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Princess Celine Valardin

The dragon's warmth burns only the wicked! You have nothing to fear, I am sure!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Heartwarming Socialite
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 09/25
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Socialite
Height: average height
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: pale

Titles: Voice of Valardin

Description: Celine is a young woman with exagerated but not unattractive features. Big and bright eyes, an ever-smiling and wide mouth, the young woman oozes personality and vibrancy with her every gesture. Slim and slightly shorter than most Oathlanders, the Valardin does not cut a commanding figure, her demeanor that of someone who wins hearts with a hearty laughter or genuine smiles. Despite her sometimes goofy demeanor, Celine's appearance is extremely well-groomed to the point of obsession, her pale locks of blonde hair combed until every thread flows perfectly with the whole.

Personality: Celine is a woman in command of a beautiful voice and endearing demeanor, always brimming with sincerity even when that might otherwise be to the detriment of her goals: she is one to laugh heartily if told a joke midway through a funeral, and her smiles can thaw hearts with frightening ease. With every conversation, Celine is one to maneuver and make others the focus of it, always interested in people and helping them as she can. There is something almost overbearing about the way this young woman makes it obvious she cares, and how much energy she has for all those who seek her. When it comes to her parents, that shine is lost, somewhat, and she does seem to take issue with Audrey and what the woman has done. Not one to show resentment, Celine still very much hurts over losing her parents, and it shows whenever the subject comes up.

Background: The tale is well-known by those in the Oathlands: Princess Marianne Valardin was an infectiously charismatic daughter of Sanctum, someone different from most her fellow White Dragons. She was unafraid of pushing social boundaries to the very extremes, always mingling with the Commonfolk and defying her family whenever she felt was right. Next to her the Valardin were seen as stuffy, and Princess Marianne as someone who put in full display just how pleasant a White Dragon could be. So wild was the Princess that she clashed against expectations and challenged tradition to marry for love, her husband a Lycene merchant named Marcello, a simple commoner. The crowds erupted in jubilation at wedding and the chaos in the White City that day was legendary, and it was to this legacy that Celine, the second of four children, was born.

Celine and Marcello were close, and with him she learned to be a watchful woman, to think before acting and how to engratiate herself to others. She travelled much with her father and met many Oathlanders, displaying talent for making friends whenever she went. Unbeknownst to Celine, the bonds of friendship she forged would feel punishing as the Tragedy befell Sanctum and many of her acquaintances were butchered. People she had dined with, shared dances and whose laughter she would never forget. After the Tragedy, Celine withdrew into her shell more and more, to the point her father, when he decided to ride out to join the othe rValardin in avenging the Tragedy, had to say his farewells through the closed doors of her chambers. A survivor of the Tragedy she might had been but the sickness of grief had taken hold deeply within Celine's young heart.

The unfortunate turning point for the young Valardin came weeks later, when her mother's life was claimed in the dead of night by Audrey, her older sister. All at once, Marienne's death seemed to snap Celine into a state of awarenesss that the house servants described as baleful, something none had ever seen in the young Princess. Celine stood by her dead mother laying in a pool of her own blood as her older sister was taken away, and until the Valardin came to take Marienne's corpse, that is where she stood, now responsible for her two younger siblings, Lenard and Stephanie.

The years since have seen the life return to Celine Valardin, and although she has never been quite the same, most Oathlanders agree that there is a charm and levity to the White Dragon that is hard to find. Since taking the reins of her family, Celine made sure that Lenard found a proper Oathlander knight to squire to, and Stephanie had everything she needed after regaining her mobility after most physicians had written the girl off as an invalid. Many in the halls of the White City look at Celine as a lesson in rebuilding from the ashes, a symbol of what the Oathlander people made of: the Tragedy broke many, but like her House, Celine refused to go gently into the night. These days Celine, Lenard and Stephanie live in Arx. Many say it is due to the woman's need to be surrounded by people of all sorts, but some posit that walking around the White City, where the commonfolk bemoan the loss of her mother daily, was more torture than the girl could stand. A warm flame at the heart of the Valardin, the young woman nonetheless thrives in Arx, serving the White Dragons of Sanctum.

Relationship Summary

  • Audrey - I do not know what the gods have in store for us, but I know what you have done is part of it, somehow.
  • Lenard - Our beautiful hero is ready to take on the world. I guess the question is whether the world is ready for him!
  • Stephanie - I cannot begin to understand what has come to pass with you, but I know you fought to come back to us. You are allowed to be a little eccentric.
  • Marcello - You taught me what I needed to survive. I will use this to protect our family.
  • Marianne - I will remember you at your best.
  • Name Summary
    Aella The Valardin Princess is sweet and quick with compliments and impromptu invitations to picnics.
    Arman All the charm and grace one comes to expect from a Valardin Princess but there is a hint of mischief behind every smile and a twinkle in the eye that one can't help but find deeply endearing.
    Aswin A Valardin Princess that I ran into at the Training Center. While I am not quite positive that I agree with her assessment of Silk parties, I am willing to hear more points for her case before making my final verdict.
    Audgrim Throws an impressive party, does great hosting and makes sure everyone gets her attention.
    Daria A princess whom seems to sacrifice her feet for fashion. I am maybe slightly envious of her collection of outfits.
    Desma Friendly but wears highly impractical footwear. I can't even begin to imagine what fighting in them would be like.
    Elora Warm and welcome, and she didn't mind my slip.
    Ember Oathlanders. Yes, she seems nice, I will grant you that. She certainly is not lacking for social graces. Still, there is something about /Oathlanders/ that just...
    Erik A beacon of style and grace that is still confidently enough at home in a tavern to invite me over to join. I am curious to see where her inquisitive questions might lead our conversation(s)
    Gloriel Quite casual for a Princess. Not that I mind.
    Ilira She is at once down to earth and in the clouds. Absolutely one of my favorite princesses, and people!
    Katarina I adore Princess Celine. If you meet her, you will understand -- and you will adore her, as well. Some things simply cannot be questioned~.
    Kritr What is best about women of the Oathlands, they laugh when they are amused, they eat when they are hungry, they yell when they are angry. This princess is easy to be around. There is no word for Princess in Everwinter Shav, but I would name her Vireenoma.
    Lena A delicate and refined Princess, covered in butterflies.
    Lenard Celine is the type of Valardin princess that echoes the greatness of heart and person that the very first Valardin highlord. Like sunshine, she brings out the best in others.
    Mabelle A sweet Princess of Good Cheer, I'm certain she will blossom in the city.
    Martino The graceful Princess of House Valardin. One curious on a topic of old, and of personal history. Seeking answers to a story that is still being written and, so, may prove to be a key lead in the not far future.
    Mattheu How one reacts when they hear our bells is typically the best direction to know their demeanor and style towards how welcoming they might be. The Princess's smile was strong enough to light up even the darkest of rooms, I've only ever seen one quite as bring upon another princess before.
    Mirari She may look like a proper Dragon, but there is fire behind her eyes. She feels reckless and I like it.
    Nazmir The Princess Valardin is a truly wonderful sort and I must admit that it's great that our likes seem to mirror one another .. after all, it does make her so very easy to talk with. Though, perhaps it's her quiet charm that makes her that easy approach.
    Pasquale Kind enough to offer help when she didnt have to.
    Piccola There is something to be said about a woman who reads and loves to travel. She seems close to her cousin, Princess Katarina, and the latter seems fond of the former. Perhaps we shall have another to join our adventures abroad, else at least outside of the walls of the City, when the temperatures are polite and winds of war are not blowing.
    Remus She possesses all the charm one would imagine a Princess of House Valardin to have innately, along with the sort of appearance and knack for the right fashion to compliment it. Delightful in her sense of humor and depth of conversation, I look forward to future meetings.
    Sabella An exceptionally friendly and vivacious Valardin Princess. She seems to enjoy fashion as much as I do, I think we could become fast friends. I do look forward to her many tea parties.
    Savio Whoever teases the Princess about shoes is getting bonked with a lute.
    Temira The Princess is quite lovely to be around, I enjoy being around those who have a relaxing warm and friendly Aura.
    Terese Lovely fellow Princess of Valardin. Though we are very different, I feel we can become fast friends. It is good to feel I have at least one possible ally that can teach me many new things I have yet to learn.
    Wash One of the softer Valardin princesses, at least on the surface.
    Xia A cultured presence. Princess Celine was there for my first foray into the Grotto. At least someone in Arvum cares about their pedicure.