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Arx Cares - A Night to Support the People of Bastion

Our hearts all break to hear of the tragedies coming from Bastion, and so we ask the good people of Arx to come together in support for the efforts to assist them.

Minister Rook Champagne will be hosting a gala fundraising auction under the hospitality of Princess Valencia Velenosa at the Golden Hart. Up for bids will be exquisite works of art from the top craftspeople of Arx, along with unique opportunities and experiences donated by caring individuals from all levels of Arx society, with all proceeds directed to the organizations supporting the families and displaced from Bastion.

Please come and join us for the party, and bring your coin so that you may contribute to this deserving effort.

OOC: To make for smoother RP during the event, bidding for the items will take place IN ADVANCE, not during the event time. To bid on an item:

1. Send a mail to Rook with the item and your bid.
2. If you are outbid before the auction is over, Rook will notify you.
3. All bidding ends around 30 min before event (8:30pm EST) to give time to write the emits for the auction wins.


Nov. 20, 2021, 9 p.m.

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Giada Lailah Patrizio Sira Cassandra Valencia Vayne Denica Lore Wren Jamie Monique Corban Thea Ennettia Lou Yuri Ilira Cesare Liara Dante Eirene Blush Gaspar



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Golden Hart Social House - Starlight Gardens

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Comments and Log

The Archlector of Tehom is leaning against the railing of a terrace overlooking the city of Arx; a glass of wine dangles from her fingers. Something is missing, however. There's not a single sigil or symbol of Tehom or the Faith at all anywhere on her person. It's a rare sighting: an Off the Clock Giada.

Standing over near the dais, Rook exchanges some words with one of the Silver Consortium staffers, who goes trotting off to relay a message of some kind. He keeps his eyes on the crowd as it starts to grow, smiling to himself.

Lailah enters with more of a splash of color and finer clothing than usual for the Bisland scholar. Though she accepts a glass of wine in passing, it seems to be more for something to hold on to, or a compact shield, as she doesn't drink from it yet. Instead she wanders the tables, gazing at the items on auction with interest, and her gaze occasionally drawn to the cityview through the windows as well.

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Patrizio is not doing as his cousin Sebastian would do - he's actually particularly punctual for the event, and he's looking about casually at who else has turned out for the occasion. A smile, not quite as brilliant as his usual, lingers on his features when he's moving to get himself a refreshment, with the dip of his head to a few familiar faces about.

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Sira has been here a while, helping ensure everything is arranged. Currently, she's standing near a pair of mannequins that are displaying several of the auction items, fussing over the way a dress hangs on one. The woman seems content not to draw attention to herself - except for her mass of loose curls and statement-making off-shoulder brocade dress.

Resplendent in steelsilk and aeterna, Legate Cassandra Laurent is taking a leisurely stroll through the auction without settling in any one spot just yet. Dark brown eyes are keen to take in all of the offerings put out, and in the right light, it almost seems like there could be a ghost of a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. She seems quite relaxed and at peace, for someone wandering through this social affair in full armor.

The Hart's staff move discreetly about the room to see that all in attendance are well-welcomed and cared for as the room bustles and hums with the happy sounds of the warmly regarded guests. Valencia, dressed in rich red southern silks as she stands to the side and greets Rook's guests, quietly watching to see that any needs or wants are quickly and effeciently addressed.

Pacing his way through the crowd, Vayne has a manner about him that seems to expect that others notice him and make room. Maybe it's his reputation, or merely the elegant, certain way the Legate of the Lost carries himself that makes others aware of him, nodding back as he heads for the edge of the terrace. He arrives at Giada's side without a drink, his own hands clasped together. "You look relaxed," he observes to the Archlector, with a hint of a smile, before his gaze takes in the crowd with faint interest. There's a nod across the crowd as he spots the other Legate, gaze tracking Cassandra for a second or two.

The short and compact princess arrives at the charity event with a date on each arm. The lovely Countess Thea is on her left arm, while the dashing Lord Tessere is on her right. Denica seems to have no issues leading the trio, even if her skirt might present them all with a challenge. Denica is full of energy tonight, eyes sparkling with avid interest and appreciation. The raven-haired princess is wearing a wide smile that betrays her excitement. Taking even steps in heels that give her at least a couple more inches, she moves the group along pausing to say. "I've never actually been here and now I am re-missed that I have not. It's lovely. I am sure tonight will be a wonderful time, not to mention raise money for a very worthy cause." Her comments are made to her companions. The woman stops to survey the room, her eyes fall on Rook and she smiles brightly in his direction, however knowing how chaotic event hosting can get, she doesn't approach just yet. Rather Denica navigates her co-conspirators to a location that involves alcoholic beverages. There are no doubt smiles at others, as she recognizes some faces along the way.

Lore arrives sandwiched between a pair of Greenmarches. One arm hooked through one of theirs, she escorts Jamie and Monique in proudly, smiling brightly and chattering happily with the duo. Sira gets a big smile and wave before she and her companions move to settle in amongst the stargazer lilies. Talking quietly amongst themselves while waiting for the event to begin.

A soft hush begins to cascade down from the area by the dais, as the crowd begins to turn their attention to the small stage. Rook Champagne has taken up his position on the stage, casually waving his hands to indicate a call for silence. It takes a few minutes, as it always does in an assemblage of Arx's finest, but eventually the room grows quiet enough to allow him to speak and be heard.

"Good evening to all, and thank you for coming out tonight," Rook announces, his clear voice carrying across the entirety of the Garden's showcasing the sort of presentation skills one can learn from the House of Whispers. "I appreciate everyone coming together to support the relief efforts for the people of Bastion. I do not think I need to go into just how much help is needed, or how dire the circumstances may be, but I truly value each and every one of you who has come tonight, and those who have donated items." Rook puts his hands together in front of him and bows his head for a moment, a gesture of respect and appreciation to all. "I would also to thank our lovely and graceful host, a woman of great strength and dedication, who has always taken care great for the needs of others, like with this event - Princess Valencia Velenosa!" Rook waves a hand to indicate the Princess, beaming a warm smile towards her. He allows for the applause to die down before continuing. Before we get started, I would like to note that while Lady Eirene Riven was unable to join this evening, there are plenty of Physicians about who will be able to help answer questions you may have about how they will be making use of the funds that we raise here tonight. I would like to offer a round of applause to them as well, as it is their tremendous contributions that we will be funding with tonight's proceeds." He extends a hand to indicate the Physicians, standing out in their lab coats, as they linger around the room.

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As accidents go, Wren bumping into Ennettia at the entrance to the Golden Hart is at least a happy one. Not quite arm-in-arm with the Igniseri noblewoman, Wren keeps a companionable closeness to the Lycene as they thread their way across the Terrace. "A lovely turnout," she murmurs to Ennettia as she snatches not one but two glasses of wine from a passing tray. Wren sniffs the second, then gives her companion a sly smirk as she says, "Should I taste it first?" before she offers it over. Her attention shifts from the lady at her side to the offerings displayed, and of course those others in attendance. When Rook begins to speak her gaze pauses on him, giving over her full attention.

Slipping his way through the steadily growing crowd, Lore and Monique at his side, Jamie would shuffle toward a patch of flowers blooming delicately at the edge of the terrace. His large frame would make a parting in the crowd, leaving a brief path for those joining him to follow along. Settling in against the terrace edge he'd offer a light tug of the collar, a few polite nods and smiles cast to passing faces. The man seems a tad out of his element, gaze drifting the room with a quiet surveillance.

Olive green eyes cut up to Vayne's face and Giada smirks faintly. "Right. Relaxed." She turns away from the city to face Vayne and the others gathering. "I'm ready to create a mess just to have something to clean." There's at least some humour in her tone there. All the same, there is an almost palpable tension coming from the woman, and her hand taps incessantly on her wine glass. She stills when Rook starts talking however. At the mention of Physicians able to answer questions, the Guild's Quartermaster lifts her hand briefly to indicate herself as one of them. And then it's back to just watching with a few asides to Vayne.

Lady Monique Greenmarch arrives escorted by the dashing Sir Corban Telmar, the latter of whom looks particularly impressive in his steelsilk cloak, and the equally lovely Lore Artiglio, who is resplendent in her own finery. One on either arm, they move along with Lore towards the stargazer lillies. Monique's obsidian-hued umbra gown sweeps the floor after them and the Minx looks around, eyes alighting on a plethora of familiar faces.

Valencia gracefully incline her head quietly, her smile sweet and her cheeks flushing softly to the generous acknowledgement. "My Hart yours, sir," she offers warmly. "It is a very good cause," she affirms as the Rook charmly addresses the audience.

Falling into an attentive silence, Vayne's gaze turns to Rook, listening carefully, though his gaze does not stay on the host. Instead, he's watching others, seeing who is with whom, and who is talking. The mention of the Princess Valencia receives generous applause from the Legate. He leans, briefly, to murmur something quietly to Giada after she's dropped her hand again.

Sir Corban is shaking his head slightly at Monique as he walks in with her. And Lore, apparenrly. "Only you would take two escorts," he tells the Minx, amused. But then he notes Lady Lilah, waving his hand to her. "Lady Lilah! Over here! Please! Come join us." He turns to Monique. "Lady Lilah is a scholar. We had a lovely chat in the gardens."

Thea comes in with Denica AND Yuri. And she IS a physician, though she isn't in her physician's coat this evening. She gives a smile to Valencia as she makes her way, nodding her head,"Your Highness." She sees Rook too, hearing his speech. There's a greeting to him as well.

Ennettia chuckles as she languidly makes her way in with Wren - no doubt forcing the other to keep a slower pace than norma, "Dearest messere, so polite! I do appreciate it. But only the first, I do want to enjoy myself." She looks around as the speech begins, clearly paying more attention those present than the presenters, "Do let's find a seat, I'm exhausted from all that walking." She notes

Allowing the applause for the Physicians to fade out, Rook steps forward again on the dais. "I have one last note to mention before we begin the auction itself. In addition to recognizing the contributions in general, I wish to specifically call out the contributions from the fine craftspeople of Arx that you see on display tonight." He pauses for a moment to allow a round of applause in recognition of the artisans. "I think it is important for us all to realize that their contributions go well beyond the cost of the materials used in creation of the work, and even the time that is spent painstakingly creating their particular vision. But also to the extensive years of training, practice, and experience that come before that item is made, and the time spent simply ideating on what they intend to give form to. So remember, as you are looking at these - you are not bidding on seasilk or jewels, you are bidding on the collective years of experience, the hours, days, or weeks of handiwork, and the sheer brilliance of the creative mind that put it together. " His gaze moves out to the crowd, as if in search of a particular individual, but not finding them. " "So let us hear it for all of the artisans that make Arx the beautiful city that it is!"

Cassandra pauses in her perusal of the auction items for two things. First, to look over her shoulder and briefly make eye contact with Vayne. One corner of her mouth lifts in a tiny smile -- the corner right by the big scar on her jawline -- as if to silently say, 'Caught you looking.' Then her attention turns toward Rook as he addresses the crowd and introduces Valencia. She's careful in her applause for the Princess and for the Physicians, because clapping in steel gauntlets makes an awful racket if one is careless. She lets it get a bit louder for the artisans, though. Klong klong klong.

A chuckle and a dip of his head, and for his own part, Patrizio seems not at all disturbed by the fact that he's clearly one of the few to come by himself - if one doesn't include his ever-present entourage. Rook's acknowledgement of Valencia gets a smile in her direction, though the words praising those who've donated their wares to the auction does get applause from the Pravusi prince. His jade gaze drift over the displayed wares, but at the mention of it, there's a lift of his wineglass. "To the donors generosity of spirit and may the work of their hands bring much benefit to the cause."

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A graceful inclineof head is returned to Thea. Soft words spoken in greeting loud enough to be heard but quiet enough so as not to distract. "It is wonderful to see you, Countess. Please enjoy. It is a wonderful night and Rook is a brilliant host. We are in for a treat."

Lou is probably a bit late attending a social event. She does't like them and it is only curiosity that draws her to this one to see who the would be winner might be of the expedition she offered as one of the items to be auctioned off at the event.

Now that the event has started, Sira stops fussing with the items on the mannequins and wanders to find a drink. Seeing Lore and Monique, she gives a small wave of greeting before she collects a glass of wine to sip slowly, in a quiet corner.

Listening to Rook with a quiet attention, Jamie would give a few light nods at his words. As a call for celebration is made his hands would come together in a heavy clapping, his eyes trailing the items on display.

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Yuri found himself as easily perplexed at the manner in which Denica uncoupled herself from her dates than he had time to register. He glanced to Thea with a look of desperation before he meandered, too, to where drink could be fetched and imbibed. He reached to flatten the collar down on his longcoat, next reaching to procure himself a beverage as skylit blue eyes scanned the guests with interest.

Giada snorts quietly at whatever Vayne said to her, looking back with a muttered reply. She's watching and listening the proceedings, without doubt, but the woman seems easily content to stick to the background with her patron. Monique's arrival catches her attention and she tips her head in a greeting, and Sira likewise gets a little smile of hello.

Her finger has begun tapping on her glass again.

Lailah glances over as she hears a familiar voice, and makes her way over to Corban, Monique, and Lore. Luckily with the auction beginning, it's a little easier to move through the crowd. Once she draws closer, she offers a curtsy to the trio. "Sir Corban, it is good to see you again. "It is a pleasure to meet you," she offers to Monique and Lore. Though her delivery is quite serious, perhaps it is merely nerves in a wholly social setting, for the Bisland academic seems to have quite the resting scholar face. "Did any of you place bids on any of the items?" She still holds her glass in a bit of a death grip.

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A twitch of her lips is all Wren gives at Ennettia's desire to enjoy herself, but she hands the glass over sans one small sip's worth of wine. "Refreshing as a summer's breeze," she assures with a dip of her head in acquiescence to Ennettia's desire to sit and begins to lead her off to the most comfortable spot nearest to them. As they pass others, Wren gives polite murmurs of greeting between the rounds of polite applause she offers up, careful of her wine glass.

Again, Rook allows the applause to settle down before continuing. "Now, since I know none of you came to hear me prattle on all evening, let us move onto the Auction itself!" With a wave of his hand, an attendant brings forth a jeweled hairpin, sparking in the light. "Courtesy of master artisan Zakhar, I present "Hiding Under Grass with Delicacy." TKTK "The opening bid for this fine hairpin is 75,000 silver. Can I have an opening bid!" As if waiting eagerly to flash their fortunes and contribute to the effort, the bidding comes in fast and furious for the first item of the night. "I have 75,000, do I hear 80,000? I have 80,000, do I hear 85,000?" Rook's eyes flash around the room as the bidding comes in, driving the price higher and higher, much to the delight of the Physicians observing the proceedings. "Alright, I have a bid of 180,000, a very impressive sum. Can anyone give me 185,000?" Rook looks around the room waiting for a few beats as the bidding seems to have come to its close. "Going once, going twice . . . SOLD! To Lord Jamie Greenmarch!" Rook grins as the scribes quickly jot it down. "I imagine that there is some lady out there who will be quite pleased to see that win."

At Rook's call to salute the generous contributors, Valencia is happy to show her appreciation for their efforts. The little Lycene happily applaudes them, offering soft words of thanks and awe to their skills to any who might linger near her.

Listening to Rook as he speaks, Denica claps at the appropriate time. Eyes drifting around the room, knowing many of those would be present tonight. With a glass of wine in her hand, Denica meanders towards the terrace, inviting Thea and Yuri to join her. On her way, she offers a small wave to Lou and Patrizio, before she slips off for a more advantageous place to stand, watch and listen.

Monique's brows arch and she looks to her cousin as Jamie wins the first piece of the night. "My congratulations, cousin Jamie. Should I check the bank or just avert my eyes and pretend not to have seen anything?" she teases him warmly.

Thea winks at Yuri. Clearly she's of no help for the man as she goes to grab a drink. Seeing Giada, she gives a smile to her as well. So many people this evening! "Lou. Prince Patrizio. Hello,"Thea greets with a wave, trailing after Denica. When the winner is announced, she applauds Jamie. "I'm so glad this is starting out so well..."

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A smile blossoms on the little vixen's face as Rook navigates the auction with graceful experties. The bidding is furious and she glance about here and their as calls come for Zakhar's wonderful offering. Upon the win, when the crowd appauds their pleasure, the raven haired woman joins them without hesitation, a gracious not to Jamie and a little smile of delight offered to Rook to the generous donation.

A dip of his head to Denica as she's passing by, a chuckle for her when Patrizio spies her. Thea's call to him gets a chuckle and the lift of his glass. "My lady," he calls back to her, even as he's turning to applaud Jamie and see what's actually been won, since he'd not been paying attention for a few moments.

Jamie would give a soft bow of the head toward Rook as his bid is deemed the winner, hand lowering back to his side. He'd give a slight, perhaps sheepish smile to any faces that meet his, a few more nods here and there. "You need not worry my dear cousin. Greenmarch didn't pay - this time." He'd say with a light smile, his eyes briefly looking to the woman at his side before returning his attention toward Rook.

"Alright, as a favor to Princess Valencia, the next item up tonight is not here to be viewed, but I assure you they are quite majestic. A pair of warhorses donated by Count Philippe Blanchard! Can I get an opening bid of 100,000?"

The bidding for this item comes quickly, and in large leaps. "Amazing, thank you, I have a bid of 225,000, can I get 250,000? I have 250,000, can I get 275,000?" Rook is dizzied from looking back and forth. "Alright, I have 275,000, can I get a bid of 300,000? I have 300,000, can I get, yes, I have 350,000!" Rook smiles at the bidding war. "Can I get 400,000? I have 400,000! Going once, going twice, SOLD for 400,000 silver to Dame Felicia Harrow!" Rook joins in the applause for the tremendous bid.

As Vayne murmurs quietly with Giada, there's an expression of faint amusement that seems to persist when Cassandra catches his gaze. As the bidding starts, he makes an effort to bid, but it's not long before he's rapidly outbit, and he relents gracefully. "Fine work," he concludes, taking the loss with ease.

She begins as a shimmer on the edge of the crowd. Ilira glides into the garden at a graceful, steady pace, her head held high and her bare back flawlessly straight, languid but purposeful. She wears no makeup, every piece of finery placed to augment and accentuate an innate majesty. Her dark, wild hair tumbles in a luxuriant mass about her shoulders, woven through with radiant wildflowers and Torian roses threaded on honeysilk ribbons. The halo of errant curls that settles around her face exquisitely frames the breadth of her wide and joyous smile, cheeks delicately flushed and eyes sparkling. Her immaculate gown, a masterpiece of honeysilk and starlight silk, follows her movements with a gossamer susurrus as she approaches the bar for a drink. Her brilliant blue gaze skims the gathering with thoughtful intent from beneath dark, lavish lashes. Her sleeves of bracelets jingle as she claps excitedly for the second winner.

Sira dips her chin to Giada's smile, adding another bow of her head for Vayne. Her eyes then scan the crowd, the smallest of smiles lighting her expression as the bidding takes off.

Cassandra resumes her wandering, ending up over at the tiger lily patch around when the bidding starts coming in hot for the Chevalle war horses. The Legate's hands rest on her hips as she stands alongside Patrizio, and inclines her head over to say something semi-discreetly that's lost in the frenzy of silver attempting to be spent.

"Alright, the next items up for bid are both from the same designer, Sira. If you like them, I encourage you all to visit her in her shop, Gilded Dreams. I also have to credit her with the finery that I am wearing this evening." Rook takes a moment to show-off his current ensemble. "Thank you, Sira, for both the donations and the spectacular outfit. Now, can I have an opening bid of 60,000 silver for this frock coat of ocean blue Cloudspine cashmere?"

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A little flicker of mirth comes to Rooks gracious decree that the fine warhorses will not make an appearance upon the upper terraces. "I would do what would please if it raises more silver for the cause," Valencia chimes playfully as she offers a graceful nod of welcome as Ilira arrives. The amount for the horses is a well one and as the crowd shares their delight, Valencia again joins them.

Sipping her wine as she joins with the merchant, Ennettia pauses to admire the things on offer, but she doesn't stop her steady drifting to a convenient spot to sit, eventually pausing to fall into a seat beneath the pergola, hmming lightly as she leans to murmur something to her newfound merchant-companion, Chioretta watching the frenzy of silver spent with wide eyes.

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Lou wiggles fingers in Denica's direction, showing that she saw the princess of Thrax. She inclines her had to Thea. "Countess," she greets the Wyvernhart woman. She claps at the bids as they come through.

a pair of mannequins in finery is now unlocked.

Sira takes Hiding under grass with delicacy from a pair of mannequins in finery.

a pair of mannequins in finery is now locked.

An arch of a slender brow when Patrizio's listening, the smile blossoming on his features as he listens to what Cassandra has to say, and there's a clear response, as much as his lips are half-hidden by the rim of his wineglass. Though spying Valencia lingering while the auction's continuing, he's waving to her in greeting as well, as if almost as much an apology for not having come over to greet her.

Rook's gaze sweeps the room, taking in the bids as they come forth. There is a quick fury of bidding. "I have 60,000, do I hear 70,000? 70,000, do I hear 80,000?" Rook notes a bid from the back, and nods. "I have 80,000, going once, going twice, and sold! To a bidder who wishes to remain anonymous."

A pleased countenance passes Vayne's features as he sees Sira's bow of head, returning a slightly shallower one for the tailor.

As each item comes up on offer, Wren pauses in her efforts to get Ennettia right over to that comfortable spot. Surely the lovely languid Lycene can withstand such torment. As the flurry of bids commences, her smile warms, and she nods in approval. Only after the frenzy over the warhorses does she allow Ennettia to topple over into the blessed arms of a seat finally. "Here we are, my Lady," she chuckles as she waits for her companion to settle before she takes her seat next to her. More applause comes as she cranes her next to see just who is bidding, and winning, on what.

Rook smiles and waves for the next item. "Our second of three donations from Sira, this is a cap-sleeve velvet gown bade of berry-hued Artshall velvet. Can I get an opening bid of 90,000 silver?" Once again, Rook surveys the crowd, goading out potential buyers.
As it gets down to a final two, he pours on that Rook charisma as the bidding grinds to a halt. "Come on, milord, clearly your wife wishes for it, are you going to bring her home disappointed?" Rook flashes a grin, and after a probably more consequential look from the lady, the Lord begrudgingly raises his paddle.
Rook looks back to the elderly lady that was just outbid to see if she wishes to continue. Were it possible for a mere look to wound, Rook would be reduced to a pile of ash. He coughs quietly. "All for a good cause, milady. Going once, going twice," Rook looks to the lady, and swallows whatever comment he was about to make. "Sold!"

Rook glances about uncomfortably as he waits for the attendant to bring up the next item.

Sira's dress, as lovely as it is, commands a worthy donation. Valencia smiles again as the bids come and the winner is found to be anonymous. "I shall truly enjoy seeing such a gown be worn at this season's events. It will look so beautiful upon any who would wear it," she muses aside with a happy nod, her hands offering applause to the bidding.

Ilira flutters her fingers warmly at Valencia and flounces over to the lovely, fire-clad princess for a word. Her voice is too low to disturb the bidding.

There are a few slow blinks from Sira as her name is mentioned, drawing her attention to Rook. Her smile remains small, but she blows her patron a friendly kiss when he shows off the outfit she'd put together for him.

"Next, donated by the always sweet Lady Mabelle Laurent, are a pair of honeys, a honey onyx, and a honey diamond. Can I get an opening bid of 50,000 silver?" Back in the swing of things, Rook's finger flashes acknowledging bidders until it tapers off. "Alright, going once, going twice, SOLD to Duke Martino Malvici, for 190,000 silver!" Rook smiles and waves for the next item.

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Lou finally moves through the gardens to settle down at the seaview terrace. When her former protege wins an item, she claps her hands once more.

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"This one is a great piece for those of wish to lend their strength to the fight, literally as well as figuratively. Called Griffin Fortitude, this fine rubicund sword was crafted by none other than Dame Ida Ferron, and she has committed that she shall never duplicate its design. What am I bid for this priceless work of both art and war?" Rook looks out to the crowd, as the bids come pouring in. His head on a swivel, eventually the pop of new bids tires out.

"Alright, going once, going twice . . . Sold! To our anonymous bidder to go with the coat!"

Patrizio's wave has not gone missed and Valencia offers a warm smile his way a gracedful incline of head offered in welcome. To Ilira , the smile returns and her delight doubles as she admires the former whisper's exquisite gown. Applauding again, she shakes her head in amazment to Mabelle's stunning jeweled bees. "So beautiful. I adore that we have such talent in Arx. It is inspiring." The sword, too, brings an admiring look as that is quickly bid upon and won by the mysterious donor.

Thea gives an applaud to those winning, but suddenly needs to leave for just a bit. Bowing her head, she excuses herself.

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"You have already seen two of this fine artisan's works go for top silver tonight, and here is your opportunity to work closely Sira directly. A donation of a custom fitting and garment." Rook pauses to flash a grin, as he once again displays the tailcoat. "You too can create a stir, just like me. Can I open the bidding at 75,000 silver?" Rook's head follows another few price jumps, until it reaches double the open. " "I have 150,000 silver, going once, going twice, SOLD, to Princess Denica Thrax!"

Giada looks up with a Physicians assistant runs up with a message for Giada. She reads it and then says, not that elegantly. "Well shit. Wounded from Bastion at the Hospital." That last part seems to be offered to the Physicians still present. "I'll catch up with you later, Father Vayne." And off she strides.

Ilira lingers by Valencia's side in soft, laughter-filled conversation with her, eyes twinkling with warmth. Every now and then her head turns and her colorful wildflowers bob as she notes the items and bidders.

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The Softest Whisper is hella late to the party, but he is here, arriving halfway through the auction, decked out in extraordinarily vibrant green-gold. He looks pleased to see the number of people attending the event, and stops to retrieve a glass of wine on the way to peruse the offerings before mingling among the partygoers.

Offering a warm smile towards Denica, Rook inclines his head to her. "Her highness is not just a generous buyer tonight, but also a generous artist! As fortune would have it, the next item up for bids is a painting session, where Princess Denica Thrax will paint a portrait of you or the subject of your choosing. Can I open the bidding at 75,000 silver?"

Another bidding war erupts, and Rook's grin broadens as Denica's offering spirals upward. "Ok, I have a bid of 100,000 silver. . . going once, going twice, SOLD, another win by Duke Martino Malvici!"

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog arrive, following Thea.

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Ilira snorts in amusement at that last win.

There's no helping the fact that Patrizio arches his eyebrow at some of the wins, but such comes with a warm smile as well, even as he's getting another refreshment. "A seriously generous sum being raised tonight, indeed," he can be heard to opine to those closest to him.

"The Duke has always had wonderful taste," Valencia smiles aside as she quietly watches the bidding. "Though her highness is a fierce competitor with a keen sense of fashion. It was a fine bidding to be sure. But truly, there are so many wonderful offerings. I am in awe."

Thea makes it just in time to hear---her brother won something else. Lifting her eyebrow, she looks at Denica.

"I would like to pause here to acknowledge a few donations that are not of items. Ilira Starling was hard at work on a gown but she holds herself to such high standards that it was not complete by this evening, so she is providing a donation in silver instead. And Wren Lavere, merchant extraordinaire and no doubt a far better auctioneer than I, has provided a donation of ONE MILLION silver to the relief effort." 435 Rook pauses to allow the crowd to react to that news. "Truly, the compassion of Arx is on display tonight."

Lou glances around the room for those people who've been named, stopping a few passers by to have them pointed out as she hasn't met them - to her remembrance - before. When they are pointed out, she nods in thanks to both Wren and Ilira, if they are there.

There's a pause in the conversation at the pergola, when Wren hears her name mentioned. Her gaze turns from Ennettia outward through the crowd towards Rook. With a smile, she raises her wine glass at the mention of her donation. "Worth every silver knight."

Corban is overheard praising Wren: How generous!

Also very late to the party is Liara Grayson. She goes to find herself a suitable vantage somewhere towards the back of the crowd from which to observe, with a faint, lingering smile. She echoes a sentiment already expressed by others, offering up two simple words, "Most generous."

Cassandra is still over at the tiger lily patch, apparently talking to or at Patrizio -- at length, with an engaged, bright look in her eyes, like the poor Pravus prince might have accidentally triggered a landslide of getting the Legate to talk about her interests.

Thea turns a head at the mention of donations. She applauds, because---wow.

Ilira's lips are subtly quirked at something as she lifts her head to accept recognition. Her eyes catch Rook's, then Lous, and she flashes a soft and genuine smile.

"Exceptionally generous of spirit," Vayne comments from where he stands at the edge of the terrace, applauding as his gaze seeks out those named, based on the turn of gaze from the crowd alone.

Looking out over the room, Rook offers a smile. "Here is another special opportunity, again courtesy of Lady Mabelle Laurent. A custom made perfume, designed with the winner in mind. Can I get an opening bid of 10,000 silver?" Once more, bidding pops back and forth until it slows. "Alright, 25,000 silver going once, going twice, and SOLD to Archlector Giada!"

Valencia is overheard praising Wren: Truly kind and exemptionally generous!

Ilira is overheard praising Wren: I aspire to be as wealthy in pocket and spirit!

All eyes turn to find Wren, including Valencia's own and she offers a graceful bow of head in appreciation. As the applauds rise to celebrate the generous donation, the little propretress of the Hart lifts her glass in respect and celebration.

Ennettia only laughs, lightly, and raises her glass towards her pergola companion.

Glancing around for a moment, Rook seems confused at the message from the page. Then he laughs. "Ah yes, of course. Not one to be left out, the next item up for bid is for day of my time, be it as a negotiator, or a trainer in the fine art of business, or simply as an evening escort at a social gathering. Can I get "

Before Rook can drop a minimum, a clear voice cuts through the crowd. "TWENTY. SILVER."

It belongs to the dowager who earlier just missed out on the gown. Rook swallows uncomfortably at her pronouncement, and there is a quiet hush. "Uh. I have 20 silver, can I get, uh " Casting a glance around as it seems the crowd is divided between those not willing to risk the dowager's ire and those that are appreciating Rook getting his just desserts.

Finally, the ringing of bells appears, carrying Rook's salvation. "5000 silver" comes from the crowd. Rook wastes no time. "Once twice SOLD!" Rook beams a smile out. "To Lord Mattheu Rivenshari. Thank you, cousin, for your fine donation." The dowager scowls, and stalks out of the room, accompanied by her two companions. Rook idly stretches out the neckline of his shirt for a moment, and briefly wipes his brow.

Cesare applauds Wren's very generous donation, along with the latest auction item, and spots the Legate of the Lost with a look of interest, drifting over in that direction. "Father Vayne. How nice to see you out and about. Are you enjoying the evening?"

Ilira's eyes glitter with amusement from where she watches the final bidding unfold.

Jamie does his best to stifle a soft snicker at the bid, lips curling into a humored smile.

Lou checks composure at normal. Lou is successful.

Lou might find the whole situation amusing, however she's able to keep a careful mask on, keeping her feelings elusive from any facial expressions.

Andre, the messenger who can't even arrives, following Dante.

Rook appears to have recovered as he calls for the next item. "This one is truly special, a fine contribution from Countess Thea Wyvernheart. A tour of Highhill!" Rook waves his hand to indicate the Countess in the audience. "Thank you for this generosity. Do I hear an opening bid of 50,000 silver?" Back and forth it goes, rapidly, as multiple bidders pop in. "Ok, I have a bid of 175,000 silver going once, going twice, and sold to Marquessa Avita Seraceni!" Rook looks out to Thea. "Perhaps you ought to open up a service, as clearly this is in high demand!"

Lou sits up and looks around at this next set of bids, glancing between everyone. She grins widely when the winner is announced.

Thea actually looks a bit surprised. She gives a wink at Rook, followed by her own small smile. "Only if you're there to sell it,"lifting her drink to her lips. She gives her nod of thanks however, genuine appreciation on her face.

As the bidding continues, Sira slinks back into a quiet corner to sip her wine. Her gaze lands on Denica briefly, but she doesn't approach the princess.

The auctioneer is certainly earning his keep, but it on the crowd that Vayne's gaze mostly remains. Cesare's approach receives an acknowledging nod from the Legate. "Whisper. I'm pleased to see how generous many can be when motivated by the prompting of something return." His smile is faint, unyielding.

"Next up, the generosity of the House of Whispers is profound. Tonight we have up for bid a thirteen year membership to the House of Whispers, and all of the benefits that confers. Can I have an opening bid of 100,000 silver?" Rook looks back and forth through several bidders, nodding to each, and calling out bids. "I have 200,000, can I get more? Going once, going twice, SOLD to Dame Felicia Harrow, a second win tonight for her!"

Lou is overheard praising Thea: For donating an exploration trip. Such an adventurous spirit.

Lou is overheard praising Avita: For winning Thea's adventure trip. What an adventurous spirit!

Patrizio clearly is having a good time, while conversing with Cassandra, and enjoying the delightful assortment of beverages that can be had at the Hart. Something that his companion says draws a warm grin from him, and a shake of his head, the soft murmuring, even as he's looking over towards the Auction once more and keeping track of the items up for bid.

Better late than never? Dante appears with a quiet tread, apparently trying to hide the fact that he's hideously late, far past fashionably, and sidles up next to Ennettia with a comfortable slouch like he was there all along.

"Another donation from the House of Whispers, this from the Radiant Whisper herself. Anisha Whisper offers her tutelage on the social graces and other skills. Can I get an opening of 50,000 silver?" Once again, a strong round of bidding comes to a close, as Rook nods to the crowd. "Once, twice, SOLD to Lord Pasquale Malespero!"

Cesare huffs softly with wry amusement, taking up a spot beside Vayne and raising a glass to Felicia's win of a Very Long Engagement with Whisper House. "I'm of two minds in my response; one being to say that 'avarice builds cities' is a statement left outside Gild's shrine as a reminder for many reasons, and that I believe it perfectly predictable that most wish for a return on their 'investment.' The second to be that there were many millions of silver donated directly to Grayson already in the immediate wake of the attack, so apparently the more insubstantial prize of 'not leaving the entire city of Bastion to be destroyed by unholy terror' is a worthy enough investment."

Cesare has joined the cityview terraces.

1 Knight of the Temple, Trouble, the waddling raccoon, 1 Templar Knight guards, Luzio, the burly Mirrormask arrive, following Giada.

"From one specialty to another, this next donation is from Dominus Aureth Grayhope, and it is also for training. Can I also get an opening of 50,000 silver?" The bidding for the Dominus' tutelage seems as high in demand as the Radiant Whisper's, as the bids pile on.

As they slow, "Going once, going twice, sold, AGAIN to Lord Pasquale Malespero." Rook chuckles for a moment. "I am not sure I want to face you across the gambling table, m'lord, after you have learned from these two."

Giada has joined the cityview terraces.

Giada dips in to give some money to Sira.

Ellani, the palm sized spider arrives, delivering a message to Sira before departing.

"An interesting perspective," is the Legate of the Lost's response to the Whisper, Vayne's hands still folded neatly, lacking a glass and yet possessed of no need to fidget or keep his hands busy while he does so. "So many have interpreted that saying differently over the years, I have found. Contentious, and an interesting reflection both, of the one who views and considers it."

Once Giada has given the money to Sira, she slips through the crowd to rejoin Vayne for a couple of minutes.

Lou claps for all of the winners so far, particularly those of multiple bids. She's sitting up straighter as they get close to the Explorer's offer.

"Here is a unique one. Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words, unable to express your feelings for the object of your affections?" Rook pauses to wait for some response. "I mean, /I/ haven't, but even I cannot put them to music as well as Lord Savio Amadeo. So up for bid tonight is his composition of a song or poem on the subject of your choice. Can I get 25,000 silver?" A unique offering gets a serious amount of bids. "I have 60, can I get 65? I have 65, can I get, yes, 70. Can I get 75?" No small amount of interest here. "Alright, I have 75,000, going once, going twice, sold! To Zakhar, already helping out earlier with his donation. Thank you!"

A breath softly is released as the even seems to roll along effortlessly. The bidding moving along between happy conversations as company is enjoyed and the bidding watched with interest. A smile aside to Ilira comes as she glances up and to the crowd again. "I could not ask for a more wonderful evening. I love to see such beautiful faces alight like this. There is great magic in such moments, I like to think," she notes, again applauding another winner.

Ilira squeals in delight and claps for that bid, bouncing on her toes a bit.

"It's only one possible interpretation, as you say," Cesare agrees, sipping from his glass of wine and offering a bow to Giada as she approaches. "It behooves a Whisper to be able to look at most things from a variety of perspectives, including the ones we find most challenging."

"Dante, dearest, come meet Messere Wren, if you haven't. Do defend me, she is soo noble in spirit it's nearly dented my ego." She tells Dante, gesturing with her wineglass to a nearby seat as she turns to Wren, "Do you know this one," 'This one'! "Wren dearest?"

Dante has joined the cozy vine-covered pergola.

"Another service, continuing our line here. This is a performance piece, donated by Suspire Camilla Baseborn. I can assure you, if you have not seen a performance by a Suspire, you are missing out on perfection." Rook flashes a brief grin, and opens the bidding. "Can I get 50,000 silver? Excellent, thank you." The bidding launches on until petering out, finally. "Alright, I have 150,000 going once, going twice, SOLD! To Lord Pasquale Malespero. I am not sure what kind of parties are you throwing there, m'lord, but with the guest list you have accrued tonight, I most certainly wish to be invited!"

As the evening flows onward and the bidding wars continue, the conversation between Wren and Ennettia ebbs and flows as well. Another round of wine glasses make their way into their hands, and when Dante slips into a seat next to Ennettia, Wren's brows loft, but she offers Dante a warm, if professional, smile. "I'm afraid this is the first time I've seen him, but I'm certain that if he knows you, lady, he must be fine company all the same."

Denica holds her wine glass easily between two fingers, letting it rest in the cup of her hands. Her attention is fixated on Rook as he announces the bids, while she murmurs something from time-to-time with the group she stands on the terrace with. Having amiable conversation as she reacts to the scene as it unfolds, a vary of expressions on her face.

Looking to the side, an attendant brings up the final object of the evening. "Here we have a final gold rope necklace, carefully crafted by the amazing Cufre Harrow. Can I get an opening bid of 50,000 silver?" The bidding bounces again, Rook barely able to keep up. "I have 150,000 going once, going twice, SOLD to Marquessa Quenia Igniseri! A fine donation for a fine item!"

Lou seems to be looking nervously along the sidelines. She's muttering somewhat quietly at her terrace.

"If you have not gotten your fill of training yet, here is another donation, from Miraj Roumier, training in all manners of social skills." Rook looks around, collecting bids on this one as well. "Going once, going twice, sold! To the Lord near the bushes!"

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

"Here is another offer that is special, from Lord Orland Amadeo. He will use his skills to dismantle up to ten items for you." Rook pauses to chuckle. "Presumably including giving the pieces back to you. Can I get an opening bid of 25,000 silver?" The bids come in on this item as well. "Going once, twice, sold, for 45,000 silver, to the lady with the peacock hat!"

"Ok, almost done, everyone."

Valencia couldn't be more happy it would seem. A happy look across the room to those gathered. A nod for Whisper Cesare and a gentle incline of head for Lou and then Dante as he speaks with his charming companions, Ennettia and Wren. The lord near the bushes gets a little peek, not to be rude but the curiosity gets the better of her despite her warm composure. Another little smile comes as she watches for a moment as Vayne and Giada converse. Her dark eyes smiling again to Patrizio as he and Cassandra speak over drinks.

Eirene shows up, better late than never. The Assistant Guildmaster wears her formal robes of office for a change, white aeterna over black leathers. She raises a hand in greeting before coming to see what's the final objects on bid.

Smiling up at the front, Rook looks out over the crowd. "We are nearly at the end, one item left up for bids. Since I am sure that once we are out of items, you will all be too excited to enjoy the wonders of the Garden to listen to me prattle on anymore, I want to use my last opportunity of captured attention to take a moment to once again thank everyone for participating this evening. Either by donation, or purchase, or merely by coming out and showing support, I am glad that we can come together to help out those who so desperately need it. I only ask that you think about this beyond this night, and remember that we never have to wait for an occasion such as this to honor Gilt, and display compassion and charity for those in need." Rook adjusts his tunic for a moment, allowing those words to marinate on the crowd before going into the final item.

"The last item up for bid is an expedition, guided by the Society of Explorers, donated by Princess Lou Grayson." Murmurs go across the crowd, as this was an item much talked about. |

"Can I get an opening bid of 100,000 silver?" Rook settles in as this bidding is fast, furious, frenetic, and nearly infinite, as he struggles to keep up.

Patrizio is lingering still at the tiger lily patch, conversing with Cassandra, his expression shifting from contented to serious, and back to something that's perhaps more playful while they talk. There's the notice of Valencia glancing over to him and, briefly, he smiles to her with a lift of his glass, between considerations of the items still up for auction.

Lou seems to have been holding her breath, waiting to see if the item had been forgotten or not. There's a look of pure relief on her face when it is announced as the last and final item of the action. She smiles warmly at Rook as he starts the bidding and seems at the edge of her seat when things start taking off. Her head is moving as fast and furious between each of the bidders as things progress.

The flurry of bids attracts Cesare's attention and a faint smile of amusement from where he's speaking with the Archlector of the Thirteenth and the Legate of the Lost on one of the terraces - although he is mostly engrossed in the conversation at hand, and the wine he's drinking.

The murmur among the crowd rises as the bidding continues. When it crosses 500,000 silver, easily the highest item of the night, the crowd gets louder.

When it crosses 1,000,000, that all changes, and a quiet falls over everyone. The only thing heard is the flicker of paddles, and the clarity of Rook's voice. "One a half million, do I hear, yes, two million!"

Unrelenting, the demand for the expedition rises, as Rook struggles to keep up with the bids. Finally, it is down to two, the bid going higher, and higher. Rook's face is fixed with an expression of amazement and gratitude. As it winds down, he looks to the other bidder, who shakes his head gently. Rook nods.

"And I believe we have it. Going once, going twice, and SOLD for /THREE MILLION SILVER/, to the Brass Dragon of Setarco, Drusila!"

Cassandra pauses in her discussion with Patrizio to watch the bidding unfold for Lou's exploration-for-hire. With such a prize on offer, how could she NOT watch? Her eyebrows visibly lift at the final selling price, and stay lifted even as she returns Valencia's glance. Mid-eye-contact with the Princess, she remembers to lower her brows.

Eirene raises her eyebrows as the bids fly. Higher. Higher. Million? Two? Three? She laughs in wild disbelief as she goes to join Rook on stage. "Holy shit, THREE million?"

Princess Valencia receives a friendly smile with an incline of Dante's head in return. "I do love this place, Your Highness. I haven't been here enough as of late, I ought to make sure to change that." Lou is also greeted with a nod of respect, but his eyes drift over to Patrizio and Cassandra. While the Pravus is given a wave, he bows slightly to Cassandra, telling her, "Legate Cassandra. Lovely to see you again - I would like to speak with you in person sometime when you have a moment. Sometime in the future is fine, it doesn't have to be tonight."

While there is nothing subdued about the figure who joins the event, Blush does little to draw any extra attention to himself. Through the entryway he moves, and then to the side, finding the perfect spot to stand and stare for a bit. Astute eyes move over to the bidding war for charity, his lips curving upward. Wine moves by, and he murmurs a quick, "Don't mind if I do," before claiming a glass and lifting it in a toast to the winner. He does not drink it, however, slender fingers encircling the rim as he holds it to his side.

Thea blinks. And blinks some more. She looks at Lou and just claps. Because what else is she supposed to do. If Drusila was here, she'd be doing the same thing.."

Denica claps excitedly for Lou when she hears the final bid, leaning into murmur something to the woman herself.

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If anything could pull Wren from the conversation she's having, it's the bidding war that explodes over the last item. She doesn't offer a word to her companions as she sits up and leans forward to watch the flurry of activity as the sum of silver rises higher and higher and higher--until finally, it crests. She grins and lets out a loud whistle before she rises to her feet to clap excitedly. "Well done!"

Valencia smiles back to Cassandra, the little vixen seeming pleased to see her enjoying herself. As the comes hard and fast, the crowd goes silent as the numbers go up and up and up. As the final bid is called and the winner declared, there is an audible cheer of delight from Valencia's corner of the site.

Lou's brows rise higher and higher with each bidding turn. She stares, almost in disbelief, when it reaches the price it does. She's looking out over the crowd for Drusila, and when she spots the other woman she inclines her head, quite gravely and seriously, but also full of respect. "She shall have the best explorers on the journey with her, guiding her path."

Giada claps politely for the finale of the final bid. "That will really fucking help."

Rook grins over at Eirene, and nods, speaking directly to her, not in his stage projection. "We have had a tremendous turnout this evening. I know you were tending to some wounded, but wait until you hear the final tally." He flashes her a grin, allowing for a moment the accolodates to come forth for Lou and Drusila both.

Who knew exactly what it was that occupied the marquis' evening and why he was so fashionably late, but he arrived just in time to hear the end of a wonderful bidding war indeed. He eased away from the door to meet a number of familiar faces with a warm smile and cordial nods.

An arch of a brow at Dante's wave, but there's the dip of Patrizio's head, and a faint smile. "My lord," he says with some note of amusement to his voice at the manner. Though he's otherwise holding his tongue while there's the conversation about that last bid, and he makes a soft sound, as if it's not his place to say something further in the midst of the good works.

Cassandra's hands rest on her hips comfortably, and she dips her head in a nod toward Dante when he approaches. "Marquis," she greets. "If Prince Patrizio doesn't mind, we can step aside for a moment -- if it's the sort of thing to be spoken about at an auction fete, anyway."

The bidding now complete and the cheering finally complete, Valencia steps forward and gently taps her glass to gather people's attention..

"My gentle, generous friends, if I may. I echo Missere Minister Rooks kind words and invite you to take a moment to raise a glass to the wonderful success you have created here today, " the little vixen smiles to all with the greatest of gratitude and delight.

"To the finest of Arvum's artisans and artists and to all those who donated so generously, and to you who came to support this very important event."

Turning, Valencia now shares her smile for Rook. Fond and warm, she continues, "And of course, we must offer extra thanks to our brilliant Missere Minister Rook Champagne, for without his incredible work and vision, this fine fundraiser would ever have happened. My sweet friends, to generous hearts, clever minds and to helping so many. To you. To Arx. To Avrum!"

Patrizio gestures briefly, as if to give Cassandra and Dante leave to speak, and eases free from his spot a few paces to allow them to speak in private.

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Giada leans over to whisper something to Vayne

Valencia is overheard praising Rook: A truly inspiring host and incredible charitable event! A generous man with a good heart. So grateful for him.

Lailah, too, blinks in surprise at as the bidding goes higher and higher. Though the solemn Bisland scholar adds her applause with the others at the end, so lost in thought she doesn't quite notice that some of the wine sloshes from her glass. Thankfully only a little bit.

Lou is overheard praising Drusila: I cannot wait to see where this most generous woman wants to explore, and to hear the tales she brings back of her journeys. Thank you.

"An excellent auction. Well done to Master Rook, and the Princess Valencia," Vayne states, his voice carrying as he applauds approvingly.

Rook places his hands together before his heart and bows deeply to Valencia at her words. "Thank you, Your Highness, for your support and hospitality." He looks out to the gathered group, and says, "Now everyone, go forth and enjoy that hospitality. I declare the auction officially concluded!"

"Wow. Wow. Just fuckin' wow," Eirene says simply. "Gild is fuckin' good. Cooperation, charity, and community. These are hallmarks of civilization, which keep us from the road to ruin." She pauses to let her words sink in. "Those who have lived through the hardest time of their lives have a chance to rebuild and restore, thanks to all of you. And especially Minister Rook."

Sira takes a pair of mannequins in finery.

Eirene is overheard praising Rook: Organizing a charity gala!

Cesare raises his glass in approval of the bid, "Well done Minister Rook and gratitude for all the donors and Princess Valencia for hosting!" he calls. "Whisper House is proud to have contributed to this wonderful cause."

Lou is overheard praising Rook: Thank you very much for hosting the Arx Cares event.

Eirene is overheard praising Valencia.

While conversing with Ennettia and Wren, Dante hears the final bid and his jaw hangs open. Only a moment before it snaps shut and he drinks quite awhile from his glass, making Andre refill it afterwards. "It seems quite worth it, certainly!" Whistling, he smiles at Cassandra and Patrizio, giving them both a lazy wave. "No, no. It will take a fair while and likely better spoken of in a more quiet place."

"Always, sir. Always," Valencia returns, her curtsy low and gracious. "My Hart yours when ever you need it," she offers back with a smile for Rook and then the room, and of course Eirene's words.

Eirene is overheard praising Drusila: 3 MILLION TO CHARITY. Amazing generosity.

Dante is overheard praising Rook: Quite the host with the most with a record breaking bid to charity to boast!

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Ilira raises her glass of cognac in her left hand and gazes at Valencia through her address, eyes sparkling. A rosy flush of delight warms her cheeks. At the end, she cheers brightly and downs the last of her drink, then gracefully passes off the empty glass to an accommodating server. She flounces forward, her effulgent dress shifting and shimmering as she slips through the crowd to another part of the gardens. Passing Dante, Patrizio and Cassandra, she inclines her head and flashes all a radiant smile, eyes catching the Sword of Tor's a moment longer. Then she spots someone on the outskirts and makes her way over.

Dante is overheard praising Valencia: Always classy, always doing so much for the good of Arx

Ilira is overheard praising Rook.

Ilira is overheard praising Valencia.

Jamie is overheard praising Rook: An excellent host to an excellent evening, truly inspiring.

He was so late he missed most of everything! "Ah, well," Blush murmurs to himself and finally lifts his glass for a sip of that wine. Just a single taste before it is set aside for some servant to pluck up and carry off. And then he's clapping his hands for the event, the money, for Gild, for all of it! Huzzah.

Cassandra nods toward Dante. "Very well. Write to me and we'll set up a proper time and proper place to speak." She turns her head to catch Ilira's smile and offer a very small one of her own in return -- more of a polite smile than a big bright one. Then the Legate of the Arts goes wandering again, to socialize in the aftermath of so much silver being shoveled into the bottomless pit of a good cause.

Ennettia is overheard praising Rook: He did keep things well-paced and emptied pockets beautifully.

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Lou seems to be content to just sit and wait at the terrance a bit while the crowd filters out.

Ennettia is overheard praising Wren: How delightfully, charitably lavish.

Rook steps from the dais and moves to join with the crowd, exchange greetings. He smiles at Eirene. "I hope that will help." He grins, having already noted the excited if rather foul-mouthed reactions from the doctors.

As the group at the terrace breaks up, Cesare offers a bow to Vayne and Giada. "Of course," he acknowledges. "You as well, Legate. Archlector." Then he's dipping into the crowd, searching for that shock of color he saw. Not very many people in Arx have pink hair. "Blush!"

A little nudge to Ilira and an impish smile as the music begins to meet the happy celebration of such a successful auction. "If it is dancing you wish, now would be the time," Valencia laughs softly as she turns to see out familar and fond faces in the crowd.

Giada nods to Vayne. "That works. I need to show you the new office, too, don't let me forget," she says. She smiles are Cesare. "Nice to see you again, Softest Whisper." And then she's following Vayne towards Valencia.

A smile in return for Ilira, when she's passing by, before he's making his wavy over towards Rook and Valencia, the low laugh from the armoured prince as he offers his belated salutations. "A wonderful evening, all told," comes his voice, bright with pleasure at the shape of things this evening. "I can't have imagined something as successful as all this, and gods grant that this does a /great/ deal of good to help out."

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Now that the biddings are over, Thea rises to her feet. Seeing Eirene, she flutters her fingers. "That was---This has been amazing,"she says. "I should be off. Seems I have a tour to prepare for,"as she excuses herself. "It was so good to see you all,"before slipping out.

Thea is overheard praising Rook.

Thea is overheard praising Eirene.

Eirene nudges Rook with her elbow. "I should get back to the Grace. It's hectic tonight but the charity news will be welcomed." She grins at Thea and then over to Lou. "Better be one hell of a trip," she jokes as she heads back for the streets.

Thea is overheard praising Lou.

With a nod towards the Whisper, Vayne is leading Giada towards Valencia at an even pace, the steady step of his allowing sufficient time for people to make room for them. "Your Highness," he says, as he approaches the Velenosa Princess. "It was an excellent event. Your words and generosity stir others to the same heights. I'm glad I could be here."

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Inclining his head to Patrizio, Rook offers the Prince a smile. "It really did work out beyond my wildest dreams, I must confess. All credit to the donaters and the bidders - I only raised a puny 5000 silver on my own." He flashes a grin. "And I owe my cousin a sincere debt of gratitude, it would appear."

Blush hears his name being called, and he turns with mild surprise that anyone would be shouting it out, but the source is easily identified. "Cesare Whisper," he greets when the man is close enough, a smile at his face. "Did you bid? Did you support the efforts in Bastion?" he queries, gesturing to the room at large as people begin to filter out.

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Another smile blushes to Patrizio as he arrives, Valencia nearly bouncing with delight. "Highness, was it not wonderful so see such generosity? I am so glad for Missere Minister Rook and all those he and these good folk will help." As Vayne and Giada arrive, the smile blossom further, a genuine fondness reaching her eyes as she welcomes the Legate and the Arclector. "You came! I am so glad. You make my heart happy to see you present. Did you enjoy? Do you need more to drink? Gods, I want to celebrate until day's dawning."

"I did not bid," Cesare admits. "I am a bit light on coin, although I wanted to buy my friend's offering of a song, but -" he waves a hand. "I will be leading a party to Bastion, of course, and have offered my assistance in any other way I may contribute as well - information, connections, and so forth. Whisper House offered up a pair of items which I am pleased to say fetched a good price." His gaze to Blush is curious. "It's strange to see you at a party - or maybe it's not, I suppose, but I've only ever seen you at the shrine."

As things wind down, Ennettia remains admiring the show - did she come for the charity or for the entertainment? - applauding when it ends, but her eyes on those attending moreso than the auction items, as she laughs and mumurs with Dante and Wren at her seat leaning lightly against the pergola.

Giada checks composure at hard. Giada is successful.

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Having finally stepped down from the dais, Rook makes his over in search of two things - his protege, Sira, and a drink. Acquiring one en route to the other, he takes a healthy swallow as he checks in on items that had been collected for donations.

Giada looks after Cesare and looks for a second longer just past the Whisper before she walks on after Vayne. She waits patiently, a polite smile on her lips. "Highness," she greets in her oh so Lenosian accent.

"You sell yourself short yet again, Messere Minster," Patrizio says, not quite with the same kind of a cluck of his tongue as he knows Valencia's capable of. "Every silver counts, does it not, regardless of the source?" Those jade eyes dance when Valencia's greeting him, and there's a slight bow to her, before he's being sure to make room for Vayne and Giada to be joining them. "Legate, Archlector," he says, seriously, not that the smile's going anywhere from his features.

Sira is still in her quiet corner, now with an empty glass of wine.

"No," Vayne's voice is quiet, yet it conveys his apology readily as he bows his head to Valencia, "I shall have to refuse, with reluctance, your offer of wine. The Archlector and I have some business we need to discuss. Your Highness," another bow of his head, this time towards Patrizio, and while he doesn't seem to recognize the prince precisely, that faint smile never wavers. "We won't interrupt for any longer. But we'll speak of your letter soon?" that's directed to Valencia, before he offers his arm towards Giada, effortless in his elegant gestures, seeking to escort the Archlector from the room.

"You're giving what you can, and that is what matters," Blush remarks, looking past Cesare for a moment as more guests filter by. Is he looking for someone in particular? "I am sorry to have missed the brunt of the auction. I do enjoy the frenzy of it all, but perhaps I will not be so slow in arriving for the next one." As to the surprise, he laughs, shaking his head, "I have been to a party or two, my friend, but my duties in Arx tend to keep me rather busy. I was hoping I might find someone here tonight, but it does not look like they attended." He pushes his disappointment down, lifting a hand to run fingers through his very pink hair. "When do you leave for Bastion?"

Sira takes hooded cashmere frock coat from a pair of mannequins in finery.

If there was one thing Gaspar was never long without, it was his own glass of wine and having seen Sira who, up to this point was unknown to him, was without a full one of her own, he plucked another from a passing tray and made his way alongside. He handed it over with barely a look. "Does the night truly warrant strangers bringing you wine to pass the minutes?" He took a sip from his own and wore on the faintest smile before casting a sidelong glance to her.

Sira takes Griffin Fortitude, a rubicund one-handed blade from a pair of mannequins in finery.

Giada inclines her head. "Lovely evening. Take care." And ooff she goes with Vayne.

Sira blinks at Gaspar. "What?" The new glass is accepted, the woman's head tipping up to look at the man.

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"It is so. Every silver counts when it comes to such things," Valencia echoes Patrizio's words reassuringly. "It is so see you in my Hart, Blessed. Please be so very welcome." To Vayne, there is a little nod and a soft cant of head. "I understand, but will insist on double the measure of good wine when we next meet, Legate Vayne. I hope you will indulge me. Oh, and before you go, please allow me to introduce to you dear friends and those you should know, if you do not already," the little vixen smiles to the others and back. "Sir. Good blessed, may I introduce his highness, the Prince Patrizio of Prauvs, the very charming Mistress Ilira Starling, and I do believe you know the gentleman of the our, our wonderful host, Missere Minister Rook and the very talented, Misters Sira," she nods, looking to Siri make sure she go her name correct.

"I am sure you've been to a party or two," Cesare replies, his voice warm with amusement. "You seem like the sort to enjoy the things a party entails. Carousing, dancing, wining. Not to be confused with whining." He emphasizes the 'h' in the latter. "Who are you looking for? If you don't mind my asking. If you do, well - I suppose you just won't tell me."

He sips from his wine glass. "I'm not quite sure. Sooner rather than later, I believe. I recently spoke to a prisoner of the house we intend to infiltrate, and so it only remains to formulate a plan with my team, and travel."

Lou glances up when a name is called out by Cesare, her eyes scanning the crowd. She finds the person Cesare was greeting when he turns to speak to Cesare himself. Both brows rise ever so slightly as she regards this new to her person.

Walking over to Valencia, Rook inclines his head to the princess as she makes the introductions, and offers a smile towards Vayne. "A pleasure."

The marquis cocked that dark brow just a fraction higher as he angled his head down at the now wine-wielding (and blade wielding...) brunette. "Quite simply an empty wineglass coupled with solitude in a function such as this tells all number of stories. I won't presume to guess which yours might be for the night." He took another sip of his Lenosian Red and gave the woman a small bow of his head. "Marquis Gaspar Tessere."

Patrizio inclines his head to both Vayne and Giada before they're off, and a chuckle briefly when he's contemplating the matter, turning back to Valencia and Rook. "I shouldn't keep either of you from your guests either," offers he with that warm smile and a slight bow to each, though there's the draw of his hand to lift Valencia's hand and he kisses the back of it. "Though we should converse ourselves in the near future once more, when the time's more fitting."

"I do," Blush responds with some amusement, not offering any follow-up, with surely show that he has no plans to sate the curiosity of the Whisper. "One moment," he asks of the man before turning to flag down a servant and murmur some secret missive that he sends with the man off and away. His attention returns and he listens to the timeline for Cesare's efforts, nodding faintly. There's a mild concern that claims his features, but his words are encouraging, "You will do well, I believe, but take care, hmm? The dangers we face are growing, and flexing their power, and while risk is needed, do not be careless."

Rising up from her spot at the lilies, Lore goes to offer her congratulations to Rook and Sira, trying not to take up too much of their time. But Sira still gets a hug and a kiss on the cheek, with a few whispered words in her ear. Straightening, she smiles at her friend, winks at Gaspar, and turns to head out. As she heads out, however, there's a veer off towards Cesare and Blush. Approaching them, she offers a warm smile and offers a respectful nod, "Hello, please pardon for interrupting. Softest, I believe you could do this far more justice than I ever could. I hope you'll let it help keep you warm when the weather changes." She hands him a package, then glances to Blush, "Apologies for interrupting. Have a wonderful evening." Turning, she completes her goal of heading out!

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