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Thrax vs Grayson Duel

A duel between High Lord Victus Thrax and Prince Luca Grayson. This duel will decide who has better figurines and collectables from Master Magpie's shop; Princess Alarissa or Princess Reese. Refreshments will be provided.


Feb. 8, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Reese Alarissa


Talen Itzal Vano Eirene Lucita Waldemai Magpie Sparte Kenna Valdemar Enyo Cassima Theron Victus Duarte Sabella Titania(RIP) Merek Catalana Eleyna Luca Felicia Wash Harlan Esoka



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Grounds

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Comments and Log

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

Philomel, the Nightingale, Micana, the efficient amanuensis, 2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Golden, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Jiacomo, 2 Velenosa House Guards arrive, following Eleyna.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper, Sybilla, the Lenosian courtier, Enyo, Eleyna arrive, following Talen.

Talen has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Eleyna has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Eirene already has a flask out in hand as she storms her way towards the grounds. Her fur cloak and steelsilk bodice look more fashion forward than she usually wears but both still near the red and black of Malvici. She looks irritated as she joins the crowd for the collectible duel.

Talen says, "Hey I found this stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses. Come sit here."

Itzal arrives as merely one among the crowds of onlookers, his lute strapped to his back while he makes his way through to get a nice view of where the duel is to take place. No quips yet, he's apparently content to just wait and see.

Theron leans in to murmur something to Sabella, while watching the upcoming duel with a lopsided smile.

Eirene has joined the a pink pansy blanket.

Eirene has left the a pink pansy blanket.

Eirene has joined the a whiskey barrel table finished with metal rivets.

Eirene has left the a whiskey barrel table finished with metal rivets.

Eirene has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Enyo has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Itzal has joined the a sky blue hammock stretched between two trees.

Actually, watching is hard work. Itzal will be enjoying it from this nice hammock.

Cassima arrived a bit earlier, and though her own retinue is scattered about, they hang close enough around her to be at hand. She's seated, wearing a lovely dress of silverish lilac and a black cloak over it, around a fire in a stone fireplace, sipping a glass of rum as she watches, quietly.

There is a display of lots and lots of figures. All the little statues are getting ready to watch the duel, apparently. Among the figures are a Merek, Sparte, Victus and many others. There is also an abundant spread of teas, booze and food. reese is here in all her pink. She has a smile of greeting for the many who being to arrive.

Reese has joined the a pink pansy blanket.

Enyo trails along, and sits herself down at the stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arched adorned in climbing roses.

Whatever Theron whispers makes Sabella snicker softly and she nods in his direction.

Theron has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Sabella has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Lucita steps into the area, a cloak draped around her. She looks arond at those present and gives a smile.

Merek has arrived to watch and observe, hood on with his cloak about him, as he moves to find a place to settle in and relax to watch the proceedings.

Reese goes to curl-up on the pink blanket, sitting not far from Sparte. She gives him a smile.

"Oh, no - no - no. You wore the /belt/ Vic? That's just lurid. It's tacky. I //love// it," Luca drawls, lazily, as he saunters out of the manse and onto the grounds, thumbs hooked into the low-slung duelists belt at his hips. Two sabers hang in their stays on either side. Thankfully, this isn't a literal blade-measuring contest. Who knows how that would work out-of-context. He meanders up to Reese, sets a kiss on her cheek, and he steps off to raid the refreshment cart.

A fight over figurines. Felicia's slightly bemused by the idea, but very well. The redheaded knight noses over to check out the figurines, and the booze table... not necessarily in that order.

Theron leads Sabella towards the stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses. He inclines his head deeply to Eleyna and Talen both before allowing the Grayson princess to settle down before he does so. He's a gentleman! Well, dubiously so.

Talen puts his hands to his mouth and calls out to Luca, "Kick his ass, Luca! Or I'm disowning you-- oh wait"

Alarissa has joined the a pink pansy blanket.

Felicia has joined the a whiskey barrel table finished with metal rivets.

Reese looks over to Luca. "Defend my figurines! Go Nimble!" She says, already being loud about this. She gives Talen a smile as he calls out.

3 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Valdemar.

Esoka strides onto the Grayson Grounds. Briskly. Perhaps she feared missing this. She cheers for Luca and finds herself a spot to sit.

Who else is on the pink pansy banket? Alarissa. Warm beneath the cloak on her shoulders, a be-jacketed greyhound at her feet and a singular lone Venteri figurine. No Astrid, too cold for her. "Ours is the better Victus!" A brilliant smile on her face. Eleyna and Talen get a wave and otehrs that are familiar to her as well.

Esoka has joined the a whiskey barrel table finished with metal rivets.

Yes, Victus is wearing -the belt.- The very same belt he won as the crowd's choice winner in the Tournament of Roses some time ago. It's displayed proudly across his waist, glittering gold and absolutely out of place with the rest of his armor. Absolutely no effort was put into being fashionable. He's walking in wearing that glimmering tackiness and holding a rubicund axe just under its blade. "I forgot what we were supposed to be fighting about." His black eyes trail slowly to the figurines. "Oh, nevermind. I got it." As he looks off into the spectators, his eyes fall on his wife. "THIS IS FOR YOU AND YOUR HORRIBLE SPENDING HABIT, OH MOTHER OF MY CHILD!"

Talen says, "Too far, Victus. Too far. Never tell them they spend too much."

Eleyna calls out almost languidly in contrast to Talen's boisterous yell, "Are you going to fight with the shirt on or off, Luca?"

"Too late, Tal-EN, I already kicked myself out of the family --" he mutters from around the lip of a bottle of something. It's something with a spider in it. So edgy. Although it burns so terribly going down that tears spring to his eyes. His eyes widen and he mouths out a soft, "Oh." Next, louder, "We're fighting clothed, El. It's freezing!"

"No new Alacrite for you then husband dearest!" Alariss calls out. "And for that, three new dresses -and- a new jewelry set or two! For myself -and- the Archduchess!" Alariss looks to Eleyna, raising her brows."

"I like opals and diamonds!" The Archduchess calls out on the back of Alarissa's words, smiling sweetly at Victus.

Talen says, "We're going to need to murder more than squid to get that money back, for fuck sake."

Valdemar Grimhall arrives, just in time to see his High Lord in that belt along with his armor. Quickly, he finds someplace to sit and observe this duel that he has heard so much about in the past few days.

Reese smiles over to Esoka as she arrives. When Alarissa joins the blanket with her, Reese seems pleased and maybe even flattered. She tries to give Alarissa a gentle hug. She then giggles at Victus words. "My spending habit is totally better." She cries out, but Reese seems more teasing than anything.

Sparte has been daydreaming, staring up at the sky as he thinks to himself. He seems to have finally decided to come back to reality, looking between Reese and Alarissa and giving them a big grin." Then he spots the figurines, and the one of himself. He loses the grin, staring at it a moment before shifting his attention elsewhere.

Eirene calls out, "Damn right it's cold." She draws her wolf-fur cloak closer and sits at the arbor, kicking at Talen for some reason. "Getthis stupidity over with already so we can go somewhere warm and drink."

Eleyna moves out of the way so Eirene can get a good kick in.

"I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY." Victus roars back to the royal spectators with a sharp scowl. "We're at war for fuck's sake..." That one is said a little softer as he meanders away to get some refreshments of his own.

From his hammock, Itzal begins playing a tune on his lute, a little song involving a High Lord that could never keep a silver, till he eventually had to resort to a raft as his prized, and only, ship.

"Don't give Ribbons any ideas, please, I just spent the better part of my steelsilk budget on her. Fucking -- rainbow sapphires --" Luca curses, unseriously, as he prepares by finishing a good portion of the liquor, sets it aside, and he proceeds toward the area that they have marked out for the duel.

"A very good point, Your Highness, and well-made," the penny-pincher that is the Thrax Minister of Finance says from her seat by the fire, where she continues to sip rum and nod at Victus' complaints.

Esoka gets herself a drink and starts chatting with Felicia as she settles in. Reese is offered a boisterous wave and grin.

The Sparte figure is arranged along with the other figures in the Iron Display shelf. They are positioned to watch the duel.

Tugging Wash along, she'd chuckle a bit as she smiled. "Come on...let's hurry up and find a seat." Cat was in a chipper mood after getting some much needed relaxation then. "Pick a spot and let's sit."

"Minstrel! Get over here. Silver to be had," Talen calls for Itzal, half drunkenly. It sounds unhappy. Like Itzal did something wrong. Bad music, maybe.

3 Grimhall House Guards leaves, following Valdemar.

Lucita's gaze, naturally, shifts toward the one playing the lute. She lifts one eyebrow slightly and listens to the words, her expression kept neutral. Only when the song ends does her attention start to wander back over the others and toward Talen as he calls out to the one playing.

Reese flashes her new sapphire ring surrounded by a rainbow assortment of gems as she hears Luca's words. She gives him a smile and her cheeks are a little pink.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Wash before departing.

"So noted Archduchess! Opals and diamonds!" But this isn't over opals and diamonds or booze and complete statue collections. It's over a singular statues and Alarissa stands.

Itzal has left the a sky blue hammock stretched between two trees.

Itzal has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

"Actually, it's--" Itzal looks about to correct His Consort Archdukiness, but apparently thinks better of it and, with a shrug, steps out of the hammock to join the others in a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Wash has joined the a cozy campfire surrounded by boulders and wooden perches.

Duarte has joined the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

Eirene sips from her flask as she chats with the other Velenosians. She shoots Talen an odd look especially as he calls the musician over. "A little fighting music eh?"

Wash leads Catalana in the direction of the lonely Cassima settling in on a boulder raised slightly higher than the benches.

Luca gets a single-edged sword with a long, graceful curve and a circular guard of twining metal serpents from a black double looped sword belt with purple embellishments.

Luca wields a single-edged sword with a long, graceful curve and a circular guard of twining metal serpents.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassima before departing.

Catalana has joined the a cozy campfire surrounded by boulders and wooden perches.

Lucita has joined the a pink pansy blanket.

Lucita moves over toward the blanket and leans over to murmur something to its occupants. Once she has a reply she sits to join them.

Victus pours himself one... No two... actually, maybe three glasses of rum. He couldn't possibly... Maybe just one more? No, no. Three sips was enough. He set the glass back down and made his way toward the clearing's 'arena' area, or so it was. He patted the belt on his waist for good luck. "Alright Luca, your wife is dreadfully wrong and I'm here to correct that with violence. Because my wife is right. This is where the smackdown begins and where your disingenuous assertions end." Big words for him.

Archimedes the White Horned Owl arrives, delivering a message to Duarte before departing.

"Princess Reese, has stated, that her Prince Venteri, of the Marin'Alfar, statue" there's a gesture to Reese's statue. "Procured at the Highway Robbery-" Alrissa looks to Reese. "Really, you go there in persoon? I always send Maxene. Anyways." Alarissa holds up her own. "Is better than -my- Prince Venteri statue. And so, we settle this as nobles do and we have come to challenge. Prince Victus stands for myself, and Prince Luca stands for his wife. It is to first blood, and the winner will eb deemd to have the better of the two identical statues!" With that, Alarissa's throws up a little hanky and letting it fall. "Let it start!"

"The fuck you said --" Luca grumbles as he stamps up toward Victus and sizes him up, cinnamon-brown eyes slitting. "No, seriously. Those last too words were pretty long, Vic. Have you been /reading/? Shit. I mean, I heard about your wife's impressive stacks. Maybe I need a look at them too." Oh, yes, this is the talking-up portion of the face-off. After that, he unsheathes his rubicund saber and salutes the High Lord of Thrax

Sparte calls out from where he is sitting. "Someone make a figurine of them fighting! Only better!"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Victus wields Victus' Skullsplitter Axe.

Duarte places a small bet on the outcome with a commoner acting as bookie - but he can be heard saying it's for someone else. He's not a betting man.

Reese listens to Alarissa's words with close attention. She nods along with them, seeming to agree with her cousin. She then listens to Luca's words, the pink princess smiling in response.

Talen grips the gloved hand in a clawed, gauntleted one. Apparently he never takes those off. God knows how he eats. "Victus loses, Luca wins," he adds, for his own bet, with a nod. "Can you remember how muc hit was? I think it was 9,587."

Eirene is also making a wager, offering Talen her hand to shake on it.

Zavi arrives, following Magpie.

Talen also speaks -way- too loudly.

Talen says, "SORRY VICTUS"

Magpie has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Victus takes minor damage.

Eirene sniggers as she takes another swig from her flask.

Magpie is showing up at the very last minute, but the man makes it. There's a grin on his face as he watches from the back of the crowd, drawing up near Eleyna and Talen. "What did I miss?"

Vano has no idea what this whole business about figurines is all about. But the shav-turned-noble did hear there was going to be a fight. And the Rivenshari warrior loves to watch a decent fight. If maybe to take a more clearer measure of these Arvani. Swaying and sifting through the crowd, he meanders about until he's reached the forefront.

Kenna has joined the a pink pansy blanket.

Kenna only ~just~ got word - darn being out of the city and the gossip network! Edging around the crowds she stands on tiptoes to look over faces. Some stand out and she makes her way towards them, the most recent acquaintance first. "Dame Esoka~"A cheerful greeting as she flops herself next to them for a moment, though she also looks like maybe she might not stay wrong. A SUPER important question needs to be asked, "Did he ever agree to the bear hat???"

The figurines are all set-up so they face the duel. Reese is perched on the pink blanket and she watches with close attention. "Go Nimble, kick his ass!" She cries out. Magpie is given a smile. "Oh, Magpie is here, the bestest crafter in the city." She says.

"Yes I did read recently. It fucking sucked." Victus says back to Luca as the two lock up, red-steel matching red-steel blow for blow in the initial flurry. "But I figured if I was comin' to Grayson's part of town, I might as well learn to trash talk in their language. So they knew who's mudhole was gettin' stomped in whatever fancy, fairy-dust way you say it." Luca's blade soars over Victus' head as the larger man moves far quicker than one would expect, but Luca is no slouch either as he's bobbing and weaving through blows! That's about when he hears talk of bets. "Talen are you fucking betting against-" Before he can complain fully, he feels the edge of Luca's blade scrape over his armor. No blood, but he definitely felt it. "Oh you -fucker!-"

Talen is overheard praising Victus for: You're going to lose, squid-man.

Kenna has left the a pink pansy blanket.

Kenna has joined the a whiskey barrel table finished with metal rivets.

Reese is overheard praising Magpie for: His figurines are so awesome and inspire duels!

After some excessively showing posing from Luca - stalking in slow circles, switching stances from guarded (pensive expression) to aggressive (baring teeth in a grin) and back again, telegraphing moves as loudly as possible as if he were pantomiming this. A twist of the pommel in hand, stepping out of reach, dodging and parrying -- there is a moment in between when the lazy Lycene is less lazy, darting in to deliver a glancing blow to Victus. "Oh, Vic -- Vic -- you're rude. You gotta remember you're stepping up to me, I'm not a Griffin, bub. I'm a FOX." He pauses to grin, wiggling his eyebrows for effect.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Enyo before departing.

Eirene shouts from nearby, "You better damn we'l win Victus!"

Victus takes minor damage.

"Prince Talen! For shame! I match that, on my husband winning!" Alarissa calls out, smiling to Lucita at the blanket but watching the fight.

"I suppose I can give a free bottle of my latest limited, vintage alcohol that just came in." Magpie considers, grinning as he watches the two combatants on the field. "Glad I'm not out there."

Limited edition! Reese looks toward Magpie with the a collector's gleam of interest in her blue eyes. She then turns her attention to the fight. "Yay, Luca, the nimble fox!" She cheers.

6 Thrax Guards arrives, following Abbas.

Esoka grins broad to Kenna, offering her a wave. "Lady Kenna! Calaudrin?" She snorts a laugh. "He grumped a great deal about the idea, which was funny. I think I will try to get him a bear pelt, even if just as a joke. And a little for myself. I'd not mind a fine necklace of the teeth." There's a nod to Felicia, who she's been discussing the duel with at her table. "Aye, there's a good fight and good drink, which is what I care about mainly." A cheer, for Luca, as things get underway.

Victus is no slouch but he's clearly putting far more effort into the banter than he is the swing of the axe, the hefty thing rolling over his shoulder to clash with Luca time and time again as the two dance. It's not a pretty dance, but they're going at it with gusto! "You're only bruisin' me then Mr. 'Fox'. You gotta hit me harder." He says during a pause in the fighting. The Thrax himself didn't seem to be over committing or defending too harshly. He's in the feel-out phase. "Ya' know my cat tried to hunt a Fox once? She damn near killed it too. I'm serious, it was pretty great to watch. Like ahh... Nature in motion or somethin'." He raises his axe again with a shrug of his shoulders. "I thought it was interesting."

"You can repeat yourself, now, I think. Oh -- you fucker --" Luca echoes in a lower, gruffer, tone-deafer voice than Victus' own. He's in a great move, practically bouncy, springing on the balls of his feet as he dances. Left, right, and redsteel kisses Victus again. Barely scratching his armor. It doesn't bring the Prince down any, couldn't. "You know, my dog killed a cat once --" he pauses "-- poor kitty-cat."

Luca takes minor damage.

Luca takes minor damage.

"I don't think his dog really killed a cat, he is kind of lazy." Reese comments in response to Luca's words. She still keeps cheering him though and winces when Luca is hit.

Luca takes minor damage.

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Cassima before departing.

Vano folds his arms across his chest, watching the fight unfold. There's a kind of impressed look to him. At least he approves of the fighting, even if he doesn't quite understand what they're fighting about. So he stands there, a little confused. That is until he at least finally asks the person he finds himself standing next to. Which happens to be Eirene. "So. What are these two fighting over."

Talk shit, get hit. Luca gets a quick succession of blows from Victus' mightily swinging (cough) axe. "Not the face, not the face." The Lycene complains, spitting out before he draws back, briefly -- to take a drink from the bottle that he's set aside. He offers the High Lord a swig, because he's sporting like that.

"Kill a cat?" Something in Victus' eyes changes then. Maybe it was the thought of some mutt harming his own Lilybelle, or he just really didn't like the idea of that lazy dog doing anything. Either way, his next series of blows manages to just slip passed Luca's defenses, the blade scrapping his armor while the pommel of his axe sets in some bruising blows of its own. "You goddamn lunatic, you don't let domesticated animals kill each other! That's fucking rude!" He's calling between shots before they break up again. He was breaking a sweat surprisingly early into this thing. But that swig of offered booze was enough to perk his spirits back up. "Thanks Fox."

Eirene claps as The fight commences. "This may be a damn stupid reason but a great fucking match," she says to the Velenosams. "Who has the better fucking action figure between their wives," she tells Vano. "Dolls."

Luca takes minor damage.

Luca takes minor damage.

Victus takes minor damage.

Victus takes minor damage.

Victus takes minor damage.

"But you let your cat scratch your pregnant wife to the abyss and back?" Alarissa calls out.

Reese is all tense with excitement as she watches the very close match.

Wash applauds every strike, Victus or Luca. He's got a foot in both camps, like it or not.

Likewise, Cassima claps lightly against her wrist, making sure her glass of rum isn't sloshed while still showing her appreciation. Hers is more one-sided, clearly supporting Victus.

That doesn't quite register in Vano's mind. "You're serious." he deadpans, glancing at Eirene a moment to make sure she isn't yanking his chain. Then back to fight. "You Arvians certainly find interesting things to fight over." Doesn't say that like it's bad, but it's certainly not what he was expecting.

4 Ashford House Guard arrives, following Harlan.

Victus was getting tired. Was it a bad idea to wear the gold-plated and rhinestone'd championship belt to this? Probably. But at least he was looking good while sweating through as the two practically broke out into a brawl, trading blows left and right that leave both a bit more bruised. Remarkably though, neither has actually had the problem of drawing blood. Once the two have a moment though, Victus raises his hand to signal a 'time-out'. "Alright look," He begins in the direction of his wife. "I don't 'let' her do a goddamn thing. She just -does- them. I don't control animals. Animals fucking hate me. If you wanna give it a go, be my guest. Really!" He huffs as he turns back to the field, waving a hand toward Luca again. "Fuckin' pets, I swear."

Magpie wields Pecker, a stylized gambler's dagger.

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Eirene just nods to Vano. "Apparently people go nuts for these damn things. Fuck me if I know." She just cackles at the time out for pet discussion. "Less talking more beating one another up!"

"Sweet gods, I didn't mean it, Vic --" Luca takes a couple of more hits in stride before he darts in to offer the same blow-for-blow. He hops back, rolling his shoulders out. In a bit of pain, but hardly winded. He shifts his stances, scuffing a foot in the frozen dirt, changing his grip on the rubicund blade. He sets back to allow Victus to monologue. "Are we fighting over pets now? Cats and dogs." He sighs, pressing a wrist to his forehead.

3 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Titania.

Harlan quietly makes his way towards the duel, taking his time as he looks over towards the fighting princes. He looks around for a bit, considering.

Talen shouts loudly from nearby, "HEY."

Talen checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 60, rolling 38 lower.

Victus takes minor damage.

Victus takes serious damage.

Titania comes walking onto the grounds looking around, her ocean blue eyes scans those who have gathered.

Magpie is laughing, reaching to show something to Eleyna as Talen starts shouting. "See? It's right here. Isn't it nice?" Then he looks to the fight again as things start up again. "Ooooh!!"

Luca is overheard praising Victus.

Waldemai applauds the end of the fight.

Victus is overheard praising Luca for: Dog thing aside, he's good.

Cassima is overheard praising Victus for: He really does love that cat.

"Were two people in the clan fighting fighting over stuff, we'd make them gamble over it to see if they could keep it." Vano offers, watching the fight come to a quick end. "Done already? Impressive fight."

Vano is overheard praising Victus for: Impressive fight.

Reese is overheard praising Victus for: He never backs down from any challenge and always fights amazingly.

"She hates me! You just have to have her trained! There's people to train her!!" Alarissa calls back out. "Get back to fighting him, not -me-" She calls out.

Talen rises from where he's sat, with plates clanking and clawed gauntlets clenching up, while gunmetal eyes shift from Eleyna to Magpie-- and then Luca wins, so he swings his head that way... and suddenly every indication of tension dissolves. "HA, EIRENE YOU LOSE."

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms arrives, following Fairen.

Reese is overheard praising Luca for: Yay, Nimble! he is so awesome!

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms leaves, following Fairen.

Magpie is overheard praising Luca for: Well done! Reese's honor and love for Highway Robbery lives on!!

"Luca! Come get your prize, your highness!" Magpie calls over the cheering, standing and waving to the man.

Eleyna seems almost delighted as she watches Talen get all worked up, hands clenched... and then Luca has to ruin it by winning. She sighs and looks at Magpie's blade, nodding her approval.

Talen checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 60, rolling 20 lower.

First Magpie, now Itzal, Talen really isn't having a good day at that arbor.

"I'll fight for pets. But apparently I'm fighting for dolls today." Victus remarks back to Luca with a shrug. "Any excuse to give a show, eh?" As they clash again, the High Lord's sluggishness is blatantly apparent. They'd been going for sometime now without break, but the Foxy one stays in shape! After two more successive hits, it's Victus who sports brand new cut right across his cheek. The blood is apparent and a cry of "AHHH SHIT!" thunders through the Grayson Grounds as the fight comes to a halt.

Duarte collects a small sum of winnings from the bookie, and mentions the arch-something--- will be pleased.

"Fine," Eirene says, swigging the last of her flask. "You fucking won. La di damn da." She leans in to Talen and mutters something under her breath, looking unamused.

Duarte has left the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

It's over in good time - although, you got to admit that things were puckered for a bit when Luca wasn't sure. He salutes his opponent, dropping back with a happy - breathy laugh. "You're good -- too good. I need to start working on leveling the field and make more people good." He starts off the area, toward Magpie. "What'd I win, Mags?"

Enyo hops up as soon as the fight is over, bowing to those that she was sitting with, "If you'll excuse me..." With that, she slips off before whatever happens with Talen's bad day happens.

Enyo has left the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Magpie gets Night Cruise 'Limited' Gin from Cedar Crate.

Reese cheers as she realizes that blood was drawn. "Yay, the nimblest flying fox ever!" She says, seemingly happy he won. She seems curious about the prize as well and she peeks over to Magpie. "Oh, we have a healer?" she adds, apparently concerned for both of their injuries.

Eleyna calls out a cheer for her cousin, clapping and beaming at him. Probably because she's been watching him fight since he got his first wooden sword. It's habit.

Alarissa sighs, getting up from the blanket. "Really Victus. You had one thing...." And Alarissa rising, making her way to her husband, digging bandages from her pockets.

Harlan applauds politely as the fight ends, apparently not taking sides -- at least overtly.

Wash whistles when the final blow is struck, both. "Well fought." He claps, looking around to be sure that everyone else is properly appreciative. "Well won. Bravely lost. That should show us all how it is done."

Magpie gives Luca a clap on the shoulder, "Well-fought, your highness." He says amiably, then pulls out a bottle from a bag under his cloak and holds it out to the prince. "Enjoy. Highly exclusive. Just got it in with a new, very select dealer."

Lucita watches the fight intensely, nodding from time to time. When it is over she gives a little nod, clapping for both men. She soon rises from her seat to say. "Well fought."

Sparte lifts up his soupflask, shaking it invitingly at the combatants. Yes, Sparte medicinal soup. Who doesn't love medicine soup?

A complete and utter look of -digust- fills Talen's face, swivelling eyes onto Eirene, away from Itzel. It's complete distractions today. "Wait, only that? God damn, Eirene. Live a little." It's like he's shaming her for... not. Then, with a smirk, he leans in and murmurs something back, before giving a sudden short laugh. Then, turning to Itzal finally, he points a gauntleted clawed finger in accusation, moments before--

Jordal, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

Accepting the bottle of gin from the Grayhope, Luca meanders off in the direction of Sparte's soup-flask. The questionable soup-flask. He'll likely take a sip and chase it with a decent slug of gin.

Victus grumbles as he pushes a hand against that cut, signifying the first blood. Both of them had gotten pretty battered but it seemed the High Lord had a rougher go of it. Nothing near life-threatening but he's certainly bruised and definitely going to be feeling it in the morning. "God-damn it. Are we not ramming tonight now?" He asks his wife before swiveling his eyes back to Luca. "Good shit, Prince. I see Princess Pink has a partner that can match her tenacity too."

Eleyna jumps in before Talen can say a damned thing, sighing with a well of weary patience as she says in a low voice, "I'll see my retainer deliver a bank note to you before the end of the evening. Thank you for the lovely song."

Over her shoulder, Alarissa throws to Reese. "Your identical statue is far superior to my identical statue Princess Reese! I shall make it known in the whites." As she makes her way to her husband so she can coo and cluck over him. Any answer to his question is reserved for the two of them alone.

Eirene elaborates a bit more, grumbling at Talen. She glances at Luca and Victus and gives them a look of sympathy.

Cassima accepts a note from one of her guardsmen, and her brow narrows at the words on the paper. She smiles apologetically to those around her, namely Wash and Catalana. "If you both will excuse me, it seems my business for this evening is not quite concluded. Sadly." She throws the rum back in a quick drink, letting the hot liquor slide down her throat before she rises, making her way toward the exit.

Reese seems all excited by Luca's win. She gives him a happy smile. Reese then turns to Alarissa. "Oh, thank you Princess Alarissa, you are so gracious." She says toward her. Reese them hmms softly. "Luca, will you let Eirene tend to you? Just to make sure. Victus has a strong arm!"

"I am indebted to you, Your Grace. I'll be sure to sing of your generosity, as well as the one of your husband. If you ever have need of me again, I am Culler Itzal. Magpie's brother-in-law, in fact." And with that, and before Talen's self-control can break further... wait where did Itzal go?

Itzal checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

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