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Lord Giulio Mazetti

If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Urbane Inquisitor
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Mazetti
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Inquisitor
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: jet-black
Eye Color: Black
Skintone: bronzed

Titles: Inquisitor

Description: Slender in build, this man has all of the lines of the academic. His long, slender fingers are capped by well trimmed nails, calluses at the finger tips. Marks of slender cuts can be seen against the skin there. He is not overly tall, well under six feet, though his dark locks fall in curtains of midnight curls that jounce at his shoulders. His eyes are a piercing black, the hint of intellect behind them hard to hide. His nose follows the rest of him, slender and aquiline. His lips are expressive, if not particularly full and he possesses a triangular chin. In general, his build shows little sign of fat, save a tiny bit at the belly.

Personality: Giulio is, at heart, the epitome of the urbane politician. He never relies on vulgarity and maintains a certain degree of composure at all times. He tends towards a wry sort of humor -- a sort of humor that descends into the sardonic with ease. Cultured. Urbane. Cool. All of these apply well to the man.

Background: Lord Giulio Mazetti is the younger brother of Lord Theron Mazetti. While his brother is a master of arms, well trained in such matters, Giulio is a creature more oriented towards the mind. He is a student of the law first and foremost, at least to the public eye. His upbringing has been a matter of simple study for most of his life and then an apprenticeship with the Inquisition, though he has served from time to time as necessary as a magistrate for the family, especially on matters touched by law. He has a reputation for being even handed, cool, collected and very amicable.

As of yet, he remains unmarried, though it is likely simply a matter of time until such occurs. Most of his history is a thing of public record. In general, these are boring matters of legalese. However, several times he has been responsible for the discovery of plots, including one act of treason.

Relationship Summary

  • Theron - Older brother

  • Family:
  • Cambria - Honored Cousin and head of my House.
  • Hadrian - The Marquessa's amusing husband.
  • Name Summary
    Alarissa A lovely Lycene, one of the Mazetti's. It will be nice to see him around.
    Alban Seems businesslike, though his smile is a touch concerning. I hope he does not take his duty as Inquisitor to personally. Then again, I could not do what they do.
    Caspian A man with good brandy and a friendly demeanor. What more could you ask for?
    Costas Perhaps it's just my chauvinism but I have a hard time trusting a man with such impeccable manners.
    Daemon One of the fair Marquessa Cambria's family. I see that her family breeds most inquisitive minds, similar to her own! He is one I hope to be seeing more of.
    Demura A very intimidating man who seems to like brandy. While I am not opposed to the drink myself, it's not something that I drink in public. People would talk.
    Echo A scholary sort who works primarily as an Inquisitor. He's Mazetti, and from what I've seen of that family, he must be tough. A southern, scholarly Inquisitor. That's some scary stuff and I can only hope that he doesn't get cross with me.
    Eleanor He made me laugh! He has a sense of humor about himself and life that I like.
    Elgana Southern Thunder! That isn't all, of course. He is a very delightful man whom I hope to spend more time getting to know. Regardless of if he supplies the drink or not. I am utterly charmed.
    Emilia He strikes me as an honorable man. Though he acts easy-going, he is full of confidence and provides shelter and security to those around him. If he hadn't told me he was an Inquisitor, I'd have thought he was either a Knight or a Soldier.
    Emily An interesting man of taste and humor. I find him interesting and would be agreeable to his company again.
    Ennettia How I miss the charm of Lycene men! Thankfully, Arx has Lord Giulio, who is now one of my dearest friends, favorites, and colleague. Which he'll find out eventually I'm sure. Trust? What on earth does trust and friendship have to do with one another?
    Eris An Inquisitor now! I should not be so surprised. A mind so razor sharp cannot be allowed to languish. I am indescribably content for having returned to his side.
    Faye We shared a drink and talked at the Ambassador. He seems to be highly competent at what he does, and I feel confident to trust information he gives.
    Grazia A pleasant and gracious courtier well-acquainted with the law. What secrets he must hide behind that charming smile of his.
    Gwenna Lord Giulio Mazetti is a charming nobleman of exceptional company with an interest in liquors much like my own. I suspect he is far more learned on the topic and perhaps he might be willing to share a few tips. Even if not, sharing drinks is something I hope to manage sometime very soon.
    Ignacio He seems like a good man. Showing up at the right time with some brandy is a talent of its own.
    Iseulet You wonder what Lycene men are made of if they can stomach 'Southern Thunder' and still be standing the next day...
    Jacque An Inquisitor. I've seen his name in the Scholar lists. Amiable enough, likes to offer drinks that I've never heard of. Well, that Southern Thunder thing. The brandy I know about, yes. Maybe not from that region.
    Laric The Inquisition's training is rarely applicable to the mounting number of occult problems we face. There are no rules to magic, after all, only guidelines, and a good investigation is essentially defining what happened and cutting away possibilities. Looking outside the box does not come naturally to everyone. I find Giulio's willingness to cut his way out and climb on top of the box to be refreshing indeed.
    Margerie Met this fellow at the Tournament of red versus blue battle, though I'm not sure I caught his name! Full of flattery, but flattery accompanied by a free bottle of lovely brandy? There is the potential of beautiful friendship beginning. Blarney recognizes itself, after all!
    Mirari I'm going to keep an eye on this man, not because he seems dangerous, but because he doesn't.
    Mydas A perceptive Inquisitor whom lets little escape him. The Inquisition and the Crown are lucky to have one such in their midst.
    Norwood That drink of his is is //something else//.
    Orathy Reckon I would be likin to wipe the smile off his face, Inquisitor scum.
    Reese Friendly. From a good family and well spoken. I look forward to seeing him again.
    Sebastian A keen mind for details with a good sense of humor, and a cousin of the Marquessa's. We'll have to see if we can't entice him with a few pieces of fiction. Facts are wonderful, but sometimes there needs to be room for a little fancy as well.
    Sparte A friendly inquisitor! The second one I've met, but the other one didn't last terribly long. I wish him a better run of luck staying friendly and inquiz- Inquisiti- inquisitorial?
    Theron The younger brother. More studious than me, of course, and he's grown up! The Marquessa already will trust him with a great task, after all.
    Thesarin Way with folk, speaks well, clever enough for the Inquisition. Him and his brother... reckon they make quite the pair.
    Thorley He had the grace to forgive my faux pas for not acknolwedging his original assistance after I was taken out of Caspian's free for all combat.
    Violet He came to drink with the Redrains as we celebrated before leaving for war. A brave man. And he brought the most delicious moonshine. I have seen him around. He was pleasant and didn't mind my...ah...exuberance from the spirits and things.
    Zaina An Inquisitor whom Lord Brogan claims is kind. I remain cautious of cultural misunderstandings in Arvum, however. Then again, I keep running into him, so perhaps I will have a chance to better decide for myself.