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Cocine Arcuri

You can't just hit metal with a hammer and call yourself a smith! Metal is like a lover; stroke it and coax it and it will sing for you, but if you just hit it and bang it about you're going to end up with something sharp that's trying to kill you.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Charmed Metallurgist
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Arcuri
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 32
Birthday: 05/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Honeyed Gold
Eye Color: Rich Umber
Skintone: Warm Ivory Bisque

Description: A robust woman, on the taller side of average, with a sculpted tone to her that speaks of long hours and hard work. Honey blond hair that reaches the top of her shoulderblades, often pulled up into a twist or bun, with strands falling here and there to be brushed or blown away absently. Dark eyes with a straightforward, non-nonsense look that warm and lighten with mirth or amusement often. Hers is an artful appearance, with an easy gait that speaks of confidence and assurance.

Personality: A woman of dualities, she tends to keep her private life just that while showing a smile and warm welcome in public. She enjoys a good drink and a good story but can likewise wax intellectual at the drop of a hat about her favorite subjects. Still young enough to live vicariously through the exploits of others, she draws much of her inspiration from the tales carried to her by her customers.

Background: Much like her mother before her, Cocine grew up in the middle of the brood of Arcuri children. Helping in the shop with odd chores, then with simple tasks. When she apprenticed, she chose a tough route, taking on both alchemy and smithing. Many in the Arcuri family seem blessed when it comes to their chosen profession, but for Cocine it was a calling. Experimenting with metals and minerals, mixing compounds with metals to see what she would get. Always with an eye towards which ones work best together.

When she reached an age, she opened a shop of her own in Lenosia, the mixtures of minerals and metals creating unique appearances without altering properties. And still she experimented every chance she got. Sometimes going out of her way to learn some obscure formula just to see how it would fare when paired with different metals. She broke even more than she profited, her experiments always taking the bulk of her resources.

The last of the Josephine's children still in Lenosia, after her mother's death, Cocine finished what remained of her commissions, then packed her things and headed to Arx to join the rest of the family.

Name Summary
Ras Friendly and kind. She thinks in a way that most people don't, like a place is more than a place and hearing the feelings of things. Considerate about folk. Like her mom was.