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Battle for Tyde Hall

While there have been multiple setbacks for the traditionalists, namely the loss of Navegant as allies with the defeat of Marquis Turo and the lifted siege of Redreef Shores, it has not taken the resolve of numerous Isles houses that have appeared to bide their time up until now. Houses Highwater, Seabright and Windsheer make for the Tydelands, in the hopes of turning the -tides- of war.


Nov. 19, 2022, 6 p.m.

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Smile Medeia


Medeia Haakon Neilda Ian Archeron Thea Quenia Lucita Savio Jaerith Rufio Zakhar Lenard Aviana Raja Caspian Tesha Giorgio



Outside Arx - Mourning Isles near Tyde Hall - The Tydelands

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Lenard wields Skylord's Wisdom, a diamondplate Oathlands longsword.

Jaerith wields Deep Six, sword of deep waters.

Zakhar takes Golden skull with silk brain pocket from Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Zakhar takes Prince Victus Thrax plushie with otter from Golden skull with silk brain pocket.

The Eswynd war fleet has ventured out of their home waters once again, a great horde of longships, sails drawn up for battle, and oars dipping into the dark sea in time with myriad rowing drums. There is nothing to distinguish Haakon's longship from any of the other prodigal craft, save for the warrior's presence near the prow, eyes narrowed as he takes note of the wind, and the initial enemy movements.

Saik's Sea Lion fleet sails in the shadow of Eswynd's war drums, the crew singing harmony to an utterly terrible call-and-response shanty. One that has Neilda laughing over before she grows gravely serious, preparing herself --

With Ian currently based nearby, in Escuma, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that of all of the seafaring Kennexes, it's him in command of the strike fleet as it draws into the ranks of the loyalists. He's a visible figure, actively engaged on the flagship with talking to someone or another, the glittering hilt of Ashfont at his hip, with one hand on a railing to help him maintain his balance on the rocking ship.

s The fleet of House Tyde is depleted from the war, its caravel sits beneath the waves at Eswynd, but it still numbers nearly a hundred ships. As coastal watches report the presence of the enemy, so the ships have slipped their moorings in the harbour to meet the enemy. The longships form up into three groups around the galleys, while the cogs form the centre of the Tyde forces. Brimming on the forecastles and aftcastles are the dark leather armours of the Tyde rangers, bows ready with barrels of arrows fastened to the railings. Archeron stands within such a group on one of the cogs, stringing up his bow.

Thea is somewhere not surprising. With the Saiks. With Neilda and Lucita. Someone has to keep Nel alive but also--in more ways than one. The now Oathlander looks over the rail, watching closely at what's to come.

Quenia stands among the Saik ships for a change, rather than fielding a fleet of her own. She's been knee deep in the mysteries of the Lyceum and the date of the battle snuck up on her, leaving her ill prepared to launch any ships for the Tyde Battle. It's probably for the best as she hasn't finished recruiting since the last time her fleet had been taken out by the enemies. She stands near the railing of the command ship, keeping a keen watch on the sea.

Lucita says, "And so we are here again, asea. I'm glad to turn command of this little fleet over to Admiral Lady Neilda." She gives Neilda a cheeky grin and then turns toward those who are with them. "Keep an eye on each other's backs if they try to board us, keep each other safe.""

Proscipi's fleets of longships sail with Eswynd, 40-odd boats and men to row them. The Saffron Islanders seem fonder of paint than do their friends from Eswynd Rock, but other than that they are uncomplicated craft. Savio and a few other familiar faces are among the men here, watching and waiting.

Jaerith also has a place within the Saik flotilla, managing to remain both delightfully out of the way of the usual business of sailing but also likely very noticeable while taking a pull from a small canteen. The libation serves to give him a sharp intake of breath as he too looks out over the waters.

On one of the Proscipi ships, Rufio stalks back and forth on the deck. His armor makes him look like he should be in some kind of a fighting pit instead of a soldier. But here he is, his siccae in both hands. Pacing. Waiting. "CAS! Where are you, you bloody fool."

Whitebeard, (Zakhar) sits upon bow of a proscipi longship, his back set against the hull as he works at sharpening a small spoon while pushing some hot grease fat around within the frying pan.

Somewhere aboard Lord Ian Kennex's flagship can be found Prince Lenard Valardin. Like any good Oathlander of olde, he's busy clinging to whatever he possibly can. He at least has the decency and dignity to put on a brave face, even if he does look warily to the water's surface over and beneath the railing. Lenard takes great care in moving along the length and breadth of the ship, securing a grip to one surface or another in his approach to stand nearby Ian's position. For now Prince Lenard remains quiet and unobtrusive, while still remaining nearby a more experience sailor in the form of Lord Ian Kennex.

Aviana stands on the deck of Haakon's longship, the small leather clad woman looks out over the sea, her spear and sheild is strapped to her back and a hand holds onto the railing as she bretahs deeply, the smell of the ocean filling her senses.

Raja is on whatever Kennex ship that Ian is on. She has made herself useful as a sailor on the ship. with a grunt and with gritting teeth, she pulls at a rope, tying it off on a hook with practiced care. She spins to move towards Ian, offering him a too large of a grin, "All ready, sir!" She calls to him. "Ready to put an end to these guys!"

Caspian is walking around the longship with Rufio and Savio, chatting about something inane as the man is want to do. "I am serious savcio! twice know you have sailed the army into battle and you STILL dont have the hat for it! A great big one, with huge feathers! that way, we can always see you on the battlefield! doesnt do good to loose sight of the commander. And, if there is someone you really dont like.. you can just pop the hat on them and wait for the enemy to focus the fancy feathers!" he looks to Rufio, "back me up here.. Savio needs a fancy sailing hat!" the chatter was likely to quell the nerves of the men gathered, and provide something for them to focus on other than the impending battle.

Tesha generally is with Kennex or the Telmar Navy in fights like these, but today she has decided that Tyde might be a good choice. The crimson and black armored Telmarcher has been quietly stood on the deck of the ship for what seems like an age before she finally moves when they are approaching their final destination. Or their target more apt.

Neilda touches fingers to the brim of her very fancy hat, grins mischievously back at Lucita, and murmurs: "As it's an honor to head the Saik's naval fleet."

"Oye!" Rufio says, stalking towards Cas. His helmet has feathers on it! AND A MOHAWK. It's blue! "Yes! I mean, he already stands outta bit. But yes, big hat. HUGE feathers. When someone looks at him, he'll go... that's a leader... then target him instead of me."

The smile that Ian gives Raja is quick and grim, somewhere between a grimace and a spasm of his face. "There'll be no shortage of men to put an end to. I'll put you in range of as many as I can."

Savio considers Rufio's suggestion of leader-targeting and the fact that his cousin has the fanciest hat around. "No, no, this is okay how it is."

Zakhar looks at the children bickering about the hats and what is needed in a fight. *yes, they are all children to him* "We could just paint his face. Put some blood over his right eye, give him something fierce instead of a large target."

There's a steady thrum that grows louder in volume as time passes, marking the approach of the enemy ships and their war drums. Perhaps the losses suffered by some of the rebel houses has lead to a marked decrease in morale. The soldiers need something to liven them up. With Houses like Dredcall and Bloodbrook recuperating and Grimkin otherwise engaged, it's the lesser though still formidable traditional houses that make for the Tyde Hall.

There are hundreds of them it seems as majority of them come into full view. This does offer time for the commanders of defense to speak to their forces and make any last minute adjustments to plans if need be.

There's a nod of her head to Quenia and Lucita, maybe a quick grin as Thea strides to look closer. "I have faith in Nel's leadership and yours,"she assures Lucita as she prepares.

Raja grins to Ian. "Honestly, I have no range. I am only good at close up shit. I either have to board or they have to board us for me to stab a fool." She places her hands on the railing, looking out across the sea. "But, at least sailing is in my blood. My father is quite the sailor, I hear. One of the best." Reaching up, she gathers up any errant hair and quickly binds it behind her neck. "You know, after all this is said and done, I expect some free booze at the Ebb n Flow." She laughs.

Quenia narrows her eyes a bit as she sees the enemy ships starting to come into full view. "Those don't look like any of the banners I've seen before. Seems like the Trads sent in reinforcements for this battle." She's not even going to give them the curtesy of calling them the full Traditionalist name. This she says as an aside to Thea as she comes closer to the railing.

Lenard gives a steady nod of his head in answer to Raja's comments directed at Ian. He seems to be in agreement on the matter of hitting things that come close. There's a quiet mutter from the prince, along that same line of thinking.

Lenard mutters, "... me closer, I want to hit them with my sword."

"That's the idea," Ian says to Raja, on the subject of getting up close and personal. His bright blue eyes move quickly, taking in the approach of the enemy fleet, watching the movement of its formations. He's still for a moment, dead still, while he watches, and then breaks away suddenly and starts giving orders to be relayed to the rest of the small strike fleet under his command. Sails are trimmed and fill with wind. Oars cut into the water. The Kennex ships begin to move, ranging out to take advantage of their maneuverable composition to harry the edges of the battlefield.

The ships of House Seabright sail aside Houses Highwater and Windsheer. Though a smaller holding, their numbers are strong upon the water - as any Isles domain should be. Without breaking from the others, their direction shifts slightly to signal intent toward those interloping ships of the Lyceum and Saffron.

With the drums starting to draw near, Rufio starts to get excited and the hat conversation is forgotten. He starts clashing the hilt of one of his siccae against his breastplate, "Right then! Come on you shits!" Adrenaline is starting to hit him hard, finally, he can't contain it and just starts to bellow out a song... its more ... just yelling, out of tune, but its a soldierly song, "o/~Put a sword in my hand! Dress me up in chain! I'll fight all night and sail all day just to see Tremorus again! I don't care if I'm wrong, I don't care if I'll die! Cause if I die, I'll die well with a Proscipi by my side!!o/~"

Aviana starts to pace back and forth on the deck of the Eswynd ship, her arms are at her side for the moment. The small woman is a ball of nervous energy, she gives Haakon a look as she spots the enemy ships, she reaches to her back her sheild is held in one hand and her spear in the other. She is ready and even if she isn't to late now!

Lucita looks over at Quenia and Neilda and the others on their ship. "Hmmm. Loud drums, likely so loud it would block any songs we sang from getting to rowers. That is a shame. Well, at least that effort worked once." She studies the oncoming fleets for a long moment and glances toward Neilda. "Just tell us what you need us to do."

Quenia glances over to Lucita, grinning widely. "Not if archers aim to take out the drummers."

Haakon eyes the oncoming banners of the fire and his scarred lip curls in a mix of smile and sneer. "Keep our picket ships out scouting. If'n Nightcove thinks to surprise us with another squadron, we'll have warning. Else? It looks as if Dagon the Doomed is running low on friends." A short nod makes the order official, and a horn is sounded to start the Eswynd advance. Archers nock arrow to bowstrings, shields and spears stand ready. Haakon rolls his neck to keep the muscles from growing stiff under the weight of his helm and maille.

Savio is calling out orders to the Proscipi sailors in some peculiar Prodigal language, their drums keeping their oars in time. He seems lacking his usual joie de vivre here, studying the forces coming toward them. "Those," he doesn't know Seabright's name but is indicating that heraldry, "Headed our way, I think." Another series of something shouted in Arakkoan to the men, perhaps to ready the archers, then he shakes his head a little. "Caspian. Rufio. Make ready, archery will have first crack at this but it won't take long for the gap to close."

The drums can be clearly heard over the distance now as the ships inch ever closer with purpose. While Seabright makes for the non-Isles ships, Highwater seems intent on targeting the Tyde fleet while Windsheer have marked Kennex as their main target for that day. Their plan it appears is to knock out the more powerful houses first in the hopes their vassals falter. The rebel's archers ready themselves to knock and loose once they're close enough, the tips of their arrows blazing.

With the enemy coming, Tyde holds back closer to the harbour, not commiting themselves early and allowing the enemy to make landfall "Spread out the longships, we'll bog them down and sweep their decks." Archeron calls across to the drummers.

Haakon checks command and sailing at hard. Critical Success! Haakon is spectacularly successful.

Ian checks command and sailing at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Archeron checks command and war at hard. Archeron is successful.

Neilda checks command and sailing at hard. Neilda is successful.

Savio checks command and sailing at hard. Savio is successful.

Caspian sighs slightly "you know you think by know after so many months of sea battles I'd have learned to shoot a bow by now ." he grins at rufios song, and nods to savio's orders, a slight frown over his face a moment. but its gone just as face

Zakhar pinches the bridge of his nose, giving a small stroke to the scar that sits across his face. "Always with the bards..." As the drums near, he wraps his head with the leathers and pulls on the knitted mittens which were made for him by Zoya. They've seen better days, and his finger tips slip out in a few holes now. Over them are the fistifcuffs with sharpened teeth. The spoon is slipped to the belts as the butcher knife is slipped from behind him and the High lord puppet of Victus tied to his other hand as he readies for what is to come.

Haakon shouts as the ships draw near enough for such words: "Dagon the Doomed is a coward and an oathbreaker! Do not waste your lives fighting for a man too weak and timid to fight for his own cause!" The Eswynd ships move with practiced expertise, rowing with the coordination of a vast school of fish bank first toward one squadron of foes, before descending on the Highwater fleet which threatens Tyde.

Ian has never been the same creative commander that Wash is, and doesn't have Aethan's years of experience as a leader of men; his approach to engaging and entangling with Windshear's ships is direct where it could be clever, but he's going to make good on his promise to Raja and Lenard: He'll put them (and himself) in range to get to the part with the stabbing.

Rufio slams Caspian in the shoulder. The face behind his grated helmet is borderline psychotic. All grin. Eyes wide. "Then you couldn't bloody well stick a blade in someone. Shits too far away." He snaps his head up towards Savio and jerks his head once in agreement, then hunkers down near the railing to protect himself, but be ready to engage. He watches Savio maneuver and give orders and bellows out, "SAH! VI! OOOOH!"

Tesha's not in a command role today, so she listens for the commanding to start from Archeron and others. She prepares herself, drawing her sword because this is going to be going to ship to ship combat before they can blink probably.

Raja turns to following orders that Ian belts out. She goes to working the ropes again, helping get those sails to the way that is ordered. One nearly gets away from her and pulls her slightly across the deck before she regains her balanace and secures the rope properly. As the vessels come in close, she readies herself, pulling out her favorite dagger, twirling it anxiously between fingers.

In between cheery orders, Neilda pauses, still holding onto the harpoon at her side -- readied, and she keeps an eye on the Seabright fleets as they start to veer ever off.

Jaerith hears the orders being given and the canteen is secured as readily as it came out, and in its place is a rapier, taking the time to have a stretch.

Lucita says, "Fire on their arrows? The tips blazing? Do I see fire flickering there? Oh, oh, grab some buckets and fill with water while we can and wet down blankets to use." She starts to follow her own instructions in that lull before the ships close in further. "Just keep the stuff being prepared out of the way of the sailors and fighters."

Lenard is no sailor, so for now his sole responsibility is to remain steadfast. One hand grips to some line or another to steady himself. The other grips the hilt of his sword. He sends a brief glance in the direction of Ian, though he's surely too busy to notice those random glances. Therefore Prince Lenard's left to his own thoughts and contemplations. A shake of his shoulders finds a little more steel put into his spine as he rocks back on the heels of his sabatons, only to rock forward again and peer up and over a few heads and shoulders to spy the fleet as they draw closer and closer. Prince Lenard's silence is finally broken though when he asks of Lord Ian, "What happens if I fall in?" The answer is sure to not be a good one.

Aviana readies herself, she is not in command but she is very close to where the man stands, the nervous energy turns into a bot of chaotic exciment as they start turning into the ships. She bangs her spear on her sheild her eyes on the enemy.

In the middle of getting a team ready with buckets of seawater, Ian looks back at Lenard and takes his heavy plate armor in at a glance. "Don't fall in."

Raja glances to Lenard, having overheard his comment. "You will probably sink." Aww. Look at Raja being so truthful! "So, it's best if you umm.. don't." She smirks slightly. "Or.." She pulls a hidden dagger out from her boot and offers it to the Prince. "Should you fall, use this to cut the straps on your armor. It's better for the armor to sink than for you to sink."

Raja also adds, "Annnd.. if the armor sinks.. you can come by my shop when we are back in Arx." Brows waggle.

Seabright's archers begin to release a hail of deadly arrows as soon as distance allows. There is no hesitation from their course - by being among the defenders of Tyde Hall, Saik, Proscipi, and their assorted allies have declared themselves the enemy. Amidst the sound of drums and waves, the sound of many arrows hissing through the air and thunking into hulls or armored bodies can be heard. Unwavering commands from ship captains across the fleet punctuate the din.

The approach seems agonizingly slow the closer they get but that may be the effect of looming dread. They can hear the commanders of the enemy ships shouting over the beat of the drums, the words almost resembling lyrics to a song as they match the rhythm of the drummers. At once the archers loose their arrows which are indeed aflame at the loyalists. The first set of arrows were extinguished before reaching their mark, due to some mistiming and miscalculation of the distance. As they get within range, another set are loosened. Many simply miss their mark, probably due to Haakon's unnerving words reaching their ears. Words they might consider have a shred of truth to them. Perhaps their leaders -don't- care very much for their lives. Unfortunately, many does not mean -all-. Some unfortunate Kennex sailors in their haste to make contact with the enemy and cross swords get impacted with bolts or the spreading flames on the ships. The sound of panicked, screaming men pierces the air, followed by a splash of water as they attempt to (perhaps foolishly) save their own lives before their flesh is well and truly charred.

Fidget... fidget. That's all Rufio can do at the moment. He is hunkered down against the railing of the ship, ready to bounce over once they are within range and wage war with his short swords. Until then, he's just belting out, out of tune, militant songs about blood and guts.

As Highwater makes for them, some of the longships stay with the central group of longships and galley around the cogs, and then the two groups move around to approach the enemy from the sides as the bulk of the force stays as an anvil to blunt their advance. Archeron reaches to grab a handful of the arrows and he slips them into his quiver. He nods to Tesha "You may wish to duck.." and then he nocks an arrow and draws the bow tight to wait for the enemy to come into range, the others following suit and aim high, so the arrows will sail up before almost stalling in midair and then accelerating again to rain towards the enemy deck. And also the water. Hopefully no fish will be harmed.

Lucita has no time to spare for what the other fleets are doing. She pays attention to Neilda, Thea, Quenia, Jaerith and the others on the ship on which she sails, quietly watching, a surface calm showing though the quick glances toward the oncoming fleet betray trepidation.

Lenard offers a blank stare back at both Ian and Raja, following their answers. The offered dagger is met by a warding hand before he gestures to his own hip, where his own dagger resides. After a moment of consideration at his potential fate however, Lenard answers with confidence, "Should I fall and I never see any of you again?" Then his tone takes on its own form of cheerful optimism, complete with a joyful smile, "Know that I'll be one of the very best ornaments the fish have seen in some time!" He throws the thought of drowning aside. Maybe he's come to terms with the potential of his doom. He releases his grip and begins to move across the ship's deck with one hand gripping tight to the hilt of his sword.

Lenard presents Raja with an appreciative nod at her invitation to visit her shop at another time, should the need arise. For now though his attention turns to the prospect of battle, now that he seems to have shed his fear and misgivings that he may replace it with valor and bravery as any good knight should. That's when he notices someone on another ship with a helmet with a rather distinct blue headdress. Amidst everything that seems to take a firm grip of Lenard's attention and soon the Valardin prince can be found simply lifting an arm up and whole-arm waving enthusiastically in the direction of Rufio, from one ship to another.

The puppet of High Lord Victus looks out over the railings of ship as arrows rain down, with Zakhar standing up into the new shower of fire and arrows. A look over his shoulder towards Rufio, with another towards Savio. As if he wasn't about to doubt the lordlings ability to get the ship there in one piece. The butcher knife is held strong in his hand, a look to the puppet as if it might speak to him.

As the Kennex and Windshear fleets draw together, the decks of the ships are a hive of activity, with a few hastily appointed people throwing buckets of seawater on burning friends and planks. Ian draws Ashfont; the gleaming diamondplate Kennex House Sword catches and reflects the light of the flames, and almost seems to be on fire, itself. "Let's show these assholes that they drew the short straw when it came to facing us."

Savio is commanding the Proscipi longships toward an aggressive approach toward Seabright -- if they want a fight they've got one, as Arakkoan archers open fire back on the Seabright enemies. As the ships come closer to the enemy, however, he's drawing his melee weapon (whatever that... thing... is...), and locating his older brother. "Command is yours, Giorgio," he calls toward him, "As soon as we hit the fight I'll take point there. Don't get so busy punching things that you forget the boats! Hit their longships! Caspian, Rufio, Zak, get ready and stick with me!"

Haakon had been unusually merciful (by his own standards) in shouting at the enemy to reconsider before the fighting began. Now, showing a familiarity with battle that seems casual and rote, he bids a volley be sent a d grappling irons readied. More for Aviana's benefit than any need to explain the process to his veteran reavers, Haakon rumbles, "We'll board their smaller ships first, they will need either give their fellows up for dead, or bring a bigger ship up behind to feed fresh warriors into the fight. Then once those are fed to the Deeps, we move onto the bigger ship, easier." Lazily, he grasp shield and spear, brandishing the weapon overhead and roaring, "WHO WILL THEY FEAR?"

He is a ssered in unison: "Eswynd!"

Thea checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Botch! Thea fails completely.

There is a slight shift in command as Marquessa Quenia Igniseri steps in to take the place of Lady Neilda Saik as commander of the Saik fleet, the latter moving to one of the cabins and out of harms way for the moment. Quenia moves away from the rail to the command station to review the situation. She makes a few comments to medics to help those who are injured while making sure the Saik fleet gets in closer to the Seabright's fleet. She flashes Lucita an 'I've got this' sort of look as she assumes command.

Haakon checks command and sailing at hard. Haakon is successful.

Rufio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Rufio marginally fails.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Savio is spectacularly successful.

Tesha checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Tesha fails.

Giorgio wakes up from his nap. Metaphorically. Pulling himself from whatever studious thoughts he'd been lost in as they close on the enemy vessels, Giorgio shifts his gaze to Savio and offers a nod of his head to his brother. "Fight well. Don't fuck up. Try and do less than your usual amount of stupid," Giorgio says with a tight smile toward his brother. At his sides his jewel clad fists flex and he begins calling out orders to their sailors to direct their ships toward the enemy longships.

Quenia checks command and leadership at hard. Quenia fails.

Archeron checks command and war at hard. Archeron is successful.

Caspian curses under his breath, "Again with the fire! i would have never thought fire was such a high risk in a naval battle!" he looks over to Savio as the man calls out and grins, "Ah you trying to keep me from rushing off again?" he fell in beside Savio, grinning and pulling his absurd weapons

Giorgio checks command and leadership at hard. Giorgio is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Lucita is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian marginally fails.

Lenard checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Lenard is successful.

Jaerith checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Jaerith marginally fails.

Raja checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Raja marginally fails.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Giorgio wields gem-studded alaricite cestus.

Savio yells back at Giorgio, "RUDE?!" and petulantly tries to decapitate somebody.

Aviana checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aviana is successful.

Ian checks command and leadership at hard. Ian is successful.

As Savio relinquishes command and joins them, Rufio gets more pumped up, "HAA-OOH!" and prepares to try and stick some short swords into some bodies. Preferably the enemy.

Archeron wields a rubicund bow with bears and badgers in Tyde colours.

Quenia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Quenia is successful.

Archeron checks dexterity and archery at hard. Archeron fails.

Zakhar checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Zakhar is successful.

Haakon checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Haakon is spectacularly successful.

Getting close to the enemy is exactly what happens. As the Kennex vessel and the 'other' vessel line up with one another, Raja moves to defend the ship she is on! Some burly man with a gnarly scar across his face jumps in front of Raja. Blinking, she steps back, lifting up her blade in an attempt to parry the blow. Blood is drawn as the man's blade slices into the side of her wrist. It smarts, but nothing that will slow her down. "Mother F..." Raja trails off in a string of profanities as the blood flows freely from her wound. She is not one to backdown, she she just hops back into the fight!

Raja checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raja is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian is successful.

Archeron checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Archeron marginally fails.

Rufio checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Rufio marginally fails.

Jaerith checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jaerith fails.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Quenia is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Lucita marginally fails.

Tesha checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Tesha fails.

Savio checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Savio is successful.

Haakon checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Haakon fails.

Thea checks dexterity and dodge at daunting. Thea marginally fails.

Aviana checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Aviana fails.

Zakhar checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Zakhar fails.

Aviana checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Aviana marginally fails.

Aviana is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Lenard checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Lenard marginally fails.

As the distance is closed, Seabright sailors find themselves with a hostile reception. Against the Proscipi ships, their arrows are cutting a swath through the Saffron sailors until Savio and other melee combatants rush their decks and disrupt the assault. Talented command from Giorgio provides some advantage for the Saffron boarders, but some Seabright do break through to raise swords against the southerners on their own ships. With the Saik fleet, the Seabright start with an early upper hand, continuing to pepper the Lycene ships with flaming arrows and pushing the attack against the Saik flagship by gaining the deck.

As if the flaming ship and stench of burned corpses wasn't horrifying enough, once the ships are within closer range and the arrows start flying more frequently, things go from bad to worse. When the ships are close enough for boarding, it is pure pandemonium. Windsheer sailors let out war cries as they board Kennex ships and attempt to battle their way through to the commanders. They are less successful this time as the captains are better prepped after the first round of attacks. Ian's command helps keep all in line despite the rising chaos.

Eswynd and Tyde do an equally admirable job of keeping their soldiers level headed and well prepared for the boat-intruders, managing to fight off many and launching an offence themselves. None of this comes at little cost however and soon the ships of either side are drenched in the blood of the slain and the screams of soldiers who find themselves mutilated and maimed. "My hand, my hand!" A young man cries on the deck of a ship as he searches through the chaos for his missing hand.

As soon as Savio gives the go ahead, Rufio is engaging in fighting... and... well... he's kind of making a mess of things. Not TERRIBLE, but he is wild and out of control. He is literally bellowing his own name as he goes, "RU! FI! OHHHH!!!" dishing out swings of his twin swords that aren't doing much and taking nicks and cuts because he is not focused on what he's doing. He's a wildman. As he takes damage, it only seems to drive his frenzy further. He is bellowing and screaming in the enemy faces as he goes.

When Ian draws Ashfont and holds the sword aloft, the screams from his fleet transform into the battle-hungry howl of seasoned fighters who have, by now, become accustomed to following the Sword of Stormward into battle. It means a lot when your guy is scarier than theirs is, and the first people who try to board the Kennex flagship find out first hand how frightening Ian can be. He catches the first incoming strike with the alaricite gauntlet that covers his left hand, just grabs the sword, and before the man holding the blade can react and drop it, Ashfont has had its first coating of blood. There's a splash and an upwelling of more blood on the waves as the rebel hits the water, but Ian has already moved on.

It's clear that the switch in leadeship between Neilda and Quenia has caused a bit of confusion, as some are still looking for their now missing captain to give orders while Quenia attempts to give them instead. This causes a bit of a flurry as they suddenly find themselves boarded by sailors of the Seabright ships. Quenia launches into combat mode almost immediately, juggling duties as a leader and a fighter; and doing better as a fighter than she did, initially, at leading. She manages to both cut down several sailors and keep them from attacking herself.

Lucita frowns as the enemy closes in. Enough water is poured on one of the arrows reaching the deck to make sure no flames catch hold. Once her hands are free she looks for a likely target. She moves to put her back to Quenia's, guarding her and slashes out at the rope of a boarding grapple and the wrist of the sailor grasping it to try to draw the ships together, putting him out of the fight and adding a little chum to the water.

Haakon and the Eswynders attack with great ferocity, boarding the Dagonite ship and cutting deep into the enemy ranks. Lightly armored prodigals swarm over the rails behind the first push, finishing off the wounded foemen, and dragging the wounded allies back to relative safety. At the point of the spear, Haakon is a victim of his own aggression, pushing so far I to the enemy ranks, that an enemy to one side is able to strike behind Haakon's shield. The maille holds, but beneath it, blood begins welling up where the links of his armor had torn skin through cloth. "Clear the decks and feed the sea!" Haakon shouts. Blood slicks and dead bodies cluttering up a fighting deck are no good, and those prodigals not otherwise occupied begin pitching deadmen overboard.

Caspian stands along side the others with a grin on his face. "So, the person with the most blood still inside their body buys drinks for everyone else right?!" he pauses then, "or will that make people want to get stabbed.." he shrugged then laughed. "PROSCIPI!!!" he bellows out and he charges into the fray. It was still a bit of a range shuffle, and daggers did not make for great boarding weapons, but as others tried to clamber onto their deck, he kicked, and shoved and stabbed to keep them clear. "What say we go for the head my friends!?"

As the Proscipi vessels cut through the rough seas, Giorgio calls out to Caspian, Savio, and Rufio, "Hold tight! We are going to angle in for their command vessel! Kick any boarders into the sea!" With that, he turns and begins pointing toward a ship still a short ways away that seems to be the source of orders being relayed.

Tesha takes a deep breath before the two forces start to clash and the one-eyed woman brings her sword up to defend. The sounds on the deck aren't something that she is new to. She's been in many fights before. But the loss of life is the same. Something that is tragic to her. She misses her intended target in the fight and then ends up getting an arrow between brig plates.

Jaerith pushes to the fore against the boarders who bear on the Saik vessel, rapier flashing as he darts it out to bite against the armor and flesh of the foemen but fail to find purchase before the dull ringing of steel sounds as he is struck in the side of the head, sending him off to the side.

Savio does possess the ability to use finesse weapons, but this is not one. This is not a finesse activity. The thing he's wielding is blunt force trauma with alaricite teeth, and its initial deployment is sending an enemy sailor to a watery grave in a spray of blood and teeth. He seems to be in agreement with Caspian and Giorgio as he calls back, "Cut the head off the snake!"

Thea reaches for her sword, though hesitates for just a moment. It's that small moment that causes just enough disruption for her to be a moving a target. "Shite,"she cries out, too late as she barely moves out of the way. But definitely not without injury. Thea calls out, asking,"Everyone doing alright,"trying g to fight her way.

Aviana readies herself licking her lips, crying out Eswynd when the rest of the crew does, as Haakon moves as does Aviana. She is quick perhaps her size aidding hwer in this. Her sheild in hand hrusting her spear out at a target hitting its mark, but then Haakon is getting away from her and to far in. She moves to attempt to warm him not seeing her own doom as a enemy side steps and stabs her with his weapon, the shock of being stabbed lasts for what seems forever when a heart beat passes and she cries out in pain, her knees buckling under her and hitting the deck of the ship with a sick thud her weapon and sheild laying under her still body.

Lenard moves forward to join with the rest of the defenders crowding the rails of Lord Ian Saik's flagship. While many throw themselves into the battle, Prince Lenard Valardin approaches it with moderation in mind. He swallows down a pair of deep breaths as he wades into the growing melee. A shield on one hand and a sword gripped by the other, he moves to join with those Kennex sailors who know violently defend their ship from boarders. A shove from his shield sends one of the Windsheer borders falling backward over the rail and to the water below. The Valardin prince's blow is not without reprisal however, as Lenard growls out in pain as the tip of a spear finds its way between the plates of his armor. A minor injury, but still an injury. It is that blow that causes Lenard to surge forward, now with a little more ferocity.

Zakhar laughs as one attempts to board the ship, throwing the cooling grease in their face and waving the puppet tied to his hand as blood sprays in the cut delivered with butcher knife. Splashback hits the old man in the face, coloring the whitebeard in the tint of red. He's nearly oblivious to some of the blood being his own as he dives into pushing the attacker off the ship and into the waters below. Only to then reach to hold onto rigging and wince in pain as he looks to shoulder and spots the arrow there. "Well fuck. That's going to leave a mark."

As Tyde forces get into position and fall upon Highwater, Archeron draws his bow to its full pull and realses the arrow, his archers following suit. Unfortunately there is little time to enjoy the pleasant thuds and splashes of massed arrow fire as incoming arrows rather ruin the noise. One even catches Archeron on the arm, a thin red line showing on an unarmoured section where the arrow grazed past "Keep it up!" he yells, though there is a slight hiss as he controls the pain, and he reaches for another arrow to ready

More of these bastards swarm over the rails of the ship she is on! A loud cry is let out as she meets them in battle! She fights differently than others. Her training was years on the street. She ducks and dips, spins out of the way of blows. Her cruel, curved knife is lifted up to deflect a varity of blows!

Haakon only belatedly realizes Aviana has fallen during a short-lived lull in the bloody battle. "Well. She won more scars in this war than fucking Dagon has." Aside, he bids Mikhail, "Get her to the back," before Haakon returns to the slaughter.

Haakon checks command and sailing at hard. Haakon marginally fails.

Giorgio checks command and leadership at hard. Giorgio fails.

Ian checks command and leadership at hard. Ian is successful.

Haakon checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Haakon is successful.

Rufio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Rufio marginally fails.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Raja checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Raja is successful.

Thea checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Thea fails.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio is successful.

Jaerith checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Botch! Jaerith fails completely.

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Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian fails.

Archeron checks dexterity and archery at hard. Critical Success! Archeron is spectacularly successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Quenia is successful.

Lenard checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Lenard is marginally successful.

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Jaerith checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Jaerith is spectacularly successful.

Tesha checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Tesha fails.

Thea checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Thea marginally fails.

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Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian is successful.

Zakhar checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Zakhar marginally fails.

Tesha checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Tesha is successful.

Tesha remains capable of fighting.

Quenia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Quenia fails completely.

As Proscipi manuevers to head for the Seabright command ship, they learn a lesson about the dedication of the traditionalists to their cause: The ship closest to them swiftly figures out the plan and blocks the advance. The Seabright and Proscipi seem evenly matched, each taking a toll on the other in the chaos of battle. Where the Saiks are concerned, Quenia manages to push past the confusion of the change in leadership to get the Lycene sailors working more effectively, and Lucita and Jaerith work together to repel - r shove overboard - severl of the Seabright boarders.

This time around, the loyalists seem to have hit their stride. While the number of casualties are undoubtedly rising, the rebels take a greater hit with a number of their ships captured and captains dispatched of or forced to yield. It has not broken their resolve however and they seem keen to continue their fight, hopeful that their luck may turn around in due time. There are no more fire arrows being used, likely due to the destructive potential for the users at short range. Nobles from Highwater and Windsheer are on these boats. They matter!

Quenia finds her footing with commanding the Saik troops, now that they know she's in charge for now. While she battles, she points out the areas that are on fire and gets crews working on them right away. Once that task is complete, she turns her attention back to the battle at hand. She swings in low, getting a hit against one of the Seabright fighters, but leaves herself open for heavier attack by someone coming in from her side. She's completely unaware of the attack coming and has no defense for it mounted. . .

Rufio starts to pull back some as Savio issues out orders, though it takes a lot of effort. Anytime a border comes though, he is throwing himself into the fray with a gusto... and... not doing so hot. He is too worked up in a frenzy for any type of finesse. During his time, he ends up taking a fairly decent hit with a boarding pike, grunts and studder steps back, bring up his weapons once more. Hopefully it was enough to snap him out of this type of attacking.

"You're after commanders?" Ian shouts onto the Windshear ship entangled with his own, in the direction of where its own commander should be, while catching a couple of blades in a parry, and then stumbling forward with the motion of his ship, shoulderchecking one of the attackers clear off the ship. He drives Ashfont into the other attacker, planting his left hand onto its pommel to add force to the thrust as the blade bites deep. "I'M RIGHT HERE! LET'S DO THIS!" His words are met with a rising roar from the Kennex sailors, mixed with shouted taunts about Windshear's soldiers being led by cowards.

Lenard stabs his blade over the shoulder of another Kennex sailor in front of himself. Doing his best to reach out and touch the enemy, he must restrain himself from swinging wildly within the melee and potentially harming his own compatriots. Instead he must make a more focused decision within the heat of battle, which in turn is certain to pay dividends for the Valardin prince. He maintains a focused mind within the battle as a result of his more measured approach. At one point Prince Lenard grips one of the Kennex sailors by their shoulder and tugs them roughly out of the way of a falling axe. A good deed done and a life saved, Lenard steps forward to take the sailor's place at the rail. His shield is practically forgotten at his side as Lenard moves in to stand near to Raja's own side near the railing. There Lenard works to maintain his position within Raja's blind side, defending it against all who would seek to so nefariously stab an opponent in the back.

Lucita gives the Keaton Lord an appreciative nod as she works side by side with him to help clear their decks. As one after another of the enemy soldiers is wounded and shoved overboard she glances down to see if their floating bodies start to form a buffer distance between ships. "Back away, back away, back away." She calls out in a sing-song cadence toward any considering trying to board.

Boarding actions are brutal by necessity. Doing what he can to enhance respect for the fundamental humanity of all combatants in the terrible civil war, Haakon shouts, "FEED THEIR HEADS TO THE SEA." Presumably the rest of them as well, but the reaver lord is non-specific.

Thea wasn't as confused as before, thank the gods! She battles the Seabrights on board, but her side throbs. Her other side is kicked as she tries to protect the singing and whatever else is going on.

Raja would totally stab an opponent in the back! In fact one guy gets stabbed and he dares to show his back! She does the backstabbing! But, thankfully, she is watching Lenard's back, not stabbing it! Another blow comes down and a deft motion is used to knock it aside, only to get punched in the face by another Windsheer. "Fuck.." She curses and lashes out at /that/ guy instead! The gall!

Jaerith shakes his head to clear it from the previous hit, hubris and the alcohol hitting at the same time as he laughs before beginning to sing, though amidst the din of the fighting it isn't clear whether it's a fighting song or just a shanty about what sailors do to lasses once they come ashore. Regardless of the context, after a minor stumble and barreling into opponents, he flashes a smile to both Lucita and Quenia as he tries to appear for all the world as though he meant to do that. Swashbuckling at its finest.

Caspian kicks a man in the chest and sends him staggering back. "Damn it.. maybe i shouldn't have shouted our plans outloud! alright, thats one me!" he ducked a wild slash, parried a weak thrust and elbowed another man. he slashed out a few times, unable to land a solid hit, but doing his best to keep the boarders off the ship and the blood in his own body. "everyone still alive?"

Tesha brings her sword up again after she's recovered from the arrow that she'd taken, having snappen the shaft of it off and tossed it to the ground. She channels that pain into striking out at her next target in the sea of boarders. She was trying to make sure that others were covered, but in this time it was a bit chaotic. She's about to wind back for her next strike when she is stabbed by an incoming blade.

Giorgio checks command and leadership at hard. Giorgio fails.

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Tesha is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

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Quenia remains capable of fighting.

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Caspian sends his blade flashing out, the blade whistling as it carved through a boarding sailor. a yank of the chain brought the dagger back to his hand. "Rufio! have you tried NOT catching the enemy weapons with your body? I have been told it does wonder for your health" his teasing masked a real concern in his eyes, and he worked to carve his way to stand by the proscipi lord. Blades flashing he worked to help cover the man. "They look thirsty dont they? lets give them a drink!" he charged forward, working to shove a few of the boarders into the sea.

Savio is bashing enemies in the legs, booting them overboard, and entertaining himself. "Once I met some traitors
And they tried to step to me
So I sent all those ass-eyed knobbers
To the bottom of the sea

Oh once I met some traitors
And they were into heresy
So I cut off those spit-lick weevils
Right below the knee
Right below the kneeeeee"

"FREE THEIR THRALLS!" The shouted command comes from Ian as it becomes more clear that his soldiers are more than just holding the line. The Kennex fleet may be small, but every man and woman on it is battle hardened from almost a full year of brutal war; it's the kind of combat training that you don't get any other way, and Windshear's sailors, skilled but not so completely drenched in ash and blood, are getting the full force of months of Kennex aggression, whipped into a frenzy against slave takers. Many of them were thralls themselves. More than just defending himself at this point, Ian grabs some unlucky soldier by his cloak and hauls him closer to have his throat cut.

Jaerith continues to belt out the hits both figuratively and literally as the scrum rages on, the tip of his rapier swishing back and forth before he rolls his eyes and plunges it into the chest of one of the boarders. However, all the peacocking comes at a price as he doesn't manage to see the knife find its way into his side, drawing forth a slur of obscenities.

It is a slow grind between Tyde and the rebel ships, its flanking ships stalled against the enemy even as the centre holds. From the cogs, arrows continue to rain down on the decks of the rebel ships, while hand to hand fighting breaks out as prizes are sought - nobles who might answer for their House's choice. Archeron stands on the back of the cog, carefully levelling his bow and looses the arrow at an enemy fighter jumping to the cog. There is a solid thud as the arrow finds its home by the man's eye and his lifeless body just thuds onto the railings he intended to grapple up, and falls into the water between the boats. Archeron harumphs and plucks anoher arrow from his quiver.

Rufio may not be the greatest fighter, or avoid all the damage, but at least he's consistent. Borders are his major target and at least he's not... dropping his weapons or something. Maybe it's the boat. Darn sea... rocking and stuff... either way, he gets a few more scars to add to his already generous amount. "Oye shut your mouth, Cas! My blood makes them slippery and they drop their weapons!" He nods his head to the man and joins in the shove.

Quenia issues a few more orders to the crew to take care of the fires. So consumed she is by this task that Quenia misses in her attacks against the incoming Seabright and takes on additional damage. There's an obvious grunt from the Marquessa as that last attack is all too close to the one she failed to block earlier.

Lucita Sings out loudly to the rowers of the ship that is attacking. "Last chance! We're fighting for you, Your right to be free, Join us while you can, break free, break free!" And she manages to get the drummer of the enemy ship with a cast of her siangham, not even bothering with a blade as she shoves another one overboard.

Lenard has finally found his rhythm within this particular battle. With Raja the Backstabber at his back, Prince Lenard Valardin has practically been to grunt and growl with each stroke of his sword. A fresh cry of pain or alarm is met by a fresh grunt of exertion or growl of triumph from the prince. As the visor of his helm has been lowered, the beautiful features of the man are lost behind diamondplate. There's no telling what manner of expression decorates the young Dragon's face in the midst of battle. He bumps into Raja, or perhaps some other body at his body, accidentally but that does not deter him from his next killing blow. The point of his blade pierces a chest and with a violent shove of his shoulder the body is both removed from the tip of his blade and sent stumbling overboard. The next face to fill his vision is met by the pommel of his sword crushing the bridge of his nose. As that Windsheer sailor bounces back from that blow, another comes in the form of Prince Lenard's diamondplate helmet crashing into his face next.

Tesha was fighting until she was unable to. That's how she went in things. Even if the fighting is fever pitched in the end. She manages to take down the boarder that she was facing off against, but a solid blow comes from behind and it causes a wave of pain to echo through her form. She grips the handle of her sword, but the world quickly darkens as she falls to her knees and then forward onto the bloody deck beneath her.

Thea continues to fight, blow after blow. Her state of body doesn't matter as she grits through. Her blade sinks into the flesh of its enemy just before someone jabs her ribs. Deep. Causing the Countess to hiss through her teeth. "Fuuuuuck you,"she gasps, spinning slowly, but you know--her thinking it was quickly.

"Damnit!" Giorgio growls out as the sound of ships grinding into one another and the ring of steel on steel echo out over the shouts of battle. "We aren't going to be able to make it to them!" Giorgio calls to the men on his ship, watching as the opening that had been is quickly closed up before them.

There is renewed shouting coming from the Seabright captains, most of which have survived to this point in the battle, though their crew losses are notable. Commands are issued and relayed throughout the fleet by drum or by horn. Proscipi finds their attempt to reach the command vessel stymied - the careful observer will notice that it is farther away, now, and getting farhter away still. Those Seabright sailors who can regain the decks of their ships from the Proscipi and Saik ships make haste. Some are left behind to choose between facing their chances in the open sea or being taken prisoner by the southerners. As they begin to withdraw from the Saik ships, one particularly bold Seabright sailor hangs back to attempt to sabotage the rigging of the ship's sails. He is caught, but not before hampering the vessel. The Seabright ships begin to slip away, sending some few arrows behind them to dissuade pursuit.

It's a brutal, drawn out fight with an ungodly number of casualties. Corpses with their bodies full of arrows float face down on the water, others thrash helplessly as they're dragged down into the cold depths, losing their strength to remain above the surface. It's anyone's guess who'd break first. Luckily for the loyalists, Windsheer and Highwater appear to see the writing on the wall. If they carry on, they may lose the remainder of their ships and more irreplaceable commanders. Admiral Stefan Highwater is the first to call for a retreat. Not a surrender nor an admission of defeat but A TACTICAL WITHDRAWAL. Windsheer captains, upon seeing Seabright and Highwater slipping away from battle, fight ferociously to remove any loyalist forces aboard their ships and aggressively make to flea the battle. Presumably to recuperate and fight another day.

While it's hard to fully celebrate a victory in the face of so many lives lost and property damaged, Tyde can take heart in the knowledge a siege is not an immediate concern.

Raja laughs as she works alongside the man in all the clanky armor! In fact, she may even use him as a shield a time or two! A man gets all snarly and close and her curved blade swings upwards to meet under the chin. A foot plants into the man's stomach as she pushes him off! He falls to the ground in a dull thud. Quickly, she glances back and forth as it seems the numbers in this area are beginning to thin. The battle has finished and Raja looks around, seemingly confused for a moment. "Did we win?" It really didn't look like it by the state of the deck. Blood that had splattered on her face is smeared in a futile effort to wipe it from her features. "I guess we did.. we are alive.." She smirks up to the prince. "Good work there, buckets."

The final words bellowed from the ships of House Windsheer by one of their captains is, "Fuck you traitors!" Which is incredibly rich given the circumstances.

Windshear's 'tactical retreat' and final curses is met with a wave of laughter and insults from the Kennex ships, who do, indeed, think that is incredibly rich. Ian, in the meantime, stumbles again, not from any injuries he's taken, because even after making himself into a target, he remains touched. No, it's the less noble losing of footing as the deck of his ship moves under his feet without him being able to feel it. He catches himself by grabbing Lenard's shoulder, and then gives the Valardin prince a quick, brutal smile. "Nice to finally have the chance to fight alongside you." Then he adds to Raja: "They ran like children. I'll call that a victory."

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