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Larissa Whisper

I will live in your heart, die in your lap, and be buried in your eyes.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Willful Courtier
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 09/05
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: rich brown
Eye Color: violet
Skintone: rosy

Description: Smokey and sultry, Larissa moves like she is ever on a prowl. Her thick dark hair frames her slender face, accentuating exotic violet eyes, alight with a wicked fire. Her lush lips are never far from an inviting smile, morphing from sweet to lascivious in the blink of her long lashes. Her figure belies a quiet strength, using her grace as armor and weapon both, without crossing the line to the truly offensive. Few can resist her utter charm, and fewer still would consider doing so at all.

Personality: A courtier is never wicked, but Larissa didn't quite get that notice. Never inappropriate, but always on the edge of scandal, the Whisper enjoys the game of skirting the line. She revels in the dance of her profession, enjoying setting the trends in fashion and hair, being an example of all a good courtier should be, and tempting and taunting all who cross her path, testing their resolve as they try to resist her siren song. Never cruel, she prefers to take advantage of her station in life, careful never to go too far and cause unforgivable offense.

Background: For such a supremely confident woman, Larissa can be surprisingly coy and evasive whenever it comes to her past. Before she became one of the most sought after courtiers in the city at the prestigious Whisper House, she claims that she had an altogether exceedingly boring life as a commoner of House Thrax which provides her ample motivation for becoming (in her very modest opinion) one of the most captivating women of the city. Larissa has pointed out that while her potential as a fishmonger's wife in the bleak shores near House Thrax's ancestral home of the castle Maelstrom will be sorely missed, she believes that her demonstrated ability to capture the attention of the rich and powerful as a courtier might suggest she made the right life choices. When harried for greater detail, her stormy temper and headstrong nature shock many that expect only the refined grace of one of the legendary Whispers. It rarely arises since Larissa is gifted at getting what she wants, even if what she want is allowing the past to stay in the past. And after all, she's hardly the first Whisper to have a past.

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