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Countess Aella Ravenseye

In all of nature's sorcery, The most bewitching entity, Abyss can have no fury, Like the rising of the storm...

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Brash Countess
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Ravenseye
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 29
Birthday: 12/22
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Burnished Copper
Eye Color: Stormy blue grey
Skintone: Sun-Kissed

Description: Tumultuous waves of burnished copper frame features so alive with emotion, from the shimmer of her storm blue eyes to the adorable crinkle of her nose when lost in contemplation to the world around her. Her zest for life and quiet humor are teased into every smile of full lips that, however, just as quickly downturn in unapologetic expressal of distinct displeasure. Truly, her mercurial moods are as plain as day. And when she moves, it is with a joyful and carefree manner, all sinuous curves and swaying hips and perfect awareness of the eyes inevitably drawn her way when she enters a room.

Personality: Fiery. Passionate. Mercurial. Often erratic or out of control. Up. Down. It is hard to tell with a tempest like Aella is, one moment hot, then next cold. Her anger easy to rile, and just as easy to cool. Passionate. About her people, her heritage, and where her people and land is going now.

At times a hard leader, and others, just one of the people. Easy to laugh, to smile. At times quiet and reserved, others boisterous and out of control. Not exactly a perfect noble, she is quick to curse and bellow out her dislikes, and just as quick to celebrate her people's accomplishments and praise them.

It is at times hard to tell what her mood will be, but some say, after a storm, or even during one, she seems calm, at ease the most. As if a quiet serenity has fallen over her, sadly that doesn't last for long. One of the things that can be relied on with Aella, is her fierce loyalty to her family, her people, her lands, and the Redrains, and the crown itself. No one would doubt her dedication or the fact that if you have won her loyalty, she is likely to die for you before you ever have a chance to stop her.

Background: Wild. Tempest. Stormy. Her tribe of Seafarers were all of those and then some. Excellent sailors, fishermen, raiders and so much more. Hearty. And Stalwart, like most must be when you live on the other side of the wall. When Aella was born with her rich red hair the Raven tribe murmured of the blood that ran through the girl. That she must be like her grandmother, and her mother Gudrun. Whom went missing when she was an infant during a raid on their village. Her father Bran, a large man, a giant almost. Towering over most of the people in their tribe. He waited a couple years, desperate to find his wife. But eventually it seemed it was of no use and remarried.

While their tribe had been friends with the Blackwoods Aella and not thought her father would have followed their lead, but he did and bent knee to them. Not long after they had bent knee to the Crovanes. Agreeing to join Blackwoods, as a vassal family. Adding their fleet and sailing capabilities to continue assisting their friends, as well as offering more naval assistance to the Redrains and House Crovane.

Tired and ready to relax, not having any real interest in politics or going to Arx, handed over the family's welfare to his wild stormy eldest, naming her the new Countess of Ravenseye. At the behest of the friends the Blackwoods, the Crovanes, and house Redrain itself, she has made her way to Arx, with one of her people's ships. While on the smaller side, it is fast and dexterous in the wild waves of the north. And better equipped to sail through most tempests thrown their way. Though rumor has it, that her luck with storms is legendary. Some say she is highly knowledgeable in the old ways of weather watching, having been taught by her Grandmother, or that she is some weather witch, able to control it or change it. But those are all old wives tales.

Relationship Summary

  • Rosalind - sweet sister
  • Cadern - My brother, the social one

  • Parent:
    Name Summary
    Aethan She approaches a problem with great zeal and plunges in, to the point of risking herself for her goals. Is it patience she needs to learn, or does she truly need to teach me her Northern spontaneity.
    Cirroch Could be the sibling that ties the other two to the ground with both sanity and forethought, though little can be told for certain at this time. At least they drink properly.
    Liara Always lively and vivacious, if possessed of some occasionally unusual manners. Her willingness to put herself and her House forward for the good of the Compact bodes well for the future.
    Mabelle The lively Countess has returned to the city, I look forward to hear the tales she might share.
    Mikani A good friend come back to town. We will have to go sailing.
    Noah She's fun. That's not normal for me to find. Most are boring. She'll drink with me. I'm down with that.
    Raimon Met the Countess Ravenseye at the Proving Grounds, after an argument with a straw man. On -her- ship, they serve whiskey. This is fine.