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The People's Tournament - Fist Fight 1014

The Compact has the Tournament of Roses but the lowers and uppers of Arx has the People’s Tournament. Entry to the People’s Tournament is open only to the common born and the events held are the kind of activities that those not born with silk wrapped around them would be familiar with.

From delivering a wagon loaded down with goods around the lowers, with the fastest time and with accuracy, catching fish from the Gray River, running through the lowers as swiftly as possible and overcoming obstacles to a good bought of pugilism, the People’s Tournament lends more to the tastes and familiarity of the commons of Arx.

With cash prizes for the overall winners (Combined points from all events), crowns for the individual event winners and an abundance of alcohol and a gala at the end to celebrate, it’s an excellent time to be a commoner. It’s a chance to change your stars.

1st - 700,000 silver
2nd - 450,000 silver
3rd - 275,000 silver

People’s Choice - 325,000 Silver

OOC: These events are for commoners to participate in. Nobles are welcome to observe, cheer on even, but actual participation in the event is restricted to commoners only.
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Feb. 18, 2021, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Anisha Cocine


Sydney Gabriella Lore Merek Raven Zakhar Savio Samira Gianna Kyden Arion Ian Alessia Orland Svana Vashtalyn


Faith of the Pantheon Redrain Amadeo Grayhope Bard's College Whisper Crafters Guild Grayson Thrax


Arx - Lower Boroughs - The Hollow - Arena and Bar

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Anisha drops The People's Tournament - Fist Fight 1014.

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrives, following Raven.

Raven arrives, following Samira.

Fiore the Sarcastic Attendant, 3 First Legion Centurions arrive, following Gabriella.

It's hard to miss the fact that Sydney is in high spirits as she looms in the interior space of The Hollow. Anyone that knows the Lowers knows how rare it is for an audience of even this humble size to be gathered in what's generally regarded as the seediest public-facing bar in the Lowers, and one of the less pleasant places one can hope to find oneself fighting in. As a well-seasoned pitfighter of modest notoriety in the Lowers, Sydney looks right at home, and utterly at ease, a glass of whiskey in one hand, a shimmering crown in the other, swirling it 'round lazily. She's riding high on that Muddy Run win!

The Hollows have been a happening place all day, with the banners of the Houses and Organizations acting as sponsors hung from the rafters and above the bar, and Anisha moving along, offering gentle words of encouragement, while fights have been held. There are a few bloodied noses, maybe a few joints sprained - even a finger or two broken. Preliminary rounds are just about done, with only a few more to come. Alcohol has been flowing freely, and some impromptu fights have broken out. The bookies, being opportunists, have taken advantage by offering bets on THOSE, too, but it's the actual proper fights that have people excited - and betting on favourites.

Talk about looking out of place. Gabriella makes her way into the Hollow, all dressed in her commander armor set to take a seat among the audience. She tries to keep a low profile, but with her kind of metal, that's gonna be hard. Still, the princess waves at some of the familiar faces there, in special Sydney. "Kick their ass, have no mercy!" She bellows out in encouragement, "Or next time I'll bring you a favor, like some ladies do to knights!"

Lore is quietly watching people filter in, not drinking, not eating. Just people-watching with that sharp-eyed glance, taking measure of each possible competitor. She's none of her usual entourage following her today, just her, by herself. She isn't even dressed in her usual flashy fashion! She's in non-descript whatever shirt and pants, boots on her feet.

Merek of course takes the time to walk in, and makes sure he places away all of his armor along with clothing, then he adjusts the dark pants which he wears, no shirt on. He's scarred up from war though most has healed at least a fair amount. The Knight nods while he finds a place. For a well-off knight as well as Iron Guard, he's often seen in the Lowers, especially during this tournament.

Raven follows alongside Gabriella, lifting up on tip-toes to have a look around at who's here and who seems to be participating. Occasionally a calloused hand is thrown up as she waves to those she knows.

Zakhar showed up early and took a spot on the floor while finishing off a knitting project. Maybe it got him some weird looks maybe it didn't, the old man doesn't care one way or the other. The project was finished and handed to the intended recipient. The kittens were intended to be left at home, but they found a way to follow along and have now been contained somewhat. They are roaming the room, they are not contained at all... He stands up from his spot on the floor and starts some simple stretches, then starts to remove the multitude of weapons that are hidden upon his person. Giving a couple of the patrons waiting for the fights a glance as they watch so many small weapons being removed from places they didn't think he had a weapon.

Savio is here! Dressed to FIGHT, which is the same thing he wore for the mud-run: just knee-length trousers tied up at the knee, and a snake tattoo coiled over his left shoulder. He seems in good spirits despite the need to ask Sydney and Lore, "Do you think it'll be really hard to find my teeth in the arena sand, after the fight?"

"Princess Gabriella, well met," Anisha offers brightly. "Here to support a favourite?" She inquires, with a little grin - glancing to Sydney when the woman's name comes up from the Pravosi princess, and she raises a hand to wave to the redhead. "She did very well in the Muddy City Run, but this is where she's got a home-field advantage," She notes, as she gives Raven an incline of the head. "Captain Raven. Welcome." There's a nod of the head to Lore, to Merek, to the other people present, and then she moves over to the bar, stepping up onto a stool, then the bar proper.

"All right folks, are you ready for another bout?" The crowd, by the jeers and cheers and raising of tankards, are indeed ready.

"If messeres ARION HARROW and SAILOR ZAKHAR will make ready in the main ring, we're ready for you, gentlemen!" She calls out. "May the best win!"

Sydney glances over her shoulder as a familiar voice cuts through the din, seemingly angled at her. She flashes her teeth and waves a hand, "You should have brought me a favor, anyhow! I'd have worn it in my hair!" She winks to Gabriella, then offers a laugh to Savio, "...No, not difficult at all! Just don't swallow 'em. Seen that mistake a half-hundred times. They do come out, though. Eventually."

Samira strides into the establishment, a feral grin on her lips. Having come directly from the training center, she strips out of armor as she walks, tossing various pieces at the trio of Cullers that follow in her wake, assuming they'll catch whatever she throws in their direction. Once she has stripped down to her smallclothes, she gives a satisfied nod and turns attention to the other contestants gathering. "This oughta be lively." When the first bout is announced, she cheers raucously for both men.

Gianna is already there. Really! She has a mug with some beer in it and she's sitting on a chair by straddling it backwards. She even manages to somehow blend. Gianna will never quite shrug off the streets.

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Kyden meanders in, looking around with an aloof expression that borders on boredom. Ringed eyes suggest a lack of sleep, but she blinks heavily against the downward pull of her eyelids. For whatever reason, she'd rather watch the fight than get some sleep, it seems. "So where can a lass go to place a bet?" she wonders aloud, as she glances around the room, following the flow of the crowd closer to the arena floor.

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"No, no.. just look for the shiny bits. Make sure you have plenty of light, your teeth will shine, the sand won't." Lore flashes an easygoing grin towards Savio before leaning in closer to murmur a bit of something to the man. She also pokes at his tattoo, "Very nice work. Is the artist in Tremorus?" She looks over when Zakar and Arion step into the ring, putting two fingers to her lips and letting out a shrill whistle. "GO ZAK!"

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Zakhar finishes dropping all of his armor and weapons, kick them over towards where the kitten should have been. Giving a quick glance to their locations, and a little sigh. The old man crosses into the ring, the marks on his back and shoulders visible to all. He doesn't flex, simply takes a stance and nods to Arion. "Red's?"

"Ohhhhh, noted," Savio agrees with Sydney's sage advice here. "I bet I could replace them with gold, though. It'd be a look." Not necessarily a good look, but a look. As Lore pokes the tattoo, one corner of his mouth quirks upwards in amusement. "No, not Tremorus -- a long way out in the middle of nowhere in the Chain, one of the little islands that almost doesn't have a name, and where almost nobody is from. I'll tell you about it sometime." But it will have to be another time, as he cheers on the fighters, "Make it a good one, hey!"

Arion is here dressed in purple and black, a corset, short skirt and boots, now with the addition of a colorful scarf made by Zakhar. Who he has to fight?! He blinks and straightens up steeling himself with a timid little smile. With a dancers grace he leaps into the ring landing easily on his feet. "Somehow I don't think I will win this. Still...lets put on a good show!" He winks at Zakhar and twirls, skirt fluttering as he takes up a fighting stance, preparing himself after trying to use his charm to keep his opponent unbalanced.

Gabriella dips her head politely to Anisha, "Indeed! And while I doubt she'll lose, there are still some friendly faces here I wouldn't mind cheering on." She tells the Whisper, leaning forward at her seat to gesture for Sydney to approach. "If you come here for a moment, I'll give you something just as good."

Raven gapes, "Wait! Is that...SAVIO?!" Nevermind she's not talking to anyone but the sudden bellow of Savio's name in surprise! She looks around then for Sabvio's cheering squad, "Oh, gods, why?" She shakes her head. Gianna is spotted and given a wave!

Arion checks charm and seduction at easy. Arion is successful.

Sydney makes her amusement rather obvious at Lore's quip, and she raises a glass, "As our illustrious frontrunner says." Her attention swerves to Savio, and she offers, "Just keep your guard up, don't drop it from your face, and you'll do fine." She lightly claps on the shoulder, then moves over to approach Gabriella, drink in hand. "And what might that be, Gabrie?"

Gianna raises her mug to Raven and tilts her chin up as the fight commences. Maybe. "Good corset. Hate to bleed on that," she murmurs absently, presumably to herself.

"Are you implying I can't take a punch?" Savio yells toward Raven in the stands, "What about me would ever suggest I haven't been hit in the face on multiple occasions?" It's a rhetorical question, maybe, as his grin suggests to Sydney and Lore. "Usually I just get decked after I sang the wrong thing about the wrong person. This'll be a new experience!"

Raven cups her hands around her mouth and bellows, "IT'd certainly explain a few things!" at savio.

A small sigh escapes Samira's lips as she sets eyes upon Arion. "No one told me this was meant to be /fashionable/ fighting," she grumbles jokingly, glancing down to her skimpy smallclothes. "If nothing else, he's going to make this look distractingly elegant, I bet." She grins at Savio's remark, amused by the imagery. "Yeah, but then you'd be likely to become 'that guy with the gold teeth' and who wants that to be their legacy?"

Arion checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Botch! Arion fails badly.

Arion is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Lore flashes a grin towards Savio and calls back, "You owe me that story then! Over drinks!" While she will likely never actually GET a tattoo, the interest is there! To Sydney, she laughs and shakes her head, "Hey, this whole thing is so close, anyone could be on top after tonight! I just don't intend to let someone top me without a fight!" She drops a wink at Sydney and looks back to the fight, then over to Samira, "I could let you borrow my duskweave and brocade if you really want to be fancy. I figured best to leave the nice things off so less chance of needing to have them cleaned!"

"Indeed, Savio has been acquitting himself quite well," Anisha notes to Raven, with a little smile. Waggling her fingers at Savio, too, though half an eye is on the fight - well, more than half an eye, honestly. She gives a quirk of lips, looking between Gabriella and Sydney, raising a brow as well, before she gives a wave to Kyden and a smile. "There's a few bookies around and about." She explains. "So I'm sure you'll be able to make some money. And maybe some people will accept side bets as well," She notes. Giving a wave to Samira, and grinning to Lore. "Are your teeth going to shine, dear?"

Savio assures Samira, "I think I can make it work!" Savio 'that guy with the gold teeth' Pontelaeus. A legacy to be proud of. For sure. "It'd be on brand for my family, truth be told. Drinks it is," he promises Lore, before wincing at the direction of the way that fight is going. "Arion is a good sport. Quite like him."

Gabriella stands momentarily to hug Sydney as she approaches, just making sure that she doesn't get on the way of her friend's drink. "There you go." She says, lifting a hand and flickering at her earring, "Now you're all set." Her eyes open wide as she listens to Raven, not yet parting contact. "Damn, it's Savio indeed! That's going to be... interesting."

Kyden watches the fight with detached interest, eyes following the action avidly although her features remain rather blank. Anisha's response pulls her back and she nods thankfully. "More likely to lose money, but just the same, I wouldn't mind a proper horse in the race," she muses with a smirk. As she recognizes Samira, she offers a wiggle of fingers in a wave. "As long as your teeth aren't shining from the arena floor," she muses.

Sydney tuts slightly at Lore's jest, returning the wink in good humor before she arrives at Gabriella's side. She lofts a brow at the gesture, and reaches out to flick the Pravosi princess squarely between the eyes. A gentle thing. "...Yes, thank you. I'll be right as rain." She closes her eyes to accentuate a playful smile, then pauses as the fighting commences, drifting over to get a closer look.

Raven calls out to Samira, "Woman! Don't you give him any IDEAS!" her arms cross she grimaces as the fight between Arion and Samira continues, "Is it unsporting to cheer? Maybe next round."

"My teeth will remain right where they are, to twinkle and gleam as they've always done," Lore calls back to Anisha with a grin. She watches the fight as eagerly as anyone, calling out, cheering as blows are struck.

Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, 3 House Mazetti Guardians, Lance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt arrive, following Alessia.

The old man hold his stance as Arion makes a wink and a twirl at him. Dropping his fists for a moment to then blow a kiss back to Arion. He then proceeds to side step the young man's attacks eventually noting that whenever they are lunging to throw a punch that they are too easily within his range to have some fun with, thus instead of landing sharp punches Zakhar takes to light taps upon Arion's shoulder or side and when the man turns instead of being met with a fist, there's a light peck to his cheeks. Stepping away for a moment to see what his their next lunge or step might be. Each attack is met with a light kiss to their cheek.

Gabriella releases Sydney from her grip to fall back at her seat, keeping a smile as the result of her gesture. Time for the Princess to find some drink, while she turns to Anisha a second time, "Oh, do we have a minimum bet?" She asks, shifting her focus one last time to watch the coming fight.

Ian comes in a bit late, and seems inclined to keep out of the way. He goes to join Raven at the elevated section with no fanfare, just here to spectate for once.

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"I'd rather make a legacy of being the one to cause others to require gold teeth if I'm bieng honest," Samira points out to Savio, laughing as she hears Raven's shout. Her gaze sweeps across the gathering until she locates the other woman, then she raises her hands helplessly in front of her. "But bad ideas are what I do best!" A return wave is sent in Kyden's direction before she pantomimes placing a protective hand in front of her mouth.

Raven spots Ian and waves with a big grin "Welcome!" She offers him her flask She retorts back to Samira, "No they are his speciality! Just watch! If I am wrong-and I am never wrong-he will prove me right!"

Arion is fast but still unable to land a hit. The taps and kisses that follow them have the red haired Harrow blushing prettily. He stumbles backwards, shocked but not unpleasantly so. He smiles a bit breathlessly trying to dodge the next incoming blow and regain his dignity only to fall backwards and land on his ass. He pouts up at Zakhar breifly then giggles. "You win. All is fair in love and war as they say, I suppose. Help me up?" He extends a danty hand with a warm smile, not minding that he lost. "I will be cheering for you to win the rest of the matches."

Sydney drifts ever-nearer to the fighting, a brow lifting at Zakhar and Arion's fighting styles. Her arms fold over the top slat of one of the dividing fences, leaning in close to size up the competition. She's not above calling advice, "What-- no! Hit eachother as hard as you can! Keep your guard u-- NO!" The young fighter stomps a foot in spite of herself, and huffs that no one heeds her extraordinarily nonspecific advice.

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Ian settles in, keeping his cane close to him so that nobody accidentally trips over it, and pretty much immediately slips a flask out of an inner pocket of his coat.

Gianna carefully applauds with her mug of beer in hand. Which means it's not very loud, but still. It's applause!

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Zakhar helps Arion up and out of the arena pit, guiding the man over to a table that happens to have a couple of the kittens next to it. "Well fought..." A small grin as he picks up one of the kittens and hands it over to Arion. "Imma get a drink, you wanna one?"

Cheers erupt (along with some jeers, as Arion has been cultivating a fair amount of fans through the course of the events) when Zakhar lands his first tap, and even more so when there's a peck on the cheek to go along. Both of the men have fans in the crowd, and applause rings out as Anisha enters the ring, giving Arion a squeeze of the shoulder. "Good show, darling," She assures, then raises Zakhar's fist in the air. "We have our winner, friends. SAILOR ZAKHAR advances! The ring will be cleaned, and then we shall see Sir MEREK BLACK fight the bard of the brawl, our delightful SAVIO PONTELAUS!!"

She gives Zakhar a gentle squeeze before letting him go as well. "Get a drink, you're doing swell," She assures. Then moves along - beaming as she spots Gianna, gviing a wiggle, then looks to Gabriella. "These are the lowers - most people will be betting in very small denominations." She notes. But of course, there's quite a few people who are not _most_ at all. Giving a gentle shrug to Kyden, she glances over to Sydney. "Darling, if they offered favours here you'd be covered in them. There was that sailor girl, too, right?"

Savio's dumb brand of joie de vivre absolutely cannot be dulled by little things like 'realistic assessment of his skills' and 'everyone who knows him is low key convinced he might die.' When his name is called he steps forth into the ring, makes a theatrical bow to Merek, and of course, he's Savio, where would we be without an intro ditty?

"Sir Merek Black, I'm yours to attack!
I'll do my best, well fought
I've got no chance but I'm ready to dance
C'mon and show me what you got!

It's gonna be quick and I'll try not to be sick
In front of all our friends
I'ma try to win and I'll take it on the chin
But I think we know how this one ends?"

He grins and raises his fists! Here for a good time not for a long time, baby.

Raven lifts her hands and applauds for Zakhar! "WEll fought Zakhar!" She chortles at Ian, "Looks you got here just in time to see Savio make an ass out of himself in a different way than usual. For the record, I had nothing to do with this." She is sitting up in elevated seating next to Ian.

Someone is late. Incredibly late. Alessia strolls through the back alley to the Hollow, emerging into the main arena as the current fight reaches its end. She smiles faintly as she inches closer to the ring before her gaze whips around to Savio. "No instrument?" She asks with a sudden bright smile.

Gianna raises her mug of beer in Anisha's direction, a ghost of a smile playing at the corners of her lips. And Savio's song gets a little shake of her head, though the ghost of a smile is still there. Amusement, perhaps.

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Drifting over towards a familiar face, Lore winds up near Ian and finds something to lean against. "My lord," its offered with a smile and nod towards him. "I didn't know you were a fan of the People's Tournament."

Samira flashes a grin at Raven before sidling closer to Sydney, listening to her yelled advice as the match comes to an end. "It's so loud in here. You should really bellow during the next one," she advises with a straight face and a sage nod. "Y'know, so they can hear you better." She applauds for Zakhar's win and Arion's goodnatured attempt. "Well fought! Alright, Sir Merek, Savio. LET'S GOOOO!" Apparently she's demonstrating the aforementioned bellowing for Sydney.

"Oh, Sir Merek Black; that's the one I'm not related to," Kyden notes with a lazy laugh. "I'll root for him anyway. Blacks ought to stick together, I suppose." Although Savio's entrance song does give her pause, eyebrows raising, before she offers some quick applause to that.

"I'm glad he's taking an interest in hand to hand combat," Ian replies to Raven, between drinks from his flask. He seems to be taking the 'we're in the kind of bar you're supposed to be shitfaced in' thing pretty seriously. When in Rome, and all that. "It will serve him well to have those options in a fight." He nods to Lore as she approaches. "I'm not. I came to see you fight."

Orland was sitting there the entire time. That's what it looks like anyway as there's a brief movement from the shadowy back table, when a certain name is called forth. The burning tip of a cigarillo can be seen within the shadows as he puffs away on it, leaning an elbow forward on the table top where a few rounds of rum were already emptied. Been there the entire time, what chu talkin about.

Sydney looks up and smiles cheerily at Anisha, "Why, thank you! I do try my absolute best to have a far-reaching appeal. And yes, she was fun, was she not?" She closes her eyes and offers a gentle little hiss of laughter, "...Pity she had to move on to smaller and less luxurious ports, but that's the way of the sea."

The young pugilist lightly elbows Samira in the ribs, and bumps her shoulder, "Oh, please. They can hear me. They just choose not to listen. I'm giving /wonderful/ advice, here, too."

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Raven chuckles, "Are you? IF this was your idea I'll have to qualify you as a bad influence and that would be a very strange sensation." She smiles reassuringly, "IT's not unwise to practice, of course. " She looks up and bobs her head, "Hello, Captain. Ohhh, are you fighting?"

"I'm flattered, then. I face off against Samira in the first round, so this should be interesting," Lore nods to Ian before looking to Raven and lifting a brow, chuckling, "Of course. Out of all the events, you think I would miss this one?"

Raven is overheard praising Anisha.

Raven chortles, "I missed the others, pressing duties. I feel fortunate to have been able to come to this one. I will of course be rooting for you when it's your turn, Captain." She salutes Lore with her flask.

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The crowd is tense and ready, and there's some knowledge of Sir Merek Black - he is among other things an Iron Guard - the fight has scarce begun, with Savio dancing away from a couple of blows, and nearly landing one of his own, when a messenger comes running by, interrupting the fight to the great consternation and anger of the people present. Anisha shushes, Merek gives an apologetic whisper to the Whisper, and she nods, moving in, as Merek gets back into his gear and slips out. "It seems duty calls for our dear guardsman Sir Merek. SAVIO PONTELAUS IS WINNER BY FORFEIT AND ADVANCES!" She declares, raising Savio's fist to cheers (and some jeers, because, really. They came for a fight!)

Anisha gives Savio a gentle press of the shoulder before sending him on. "Alright, well. Not much of a cleanup needed this time. MISTRESSES LORE ARTIGLIO AND SAMIRA CULLER, please ready and report to the ring!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Raven before departing.

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"Mistress Culler is good with a blade, but I don't think I've ever seen her fight without one," Ian remarks. He straightens a little bit out of his slouch (at least temporarily) when Lore's name is called. It really does look like he came here to see her fight.

Savio is READY you guys, ready to break his face and lose his teeth and his dignity, just kidding he doesn't have dignity to lose to begin with. He's managed to not just get knocked out INSTANTLY, but then is denied by the arrival of urgent guard business. "Aw," despite advancing, he seems a little dismayed. "Now I gotta think of a whole new song." He trots out of the arena, making a shooing gesture at the jeers from the crowd. "Oh stop! I'll die in a minute! You just have to be patient!" Big grin.

Sydney's features scrunch in disappointment when one of the fights doesn't come to blows, but she nevertheless applauds loudly, and then checks Samira with her hip, "...So, bellowing advice, was it? I'll be sure to."

Zakhar comes back with both fists taken over by a tankard each, looking around for a place to set them down then deciding that sitting on the floor at the edge of the arena is the best spot. One of the tankards is set down next to him for a mere moment, when a kitten comes out from under a table and head butts the mug of ale nearly knocking it over just enough to sloush the ale about. The old man looks at the cat and shakes his head, then as Savio is called the winner of the match he's raising the drink to the air, "SAVIO!"

A whistle rings out, one of many in the crowd, but maybe familiar to the fighter in the arena that didn't get to fight. Orland doesn't do much more than that though, being completely anti-social in the shadowy booth.

Pushing off the post she'd been leaning against, Lore chuckles, "Well, looks like I'm about to find out. See you on the other side." Strolling forward, she moves into the fighting area, lifting a hand towards those she's familiar with before turning towards Anisha with a grin, "Always a surprise to be had, hm?"

Raven is handed a note and gives a look around. She does not look as if she's been fighting set securely in Spectator mode. She frowns at Savio's disappointment and frowns, "Someone will have to point out this Merek fellow to me some time." She looks towards the sound of the whistle which gets a narrow-eyed squint and then dismissed, "Good luck, Captain!"

Kyden is one of the ones booing at the non-fighty end of the fight, but it's without any real seriousness. "Oh, I actually know this one," she remarks, as Samira is called up, watching with a touch more interest this time.

"Advise me loudly, wouldya? If I win, I'll let you have some of the credit. If I lose, I won't blame you too much," Samira teases, winking at the pugilist before striding into the arena to face off against Lore. She glances over her shoulder at some of the familiar faces in the crowd before turning full focus upon her opponent.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"Your chance will come Savio!" Gabriella encourages from her seat, leaning back to sip from the drink, but then she has another competitor to cheer on. "Show her the same fierceness you've show me, Samira!"

Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrives, following Svana.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

Lore checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Lore is successful.

Lore remains capable of fighting.

Anisha backs away to give the two women room, trying not to have a favourite - she's fond of both artists, after all. "Don't hurt those beautiful hands, dears," She encourages, as she moves back, and grins to Kyden. "It's always a little more personal when we know them." She purses her lips, and nods along with Gabriella. "And you'll regale more people with song," She declares. Exhaling softly, she steps to the bar and gets a glass of something - taking the shot in one swallow. Whistling as the fight goes on, she grins to Sydney. "You're up next, darling. Make it a show."

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

Walking toward Savio, Alessia pauses to give those she knows quick waves, until leaning in to murmur once she's next to the bard.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

Sydney leans over the rail and bellows at the top of her lungs, "Keep your guard up and stay on your shardin' feet! You're movin' like you're underwater!" True to form, it's entirely impossible to tell who she's actually giving advice to, given both combatants are starting to look a touch winded.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

Lore checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Lore fails.

Lore is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Harkles, an Andalashari tradesman, Keme, an Andalashari musician arrive, following Vashtalyn.

Zakhar is overheard praising Lore.

Svana has been lurking about, a drink in her hand. She sneaks up behind Anisha and wraps an arm around her. "Introduce me?" She asks.

Samira flashes a quick grin toward Lore, but when the match begins she becomes all intensity and pent-up aggression. The small artist is not a trained pugilist by any means. Whatever methods she knows, she has picked up on the streets and it shows in her scrappy, no holds barred attempts. Lore proves a hard opponent to best, multiple blows earning a hiss of pain or gritted teeth from the Culler. Her small fists fly at Lore, persistent despite the power her blows tend to lack. By the end, she's breathing raggedly, but resorting to the usual dirty street tactics - a handful of her hair and a sweep of a leg used in an attempt to knock her off-balance.

Engaged in some quiet chit-chat in the standing area, Kyden lets out a slow breath as Samira fights dirty, more in appreciation than disapproval to go by her expression. "It adds a certain edge of interest," she agrees to Anisha, of knowing the person in the fight.

Ian watches the fight, clearly engaged, but at the same time sinking slowly back into his usual, comfortable slouch as it goes on.

Vashtalyn isn't here to fight, but she did hear about the event, and eventually finds her way to this seedy area of town and its arena. She enters somewhat tentatively, glancing around with a slight wrinkle of her nose at the stench of stale perspiration in the air. Eventually, she moves off to find a place where she can observe, curious dark eyes flickering over the scene. She isn't wearing anything of value that can be snatched off her person. She's dressed warmly for the weather though, in burgundy and evergreen seatouched wool. Her long dark hair is woven into a loose braid that falls to the small of her back, jingling with a few cheap pewter and brass charms, a bright red silk camellia blossom pinned in her hair over her left ear. She doesn't move to find a place to sit, instead standing so that she can see the fight going on.

Lore returns the grin, seeming to take a much different tack when it comes to the fight. Using a more defensive posture, blocking blows and trying to time her own for more effectiveness. The ones that land are met with grunts and the occasional yelp as something tender is knocked about. Circling, breathing hard, hair pulling free of her tie and sticking to face and neck. She's going to be such a pretty picture of black and blue in the morning! Its a long and grueling fight, both women landing blows, though they seem to pile up more onto Lore as time passes. Breathing hard, starting to flag, she keeps her guard up and watches Samira. Despite her actual training in hand to hand, she clearly was NOT expecting that final big, her legs swept out from under her to send her crashing to the sand, "AH! FUCK!" There's a laugh as she pushes herself up to her feet, "Okay, you definitely got me with that one... nice fight."

"Who do you want me to introduce you to?" Anisha asks of Svana, giving her a squeeze and a smile. "Oop, there's me," She notes, as cheering erupts. Planting a kiss on Svana's cheek, she moves back to the ring, to give a gentle squeeze to Lore's shoulder.

"You held on real tenacious, darling," She assures, then smiles to Samira. "But the winner is SAMIRA CULLER!" She declares, while serving staff has already stepped in to start cleaning up. "Right. Next up, a woman who needs no introduction, but who gets one anyway - SYDNEY THE WATERFALL, facing the Golden Prince of Tremorus, GIORGIO PONTELAUS!"

As she steps away from the ring, glancing for the Merchant Prince, she beams at Alessia and wiggles her fingers at the woman in greeting, as she moves to Svana again. "Where were we? Who did you need introductions to? Have you met Kyden Black - no relation to Sir Merek."

Zakhar has the best seat to the fight. Right up on the edge of the ring. With a drink in hand and cheering both Lore and Samira. He even winces a little as Lore takes the last couple of hits.

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Sydney gulps down the rest of her whiskey, setting the glass on the table next to her when she's called to the ring. Settling one palm on her shoulder, Sydney rolls her arm a few times until she hears a satisfying crack, then repeats the process on the other side. Clad in nothing but the most basic of linen attire - some will recognize it as the same outfit she wore to the muddy run, after having been thoroughly scoured. Rather than keeping her hair in the rather sensible ponytail that it's currently in, as she walks she reaches up and yanks the pins holding it in place. She is utterly without adornment, but even without it, there's a rather oppressive aura about her.

The torchlit room throws shadows over each dip and divot in her musculature. Lithe and lightweight though she may be, there seems not an ounce of wasted space on her. Her fingers are chapped and swollen near the knuckles, not out of any particularly recent injury, but as a consequence of the repetition of her trade. Unrestrained hair kisses low at her ankles, the tips of it already dusty and grimy from this decision, which seems to bother her not in the least.

"Commoners of the boroughs and all walks of life, let no one tell you that what you strive for is not worthwhile. You are the life and blood of this city, and you deserve a /show/!" She calls, pacing as she works the crowd. "...And you shall have it! Giorgio Pontelaeus, come on /down/!" Let none say she doesn't have a flair for the theatrical when it's needed. She waits, arms folded expectantly. And... waits, arms folded expectantly, looming on the sands.

Savio murmurs quietly back to Alessia when she has a question for him, something rueful in the response. She gets a wry grin following whatever he says, before he looks back to the fight. "Oh, Lore! Get her!" he cheers, though of course he'd consider Samira a friend as well. It's a good match that ultimately goes not her way, but he praises, "You did really well! That was tough!"

Standing by, Alessia doesn't cheer for any one combatant though she does seem deeply engrossed in the fight. She says something else quietly to the bard beside her, before sinking onto a seat, eyeing the hand to hand manoeuvres.

"Everyone buy that woman a drink! She's earned it!" Lore is quick to call out with a wave towards Samira, grinning even as she starts trying to roll out the tension in her form to loosen up for the next round. Making her way back towards area Ian is at, she drops down into the chair. "I have a new rum. Want to try it with me? We've got some time before the brackets resolve. I need to get a little looser and that's a good, quick way to do it." She flashes a grin towards Lore and lifts a hand, "All good, Savio! I'm not out of it quite yet!"

Ian had started to offer his flask to Lore, but when she mentions a new rum, he starts to put his flask away, instead. "Do you have it with you?"

Samira offers Lore a hand up as soon as the match comes to its end, intensity traded for an easy grin. "Damn, you're /tough/," she remarks, clear admiration in her voice. The call for drinks receives a widening smile, clearly an offer she wouldn't turn down. Tenderly touching her arm - that's sure to be a bruise soon enough - she clears out of the arena for the next pair of fighters. Sydney's words earn a loud cheer of approval.

Anisha is alerted to a letter, and furrows her brow opening it.

"...And a show you shall have, but you'll, ah, have to forgive us if it is a little postponed - the Merchant Prince is dealing with important obligations for his house, and sends his apologies, and his forfeit," She explains, grimacing. "Sorry Sydney - I'm sure you'll fight twice as hard in the next advancements, mm?" She gestures. "My friends, my foes, and those who are neither - Sydney the Waterfall advances by forfeit, lucky girl." Though by the tone of her voice, she doesn't find that lucky at all."Well, the ring doesn't need to be cleared. Last of our introductory matches, it's SVANA GRAYHOPE VERSUS ZYXTHYLUM KATHRITE!"

Gianna whistles at Sydney's words. Loudly. She has a very loud whistle.

Svana starts to cheer at Sydney's fanfare, swilling back her glass of cloudy, ginger-colored liquid. "Sydney! Sydney! Sydney! Sydney! Sydney!" But then the attention is on her once Anisha announces her name and she raises her brows, looking at the Softest Whisper, then to Zyxthylum. "Fuck. Are you sure I'm not advancing by foreit too?"

Raven ooooohss, "Savio said it was really good, I haven't sampled it myself. I hope she did bring it with her." She looks on eagerly for the answer to Ian's question.

Lore takes Liquor Bag from Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

Sydney is left stood-up in the sands, and all of that pent-up energy remains. She puffs a breath and offers a terse nod to Anisha, "...Then a show that... you'll... /wait for!/" Sydney half-heartedly calls, stalking off of the sand.

Lore takes Squid Ink from Liquor Bag.

Savio scoffs at his missing brother, "TYPICAL," as though he cannot understand why Giorgio would be off doing important things rather than get hit in the face. Like what, even. He finds a place to hop up and sit out of the way near the arena, while waiting for round 2!

Merek of course would be called away on important business, when he does come back, it's been a while, and it looks like he missed his own running. He will fight with Savio another time maybe.

Anisha has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 1

Anisha has rolled 1 5-sided dice: 1

Zakhar finishes off an ale and is looking around for the next set of fighters, then is slowly seeing that he might be up shortly and is getting up to put the second ale somewhere that a kitten won't knock it over.

Anisha has rolled 1 4-sided dice: 2

"Of course I have it with me," Lore reaches down to the pack she'd stored under the table when it was her turn in the ring, pulling out a bottle and thunking it onto the table. Flashing a grin, she offers, "I made it myself, left it aging for the last five years. Should be good and ready." Looking back to Samira, she waves at the woman, "HEY! Come have a drink!"

Anisha has rolled 1 3-sided dice: 3

Ian eyes the name on the bottle with an uncertain countenance. "That's not actually distilled squid ink, is it?"

Sydney pads off of the sand and slings an arm around Samira's neck, "You really held your own out there, Sami. Musta been all that bellowin' of mine. Encouraging you, of course." As though it weren't the most ambiguous advice in the world.

There's some waiting, some confusion - a runner sent off to see if the cadavrous macabre man is anywhere to be found, but sure enough, he's presumably lost in the innards of some cadaver, somewhere, turning it into art, and though there's some booing, Anisha quirks her lips at Svana. "Looks like you were right, darling," She takes the woman's arm raising it. "SVANA GRAYHOPE ADVANCES!"

More fights go on, more eliminations are had - for those following along, the fights of interests are Zakhar versus Savio, Lore (advancing through the Loser's Grace System of overall points), and Samira versus Svana - and bets are flying hard and fast on a Grayhope vs Culler fight.

"Alright," Anisha declares, having another little drink on hand, wetting her throat to make sure she has a voice for it all. "First up - SAILOR ZAKHAR VERSUS SAVIO PONTELAUS! GIVE US A SHOW, DARLINGS!"

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Harkles, an Andalashari tradesman, Keme, an Andalashari musician leave, following Vashtalyn.

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Raven can't help it, her head tilts back and a laugh at Ian's question, "I hadn't asked but if it does I've not heard any complaints, my lord." And then suddenly her attention is redirected, "Oooo. Oooh my, This'll be interesting.."

Kyden joins in the cheering as the fights go on and winners come through. "Now I'm regretting not having placed those bets," she muses, amused, although she still makes no move to go find a bookie.

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Savio laughs, "Oh no," as he's paired with Zakhar! But he hops up and steps forth -- a theatrical bow, and a blown kiss to the other man, and of course, a little song.

"Zakhar, friend! How can I fight you?
Of course you're bound to win it!
We're here to fight but it's got me blue
You know my heart's not in it!

But so the hostess has decreed,
You know that I can't dash her
I invite you to make me bleed --
Or else that'll fall to Lasha!"

Savio grins, and readies himself for the match!

Gianna eventually finishes her beer and can actually clap properly. "I'm afraid I don't tend to bet," she informs Kyden. "Someone else might be up for a wager, however." She casts a glance about and calls out to Lore and Svana, "Artiglio! Grayhope! Do either of you bet?"

Zakhar is just putting the drink down as he's being called to the ring. He doesn't register who he's getting into the ring with until he looks over and sees Savio. There's a quick glance over to the shadowy table and then back to Savio. The old man doesn't make for anything showy other than to look at Savio and put his fists up.

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Laughing, Lore shakes her head at Ian, "No. Its rum! Try it." TUrning in her chair, she looks to Gianna and grins, "I don't take book on fights I'm in!"

"A drink? Sounds like just the thing right now," Samira calls to Lore with a smile of gratitude, moving to join the other woman and her companions. "Distilled squid ink, huh?" Attention shifts from Ian as she gives Sydney a playful poke, feigning utmost seriousness when she responds. "I dread to think how things would've gone if I hadn't had you shouting your words of wisdom. Oh! Next match is starting... GO, SAVIOOOO! ALRIGHT, ZAKHAR!" RIP, Sydney's ears.

"Yay!" Svana cries out, taking a moment to really ham it up with Anisha holding her arm in the air. She pumps the other arm in the air and cheers for herself the way that someone from a cocky Lowers family would, then she moves toward the bar to find another drink before she has to face her fate. Svana looks at Gianna and grins. "Alas, Nightingale. The way this competititon has gone? My gut instincts are failing me. But if I were you all, I would bet against me. I'm no fighter. They won't let me stab people with hairpins for this." Svana wraps Anisha in a soft embrace when she gets back to her spot, looking toward Kyden with a smile.

Ian drops Squid Ink.

Ian is briefly distracted by the fight, but rum is easily enough to pull his attention away, because it's not like Savio and Zakhar have swords or anything. He takes the offered glass and takes a drink, then looks at it, as though considering the flavor.

Sydney takes up a new drink and snorts almost immediately into it at Savio's song, "...Fucking bards. I swear." Then Samira is shouting right into her ears, and ... well, Sydney doesn't so much as budge. Her ears have been through a lot. They can take it! She immediately leans in to shout, "Fight, already! Don't dance all around! You ain't got songs nor cats to rely on!"

Pouring out a round of the dark rum, she passes one over to Samira and lifts her own in silent toast before tossing back a shot of the stuff without hesitation. That beastily stamina can't stop the slight shiver that runs through her, though she's smiling after. Pouring out another shot's worth, she sips on this one a little slower and looks towards the ring to see how her boys are doing.

Raven stands up and points at Sydney, "Yes! By the gods, YES! Finally someone who /understands/!" She presses her hands together and again mouths "Thank you." To sydney before sitting her ass back down and ignoring any looks that outburst gets.

Zakhar checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Botch! Zakhar fails badly.

Zakhar is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Kyden shrugs her shoulders, not bothered by the lack of betting action. "I will just have to keep my money then," she remarks. "If no one is willing to take it." She watches the action with half her attention, other half on the conversation. "Stabbing people with hairpins would make an interesting duel," she muses. "Does anyone host that sort of contest?"

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Lore takes Squid Ink.

Lore puts Squid Ink in Liquor Bag.

Lore puts Liquor Bag in Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

Gianna rolls her eyes. "Bet on the OTHER fights," she calls to Lore, flapping a hand in a dismissive manner. She tilts her head to the side and looks thoughtfully to Kyden. "Officially? I don't know. You can usually find someone willing to spar with hairpins or the like. I'm better with hairpins than punching in any case. I wonder if some smith or another who specializes in hairpins would set up a contest like that? Perhaps Dame Ida Ferron?"

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Sydney laughs in spite of herself at the reaction from Raven, "Bards. They're /impossible/." and she unhooks her arm from around Samira in order to work on her drink again. Two shots of whiskey aren't quite enough to get Sydney more than feeling pleasant. She cranes her head back to Kyden and makes a dismissive little gesture, "There's a frillion contests like that! /So many/. Fightin' with hands is more interesting by far!" The pugilist is biased. Deeply biased.

Savio is not a great fighter, but he's good at getting out of the way of things coming at him. He has, as he told Raven earlier, no doubt been on the receiving end of people throwing punches at him before. Because he is him, and as Raven and Sydney might agree, there's a certain thing about certain bards (or maybe just about Savio) that's eminently punch-able. He doesn't seem to want to hit Zakhar too much, but is ultimately the victor. Rather than cheering, he sighs to his friend, "Ohhh, I'm sorry, don't let Lasha make a hat out of my lungs, okay?"

"Lot of spice in this," Ian observes, probably about the rum, while he watches the tail end of the fight, and especially Savio's part in it. He nods to himself from time to time.

"It's just frowned upon," Svana says to Kyden. "Most people aren't keen to have pointy things go near their eyeballs, mm?" She asks. "Not that it's where I would aim." She offers a hand to Kyden. "Svana Grayhope. I believe I bought one of your little figurines the other day. I don't know where I'll put it yet, but it was compelling in an odd way. I enjoyed it. He's still here in my pouch, as a matter of fact."

The old man tries repeatedly to hit Savio, but keeps coming up with bits of fresh air as that's where the young man was not where he is. Each time he misses, he can feel Savio pulling a punch, and grits between his teeth with a mumble to the other. A couple more swings and there's a solid connection that knocks the wind out of Zakhar, he hits the ground, winded, and out of breath. Rolling over onto his back and looking up to Savio. "Heh... Yer finesy." Then he takes an offered hand up. As he's finally standing he swings an arm over Savio's shoulder giving him another small mumble before a grin and then looking to the crowd. "Lessy hears it, ya?! Savio!"

Anisha chuckles at Svana's theatrics, retreating to watch the fight between Savio and Zakhar. Giving a wave to Ian, too, as she spots him. Checking her papers, she moves to Lore. "Gloria favours the bold it seems. We have an uneven number of advancements, so you'll be fighting again, with an opportunity to score more points." She notes. "Best not get too drunk - unless you feel being insensate will help you stand longer - not that THAT was an issue," She offers, with a grin. "Best of luck - you're up against the Waterfall," She declares, and moves along. She pauses by Sydney, tapping her shoulder, gesturing to Lore. "You're against her," She says - then looks to Savio. "Boy has a shot at People's Choice y'know, with those songs," She points out, with a smirk. Giving an upnod to Smaira, moving on to Kyden. "I'll take your money - who's your bet? Maybe I should take your money as well, Nightingale, mm?" She pauses. "Oop, here we go." Stunned, for a moment, as Savio comes out the winner, she moves to the ring.

"Well done, the both of you," She begins, giving Zakhar a pat on the shoulder. "Astonishing show, dear." Then smiles to Savio. "Maybe they're losing to hear more of your songs, eh?" She raises his hand in the air. "SAVIO PONTELAUS advances! Now let the ring be cleared, as LORE ARTIGLIO faces SYDNEY THE WATERFALL!"

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"If your money is burning a hole in your pocket, I'll take it," Samira calls to Kyden with a grin, proud of herself for being so very helpful. She accepts the drink Lore hands her, eagerly tipping it back. She licks her lips to catch any excess drink, gaze turning to Lore. "Nice. It's got a distinct flavor." Her consideration of the drink is momentarily put in pause as her gaze swivels toward the pair brawling, applauding for both opponents. And then -- "Alright, Lore! YEAAAAH, SYDNEY WATERFALL!"

Nodding, Lore tips back the last of the rum in her glass, then sets it on the table. "That's why I based with blackstrap molasses. I wanted something that could stand up to the spices. Threw in a dash of coffee just to help bring it all down a level." PUshing up to her feet, she grins, "Welp! Next round is mine. Lets see if I can do any better against Sydney." Chuckling, she haeds back towards the ring. "Let me know if you like it and I'll send you a bottle!" Rolling her shoulders, she steps back into the fighting pit and flashes a split-lipped grin at Sydney, "I guarantee you won't get a dance from me."

Gianna also seems a little stunned as she applauds Savio's win. "Oh, I don't bet usually," Gianna asides to Anisha, hopefully before the Whisper gets too far away. She inclines her head to Svana, glancing between her and Kyden before looking back to the ring.

"Good luck." Alessia says with a sing song voice, targeted Sydney's way with an almost too sweet smile. She nods to Lore when they prepare to face off against the Waterfall. She leans forward, resting her arms on her knees.

Sydney saunters back onto the sands with rather a bit less theatrical flair than the first time, but she stride out with her head held high, giving Lore a flash of her teeth, "...No? I do enjoy a good dance. It keeps my footwork in stride." She shakes her head, "...But all the same, I'm glad to hear it. Show me what you can do! I've been chasing your tail half the tourney, already!"

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Savio laughs and drapes his own arm over Zakhar as they clear the floor together, murmuring something to the other man before he gives him a hug and steps aside. "Ahahaha, see, not dead yet!" he proudly announces to the viewers -- maybe to Raven and Gianna in particular. He holds up one finger, "Dead SOON, but not yet!" Then it's cheering time for the next fight! "Oh, get her, Lore! Get her! You're fortune's favorite!"

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Sydney clicks her tongue up at a perhaps unwelcomely familiar voice, singling out Alessia in the audience and making a rude hand gesture. It's the lowers, after all. With that, she squares up and takes a readied stance.

Lore checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Lore marginally fails.

Lore is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Kyden just chuckles, shaking her head. "I'm not suggesting it _instead_ of the brawls, but as well as," she corrects to the one dismissing her. "Eyeballs are boring, although effective," she muses, in response to Svana. "Kyden Black. Glad you could appreciate it. Not everyone understands my work," she says, perhaps a touch pompously. But then people are agreeing to take her money. "I hadn't even thought that far ahead. All right, I'll go with the bard because he amuses me. 100 on him to whoever wants it," she decides, as the next fight starts up.

Ian says something to the people sitting close to him in a dry, almost sarcastic tone of voice before turning his attention to the fight. For as long as it lasts.

Gianna inclines her head to Svana and Kyden and slips away, possibly to get another drink. She melds into the crowd.

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"Ah! Miss Kyden!" Svana looks at the other woman, pleased. "We exchanged a messenger sometime ago about me being your patron. You have serious talent." Looking toward Gianna, Svana is ready to say something else as she departs. There's a momentary frown before she's cheering for Sydney's win. "Sydney! Go Sydney! Yeah!"

Sydney takes a steadying breath and lets it out slow and then faces Lore, the very picture of focus. When the signal is given to start, the pugilist strikes off of the sand, explosively sacrificing any semblance of defense in favor of offense. She strikes hard for the other woman's cheek, holding nothing back. Lore is the first to hit, striking Sydney square in the chest, but that victory proves short-lived when the trained brawler's strike connects. It's not a pleasant thing, being on the receiving end of a hit like that, and all but as soon as it connects, Sydney stops in her tracks and hesitates when the other woman teeters and crumples.

Gabriella lifts from her seat while clapping at Sydney, "That's the way!" She lifts a fist into the air, "KICK. THEIR ASS."

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"Well, that's no way to treat your good luck charm." Alessia says with slightly narrowed eyes once the fight is over. "But I forgive you." The smile returns though Gabriella's words soon capture her attention. She lifts a hand to wave the princesses way.

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Zakhar makes his way back to the table where the drink was left. Nope, not there. Looking around all he sees is two kittens on the floor licking at a newly wet area. "Ah..." He picks them up and steps over to the nest that is his armor sitting in the bundle tucked away, and sits down upon it to continue watching the fights.

Anisha gives a little look over at Savio and Zakhar, pleased to see the bard and the sailor playing to the crowd, inclining her head to them. "I feel like it'd be slightly unfair as hostess to be placing bets," She admits, to Kyden. "But I'll pay you, let's say..." She considers the field. "Three to one, if Savio wins his next fight." She concludes. Wiggling her figners after Gianna, she looks over to Svana and Kyden. "Oh, patronage - that's a wonderful idea -" She might have more to say, but then, well, Sydney knocks Lore plain out. "Oh dear... I think she's done fighting for the day," She declares, hurrying over to the ring.

"And the winner is SYDNEY THEY WATERFALL, advancing by knockout!" The cheers are astounding. Two Whisper apprentices carry Lore to where the Mercies can have a look and ensure no permanent harm is done. "Now, as the ring is cleared, make room for a Lowers fight in the making, intense family rivalry brewed! It's SVANA GRAYHOPE versus SAMIRA CULLER!"

"Oh yes, that's why the name sounds familiar," Kyden replies to Svana. "I've gone and gotten myself one of those, but I would love to talk further on how talented I am." She's joking. Probably. Anisha's terms earn an enthusiastic nod. "You're on," she agrees, before glancing aside as she notices Gianna slip away. As the next fight is announced, she turns back, offering Svana a nod. "Good luck. To you too, Samira!" she calls. "Well, now I know both of them," she adds in a conversational remark.

Samira whistles, clearly impressed by Sydney's show of skill and strength. When her name is called - for the Grayhope vs Culler match, no less - she pumps her fist in the air and strides back onto the fighting ground. Her grin for Svana is a quick thing and then she's settling into the zone. Focus, intention, pent-up energy.

Svana checks composure and intimidation at normal. Svana is successful.

Svana's name literally means Swan. Are Swans intimidating? She looks at Samira and tries to adapt the most intimidating stare possible, glowering and setting her shoulders firmly. "I've had four children! You can knock me out but it probably won't hurt! So watch your back!"

Sydney guiltily rubs at the back of her neck upon regarding Lore's Mercy-assisted stumbling exeunt, but it is a tournament, after all. The show must go on! She departs from the sands herself, pausing to levy a smile Alessia's way that seems utterly loaded with less-than-pleasant energy. All that evaporates when she passes Samira by, and gently taps her fist to the Culler's, "Good luck!" She then moves to grab herself a drink among the murmuring that her last fight cuased in the audience.

Sydney calls from the stands, "Neither of you do much harm to eachother! I'll be quite cross!"

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Savio seems inclined to step over and see if Lore is okay, but is summarily shooed away by mercies who do not need him getting in the way, thank you. Moseying back to where he can watch the fight, and fond of both contestants, he starts to lead one part of the crowd into clapping and chanting "GRAY-HOPE! GRAY-HOPE!" and then another part into "CULL-ER! CULL-ER!" Luckily he'll still fight again so probably someone will knock him out before he teaches them to do the wave.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

Svana checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Svana is successful.

Svana remains capable of fighting.

Svana checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Svana fails.

Svana is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

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Sydney ends up on the tips of her toes as she watches the fight unfold, chewing on her lip. It's apparently not her favorite thing in the world, watching two people she very much appreciates go toe-to-toe with one another. So much so that she's enraptured and doesn't even shout any advice, this time. She does bounce about on the tips of her toes, shifting her weight this way and that.

"Is that a challenge?" Samira asks Svana, a determined gleam in her eyes. "I admit the thought of having children - four, no less - does terrify me." No more time for talk then as the pair launch into motion. She lets the crowd's chants drive her, fueling her motivation. Never mind that they're cheering for the Grayhope as much as they are the Culler. Using her small height to her advantage, she ducks and weaves, unwilling to stand still long enough to give Svana an advantage. A jab to the chest is followed by an elbow to the ribs and a flurry of jabs and punches, the artist pushing forward with the intention of driving her opponent back.

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Somehow, Svana takes all of Samira's blows with a grace that suggests she may have older siblings somewhere out there. She manages to avoid a few, but when things start to get rough, Svana refuses to go down. Even when she's got a fat lip and she's attempting to shield her ribs, chest, and face from Samira, she refuses to be taken down - right up until she falls. All in all, the brawl looks terrific from Samira's end - and on Svana's, it looks rather like a sibling protecting themselves from the blows of a harassing sister. Svana finally quits making little grunts and groans when she hits the floor, her fingers fluttering.

Anisha gives Kyden a nod, and then gives Sydney a gentle squeeze. "She'll be fine," She assures, exhaling - and letting out a laugh at Svana's threat to Samira. "Yeah, what Sydney said," She calls. "Don't go hurting each other too bad," She muses, and has another drink of watered out wine - mostly for keeping her throat going.

The fight goes on, but eventually there IS a winner, and Anisha steps in, giving a squeeze to Svana. "You fought without fear," She purrs. "And you're tough to take down, as I knew you'd be." Then, she grins to Samira, and takes her hand, raising it up. "SAMIRA CULLER advances!".

Once more, the fights go on, winnowing out the field - at the end, point totals are compared, and more fights arranged, until finally, it is the semi-finals.

"My darlings, my dears, my detested ones!" Anisha cries from atop the bar. "We have two matches to go, to find our finalists - and then we'll have the third and last match of this year's tournament. Let me thrill you. First up, it's SAVIO PONTELAUS and SVANA GRAYHOPE!"

Raven calls, "Well done Samira!" Though she winces in sympathy when Svana hits the dirt.

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Sydney sinks back into her seat when the fighting comes to a stop, puffing a breath and applauding loudly, calling, "Well fought! Svana, get back up on those feet and show that bard a lesson in... barding?" She offers a rueful look towards Samira, and is waiting with a drink in each hand. "Up for a nip before we touch off?"

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Savio has been CALLED TO BATTLE AGAIN and laughs, "Oh, no, this time it's surely the end!" But he steps forth and bows to Svana for this exciting battle of people who have S, V, and A in their names. Like everyone else, naturally, Svana is not denied a bow and a song to introduce their fight to the world.

"Svana, Svana, lovely one!
How could I hit you, girl!
It's surely over before it's begun
But let's give this a whirl

Now it's clear the end is near
Bets on me? An unwise bid
I don't think it's wrong to fear
A woman with four kids."

Savio blows her a kiss and invites his demise with a cheerful, "Do it to it!"

"Now that was a fight," Kyden calls out approvingly, applauding as Samira wins it. "Win it, Bard!" she adds, as Savio steps up. "Earn me some coin."

As soon as Svana hits the floor, Samira's posture shifts from coiled and intent to relaxed. Fists unclench and she hastily steps forward to offer Svana a hand. "Gods almighty, you're tenacious." She gives the other woman's shoulder a (light) pat, then turns to clear the floor. Sydney's proffered drink is accepted with a wry grin. "Not enough time to drink ourselves into oblivion, is there? But one's better than nothing."

Rising from her seat, Alessia wanders over to where Anisha stands, retrieving something from the pocket of her coat and handing it to her with a warm smile. "I figured you'd love to have something unique in your possession."

With help, Svana gets back to her feet, squeezing Anisha's hand. She takes in a few deep breaths. "Getting knocked around by another girl is sort of fun but I wouldn't want to make a habit of it," she says with a little croak, trying to catch her breath. She takes a moment to regroup and has someone hand her an amazingly cloudy drink, which she puts back. She listens to Savio's song and grins at him, winking. "Samira! You owe me a drink sometime. And of course I'm tenacious. Look at me. I'm twenty-three with four children below the age of two. TWINS. You have to be something." Slapping her hands together, Svana looks at Savio. "Come, friend. Let's make another song together. One of brawling, defeat, and drunken revelry." Spotting Alessia next to Anisha, she cries out, "Lady Alessia Mazetti, this loss is dedicated to you!"

Raven cuts her hands around her mouth and calls out to savio, "IF you break your face Orland will cry! Don't get hit!"

Zakhar rises from the nest of armor and kittens calling out, "Nae fightys cleans Savio! Kick 'er"

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Anisha accepts the gift. "Oh, I do love having unique gifts and - this is... Very interesting..." Distracted - though Svana's cry calls her attention back, and she laughs. "That's the spirit, darling! Show him that Svanalicious tenacity! Savio, show her how Tremorans dance," She calls. Shaking her head - glancing over to Sydney and Samira. "...It'll be interesting to watch the two of you, as well. No matter how we get to the finals, this has been a journey." Then Raven and Zakhar chime in, and she chuckles. "...They're giving her instructions, at this point."

"A loss dedicated to me? Not a fatality?" Alessia asks with brows shooting up. "A true compliment." She chuckles as the fight commences.

Sydney clinks her glass to Samira's and winks, "No, not quite enough time for that." She's distracted by motion from Alessia. Whatever strained relationship the two have must be something particularly fierce for her to continuously have her attention yanked away by the Mazetti woman. Her lips purse, and she frowns in particular as gifts are dispensed, muttering under her breath for a moment before returning her focus on Samira, "...Gods, I hate that woman."

"Gods, woman, you deserve more than just a single drink," Samira calls to Svana, shaking her head. "I'll treat you to a whole bottle of something." Clinking glasses with Sydney, she lifts her glass for a swig and follows the other woman's gaze toward Alessia. Brows lift, her expression questioning as she murmurs to Sydney.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

Zakhar walks up closer to the pit cheering loudly as Savio is still upright.

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Svana remains capable of fighting.

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Svana is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Sydney calls advice to Svana, "Keep your guard up! All the way up! If you can wear him down...!"

Savio is, as ever, leaning into the ability to get out of the way more than anything else! He doesn't really hit hard, he's just often not where one expects him to be when they hit back. As in the fight with Zakhar, he seems disinclined to go for broke here, especially as poor Svana is fresh off a bout with the talented Samira. A tap here, a tap there, and at the conclusion he seems inclined to offer her a hand up. "I'm sorry! You're lovely. I owe you drinks or babysitting."

Raven grins and leans forward to mumur something to Gabriella but stops and gapes when Savio offers...babysitting?!

Zakhar grins shouting, "Nae tella de lordling dat yer offers crotchfruit sitting!"

"I love hearing out I can incur that sort of passion in a person." Alessia says, as she excuses herself and heads for the exit, passing by Sydney. "Not that there was any doubt. But it's nice hearing it all the same."

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Being 'tapped' by Savio is all it takes for Svana to become a) annoyed and b) seeing little birdies floating around her head when she falls to the ground again. "It's alright. That's the point of the match, right? And I would never make you babysit. No, no. I take that back. You can have Elanne." There's a malevolent grin on Svana's face before she laughs and reaches out, accepting his hand. "I am going to be sore in the morning." She stands up and leans on him for a moment. "Good Gods I am lightheaded. I need more to drink so that it becomes an entire nuance."

Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, 3 House Mazetti Guardians, Lance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt leave, following Alessia.

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Orland is among the ones whistling and cheering for Savio, "That's my boy!!" He's decided to be at least social enough to go tangle his arms around Savio as he comes out of the arena, his hands on the other's neck, "One more fight Savs, you go this." He kisses the other's cheek, and hands him a spliff, "You'll need this to not feel the pain."

"Good job, bard!" Kyden calls out, cheering for her money, er, the fighters. "And you, I like the way you think," she adds approvingly to Svana, when she calls for more to drink.

Svana is overheard praising Savio: He sang to me, then he beat me. Go figure.

"I'll do whatever you want!" Savio unwisely promises Svana, before laughing and catching Orland in a sweaty hug. The cheek-kiss is reciprocated, and one arm stays around Orland as he accepts the spliff. "I think my money would be on Sydney to win the next one, with all respect to Samira. I mean to commission her later -- Samira that is -- don't let me forget. But either way, no matter who wins the next one, appreciate my pretty face now cause I am definitely getting my nose broken."

For once, Anisha furrows her brow a little, but she moves dutifully to the ring. "You fought well, darling," She assures her, giving her a squeeze. "If nothing else, you've shown that it takes a lot to take you down." She exhales. "Now, go eat, drink, and rest up, doll." She offers Savio a little grin. "...You'll regret offering to babysit. Elanne is at the age where she tests boundaries a lot," She teases. Then raises his arm.

"Gentlebeings! May I present the FIRST FINALIST, your delectable, delightful, delerious SAVIO PONTELAUS!"

She guides him out the ring, then calls "SYDNEY THE WATERFALL and SAMIRA CULLER will now determine the second finalist. Give them your all, folks!"

And she moves along, shooting both of them a smile, then dips into her coin purse, looking to Kyden. "Here we are, my darling. Three to one, did we say?" She pouts after Alessia, just a little, but the pout is removed, quickly, when Orland greets the Pontebro so delightfully, and smirks a little at Zakhar and Raven's reactions.

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Sydney offers Savio and Svana both generous applause, and makes a particularly sympathetic look toward Svana. "Going to be sore on the morrow, I think." Still, she doesn't have time to say much more, as duty calls her right back out onto the sands. She offers a smile to Samira, beckoning with a crane of her head and taking up a readied stance, bouncing her weight from front foot to rear foot, staying light on her feet as she waits for the signal to begin, "...Keep your guard up?" She offers, as playful repetition to her advice thus far.

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Orland asks nicely to Sydney as he steps out of the way, "I will pay you good money to avoid hitting his pretty face please..." He was deadpan serious. He gives Savio a good kiss first before he mawhs his ass back out of the way and somewhere that he can watch from.

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Samira cheers for both Savio and Svana for their bout, then moves to join Sydney. She exhales a slow breath as she strikes a fighting stance. A hint of resignation might be detected in her expression, like she knows how this will go, but the set of her shoulders promises she'll give it her all anyway. "Will do. Keep yelling out advice, wouldya?" she answers the pugilist with a good-natured grin.

Svana nods to Anisha, looking a bit dazed. She smiles at Sydney. "Yes, tomorrow is not a good day to be playing around on mommy and jumping on her, no? We'll try to see if a particular Elanne understands this." She goes to sit down and get another cloudy drink, positioning herself somewhere between Kyden and Samira. "Nice hot bath tonight I think, with salts. This has panned out to be a very interesting competition," she remarks, smiling over at Anisha. Then she cries down to the arena, "HIT HIM IN THE ASS CHEEK INSTEAD!"

Sydney's teeth flash in amusement. "Keep your feet moving?" There's a reason she's not an exceptional teacher of her own craft.

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Samira is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Unlike the last round, which ended before it could be made evident, The instant this fight begins, it's rather clear exactly the reason that the commoner Sydney has appended 'Waterfall' to her otherwise unadorned name - she rushes and dances towards the proverbial precipice of that first strike, and thereafter, it's all a cacophany of blows pounding down upon Samira. Several inevitably sail wide, several are blocked - that doesn't seem to be the point. Any effort to get out from under her overwhelming pressure is met with footwork that eagerly follows after.

It's hard to exploit reach or come up with a clever strategy when - unlike the cadence of most martial pursuits like the sword or a knife, where there are natural breaks from strikes parried - Sydney just /keeps/ bulling forward, her hair swaying along on a delay that serves as a reminder of her previous motion.

She doesn't call out advice, but she does gain a rather vicious grin as the fight stretches longer and longer. She takes no shortage of glancing strikes herself, but they don't seem to slow her down enough, in the end.

All the usual dirty fighting tricks fly out of Samira's head. She has no chance to even attempt them, instead spending the entirety of the fight attempting to guard herself against Sydney's punishing onslaught of blows. The small artist grits her teeth and bears the brunt of it, managing to stay on her feet until the pugilist's powerful blows finally send her stumbling backwards, sprawling on the ground. "You're a beast." She huffs as she tries to suck air back into her lungs.

"Three to one," Kyden confirms with a nod, pleased to have won. "You've earned that bath and double the salts," she notes to Svana, before turning her attention back to the fight. Her eyebrows go up at Sydney's impressive technique, and she can't help but applaud at the end of it all.

Anisha chuckles at the variety of requests on how Sydney is to handle Savio. "She needs to win first," She points out, idly, sipping her drink and guiding Svana to settle at the bar, to make sure she has food and drink. Watching the fight, and letting out a low whistle. "...Well, there we go." One more check that Svana is alright, and then she rises to her feet, moving along to the Arena.

"Sydney, I'd say you don't fight fair, but then, you fight well." Anisha notes. She moves in, to help Samira up. "I'll say I imagine that's a solid third-place, dear, and you've acquitted yourself quite well," She tells her. Then raising Sydney's fist to the air. "And now, my darlings - your second finalist is SYDNEY THE WATERFALL! Please do clear the ring, get your drinks, and place your bets as the Bard of Beatdown goes up against the Lightning Fists of the Lowers! The finale in the People's Fist-Fighting Tournament of 1014 will feature SAVIO PONTELAUS AND SYDNEY THE WATERFALL! Will it be your local gal or the fancy foreigner? YOU TELL ME!"

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Gabriella stands up from her seat to shout some more words of encouragement, though this time they sound different. "GO, SYDNEY! PUNCH HIS PRETTY FACE!"

Savio is matched up with the ferocious Sydney the Waterfall! Here at the last! He should be concerned. If he was smarter, he'd forfeit. Savio doesn't seem like he's sure he'll win, though; his confidence is all about being comfortable with losing. And as in all the other events of the Tournament, as preceded his other matches.. a bow and a song. Surely Sydney did not think she would get away with no song. Bards gonna bard. That Saffron-accented voice sings:

"You'd really think that I'd know better
Than to go chasing Waterfalls
But I'm star-struck, who could forget her?
She's renowned for how she brawls!

We've seen her dust the competition
Without breaking a sweat
Who's up for a repetition?
Look for the fastest knockout yet

Now you're thinking 'that boy's a goner --
There's no skill hidden underneath'
You're RIGHT of course but it's an honor
And I'll try not to eat my teeth."

Savio winks, and readies himself for getting broken in half!

"SAVIO of course!" Orland growls out form his randomness. DEADPAN GLARE searches for who ever yelled about hitting Savio's pretty face. RUDE>

Sydney immediately stoops and grasps Samira by the hand, offering to help her to her feet, "...Eh, throw a sword in my hand and see how quickly I fumble it to the dirt. We all got our specialties, yeah?" She offers a winning smile, and stays rooted to the sands, turning her focus to Savio, beckoning him on down. And then flinching immediately as the inevitable song arrives. She laughs in spite of herself, and offers, "...Just don't swallow them."

Raven turns and gives Gabriella THE look. Gabriella knows Which look it is-it's not even the first time she's seen it today. She doesn't stand up but her arms cross and her chin lifts and an eyebrow arches in a clear 'excuse me'?

Svana watches Sydney and Samira go toe-to-toe with great interest, her eyes wide. There's a bit of bread sat in front of her which she picks at - and eventually a bowl of something very much like stew, but a bit watery. She asides to Kyden, "You can see why the call her The Waterfall when she moves, can't you?" She stops picking at her food to applaud both women when Sydney and Samira end their fight. "You both did well! Bravo!" The Northern woman cries out in her thick accent. Savio's song draws a laugh. "Oh my Gods and Spirits, he's going to get it."

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Samira returns to her feet with the help of Sydney and Anisha with murmured thanks. She gives the pugilist a nudge of her shoulder as she passes. "Show 'em all what the Waterfall can do," she calls encouragingly over her shoulder. Even if Sydney already did that in the round they just fought. Moving stiffly, she ambles off to find a seat.

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Savio is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

When the signal comes to begin, Sydney's strategy seems to be unchanged from that latest fight. She still has that same energy and momentum, the same fluidity to her motions, as if she sprung up from the very sands of the arena itself to begin her assault - she weaves in and immediately starts hammering home strike after strike, willing to accept any strikes that come her way in service of keeping her opponent from being able to set their own pace.

In spite of Savio's song to the contrary, he stays up for longer than any of Sydney's opponents so far, and she even has to accept a strike or two that look like /solid/ hits to earn the punishment she's doling out. It all just makes the smile on her face turn more elated. As the fight goes on, it just gets wider, and it seems to have little to do with her advantage. She just loves to do what she does well, and that's on full display here, tonight.

Raven winces...She didn't look so invested in most of the other fights but her bottom lip is caught between her lip and she clutches her flask like an anxious parent as she sits there in the stands winces and grimacing as the fight lasts. And lasts. And lasts. Soon enough she's forgetting to take sips from it at all.

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Ian also seems quite engaged in the fight, and specifically in Savio's part in it, but he doesn't show any particular signs of concern. Or any other emotion, other than focus. Assuming that's even an emotion. His electric blue eyes move fast, taking in details of stance and footwork.

Savio is not a bad fighter at all -- but Sydney is an EXCEPTIONAL fighter, and he's scrappy, but he's outclassed. Not a trained brawler, he leans hard into dodging, but that only gets you so far against an opponent who's well practiced in knowing which little shift of motion indicates a dodge in which direction. He's not without landing a few of his own blows and it's a great match to watch, but in the end, it's him that takes a knee, breathing hard and laughing. Did she think he'd lose without a song though?!

"I yield, I yield, and I'm undone
Cry it through the town!
But I have to say that this was fun --
And you look perfect in a crown."

More laughter. "Don't hurt me, okay."

As the final fight comes to an end, Kyden leans back and snaps her fingers. "He held up much longer than I expected," she admits. "But I'm glad I didn't double-or-nothing my bet." A pause. "Worth it for the songs though." Because they amuse her.

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Anisha tsk-tsks Gabriella. "She has more class than that - he sings through his face," She points out to the Princess, with a smile. Patting Orland's shoulder, giving Raven a shrug - what can one do about bloodthirsty princesses - and giving a nod and a smile to Kyden "I'm glad we didn't do a second bet," She points out, with a little smile. Giving Samira and Svana both a gentle squeeze. "Now we've seen and in some cases felt the Waterfall, yes," She muses. "And this is going to be an _interesting_ fight to watch - Savio dances like a professional," She points out, as she lets Samira take the seat that she kept warm, then taking another sip of her drink, watching the battle, and when it ends - well, she steps onto the bar again, picking the crown from where it is on display.

"My Lovers of the Lowers, my citizens of the city, there she stands, the Muddy Run Champion of 1014 - and now, the Fist-Fighting Champion as well. It's hardly a surprise, though she was given a run for her money. Watch her now - carry her to me - drink in her honour and cheer her on, because HERE. COMES. THE WATERFAAAALL!"

And so, there are cheers. There's a Sydney carried on a throne of arms, to Anisha, where she can bend her head forward and receive her second crown. The party will go on long into the night. There will be excessive drinking. There will be more fights - though more of the usual kind, and less for points. There will be feasting, and other things that start with f, no doubt. And eventually, it will all come to an end.

Anisha takes The People's Tournament - Fist Fight 1014.

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Raven exhales and slouches a bit in RELIEF when Savio yields. This done she lifts her flask and lifts it to her mouth for a deeep drink. She gives a mildly exasperated glance towards Gabriella before her gaze moves towards Ian, " What's your thoughts on the fight? I am surprised he managed to stay conscious long enough to yeild."

Sydney takes in a few solid breaths and reaches down to yank Savio up to his feet, holding his hand up, "Give this man a fuckin' hand!" She bellows, "Even if he's a fuckin' bard, he made me work for every inch of it!" She throws an arm about the man's shoulder, apparently having warmed to him in the throes of combat. Then Anisha's calling for her own applause, and she offers a wide grin, taking a bow.

Anisha is overheard praising Sydney: A Worthy Winner!

Anisha is overheard praising Savio: Salacious in Second Place!

Anisha is overheard praising Samira: Culler Pride!

Anisha is overheard praising Svana: Grayhope Pride!

Anisha is overheard praising Lore: Well done!

Anisha is overheard praising Zakhar: Old meat grows tough, doesn't it?

Anisha is overheard praising Merek: Duty before sport!

Gabriella whistles, still aware of who is sitting just besides her, "You did it, Syd! That was absolutely beautiful." She exclaims, chuckling at the latter verses of the bard. "He can still sing alright, Whisper. The Waterfall knows when to be a great sportswoman." And then back to Raven, "Long enough to yield and sing."

Gabriella is overheard praising Sydney.

Gabriella is overheard praising Savio.

Gabriella is overheard praising Samira.

Gabriella is overheard praising Svana.

Gabriella is overheard praising Lore.

"He was catching hits that he couldn't dodge with places that'd mess him up less," Ian remarks to Raven. "She didn't throw all those glancing arm and shoulder hits out of the goodness of her heart." Lore's rum is gone and now he's drinking from his flask again. "It's a technique I've seen him use in fencing before."

Savio laughs, "Oh stop," when Sydney praises him too, but he seems to appreciate her commendation -- the crowd will be whipped up in her favor though as he encourages the crowd to chant, "WATER-FALL! WATER-FALL!" Once he's satisfied they're suitably excited about their winner, he limps off in search of Orland and friends, head held high... still got all his teeth. For now. Both arms lift up all celebratory-like. "Who's ready to driiink, heeeyyy!"

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Samira laughs, nodding knowingly in answer to Anisha's mention of feeling the Waterfall. "I'll be feeling her effects for days, I think." She may be too stiff to jump to her feet at the tournament's end, but she cheers extra loudly for both Sydney and Savio. "Well fought!" When Sydney is proclaimed winner, she whistles and hoots loudly. "YEAH, WATERFALL! This was great. Invigorating and so fun to see everyone in action!"

Sydney basks in the cheers and quips of the audience from the center of the sands, and points in turn to Anisha, Gabriella, Svana, Samira, and Savio. If there's any actual /meaning/ to that point, it's unknown. She is quick to prance off at the prospect of drinking, and she crows, "Rounds are on me!"

Raven mmms, "He does it when I spar with him do. Slippery sort. I'm gonna go say hi to our almost champ." She rises and dips her head respectfully to Gabriella and Ian before trotting down to check on Savio.

Savio is in the process of inviting himself over to where Ian, Raven, and Gabriella are, so Raven doesn't have far to go. He proudly announces, "I wasn't awful!", followed by laughter. "I think Sydney took the whole thing, maybe? Good for her, she did well every time I saw her. Did you love watching it?"

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