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Lord Haakon Eswynd

Never bid a body be sorry for what were done to survive.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Prodigal Reaver
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Eswynd
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 34
Birthday: 7/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: fair

Description: Dark brown hair is shorn close atop his head, and worn in a short beard on a strong jaw. Dark blue eyes are shadowed by a high forehead and heavy brows, with a scar marring his lip to the right of his nose, naturally tugging one side of his mouth upward. In stature, he is the upper end of average, with a lean, athletic build. He looks years past thirty, though his tanned and weathered face lead some to guess older.

Personality: He doesn't want to be in Arx. The city is huge, smells of rats and urine, and sits half the world away from his home, where at any moment, a new battle could start without him. Moody and mercurial, on his better days he takes amusement in the unfamiliar world around him, showing good humor and wit. On his bad days, everything is irritating. He is comfortable with motion, and grows restless when kept still and idle.

Background:     A near-brother (cousin) to the king of Eswynd, Haakon grew up on the sea. Being of noble blood among the Abandoned meant being a warrior, and he was raised with callouses on his hands from oars, rigging ropes, and spear hafts. Never able to openly challenge the Thraxian navy, his people were raiders of the reavers, striking any merchant ships or fishermen who fell within their reach, and fleeing from any war fleet. Twice he was part of a battle against Thrax warships; neither could be called a victory.
    The Darkness in the Deep was known to the Eswynds for many years. At first, Haakon and his kin had been all too willing to accept bloody silver to hunt the Arvani (they did that, anyway) but as the shadows spread and tales of the blood madness trickled out, Eswynd's old allegiance to Marin grew dangerous. When Margot Tyde and her diplomats came to them, offering alliance and protection, backed by the threat of destruction before a united Thraxian fleet, the Eswynds accepted
    There were noises made about honor and their ancestors in protest, but for such things "the wind does not care." All that mattered was surviving the coming storm. His near-brother the king (now Marquis) married an Arvani woman to seal the alliance and remained in their home island, making heirs. Haakon and his people took their small fighting ships to sea for battle among the Tyde fleet, and did their duty against the Gyre. After the war, Haakon was sent to Arx on Eswynd's behalf, to represent his people in the court of their ancient enemies, now overlords. What could possibly go wrong?

Relationship Summary

  • Branimir - Favorite uncle
  • Oskar - Near-brother who knelt
  • Temira - Near-sister and eternal pain

  • Ally:
  • Margot - The Tyde
  • Name Summary
    Aella Reminds me of the mountains back home - unyielding. But a damn fine teacher and good sense in his head.
    Aethan Loud, unapologetic, fights like a beast. Next time, we burn the forest.
    Aine He didn't seem to find me particularly tolerable, but I did get him to laugh. Sort of. And he's put the enchanting idea of sailing away in a wardrobe with sails of honeysilk into my head.
    Alarissa Fresh prodigals can be interesting. This one is interesting. Useful too. Though mostly interesting.
    Alecstazi A prodigal Lord of the Isles. One bound to Tyde. He seems clever enough, and, for a moment there was kinship, a sense of familiar customs and beliefs. A self-described survivor. It makes one wonder how deep their alligence goes. Do they cloak themselves in the Compact's protection just to stay alive? Does that mean they will turn tail and cleave to another the moment the Compact shows weakness? Will they ally with Eurus or the Cardians if they prove superior powers? I will have to take the measure of this man to find those answers, and that will only come in time.
    Anisha Lord Haakon Eswynd is an interesting figure to be sure. We've had a few encounters now, and the steel in his spine has always been present. He knows who he is. He knows who he serves. And he is committed, thoroughly, to doing what needs be done.
    Apollo Coarse as ironwool britches, but nobody's asking him to make tea I'll wager.
    Audgrim Someone that has actually fought wars, no doubt. He's needed in Bastion.
    Bahiya A powerful voice full of conviction and an edge that would be self-deprecating if it wasn't the complete opposite; gives me the impression that holds himself to the highest standard of all. It is not his fault very few can rise to meet it, which makes the respect I heard in his voice when he spoke of Kenjay all the more resounding. While I could not see him fight, Kenjay's vow that Haakon held nothing back and met him with skill furthers my vicarious esteem.
    Bhandn Profane, but so was I when I was younger. He fights well when under pressure, which is something to be appreciate of when confronting the unknown.
    Bianca Perhaps a touch rough around the edges, but that by no means is a negative outside of social expectations of decorum in the forum of the Peerage. While I did not have much of an opportunity to truly speak with him directly beyond introductions, my experience in his presence was a positive one and I hope another occasion presents itself in which a more personal conversation could be had.
    Brigida He demolishes that food as mercilessly as his comments about other's riding is apt.
    Calla So I finally got to meet the famous reaver who is going to marry my darling friend Medeia. I approve.
    Calypso I'd REALLY like to see where the tattoos are.
    Cambria There's something familiar about him...Nothing like the rumors say, though. I expected a taciturn man, unhappy to play dinner guest. Instead, I found him to be perfectly companionable, with a good sense of humor.
    Caprice Taciturn and suspicious at large parties, gregarious amongst his own. DELIGHTFULLY foul mouth. I'm very glad Lady Thea dragged me along to give him what for, or he might have remained the unsmiling gifter of East Winds liquor.
    Caspian To call him to stoic is to call a rock 'slightly tough'. Im fairly certain he hates me, but hell if he isnt an impressive man! i'll find a way into his good graces!
    Cassima A man of few words, which is something I can appreciate. More, when he does speak, he ensures he has something worthwhile to say. I think we will get along just fine.
    Cassimir A more dry and unsociable a person I have never met, but at least he speaks plainly. I can handle that.
    Cassiopeia The man is direct. He is blunt. Practical. He says what's on his mind. These are the things that make up an underlying wisdom, that keeps him on his feet. That, and probably brute strength.
    Catalana I heard Tyde had a new lord. I'm certain he must be part Thrax. He swears just like them.
    Cecilia A loud man. Yet he seems loving enough towards his wife. I really can't read him.
    Cirroch I have not meet many seafarers, though this one is good, a love of whiskey is a good start. I would be proud to have them beside me when kicking people over a cliff of the mountains.
    Cristoph I thought I heard someone say they were surprised to see him operating as Champion at all, due to his personal opinions. But there he was, putting on a good show and acting perfectly honorable about the whole thing. They must have been mistaken.
    Cyril Exactly what you expect from a reaver, but this one is gifted with wisdom beyond his years. I hope not to see what he can do in battle but should that day come, I expect it would be a sight.
    Dio A blunt, crass, dangerous prodigal who is a terror on the sea and damn good company.
    Domonico Brutal in combat, possibly excessively so but... what else would one expect from those from the Mourning Isles?
    Drake Not a terribly cheerful one. Quite practical-minded and level-headed, however. He gets right to the heart of a matter rather than mincing his words.
    Ember A pity we have not fought back-to-back yet, surrounded by some terrible army, hopelessly outmatched -- or so it would seem. Give it time. It will be worth the wait.
    Emily There is something strong and unabashed in everything he does. A man who knows who he is and does not let the change of conventions and locales weaken that. An unforgiving strength that is at times interlaced with the a careful regard he offers at times. I dare to say I do not even know him half as well as I should yet. Yet. But there is time to slowly understand and better know the Eswynd.
    Erik Dour and grim disposition, but at times he can crack a smile. I like his no-nonsense approach to things other dance around for hours. Could get us both in trouble someday, but just as well, I think it could be worked out again.
    Esme His words are not courtly and graceful. He's pretty dry, but every bright ray of humor (me) needs a straight man (him). So I am sure we are to be the most glorious of friends. Shattered, Mistaken, or any which way.
    Evaristo Chances are we won't be working a lot together. I'm sure he won't be crying about that either.
    Evelynn He's a fast one, glad we had him on hand to help catch the runner.
    Ezra Salty. So very prodigal. Impatient and insulting. Rude, crass, unwilling to integrate into the etiquette of polite civilization. I am pleased to make a refreshing acquaintance. I would actually attend a fancy party, with enthusiasm, just to see him horrify people at one.
    Gael An unlikely candidate for fatherhood, now proven more than able in dispensing with the notion. Strong winds at your back, seafarer.
    Gaspar Lord Haakon is without question the most vicious man I have ever seen. And I am quite thankful for that. I'm glad he's on our side.
    Gehenna A man who understans the way things work. He may be a prodigal, but at least he knows why the traditions are as they are.
    Giorgio A Lord of Eswynd, and a fellow prodigal. He is a stern man, but he is admirable in his own way. I am happy to name him a friend and ally.
    Grady We live in very different worlds, in more than once sense of the word. But that doesn't make his world any less respectable than mine. I hope there are things for me to learn, here.
    Gwenna Lord Haakon Eswynd is a blunt and rough character who, possibly, might also be considered a bit crude by some. While these things may not serve well in more polite society, he doesn't strike me as someone who cares much about polite society. Without doubt, he is a skilled warrior who takes to the battlefield as some of the greatest dancers take to ballrooms; with a skill that is impressive to behold and trust in.
    Hadrian Dry humor is one way to make a great first impression. He succeeded spectacularly! He didn't want to kiss this time, but maybe next time.
    Ian Rough style. Not much training. He can apply himself, though.
    Ilira And as a man of the sea, he should know what depths a surface conceals.
    Isabeau Exactly as I imagined after hearing about him. Pleased to have his help in the martial contest for the Hearts.
    Iseulet I hope he keeps his head above water here in Arx, this is rough water for a Prodigal and a Neo-Noble. Hope he minds the sharks.
    Jace Sure we ain't related already?
    Jan Another Reaver I like. I'm surprised there is so much political tension between two houses that should otherwise get along.
    Jasher I've heard tales of Lord Haakon's prowess in battle. I'd have liked to have seen him in action this eve, but alas, it was not meant to be. Maybe next spar, or better still, on the high seas.
    Jaufrey I met Lord Haakon at the Menagerie, which is unusual since he seems to have no great love of animals. Birds especially! He certainly knows how to make an entrance, such a booming voice!
    Jyri Sailor. Near damn well smells of the sea. Bit rough around the edges, but who isn't?
    Kaia Lord Eswynd is quite skilled with the bow. I was quite impressed with his performance at the Tournament of the Hart; and, look forward to competing against him on the finals.
    Keely He may be rough around the edges, but he has a hardened sort of wisdom I think many of us could benefit from, and a fierce dedication to his people. I learned quite a lot in such a short time, and I hope it will not be our last such conversation.
    Kenjay A good sport and a good archer, but remind me to stand a long way away from him when he throws things.
    Klaus Sturdy as a granite outcrop stopping the waves from drowning the cove. We need more of his sort.
    Laurel Such an interesting idea and witty as well. Hands around the duchesses neck. Time to make finger bones sparkle as best they can. He seems as tired of Arx as I often can be.
    Leena A hard man, simple in his directness, yet in that an expressionism I'd expect to see in someone from the north. He seems so different from Medeia, though they share some simularities as well.
    Lenard He carries himself with gravity and solemnity. Storms may rage and crash where he's from, but he's more like the immovable rock which weathers all moments. Lighthouses need to be built on strong stones so they can cast their light far, and it seems he's that solid base that his wife can shine. Admirable traits.
    Lianne A fine storyteller, all vivid details and interesting artifacts. And possibly the only man of the Mourning Isles who shares my distaste for rum.
    Lou I will always be grateful for the help that he's given with the efforts at Bastion.
    Lucita One of the Thrax fealty, a seaman, reaver. He has an aura of strength about him is a little older than me, which is nice that he is not a young pup. Surprisingly, he can speak of fabrics and dyes, and that combination is enough to want me to talk more with him.
    Lustry Straight forward and to the point. Its refreshing truly.
    Mabelle He's funny. Managed to make Zara laugh kind of funny. I should keep an eye on him for amusing bar conversations.
    Madeleine He's coarse but friendly, which I'll take over genteel but hostile any day.
    Maris Blunt, clear, concise. The type of man that I enjoy workin' with, rather than against. Plus he's got a big harpoon.
    Martino Has spent a lot of time at sea, in the rougher parts of living, which makes him a fine tool to use in some situations. Problem solving one of them.
    Mattheu from the smell of the tavern they bring with, must be awful strong to still be upright.
    Maya How fortunate I am that he understood that I am in need of one good eye and stayed his hand. With threats and brilliant acting skills, we saved the day!
    Medeia Cusses and drinks and likely does other things like a sailor. Imagine that.
    Mikani An idiot that thinks that if you don't agree with him you have to be a mainlander. Even when you state you grew up in the isles. I don't think there is any help for that level of stupid.
    Miraj He could use my mentorship, but I think that would dull his charm. I wonder what he'll think of my paintings.
    Mirk A man of the sea, as practical and pragmatic as any sailor ever was. All the better to cope with the challenges facing his House and the Compact as a whole.
    Monique He challenges me. I both love and hate it. And I think he's got near as much pride as I do, which is an interesting match. Still, he carries it well.
    Neilda Kinda rare that I like a guy exactly equally with his shirt off and on.
    Nijah He is not quite what I was expecting, he's a rather crude, jovial man from what I can tell. I am not used to those sorts of manners but he still seems to have a good heart, I will hopefully see more soon.
    Niklas Capable lord of a brand new house with a voracious curiosity about the Compact.
    Nina I suppose he is not one for social graces, or at least I caught him in a bad mood in a big crowd. He started growling instead of dancing, and who wouldn't rather dance?
    Olivia I enjoy the dry sense of humor but can't tell if it's just a lack of humor.
    Orland Straight and to the point, in a rough way that screams 'I'm a warrior and could f you up so don't be a dick' thanks. Surprisingly, a good host.
    Oskar It's good to have someone remind you of where you come from. My near brother just needs to stay attentive and not let this blind him from what we can achieve by cooperating sometimes.
    Oskar A reaver is only worth the amount of blood they spill, it's said. If that's so, my near-brother sails on an ocean of it and his worth to us is measureless.
    Oskar Sometimes I wish he would listen to me. Always I wish he wouldn't. Perhaps I am a fan of pain as much as he is, just of a different sort. Never change.
    Oswyn As tough and strong as you might expect but clever as well. I like him.
    Pasquale A memorable man who sticks by his beliefs.
    Piccola Men of few words like this Lord are in short supply because it is easier to debate in the absence of consequences than to act with no regard for others' judgment.
    Poppy I think he's a prodigal. Sort of loud. But it's nice to not worry about offending him.
    Quenia He did his best to try and crack me during dinner but crack I did not. I was rather amused at his enterprising attempts.
    Quinley He yells about what his wife wants while in fierce combat. This seems positive.
    Raimon Brash. Boisterous. Bordering on belligerent. My opposite in every way, save competence and intensity.
    Ras Doesn't seem to trust in anythin but the Wind. Fair way to live, I guess.
    Raziel Good company to watch a race with, seemed like a steady young man with the right priorities and pragmatism.
    Razija There would be something richly amusing about watching him bite his horse, but I wouldn't want the horse to pick up any ailments. Not a man of patience with beasts, it seems.
    Rebecca I visited one of the taverns in the Thrax ward hoping for good seafood but I was told all the good seafood is stuck out at sea because of the whirlpool, Lord Haakon was kind enough to explain this to me and kind enough to accompany me while I mourned my seafood stew.
    Romulius A prodigal, and a Shav'arvani. Reminds me of home. Glad he's on our side, now.
    Rosalind Collects bones of their enemies! And talks loud and has lots of scars. I wonder if I could drag him out in the snow, on adventures. He doesn't seem the adventerous type though. Maybe on a ship...
    Sabriel Sometimes, I manage to stumble upon someone sane and competent. He makes a fantastic backstop in a chaotic situation.
    Samira A man who appears to operate without pretense. He is refreshingly direct, doesn't shy away from doing what needs to be done. I wholeheartedly approve of his methods.
    Savio He's terrifying and easily bored by pointless trifles and we have nothing in common. I'm going to visit him regularly.
    Scylla I am sure there has been no greater war cry in existence than Lord Haakon's curses words and threats of brutality. I'd fight at his side at every turn, if only so that I can watch him make quick work of our mutual foes.
    Sebastian A thoughtful man, and what words he offers up seem to matter a great deal. He has a practical nature that one can't help but admire, and is a talent in a tight spot. I find myself liking him.
    Sira That's not a man I'll ever see in my shop, but he's impressive on a boat.
    Sloane A streak of red on a gray sky.
    Sunaia A curious man, very serious - and apparently, a sailor.
    Svana A Prodigal, I think, not unlike myself. He's marrying Lady Medeia. If he hurts her, I will push sharp wood underneath his toenails and fingernails.
    Talwyn I suppose for someone that is used to seeing everyone armed to learn that a Prince would not carry a weapon to protect himself. It must be a lot of culture shock. I hope that he grows more accustomed to things, as he and his lands may very well need all the help it can get.
    Talwyn Lord Haakon seems to be a good enough sort. I do not know much about him, but he has a sense of humor which says something.
    Thea He looks stern. But under that, there is a--well..He may have a sense of humor. And he's a formable opponant as well.
    Titus He has bravery deep in his heart, unafraid of stacked odds. A warrior that's one who you'd want next to you when it matters.
    Valdemar A fellow Islander, with a similar outlook in a lot of ways to my own. I don't envy the timing of his arrival to Arx, though.
    Vanora He reminds me of what I once thought the Isles were.
    Venturo The esteemable Mr. Medeia Eswynd, newly wed husband of the former Saik. While he may not be overly vocal, he appreciates proper sign language to get his point across!
    Victus Prodigal. Always have to be careful around the prodigals. Especially the ones that grew up on the rocky shores of the Mourning Isles. Those are the ones who have looked upon a watery grave and declared they don't give a damn.
    Videl A prodigal noble from the far east, seems intelligent if a bit too focused on matters of power and affluence.
    Vulpiano Lord Eswynd is blunt and down to earth. Exactly the kind of man who will actually act, rather than talk people to death. I'm glad I was right.
    Wash A man who appreciates the finer points of sailing.
    Zakhar doesn't act like a nob.
    Zara Fought for my honor and won me the right to make as many bee puns as I pleazzze.
    Zoey Good gods, the mouth on that man! He must not realize that there are people in the Compact who speak that language.
    Zoya Useful enough to have around as things get bloody