are welcome. It is so very good to see you," she says graciously. "Are you leaving us?" she says a little sadly, pausing to answer Violet. "If there is another who would like to try their hand at archery we can do so... and perhaps if it pleases, if you cannot spar now with bow, next sip and spar we shall make arrangements so you can and audience will be safe, yes? Would this please?"

Violet widens her eyes slightly at Valencia's suggestion. "Well, that certainly sounds quite, ah, amenable. But certainly no need to change everything on my account," She says. "But, yes that sounds like a lot of fun."

"Not looking to leave, just yet." Thesarin gives Valencia a nod, and looks around the table toward the others seated there. Tattooed and half-wild, the man is clearly a Prodigal, looking every bit like an overdressed shav. "But thought I'd pay respects, before the event wound down proper."

Conker, the Ornery Red Squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Violet before departing.

Ian nods to Thesarin and Wash. "It was good meeting you." This probably to Thesarin, since he already knows Wash.

Caddie would stand up finally, stretching a bit. "Well, cousin....." Looking to Valencia as she said this she'd nod as she'd rest her hand on her sword. "This was fun! I had a blast...." Looking back to those at the table she'd nod. "It was nice meet you guys albeit briefly. I think I need to find my way back home."

Valencia nods and smiles. "The Hart is for everyone, archers included," she smiles sweetly. "Leave it with me and we shall ensure that you may participate next event," she nods warmly. Another smile is offered to Thesarin, "You always so kind to me, my Count Thesarin. Would you join us? Please?" she invites with a wave of a delicate hand. "Good eve, my Lord Ian. Lovely Lady Zoey. Sweetest of dreams," she offers the couple with a little smile as she rises to offer a warm hug of farewell to Cadenza. "Be safe. Come see me soon, yes? You will get home safely?"

Zoey smiles warmly at Valencia. "Do be well, Princess," she murmurs. "Thank you for a lovely evening."

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