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Lady Sunaia Ashford

You say deadly cave of horrors, I say thrilling undiscovered country. Same same.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Ranging Rover
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 28
Birthday: 9/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Ghostly
Skintone: Pale

Description: She is earthy grace in movement and arctic elegance in appearance. Sunaia holds herself with the confidence and athleticism of someone who frequently puts their body to the test but it hasn't yet marred her beauty; if she has scars, they're hidden beneath her clothing and haven't touched her face or throat. Her eyes are an odd and ghostly pale shade of platinum grey, paler even than the white-grey cloud of hair that is so frequently restrained in sloppy buns or loosely secured braids. She has cheekbones courtiers would murder for, a long straight-bridged nose and a thin, expressive mouth prone to close-lipped but quick smiles. Those smiles do nothing to temper the intensity her ghost-eyes give her when she's fixed upon something or someone, but they do help. A little.

Personality: Sunaia was stricken with a double dose of the wanderlust that so often afflicts Ashfords. It manifested at an early age and made her a holy terror when combined with an also innate stubbornness, voracious curiousity, and desire to go her own way. That's where her joy and truth lie: out there finding and learning, exploring and discovering. She's pleasant and noble and all of those other things expected of her too... when she's at home. Out in the field, she's whatever she has to be in order to reach her goals.

Background: There are any number of advantages to being a noble lady born to be the spare's spare's spare heir. So it was for Sunaia, younger sister of Addison, Avary and Killian Ashford. She received the same exquisite education, had all the best trainers, and never wanted for food, clothing, weapons, or any other need her little heart fixed upon. But noble blood and unlimited resources couldn't provide her with what she wanted most.

For that, she had to go out into the world.

Her appetite for exploration was and is voracious. It's led to her being the silent sister of the family. Sunaia is not without loyalty to her line, and to her lieges; she returned to home and hearth following the death of her father; she was there fighting side by side with Ashford forces when the Silent army moved on Arx; when Killian died, she stayed at Ashford Keep for a record-breaking three months in a row to grieve him. But she has been away more than she has been present, and oh the things that she's seen...

But now, with two siblings dead, the third godsworn, an Archlector, and her favourite cousin long since gone missing, it seems the appropriate time to try again. Ashfords are comfortable in the trees and Sunaia knows she should make more of an effort to put down roots. It's just so difficult, with everything out there calling to everything in her.

Relationship Summary

  • Locke - Even your name puts a smile on my face. You make me laugh almost as well as did my brother - and it is surely easier to bear his loss when you are near.
  • Ringvald - The noblest of chosen noblemen. 'Almost' will never be good enough for you; I'll always be grateful to you.
  • Kaia - The longer I spend in Arx, the harder it is to think of being far from you again.
  • Ezra - Fellow wanderer, brother to Mia; offers comfort and care like few others.
  • Veronica - Few, very few have earned my friendship and my trust as quickly.
  • Tibault - Ever loyal; always there for me as I traveled, always a friend, ever-welcoming - both as a safe harbor and in fond farewell. Working together simply feels natural.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Zoey - Best of luck with your child. Of course, if you need help with Octavian, please send a messenger.
  • Amund - A knight. Olivia's friend? At least he's direct, which I prefer.

  • Ally:
  • Reese - The Grayson princess is always good to have close.
  • Lou - Grayson Princess, Explorer Leader. What else can be said?
  • Niklas - The Prince's social abilities are a benefit to all Graysons.
  • Laric - Grayson Prince, Master of Questions and an inspiration.
  • Strozza - Twice, already, you have come to my aid - and gratefully. You have quite the talent with that whip.
  • Blessed Roran - Giver of Kittens, Godfather to Ash.
  • Korka - Of course, I'll pay your tabs.
  • Mia - So close, I can scarcely believe it's possible.
  • Tyrus - I am indebted, startled and grateful to this prince.
  • Mirk - The Elder Shaman has become a steady source of both answers and indispensable guidance.
  • Brother Felix - Not only the best weaponsmith in Arx but a constantly-interested ally and offers comfort to many.
  • Rysen - Confessor. Has stood by me, on guard, more than once.
  • Jyri - Commander with the Iron Guard; Grayson Fealty. Straightforward, respectful, intelligent and encouraging - just as I prefer.
  • Uncle Sam - You were always there for me when I was young, always whenever I was visiting Killian and Kaia; and you always show up just when I need you most now. I love you so much; you're the best uncle I could ever have.

  • Deceased:
  • Albern - Father. I hope to make you proud, too. Thank you for letting me be me. I miss you.
  • Alexandre - Cousin on Mother's side. Murdered. Otherwise unfamiliar.
  • Addison - Brother. Why? I simply cannot understand.
  • Killian - Brother. You were always my favorite. I can't believe I won't ever hear your laugh again.

  • Family:
  • Karine - Mother. Fairest beauty, my greatest supporter. I'll make you proud.
  • Conall - Bright, sweet boy; you always listen. You make me so happy.
  • Ylva - Little Lady Adventurer - just like me. Of course, I love you.
  • Harlan - Duke, Cousin. Almost as good as a brother.
  • Lisebet - Duchess. More of a sister to me than my own.
  • Olivia - Cousin. Usually fun, but unreasonably afraid of the pups.
  • Rhiannon - Cousin. It's been a while.
  • Clover - Cousin on Mother's side, Duchess. Unfamiliar, at best.
  • Lethe - Cousin. We should probably spend time together again.
  • Archeron - Cousin. We DEFINITELY need to spend more time together.
  • Tescelina - Cousin on Mother's side. As yet unfamiliar.
  • Antea - Cousin on Father's side. As yet unfamiliar.
  • Esra - Cousin on Mother's side. Godsworn, apparently MIA. Unfamiliar.
  • Ryhalt - Lisebet's brother - which makes him my cousin, by her marriage, twice over, as he's also cousin Clover's husband. Queer coincidences.
  • Ciaran - Another of Lisebet's brothers, making him also cousin-by-marriage. He has an exploring spirit, though, so similar to the Ashfords.
  • Aislin - I miss you.
  • Ash - Lagoma's Blessing. It's so interesting to see how the pups already love you.
  • Drake - First cousin on Mother's side. Champion with a relaxed mien.
  • Avary - Sister. I'm told by others in the Faith that I'm a lot like you. I'm not sure if it's a compliment.
  • Quintin - Cousin. Such a brilliant mind with generosity, love and dedication for the family. You make me smile, especially when I watch you with the pups.
  • Pharamond - My favorite uncle. How are you -actually- shorter than me??
  • Helena - Distant cousin. Sweet, very pretty and willing to help for the sake of family.

  • Frenemy:
  • Tarik - Honestly, if you'd listen and put aside your ideas for a moment, we would get along just fine.

  • Protege:
  • Aldwulf - A chance meeting surely blessed by Death, Gild, Limerance and Petrichor, you are, Old Wolf, quickly proving yourself of my most loyal, faithful friends. I'm sure I can't live without you, now.
  • Marcus - Another happenstance meeting in a Shrine leads to yet another unexpected protege. I'll be giving him one of Ylva's and Conall's first pups, so why not? Someone's got to teach him how to rear the little one. Besides, he's quite the fighter.
  • Name Summary
    Aiden I don't judge her on leaving my company so soon after introductions were made, such social gatherings are always quite hard!
    Alecstazi Pretty enough, if you like monochrome; that is until you annoy her and then she gets really cold and arrogant, almost like the women I grew up revering. At least she's aware she's not a diplomat; she likes to play the 'I know more than you'll ever know' game. But hey, if that's how she feels special, more power to her. Have fun on that boat for half a year!
    Anisha Lady Sunaia continues to impress. She definitively has the Ashford explorer spirit, and her soothing touch when it comes to the beasts of the land. And I suspect I could draw out many a tale of adventure from her. In winter, a hot drink and a good companion can go a long way.
    Apollo She seems... angry.
    Aswin Meditating in the Murder... who would have ever thought? She seems to be searching for something, though I'm not sure I follow her logic. Brave to make it down to the Lowers like she has though.
    Bellamy Inquisitors are strange people, indeed, but this one at least is pleasant enough to hold a conversation with. If a touch on the unnerving side at times.
    Berenice She is quite intense, isn't she?
    Bhandn Lady Ashford's demeanor seems to have two sides just as a coin, and likely the edge as well. It's not anyone who can give Confessors something to do and expect them to obey, after all.
    Blacktongue Working smarter rather than harder, I approve.
    Calypso I appreciate it that she didn't make this into some kind of jurisdictional thing. I've known plenty of inquisitors who'd be inclined to 'forget' where they were.
    Clara Interestin' woman with pale eyes like myself. I'd say some things but it's better I don'. The thin' I will say is that she's really interestin' an' I am curious if her eyes and my eyes are alike fer a reason. If not I'm sure we'll fin' something more interestin' ta talk about. Gods an' Spirits know that I've had enough pesterin' an' comments about me eyes ta last me a lifetime. Sure she has too.
    Domonico Well prepared for excursions but seemed to become quite shaken throughout the course of the expedition. I wonder if she has a nervous temperament or if she is just more receptive to things I am not.
    Esme Hard read at first, but there's some fun and humor in there. I know it. I shall find it. Come out come out where ever you are. We shall be good friends.
    Ezra Sunaia's a lady you met through an encounter at the menagerie. The subtle nature of observing is often bypassed but her thoughts went out to observing that those animals were but a caricature of the wild. Her inclinations seem to to fall in line with yours and may not be quite so comfortable in the city as most have seemed to be.
    Fianna Lady Sunaia is a gem and has a way with animals that I can admire. I would like to cross paths with her again to see if she has a gift with horses in particular. Either way, she is pleasant company and someone that I like.
    Giulio Intriguing young woman, with... complicated interests. Always the more interesting.
    Hamish She is so much like her sister it's a shame, but not a surprise, they do not get along.
    Harlex There are laws that cannot be defied. Nature will have its way, in the end, when two wolves meet.
    Helena Perhaps a distant cousin on the Ashford side -- she is charm and intellect at once, but also I have a feeling I'd like to have her on my side if there were trouble. I shall hope to get to know her better, now that a friendship over scholarly records has been forged.
    Jules Nothing else about the lady stood out like asking about haze and 'dust.' She's one to meet up with from the sounds of it, not too stuffy probably.
    Jyri Seems like someone sharp and passionate about what she focuses on.
    Kaia My darling friend is a brave one in all senses. A capable leader, with a heart of gold, and a steel hand. She is a bright mind with a gentle heart. I am lucky to have her in my life.
    Korka An Inquisitor with a good head on her shoulders. We make a good team.
    Kutazer My bride's cousin and one of intriguing nature. Apparently, one who strives for adventure, as well.
    Leola Still hard to know what to make of her. Still, she deserves the truth; we all do. To do otherwise does a disservice to the gods. She took it well, and intends to act. I respect her in that.
    Lisebet Enthusiastic and adventurous. I feel she will go far, this cousin.
    Maeve She seems to have some deep thoughts as if something was weighing on her mind. I could be wrong! People are so hard for me to read.
    Malcolm Another Ashford. Don't think I've met her before today. Don't quite know her name either. I got a horrible head for names. But, if she's a relation to Harlan -- she's got to be good people. Sides, she has dogs. What person you met that has dogs that ISN'T? I'll wait. RIGHT. Dog people ARE good people.
    Martino Her humour is as dry as a bone but her presence in a room, the soft white skin and ghostly coloured eyes, have you lost in awe. It is like the perfect white sands have sculpted a fine Ashford.
    Matteo An adventurous Ashford, as fits, but rather hard to impress. I can see why my cousin likes her.
    Mirk Ranger and, I think, explorer at heart. It doesn't surprise me in the least to hear that she's been out in the woods a great deal since last time we met.
    Narcissa Haunted, yet with purpose. Hope flourishes if even but a sliver, but a sliver is all the lifeline she appears to need.
    Olivian An Ashford Inquisitor. Some seems to avoid her, with the ghost-white hair and the moon-silver eyes. All I see is someone that could model literally any color and look *marvelous*.
    Orelia Still the adventurer
    Ras Guess she's back in the city, same old ghost-eyes. Stickin her nose in your shit for no reason, hittin you in the head, and then givin you water over it. So weird.
    Raya The very picture of magnanimity.
    Reigna An Ashford crown to toes, or so it seems. She has the coloring, the boldness, the thirst for adventure. I felt that call once. Stormwall carved that from me. But maybe, just maybe by spending time with someone like her I might find that piece of me again.
    Rhaesena Moonlight incarnate, she-wolf given human form. A Whisper-soul, or maybe a spirit trapped in mortal flesh? Mysterious and moving, like the moon and tides, circling, round and round.
    Sabella I adore all the Ashfords and Lady Sunaia is no expection! She's very clever and while she might not always speak up I know that she is carefully contemplating each and every word that is said before she speaks! I find her incredibly personable and am glad to count her as a friend!
    Samael The circumstances of our first meeting were unnerving. The Lady is ethereal, and touched by something.
    Sebastian She still has her love for woods, but she seems more haunted than when we first met. I only hope that I can help in some small way.
    Siegward I should've known her to be a host of Lagoma's flame. She searches where others will not go, and sees what others will not see- an Inquisitor. Stern stock.
    Sorrel Of course she's got Wyrmguard blood in her! Mixed with the Ashford sense of adventure, and she's liable to be lots of fun. Plus, we're cousins! I'm going to have to recruit her to my crazy misadventures.
    Svana An exceedingly intense and uniquely beautiful noble who commissioned some items from me as soon as I opened my shop. She's intimidating but I think she will be quite a foothold in the business if I do right by her.
    Tatienne A pleasant, skilled noblewoman. She seems like someone to keep an eye on for potential future deals of mutual profit.
    Thea takes thought and opinion well. A friend of Kaias, so I suppose I can give her a chance as well.
    Veronica She's got a lot on her shoulders, but she hasn't let it crush her. She almost feels like an old friend I've reconnected with after a long absense.
    Zoey Fairly certain now that my dog likes her better than he does me.