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Grandmaster Armel Godsworn

Why use a hundred words, when one and a sword will do?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Solace Grandmaster
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Godsworn
Gender: male
Age: 34
Religion: Knight of Solace
Vocation: Knight of solace
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Bronzed

Obituary: Heavily involved in the defense of the city of Stormwall, Grandmaster Armel of the Knights of Solace was killed in the fighting and seen to fall at the battle of the port.

Description: Even when he was a younger man, Armel would have been hard-pressed to be called 'handsome', wide of face and with a lantern jaw, he was more the sort one would be worried would ram a sword in your gut for your purse in appearance. And a life of hardship and violence have not changed his looks for the better. With long hair that flows freely in chestnut-colored locks to frame his bull-dog face, his most notable feature is the vicious scars that cover most of the right side of his face. He has suffered from a rather horrible assault in the past, and his skin is mottled and raised and marred with an unsightly scarring from temple to jawbone and with one ear barely more than a nub on that side. The rest of him, from his chocolate-brown eyes to his bronzed, weathered skin (on the rest of him), holds a somewhat straight-backed bearing, strong and powerful and almost as broad as he is tall, with the thick legs and muscled back of a man who travels long and fights hard when he gets there.

Personality: Armel is a man of few words. Not because he cannot think of them, for behind his dark eyes, the gleam of intelligence is obvious, but because he simply finds adding more to be superfluous. He is a man of economy of action combined with occasional explosions of energy on the battlefield. As a Knight of Solace, he is not a foul man in temper, especially to those in need or those suffering, and is in fact, willing to give all up to the shirt upon his back in such cases. It is just that he has a very defined sense of morality from his years abroad, and sticks to his beliefs and his silence, for he finds comfort in them, as well as discomfort for his enemies.

Background: Born in the city of Sanctum, Armel early on heard the clarion call of the Gods, often spending much time in the numerous chapels and temples of the city, and was utterly fascinated by how the priests could deliver such powerful messages with such few, strong words and convictions. With the messages of strength through mercy and protection through faith. When he was a young man of fourteen, his family decided to move to Arx, to hopefully continue his father's business as a carpenter, while his mother found side work as a gardener and servant. They were poor, but rich in spirit as folk. It was on the way that the family was accosted by desperate, hostile shavs, and both of his parents and his toddler sister were killed. Young Armel barely managed to escape with his life, and still bears the scars of that assault upon his face and spirit.

From that moment on, as he wandered into Arx maimed and dispirited, he dedicated his life to that of the Godsworn. He became a Knight of Solace, traveling the roads of the Compact and protecting all travelers and pilgrims that wished to use them. It was not an easy life, and he has seen death in almost every form that can be offered by the hearts of men, and some that cannot, in any sane universe. For his years of service to Gild and to his Order, he was Knighted several years ago, and is now Sir Armel, such as it is, a title he received with a low, amused grunt and a simple 'I'll be'.

He has now come to Arx, for the need for his Order here is great, and he wishes to be of service in whatever capacity he can, learning from those in the Order and those around, for veteran that he is? There is still much to learn in life. Always is.

Relationship Summary

  • Gisele - A confidant and dear, close friend, Gisele is a constant light in a world all too dark
  • Nimah - Powerful warrior. Daring conversationalist. Strong Personality. She is a fine friend and ally.
  • Freja - A wily and stealthy scout who somehow snuck her way into being a friend. Loud, opinionated, cold, merciless..And a good person.
  • Aleksei - Hated this guy at first. Somehow has changed my mind, and shown a good heart, under the snark.
  • Aureth - Commanded an army of the dead. Has no issue being shouty and opinionated. Like that, even if he can be a prick at times.
  • Mathias - A dark man with a dark past, and a bright future. Strong, capable, and honest.
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