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Malespero's Soiree

Come join the Malespero's for an afternoon of fine food, fine wine, and conversation.


April 7, 2022, 11:30 a.m.

Hosted By

Pasquale Sunaia


Grady Terese Mabelle Caspian Beatrix Celine Macario Erik Savio Aella Kiera Raven Piccola Gaspar



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Malespero Tower - Grand Parlor

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Comments and Log

Pasquale taps a glass when the official starting time is reached. "I would like to thank you for joining us here today. It means a lot to see so many of you visit us in our humble home. Please make yourselves at home and enjoy the company."

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Grady has left Mortimer and his guards behind outside, and comes in alone, looking around with a polite sort of interest. "My! Isn't this lovely. Goodness, are there pictures on this carpet?" He's noticed the Eurusi rug, and becomes briefly distracted by working out what it depicts.

Terese smiles as she arrives with Erik, letting the man leave her side if he wishes to go mingle if he likes. Her mission to rescue the man from getting lost in reading again complete. She offers respectful greetings so anyone else here and settles into find a place to get comfortable and enjoy the event at her usual slow pace of interacting with others. "Thank you for having me," she tells Pasquale after having properly greeted everyone and right before settling in offically

Mabelle slips quietly into the Malespero tower, clad in a pitch black velvet dress embroidered with sunflowers and sparkling from head to toe. Shocking. She greets Pasquale and Sunaia, "Thank you for welcoming us into you home?", her lips curl as she collects a glass of wine and is abruptly distracted, "Are those chocolates?!", and she's gone. Well to there.

Pasquale gets Epic Tower of Chocolates from Liqueur and Wine Cabinet.

Pasquale drops Epic Tower of Chocolates.

As servants moved around her, Sunaia was in idle conversation with Macario and Pasquale as guests began to arrive. There was wine all around but she had a small rock on her hand rather than a glass at the moment. A hand tucked a rebellious strand of silver hair behind her ear, refusing to stay in place. She smiles to Mabelle on her way to find chocolates. Her feet moved to look down and then to the Eurusi rug in the centre of the room. "You might want to look at the rug before everyone settles in over it. The vividness is fantastic," she mentions to Grady.

Pasquale still has a slightly amused look in his eyes as he turns from the chocolate-rushing Mabelle to Terese. "You're very welcome Terese." he says to Terese. "Have you met Beatrix Corsetina yet?" he guides Terese over towards the White Rose of Tor. "Beatrix might I introduce Princess Terese Valardin?"

Caspian enters into the room, his face breaking into a broad smile as he looked over the many familiar faces. Offers a small bow to Pasquale and the other attendants. His gaze swept the room and stopped on the painting. eyes intent upon it, he moved across the room to look at the Price, hands clasped behind his back as he took it in.

Beatrix walks into the grand parlor and is quick to collect a drink from a server when she is approached. She relays her gratitude with a slight inclination of her chin to the server before making her way further inside the room with a delicate clack of her pointy heels. A sip is taken from her glass as her viridian gaze sweeps over the other guests and settles upon the host and hostess after a moment. "Lord and Lady Malespero." she greets Pasquale and Sunaia with a polite smile and a bobbed curtsy. "No, I've not met Princess Terese yet. A pleasure, your highness."

Malespero Tower isn't a place that Celine has been invited to before, so she's giving herself the time to take everything in with wide-eyed delight. She wears a honeysilk gown in the fiery colours that pays homage to her heritage and she's teamed it with strikingly high heels that must add a good four inches to her height. Spotting the hosts she heads towards Sunaia and Pasquale. Her smile is bright, her greeting warm. "Lord Malespero, hello again. Lady Malespero, I don't believe we've met. I'm Princess Celine Valardin. What a lovely place you have here. Thank you for the invitation."

Macario is standing near Pasquale and Sunaia, on said mentioned idle conversation before Pasquale starts welcoming everyone. As the formal start of the event is completed, he steps up with the other two to greet guests as they come in. "Princess Terese. Welcome! Ah, Caspian Wild, my trainer on retainer. Hope all is well." Beatrix makes her approach, and he inclines his head to the Corsetina, "Beatrix. Welcome." And so on and so forth.

Sunaia says, "Good to see you again," towards Beatrix as her husband ushers the Corsetina to a Princess.

"It's fascinating!" Grady looks up at Sunaia and smiles to her. He has a slow-growing smile, broad, radiating a charismatic warmth. Over time, it crinkles the corners of his hazel eyes. "All the little people, yes, and the design woven into the fabric! I really have never seen anything like it." Then he steps back and bows, elegant and practiced. "I'm Lord Grady Deepwood. Dreadfully pleased to meet you."

Erik nods to Terese as they enter and lets a glass of wine pushed into his hand easily. The first one gets emptied a little too fast but from the next onward, he stops drinking for effect and does it more for the taste. Offering greetings to people he recognizes and waiting for a good time to greet the hosts.

Mabelle finally raises her hands from the chocolates to notice those in attendance, "Oh Lord Deepwood, it has been a while, a pleasure to see you again!", she smiles at Celine and Terese as well, wiggling her chocolate guilty fingers at Macario and Erik as well.

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"Lovely to meet you as well Beatrix," Terese says politely. "Greetings Cousin," she tells Celine when she sees her and the other Princess is near, a hug maybe exchanged as well. Terese smiles as she sips at her glass of wine. "Lady Mabelle, glad to see you again and Lord Macario, Caspian and Lord Grady," she greets all she knows.

"Any excuse to show off this magnificent building Princess Celine." Pasquale tells Celine with a slight smile. "I almost hosted this outside in the gardens - the weather has turned lovely afterall - but this parlor so rarely gets used to its full." He gives Sunaia a slight smile when his eyes settle on her and then looks back to Celine as he begins to steer her across to Caspian. "Have you met Caspian Wild yet Princess Celine?" a few moments later he speaks to Caspian. "Can I tear you away from my painting for a moment Caspian? I'd like you to meet Princess Celine Valardin."

Sunaia turns to pivot herself to look at the rug and not have to raise her voice speaking to Grady. "Sunaia," she assures the lord of her name in case the repetition hadn't pinned it down yet. "Thank you for coming. If you get right to it, the weave- the pile has all these different knots to put a texture to the blood across the sand. And the silver and gold strands really shine well with more light." She had really looked at this rug before.

Savio is tardy to the party but he is HERE rolling in alone and shameless. He knows the host and hostess of course but seems disinclined to tear Pasquale and Sunaia away from their other guests just yet, so they get a wave and a blown kiss upon entry. Mwah.

Caspian spins from the painting and offers a warm smile, "Lord Pasquale! thank you for inviting us all here." he looks to Celine and offers a warm smile, "I have had the pleasure of meeting of Princess Celine.. though she may may well regret it." he gave a grin at that, bowing his head in greeting to her. "How have you been your highness? i hope recovered from that talk in the Salon the other day"

Erik wiggles his fingers back at Mabelle, a smile forming at seeing the evidence of chocolate and looks a bit around for the sweets as well, never beyond enjoying something sweet here and there, he makes his way to its source. Celine receives a nod of her own, but as he sees her deep in conversation, keeps it at that for now.

"I do want to see it more, but I'm afraid I'm apt, aren't I, to get stepped on if I go about with my nose to the carpet in this crowd. Do you know the story it's meant to represent well?" Grady looks like he was all set to dig into a conversation about the carpet of all things with Sunaia, but the party has started, and people are drifting over to say hello. "I do hope I haven't caught you on the way out, this time," he laughs to Mabelle. He bows to her and Terese both. "I saw that you've opened your academy, Princess Terese. Ah. Or soon to do so? I can't think, can I, that it can but have a positive effect on the city. We need reminders, yes, of the values that knights espouse."

"Likewise, Lady Sunaia. I've been meaning to ask you to tea. I will write soon to see which day works for you?" Beatrix bobs another curtsy and then moves onward to allow the other guests to greet the lovely hostess. "Lord Macario, so nice to see you. As always" The smile that follows is bright as she steps past her patron and toward a few other guests. Caspian is glanced at and she lifts her glass a little in 'cheers' toward him.

Mabelle wiggles her chocolate fingers at Savio as he enters, totally hogging the tower, "Lord Grimhall", she squints at Erik, "You can have some", she grins at him, playful, as if she's the ration master. Grady's words bring laughter to his lips, "Actually, I cannot stay long, you and I have the weirdest luck".

Caspian spies macario and returns the man's greeting with a broad smile and a merry wave. Another to terese with a smile and beatrix as well. so many familiar faces!

Celine spots more faces that she knows, and gives a hip-height wave to a various faces as Pasquale steers her Caspian's way. She hides a laugh behind a hand. "Indeed, we /have/ met. He has been a most magnificent and patient tutor." Her laughter lilts her words, and bright blue eyes hold both mischief and mirth when they meet with the Champions. "I find that I'm well, and quite recovered from that conversation in the Ambassador, as dark as it was. I slept with my lamp on last night." She's still laughing when she twists her head Terese's way. "Cousin Terese. Hello. I see you have an escort today!"

Now that both Caspian and Celine have someone to talk to Pasquale slips away so that he might claim Savio's arm and lead him on over to Erik. "Lord Erik Grimhall." he says with a polite incline of his head. "Have you and Lord Savio Amadeo been introduced?"

"Who even gave you permission to be so gorgeous, Lady Mabelle," Savio is wondering of the Laurent in the black velvet gown as he approaches the Zone of the Tower, which of course also allows Pasquale to capture his arm. "I don't think I've had the pleasure," he admits of meeting Erik. Savio is Obvious Prodigal, there is a weird foreign accent to his Arvani, but he hasn't destabilized the Compact so far. Yet. "Lord Grimhall, was it?"

"The offical opening ceremony should be after the Assembly of Peers," Terese replies. "I am excited to see it come together and create another place for us all to come together and share knowledge about Knights," she tells Grady. "Ah yes, Lord Erik was so kind to escort me today but I don't want to keep him all to myself I am sure he has many here whom might like his attentions," she tells Celine. "Hello again Lord Savio," she greets the man respectfully

Sunaia watches Pasquale move to Savio, smiling at them both and waving to Savio. Before getting distracted, Sunaia says to Grady. "Sort of. It would take a couple books to reference the names and some space to point out what is trying to be represented." Beatrix's voice turned her head. "Please reach out, I should have ample free time in the coming days."

Mabelle bounces her hair amusedly at Savio's words, "Its a family trait. You have been well?"

Savio adds a flourishy wave to both Terese and Sunaia. It is theatrical, but sincere. A grin answers Mabelle's question, "I am setting out for the Chain right after this party, so of course I am so pleased. I don't know if I'll make it as far as home in Tremorus, but even close is good."

"Ah well, nothing wrong with a little light at night! it was surprising to find so many strong opinions on that." Caspian gives a reassuring smile to the princess, then looks to Terese "I am sure the opening will be wonderful! just maybe offer drinks? i know its not knightly, so maybe a drink stand outside people always want drinks after the assembly." he gave a playful smirk at that.

Mabelle beams at Savio, "Travel! I am so jealous. Let me know if you see that pink bird that stands on one leg". With that she returns to the chocoaltes, up until the point someone comes and whisks her away for work, No rest for the wicked.

Grady starts to laugh when Mabelle declares that no, she actually IS on the way out, but the laughter fades after a moment. "You really are serious. Oh dear. We're going to have so much catching up to do, won't we, once, ah, once 'our stars align at the last', as the poem goes." Then he makes an attempt to pick up his thread of conversation with Sunaia: "I've no objection in principle, yes, to crawling about with my nose to the floor. Perhaps we could meet for tea one day when things are, ah, less crowded? I would be fascinated to get a better look at the whole picture."

"Will it be open so soon?" Pasquale asks Terese. "It seems like only yesterday that I heard it first proposed." He looks to Celine next "What sort of conversation over drinks leads to such fear?" and finally back to Mabelle and Savio. "You are heading to the Saffron today? I'm jealous." he nods to Mabelle. "Terribly jealous."

Erik grins back at Mabelle, "Thank you, I will leave something for you too!" When he finds out that she will not be able to stay long, "Ah, Lady Mabelle, i had hopef for a few more words but.. "he adds to Grady "I share your misery in that." Erik however finds at least a moment to slide up to Sunaia: "Pleasure to see you again after so short a while. Our discussion will likely have to wait some more, but I have not forgotten."
Finally, Erik manages to address Pasquale, offering the man his introduction with title and praise for the invitation, adding a "No, I do not think we have." turning to Savio "Erik Grimhall, yes, that is correct. Pleasure, Lord Savio. I have only recently returned to the city.. so it was indeed unlikely for us to have met."

"The Chain is under the control of the Arvani, via Pravus, and it isn't," Savio admits to Pasquale about his leaving today. "There are thousands upon thousands of islands, and they are sometimes used by villains as ports of call to conduct wicked things. We will disabuse a traitor of the notion that he can use the Chain in this way." A smile, "I hear you are looking for swords near Nilanza though? Of course Orland and I will help you."

He does bow a greeting to Erik of course also. "How do you find it, the city? Now that you are back?"

"There will ne food and drinks offered," Terese replies to Caspian. "I hear the uptight Knight who runs the Academy is being really laxed," she teases. "I needed to clear my schedule to make the opening offical," she says. "Also wanted to ensure it was ready for visitors," she explains.

Celine tilts her head to Terese. "I hadn't realised that that the Academy was so close to opening. You must be so proud. I hope that not being a knight, I might still be welcome." A glass of wine finds its way miraculously to her hand and she takes a sip, gathering her thoughts since people are still milling and introductions are being made. She does lean and murmur something quietly to Caspian, albeit she has to stand on tiptoe in order to do so.

Sunaia nods to Grady. "If you give me enough time, they can have it placed out on tables to view. Not that I discourage exercise." Parker was dutifully shifting between the servants and assistants attached to the various appointments building up around Sunaia. Being idle did not please her, so she looked thrilled to have pulled in the people looking to make plans with her. Her Parker, really. Erik's words made her walk towards him enough to whisper something not in Arvani, and then nod at him, looking amused. She hadn't forgotten either. Parker's green tunic move through the crowd again.

Caspian bursts into a beaming smile at Terese's words, shaking his head. "oh my! the Knight is being lax!? perhaps they will even run the risk of having some fun and relaxation. oh what horror would that be" he gave an impish grin to her and then added, "im sure it will be wonderful. you should be VERY proud of what you made." he looked to Celine and nodded to her question, "Oh im sure you are! and if not come anyway cause i plan on going. And while they are tossing my uncouth behind out you can slip in during the distraction." he leaned down to hear her whisper and nodded his head empathically with a smile. "absolutely!"

Pasquale asks Terese "What knight is going to be running the academy?" before looking back to Erik. "I understand we are both students of naval warfare." His gaze goes back to Beatrix. "How did you earn your moniker Beatrix? If you don't mind me asking."

"Of course the Academy is open to all. The knowledge I want shared so those whom want to support or learn feel welcomed and free to take part," Terese tells Celine. "I am pretty excited to see how it forms and grows, I will be proud when we can help bring Knighthood to those who wish to know what making an Order looks like for them or any other paths towards Knighting look like," she explains. "Or just are happy to support any knights of squires," she adds. "But let us not monopolize the event with me and my endevors," she says chuckling lightly. "Oh I was teasing Caspian, I am running the Academy," she tells Pasquale, chuckling more. "And indeed I do hope it is fun and a good way to get conversations started in a relaxed manner," she tells them

"I have a young daughter." Grady grins to Sunaia. "One becomes, doesn't one, rather used to crawling about on the floor when one's children get to a certain age, and I'm not old enough, not yet anyway, for the knees to begin to protest. Ah. Stuffed animal galas and the like." When she addresses Erik, she calls his attention that way, and he offers the Grimhall Lord a bow. "Lord Erik! This is a very different look for you since the last time I saw you in party attire, yes?"

Sunaia looks curiously at Grady. "What attire was it last time?"

Celine looks inordinately pleased with Caspian's reply and gives the tall Champion a light little shoulder bump. "Thank you." She almost doesn't finish what she's saying, because another laugh bubbles up at Grady's greeting of Erik. She takes a moment to steady her breath. "I for one was /honoured/ that you thought to make an outfit rather than not be daunted by the theme and stay away."

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Fashionably late is still a thing, right? Well Aella obviously thinks so as she saunters in well after the start of the evening, in somewhat casual attre of a red leather top and black umbra leggings that disappear into tall black boots. Her cloak of raven's feathers could be called fancy, though she pushes it off her shoulders so as not to be so stuffy. Pausing at the entrance, her gaze scans the crowd for a particular familiar face she's seeking.

Grady's warm smile shifts back to a grin as he addresses Sunaia: "A wine-stained bedsheet. It was fashioned into a, ah. A long tunic, or dress of sorts. I'm afraid some of the Valardins present rather took issue, but I thought it looked quite becoming on him."

Beatrix receives a note passed along to her and does her best to open it with one hand as the other holds her drink. Once she does, she reads it with a slight arc of an elegant brow and soon folds it twice. The small piece of parchment is then slipped into her decolletage before she glances at Pasquale with a polite smile. "I would be happy to explain over tea, Lord Pasquale. Perhaps next week whenever Lady Sunaia and I get together?" A small curtsy is bobbed. "A lovely gathering, my lord and lady. Thank you for welcoming me into your home." With that said, she quietly makes her way out of the grand parlor upon quiet heels to tend to another messenger.

Mirabella leaves, following Beatrix.

Caspian looks to Erik at Celin's words, brow arching.

Caspian looks to Erik at Celin's words, brow arching slightly as he wondered what the outfit was as well. he glanced to Sunaia as she voiced his question and grinned, looking to Erik in hopeful expectation.

"How I find the city, Lord Savio? Just listening to you talk of the islands, kindles in me the desire to go out on a ship again an bring back something of note, or at least interesting.", Erik replies to Savio "But I realize that to do my duty, I am bound to spend at least a good part of my time here and I found some of my more obscure time sinks needing some tender love before they end up abandoned."
A Smile at Sunaia's words, indicating approval with them.
Erik turns to Pasquale: "A student, yes, but certainly no master when it comes to the tactics. I was so far more interested in the strategy." He can manage a laugh at Grady "Well, this is a more conventional party attire, Lord Grady, but I had really to make due with what I had available at that time. I fear I lost some of it in a seachest that probably ended up in different storage!" Turning his attention to Celine, there is a bright smile on his face as his nose twitches in delight. "The honor was all mine, Princess Celine, seeing you smile then, and now, makes me think of a deed well done."

Sunaia bit on her lip in an attempt to stop the laughter of defrauded Valardins. She looked from Grady's indictment to Erik and then Caspian. Her brows raised to the Champion now overhearing. "A wine-stained bedsheet. I had /no/ idea he was a prized model. Did you, Caspian?"

Savio finds Caspian in order to reach over and punch him the arm. PUNCH! Not particularly lightly, but there's certainly a fondness to it, before he nods to Erik. "Nothing like being on a ship, is there? If I spend too long inland I get sad and anxious. Nonetheless, welcome back to the Capital. What is this about the Wine-Stained Bedsheets though? How did this come about?"

"SOME did," Celine laughs. "This Valardin, however, did not. If someone can make me smile, why then, I only want to get to know them etter." She curls one slender arm around her waist, her wine glass dangling from the frame of her fingers.

"Next time Cousin, you should steal me away and dress me and I will attend," Terese tell Celine. "I find Lord Erik is quite daring to explore most anything," she says. "Quite something inspiring about that," she states. "

Pasquale inclines his head when Beatrix says she has to go and moves towards the exit with her. "That cloak is magnificent Countess Aella." he offers a slight smile. "Is there a story behind it?" he gestures towards the drinks and the raided chocolate tower. "Come make yourself comfortable?" He catches what Erik said and smiles "Ah strategy. That thing that most commanders think they have mastered but don't have close to the patience required to actually do. I rather enjoy strategy over tactics myself. Through necessity if nothing else." To Terese he adds. "Would you like that painting" he gestures at the one called the ride "For your academy?"

Caspian looks to Sunaia and breaks into a broad smile, shaking his head that he did not. to Lord Erik he raises a fist in salute "Well done my lord! Im glad to see there is another in the city who can appreciate the fine fashion uses of bedsheets! we should meet some time and discuss the preferred cut and -- aah!" Savio's punch caught him off guard but only served to make the man laugh and look to the Lord. "I dont know.. when you were teaching me to sail Lord Savio, i think i spent as much time in the water as i did on the ship.."

Savio defends his teaching methods with a shameless nod. "Not drowning is an important part of sailing."

"I'm afraid it isn't my story to tell, Lord Savio, but I am quite sure that Lord Erik will be happy to explain. Ah. If for no other reason, then because there seem to be a number of ladies who also demand enlightenment." Grady turns the warmth of his smile towards Savio, now, and bows to him. "It's good to see you again, yes? It has, hasn't it, rather been some time. Since you favored me with that wonderful impromptu concert, yes?"

Kiera comes into the party quite late, but it ha been forever since she has seen her cousin and this had to make an appearance . She walks up to Sunaia with a broad smile "Cousin, how are you?"

Celine points two fingers at her eyes, then at Terese's. "I see you cousin. Should you later deny it, I will remind you of what you just said. We shall fix a date and make a day of it. I've found one, no two, incredible tailors since landing back in the city."

"Swimming is irrelevant when it comes to sailing lessons." Pasquale claims after Savio speaks. Just enough of a spark in his eyes to suggest he's trying to make a joke. "If you get the sailing part right you never need it."

"Oh that would be lovely Lord Pasquale," Terese replies as she looks at the Painting. "Are you quite sure," she questions. "Oh boy I will be dressed in pink, frilly gowns in no time, you might shock poor Lord Griffin," she tells her cousin, smirking.

Savio quirks a smile at Grady and agrees, "Too long, though I'm not sure my concerts are any particular favor. That being said, doesn't the subject of Wine Soaked Bedsheets just beg, and I mean BEG, for a song? I don't even care if the facts are right. It's probably better if they aren't." He smiles at Erik. It's a bard smile, so beware. Beware of bards. "You'd like to be famous, right?"
At Pasquale, a grin. "Oh, Pasquale, you know me. If I planned my life around things going right I'd have died years ago."

Celine's jaw drops, and Terese is the subject of a HORRIFIED look. "Do I /look/ pink and frilly today?"

Sunaia comes off the laughter over Erik's bedsheet tunic to see Keira. "Cousin! I'm well," the pale woman offers with her arms opening to hug Kiera. "What about yourself? Read anything fun lately?"

"Not particularly, It just goes with all the rest rather nicely..." Aella replies cheekily waving a hand over the raven feathers in her copper hair, as well as the couple pieces of raven themed jewelry here and there as she wanders over. "Thank you for the invite, Lord Pasquale, it's always a pleasure to attend such a lovely event." She gets the pleasantries out of the way before perking up a bit, "So what kind of strategies and tactics are we talking about?" She wonders curiously.

"I'm sure." Pasquale tells Terese. "It's a nice painting but it never quite fit here. It will serve far better in your academy." he arranges for one of the servants to take it down and prepare it for delivery. "We were just talking in general." he says to Aella's question. "Although I suppose I should spend this time trying to recruit people to help me with my little shav problem." he looks mildly amused. "Alas. All I can think about is how wonderful that wardrobe Zakhar made will be at an event like this."

Kiera grins "I've been research Dame Sugan and dragon quite an interesting and expansive subject. so much to learn, each day a new wrinkle"

Caspian looks to Terese, then Celine, then smiles. "Clearly.. Princess terese needs to get Princess Celine in a suit of full armor and Princess Celine can dress and frillify Princess Terese. Then they can walk down the street together and see the heads spin." he gives a chuckle, before looking to Savio and nodding, "oh absolutely agree. let me think, how long were they singing that song about Corban?"

"More Golden, like a bright shining sunbeam Cousin, I was teasing about the theme of your gathering you had," Terese tells Celine, chuckling lightly. The laughs more at Caspian. "Well that would be quite the sight," she says, looking amused

Terese gets A Painting Titled - The Ride.

Celine turns as Aella joins the conversation. "Oh, but your feathers are lovely. Very striking." She doesn't get to the introductions however, because Caspian is painting a picture that has her lips quirked in a lop-sided smile. "Well that's not something that's ever going to happen. I don't think I'd have the strength to stand up in a full suit of armour, let alone parade around in one."

3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrive, following Raven.

Sunaia grins at Kiera. "You do pick an interesting topic. Princess Katarina was going on about dragons in the Salon the other morning. Maybe there is something in the air."

Mortimer, Grady's assistant, comes into the room and, finding him wherever it is that he's wandered off to, comes in search. He says something, and Grady sighs. "It appears that it's time for me to take my leave." He bows to Pasquale. "Thank you ever so much for hosting this. It has been hasn't it, a wonderful diversion." And then he's following Mortimer out.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Mortimer Ridgewattle the Third leave, following Grady.

Caspian looks to Sunaia and Keira at the mention of dragons, his brows arching. "oh?! seems the salon is the place to have interesting talks these days!" he gives a smile, "And do you ever really need a reason to talk about dragons?"

"Shav problem?" Aella perks up a bit when she hears that. "What shav problem might that be, and what do you need help with?" She asks Pasquale with a curious tilt of her head before Celine's compliment draws her attention to the Princess, "Thank you kindly, I do think they rather suit me." She preens, running a hand over the cape of raven feathers. Back to the host, she asks, "Is Lord Macario about? I was hoping to catching my patron for a chat while I'm here."

Erik's eyes dance in amusement as Sunaia asks about his former party attire. "I am no model", he waves off in modesty, he will have to explain the attire to her at another point.
He toasts to Caspian, "You have a deal, once there is a more quiet time and location for that, of course."
Pasquale receives a: "I believe this a topic that is too much in depth to be discussed here, but I would like to pick up a discussion of matters Strategy and War gladly another time"
This is of course a moment where he can spot Aella, offering her a "Lady Aella, what a surprise, I had hoped we could continue our conversation, and I was trying for a suitable time, and here yo ustand, and I did not finish my planning."
To Savio, he says: "Ah, I can think of some things that would be equally fun." his eyes dance a little as he turns his attention to the Cousins Terese and Celine, "Why, thank you both. And I can tell you with honesty, that I will wish to try everything at least once. I might not succeed at it, but to gainsay the chance before taking it? never. And if either requires an escort to a dance, for being in armor or in a gown, I shall make it happen."

Sunaia stares Caspian done for a very serious question. "Dragons or Griffins?"

"As long as I do not have to wear heels or someone is supporting me when I do," Terese states, her cheeks flushing slightly. "Those things I think as just designed to be horrible to walk in," she states, showing her clear distaste of heeled shoes. "So long as Lord Griffin is not there then I would happily dance with any so brave enough to ask me," she tells Savio.

Caspian meets Sunaia's stare with his own and speaks slowly, almost a challenge, but with a playful smile on his face "Dragons"

Savio hmms at Terese's declaration, "Don't knock heels, heels are wonderful. Lord Griffin doesn't like you to dance?"

Raven arrives fashionably late and with her now required entourage of guards. She bows her head respectfully here and there as she catches familiar faces, scanning the sea of faces to see who is here to see and be seen in proper lycene fashion.

Pasquale asks Sunaia. "When it comes to being interesting what is the difference really?" he nods to Erik. "Perhaps you can come by some other evening. I would love to have an excuse to talk about it." Finally he gives Aella a slightly knowing smile. "There is this particularly unlikeable abandoned" he considers a moment "Chief who styles herself Queen Rhynne Bloodoar. We are going to team up with the Galehearts and" another moment of contemplation. "redistribute some territory so that we can establish an outpost in the Anvil chain and ensure trade through the region goes unharassed. We have enough soldiers and sailors to do it. What I'd like is some specialists."

Celine's ears likewise prick up at the mention of dragons. "How I wish that they were the topic of conversation last night." She crinkles her nose and finally takes a first sip of the wine, mm'ing a little as she swallows it down. Her attention flicks between Caspian and Sunaia, watching them for a moment before Savio's comment to Terese pulls her attention. "Walking in them is a skill, dearest cousin. A skill that can be learned like any other. I'll give you lessons. See the heels on mine? Just as good a weapon as a set of sharpened hairpins." And just so Terese can wince a little, she hitches the hem of her gown with one hand, and slides a foot to one side. Her shoes are outrageous. "See?"

Parker loudly sighs- maybe it was a groan- from where she stands. Was the choice something she was going to really protest about? Sunaia shakes her head at Caspian. "Unbelievable." Parker steps towards her lady but stops when Pasquale interjects. His voice makes Sunaia turn, her face lost to how mythical beasts could be seen as equal. No, there were always favourites. "One can be more interesting than the other." Her biting statement of opinion going to Caspian though. "Griffins, obviously."

"Oh no, he would prefer I dance with him if he is there," Terese says chuckling lightly. "Lord Pasquale if I can assist do let me know," she says when overhearing what he talks about. "Perhaps with more practice I will not find heels so dangerous to walk in," she says returning to her conversation with Savio, visabling wincing at her cousins heels. Terese of course is just in her trousers, blouse and boots, very plain for a Princess.

Kiera smiles "No one does not need a reason to talk about them, but as a member of the valardin fealty, I find i should know more about them than I do...I'm afraid I must step out for a moment. We should make time for a longer visit cousin"

Caspian looks to Aella and offers a bright smile, "Countess! i didn't see you enter." he looks around, "i thought i saw lord macario here.. but he might have slipped out for a moment." he looks back to her as Pasquale speaks, his smirk growing "Would be a pleasure to see that axe again Countess." then Sunaia was shaking her head and he looked back to her, his brow arching. "what?! oh now this you must explain." he burst into a smile "please.. enlighten this poor fool as to why such a choice is so.. obvious" he looked to Kiera and waved, "it was a pleasure to see you again!"

"Now you're all making me so sad I didn't wear heels. She's right," Savio informs Terese, with a gesture at Celine. "It's just practice like anything else. I assure you Griffin would find it enchanting, although not necessary. Caspian!" He grins and is going to torment his protege again, here. "You know how to fight in heels, right?"

Raven pauses in her weaving through the crowd and marvels, "Dear gods. One-those are stunning. Two-how do you walk?" Her jade eyes wide around as she stares at Celine.

"Lord Erik!" Aella blinks in surprise when she turns to the sound of his voice. "I'd be glad to continue our conversation whenever you'd like. My time is more my own these days, thankfully. Though who knows for how long." Back to Pasquale, she considers his predicament as it's laid out. "That sounds a very worthy project indeed. What kind of specialists are you looking for exactly? I might know someone depending on what you need." She ponders before her attention is drawn away again, to Caspian this time, "Yeah, I'm not one for making a big entrance or anything," She replies with a bit of a chuckle. "Unfortunately it did not go with this outfit, so I left it home. But feel free to come see it anytime."

Caspian snaps his head over to Savio and beams, "Absolutely not! but im oh so eager to try now! like dancing on hairpins!" he seems honestly excited at the notion.. because of course he is.

Erik follows the conversation between Terese and Celine, his eyes moving down on her dress at the mentioning of heels and when she moves to display her footwear, he nods with the appreciating glance of an altocalciphilic, "And sometimes, they can also pierce a heart."

Pasquale tells Aella. "The sort who can lead small groups of troops and, or, be placed behind enemy lines with the solid expectation they will return again. The sort you would send up against Queen Rynne herself."

Pasquale gives Sunaia a playful half-smile. "What about giant wasps?"

"The one thing I love most about Lord Griffin is he quite enjoys me just the way I am but yes time to time I do enjoy surprising him," Terese says. "I am happy to help lead any troops or soldiers Lord Pasquale," she offers again. "Well Cousin I guess you got your work cut out for you to help make me just as much of a Princess as I am a Knight," she teases Celine, chuckling.

Sunaia nods to Kiera, "Send me a messenger about a good time? There is a topic I wanted to ask you about too." Then Pasquale makes her nose wrinkle and her lips snarl. "What about giant wasps? We aren't looking for them now- are we?" Her eyes went to the people near Pasquale, wondering if she missed context.

"Hrm... I'll have to give it a think, and get back to you," Aella replies as stormy grey-blue eyes grow thoughtful for a moment. "Thank you again for inviting me, I'll stop monopolizing your time now, and go try out some of your refreshments." She adds before moving off towards wherever she can get herself a drink.

Savio winks at Caspian and promises, "I will teach you. Same things really, just a bit more on the ball of your foot. Then we can have some sort of charity duel in wild outfits. Like people can bet on one fighter while sending ridiculous articles of clothing to encumber the other? Hmmm..." wheels, wheels in his head are turning.

Raven's eyebrows shoot up at Sunaia's vehement snarl as she sips her drink and refrains from commentary with amount of empathy in her gaze. She double-takes at Savio and Caspian, "Did I know that you had a protege, Lord Savio?" Her brow furrows and she snaps fingers, "Ah, Yes. Caspian told me." She salutes the pair and grins, "Caspian's a braver man than I am which should surprise no one."

Sunaia leans a shoulder back towards Caspian. "If Masquerades are any factor of trend, you both could really get people out for costomed fights."

Savio gasps at Raven, "Are you implying it requires bravery to be my protege?" gasp!... ponder. "Eh, well, that's probably true."

Caspian gives a mischievous grin to Savio at the idea, nodding his head with a laugh. he looks to Sunaia and smirks, "oh that would be fine. mask all the fighters, get bets placed and then have it!" he looks then to Savio, "oh without a doubt! and horrible judgement to take me as a protege i think." he smiles brightly, pleased with himself

Erik of course did not forget Pasquale: "Perhaps another evening, yes. And if we can both learn from it, or find a strategem to discus.. it will be a very productive evening." The question to Caspian if he can fight in heels brings another chuckle to his face and he reminds Terese: "would that be something for your Dance of the Blades?" He finds a moment to address Aella "I am glad to hear that you have some more time available, I find myself also less pressed than before, so I am looking forward to take up a few hours of your time again. I would suggest the Ebb and Flow, just as the last time we came to talk about ships and sailing."

Raven's head tilts back and she laughs and pats his shoulder, "No! No! I was talking about trying to figure out how to get around in heels."

"Yes Lord Savio maybe you can help Caspian and I with the Dance of Blades that I am putting together at the Academy once it has been opened officially," Terese says

Savio cheek kisses Raven and then hmms at Terese, "Is that the event with the fighting in dresses? Caspian and I meant to attend that. We're going to look flawless." press x to doubt.

"Oh yes!" Celine chimes in. "Last summer I watched a play where two of the actors were the front and rear of a horse. Imagine how much fun that could be, to have teams of two in horse costumes. Or cows." She glances to Caspian. "Would you go front or rear?"

"Yes, Caspian is helping me to organize and run it as well as attend," Terese replies then looks to her Cousin, shaking her head and chuckling.

Gaspar arrives, following Piccola.

Sunaia simply laughs at Celine's question. The real question of the hour.

Caspian looks to Celine and laughs with a bright smile, "oh well that's easy! im an arse so right in the back i suspect is where i would be placed. oh but would be dreaming of the front the whole time" he gave a dramatic wistful sigh, face still broken into a grin

Raven pecks Savio's cheek in kind and gives him a warm smile, "You and Caspian both have big hearts and warm those around either of you like a fire wards off chill, I'm pleased to see such a pairing." She grins broadly, "If ever there was an event that was designed to lure Savio out in all his glory..."

"The Ebb and Flow." Aella confirms with a nod in Eri's direction. "Sounds great. Just send me a messenger whenever, and I'll see you there. for now, though, I'm going to see if I can't hunt down my patron and see why he's not here enjoying the event." She explains before offering those gathered a friendly smile and sauntering off with a newly aquired drink in hand.

"It's true. I was lured," Savio confirms to Raven, and then tilts his head toward the garden, "I'm inclined to step out for some fresh air, of course you are all welcome if you wish to join!"

Piccola is a grumpy snake.

It's easy to see why. Someone -- SOMEONE -- has her in clothes that has no leather involved. No cloak, no cowl -- just her in very nice clothes, mind, but mere *clothes* -- obscures her face and eyes, both of which are a mask of reptilian calm. Those trousers leaves very little to the imagination. And aside from the sword on her back and the hairpins stabbed into her short, scruffy, tousled locks, she appears to be unarmed. That she comes with Gaspar might be a sign as to whose influence may be blamed for this sudden change in appearance, one that apparently has her a little on edge.

"I expect you will sleep with one eye open for a few nights, cousin," she says sidelong.

Pasquale has just stepped out of the conversation enough to claim a glass of the spring wine which he sips whilst surrepticiously watching his wife interacting with the others. The stillness is broken however by something overheard in the conversation "A masquerade brawl?" he laughs gently. "It would be a nightmare to host but that does sound rather entertaining. Perhaps I will."

Raven smiles warmly, "I may join shortly, I ought to go say hello to the host and hostess." She offers a fingerwave to Savio, Caspian, et al and looks about for the host and hostess.

Gaspar smiles over at Piccola and seems rather pleased with her new appearance. "With you armed and fearsomely fashionable as you are, dear General, I can't imagine ever sleeping more soundly than I will tonight." That's, of course, not heralded out for all to hear, but he stands alongside his general with hands clasped behind his back and head high. He's freshly shaven and in that outfit of white and gold appears rather regal, in lieu of the daunting darks that usually outfit him.

"Perhaps the Dance of Blades will inspire more events like it but it's dressing to impress in gowns with a weapon and sparing till first blood," Terese explains. "It is mainly for fun, show and entertainment, I am Trusting Caspian to lead the spars quite expertly so all have fun with it," she states

Caspian seems to like the idea of fresh air, and turns to trot after Savio.. for some devious planning? planning definitely planning or perhaps for fresh air and sun. planning.. it was definitely planning. maybe even some scheming.. or dear.. might it even be cahooting?!

"It sounds like a good time, and look forward to the Grand Opening of the Academy," Sunaia mentions to Terese.

Pasquale gives Raven a small smile when she approaches. "It is good to see you Raven. Do you know everyone here?" He notes Piccola, nods, glances to Gaspar, and then right back to Piccola again. "What lovely hairpins Piccola." This time when he looks to Gaspar it is to add an incline of his head in recognition of the mans title. "Its a pleasure to see you again Marquis. Please help yourselves to what is left of the chocolate."

"I hope you are feeling better Marquis," Terese says. "General Piccola it is good to see you again," she greets her respectfully. "Thank you Lady Sunaia, I am fairly excited myself," she admits

Raven bows politely as she's noticed, "My lord, My lady. Quite the soiree. Is there a special occasion?" She turns and sweeps the room with her gaze, "I believe that I do, Aye." She pauses and squints at Gaspar briefly and fails to place him but turns a smile back to Pasquale and sticks with her previous answer.

"It'll be a wonderful sparring event," Celine smiles to Terese, finally pulling herself back from wherever her thoughts had taken her. She acknowledges the arrival of Piccola and Gaspar with a dip of her head. "General. Marquis. I heard that you weren't too well after a certain charity masqued get together. It's good to see you back up on your feet."

Hermeline, a russet vixen have been dismissed.

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Erik has been helping himself to some more wine an chocolate to move back to stand with Terese and Celine. "It will likely be quite something to watch and enjoy", he says about the Dance of Blades, nodding with Celine. As she draws the question to a general unwell feeling, he briefly shoots Terese a somewhat worried glance that he smothers by looking at the target of Celine's question instead.

There's a polite nod and pleasant smile to Pasquale at his welcome. "My lord, the pleasure's mine, of course. Thank you. What a gathering, you've assembled." He winks at the man and looks to Terese and bows his head just slightly deeper. "Much better, your highness. That's very kind." And he catches Raven's squint and he returns it a little playfully with an easy turn to Celine. His jaw tightens ever-so-slightly at her remarks and, again, he bows respectfully, just so. "As much as I wish I could dispute that, that was certainly the way of it. It unpleasant few days, but thankfully it seems to have passed without any lingering effects."

Pasquale asks "I've heard a few comments about sickness following the ball. What happened?"

The General makes a disgruntled sound in her throat.

"Thank you, my friend," says Piccola to Pasquale in a voice that is polite and genial, but still frosty from having been forced to wear something fashionable, rather than something practical (and violent). She reaches up to touch the hairpin with the cats. "This was a gift from my beloved Nurie." And then she touches the other pais. "And these were a gift from the Archduke Regent." She splits off from Gaspar, in that she lets him talk with Celine while she continues with the Malespero Lord and Lady present. Nodding to Sunaia, she murmurs, "M'lady." And then, to Raven, "Blackheart."

"I know that we are tardy, but I trust that we are not late."

Raven groans, "My sympathies. A lil over a year ago I was afflicted in such a way for two weeks. I wouldn't wish it on my enemy." She siiiiighs and looks to Pasquale, "LEviathan cultists. I'm assured the matter is in hand." she pauses and her expression becomes long suffering again, "At least from THAT particular batch."

"I think there is much still being looked into the root cause of what happened," Terese says with a shrug. "Unless any of you ueard more. I was a bit overwhelmed myself," she explains, the looks to Raven as she speaks and remains quiet after

"Lady Piccola, I would never accuse you of being late. Only cutting through the introductions." Sunaia replied and then went to look at Raven about mentioning cultists, but doesn't look like has any idea if she caught enough of the conversation to make a deduction.

Celine receives a messenger and passes off her wine to Erik. "I am required at home. Cousin Terese, we'll fix that date, and I promise you, nothing pink and frilly." A pat to her arm. "Lord and Lady Malespero, time has slipped away from me I fear. Thank you for the lovely gathering, it's been lovely, and so wonderful to meet faces new and old." A dip of her golden head to the pair is respectfully given, and with a wave of her fingers to others with whom she's conversed, she turns on her heels and leaves.

Raven assures, "Redreef is addressing the matter. I spoke directly with the Countess Redreef following your and others notifying me of the incident." She belately bows her head, "General, you're looking well. As for late, I couldn't say I was la-er. Tardy." she amends carefully, "myself." She bows her head politely to Celine as Celine excuses herself.

Celine is overheard praising Sunaia.

Celine is overheard praising Pasquale.

2 Valardin Knights leaves, following Celine.

Gaspar shakes his head at Pasquale's question, but that smile remains, however slight. But there are several others who seem to know even more than he does about it. Raven, in particular. His brow arches. "Leviathan cultists?" He turns and angles his head while looking her over. "Indeed." That seems to be news to him and then he looks to Sunaia for a moment, smiling at her. "My lady, thank you again for attending the gathering those nights ago. Have you heard anything more on that?" It's a bit cryptic, but not exactly totally secret.

"Is it even possible to be late to a gathering like this?" Pasquale adds to Sunaia's words. Moving over to her now. "I think its nice to take the armor off once in a while. Not everyday of course. But sometimes. And its even nicer when the items you wear all have meaning behind them. My ring was a gift from Sunaia here for example. Given to me after I helped her with a particularly difficult time." he smiles at Sunaia and then looks back to the others. "This dagger was from an event where they were teaching people how to most effectively stab attackers. They gave away some interestingly lethal necklaces as well. Perhaps something like that would amuse you Piccola?" He looks curious at Gaspar's cryptic reference to a meeting.

"That is a nice way to put it," says Piccola to Sunaia.

She takes a step to the side, so that those who wish to discuss the Cultists and what happened can do so without her being in the way. Or nearby. All the more easy to eavesdrop too. On the topic of deadly necklaces, the General looks to Pasquale as shecomments. "I carry only one necklace, m'lord. I understand that they can be deadly, especially if wrapped around one's own neck." She shrugs. "But I prefer other methods of protecting myself," she adds, murmuring.

"It's hard to hear a man beg for mercy when he cannot breathe."

Terese is quietly sipping her glass of wine and helping herself to some of the chocolates as the conversation continues around her.

Raven sips her drink and glances between the Marquis and Sunaia, unable to conceal her own curiosity but at least currently ;polite enough not to ask.

Erik takes Celine's wine glass with grace and watches her flow out of the room. He would have liked to comment some more but keeps that to himself, as he looks after her. He takes a sample of the scent of the wine, maybe just wanting to know what she prefers, before returning to the other people.

He grins a bit at Pasquale before glancing over Piccola, "I hate to share the General's most intimate of secrets, but she has a knack for making every necklace particularly lethal. I've even seen her do something with flowers bound together in strangds that would make the most stalwart of men cower." Perhaps that little smile afterwards is the only hint that he may not be /entirely/ truthful. But once more he looks to Raven and wets his lips as he looks that woman over carefully. "You're quite certain it was Leviathan cultists that caused that issue with the Redreef masque?"

Pasquale points out. "I think the point is to look weak and vulnerable so that the thugs make stupid mistakes." he snags one of the remaining lemon biscuits and sneakily feeds a bit to Mar before offering Moonsilver a piece. "I think its generally better to look so strong they dont try it in the first place. Its a shame that is not always possible." he nods to Erik as he returns to the main group and then softly laughs at Gaspar's words. "I find that worryingly easy to imagine Gaspar." he looks to Piccola then. "Will you show us the secret of lethal flower arranging?"

Sunaia greeted her husband's arrival closer with a smile. She looked at her own pieces of 'decoration' and they were all tokens of important times or gifts. To Gaspar, she looked rather guilty. "I can in fact be sure, at present," she began with full assurances, "I cannot see them. But I would have to look at a letter in my chambers for you. I was delayed to come here. Remind me?" She asked of Gaspar before turning to Piccola with captive intrigue. "I would take a lesson in that, if only to see how I might avoid dying of another lethal arrangement in the future."

"I think my cousin overestimates my skill at weaving."

Piccola's tone is as dry as a desert wind. "But I concur with my Lord. Avoiding a fight is best. Nature has given animals ways to warn one another before a lethal fight. But if a fight comes one should be ready to deal with it directly and with prejudice." The General's relatively-small size is likely why she looks uncomfortable without her armor and full arsenal. "As for flowers, it is an exceedingly long game, but -- " Shrug. " -- some predators learn to lure their prey to them, only to kill them instantly when their guard is down." Beat. "And at least one man who thought it a game to subdue me has discovered the hard way how many soft and delicate parts a man has."

Her smile comes on her face nice and slowly.

Raven looks to Gaspar and considers her answer carefully, "I am not certain of as much as I would like but in this case I have determined those behind it were uninvited and are in Redreef's custody. The effects I've heard described are similar to work of other cults which have had a presence in the city. I was at the Faith Dinner that was graced by the Eaters of the blessed. The fact the guilty party was able to be caught and kept suggests the threat involved is trivivial. When real threats crop up even Lord Ian has difficulty landing strikes on the guilty parties nevermind capturing them. "

"Simply put I've seen nothing to suggest the group behind it is capable of becoming a larger threat."

A smile forms on Gaspar's lips at Pasquale's reply and he nods, shifting easily enough to Sunaia and waving a dismissive hand. "We'll discuss it some other time, my lady." The smile grows a little before listening to the general again. It's easy and charming as always, but he makes a show of grimacing and wincing when she finishes, looking down to her and both hands come together in front of him, fingers laced together below his belt line for absolutely no particular reason at all. "I beg to differ about the triviality of them, as I nearly succumbed to their antics. I would not be here were it not for the work of several talents physicians."

Sunaia looks to Raven, and then to Pasquale. "Looks like she has it all sorted." Her pale glance looks pleased to say so to him. Gaspar speaks and her smile flattens and thins, "I don't believe anyone would cast such cultists as harmless, only that their inflictions of such were localised and now under control."

"Only at one of my soiree's." Pasquale says with mild amusement. "Would the topic turn to leviathan cults, eaters of the blessed and bodily harm."

Terese is clearly avoiding getting involved in the conversation just listening and sipping her wine. The Princess listens but has little to add or comment obviously conflicted

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