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Decadent Dessert Soiree

Come join House Valardin at an evening bonfire party featuring all desserts and drinks. Feel free to bring your favorites if you like, but there will be a full array of the Oathland's finest confections available; from cookies, to cakes, pies, pastries, and more.

There will also be a sugar confection (marshmallow) roasting contest with one lucky winner walking away as the owner of a themed prize!


April 9, 2022, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Alis Cristoph Kael


Keely Sebastian Ryhalt Lisebet Kastelon Nazmir Eiran Blush Cassiopeia Cadenza Sunaia Larissa Ilira



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

6 Arakkoan Free Guards arrives, following Cassiopeia.

6 Grayson House Guards, Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrive, following Keely.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

3 Fidante House Guards, Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide arrive, following Cadenza.

Blush gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Keely gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Nazmir gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Lisebet gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Cassiopeia gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Eiran gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

The servers bustling around the outskirts of the dessert laden tables are making sure that for every plate scooped up by someone, another is set down to replace it. The music is going, oil lamps lit, and the bonfire blazing - so far nothing has caught on fire - and every guest has been greeted. That is why Alis feels she can now indulge in a glass of wine and pull a dessert plate over to the small table she's been hovering around (but not sitting down at), trying to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Cadenza gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Sebastian gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Kastelon gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Ryhalt gets Apple Pie Delight from COME AND GET YOUR MOONSHINE.

Keely steps onto the Valardin grounds in a lemony dessert-inspired ensemble, delicate hands folded before herself and dark eyes flitting about the area as she commits herself to the fringes of things, slipping timidly around the edges in Alis' general direction but not making very excellent progress as she stops and whispers apologies to everyone whose path she halts by crossing it.

Sebastian, was of course, late. No big surprise. That means he misses the greeting of the hostess, though he /does/ catch her gaze and winks, leaving Alis to her deserved wine-and-dessert. He circles the dessert tables, looking for something specific. "Ah, here! Coconut layer cake! What a fine use of the Saffron delicacy." He, of course, immediately claims a slice, sans wine glass for once.

The Marquis Keaton should likely be a better host, but he tries. He really, really tries. He happens to be hovering around that same table as the Highlord and of course is also not sitting. For his part, Kael has been moving through and greeting people, ensuring that they know that the carrot cake is absolutely delicious. Does he have favorites? Perhaps. He also is gesturing to the apple pie spirits, and of course making small talk here and there. This includes making certain that parcels (non alcoholic of course) are packed for any of the nobility with children at home. Sugar rush for all.

Ryhalt arrives with a smile and sits off to to the side, helping himself to the moonshine. It's kind of one of those days.

Ryhalt has joined the a broad outdoor dining table.

Lisebet wouldn't miss this, she's glad to get the chance to catch up with her Valardin friends and relatives. She has some blackberry ginger crumble in a plate along with some Laurent mead, to go with her spring time outfit. A spot is found near Alis, and Lisebet offers a warm smile that way, but doesn't interrupt the hostess for the moment. She does give Kael a bemused smile, and then laughs. "Three children. Four if you count Harlan?"

Kastelon makes his way in, and it might be easy to miss him - he's in his normal leathers, as if he were to be going out into the forests presently from the affair to which he's appeared. And more so that he has companions with him, the trailing of Resolute (who likely seems looking still for a fire or hearth), and Dart upon his wrist. And that wariness of his that lingers despite being in the city proper. But there's a nod to his cousin Kael as he makes his way to the table of desserts, where one might be forgiven for not noticing how a portion of the blackberry ginger crumble disappears into his hands, before he's fading back a hint as if to keep his singular hazel eye on the goings-on.

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, an impressively-large, silvery Wolfhound with bright gold eyes, Parker, a quietly assertive servant arrive, following Sunaia.

Shortly after the arrival of Keely comes the figure of Nazmir, trailed by his assistant to whom he's murmuring softly with. He's forgone stylized attire in dessert fashion, instead having chosen a cascade of colors in his honeysilk ensemble. There's a little smile to the assistant and then he's lifting a hand to give him a pat on the shoulder, "Run along. I'll be fine. I wore my extra large pants and when I'm done, you can come back and roll me home." Turning his attention to the matter at hand, he's giving a little smile in the direction of Alis, along with a nod of his head as he moves to angle out of the way of others and as his gaze plays about, there's a lifted hand and a wave given in the direction of Keely and then another towards Sebastian as he moves to angle over towards the array of food.

There's sweets, a lot of them, so Eiran is entirely shameless here as he loads up a plate with everything that looks remotely creamy. But he avoids the carrot cake, in spite of Kael's praise of it. /Carrots/ in cake?! And of course he grabs some mead but then there's rum and wine and oh god too many choices. He lingers there on his feet, and catches sight of Keely, but finds himself rooted in place for the moment.

Blush has joined the a handsome outdoor bar.

Alis raises her glass to acknowledge Sebastian's greeting, and gives a nod towards the wine bottle at the table she hovers near - a second glass is poured and sipped from, before she sets it back down with an indication that it's his if he wants it. And to Keely, she gives a bright smile and waves her over so she can side-hug the Grayson Princess. Nazmir's nod is returned, and she calls out. "Good call on the pants, Your Highness!" because why not.

Blush arrived sometime ago, and he has already helped himself to a dessert or two, the evidence of his inability to wait dabbed away with a napkin. In one hand he has a glass of wine, the other tucked into his pocket as she leans against a bar area to survey the Valardin grounds with no small amount of interest. Content to watch for now, it would seem!

Cassiopeia arrives curious. This isn't her part of town and she is unfamiliar with everything. Azure blues sparkle with sweet prospects, and an easy stride brings her sandal-footed onto the grounds. There is an unheard beat in her head, head bobbing ever so slightly. The smile on her face is warm and she looked relaxed, hair a little wind-blown and while the variety of metals adorned to her outfit, clank and jingle. Just over six feet tall, it's easy to get a good vantage point, and tonight it's of the dessert table. It is clear that is what beckons her here. It's quite a sight. It might be different, but good food, especially desserts, need no translation. The Saffron Marquessa meanders towards the delightful offerings, offering a cheerful expression to random people along the way.

Cadenza arrives at the party fashionably late. There is no hint of stress or hurry about her; it seems this is how she prefers it. Having not socialized much lately, she takes a moment to get her bearings as she plucks a drink from a passing server. She spots a familiar face--Keely--and ruffles her fingers in a wave. "Your Highness. So good to see you again." Then she circulates to the hosts. "I will have to try the carrot cake then since you recommend it so highly, Marquis!" She coos to Kael. Then to Alis, "Your highness, everything is lovely. This looks like a sumptuos spread."

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After stumbling around in the crowd, Keely appears at Alis' side with a glass in one hand and something sweet to match her outfit in the other. The glass is set aside, and she returns her patron's partial hug without a word, though a soft smile lingers on her lips and it seems to be genuine. She looks a little overwhelmed, but seems content to hover quietly nearby for a moment, offering little smiles to Nazmir and Eiran when she notices their glances her way.

A bright smile forms as Sebastian spots Nazmir's wave as he swallows down a mouthful of the cake. "You simply must try this, Your Highness," he says, reaching to clasp the Redrain's prince's shoulder in a friendly way. "I made the mistake of eating dinner first," he admits, in a pseudo whisper. "Ahh, is that Princess Keely?" He seeks to head towards Alis, mostly because he's spotting that glass she's prepared for him, eyes bright, though he pauses to greet Kael, also. "Marquis, it's been too long. You look well!" The wine glass is claimed, a silent toast given Alis, and drinks deeply.

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Arriving to see what Lisebet might know about desserts. Sunaia makes her way over to the Duchess Ashford, greeting her adoringly. Pale white eyes move across the tables and the serving trays of drinks. There are a number of people she knows here, but she heard there was to be a contest of flaming marshmallows. "I haven't missed anything yet?" The lady asks of Lisebet but her eyes are on what she thinks might be carrot cake.

"I thought so!" Nazmir is calling that back over towards Alis, a grin dancing to his lips in the process before his attention is darting back to the dessert table that he approaches. His gaze darts to Sebastian and he's returning the shoulder clasp with one of his own, "I intend to try /everything/, Prince Sebastian and unlike you, I made sure to not eat." A glance over in the direction of Keely and then he's nodding towards Sebastian, "It most certainly is." For his first treat, he's scooping up a lemon tart , only to follow that up with a glass of whiskey before he's beginning to amble back over in the direction where Keely hovers around Alis. Spotting Cassiopeia in the process, he's lifting his glass in a little wave to her, "Marquessa! Good to see you again."

"An extra large package then," says Kael, most seriously in response to Lisebet. "And extra cream cheese frosting to go with it." His eyes are sparkling and he glances to a nearby attendant who by now is well aware of the routine. A package is thus assembled with, despite the Marquis' high praise, a variety of desserts for the children and not just that scrumptious carrot cake. Speaking of which, on the tail end of Cadenza's commentary toward him, Kael is dipping his head by way of greeting and acknowledgement both. "You shall have to tell me what you think. Hopefully it shall not disappoint, Lady Fidante." Shifting his stance, that bow of his head - deeper now - is repeated for Sebastian. "It has indeed been too long. You, Your Highness, look quite well as - ah, well." That little awkward fumble of phrase is not a thing he is oblivious to, for a rueful grin manifests in the wake of it.

"Thank you, my lady. Our kitchen staff outdid themselves. And, of course - we would not have the coconut layer cake without the help of our Pravosi friends." An upnod is given to Sebastian there to acknowledge his timely assistance in the matter, as Alis responds to Cadenza. And then smiles over at Keely and gestures towards the bonfire. "Marshmallow Roasting Contest. What could go wrong? Fire, fancy outfits, sugary confections that like to burst into flame."

Turn in line: Lisebet

Eiran perks into a smile when Keely glances his way, and offers a quick wave. It seems that's all the nerve he's got, as he leaves the marshmallow roasting to the more daring and settles somewhere to watch. There's mead that needs guzzling.

"Sunaia!" lisebet exclaims, sidetracked. She'll offer a hug to her cousinbymarriage, unless Sunaia objects. "You have not missed a thing yet, the blackberry ginger crumble is lovely as is the mead. I've not had a chance to try anything else yet. She turns back to Kael, and laughs softly. "I see you know my husband," she replies teasingly. "Seriously, thank you. The three children will adore this, the desserts are all wonderful." And then it's her turn, and she says, "Oh, excuse me. Your Grace, I am in!"

Lisebet checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Eiran has joined the a handsome outdoor bar.

Lisebet checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 13 lower.

Lisebet checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 14 lower.

Kastelon turns that gaze of his about, even as he's lingering near the fire, with some eye towards the others who are to participate to see what it is that might carry the day. The brief transit of his fork between the dish and his mouth, while he shifts as if to murmur to the canine companion at his side, pausing now and again to nod to the hound.

Turn in line: Sunaia

Sunaia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Sunaia checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Sunaia checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Entranced by the deserts, Cadenza doesn't pay enough attention to where she is and accidently bumps into Nazmir as she puts some carrot cake on her plate. "Oh! Please excuse me, Your highness. How silly of me." The group around the bonfire grabs the Fidante's attention, and she wanders off to joint them.

Turn in line: Nazmir

Nazmir checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Nazmir checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Nazmir checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 19 lower.

Turn in line: Kastelon

Kastelon checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

"Oh, perhaps the ruffles were ill-advised," murmurs Keely worriedly to Alis as her eyes turn down the skirt of her gown and its airy, vertical floor-length and rather flammable-looking ruffles. Sebastian and Nazmir get warm smiles and a blanket, "Your highnesses, how wonderful to see you both. Prince Sebastian, I owe you a missive and a tour, I have not forgotten."

Kastelon checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Kastelon checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 14 lower.

Turn in line: Ryhalt

Ryhalt checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher. Ryhalt rolled a critical!

Ryhalt checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

Ryhalt checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 16 lower.

"Well, if this turns into an eating contest, Prince Nazmir, I'm placing down my bets on you," Sebastian admits with a cheerful laugh. "Mm. This wine pairs perfectly with the cake. An excellent choice, Your Grace," he says to Alis, with a smile. "Truly, the secret to a fantastic dessert is finding the perfect accompaniment." The awkward phrase from Kael earns a hearty laugh. "As handsome as ever, don't I know it," he's quick to correct. "Did Jules warn you not to boost my ego? I promise, my head won't pop." Between a mouthful of food, he nods along with Keely's words, swallowing. "Indeed you do, Your Highness. Fortunately, I've also been busy."

Turn in line: Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 12 lower.

Cassiopeia checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 15 lower.

Cassiopeia checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Lisebet takes the stick and the sugary confection. She moves to stick the confection on the stick, looking almost expert, and then tips the thing into the fire. She pulls it out, but it's completely in flames, and she blows "whoo whoo" to try to put it out. It doesn't work fast enough, and the confection, all goo on the inside and charred black on the outside droops. She reaches out to just catch it before it falls to the ground, and drops it quickly into a plate, sucking on her fingers instinctively.

Time for more sugar. Ryhalt rises from his seat when it's his turn to take a hand at roasting. It goes so well, until he gets the *wonderful* idea of pouring some of the apple pie moonshine on it and it goes whomp in a ball of fire. He ends up trying to wave the stick around to put the fire out, but it doesn't go so well.

Turn in line: Keely

Keely checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Keely checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Keely checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Turn in line: Sebastian

Sebastian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Sebastian checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Sebastian checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Turn in line: Cadenza

Roasting sugar confections is not, perhaps, the lot of a huntsman. Kastelon steps forth to take his turn by the fire, with the thing crowning a stick, and it is thrust into the fire, much as he might roast meat in the forest. It is, however, a far different thing, the flesh of a confection versus the flesh of a beast and...

"I fear we'd go hungry, Resolute, if I had to cook these in the wild," he offers to the canine as he shows the roasted thing, before there's the offering up of it to the view of the judges as well, with an apologetic shrug to Kael and to Alis. Not his finest hour, perhaps.

Nazmir is apparently an expert at navigating social situations which result in accidently bumping into, for there's not a drop of whiskey spilled as the glass goes to the side and high in the air as Cadenza accidently bumps into him. There's a soft little laugh and a shake of his head, "Oh! Think nothing of it!" A quick grin to Sebastian at the mention of a bet and then he's looking to Keely, "Prinnncceeessssss Keeeeeelllllllyyyyyyy." Yes, he drags it out and then quickly offers, "Hi." That's joined with a grin and then he's being called for Marshmallow Duty. This necessitates him popping the tart into his mouth, whole, so that he can claim a stick, in order to spear one of those sugary delights. Moving to the fire, he's popping it into the fire, only to get distracted by something. When he finally looks back and lifts the marshmallow from the fire, it's to find himself with a flaming confection that is already threatening to slide from the stick in a fiery mess, "Uh. I didn't do it!" A look about, left and then right, as if considering where he can hide it, only to then look to the fire so that he can viciously shake the gooey mess into the flames.

"Hey, don't leave those of us out who aren't wearing pants at all from this eating contest." Alis protests, and then feigns shock. /Shock/ as Sebastian approves of the wine and cake pairing. "I'm sorry, is this perhaps the first and only time you have not denigrated my alcohol choices?" She even places a hand against the table to brace herself before she laughs. "Ohhhh, ouch. Some of those marshmallows look like ... I don't even know what they look like."

Sunaia steps aside to get a piece of carrot cake, eating while she listened to Lisebet talk. Her hand, with a fork rose, about the line forming for the contest. Making her quickly attack, look pleased, and set down the plate in order to follow the crowd for roasting marshmallows. As the pale lady takes slightly more caution than Lisebet at first, the puff of sugar got too close to Lisebet's flaming inferno and quickly went up in a greater flame. "No, nooo." She blew on it, waving it about as to now get flames near her face. The result of her roasting is not great, but she grins anyways. "I'll try the blackberries after this. I think my marshmallow is going to make it."

Cadenza checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Cadenza checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Cadenza checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 16 lower.

It is a sweep of rich plum silks and sheer lilac lace that trails in Larissa's wake as she threads her way through the Valardin grounds. The whisper moves with a silent grace through the large gathering to let the festivities wash over her. Her long dark locks are lazily pinned up into a lazy spray, pierced through with two slender hairpins threaded with intricate chains and ornate beads that catch the light of the torches as she passes by. Beneath the veil of her lashes she offers a warm smile to a couple entwined along the firelights edge where laughter spills easily before her gaze turns towards the merriment of a sugar roast that has already begun. A hand slip into the side of her skirts as she skips forward and few feet to join in the merriment. "What is the game again? Oh... am I too late?"

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Turn in line: Larissa

While the roasting begins, Blush finds himself chatting with Eiran Laurent, a bow flourished, and pleasant words exchanged, if the grin at his lips is any indication.

So many choices. It's overwhelming and her eyes goes wide, and while she debates her options, she catches word of marshmellow roasting. Not before returning Nazmir's greeting, she flashes an easy smile his way. "Your Highness, always a pleasure. I came to try new things.," the smile shifts into a grin and that transitions her well into the line to roast a marshmellow. The whole process fascinates her, though she looks a little skeptical at the end. Azure blues consider the stick, the fire and then the marshmellow itself. It looks like great fun and so she assembles her arsenal. "I am sure there is a trick to this," or so she supposes, but doesn't ask what it is, rather she seems intent to just observe and try it out. The young woman is probably too fascinated by the way the fire singes the outside, because it is turns black. It catches on fire, "Ow," and she's trying to shake it to put it out, and so it goes, into the crimson depths, she blinks and there is a brief look of forlorn at the decent of her dessert.

Larissa checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Larissa checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 15 lower.

Larissa checked luck at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Lisebet grins at Sunaia. "Oops," she says lightly, trying to move her marshmallow away from Sunaia's but too late. "We should find a seat somewhere. Look, there's my brother. Let's go bother him." She promptly sets her items down on the table right by the Farshaw Duke, and settles down there beside him. With a big grin. That's her thought, anyway, but she waits to see what Sunaia wishes to do.

When she reaches the bonfire, Cadenza places her plate on a nearby table and grabs a sugary orb and stick. She impales the treat and holds in the fire. She holds it too close to the flames which allows it to catch fire. "Pfft Pfft!" she blows it out. Cautiously, she tries to pick the blackened shell off, but the inside has managed to already liquify and dribbles on her shoes. "I should get advice before I do this again," she says to whoever is around to listen.

The line has been dismissed by Alis.

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Sebastian checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

Someone stabs Keely's marshmallow onto a stick for her so she does not become a danger to herself or others when it is her turn, before which she, of course, politely and momentarily excuses herself from the small group she had been standing in. At first it seems to be going well, the marshmallow igniting nicely and beginning to char the outside of the confection while leaving the inside gooey. She lifts it carefully and blows at the flames as her worried assistant rushes forward to discourage this Very Dangerous undertaking. The princess manages to extinguish the flaming mound of sugar, and then looks around with a soft exhale, not entirely sure how this is being judged but fairly confident that hers was not the best marshmallow in the running. Handing it off, she returns to Alis' side, eyeing Nazmir over briefly and then dipping into a slight curtsey, for some reason. "Your highness, Prince Nazmir of House Redrain," she retorts with a grin, as if formalities are some form of jest between the two.

Kael offers that rueful grin to both Lisebet and Sebastian anew, the latter of which he is gesturing toward in an agreeable manner. Yes, Sebastian _is_ looking handsome. It's said with that gesture, rather than verbally. Turning toward the fires, it is with no small amount of interest that he watches those at the fires with their gooey prizes. Kastelon's bounty has Kael chuckle and wave. "You likely fared better than I would, Cousin," he calls toward him.

Ryhalt grins at Lisebet as she joins him and gives her a hug. He also smiles warmly to Sunaia as she follows Lisebet over. "Hello both of you."

"Oh no, nooooo, that's perfect!" Alis can hear everything, apparently. And despite her short stature can see soooooo many things. Like Cadenza and her plate of marshmallow sadness. "They're the BEST when they're charred and gooey like that! Take a fork and just shovel it right in, you won't regret it!"

It doesn't take long, in truth, for Sebastian to devour the cake. "Credit where it's due, Princess Alis," the Pravosi tells the Valardin with a low-throated chuckle. "/Especially/ when it comes to excellent wine choices." He carries the glass of wine with him, about half-consumed by now, before he joins the others by the fire, grabbing a stick and some marshmellows. It's not the first time he's toasted these, it seems.

"I think your children would've done better. Fortunately, you keep me for tracking and as kin, and not as a chef." The pronouncement from Kastelon to Kael comes without any malice in it, as he's backing away from the fire, and contemplating the other's works. Though that one eye of his is turned about the area, watching those who've fared better, as if to learn for the next time.

Sunaia follows along after making a side tour to get a new plate to retire her roasted marshmallow, a serving of the blackberry ginger creation, and tea. Then she slices around others to find a seat near Lisebet and Ryhalt.

"New things are always good! And old thing. So maybe just /all/ things." That's offered with a grin towards Cassiopeia as Nazmir lifts up his glass in a little toast, only to then bring it to his lips for a rather healthy swallow. His gaze then darts over towards Keely, eyes narrowing in an almost playful manner before he flourishes a rather elegant bow, even if he does give a little grumble, "One day, Princess. One day." When he rises, there's a smile on his lips, his gaze then darting over towards Alis, "You must be hiding the servants with buckets of water in the shadows, Your Grace. What with gooey flaming delights on order, after all."

Lisebet sets her plate with the charred gooey confection on it in front of Ryhalt. "Did you make one of these? Try this one," she offers with a sunny smile. Though if his looks better, she might snag his in place of her own.

Sunaia checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 21 higher.

For Larissa's question there is thankfully someone who steps up to offer the whisper a stick and a small puff of sugary confession upon which to sacrifice itself upon. She sighs slowly, "Please tell me this isn't for dueling." Said to no one in particular though she steps forwards towards the flickering dance of flames as her hand stretches out to point it inward. From a step forward to a sudden step backwards that sweeps the train of her silks about the whisper of her slippers through the grass as her marshmellow instantly catches fire. "No!" she exclaims, then frowns and gives it a flaming shake.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrive, following Sorrel.

Ryhalt looks at Lisebet's effort with a doubtful look. "Not too sure either of us produced something that's edible anymore. Less fire, probably."

Alis has no doubt had servants with water buckets, /and/, keen eyed marshmallow roasting experts on hand that will report back to her the results of everyone's attempts at roasting a marshmallow. "Honestly, I would not have taken you for a marshmallow roaster. But that's really well done." The compliment paid to Sebastian before she goes seeking out Sunaia. "But, Lady Sunaia is apparently /the/ premiere roaster here at the party. So I hope you enjoy the little gifts we put together." The Valardin princess hands over a small leather bag large enough to hold at least a bottle of something and a little extra.

Alis drops Marshmallow Roast Prize.

Sunaia gets Marshmallow Roast Prize.

"Ha!" Sunaia rose from her seat with the roasting stick in hand to thrust into the air. It wasn't going to make the very blackened puff of sugar more edible but it did look more dramatic. "Thank you! I would like to thank Duchess Lisebet for adding extra... luck to my attempt at cooking." She announced, but added. "I don't think my husband would call this a talent."

Sunaia gets Sugar and Spice from Marshmallow Roast Prize.

Sunaia gets Brown Sugar Bourbon from Marshmallow Roast Prize.

"I mean, what is Setarcan life if you don't create an occasional beach bonfire and roast marshmellows over it?" Sebastian replies to Alis, with a grin, as he eats the marshmellows. They're certainly prize enough, though he does cheer for the winner: "Congratulations, Lady Sunaia. You'll be a cherished guest at the next beach party."

Ryhalt applauds for Sunaia, smiling to her.

Cadenza softly claps for Sunaia. "Congratulations!" she smiles.

"All things are good," Cassiopeia agrees immediately with Nazmir, appreciating the sentiment behind such a statement, even if the state of her marshmellow is not. A bit of goo still stuck to her stick. There is nothing left, and she is looks around to see how others made out. How many are eating those sticky treats. Then Sunaia roasts the perfect marshmallow and Cassiopeia is casting her curious eyes on the sight of the woman's accomplishments. "That's impressive!," she echoes, trying to glean insight and maybe a few tips, from her study of the whole thing.

Alis looks, no doubt, relieved that nobody's clothing caught on fire. So now she is able to roast a marshmallow of her own, entirely unafraid of the blackened and gooey mess that she prefers them to be, as she pulls it off the stick and doesn't bother with a plate. "That's fair. Setarcan's are perfecters of indulgence afterall." she quips, winking at the Pravosi. "Honestly, Lady Sunaia. Don't your spouse disrespect you like that. Marshmallow Roasting is an /art/. You can tell him I said so."

"Congratulations, Sunaia!" Lisebet calls out, pleased. She looks to Ryhalt and laughs. "You might be right. It appears we should be trying to sneak Lady Sunaia's roasted treats anyway." A glance over to the other to see what she won. "How exciting."

"Mmhmm!" Is given to Cassiopeia before Nazmir murmurs something quietly to Keely, a quick little grin on his lips. His gaze darts out amongst the crowd, only to settle on Sunaia so that he can call out, "Well done! I'm thinking you should be offering lessons on such a thing! I, for one, know that I should never try roasting one of those again." The glass is brought back to his lips, another sip taken before he's lowering it back down.

"Only, Cousin, because my children happen to know sugar," responds Kael, amused, to Kastelon. He shakes his head and when Sunaia obtains the victory he is applauding. "Well done," he calls, adding to the cheers sent that direction. With the contest concluded, he peers in the direction of the sweets himself as if deliberating over his own choice. In the end he selects nothing, favoring instead a splash of whiskey in a tumbler to wet his lips.

Sunaia looked to Sebastian. "Are you offering a beach party?" The impish grin leaving her lips only to focus on digging into the prize pack. She lifts a bottle of Sugar and Spice to smell, eliciting a pleased smile. "Thank you everyone. Send messengers. My campfires and marshmallows might be a good Spring star-gazing idea." And then she directs her voice to Alis, "Thank you for these wonderful prizes, Your Grace."

Kastelon nods, but briefly presses his palm to Kael's shoulder. "I should go attend to other things, cousin, and leave the sugar to those more inclined to such," he says softly, glancing around. Respectfully, he nods to the others about, before he makes his way onwards.

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"You're not going to let a little thing like burned fingers stop you from roasting again, are you, Prince Nazmir? Alis sounds horribly disappointed by that idea, and no doubt means she regularly burns her own fingertips. "You're quite welcome, my lady." she demures to Sunaia then. "I hope you enjoy them." Her smile is bright when she offers it. "Don't forget there's music playing if anyone feels like dancing!" is called out to the crowd at large. "Just try not to dance into the fire, please!"

"Indeed we are, Princess Alis," Sebastian accepts that designation readily, with a laugh as he finishes off the marshmellows. Sunaia's words earn a smile, though a little less bright than before. "I believe the Princess Keely is hosting one soon enough, Lady Sunaia, though I have other commitments." He looks questioningly at Keely for her to confirm.

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Nazmir turns his attention over in the direction of Alis, only to give a warm laugh, "Oh, not at all, Your Grace! I could hardly sit back and simply /watch/ everyone else burn their fingers without having to join in. But .." He looks to the fire, a faux expression of forlorn taking hold, "I didn't even get the chance .. I had made such a flaming pile of disaster. That's what I get for taking in all the lovely fashion and not paying attention to my marshmallow."

Keely glances up from looking utterly mortified by something, though surely her recent, quiet conversation with Nazmir has nothing to do with the expression. "Hm? What am I doing?" she asks, dark eyes flitting around until they find Sebastian, and then Sunaia. "Hosting... oh, my beach party? --you can't come to that either?" She looks around, trying to catch up with the conversation. "Yes, I am hosting one, with cooking out-of-doors and everything. Though I am now questioning the idea of a bonfire." She eyes up the fire and the people frying marshmallows in them.

As though from nowhere, Ilira appears between two of the blue-clothed tables and flutters a vivacious wave to all she passes as she glides through the people, her many golden bangles singing. She skims the crowd for a moment, eyes immense and luminous, and settles on a particular few faces toward the back. Lithe as a serpent, she winds that way. "Boo," she smirks, emerging by Keely's side and bumping the princess with her silk-clad hip. The fire sets her flowing, clinging honeysilk and aureate jewelry ablaze.

Sunaia looks amused at how Sebastian as twirled around Keely in conversation of beaches and uncontrolled fires. "If the cooking is on a beach, that might be a step towards safety. No loose clothing?" But it sounds like an playful offer at jest.

It is with such foresight for servants to be roaming the grounds that Larissa gives the small flaming stick in her hand one last shake before dropping it into a bucket of water. It emits a soft sizzle and puff of smoke, the scent of burnt sugar entwining with so many other attempts. As with others, Sunaia is flashed a warm smile, congratulations given before her figure turns from the flames as the whisper slips from the game of chance towards the array of desserts that are offered. Each of the confections are given a quiet assessment as her figure slides along the length of table. After a moment she pauses and leans forward to pluck a piece of chocolate covered fruit from one inviting platter before moving on once more.

Alis pipes up again, looking over at Keely. "I have my contest swimwear from the last pool party contest Duke Laurent held. I'm going to wear it to that beach party, because it deserves to be worn again. I call it the 'I can't believe it's not armor' swimwear." She sounds serious about the name, bringing her plate and wine with her as she moves around.

Lisebet looks up, at the conversation of the beach party. "A beach party with a bonfire sounds wonderful, Princess Keely. We should all attend and enjoy the warmer weather!" She is quite settled into her seat with Ryhalt and Sunaia, dessert and drink in front of her. Alis's serious swimwear brings a bigger smile to her face.

Keely squeaks in surprise as Ilira pops up beside her, dropping her lemon tart and looking aside with a bit of a jump that momentarily lands her in Nazmir's personal space. "Oh, Miss Starling, you surprised me," she exhales in slight relief that she is not something terrifying come to eat her. as if the woman did not intend to sneak up on her. Alis' words draw her attention and summon a small grin back to her lips. "Oh, how wonderful! I look forward to seeing what has earned such a fantastic name. I have a guess at the fabric. I need a new bathing frock, myself, but cannot decide on a style." She looks down again to see the lemon tart already cleared away, giving apologetic looks to the staff scurrying back into the shadows. "Oh, Duchess Ashford, hello! I did not see you over there! Have you tried the lemon tarts?" Because she hasn't.

"You're soon going to get the impression I'm deliberately avoiding your events, Princess Keely. I promise, I'm not," Sebastian says, with a rueful laugh. "Though I hear you had a shoe-stealer at the camp out?" He finishes the rest of his glass of wine, claims another dessert, and finally settles down, gesturing for Alis to join him.

Eyes darting about furtively, Keely nods a few times. "Yes, there was a jest done on everyone where our left shoes were all put in a pile while everyone slept," she explains to Sebastian. "They were up on the giraffe platform, so the working theory is that a giraffe appreciated Her Grace's taste in footwear, and wanted to taste it, too.

"I still have not found that stupid shoe!" Alis exclaims, when Sebastian brings it up. Which he now doubt knew would set her off, and yet he brought it up anyway! Why!! "Can't believe some weirdo perv ran off with my shoe." she mutters, still entirely convinced that this is the reason instead of a hungry giraffe, or playful creature who liked the taste of the leather. Whatever. "It was not a giraffe." No, she's stubborn. Even as she settles in beside Sebastian, she is sticking to her weirdo perv theory.

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"Ooh! A cook out?" Nazimr's offering that to Keely, a brow dancing upwards as he considers that, "That sounds absolutely marvelous and the addition of a bonfire is surely /not/ going to be dangerous. Nope. There's no possible way." A grin tugs to his lips and when he notices Ilira popping out from beside Keely, there's a little laugh given and a lift of his hand to give a little waggle of fingers, only for him to then laugh as the Princess winds up giving that little jump that lands her in his personal space, "Now, now, Princess Grayson." He does then look to Ilira, grin on his lips, "You're not big enough to be scary, Ilira." Looking over towards the dessert table as if considering, he catches Larissa picking up a piece of chocolate fruit, which has him calling out, "Good choice! But not sugary enough! Go for the Caramel mousse cake next!"

With his whiskey acquired, Kael is taking a sip of the liquor and moving to find a seat that allows him to survey the grounds. He seems most comfortable taking stock of the area, looking across the various social groups, and simply enjoying the music in the background.

Lisebet raises a hand to wave at Keely. "I have not tried the lemon tarts, but the blackberry ginger crumble is divine," is her response. "I think Lord Kael put some of the lemon tarts in the package for the Ashford children. I shall have to make sure my share of the goodies is a lemon tart." She gives her brother a hug before he departs. And then leans in to listen to something Sunaia says.

"Oh, how wonderful," Keely smiles to Lisebet. "They look delicious, and I am certain they will taste even better in a treehouse." Because Ashford. The mention of the blackberry ginger crumble has her perking up, and she wanders over to the dessert table to peruse the offerings a little more closely. Securing some delicious finds, she then winds her way over toward the table Alis, Sebastian and Kael share, offering a polite smile to the latter before inviting herself to a seat.

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"The Great Shoe Incident of ten-seventeen. There are worse ways to remember a party," Sebastian tells Kelly with a low-throated laugh; a laugh that only deepens at Alis' visible dismay, as he works his way through the blackberry crumble. "Mm. The crumble is good. Paired with a red it'd be perfect, I think. I should lend you my taste tester. She's excellent at picking the best food and wine pairings."

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Returning to the dessert table, marshmellow memories behind her, she finds herself once more faced with a choice. Glancing down the length of her shoulder, she catches sight of Larissa and looks to see what she choices. The chocolate covered fruit look inviting, and she Cassiopeia reaches slender fingers to pluck one from its place. A silent smile is offered the woman's way, before Cassiopeia takes a bite. Her attention drifts, looking a little too relaxed and her eyes lids a bit lowered. The smile remains lingering on her lips, enjoying the bit of sweet, considering the grounds and the places to wander about. Nabbing another sweet, she departs from the table, the expression on her face somewhat amused as she starts off on a little wander. A meander really, reveling in the little details she finds about. Her eyes shine with subtle satisfaction and the thoughts that accompany her.

Alis gives Sebastian a nudge with her elbow for laughing so heartily at her shoe plight. "The crumble /is/ good. The lemon tarts and the chocolate hazelnut torte are my favorites though. Got any pairing suggestions for those?" She's amenable to the loaning of a taste tester, though she's also amenable to just having more of each right now. She didn't eat dinner either.

Ilira stares implacably at Nazmir. "Are you /sure/??" she asks, her eyebrows arched high, and then turns to Keely with a broad, impish grin. "Sorryyy," she lilts, her voice singsong and impenitent. She gives the princess's shoulder a gentle squeeze as she rises and slips off elsewhere. "The moose?" she muses back to Nazmir, delicate hands thoughtfully interlaced at her waist. With a rich laugh under her words, she admits, "You know, I might've come to the wrong place, but I don't know that I'm in the mood for sweets! Only dance." Her hips have already begun to idly sway, the rhythm urging her at an innate level. As her gaze briefly she drifts, she catches sight of Cassiopeia and bursts into an exuberant smile and wave.

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"Quite certain." A firm little nod is given to Ilira before Nazmir looks about, watching as Keely skirts over to join Alis and Co, which has him looking back to Ilira once again, "I wore my extra large pants specifically for the purpose of eating. So many tasty goodies, but I keep get distracted by conversation." A pause and then just the hint of a laugh, "Wrong gathering for dancing, I think." A little tease is there and then he's looking to the dessert table once again, "Mm. One second. I fear I must just have more sugar." And he's heading in that direction, only to this time claim a plate and fill it with a variety of tasty things, which does him glancing to Cassiopeia, "Try it all, Marquessa. Allll of it. You know you want to."

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Ilira lofts her brows even higher, but turns with a smile from Nazmir as he too goes off and instead bathes in the warmth of the flames.

Is Kael close enough to overhear the conversation yonder where Alis and the small group near her is? It seem so. For the man is suddenly ceasing his people watching to look that-a-way suddenly in Keely's direction, followed by a look to Alis, and on to Sebastian and... And Kael Keaton is definitely getting up to his feet then with a cough. Must be that whiskey he's just taken a long drink from, see. Cough. Down the wrong pipe, with some red touching his ears even. Look at that, Kael's en route to go find a refill.

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Sebastian is overheard praising Kael.

Sebastian is overheard praising Alis.

Sebastian gives the departing Kael and entirely unrepentant, and amused look.

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