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The People's Tournament - Lowers Street Gala 1014

The Compact has the Tournament of Roses but the lowers and uppers of Arx has the People's Tournament.

As the tournament comes to an end, the streets of the city - particularly the lowers, uppers and spilling into the market - are filled with festivities. Food and drink at every corner and jubilation had for the lucky few who have found themselves the lucky winners. Whether common or noble, any who pass through the parts of the city will find themselves in jovial spirits likely.

1st - 700,000 silver
2nd - 450,000 silver
3rd - 275,000 silver

People’s Choice - 325,000 Silver

OOC: Overall Winners and People's Champion will be announced, keep track here, and send your votes to Anisha via mail or messenger before the 21st.


Feb. 22, 2021, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Anisha Cocine


Sydney Raven Savio Angelica Zakhar Orland Samira Zyxthylum Svana


Faith of the Pantheon Redrain Amadeo Grayhope Bard's College Whisper Crafters Guild Grayson Thrax


Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Clowder of ten rowdy kittens arrives, following Zakhar.

Zakhar takes The People's Tournament - Fishing Derby 1014 from Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe arrive, following Mirella.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe leave, following Mirella.

Day is giving way to night, and across the main thoroughfare of the commons square, the festival is still the happening place. Multiple temporary tables and seats have been set up; barrels and bottles of drink are at the ready, and feasts both from the Mangatan bounty of the Fishing Contest, and the flora and fauna of the local and even some far-away places make up for a grand meal that will probably help feed some families for days. There's a central stage where the flags of the families and organizations sponsoring the events hang high, and Bards of the College have been swapping in and out all day. Cooking fires and bonfires give a very different light from the sparklegas lamps that brighten as the moon starts to rise. People sit on rooftops and the sides of the roads as stories and feasting continues. There are carts and stands at every corner, plentiful variety in dishes to be had, and the scent of warmth, and people, and food wafts across the air.

This, then, is the scene that Anisha finds when she steps up on stage, content for now to just bask in the glory of it all, coat over her shoulders, her gleaming mirrorsilver and aeterna looking perhaps slightly out of place in the Lowers.

For the first time in what feels like an age, Sydney Waterfall arrives to an event with /all of her clothing on/. Truly a cause for celebration, as there's little risk for getting anything muddy or sandy. The attire she's chosen for today is woefully simple for a 'Gala'. High quality earth-toned leathers that would be more suitable for a duel between champions serve as her primary clothing, but she offsets that humble attire with an attractive comb that looks too fine by far - if nothing else, it keeps that lengthy fiery hair out of her eyes.

It wouldn't be Sydney if the very first thing she did wasn't to go and start pilfering refreshments from the various setups, piling her plate high and encouraging those about her to do the same. Those from the Lowers take little encouragement when it comes to free food.

Raven arrives and begins weaveing through the crowd, apparently on the hunt for someone amongst the crowd. She winds and weaves and occasionally stands up on tippy-toes to crane her head around.

Savio needs an adult. Was he trying to swap in a turn, or more than one turn, at the Bard College performances all day? Whether uninvited or not? Yes. Is he drunk? Yes. Has he broken some lamps? Yes. Is he having a /lovely time/? YES. Despite not winning any crowns in the competition, Savio is in high spirits as he floats from one celebratory activity to the next in a cloud of chaos and glitter. He has Orland by the hand, and spotting Sydney, is waving and heading that way. "Sydney the Waterfall! Heyyy!" Ah and there's another familiar face. "Raven! Heeyyyy!"

Angelica arrives as the festivities head into the evening, dressed in umber-toned wools and silks, her hat fashionably askew and the hilt of a large weapon peeking over her shoulder. She's observant and a little amused. She finds a vendor offering spirits and pays for a bottle, continuing to wander about and observe.

The tall old man with snow-white hair, that some have come to know as Zakhar ambles into the square from around a corner. A couple of cats shuffling in behind him, with the two that have become mainstays to his wardrobe sitting upon his shoulders giving a stare of interest, though possibly a stinkeye to any that try to reach out and pet them. Zakhar didn't change his clothing from the dark gray leathers that he's typically seen in. Checking around the food carts first and commenting on each available based to how many of the kittens stop and mew at the smells of the food, his plate is slow to build up.

Dergus, an intimidating bodyguard arrives, following Zyxthylum.

And Orland's an adult? Maybe. A little bit. He's younger than Savio? The Amadeo lordling does have Savio by the hand in most instances, leaves him to go join the performers in others, but is generally found lingering and filling his moments with the other man, wearing his splendid and /most recently/ named Blue Puff, The Greatest Bravuran Hat of Pieros. That being said, the dashing plumed wide brimmed hat is a tell tale beacon that Savio will most definitely use in times that they get separated, like a penguin call. Orland does wave that hat to a few people, Raven and Zakhar for instance. But he's well into his drinking and smoking ways, a trail of haze following him as he tries to not BUY everything he can for Savio. "This would look good on you... How about this.. No, this one..." some of the commentary from the Amadeo lord.

Sydney laughs in spite of herself at the sloppy appearance of Savio, and gamely waves an arm while balancing her platter of food on the crook of the elbow of her other arm. "Savio! Heyyyyy!" She echoes, a smile so wide that it all but reaches her ears. "You look like you're none the worse for wear. Glad you're not wearing any lumps or bumps."

Raven catches that voice and-ahah! Her head snaps around and her gaze locks in on Savio, "Savio!" A broad smile splitting her features as she makes her way towards him, "Like the look! IT's very..." She flounders on the right adjective, "Shiny-pretty." she decides with a grin as she closes in on the pair. "Hi Orland, you two look like you're having fun."

Navigating her way through the crowd with an occasional nudge or a well-placed elbow when needed, Samira makes her way into the area. Her hair looks as though it hasn't been brushed in days and dark circles under her eyes hint at uneasy sleep, but the festive nature of the event brings a small smile to her lips. A wave is sent toward Savio and Orland as she spots the familiar pair, then a grin sent toward Sydney. "Hey, Waterfall!"

Not daring to show his craven face at the fist fighting tourney part of the People's Tournament, Zyxthylum slinks into the Commons Square and simply takes in the scene with his one good eye. Knobby fingers fuss with the seams of his silks as he lingers, looking to see the current state of things. As long as this isn't another fighting part, the old wretch might just have another embarrassing leg of this race to complete.

Angelica does her best to avoid the cloud of glitter and chaos that is Savio, ducking past the people about him and nearly bumping into Sydney. "Pardon me," she tells the brawler, eyes flicking up to the other woman's red hair and the beautiful comb nestled within.

Anisha gives a waggle of her fingers to those she knows - which is most people, she'll get tired soon enough. Smiling, as Sydney celebrates, as Savio and Orland have their fun. She gvies a wave to Raven, too. There's a beaming little grin to Samira, and Anisha offers a nod to Angelica when the woman passes before her. Her countenance brightening at Zakhar. "Here, Zakhar - see how people are still eating of the fish you caught! You did well!" She cheers and congratulates - and waves her fingers to Zyx in passing as well, before she steps forward, clears her throat, and gestures for the musicians to do a dramatic, very loud flourish to call attention.

"Commoners of the Commons! Visiting nobles! Partakers of the party and festivaleers of the Feast! I beg your attention for just one moment. It is time, you see, to announce the winners of the people's tournament." She declares in a loud and bright voice. "I am thrilled to have you all here. Josephine Arcuri started this, years ago, as a way for the Commons to celebrate, and to ensure that some people might change their stars," She explains. "That there'd be enough silver here to encourage a shift. The Lowers are a home for many, and it is oft ignored - but Lowers folk are used to that. Still." She pauses. "We are here today to lift people of the Commons up. To show what we're good for. And to celebrate. So, with that, I'm pleased to announce..."

She pauses for dramatic effect, then grins. "In Fifth place, winning a prize purse of 110 000 silver, is Samira Culler! Please, come on up, Samira." A beat. "And in fourth place - well, Cullers and Grayhopes are ever neck and neck, aren't they? In fourth place, Svana Grayhope lands a prize purse of 220 000 silver. I believe she might be busy with the children, I'll keep her purse until she shows."

"How could I possibly decide? You don't have to buy me anything. I like -- oh, but, you don't have to buy me anything," Savio replies to Orland, reeling him in for a cheek kiss before he goes about greeting people. He's an affectionate drunk. Zakhar? HUGGED. Raven? HUGGED. Sydney's platter of food saves her from being hugged, because Savio respects snacks, but he will try to hug Zyxthylum too. He can be easily avoided. "Everybody is so beautiful," Savio enthuses. "Not too worse for the wear, Sydney! Or at least, that is my story now that the bruises are fading." He grins!

Samira is out of hugging distance but gets a kiss blown her way, and Angelica is reviewed with a friendly smile -- he's seen her before, but so briefly. His Saffron-accented voice greets, "Hello! Where are your friends?" As she seems to be alone. "You must come celebrate with us, if you are alone!"

Then the announcements begin, and Samira and Svana are announced -- cheering! "Samira! Congratulations to you!"

It doesn't look like anyone may have ever hugged Zyxthylum. Savio gets a wide-eyed stare and a stiff emaciated pole of a body to embrace, but the man is too shocked to respond. Instead he gets a few hesitant nods and a ,"Okay!" For a moment he thought maybe they saved a fist fight for him. His claws retrieve a decanter of medicine and he slugs a painful swallow to calm his jitters.

Zyxthylum gets Garden's Nectar - A potent mix of mood altering substances from A water-proofed medical pouch.

Orland finds his way over to Zyzthylum, "Hey Zy. You did exceptionally well." A compliment, as he nods to Samira and the few others that cluster closer to Savio. He smiles for the other man, hoping he has his moment. As the announcements starts his eyes widen, "WOAHHHHTTT.." It's a woah and a what together, "Get a load of their silver pay offs! Congratulations! Now you all can afford a Bravuran hat!" His cheeks are red, but as the 4th and 5th place get announced, he does a little sound that's probably a squee from the having too much fun Amadeo, "You have a good chance here Savio..!" Of course the shopping is utterly forgotten about, taking the cheek kiss and watching Savio go be a butterfly. "Go.. fly," fingers wiggle out to Savio. A thin smile rests on his face.

Sydney has to set her food down in order to express the full exuberance of her cheering, "Fantastic! Cheers to Grayhopes and Cullers alike!" She shouts, tucking half of a bite of food into her cheek like a chipmunk hoarding a nut. "Well-earned!" With her arms now temporarily freed, she snatches Savio and hugs him from behind. Bear-hug! "Fuckin' bard! Don't skip me!"

Raven giggles and gives Savio a warm cheek and a 'mwah!' cheek-kiss. She spots Samira and waves with a broad grin. She's about to greet the other woman and then she's announced a winner. She cheers and claps "Hooray Samira!

Raven giggles and gives Savio a warm cheek and a 'mwah!' cheek-kiss. She spots Samira and waves with a broad grin. She's about to greet the other woman and then she's announced a winner. She cheers and claps "Hooray Samira!" She lifts an eyebrow at Sydney and grins.

HISS. Mew?

The gray-blue kitten on his right shoulder and white marbled on his left both have a differening of opinions to Savio's hug. The rest following along are happier with the sudden drop of food that occurs when the old man's arms are firmly clamped to his sides in the surprise hug from the drunk Savio. Zakhar looks down to Savio, then over to the lordling. "Canna we..." and he's tilting his head towards the docks with a very small grin, as the kittens are now feasting on the plate that was still being put together.

Sydney is put on a trajectory to all but back right into Angelica when she stumbles away from Savio, and she offers a hurried apology, "No, no. Pardon me. Ain't watchin' where I'm goin'. Gonna get worse as the night goes on."

Orland has joined the A Costermonger's Cart.

Samira grins widely at Anisha when her name is called, moving forward when the Softest calls her over to where she stands. "That's a nice sum of money. Can do a whole lot with that," she remarks as the reminder of the prize is announced, the sums of money sounding quite substantial to someone who started out with nothing. She grins at Savio's blown-kiss, waggles fingers again at Raven, and then turns attention to Anisha with a grateful look.

HUGGED, Savio is captured in a half-hug half-brawl. "You had food! AH! Ahahahah," he laughs. "I wasn't going to knock over your food! I'm a very civilized person, Sydney!" Is he though? "Now you are running over our new friend!" Poor Zyx. Poor Zakhar. Poor everyone. There is chaos afoot.

Angelica looks surprised as Savio addresses her directly, but it's a mild sort of surprised. "I am alone," she agrees, "but I'm not certain what's being celebrated. Seems I've missed out." Her smile is small but genuine enough, and she tries to catch the names of those announced and why they reference. "Was there a tourname-" she begins to ask, only to get stumbled into. Her hands come up and she grips Sydney's sides, steadying her, the bottle likely digging into the red-head's back. "Is it?" she asks, whiskey-hued eyes glittering with amusement. "Do you get worse too?" And there, her smile twitches a little more.

Raven has joined the A Costermonger's Cart.

With a glazed look crossing his eyes, Zyxthylum's hands seem to knit in front of him all on their own. His head bobs as if in slow motion and in a monotone voice he comments to Orland, "It seems I'm a touch late. At least the Culler girl got a purse. I've heard good things about Rabble art." The little goblin face scans over the rest of the people gathered, "What all did I miss?"

Zakhar sighs a little while watching the food that was collected be eaten and played with by the kittens. There's a nod and a wave to Anisha when she calls out to him about the fish caught still feeding many families. He then turns to go back to the beginning of the carts to restock his plate.

"The lovely and graceful Softest Anisha has been our hostess for the People's Tournament," Savio offers an explanation to Angelica. "A series of events, and prizes, for the commoners or Arx. I understand it is something of a tradition, although I have only been on the mainland for a few months, so I don't suppose I'm in a position to say. It's been fun! Everyone has been an exemplary sportsman, or woman." With a smile for her, he grins, "I think this one," meaning Sydney, "Will be the winner of the first place, overall. Wait and see!"

Anisha hands over the prize purse to Samira, giving the woman a hug. "You can. And it is nice. And well-deserved," She assures, with a gentle squeeze. "You're welcome to stay on stage and bask in the adoration, or you can go feel it up close, if you wish. I'm going to call up more people, now." She notes, with a wink. Giving the Culler a little space, she clears her throat and continues - once the cheering dies down a little for the Grayhopes and the Cullers.

"Up next, a worthy third - Lore Artiglio, who gets the third-place prize purse of 330 000 silver - which, yes, I know. More than announced. That's a good thing," She assures, with a chuckle. "And in second place, our beautiful and breath-taking bard, Savio Pontelaus! Please come join us, Savio, get your prize!"

Sydney laughs rather than flustering at being so directly caught, taking stock of the other woman for a moment before winking, "'Course not. Everything's better seasoned with alcohol, whether that's celebrations or pugilists. The more drinks the better." She reaches up to pat Angelica's sides in return, turning her attention to Anisha and smiling even wider as the announcements are read, and as Lore and Savio's names come up. "...I do hope that's a fair compensation for goodwoman Lore."

Samira leans in, arms sliding around Anisha in a return hug. "Thank you! Wouldn't have had any of this if not for you and all your hard work." She appears faintly amused at the invitation to remain onstage, but not being one to enjoy calling attention to herself, she bows her head to the crowd and then hops off the stage. Preferring to blend in with the rest, it seems, she cheers loudly for the other winners as she goes.

Savio is having a great time cheering for everyone who got called up, and is he paying attention... you know, sort of... but not enough, so there's kind of an awkward pause as Anisha announces his name and he's just there waiting for such a person to go up and get the prize. "Oh no, that's me," he eventually realizes. It might serve as an introduction for Angelica, regarding who this ridiculous person is that she's spoken to. Pause. "Yay!"

He heads up there to collect the prize!

Angelica looks from Savio as he explains, to the woman in her arms. "Is that right?" She peers at the slightly-taller woman a moment longer, then twitches at something Sydney tells her, her hands carefully withdrawing as Angelica actually snickers. "My apologies. I've only just bought it." She works the cork free and takes a long pull after raising it to Sydney. "Here's to you, then!" and takes a drink.

As the names are called out for the places in the tournament, Zakhar taps each as they step up to claim their prizes. The plate is ever slower to fill as he's watching the kittens more closely now as they seem to have figured out that the food /can' be had if they distract him long enough.

Orland chokes, "Second?!" There's a faint glare at everyone then, everrrrryone,... "He needed a crown!" He throws his hands up and pouts over by the cart. Zy does get a bit of a nod, "I haven't been the Rabble art myself.. But..." He looks woeful up to the front, even though Savio is happy as can be. Orland crosses his arms.

Raven blink-blinks and looks surprised, then briefly puzzled. She summons a smile and claps, "Savio! Second place still first in our heart!" She double-hand blows kisses after Savio.

Sydney's poor food tray remains fairly abandoned, which... oh, no, it's not abandoned. Someone's already walked off with it because she left it unattended too long. "Ah! H-- eh. There's plenty to go around." She flashes a smile back Angelica's way and draws flask from her belt, "To you as well, goodwoman...?" She probes, seeking a name with that leading trail-off as she takes a sip of whiskey from a sigil-emblazoned flask.

Also as a boyfriend, Orland can show the bias and the disappointment. Such was done, he's going back to drinking, tipping a flask back and turning to look at the cart's wares, speaking with Raven in more private terms. Maybe they were haggling with the cart owner over something.

Sydney gets a flask painted with the sigil of House Waterfall from Decorative Black Leather Belt.

With a murmur to Zakhar, "I think you might still have a shot at the Choice award." A deformed hand raises to conceal his whisper, "I know I voted for you and those little kittens." One of the knobby fingers does an affectionate wiggle in the direction of the cats but Zyxthylum is still as the dead as his milky eye becomes stuck half shut.

Anisha jiggles the coin purse in front of Savio. "It's near half a million silver in here, Savio - four hundred and fifty thousand. Can we count on you to be respectable?" She asks, putting a hand on his shoulder, and giving him a stern look. Then, she places the purse in his hand, and laughs. "Ah, not for us to say how you spend your silver! Congratulations, darling!" And a little lower. "And do, please stay."

Another pause, as she looks around. "My friends. My darlings. My fellow Commoners and those who would join us in our festivities. There is one crown yet to be doled out. And with it comes another prize purse, matching second place. I speak, of course, of the People's Choice."

Raucocous cheering breaks out, and Anisha laughs. "And of course - while it was hard fought this year, there was ONE person who walked away with nearly ten times the votes of the others."

Another pause for Dramatic Effect, and then Anisha raises Savio's hand. "SAVIO PONTELAUS! YOU ARE THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE OF 1014!" And, as she says so, Tamorin steps up, tip-toeing to place the crown on the man's head.

A messenger finally - FINALLY - spots his target among the crowd, looking incredibly fed up with having had to spend so much time hunting for the recipient of his delivery. He shoves a missive into Samira's hand and turns away in a huff. She protests, gesturing to the stage, but a glance down at the missive's contents renders her solemn and focused. She cheers distractedly for Sydney and Savio before making a hasty and subtle exit.

Raven climbs up on the cart, whooping and cheering, "SAVIO! Sa-Vi-Oooo! Damned strait he's people's choice! Go get your crown, Sa-Vi-Oooo!" She blows more air kisses after the beloved bard.

Angelica manages to tell Sydney, "Angelica," before Savio's name is mentioned and people start screaming in joy. She grimaces at the spike in sound, her grip tightening around the neck of her bottle, squinting with one eye up at Anisha. She looks back to Sydney, raises her bottle to the woman again, anyway, and takes a sip.

Orland was drunk over here. "Wait... he won? What did... I thought..." Now he's confused but that's okay, he's taking another hit from his flask. When he sees Savio getting the crown, he damn near chokes on his liquor! In fact he does. CHOKE. Spit. What?! He's so confused. But then he's cheering. SO a lot of people just won money! And look at that crown! Look at all those crowns! When raven starts chanting and cheering, he joins in! "WAY TO GO SYDNEY...!! Wrong name? Yes. But he was stupid earlier, blame the multitasking player. "WOOOO WOOO. SAVIO!! Looks great on you baby! Model that thannng!"

Sydney offers a contented sigh at the end of her drink - several pulls from that flask, and murmurs, "Pleasure to meet you, Ange. Name's Sydney Waterfall." She pauses at the uproar of applause and laughs in spite of herself, calling, "A Crown for Savio! People's Choice is the most dignified crown there is!" She's biased.

Can we count on you to be respectable? "Um," Savio answers Anisha, an obvious hesitation that suggests no, no you cannot count on him to be respectable. But she hands it over with her laughter, and as bid, he stays. He's comfortable in a spotlight and he isn't, something self-effacing and surprised in his demeanor as she announces him as the people's choice! "Oh, no! What!"

But there's laughter there, and delight, head bowed to let Tamorin set the crown on his head. "No, thank you, you're lovely," he Savio laughs toward the crowd. "YOU are the spectacular ones! You are." Kisses are blown toward the audience, and a grin follows. "But you don't want to look at me, you are waiting for... the overall winner!" The words are drawn out in a 'drumroll please!' kind of way, and he vacates the stage to allow for the announcing of first place!

Savio has joined the A Costermonger's Cart.

Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrives, following Svana.

Orland checks strength and athletics at normal. Orland is successful.

Having vacated the stage, Savio runs towards the Costermonger's Cart, where he's grinning from ear to ear. Raven and Orland are there, and it's the latter that he's heading for, in a celebratory hug that's easily 70% tackle! He's not sober, Orland isn't sober, it'll be cute or they'll collapse in a heap on the ground.

Zyxthylum claps a slow clap with his opposing palms. Both eyes are heavy lidded now but he mumbles some praises to Savio and tries to console Zakhar. "I'm sure you'll win the next one." It seems his little concoction gives him an edge of humor oddly enough. "..If you find an elixir to let you switch bodies with him." The tug of a smirk across his deformed visage, "Maybe enough Tor white will do the trick?"

Anisha laughs, giving Savio a final squeeze, and a pat on the back, sending him to be carried on an impromptu people throne back to his lover and friends, then she turns back, waiting for a moment to give people time to turn their attention back to her.

"That's right. There's one more call to make. The person in question didn't win every contest - though they did get a crown, and they placed significantly. It was a thrill to watch them in action. And three years ago, they stood here as well, getting the People's Choice crown from Josephine herself."

It may be giving away the game a bit, but then those who've paid attention... Well, they know already.

"PEOPLE OF THE COMMONS: I give you the GRAND WINNER of the PEOPLE'S TOURNAMENT OF 1014! The Wit of the Wagon Run! The Fist of the Fishing Derby! The Marvel of the Muddy City Race1 The Triumphant Finisher of the Fist Fights. The one. The ONLY! SYDNEY! THE! WATERFALL!"

Zyxthylum is overheard praising Savio: The People's Champion, (watch out for his elbow..)

Savio is air lifted upwards, as he comes barreling in at Orland. The Amadeo has hands on the other's hips and hoists him upward, using the momentum of Savio's rush toward him to propel the pink coat wearing glittery eye lidded bard upwards, with a twirl to set him back down for a smooch... but drunk boys behind drunk, Orland wobbles at the last moment and crashes into the cart a little bit, keeping Savio from the most harm as he barks a laugh outwardly.

Sydney checks composure at normal. Sydney is successful.

Angelica looks suitably impressed at how Sydney's name is broken up like a religious epithet. "Your friend wasn't wrong," she remarks to Sydney, just as the crowd begins to roar.

Zyxthylum is overheard praising Anisha: Lifting the spirits of the Lowers since-(?)!

Orland is overheard praising Anisha.

Raven laughs as Savio moves to tackle Orland, she's standing nearby but letting the enthusiastic couple celebrate in their drunken way, beaming ear to ear. She turns her attention to the stage and applauds and cheers for the first place winner of the tournament.

The food hits the ground for a second time as Zakhar hears Savio's name called multiple times, then is calling out with a cheer for the young man. He walks towards the tumbling pile that is Orland and Savio continuing the cheer as the kittens attack the second helping to hit the ground.

Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason leaves, following Svana.

Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrives, following Svana.

Svana drops Elanne Grayhope.

Sydney cants her head toward Angelica, flashing a smile as her name's announced. "...Yeah. What the good Whisper said." And that's about as well as she's able to contain her excitement. She manages not to trip all over herself on her way to meet Anisha. Her face and ears are a touch red at the sheer amount of praise, and she ducks her head and raises a fist, crying, "Thank you! Thank you to all who contended, to all who came out to cheer us on! Thank you to Anisha Whisper for putting this all together!" She turns and scoops Anisha close and plants a kiss on her cheek, and raises her voice, "...Commoners are the lifeblood of this city, as I've said before."

She raises her other hand and then takes a bow, "I placed damn near to last in 1011, and I've come back to take it all! If that's not proof of what resilience can do for you, I don't know what bloody is!"

Orland is caught up laughing as food and whatever else tumbles around them. The cart guy is not going to be a happy cart guy, unless some of that is paid for. On Orland's tab for his sloppy finish of such an graceful ballet dance lift of his partner. He looks over and up at Zakhar, "Hey Zak! You look so tall all of a sudden."

Svana flitters in with some excitement, looking harried and hurried. There is a bit of extra baggage sitting on her shoulders in the form of a hefty toddler with a mop of dark copper curls and big brown eyes who is clapping her hands, and waving at all the people, as if the celebration is /just for her/. Svana is a touch winded but she looks over toward Sydney and waves, which prompts Elanne to do the same, and then heads toward Anisha. "Darling! Elanne thinks that little girls should be invited to parties in the Lowers. She is a Grayhope, through and through."

Raven laughs and waves to Zak, offering her food, "Here, looks like you dropped yours. I better pay this poor lad for his wares." She abandons the food to Zak to eat or pass on and pads around the card in search for it's owner.

Savio crashes into the cart with Orland, oops, ow, and it's only a flailed hand upwards that keeps him from losing that new crown! It's all very close to disaster but not quiiite, and it ends in a kiss, so all is well. One more quick smooch stolen, then the crowd is going nuts for Sydney, and of course Savio along with them -- it seems like genuine delight, maybe even more so as he can spot Sydney turning a little pink at the attention. It's the best.

"It's going to be a rowdy party," Savio remarks to Angelica with a grin, like it's not already. "Sydney well deserves the win, she is wonderful."

Anisha allows the hug, returns the kiss to the cheek, and sketches a deep curtsey, taking a step back as Sydney makes her victory speech.

"Yes," She agrees. "Tenacity. Determination. Every commoner knows these words," She assures, "And Sydney exemplifies that more than many. I invite you to keep celebrating - any food left over will be doled out, and this contest has brought silver to a lot of labourers and merchants here as well," She notes, with a little smirk. "I'd like to thank all our sponsors for making this happen - all our contestants for being such good sports - and of course, you the people - for you are what make the PEOPLE's Tournament!" She declares. "Feast, and be merry, for tonight is your night!"

Then, there's a loud crash, and Anisha laughs, stepping away, giving Svana squeeze as she comes close, and booping Elanne on the nose.

"Well, she's hardly the only child here tonight. And it's good for her as long as she can handle the lights and the noises - and the people. Are you going to introduce her to her new babysitter?" Anisha teases Svana.

Anisha is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon: The Faith Supports the Commons!

Anisha is overheard praising Grayson: We are grateful to Grayson

Anisha is overheard praising Redrain: We give thanks to Redrain

Anisha is overheard praising Thrax: Thanks also to Thrax

Anisha is overheard praising Amadeo: The Amazing Amadeo

Anisha is overheard praising Grayhope: The gracious Grayhopes of the Lowers

Anisha is overheard praising Crafters guild: We give thanks to the Crafters

Anisha is overheard praising Bard's college: Beautiful music, grand support

Anisha is overheard praising Whisper: Always present!

Anisha is overheard praising Zyxthylum: A Terrific Tenth! Good Heart!

Anisha is overheard praising Merek: A Notable Ninth!

Anisha is overheard praising Zakhar: An Excellent Eight!

Anisha is overheard praising Giorgio: A Solid Seventh!

Anisha is overheard praising Arion: A Sensational Sixth!

Anisha is overheard praising Samira: A Fine Fifth!

Anisha is overheard praising Svana: Our Fabulous Fourth!

Anisha is overheard praising Lore: The Terrific Third!

Anisha is overheard praising Savio: All hail the People's Choice! And the Runner Up!

Anisha is overheard praising Sydney: Our Grand Winner!

"I don't know her well enough to agree," Angelica says with her amused smile to Savio, "but if first impressions can be the right ones, you're likely right." She leans in to Sydney, bottle-free hand touching her arm, says something quietly, then moves to wander through the crowd, heading back the way she came.

Svana is overheard praising Sydney: A Waterfall for the People!

Zyxthylum makes his way to Anisha to thank her formally. "You are most gracious as always my Lady." He enunciates the words instead of the usual m'lady. "I must be going but I'd love to entertain you in my shop- or in the newly opened showroom in the center of the city. I'd love to show you my appreciation with a special commission." The man bows in a stiff fashion, bone popping and cracking as he rights himself.

Savio is overheard praising Sydney: The winner of winners!

Savio is overheard praising Anisha: A legendary hostess!

Zakhar looks to the lording on the ground. "Stella sames heights t'as b'fere." Then proceeds to look around for the closest stall with an ale

Anisha moves to the edge of the stage, Svana in hand and Elanne up close, and beams to the old cadavrous man. "Hello, Messere. And yes - I'd love to visit. Either in the City Center or the Pravus ward. I've heard interesting things about your art, and would love to comission you!"

Sydney remains on the stage, milking every bit of praise that she can despite looking the slightest bit sheepish in the center of it all. She worked hard to get here, and she's going to enjoy every last moment of it that she can. Much waving. Much showing off of her crown, and plenty of drinking.

Raven is overheard praising Savio: Only man in Arx who shines brighter than the crown he wears.

Sydney is overheard praising Savio: A fantastic man, even for a bard!

Svana watches the chaos unfold in front of her with a slight smile, but she takes note of Savio's crown. She beams, smiling. "I'm not sure if I should introduce her to Savio or not - she might fight him for that crown." She bows to Zyxthylum in passing before waving again to Sydney. "Sydney! You look beautiful!" Mini-me who looks nothing like Svana also waves again to Sydney. "I always think that, though." She grins at Sydney and winks before looking toward the others, particularly Orland and Savio.

Orland looks to Zakhar, "What not helping me up?!" He snorts a little as he watches the Kitten Herder wander off for a drink, remaining sprawled there on the ground in front of the cart for a moment, having been properly smooched. He's fine. HAT might just tip into his face. FINE.

Raven laughs and comes trotting back around. "What?! You had him when I turned my back!" She's still laughing as she stoops to offer them both a hand up, "You two are a hot mess." the words riding on the back of her laugh.

Anisha chuckles. "Might win, too, in the current state," She notes, glancing over to the two tumbling, giving a gentle shake of her head at the antics of Savio and Orland. She waves Zyx off, and sighs, happily. Murmuring a few instructions to Tamorin, who bows and runs off to disseminate them. "That's all the official business taken care of for me," She notes, with a smile, and a squeeze of the arm to Svana. "I might just find somewhere to sit with a plate piled high with food and a deep tankard of drink and watch people be happy for a while," She notes. Beaming to Sydney as well. "You do look good in a crown," She points out, with a smirk, agreeing with Svana. Peering over at Zakhar and Raven congregating around the fallen. "We were thinking of introducing Elanne to Savio, since he's volunteered to babysit." Has he? If Anisha says so he must have.

Sydney checks composure at hard. Sydney is successful.

"But we ARE hot," Savio focuses on the important part of what Raven said, with an unrepentant, "ahahaha," to follow as he untangles himself from the crash, and helps Orland up too if he'll have it. A moment is spent dusting off.. adjusting the position of The Crown... and then he's heard his name over there, somewhere?

Anisha and Svana and Elanne have ben spotted, and he gasps at them, "We must be introduced!" Beware, Orland. Savio is inviting children into the vicinity!

Sydney grins and moves to the edge of the upraised stage and dangles her legs off of it, waving to Svana and Elanne in turn, even her sheepish grin looking a touch impish and vicious. "Well, I'm glad you think it /every/ time you say it." She leans back on her hands and watches the crowd, her smile tempering to something full of fondness and sentiment. She turns to look over to Anisha, and casually doffs her crown. "'Course I do."

Orland accepts it, otherwise he just might consider that spot against the cart his bed for the night. Dragged upward with arms clasped, one for Raven, one for Savio, whoever, he gets right back up on his feet, with a little knuckle of the brim of his hat. He's drinking again. BUT, when there's kids aboard, he gives Savio a gross ew no look, "Ugh.. You're not seriously going to be babysitting are you?" Elanne's probably a nice kid, but it's still a kid.

Raven blink-blinks. OH no. A tiny person. She shakes her head and kisses the cheek of Savio, "Congratulations, Savio." She chortles and kisses ORland's cheek, "Good luck living with your man now." she winks at him and then quietly slips off.

"WAIT... No you don't... TAKE ME WITH YOU..." Orland tries to grab a piece of Raven before she abandons him.

Raven checks dexterity at normal. Raven is successful.

Zakhar checks perception and athletics at hard. Zakhar fails.

A drink has been procurred, and Zakhar is heading back to the crowd and there's a small thing, and a Savio, and was that a child that just tripped Zakhar? Or was it the sudden dash of the kittens to the cart contents that are now free as Orland is lifted up. Either way the ale is flying through the air as Zakhar finds the ground coming up fast to meet him

Svana blushes and bites her lip at what Sydney says, looking about to open her mouth and say something else in turn - but Savio needing to be introduced to Elanne takes precedence, and it's the perfect excuse to put the toddler down on the ground. "Elanne, this is Savio. You might be spending some time with him in the future. Savio, this is Elanne Grayhope, who doesn't look like me at all."

Little Elanne has clearly been mentored in the way of manners. She looks up at Savio and blinks a few times. "Hiiiiiii. I Elanne!" Beat. "Mommy! Shiny!" She points at Savio's head, and Svana looks at Anisha, pinching the bridge of her nose.

Raven has left the A Costermonger's Cart.

"Ooooo..." Orland winces to Zakhar, looking over his shoulder as he sees Raven escape, torn though. He moves instead toward Zakhar, leaving the space around Savio and kid far widen enough to not have to deal with it. "Zakkk... You okay man, that looked rough..." Hand held down to him, "I had too much to drink... you?"

"Hello! Elanne! Who gave you permission to be so beautiful?" Savio clearly greets toddlers exactly the same way he greets everyone else, with delight and astonishment. He doesn't seem to have any fear of children, nor does he mind that Orland has escaped ---> elsewhere. "I'm Savio, of course it's so good to meet you." Hardly in disagreement that his crown is in fact Shiny, he moves his hands up to lift it off his head and set it on Elanne's. "You're a princess!" He's never getting it back.

Sydney casually eases her way down off of the stage and mingles with the crowd, some of whom she clearly recognizes from her little fanclub that helped propel her to victory at the Peoples' Choice 1011. She calls, "I'd say that the drinks are on me, but everything's paid for already! But if you catch me and call me 'Champion', I'll pay for your drink at the Murder! If the nobles get to say that kinda shit whenever someone has a kid, It's damned well my turn! 'Course, I have to be there!"

Anisha grins, and laughs as Elanne gets her way. "She does always get her way, it seems," She comments to Svana and gives a bright smile to Savio - applauding Sydney at her choice, and looking to Orland and Zakhar. "Everything alright over there?"

Zakhar takes Orlands hand to get back to his feet and looks back and down to the newly crowned princess, pinching his nose for a moment. "Savio... Whut's hassa yea dones naw?" Then looking back to the lordling with a small nod, "Nae drinks, wee ones." The kittens seem to be quite happy with the recent turn of events, first meal - second meal - drink.

Once Zakhar is up, Orland nudges to Savio, coming back to his elbow, "I'm going, where there's no crotch fruit. Fine me when you're done." He kisses the other's cheek and slips away in relatively the same direction Raven took. ESCAPE.

Elanne no longer has to take Mom's Bullshit. She has been handed the crown of the people. She gives Svana the look that while she's too young to articulate clearly says, 'Do you hear that? Someone else has confirmed I'm a princess.' Elanne gasps out loud instead, touches her crown, "Elanne... princess?" She asks, her eyes widening.

Svana groans loudly. "Mangata's foamy tits she didn't need that." Then she furrows her brows and turns to Sydney. "Hey, can you extend buying me drinks? I've had four children, you know. I deserve an extension on those drinks. A long one. This is the longest I've probably stayed uh, um. Unfertilized since the first brood." Svana looks at Orland. "HEY! This is a princess! Not just crotch fruit, okay?"

Orland has left the A Costermonger's Cart.

Anisha laughs again, giving Svana's shoulder a squeeze. "She's a precious princess," She agrees about Elanne, with a little smile. Exhaling. "Now, as I was saying -" Orland flees, and Anisha merely shakes her head. "...As I was saying. I intend to get a platter of food, and a big mug of something foamy, and sit and watch people be happy. Who's with me?"

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