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Raja Culler

Monsters are real. Ghosts are real. I am not talking of those that might walk the land. They are inside of all of us. Sometimes they win.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Shadow of the Boroughs
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: Female
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 11/24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: 5'6''
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Ebony
Skintone: Deep Brown

Description: Raja is a dark and mysterious looking woman. She has deep brown skin that sets her apart from most of Arx's inhabitants. Her dark hair twists into many long, flowing curls that hang past her shoulders. These are often adorned with colorful beads, golden clasps, or braids. Her almond-shaped eyes are beautiful, but they hold a dangerously brooding glare. She has a pair of full lips which are often twisted into a smirk. Her body holds feminine, athletic curves with a full bosom, flaired hips, and slender waist. Those curves do not slow her down as she is rather strong and quite agile that shows with each movement of her body.

(All those dreads have been maticulously combed out to show long, luxurious dark hair that curls aroyund her shoulders.)

Personality: Raja is typically quiet and brooding, sticking to her own business. Though, when her passions are aroused, she has no qualms in saying what she wants to say. Her language is often bold, hard, and often foul. She is quick to anger and will often hold a deep grudge until the offender has made ammends. Despite this, once someone has earned her loyalty, she can be one of the best allies one could have. Woe be to the one who would dare betray her.

Background: My earliest memory was aboard a ship. I remember lightning. I remember waves crashing over the deck. I remember people screaming and running back and forth as orders were barked. I remember a wave catching me and thrusting me against the mast. It all went dark after that. When I woke, I was here in this city. I don't remember how I got here. I don't even remember where I am from. What I do know is that someone took the time to make sure I was alive. Then, I was left in the tavern with a hot bowl of soup, never to see or hear from anyone of that voyage again.

It seems to me that noone likes to have a dead kid. Everyone wants to save the children. Yet, noone wants to take care of one. As a result, I simply became one of the forgotten. I lived on the streets, forced to steal so I could eat. I got caught many times and took my beatings. I would retreat to the dark corners to nurse my bruises. It strengthened me. I became better. I became bitter.

I grew older and I grew stronger. The people that tried to pick at me stopped as I showed them I was a force to be reckoned with. I stopped caring. Noone else cared, why should I? I made my way into the Culler family. I am not blood kin to them, but it sure beats being alone. It gives me a warm bed and food and in return, I will fight off anyone who dares to look sideways at them.

Relationship Summary

  • Ras - I will figure out his secrets

  • Family:
  • Torian - He's the boss. He is sort of a father figure.
  • Orathy - He was the one who ensured that I was adopted into the Cullers.
  • Mae - Sweet lady! I mean it is Mae. What's to say? She is amazing.
  • Acacia - She's always got my back and I always got hers.
  • Ravna - He is my adopted brother. We annoy each other since we are opposites, but we have each other's backs.

  • Ally:
  • Edward - This fellow is an interesting sort. He has been a friend and encouraged me to become a better person.
  • Aleksei - He recruited me to become a Liberator. I feel myself looking up to him.

  • Friend:
  • Jhond - He has been such a great friend over the last few years.
  • Mayir - We have had a few little adventures together. Always a good time to be had around him.
  • Magpie - We have a bit more in common than meets the eye.
  • Dianna - Dianna is a dear friend who I know I can lean on for any trouble that ails me.

  • Spouse:
  • Ravna=Simply Put - he is the love of my life.

  • Patron:
  • Zoey - An amazing Patron! I can go to her for anything.
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr Probably wants what's in my coinpurse, but eh, that's the whole boroughs to each other. Looks like a Grayson origin, or maybe deeper south.
    Ajax A Culler woman, beautiful, dangerous, likely fiery temperament too. Those always tend to be fun.
    Alrigo Runs a fine second hand shop down in the Lowers. Helping out the people here get goods to treasure. That's a good rep' to have.
    Anisha Messere Raja has an easy way of carrying herself that inspires confidence and geniality. And, as a sailor, I am sure she has many intriguing tales from far-away places.
    Apollo Well, she's sort of terrifying. And friendly. How exactly does that work?
    Asha Friendly enough to chat with a stranger at the riverside. Smart, too, with plenty of irons in the fire. Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime soon.
    Ashur A woman on the more dangerous side of life. She isn't abysmal at playing stones, for a true beginner! And I found her commoner accent very charming, as well as her bruised face.
    Auda She's a culler, and I do like the Cullers. Raja's got some pretty big ideas that I'd love to help happen.
    Clara During a bar fight is always the best time to meet people...
    Corrigan Spat at by one's family, then made out to be an alright sort by a Culler. Has the world gone completely fucking mad?
    Dianna A woman of great curiosity. I hope she comes back to visit us again at the Shrine.
    Dio A Culler with a gaze so cold, even hardened Seraceni pirates freeze in terror.
    Domonico A dangerous woman it seems who radiates threat. Not afraid to challenge me face to face. Simply bravado or is she actually capable.
    Drake I appreciate how outspoken she is. People often try to obfuscate things that can be put into simpler terms, but not this one.
    Duarte Any friend of Orathy's is a friend of mine. This one took the time to reach out.
    Evaristo Not afraid to speak up, but smart enough to back down when needed.
    Gabriella Determined, even when faced with defeat. I quite like that. Someone with such a spark shall go far indeed.
    Gaspar I believe I've found a tool. She could be lovely if she smiled and is clearly dangerous. I hope her mind is as sharp as her blade.
    Hamish Uninterested in what you think of her. More people should be that self-assured.
    Ian She'd need to learn some self-restraint before I'd be comfortable fighting alongside her, but I can see what Zoey sees in her.
    Icelyn Boisterous and full, almost intimidatingly so, of life and spirit. But that's hardly a bad thing.
    Iseulet A woman of strength. We have begun a long, winding road together and honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better travelling companion.
    Katarina I wish that I could be as brave as Raja Culler, but she is suited to things like swordfights and I am truly not. Still, if I cannot be the courageous warrior that she is? I will still take solace in having such a fighter as my friend.
    Kenna I honestly have no idea what to think. She got beaten, and she's obviously associated with a criminal element, but she's talking to the guard. What the heck?
    Korka Loud Culler party organizer. But free drinks? Might be all right after all.
    Lena Talks... better'n I'd have thought. Good to study for someone crawled up outta the gutter. Peg her for the Lowers, but she's got none of that stink on her.
    Lora Josephine would've liked her. I can give no higher praise.
    Lore A Culler of the first order. By which I mean, one I'm happy to associate with.
    Lou I met her during the new year. I find it unfortunately that she has to find food in the trash because she doesn't have enough to eat. I asked Mason to send her home with a bunch of meat pies so she doesn't starve. I could see he was gauging her skills, perhaps he might hire her for sometimg.
    Lucien Lovely adventurer wrapped in this drunken brawler exterior. Quite the creature. We will meet again, I am sure.
    Lucilia Sailor, aspiring fighter, and at least she isn't a bad conversationalist.
    Lucita Met and talked at the Hundred Cities Inn. She is an orphan adopted by 'O' Culler, had a rough upbringing. She seems to have common sense and be making her way amid scoundrels and rogues. A person I'd certainly rather have on my side than against me.
    Magpie Magpie watched Raja encourage a full-out bar brawl before she joined in. She was grinning at the end despite taking some lumps. A Culler through and through.
    Medeia Be on her side in a fight.
    Melody It was an eyeball. We saw an /eyeball/ pop out of a mess of a skull. She took it rather well, too.
    Mira Dark and mysterious! Dreadlocks! Moves like a shadow! And turned on Jhond in my defense, which was really great. We almost hit him, too.
    Miraj Just how I like my women - mysterious and dangerous!
    Mirk A helpful Culler. Some people might be suspicious of that, but I'll have my eyes open. She may just prove to be a useful ally.
    Narcissa Loud in a loud crowd - one does have to admire the volume she accomplishes with such bravado.
    Nina Runs a second-hand fashion store, a noble endeavor that surely clothes many in the Lowers. But no fan of Pravus, it seems! Or maybe they are no fan of her? Political things still vex me sometimes.
    Orathy She came to the Cullers by my hand. Reckon I be pushing for her to be adopted as she were orphaned about the same age I were, when I be taken. It be some plenty of time ago, when she be a little mouse, scurrying about to survive, stealing lunches and giving a fella the slip. She be finding her way now, with the Cullers, and be knowing how to take care of herself. Reckon I has been looking out for her and teaching her best I can be doing, even if I be shit at it. Reckon I be proud to see her grown up as she be.
    Orland A bleeding heart. Cullers are such saints.
    Petal Hopefully this will work out. I really need the help and she seems like a woman of ability, strength and streetwise. Couldn't hurt to have her around if the Thrax come strolling in either!
    Piccola Who was this mysterious young woman in Brother Felix's forge? Huh. I wish I was better at making introductions for myself that don't seem forced or disingenuous.
    Porter I've met her once or twice! Once when I was still Lord Kennex and once... now that I'm not! Glad she seems to be enjoying her life, even if she's dodging her husband! Ha!
    Ras Quiet. Shadowy. Got an alaricite knife. Don't reckon that's one I wanna cross.
    Raymesin A hothead, and this is me saying it. Still. Hopefully as good in a fight as she is at starting one.
    Reese So far I like her, but the meeting is brief. She says she is rogue and well rogues are quite needed, but also can be dangerous. I would be interested in learning more about her.
    Revell Culler, usually surrounded by an awful lot of thugs, but she seems pretty cool. Seems to like a good brawl as well as the next gal - I approve.
    Rukhnis The second Culler of my acquaintance, and one who seems very much at ease within her world. I wonder what that must be like.
    Rysen One who seeks the knowledge of the Thirteenth, and knows the value of discretion.
    Samira A fellow Culler and a big sister type. Kind and generous, she looks out for the people of the Lowers.
    Savio We smoke, we drink, we cause trouble, and we're not sorry. I think this could be the start to a fine friendship.
    Sergei That's one serious face, I'll say that much. Always figured people the hold a serious face like that has something interesting to learn 'bout. I bet she's a real sweetheart.
    Sheena She is really scary! Though, despite being scary I don't think she is a bad person. She's just had it rought.
    Sigismund Young Culler met at the Murder, she proved to be not only fine company but also a potential future sparring partner! I sense a fine companion for future trouble. It'll be fun! I'll do the singing though.
    Sparte I didn't really get to know this Culler well. I think they were having some amusement at the way I dealt with a brawl in the murder, and well, didn't come along to chat while I ran halfway across the lowers. Maybe next time.
    Svana A Culler. She may be rough around the edges but she's warm - and she's a new mum. She'll be a great mum, no doubt, and able to teach her kid how to stab people and make it look like an accident, I think.
    Sydney Knows when to press her advantage, and knows when to wisely fold. I hear that Lowers drawl to her voice, and after hearing her name, it's certainly no surprise why.
    Tanith Loud, brazen, especially for one so young. Not a surprise though, most of the Cullers seem to have that streak, least as rumor goes. Generous.
    Tarik She lifted my pouch! She could have just said she was good at stealing stuff. I would have believed here. She has inquisitive mind, and she doesn't seem to believe in bullshit. It is quality that I am beginning to admire more and more these days. I hope to see her in the Hart one day. If noone else offers her a free drink, I will buy her one.
    Tatyana She is utterly at home in entirely un-welcoming places. A little odd, somewhat intimidating, but most importantly very impressive.
    Thea I don't have the proper words to really describe her. Really. She's a force with a look of sheer death and a voice that can command even the most votile to their knees. The only one I've seen do that is my Duchess. I would fight along this Culler anytime.
    Theodoric A new business partner? The old operator of the Hollow, seems cordial enough, might I come to regret my generosity?
    Torian Good to see family get along, and nice to have another voice of wisdome in my ear as well.
    Turo Good taste in alcohol. Easy on the eyes. Has me curious about this ship, now.
    Valdemar Not what I expected of a Liberator in some ways, and exactly what I expected in others. Our talk was far more pleasant than I anticipated.
    Valerius A friend of Rowenova, can't be too terrible.
    Varosh A fierce woman, but a good friend to her friends from what I can understand. Will have to take intimidation lessons from her.
    Verity It's amusing to see someone so enthusiastic about stabbing people brought low by a too-perky baby, but that's the way of the world, isn't it?
    Wagner Invaded my bench, that sea urchin.
    Wash Exotic. Independent. Looks like sergeant material to me.
    Zakhar Quick footed, great on a ship, a lady of the people. Reminds me of a couple from my youth. Probably coincidence.
    Zoey Your mother is WHOM?!