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Kennex summer party

The Kennex are famous for their summer pool parties. Whispers of previous ones include titles being stolen, keg chugs and people jumping from the roof. With the Duke returning to town, it seems only fitting that another of the infamous Kennex house parties is thrown.


May 17, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Zoey Ember Aethan Martinique Thea Ilira Evander Wash Raven Ian Evelynn Juliana Esme Katya



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Kennex Kay - Inner Courtyard

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Comments and Log

William, a taciturn quartermaster arrives, following Aethan.

Jayne, Burly Sailor arrives, following Wash.

Catalana has been fluffing about for the last hour, ordering staff to hang flowers, to put the glasses further from the pool and even questioning if it would be tacky to put out the ugly or unbreakable stuff (the answer is yes.). She checks over the last of the preparations before finally giving up. "If they break anything this year, it can be Aethan's problem, yes?" Finally ready, she waits, watching the door.

"I do believe that would officially be my problem," Zoey chuckles to Catalana. "Someone needs to make room in the budget to replace things, after all. But I am sure it will be fine! We have needed a party like this."

Countess Ember Redreef is visiting from across the Crimson Square. She is not dressed to swim, unless one expects her to swim wearing her full shadowmeld armor and cloak. She has, at the very least, been convinced not to wear her face-covering horned skull helmet to the party. So instead she holds it under one arm, the gruesome visage still leering at partygoers from under the Countess's armpit. She looks like she would rather drink poison than enjoy herself, as usual. "Lady Catalana. Lady Zoey." A stern nod to each.

Speak of the Duke and he appears. Aethen steps into the courtyard and holds his arms out wide, "Yes! A fun celebration to celebrate all the excellent work everyone has been doing all over the duchy." He turns to William, who hands him a waterskin, then turns back to the others. "Catalana, Zoey, Countess! Good to see you all, and thanks for putting this together Catalana." He starts glancing around and nods, "I like the flowers, and the water looks very inviting."

Dame Barlinnie follows in Ember's wake, as she often does, though she's at least wearing a gown rather than a full set of armor. Occasionally she just gives weary glances towards the helmet but she doesn't say anything, at least not here. Once they've entered she offers a respectful nod to Catalana, "I don't think we've met my lady. Dame Martinique Barlinnie." And then a bright smile to Zoey. "And good to see you again Lady Zoey, it has been far too long." And with those niceties attended to, she will find a drink.

Thea for one is most definitely here to swim. The impished eyed, serious faced Countess is wearing some sort of robe however. One HAS to wear something to cover the now large rounded belly for the time being. "Lady Catalana, Lady Zoey. It's good to see you both again. Thank you for the invite,"her smile brief but sincere. Her eyes take in Ember as well, greeting her with a nod of her head. "Duke Aethan, it's been--well it's been a very long time. I hope you've been well,"Thea says with a bow of her head.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrive, following Raven.

1 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Clad in an aeterna robe, Ilira steps from the main hall into the courtyard, the pale silk flowing luxuriously over her form from head to toe and allowing glimpses of pink honeysilk beneath. She pauses by a changing station, shedding her robe with a lithe roll of her shoulders and sliding her feet one by one out of a pair of matching slippers, then folds them together into a little satchel she brought. Now swathed in her scant swimwear and glittering jewelry, she sashays out into the party and drifts toward the hostesses of the evening. "Thanks for having us, Lady Catalana," she grins at the tall blonde with a polite dip of her head, a few curls falling across her forehead. "Zoey!" She sneaks a hug on her patron and gives her shoulder a warm squeeze, but steps aside to let others make their greetings.

Catalana sees Ember's helmet and she wants to cringe. Her face is frozen for a moment before a lifetime of manners kick in and she smiles kindly to Ember. "Countess. A pleasure to see you here. Would you like me to take that...helmet for you?" The look on her face is clearly she doesn't hope for that. Zoey's comment gets her attention and she laughs relievedly, "That's true. I am still amazed how you can manage our budget after the last party." Thea gets a brief look before murmuring to one of her aids, "Don't let her out of your sights. And don't let her in the house." Finally, Martininque gets a greeting. "Good evening. A pleasure to meet you Dame. I'm so glad you could make it."

If Evander ever held a political ambition it was for one and only one agenda, that the installation of bathhouses be a common thing among their folks. The pool in the Kennex Kay was in Evander's opinion, a work of art. Hearing that his sister had made plans to display the pool with a party, he knew he had to attend. Of course he did not come dress for the pool and instead came wearing his house leathers and head straight for the booze.

Wash gets a pair of slate gray swim trousers embroidered with a red sea creature from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

"Countess," Zoey greets Ember with a warm smile and a nod. "Why don't you set down the helmet and try some of the lemonade chilling on that snow pile Catalana had shipped in? You must be warm under all that." She indicates a shaded area where refreshments are.

Aethan gets a smile and a nod. "Doesn't it though? I am excited to take a dip in the pool myself."

Martinique gets a smile more familiar. "It has indeed. I am glad you could come."

Zoey laughs when Ilira hugs her and returns it with one arm while Thea gets a fluttering wave in greeting.

Wash comes down from the kay wearing a pair of shorts for swimming. He's always ready to take a dip in the water.

Zoey adds to Catalana, "What can I say? I am good at what I do!"

When Catalana asks if she can take Ember's helmet, Ember stares directly at Catalana for something like two or three heartbeats. "No," the Blood Countess says, in a tone of voice that one might use if, say, Catalana had asked if she could lick one of Ember's eyeballs. Then her attention is taken by Aethan's arrival. "Duke Aethan," she says, with as much of a curtsy as one can really do while holding a horrific skull helmet under one arm. She looks to Zoey: "The discomfort is manageable." Then Zoey is hugged by Ilira and Ember follows after Martinique, though Ember actually /is/ going for a lemonade.

Raven wanders in. She hasn't shaken her guards but they find someplace unobtrusive to loiter allowing Raven to weave through the crowd looking for familiar faces. Catalana gets a smile and a wave. Raven's hand lifts higher and she wave-wages at Zoey though doesn't intrude.

Aethan takes a long swig from his waterskin, which is actually water! Hearing his name, he quickly swallows and turns to see Thea. "Oh, Countess. It -has- been a while. I'm doing well, and I hope you are too. I'm curious to see what surprises happen this time around." He flashes her a quick grin. "Hope you enjoy yourself today, it should be fun!" He turns his smile on Zoey next, "Same! I'm debating on how I want to go in though, should it be methodical or maybe a little on the dramatic side." Then the smile moves to Ember, though it falters a moment. "I'm glad to see you, Countess Ember. If you need anything, simply let Catalana or myself know."

It's pretty clear Ian's not here to swim based on, primarily, the total lack of swimming attire. He's dressed about like he usually is, in the summer, with the addition of a thin cut running along his jawline that has been stitched but not bandaged, and probably wouldn't benefit from exposure to a saltwater pool full of other people. He remains near the door, both metaphorically and literally someone right on the edge between here and gone. There's not much expression on his face, but his eyes are shadowed in a way that's a little bit 'off', for him at least.

The soldier echoes the Countess, offering a small bow and a "Duke Aethan" before she makes her way to the drinks table. Some contemplation is given to the selection and then she gets half of a lemonade. The other half is filled with pale rum. This might be terrible. But she probably won't care. Raven gets a wave as she enters though Marti is too occupied with adulterating her drink to move about.

Luckily for Thea she didn't hear Catalana. Unfortunately for Catalana, Thea has a certain goat. From a certain family. And said goat is already off and running. Bleating for dear life at whatever is nearby before it just passes out. For a time. Then it'll likely trot away to find some sort of towel to chew on. "Lord Wash, Messere Raven,"Thea waves to the two. She gives them both a slight smile. "You never know when that helmet will come in handy,"she then says in defense of Ember. "I have my medic kit close at hand myself. "Count Evander. Very long time, no see. How have you been?"

Zoey grins to Aethan. "Never pass up an opportunity for a dramatic entrance, especially in your own home," she advises him.

Ilira flashes Zoey a smile of rosy dimples and pearly teeth, then flounces off toward the refreshments. From over her shoulder, she catches the interaction between Catalana and Ember and has to stifle a surprised and entirely amused snort. She fills a glass of water for herself and flutters her fingers playfully at Raven as she glides to the poolside, a greeting and an invitation.

Wash produces a bottle of molasses-based rum with a hint of peach. "Good evening everyone. Pass that around, if it is a hit, I'll order a case of it."

Catalana frets just a little bit at Aethan's idea, "Just try not to break anything." It's however clear relief when Ember declines Catalana's invitation of storing the helmet. Turning a little, she spots the newcomers and they get a wave too. "Come in. There's plenty of food and drinks." She encourages Thea to the table, "I got more of those little octopuses that you like."

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrive, following Juliana.

Raven smiles and waves to MArtinique and Ilira. She settles on a lounge chair and lets peopole mingle and chat, jade gaze watching the party and seeming tuned to opportunity to chat up certain people.

Thea has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

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Evander is handed his drink which he takes a sip of as he turns to meet Thea's greeting, a soft cough hidden behind another drink, "Hello Countess, I am doing well and yourself?" His soft voice replies.

Ember has procured lemonade. She gives upnods to people that she knows from various past adventures and misdeeds, and has a long sip of her drink. Her expression slowly sours, as her brow furrows. Does she like it? Does she like /anything/? She glances at Martinique for a moment, then over at the hosts, and with a long-suffering sigh, drinks the entire rest of the glass at once.

Thea's lips twitch a small bit. "How very generous of you to think of me,"she says in response to Catalana. "I ate just before I came, unfortunately. I'll just stick to the lemonade." Though there may be a longing look at the alcohol. Answering EVander, she nods,"I'm well. Busy and such, but you know---it's to be expected I think."

"Don't worry, this won't last forever." Martinique reassures Ember with a faintly consoling pat against a toothy-cloaked shoulder. She will herself drink a stout swallow of her own concoction, but she is not going to immediately shotgun the whole thing. At least not yet.

Aethan bows his head to Martinique as she offers greeting, and then says to both Zoey and Catalana. "You can be very dramatic without breaking anything." He takes another long sip from his waterskin, tosses it over to William and then goes to stand by the edge of the pool where he balls his hands into fists and places them on his hips and looks into the water. "I swear this looks like the finest pool water I've ever seen."

Zoey intercepts the bottle and pours a taste into a shot glass before handing it off to another guest. With Ilira having disengaged, she goes to check on the Redreef visitors.

Ian leaves the general vicinity of the door, but only goes as far as the liquor cabinet. He pours himself a glass of whiskey, doesn't talk to anyone, and continues to prove that he's got absolutely no idea what proper etiquette is for a pool party.

Evander stands awkwardly at the small talk. He smiles weakly at Thea and nods, sipping his drink to keep himself busy. His gaze moves away from her and to his cousin Ian, who's standing next to him at the bar. He watches him quietly, as if studying the man. An old habit of his.

Catalana was going for a glass of wine, but Aethan's comment has her getting a glass of whiskey instead. She looks to Aethan with mild amusement, "Why yes cousin. It likely is the nicest water in all of the Kay."

Evander pretended not to hear that. They clearly did not know or appreciate the delicate nuisances of pools and bathhouses.

Wash sets out the alcohol, takes a bite of something and goes to stand with his back to the pool, enjoying the sunlight. "Summer is almost over it seems. Any fond memories Aethan?"

It may have been awkward for a Helianthus to have drifted into the Kennex estate but no one heralds her arrival, she simply slips through the entrance courtyard with a beaming smile. Her gaze lands on Ian as he makes his way to the liquor cabinet. "Darling. Thank you for the -invite-." She looks around the room and gives a general greeting nod to the gathered guests.

Raven rises from her perch and ambles over towards Catalana, bowing respectfully, "My lady. Quite the party you throw, not that I'm surprised given Kennex's commitment in whatever endeavor they set their sights on."

Ilira drops gracefully down on the rim of the pool and dangles her feet over the edge into the cool, crystalline water. Resting her glass by her left side, she leans back on her other palm, her dark hair swirling loosely off her shoulders in the summery breeze that occasionally ripples through. Her gaze drifts from the glassy surface of the water up to Wash and Aethan where they stand a few paces away, a bright grin playing on her lips. But she keeps for the moment to herself.

Zoey was speaking quietly to Ember and Martinique when Evelynn arrived, and upon noticing the Duchess she raises her hand in polite greeting.

Ian's immediate reaction to Evelynn's arrival is surprise, but not unwelcome surprise. Quite the opposite. "Duchess Evelynn." He sets his glass of whiskey down, inclines his upper body over his cane in an approximation of a bow, and his expression has softened by the time he straightens up, not a smile, but there's an understated warmth there. Not for her the distance in his eyes. "I wasn't sure you'd take me up on it." There's a note of amusement in his voice, like his words are less a statement of his actual feelings and more someone keeping some kind of very dry running joke going.

When Martinique attempts to console Ember, Ember gives Martinique a Look. "Only seven more months," she grunts. She sets her empty lemonade glass down as Zoey approaches and whispers. "Mm? Oh, don't worry. I'm just enjoying the party." Zoey's eyes track toward Evelynn, and Ember's eyes follow. She curtsies, again while holding her horrific skull-helm under one arm. "Duchess."

Martinique chats quietly with Zoey for a moment until Evelynn arrives, at which point she straightens almost to attention. "Duchess." Then she will resume drinking. Ember's Looks are something she weathers daily, so that she can simply let slide off her.

"You've outdone yourself yet again cousin." Aethan says to Catalana before looking to Wash. "Fond memories? Sure, any time I've gotten to spend with my family are always fond to me. Reconnecting with people I haven't seen in a while? Quite fond of those memories too." He takes a step over to Wash and gives him a pat on the shoulder. "Already looking forward to making new memories in the coming months and years too." He c atches sight of Evelynn's entrance and glances over at Ian. "Welcome, Duchess!"

Wash nods to Aethan. He spreads his arms wide and falls backward into the pool. "Anchors aweigh!"

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Evander wants to almost yell out no splashing at Wash but he catches himself after remembering this wasn't his fight no more.

If Catalana is surprised at the Duchess's arrival, she doesn't show it. Instead, she offers a warm smile and greets the woman in her soft purr of a voice. "Duchess Evelynn, welcome. I don't believe I've had the chance to welcome you to the kay previously but I am certain you know some of the people here." Taking on the duties of host (and having competed with Sabella for years) she introduces those here. "That is Duke-regent Aethan. He's only just arrived back in town, Lord Ian and his wife lady Zoey, both incredibly talented in their chosen fields, my brother Count Evander, he too is only recently back in town. Lord Wash in the swim trunks-oh in the pool, is an amazing sailor, while Raven there is a keen mind and fighter. As would Dame Martinique, but we only just met too." She draws a breath and sees who she's missed. "Countess Thea is about to have her second child and is a talented medic from what I hear, and Countess Ember is too with child."

The Duchess' eyes alight, as if the amber flecks suddenly take up more space, though that's probably just lighting. Surely. "What a lovely welcoming." She beams at the greetings from the Redreefs before turning to Ian again. "I didn't dress for it but honestly I'm just here for the experience." The edges of an unsightly scar on her chest can be seen close up, which may partly explain her disinterest in stripping down to swimwear.

Evander bows his head politely, drink in hand, when his sister introduces him.

Aethan bursts out laughing as he's splashed by water from Wash's fall into the pool.

Aethan bursts out laughing as he's splashed by water from Wash's fall into the pool. "Damn you Wash, you beat me to it!" Stepping a few steps to one side, he gives everyone a little wave and then jumps in.

Raven bows her head, "I've had the distinct honor, my lady. Her Grace was gracious enough to join the last free for all Pravus hosted, though I don't recall if she was there when Lord Savio humbled us all or not." She bows, "Always a pleasure, Your Grace." She retreats from Catalana to allow the woman to play hostess.

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Thea is pretty comfortable right now enjoying her lemonade, lounging. She pauses, looking up. "Countess Thea Wyvernheart,"she introduces to those she hasn't met. There's a brief smile at Catalana at the mention of her second child, looking a bit surprised about the talent part. "Ah. Yes. A couple more months, gods willing." She clears her throat a moment, saying,"Then this small baby comes out, looking like a potato."

Thea is given an unsettlingly long look from the duchess when they're introduced. Then she's beaming. "It's good to meet you, dear Countess." Then to Catalana. "What a wonderful home, you've kept." She kneels down to run her hand through the water.

Ember checks composure at normal. Ember is successful.

A huge splash of water douses an unsuspecting Ilira when Wash flops, and she startles back slightly from the edge, laughing joyfully as water drips from her hairline. She scoots forward again, exchanging a few tittering words with her old friend before raising her glass of water to her lips for a long sip. Glancing over her shoulder, she offers a calm, warm smile toward Duchess Evelynn in the wake of Catalana's introductions.

"You're more dressed for it than I am." Ian takes his glass of whiskey back up again from where he set it down. "I'd like the chance to introduce you to my brother, but he's..." His eyes move to Aethan flopping into the pool. "... busy entering his dotage right now." There's only one person here who really looks related to Ian; though years clearly separate him from Aethan, the resemblance is impossible to miss. "In the meantime, part of the experience of a Kennex party is the alcohol. Will you have anything?"

Wash introduces Ilira, since she was overlooked. He is clinging to the edge of the pool near her now. "This is Ilira Starling, captain and seamstress, Duchess." Wash adds to the introduction.

When Thea describes a small baby coming out and looking like a potato, Ember focuses herself to not make a face. She succeeds in keeping her expression tightly neutral. The hand not clutching her helmet rests over her own shadowmeld-armored stomach, though, like a bad habit she doesn't even realize she's doing. The Redreef Countess draws in a long breath through her nostrils, then asides to Martinique and Zoey, "I should have kept the helmet on."

Catalana gives Wash a thankful smile and an apologetic look to Ilira. Thea gets a pfft type handwave, "All babies are beautiful and unpotato like when they come out." Taking her drink, she heads to the edge of the pool. No intention of going in, but to just dangle her legs as she sits.

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"I am perfectly aware where I am going.." Juliana stops out into the sunshine, lifting a hand to shield the sun from her eyes for a moment. Dressed in a dress of tissue like seafoam silk, that hangs from golden lace that circles her bare shoulders, bare toes peeking out from under the froth, there is no indication who she may have been speaking too.

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"We talked about this. Don't make me get Zoya." Martinique responds to Ember. She also gives a wry chuckle as people begin toppling into the pool, though she herself stays out of easy splashing range and more in ready drinking range.

Thea clears her throat. "I'm sorry. I suppose that's not the most---proper term." She sits up as straight as she can, nodding to Evelynn. "It really is a pleasure to meet you." She spies Juliana and gives her a faint flutter of her fingers. Catalana gets a brief look however.

Raven has found herself a drink and enjoys it, soaking in the sounds of splashing, laughter, and conversation.

An amused half-smirk tugs at the corners of Ilira's lips. She lifts her chin gracefully to the Duchess, making direct eye contact as she raises her hand and flutters a vivacious little wave. She tips her head to Wash in something like thanks. Then, setting down her drink, she slips into the water all the way to her shoulders, her dark hair billowing luxuriously about her small form.

"Lady Juliana," Zoey greets her after politely excusing herself form Ember and Marti. She holds out both hands to the most recent guest. "I am glad you could make it as well!"

Looking between Thea and Ember, Evelynn responds with a quirk of her lips. "That's entirely expected." She doesn't quite congratulate them but her voice is merry. "I too am with child. Which I'm sure Trevor is stoked about." She gives Raven a warm smile before she settles at the table, sinking onto the seat gracefully.

Jules gaze slides around the gathering, a nose crinkle responding to Thea's finger wave. "You look like you are doing better than the last time I saw you." then Zoey is there and Jules takes both hands before giving them a squeeze. "I might have to hide here, Tia was annoyed she couldn't come. You look well, Zoey."

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Aethan floats in the middle of the pool on his back, smiling. "More people should really start getting into the pool. The water is -perfect-." He turns towards Wash and Ilira. "Isn't that right?" He spots Juliana and Zoey together and calls out, "Glad you could make it Lady Juliana!"

Wash meanders down along the edge of the pool, hand over hand until he is next to Catalana. "If babies looked like potatoes, we'd make terrible vodka. Are you getting in. The Duke has declared it is perfect."

"Congratulations to you,"Thea says to Evelynn, sincere in her words, though maybe not tone. "I think husbands are far more excited about babies as they had the fun and easier work,"a grin appearing. Her drink is refilled and she smiles at Juliana as well. "I'm not on my death bed. Thank you, though. Amazing what forced rest does. How have you been?" Thea's gaze drifts to the pool, her eyes turning a bit impish as they drift back over to Catalana.

Catalana gives Juliana a fond wave, "I was just speaking about you yesterday and poof! you're here." She points over to Wash, "He's writing a book about the modern ships built in the compact and thought you may be of help." She glances with a flash of surprise to Evelynn, "Congratulations Duchess. You must be excited. Will you remain in the city? Or return home?" She jokes a little after, "I don't recommend having one while at sea. It makes the whole situation a hundred times worse."

Ian might have been happy to see Evelynn, but not so happy that he's willing to go any farther into the courtyard than the liquor cabinet. He remains where he is, working steadily on the glass of whiskey. He really did put a lot of whiskey into that glass.

Ember takes her horrible skull helmet and puts it on, apparently having had enough of 'looking or behaving normal.' She is now a fully-bedecked-in-shadowmeld cloaked woman wearing a horned skull over her head and face. It is this visage that says to Evelynn: "My condolences. At least we suffer together, Duchess."

Martinique just gives a long suffering sigh. Though she does add "Congratulations to the two of you as well then, shall be an interesting Autumn this year when all come due."

Raven chuckles and waves to Ember, "That is a sincerely fantastic helmet, Countess Redreef!"

Ian exhales a huff of air through his nose when Evander mutters to him, and mutters something back.

"As do you, Jules," Zoey replies brightly to Juliana. "I am doing what I can, as we all are." She glances to each of the expectant mothers; Thea, Ember, Evelynn. "It occurs to me I should check on my own youngest before it gets later. She is only a month out from her first birthday now."

Wash scans the courtyard curiously. "I... don't have any cousins here." Wash looks about. "But I would call Duke Aethan my brother perhaps. Do you want to play a game of topsies Aethan? I can partner with Catalana, and you with my friend Ilira."

"Mhm I imagine so. He also needs an heir so, I suppose he is getting one." Evelynn says a little dryly before turning Catalana. "It -could- end up born at sea. It depends on convenience, really." She doesn't clarify what she means but her nose wrinkles at Ember's comment. "Thank you."

"We need to catch up soon." Zoey gets a hug before Juliana arches a brow at Aethan. "I was promised a dance if I came, how could I refuse?" then nods towards Thea..."At least I don't have to drug you to rest." gives Ian a side glance but it's Catalana that draws her attention. "Here I am, back from Setarco, you must have conjouring abilities, Cat. How have you been? I have told Wash I would help him with whatever he needs."

Evander seems to be offended by something Ian whispered to him, he leans into his cousin's ear and mumbles a reply.

Ilira glides into a smooth forward stroke over to Raven's side of the pool and drapes herself against the edge, peering up at the Blackheart through her lashes. "You planning to swim at all?" she asks her, a warm but subdued smile playing on her lips. Then she turns to Wash, eyes widening. "Oh my gods, I keep forgetting you aren't Kennex by blood!" she laughs delightedly.

Ian blinks at Evander, suddenly startled, enough so that he seems to miss Zoey's remark. Enough so that he forgets to whisper. "What, you? Really? ... With who?"

Zoey nods to Juliana. "Indeed. Play date soon." And with that she moves away, making for the doorway that Ian has elected to occupy.

Raven looks down to Ilira, "Oh gods no. I did not come properly attire and I imagine most everyone here have seen as much of my scarred hide as they care to." She hrrphs, "It's the spirit and my sage Patron has spirit in spades!"

Ian's words have Evelynn's head whipping around rapidly, the light around her shifting a little as she stares at the two. Her smile turns curious.

Aethan floats over to a place where he can stand up, and does so. "Ah, but you are Wash, you are. No perhaps about it." He offers Ilira a little wave and a smile. "Nice to meet you, it's a pleasure to meet one of Wash's friends." He shakes his head, "I might be able to play in a bit, but we'll see." He gives both of them a nod and then walks to the edge of the pool and grins at Jules. "That's true, I did promise that and intend to keep it, but this water looked so beautiful I couldn't quite keep out of it just yet."

Catalana remarks bemusedly to Ilira, "It's hardly surprising. He is more Kennex than I. I can't row a boat to save my life." Evelynn is given a considering look. "Well, I hope you find a good midwife if that's the case." She shakes her head at Wash, "What if you lose?"

Evander chuckles softly, shaking his head. He sips more of whatever was in his cup. Eyes shifting to Zoey who comes their way. He stands there, awkwardly and says, "Oh oh, here she comes."

Wash says, "The thing about being the bottom half of top-seas, is that I am already wet. Losing isn't much of a penalty."

"Pardon?" Zoey asks of Evander, pausing when she does.

Ember, meanwhile, forms an ominous background element of the party, a horned-skull wraith of a woman lurking at the edges of things.

Ian takes a sudden and pointed interest in his drink, leaving Evander high and dry on his own.

Martinique checks composure at normal. Martinique marginally fails.

Thea shifts over to her feet, carefully climbing to her feet. "I'm afraid I need to get home. I have things to tend to there, my work never ends." She looks around, Evelynn mostly. "It was a pleasure to meet you and--,"her gaze drifting to settle on people one by one. "it was good to see you all again. We'll have to catch up soon." Then she's off, her goat fainted near the towels.

Martinique looks briefly and intensely startled at something Evelynn said quietly, though she only splutters her drink a little bit. She had fortunately finished most of it already. That said, she finishes the rest, and makes her way over towards the liquor cabinet area to find a refill of some nature. "My lords," she offers politely to Ian and Evander as she moves near. "And Lady Zoey, a good night to you if you must retire."

Jules grins at Aethan as he steps out, hand coming to rest against his chest as if perhaps she planned to push him back in. "It seems a shame to pull you out of the water. I think this might be the first time in awhile I have seen you actually relaxed."

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, a nameless overwrought highstrung pygmy goat, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

Evander looks between Ian and Zoey. His eyes fall on the Kennex lady, "Hello." He says back, "Long time no see." His replies, almost practiced, "Would you care for a drink my lady?" She's pregnant right? "Maybe not." He quickly adds, drawing the second cup he had procured back on to the bar counter.

"No, thank you," Zoey replies somewhat hesitantly. "I am just heading up to check on Diannica." The newest Kennex baby, born 11 months prior.

"Interesting name." Evelynn comments, rising from her seat as Zoey takes her leave. Ian is given a vibrant smile. "Sounds almost like Denica." She reaches for a bottle of vodka within the cabinet. "Unless there was some other inspiration."

Evander looks on over to Ian, catching a glimpse of the man before returning his attention back on Zoey, he smiles again, awkward on the face of the typically stoney-faced man, "I see. Well, um, I send my regards. If you'll excuse me..." Evander turns to the two of them, side-stepping away from the bar to leave the couple to their business. The cup still in his hand, he sips as he walks, "Who changes the water?" He asks Catalana, appearing as if out of thin air.

"It's a good day." Aethan says to Jules as he gestures to everyone around them, "And I'm surrounded by good people, it would be hard not to try and go with the flow of things, you know?" He reaches up and gives the hand she has on his chest a quick pat. "Would you like to go over and get something to drink? We have quite the selection at hand, and I think Wash mentioned, uh..." He turns towards Wash, "Was it a peach-flavored rum you said you brought or am I remembering that wrong?"

Wash says, "Peach and molasses rum." Wash corrects. "It's very sweet.""

Catalana remarks to Wash, "But if you lose, then I'll be wet." She looks back to Evelynn and invites her into the conversation. "Have you thought of names? I found naming my sons the hardest. I hope should we have one more it'll be a girl." Evander is then by her side and she is beaming at him, "I hired a man who knows about the sea and plants and how to make it perfect."

Ian selects a glass for Evelynn. "Zoey could tell you more about where the name came from than I could."

Raven's gaze trails Thea and happens upon Evander being weird and Ian brooding. She watches briefly with an idle curiosity before tilting her chin up and draining her glass. She smiles watching the kennexes in the pool and the Princess having made an appearance. She Bows her head, "Congratulations, your grace. You are a far braver woman than I."

"That is how top-seas works." Wash sadly agrees. "If you're not up to it, I understand, Ilira is an experienced captain. She could just as easily manage a man's shoulders as she does a sailboat."

Zoey lets out a small laugh and a confused head shake at Evander. She turns her head and answers Evelynn. "I named her mainly for a dear friend of mine who was to be her elder sister's godmother," she says. "Dianna Godsworn, a very dear friend of mine who went missing some time ago." She gives a polite nod. "Forgive me, Duchess, but I must take my leave."

Raven drops Third Wall, an aged cask of Ostrian cherry brandy.

Ilira pushes off the edge of the pool and drifts on her back, head tilting languidly until the water teases her ears. Her eyes widen, then blink owlishly several times at Wash's words. "I've had more experience with male shoulders than I have sailboats in the last few years," she comments ponderously as she floats.

Ian says something softly to Evelynn while offering the glass over to her.

"Damia if it's a girl. Damian for a boy." Evelynn responds without hesitation with a chuckle. "I have a fondness for that style of name. Happy memories from the past." She pours into her glass with a wistful smile. "I'm sure she'd have appreciated that dedication." Is her only comment regarding the missing Godsworn. "I hope you find her some day." She says, although her intention seems mostly on the drink in her glass.

Juliana gets a bottle of Setarco Fire from a simple linen pouch.

Juliana drops a bottle of Setarco Fire.

Zoey checks composure at normal. Zoey is successful.

Evander gives his sister a side-long glance. Did she say plants? "That's pretty genius..." He whisper to no one in particular, drinking more of his booze. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes sunken. The alcohol and hot sun having run its course.

Zoey nods again to Evelynn, glances at Ian beside her, then departs.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 3 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

"Peach? Why would someone do that to a perfectly good peach?" Jules arches her brows at Wash as if to get the answer of that question. "Thrax and their rums.. I thought Kennex was all about vodka anyway."

Raven says, "Funny I was wondering who would do that to perfectly good rum."

Ian shrugs to Evelynn. He tops up his glass a little bit.

Raven ambles over towards Evander, "Hello, Lord Evander. I trust you've been well? your delving into the scholarly quandries keeping you busy?"

Wash says, "It isn't really peach. It's peach flavor. I think they get it by crushing up the peaches nobody was going to eat anyway."

Catalana huffs at Wash, "What? What?! Not up to it? Hft." She puts her drink down and slides her robe off readying to get onto Wash's shoulders. Evelynn's names get a pause, "Oh. I thought you would of gone for something more traditional. Isn't there some household names?"

Aethan shrugs, "I don't know, it doesn't sound that bad to me? I like peaches, and I like rum, so the combining different flavors with different alcohols seems like a good way to pass some time. I'd have to try it before making any final judgments, but..." He shakes his head, "Not today."

Evander looks up to Raven with a nod, "Hello, well, if I am being honest, I have come to a wall and now the only thing I can do is wait so in the mean time I seek other topics."

"I only ever drank rum with Abbas, now that he is gone.. there is no reason to tourture myself." Juliana grins at Raven. "You are looking better as well. I just may be good at patching people up." winks and glances up at Aethan and smiles. "I have work to do later this evening, perhaps something milder?"

Ian's eyebrows draw together a little bit at whatever Evelynn says to him. Either that, or the cut on his jaw might hurt. Either or.

"Mhm well Trevor has a great great uncle with that name. But more importantly, I'm doing the work so we agreed I make the decisions there." Evelynn says with a merry smile before turning back to Ian, barely suppressing a grin.

The horned-skull figure of Countess Ember looms for a while, but eventually, the grim specter of anti-fun seems to be ready to move along and darken some /other/ doorstep. The Countess departs, with few goodbyes.

A pack of giggling and gossiping Redreef handmaidens leaves, following Ember.

Ian mutters something at his glass of whiskey before taking a drink.

Raven smiles warmly, "I hear other scholars comment on similar circumstances. It seems as if you are hardly alone. If you need a diversion do let me know." Her gaze lifts and sweeps towards Juliana, "Aye, much obliged for your expert care, Your highness. I will do my best to try to avoid undoing your hard work." She she sets her glass down near the bar. Ian gives a respectful bow of her head as she passes, a flicker of puzzled concern flickering across her features.

"Ahh, yeah." Aethan nods and waves over William so he can take his waterskin in hand once again. "Okay Jules, come on and let's find you something to drink." He offers an arm to her, even though it's still a little wet. "There's plenty to choose from, plus water!" He shakes the waterskin. "Delicious, flavorless, boiled water. Truly one of life's greatest treasures." He takes a swig. "So good."

Catalana mutters, "That's the ... Wash and ... are ... ... Both ... the sterile dullness of ..."

Wash will parade around the pool with Catalana on his shoulders challenging anyone. "Who rules the pool? A broadside to any that challenge the Dread Captain Catalana!"

There's little notice before the duchess places a finger against her head and groans. "Excuse me." And then she's hurrying off.

Juliana laughs softly, taking Aethan's arm. "Your sarcasm is showing, Duke Kennex. "How about a chilled wine? A white, would be good." nodding towards Raven. "I won't hold my breath the only one I know more inclined to try and get himself killed than you is.." and turns her gaze on Ian.... pause. "Why is your face broken?"

Catalana wobbles away on Wash's shoulders, but somehow manages to stay on while he thrashes about. She looks over to Evelynn was and frowns a little.

Ian touches the stitched cut on his jaw, and then cracks half a grin to Juliana. The half without the slashed open face. "You should see the other guy."

"You've always seen through me my lady." Aethan murmurs to Jules before leading her towards the drinks. Her comment about Ian can't help but make him laugh. "My brother loves me so much, he wanted to make sure I remained the most handsome of all of us." Though the expression he gives Ian is one of concern more than anything else. He leans over and whispers a quick comment to Jules.

Raven gives a wheezy sigh, "You have me dead to rights, highness. You are most gracious to mend me in spite of my selfishness." she notes to Ian, "I feel less like a failure given how yours challenged me. That was worrying for a bit, my lord." She them bows, "You should go join your family." She, however, turns to slip out.

Juliana arches a brow at Ian, but it's Raven she answers. "Raven, when you get to the point that I have to train a physician to go with you everywhere... then we will talk." her gaze still on Ian before his half smile causes her to snort. "You are impossible." Looking to Aethan, pats his hand and whispers back.

Ian raises his eyebrows to Aethan. "At your age, you need all the help you can get." With the courtyard emptying out a little bit, he finally leaves the vicinity of the liquor cabinet to join Evander wherever he's sitting. Unless where he's sitting is in the pool. Ian's not going in the pool. People have kids in there. Maybe.

Evander is far away from the spawning pool, instead he stands there with his drink. He smiles to Raven and nods at her remark but otherwise stays quiet. Here more to show face than anything else. He looks over to Ian and nods.

Raven snorts at that, "Don't mention such things infront of Bas, eh? Don't want him getting ideas." pausing to turn and offer a wave.

Raven has left the Lounge chairs by the pool.

3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven leave, following Raven.

Ilira does a swift lap around the circumference of the pool, barely disturbing the water with the smooth, elegant motions of her body. She stops where she left her half-empty glass, reaches out with a dripping hand, and downs the rest, then pulls herself from the water and onto dry land. Twisting her thick, dark hair over one shoulder and wringing out the soaking locks, she tells Wash and Catalana with a smile, "I must take my leave. Thank you very much for having me, my Lady," she bows her head to the blonde hostess, waterlogged curls clinging to her brow and temples. "And wash," she flashes an even broader grin, "Good to see you!" Then she turns, gliding through the party to where her belongings are stowed and slipping the robe back around her shoulders before disappearing out the door.

Ilira has left the Large Rectangular Pool.

Catalana is feeling a little mischievious, so extends a splash out Evander's way. "I don't know, for some reason people think Aethan is cute. I keep getting letters asking if we're looking for a marriage for him."

Wash keeps both hands on Catalana's legs for stability, but maneuvers her to the side of the pool closest to Evander. "But Aethan is in the same boat as Lucita. Any progeny will just make people start asking stupid questions."

Evander becomes extremely agitated, he could die any moment now you know! But, they are no longer children and in the presence of company. He steps to aside and grunts, trying to swipe off the water from his leather, "No splashing!" He tells her.

Catalana sends a larger splash Evander's way, "So the answer is marry Aethan but tell him no children?"

Aethan grunts, "As long as I have my hair, I'll always have my good looks." He nods, then gives Jules a quick smile before slipping his arm from hers and getting her a glass of wine, first making sure that it's one of the better options before offering her a filled glass. "Here you are..." He hears his name and looks out towards Catalana and Wash. "Hey, what's this talk about you getting letters and... stuff." This last word is directed towards Wash.

Wash says, "Stuff?"

As a fellow 'putting in an appearance and absolutely not keeping with the spirit of the occasion' person, Ian stands near Evander. He does back up enough to avoid being splashed, though. He backs up and a little behind his cousin, shamelessly turning him into a human shield. "Already? He's been back for... what? A couple weeks?"

Evander steps away from the pool, almost afraid of getting wet.

Aethan says, "Progeny. That feels like a weird word to say, if I'm being honest."

Catalana slides back onto the edge of the pool when a messenger comes to her side. "I don't think I like the idea of Aethan having a progeny. It's just too strange."

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Catalana before departing.

"What questions is someone going to ask Luci, if she has children? " Jules eyes turn on Wash for a moment, frown furrowing her brows. As the glass is handed over, she even takes a sip without really considering it." as far as Aethan and children.. she stays out of that conversation completely.

Wash tilts his head at Juliana. "Stupid questions. Like... who is the heir to the Saiklands?"

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

"Yes Catalana, but you thought the idea of Aethan having sex was strange." Jules adds. To Wash. "That is rediculas."

Wash says, "Something can be both stupid AND ridiculous. In fact, more often than not, they go hand in hand."

Ian raises his eyebrows to Wash. "Given how some of the nobility have been behaving lately, those aren't stupid questions. They should be, but they're not."

Esme is all smiles as she enters into hte area. Her emerald eyes slide over the area as if seeking out something or someone. She seems to find it in Catalana as everything about her lights up. A soft squeal and she moves in that direction. The conversation makes her blink a moment though.

Aethan puts his hands on his hips. "Wait, what is all of this? Why would it be weird if I had a pro... no, not using that word. A kid. And there better not be any questions if I ever do manage to do that because my loyalty is family and house."

Juliana over the edge of her glass to Ian. "They are stupid questions to ask Luci... I mean, it's Luci, we all know the answer to that." as far as Aethan and children and loyalty... Jules just pats his hand.

Wash backstrokes in the book, side to side. "You can't stop people from asking stupid questions. That's all I am saying."

One, she is not a Kennex. Two, that has never stopped Katya from showing up anywhere...why start now? She's just late when she does arrive, making her way to where the party is, dressed for not a pool party.

Ian nods to Juliana. "You do. And I do. But these days, respecting a regency is an outdated value." He's hanging around near (and slightly behind) Evander, using the Count of House Darkwater as an unwilling human shield against splashing.

"I'm a very old fashioned sort of fellow, I guess." Aethan shrugs. Seeing Esme and Katya enter the courtyard, he offers them both a wave of greeting. "Welcome to a Kennex Pool Party!" He then turns and murmurs something to Juliana.

Catalana waves Esme and Katya into the courtyard, "Help yourselves to drinks and food. There's plenty." Catalana herself is now sipping a drink and drying off. " I get messages about marrying Aethan when he's out at sea. He's just been lucky he hasn't returned to find himself engaged." She glances then to Ian, "Fortunately I suppose it's the way of the world, though I imagine some see that as traditional."

Juliana snorts at Ian. "Well it does make for some interesting conspiracies. Problem is with Luci at least, they forget how much she loved him." sighs softly and shakes her head. "For a little while I thought Bas was going to marry her.. but no.. " then pauses and tilts her head towards Aethan, listening.

Esme beams a smile at Ian and wiggles her fingers, but she will attempt to hug Catalana. "I adore your brother.." This is spoken to Juliana. "..once upon a time I would have put in him in my good friends list." The others are given a smile as she settles right in. Aethan is given a wiggle of her fingers. "I have full faith in Cat's ability to match people. You should just let her handle it and you show up." Then she looks around. "I feel a little disappointed that nothing is broken or there isn't a goat floating in the pool." This said to the room at large.

Wash says, "I think if you could find the right old spinster, old-fashioned Aethan would go through with the engagement."

Catalana shushes Esme with a hug. "Don't encourage them."

Ian looks into his drink. "Evander already dove in and heroically saved the goat from drowning," he says, his voice so deadpan that it's really not clear if he's joking. He probably is, but it doesn't SOUND that way.

Esme is overheard praising Evander: Savior of goats. Maybe. Possibly.

"Hello!" Katya calls, flashing a quick smile both to Aethan and Catalana at their greeting, moving to stop by at the drinks before she approaches everyone else, coming to a halt just in time to overhear Wash's comment, "I know someone that would probably marry him. Are you in the market?"

Evander nods in agreement with Ian, looking over his shoulder to see the man. He shifts then to the others, studying them, especially the new faces. Talking about drink though, he looks down and his cup empty and hands it to his cousin, "Yeah, how about another." He says with a slight slur.

"Only for the very worst sort of match." Wash says. "I'm thinking... sixty year old princess."

Aethan lets out a long sigh, "Aren't there other people we can talk about arranging marriages for? There's plenty of single people out there who are much younger than I."

Taking another drink of her wine, Jules whispers back to Aethan, then smiles to Esme. "Sebastian is.... unique. Hello again Esme." then a nod to the other new commer. "Katya.'

Esme laughs softly towards Catalana. "I thought you would do it. It's your fault that Porter had to carry me all over the city when I first met him." She turns to look at Katya and smiles warmly. "Greetings." Then her eyes slide over Aethan at Wash's comment. "Hmm.... Norwood might have a sister." Then a smile towards Juliana. "I still adore him, I just don't see him as much because of life paths. Your children named my dogs from him though."

Jules looks up at Aethan again and grins. "Ohh I am sure there are many marriages we could talk about.. but.." shrugs and nods to Esme. "My children, you say. I don't believe the twins were old enoug so you must mean Bastian." looking to Ian and Wash. "I was considering another race.. but not sure that the world is in the right frame of mind for it."

"I don't know..." Katya frowns at Wash, but it's a thoughtful frown, the drink she picked up on the way is lifted for a sip as she tries to go through her mental list of old princesses. "I'm fairly certain there's a really old princess or two in Redrain...I bet they'd adore him." She then shakes her head at Aethan, "Age has nothing to do with marriage, you're never too old." She assures him before offering a smile to Juliana, "Lady Juliana, a pleasure to see you once more." Esme gets a smile as well, followed by, "I'm Katya Grimhall."

Catalana assures Aethan with a grin, "Seems you're not safe. Look at all these matchmakers." Ian gets the gape from Cat, "Did you just make a joke?"

Ian is neither confirming nor denying the possibility that he has a sense of humor under all those layers of alcohol and both kinds of scarring. He has to hastily shuffle his own glass around so that he can hold both it and the one Evander shoves at him one-handed, the other hand being occupied with holding his cane. He's got experience holding multiple drinks in one hand for exactly this reason, so Esme's not going to get to see anything broken. Yet, anyway. He starts back over to the liquor cabinet. "You're going to have to come get this after I fill it. You ever tried Setarco Fire?" He pauses on his way for a moment and looks over at Aethan.

Esme offers to Katya, "I'm Esme." No last name. Though she does look a bit closer at the woman for some reason and then smiles again. "Well met." She seems pretty delighted to just watch the flow of conversation.

"You have Setarco Fire? And you have lemonade?" Evander asks and follows after Ian, "Let me get in there, I know a great mix." The married-off lord says as he pushes pass Ian to beat him to the bar.

Juliana meets Ian's look as he turns towards his brother. "Yes, Aethan has tried Setarco Fire, Ian. Both of them." smiles and finishes her wine.

"What is the szecond type of Setarco Fire?" Wash asks.

"A redhead from Setarco." Katya suggests, then smiles once more at Esme, not seemingly bothered by the closer look. Catalana gets a shake of her head, however, "Not me, I am just an agent of chaos in all this...willing to kick over the bucket, or some other pointed metaphors in all of this."

Ian side-steps Evander, displaying the preternatural dodging skills that have kept him from getting (more) skewered (than he has gotten), and follows with both glasses. "Lady Juliana brought it. I'm not sure how the lemons are going to go with the peppers, but I'll try it."

"Age does have a factor, younger people should desire other younger people they can grow old with, have adventures together, have a life together." Aethan straightens a little and shakes his head, "No, no I don't need to start drinking tonight, Ian." He holds up his waterskin and shakes it a little. "I'm good for now, thanks for offering though."

Ian checks 'recovery check' at normal. Ian is spectacularly successful.

Wash says, "Redheads from Setarco are overrated." Wash claims."

Evander checks charm and alchemy at normal. Evander is successful.

His time had finally come... With a towel in his hand, he swipes the counter with a THUNDERING slash! Wiping it clean before he puts together two warped cups before him. He pours pinch of this and a pinch of that into the cup, a cup of setarco fire and a slash of lemonade. The man then locks both cups together and begins to sway before pouring the now pink mixture into a cup and garnishing it with a mint, "I call this spicy lemon."

Ian sets the two glasses, his and Evander's on the bar, then looks back at Aethan. "That's fine. Lady Juliana brought two kinds of Setarco Fire. Evander and I are having this one." He nods towards the bottle.

Esme pulls on her auburn hair a moment. Then she shakes her head a bit. "I think age is well.. just age. I mean we all walk different paths in life and they should be respected. No judgment on my side." Her eyes slide over the others as she just happily bounces a bit where she has flopped to sit. No one's lap this time though. She's learning.

Catalana gives a wary look at Evander before climbing to her feet, "I think I shall head in before the drinks get any worse." She mostly warns Wash, "Don't let those brothers convince you to do anything silly." The rest get a wave before she goes to head inside.

Evander shouts from nearby, "Hey Wash, try this spicy lemon!"

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