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Eswynd Coral Ball

Eswynd is delighted to host its first formal ball at Eswyndol, honoring Mangata. We will be showcasing gorgeous pieces of jewelry featuring Deeplight Coral, with an auction to follow. Dress in your best nautical-themed finery, enjoy the best fresh seafood the Compact has to offer, and join the Eswynds in a revel!


Jan. 23, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Apollo Yuri Grimgar Sunaia Ember Martino Helewise Jan Domonico Kaia Bianca Adalyn Ryhalt Medeia Haakon Lexir Kiera Martinique Romulius Azova Merek Deva Reve Duarte Thea Piccola Aedric



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Eswyndol - Hall

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Comments and Log


Servant said something about a sea themed ball after I asked about the commotion. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to show off the tourney suit, don't really own any dresses. Lots of booze, some stories about the Eurusi fighting, Haakon said he'd show me the captured ship before he sails back out to meet them. I think I passed out on the feasting table.. Nice people, they only asked me to leave, didn't wake up in the gutter this time.

Evensong, a twittering songbird arrives, delivering a message to Grimgar before departing.

Off to Eswyndol Hall with them. Them, in this case, being Apollo Whisper, and on his arm, Lady Sunaia Ashford, who he favors with a sidelong smile. He might have worn something more evocative of the sea, had he any particular time to prepare; instead, he's all in black, save for loafers and an eye-catching gold jacket. At least he doesn't clash with Sunaia. "I'm sure we'll enjoy ourselves," he says to her, as they pass through the doors.

Vraxese, a Kennex Corsair guard arrives, following Jan.

2 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Helewise.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Yuri happened to be next through the hall doors with...well, no one but his shoulder-cape. His coral-colored ensemble shimmered along in the silken hue that seemed to befit the theme of the revelry, though he seemed to be in the midst of some slow steps, fingers fiddling about at a pin at the open portion of his collar. His pace righted itself to a bit more lively after he seemed to have secured the serpent head on his lapel, glancing around at the patrons and guests as they arrived inward.

Grimgar arrives a little early. Alone and looking a bit unsure. He is dressed in finely woven and perfectly dyed duskweave. The colors are made to mimic a sea during a storm. Grey and blue, shifting and warring with each other. Silver has been worked into delicate twitsting bolts of lightning to serve as buttons for the shirt and boots of the outfits as well. It matches perfectly, flattering his skintone and making his giant muscular frame look quite handsome. He steps inside, perhaps drawing a few eyes his way with the nice outfit. He offers polite greetings to his host introducing himself respectfully. "Good evening, I am Grimgar Redrain. Thank you for hosting." He dips his head. and drifts away after that so thier host might greet the others coming in. he looks around to see who else is present.

Sunaia's wearing a skirt. Leather. She made the attempt to match with the addition of a gold bangle, antique with age but that gold has enough shine to stand out against all of her unrelieved black. At least she - kind of matches - kind of. Her platinum-bright hair has been styled into a braided pun and pinned at the nape of her neck. She ducks her head, speaking quietly with Apollo: "Hopefully. Otherwise -- I'm going to have to apologize to you ahead of time."

After previous showings at events organized by Lady Medeia, it might seem logical to expect Baroness Ember Redreef to be dressed scandalously. And perhaps she is. It's less of a 'flesh on display' scandal being offered and more of a 'potential to put someone's eye out' scandal, though. Dressed from collar to floor in aeterna, lined with columns of evenly spaced sharp steel spikes, Ember walks with her cousin, Lady Helewise, on her arm. "I hope you don't mind being called upon to be my escort tonight, cousin," Ember asides to the other Redreef, "but you must admit that you complement the aura of this outfit quite nicely."

Stepping across the city, smooth of step with the Lady Kaia's fingertips upon his left elbow and of course the side closest to his heart, the Lord Martino Malvici leads them into Eswyndol Hall. Keeping his pace easy for the Lady Kaia, he turns to her and is crinking his eyes slight, "Oh my darling, we shall have to grace ourselves with the dance floor before spending all our silvers later." Wryling curling his lips to her, dipping his chin to a few others guests, Martino's eyes creasing at Apollo in particular.

Yuri has joined the stone firepit.

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Norah is positioned by the painted display case. She's ensconced in a comfortable chair, and from the look (and size) of her, that is where she is staying for the forseeable future. She is a vision in seasilk, if you're into spheres, that is, and is dripping with iridescent Deeplight Coral.

1 Clement trained guards arrives, following Adalyn.

"It is my duty, my honor, and my pleasure," says Helewise Redreef, bearing Ember upon her arm as if she were a particularly sturdy and woman-shaped post. Her hair is extra tightly wound back and her outfit is deliberately low-key if similarly figure-flattering, mostly black with some dark greens. It would not do to show up your mea ticket. Her eyes turn round as she walks forwards. "It does suit you, my lady," she tells Ember. "I think it would suit more people, if they dared."

Apollo lifts his brows, shakes his head. "If we don't have a nice time, my lady, it's certainly no failure of yours." A smile again. "Now, I understand you decided to attend on impulse; but something must have possessed you. Is there someone you'd like to meet? An introduction I can manage for you? Or would you simply like to circulate, enjoy the ambiance - dance in a bit, perhaps?" He notices the subdued greeting from Martino, and gives the Malvici lord a smile, a lift of a hand.

Jan enters looking quite out of place. She may have heard about drinks, or maybe the commotion roused her from the hot spring in the Kay, but here she is. She carries an arm full of expensive liquor and a suit of exotic looking armor slung over her shoulder. Looking perhaps more like a set of tourney armor, it has been coated in resin and bound to indigo seasilk. The rubicund rivet-laced scales are barely visible under the decoration, layered further with polished bone plates to offer further depth to the design. She gazes about the room from near the entry in search of the host or hostess, but notices the alcohol first and begins to mosey on over.

Jan gets a serpentine suit of indigo scales adorned with ivory embellishments from an aged leather rucksack lined in canvas.

3 Ivory Shields arrives, following Lexir.

Someone enters the Hall. This someone obviously not Domonico Magnotta at all. It can't be because Domonico doesn't wear a frockcoat does he? Definitely not. This person looks thoroughly, thoroughly uncomfortable as they sweep their gaze around the from, searching for some familiar faces to help him navigate these waters.

Clad in an ocean inspired dress, the lady Kaia Malvici sparkles like the crystaline waters of the sea themselves. So much, it's almost blinding! "Oh, we have barely made it past the door and you are already planning to spend silver?" she asks with some amusement. "Oh, and here I was worried I might be spending too much.~" she goes on to say with a little chuckle. Her wintery gaze following that emerald of her husband to find Apollo in that dashing golden jacket and her lovely friend Sunaia clad in black. "Oh, always so elegant.~" she notes with a bright grin directed towards the Ashford lady, as she motions for Martino to move with her towards the familiar pair.

"No - yes - no. There's no one in particular, Whisper Apollo, and the impulse was just that. Just a choice to attend. Certainly not because an interesting letter encouraged me to make such - potentially disastrous - decisions such as attending a ball. Certainly not because I am taking chances outside of my usual - ooooh -- hi, Lord Martino! Lady Kaia!" Sunaia's ducking her head with a grin, waving, and she glances back toward Apollo, brightening. "Dancing?"

Grimgar circles the room slowly, watching as peole begin to arrive. He eyes the servants trying to offer him wine and shakes his head slowly. Apparently the bear doesn't like wine. He wanders a bit, speaking with a few peeole here and there if he recognizes anyone.Then he spots Domonico. He grins. Smiling for the count he dips his head in that direction politely, trying to lock eyes with him. His stormy sea inspired outfit seems popular with the fashion police tonight and he gains a few compliments and admiring looks.

After a bit of a costume change, the Legate of Creation made her way from one event to the next. Bianca stepped into the Hall sans escort this evening, silvered gaze flitting this way and that in attempt to grasp the lay of the land as perpetually ink-stained fingers wove together before her and she stepped to remain on the periphery of the gathering.

Walking with the careful strides of one entirely unaccustomed to wearing a dress, Adalyn Clement steps into the hall. Lacking any nautical-themed attire, she has opted instead for a lovely floral gown paired with a moonstone ring that shimmers when hit by the light. A smile warms her features as she draws further into the room, eagerly searching the crowd for any familiar faces or potential new acquaintances.

Ryhalt enters in his austere finery, smiling. He scans the crowd to find whom he is seeking and smiles more broadly as he sees Norah. He crosses the room to her. "Hello Marquessa Norah. I hope you are well today?"

Medeia is standing on the bottom stair of the staircase that leads to the upper floor, surveying the hall. Her mermaid-style dress is eye-catching in ocean blues and sea greens, sea glass beads worked into the fabric to climb the dress like sea grass, shells trimming the edges. Matching shoes peak from under the swishy, fin-like hem. Adornments of sea creatures hang from her neck and ears, and tuck into her hair which has been woven with strands of sea glass and shells around the crown, the rest of her hair hanging loose. A new scar shines pink and bright on her left upper arm, just a couple inches in length. A golden trident with glimmering black deeplight coral is in her right hand, the butt end resting on the stair beside her. Her left hand waves as people enter. "Master Apollo, Lady Sunaia, so lovely to see you both. Baroness Ember, you..." A smile curls up her lips. "Surprise me every time I see you." She scans the hall once more. "Malvicis," a dip of her chin in the direction of Martino and Kaia.

Yuri picked his head up from guest to guest, falling upon Bianca a moment as he chuckled somewhat, offering a wave that her wandering eye could take in. He was rather hard to miss as he took the theme literally; coral for the coral ball. His shoulder-cape 'whished' as he departed from his space at the firepit, "Legate, good evening, once again! I consider myself blessed twice in a row, now."

Norah glances over to Medeia as she makes her grand entrance. She applauds lightly. Ass.

Today is a rare one for Haakon, as the Eswynd reaver is attired in costly and exotic leathers rather than solid iron. The Prodigal raises his voice to declare to those who enter the smokey hall, "Hail and be welcome in the stronghold of the East Wind, one and all. I will take insult if any hand wants for a cup. Eat, drink, and bloody well revel."

Grimgar notes the arrival of Bianca with sharp green eyes. He smiles gently and winds his way in that direction. "Hello and good evening. You are a legate of the Faith yes? I am Prince Grimgar Redrain. I need to speak with a leader of the Faith and a leader of the Templars, its not urgent but I would like to handle it soon. Just to let you know. Its a pleasant matter...fear not." He smiles.

Ember wags her eyebrows to Helewise without smiling, apparently showing her cousin some version of good cheer. When Medeia and Haakon enter, Ember stops to watch, and then leads Helewise over toward them. "Lady Medeia, Lord Haakon. My cousin, and the Minister of Population for Redreef Shores, Lady Helewise. And I believe Messere Barlinnie is... around here, somewhere. You'll have to update her on what you've done with her gift to you, Lady Medeia."

Sharp in black, silver, and... more black, Lexir enters the hall with a comfortable, self-assured ease. Dark eyes scan the crowd as he makes his way further in, boldly venturing into the heart of it all.

Kiera slips in very quietly, having decided to come at just the last minute, but intentions to remain completely unobtrusive pale as she sights sunaia and heads in that direction to give greeting also offering smiles to Apollo, Martino and Kaia as she approaches "Good evening. I ALMOST DIDN'T COME BUT i'M GLAD i DID NOW"

Orion, a healer's surly Assistant, 2 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Azova.

Apollo pauses to give a bow to Martino and Kaia, and then to Medeia. "Thank you, Lady Kaia - I've been taking notes from your lord husband. I think I've managed to figure out how to dress myself." Nevermind Martino had nothing to do with it; it's an affectionate tease. "Lady Medeia Eswynd - truly a vision of the sea. I'm here as Whisper Apollo tonight. Have you met Lady Sunaia Ashford?" He turns to look at Sunaia, says: "Of course. When there's dancing to be done, I'll be glad to."

Domonico notes Grimgar's greeting and gives the Redrain Prince a polite nod back before he straightens up, trying to smooth this damn frockcoat out, feeling worse than naked in such a garment it seems. He spies his brother and tries to approach Martino and Kaia, still stiff backed as always.

"Oh /Whisper/ Apollo, it is a delight to see you, congratulations. Worn this in light of your recent achievements." Glancing down to his pin, the Lord Martino's standing in seashell embroidery with the iridescite pin upon his chest. Turning on his toes, fingertips of his leading Kaia to the dance floor before smiling easily to Sunaia, "Lady Sunaia, oh you two -must- dance with us also. Truly." Head dipping lowly to Medeia, to Kiera in greetings, before settling his right hand upon Kaia's hip and offering left to her.

Bianca moved with her usual fluid grace upon Yuri's greeting to her, cool blue duskweave flowing at her hind in a ripple along the train of her gown. "Lord Yuri, I am blessed by your presence twice this day." She moved to weave her arm with the Tessere lord's though attention soon turned to Grimgar. "Blessed be, your highness. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Yes, I am Mother Bianca, Ward of the Faith; Legate of Creation." Full titles in introductions was a hard lost tradition of her Oathlands upbringing shining through. "While I can't speak for the Carnifex, I certainly can speak as a member of the Faith leadership. Was this something you'd like to discuss amidst the festivities or is it a private matter?"

Martinique moved in Ember's wake quietly and almost immediately absconded to find something to drink, showing somewhat appalling manners before she circles back around, cup in hand, joining the queue of those greeting their hosts. She will bow, silently for the moment. She's wearing leathers still, but these look newer, better polished and with some small adornments like silver studding at the collar of the jacket. She doesn't shine as an ornament, but she is at least presentable.

Apollo has joined the portable wooden dance floor.

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Fortune alone allows Romulius Blackshore to attend the event wearing anything approaching 'on theme'. As it happens, it's very much the same steel plate that he wears on nearly every other occasion, but at least it's more or less nautical themed. He arrives as Haakon booms out his greeting, and an amused smile and nod of greeting is given in the man's direction before promptly complying with the man's wishes, pivoting to make for a drink almost immediately while the hosts are otherwise occupied with greetings. Rum, it seems, is the order of day, and is quickly put to use.

Haakon gives Ember and Helewise a word and short bow of greeting. "The Redreef." Another leather armored figure joins them, and Haakon observes of Martinique, "Glad someone has good fucking manners, here. Did none but the sellsword drink?" A sharp sniff at the drink-less Baroness as he notes ANOTHER leather armored person in Jan. "That one another of yours?" he wonders on the Redreefs.

Sunaia's cheeks flush, pleasant, and just a little too self-aware with all the introductions made. She offers the suggestion of a sketched out bow, hand to sternum. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Medeia, it's nice to meet you and - what Whisper Apollo said. Truly, stunning. So much a vision that I'm finding that I'm at a loss for words -- must be -- the nerves." Mildly, with a smile. "So many new faces here."

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Norah smiles up at Ryhalt from her chair. "I'm doing well enough, thank you, my lord," she says, rising to greet him. It's no easy task, but she's stubborn. "Have you tried the oysters? Get some before my kin eat them all."

"Are you in that much of a hurry to be rid of us, Lord Haakon?" Ember asks, wry warmth in her tone even though she still offers no smile. "I have all night to drink. And you and I both know I've nothing to prove, there." Ember lifts one eyebrow, and then begins leading Helewise and Martinique away, toward a new target: Romulius. "My Lord. What is the rum selection like this evening?"

Azova is a vision of dark color against the start contrast of fair skin and flame red hair, slipping quietly into the hall alongside the escort she attends all of these events with. But, seeing the rum being offered means that they must split long enough for her to at least get her favored drink while he procures his. An event like this can never be gotten through without a good fortification of liquor.

"Well you both look absolutely fabulous." goes on to say Kaia to both Apollo and Sunaia. A polite nod and a smile given to Medeia as she aknowledges their arrival. "Why, thank you Lady Eswynd.~ You look absolutely stunning! The sea glass on your hair is gorgeous!" she notes. "I must hear more about it later on." she adds. Her attention swiftly shifting back to her husband as he motions for a dance. "Oh?" She glances back to Apollo and Sunaia at Martino's words and then nods. "Oh, yes. We absolutely must." she agrees, as she places one hand in Martino's and the other to rest by his shoulder.

A coy smile curls up Medeia's lips at Ember's words. "Of course, Baroness. Messere Barlinnie... I will show her when I see her." A vague gesture is made in the direction of the altar before she looks to Helewise. "Lady Helewise, it is a true pleasure to meet another of House Redreef. Your house is dear to me. Welcome to Eswyndol, I hope you enjoy your evening." Without moving from the step, she replies to Apollo. "Whisper?" An eyebrow quirks up. "Are congratulations in order? If so, congratulations." Her chin dips to Sunaia before turning to find a servant to bring her a drink. The servant ducks into the kitchen and returns quickly, pressing a wine glass into her hand. "Where is Yuri? I owe the man a dance."

Yuri was only so gracious to settle close to take in the Legate's arm in his own, acting as a now all-apparent escort as he made to shift his cloak to his opposite side and drift backward as his eyes scanned along the guests; settled upon Medeia and her finery. He let loose a gentle smile, nodding rather approvingly as he tried to get her attention and more so his gesture toward her of the choice of attire she chose. Slowly his attention parted back to Bianca and Grimgar, glancing between the two of them pensively though keeping lips tight on any one topic. In fact, he was already perusing for the drink cart, or table.

Helewise dips a deep curtsey to Haakon, spreading out her skirts subtly to avoid the hem touching the floor. "I shall hope that my manners in that realm shall not disappoint, my lord," she states, before turning her attention to Medeia with a deep bow of the head. "Thank you; the honor is all of mine, my lady."

Completely engrossed in perusing the liquor until she hears her name, she looks up innocently. The collection of bottles under her arm shifts and makes an audible noise. "These are mine." She runs a calloused finger over the label of the pepper vodka, "See? Kennex. I'm Jan Kennex." She glancies around and whispers to Haakon, "Who's party is this?"

Domonico gets closer to his brother and sister in law, looking a little uneasy as he speaks, "Brother? Kaia? Am I wearing this right? Does it suit?" he asks in hushed tones before stepping back to allow them to dance.

The host's insistence upon eating and drinking seems a good place to start, but before drifting off to find a drink, Adalyn makes her way toward the hosts. "It's sure to be a fabulous evening. Lady Medeia, you look stunning this evening. It almost makes me wish to pay more mind to fashion, such beautiful garments." That 'almost' is subtle yet truthful given her usual lack of care about such things, but the sentiment is clearly genuine.

Martinique gives a nod to Medeia and raises her cup lightly to Haakon before trailing off after Ember and Helewise to meet this new...tall individual. She is trying her best not to be intimidated by the assembled gentry, as she has done things like this before, but there is very much here that is new.

Ryhalt smiles with sympathy at Norah's cumbersome rising to greet him. "I'm glad to hear that. You are expecting soon? I imagine you're past the point of wanting it to be time." He glances towards the table with the oysters when she mentions them. "I have not, but I'll be sure to stop over there next." Looking back to Norah, he says, "Thank you for the invitation. I haven't been able to make too many of your events, but am glad I could this evening."

Apollo's brows lift at Martino and Kaia; there's an air of 'oh, we're being summoned off to dance'. He smiles brightly at Medeia, though. "I think so," he says, warmly. "Perhaps in a bit, though? It seems I'm to dance." And he gives her a dip of his head, then slips off with the Malvicis and Lady Sunaia. As he goes, he catches Lexir saying his name, attends him sidelong. "Your highness, very nice to see you out in the world, socially." As he finds his way to the dance floor, he looses his escort-carriage to take Sunaia's hand, guide her around to a proper dance hold, giving her a smile.

Ember's approach is met with an immediate flash of brow and a polite dip of Romulius's head. "Baroness. Truthfully, I couldn't tell you, but it serves more than well enough." He gestures nearby to the assorted drinks with a shrug. Then, the same polite nod to the two unfamiliar members of the Redreef contingent, "My ladies. Forgive me, I've not had the pleasure. Romulius Blackshore."

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Haakon sniffs sharply to/at Ember, giving a short nod to Helewise as she answers his bow with a curtsey. "I don't doubt it," he tells her. Then, there's a new Kennex stealing (back?) booze with her name on it. "Depends what you need. For finevwirds or sociable manners, it's their party-" he gestures to Medeia and Norah in turn. "For strong drinks or drawn blades, it's mine. Haakon of Eswynd," he names himself to Jan.

Grimgar smiles to Bianca. "An Honor Mother Bianca. Its not private. Not something that requires alot of attention but not something secret either." He considers a moment and regards those around them before speaking to the Legate once more. "Do you have to to speak now or would you prefer to wait?" He regards her respectfully. His gaze is calm, those green eyes thoughtful and serene.

With his right hand settling upon Kaia's left hip, left wrapping within his wife's fingertips, the Lord Martino Malvici begins to slowly step to the left to lead Kaia upon the wooden dancefloor in a gradual box-step. Pivoting with her, left hand drawing back before he's angling it up to offer Kaia the opportunity to twist and pirouette beneath his arm.

Kiera draws nearer To Medeia to offer a polite curtsey "Lady Medeia, you have outdone yourself again. Thank you for hosting this evening" she says softly as softly as she watches the others take to the dancefloor

"I'm sure they will forgive you quite ably if you pour them drinks," Ember says to Romulius, again allowing something like mirth to color her tone at its edges. "It is my pleasure to introduce you to Lady Helewise Redreef, a cousin of mine and my Minister of Population, and to Martinique Barlinnie, a soldier of fearsome capability. Lady Helewise, Messere Barlinnie, before you stands Lord Romulius Blackshore, an ally of Redreef Shores."

As more come to greet her, Medeia smiles brightly. "Lady Kaia, Lady Adalyn." To the latter, she winks, "Just make your armor something special." She finally steps down off the stair, losing several inches of height and resuming her role as shortest person in the room. "Have you met Marquessa Norah? This ball was actually her idea, do be sure to introduce yourself." She steps close to Haakon as he introduces himself to Jan. "Hello, Lady Medeia Eswynd, wife of this one," she says, gesturing to him. She has no free hands at the moment, so she tips her head to touch against his upper arm. Then Lady Kiera has her attention. "Oh, Lady Kiera! Welcome. I'm actually not the host for once! That honor is our marquessa's." A smile is offered. "Pardon me, I should go find my dance partner and one of my guards to hold my trident."

Martinique bows to Romulius without spilling a drop. "My lord," she states. "The Blackshores who added half to Blackreef?" She adds as a side question to Ember. "And yes, I serve Redreef, as of late, primarily in the business of hunting shavs."

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"I see no reason why we could not speak now if your are comfortable with that." Bianca offered in her usual softened tone, small smile grazing pallid lips. She gave Yuri's arm a light squeeze. "I am sure Lord Yuri would be grateful for release from my coil." She teased gently toward the young Tessere, gingerly unwinding her arm from his. Silvered gaze returned to Grimgar. "Shall we find a drink and a quiet corner to chat?"

Domonico steps back from his brother at Martino's response before making a 'hmph' sound. "Of course I'm not trying to catch the eye of anyone. Don't be ridiculous. I was just... making an effort." He stiffens and leaves his brother to his dancing before trying to find another familiar face. Medeia is spotted and he heads towards her before giving a nodded greeting, "Lady Medeia *Eswyd*. Good to see you again."

"My lord," Helewise greets Romilius with another curtsey of terrifying, jewel-like precision. (It's mostly the ironing of her skirt that makes it precise.) "It is an honor to meet you here tonight; I hope that you are having a tremendously wonderful evening." She raises her wrist to her lips as if to veil a reaction at what Martinique says.

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Azova is close enough to double take at hearing Martinique's name, a brief moment of alarm crossing her face before she regains her composure. Clearly, she has not forgotten her first meeting with the woman. And after filling a tumbler with maybe a bit more rum than she ought to, takes some slow steps backwards to melt into the crowd.

Yuri passed a glance over to Bianca with a raised brow, giving a firm nod before he settled his arm aside to allow the Legate to uncoil, "But of course. And, if I have half the hearing I think I possess, I hear a siren's call from somewhere in the vast sea of guests there. Come to claim a debt settled in the coral bed." He bowed his head along to Grimgar, "Your Highness. Revered Mother." His ice-blue hued eyes settled off on Bianca a moment longer before shoulder-cloak swooshed as he stepped across the way to pin his gaze directly on Medeia, glancing around, "Lost, but now since found! Here I am." His arms were lightly settled at his sides to announce his 'arrival'.

"'Expecting' is such a strange word, isn't it?" Norah says to Ryhalt with a tired smile. "Soon enough, I expect. I can't imagine this sort of thing would take much longer, but..." she shrugs lightly. "Have you tried the grilled minke whale, if oysters aren't to your liking?"

Bianca's gaze drifted Medeia's way through the sea of people who crowded into the Hall. A small smile was afforded just for the Harlequin along with a bow of her head as Yuri moved to depart and cross the divide.

The suggestion from Ember is acted upon as soon as it's voiced, Romulius taking a long stride to begin pouring rum. A third drink is almost added before spotting the one in Martinique's hand as Romulius speaks to them over his shoulder before finishing, "The honor is mine, Lady Helewise, and Messere Barlinnie as well." A tumbler is handed to Ember and Helewise each before he gathers his own once more. "The same Blackshores, I'd imagine. I trust that business is faring well enough?" Martinique's question is answered first before turning towards Helewise to offer a response there, as well. "Wonderful indeed, my lady, and rapidly improving." That comment comes with a raising of his drink in a mock-toast.

Apollo checks charm and performance at normal. Apollo is marginally successful.

Kaia checks charm and performance at normal. Kaia is marginally successful.

Sunaia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Sunaia is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Medeia's suggestion brings a bright smile of merriment to Adalyn's lips, her voice filled with near-laughter as she answers. "Now that's surely a suggestion I can get behind. Nothing wrong with function paired with a little flair." She smoothes the fabric of her gown, her head turning to search the crowd. "I'll be sure to seek out the marquessa and say hello." With a wave, she drifts off into the crowd, turning to the next important business of finding a drink.

Glancing over her shoulder to the two women, Jan nods. "I'll pop over and say hello. Make sure I'm not unwelcome." She sets down the booze on the table, "I brought some stuff from the Kay. Pepper vodka, rosewater vodka, and some Darkwater rum. I'm sharing Kennex private stock if you are sharing your table." She turns her attention to Medeia as she makes introductions. "I'm Jan Kennex. General of the Corsairs. You are probably better aquainted with my sister Catalana, she is the proper Lady." Her leathers still have salt on them, she must have just stepped off a boat, might also explain her manners. Seems well intentioned though as she makes her way towards Norah with a tiny ampule in hand as a gift.

"Of course, your highness," Apollo returns to Lexir with a smile, but then he shifts gears, turns his full attention toward Sunaia. Well - and Martino and Kaia. It's a simple step he leads through, less familiar with his dance partner; still, he's capable. As they dance, he speaks with her quietly - you know. While the dancing still resembles anything like dancing.

Ember glances to one side while Romulius speaks with Martinique and Helewise, and catches Azova's reaction in the corner of her eye. The Redreef Baroness motions Azova to come closer and join the group that has ended up with Romulius as their bartender. "Some two hundred and fifty years ago or so," Ember says as she accepts her drink. "Lord Malagant Blackshore married Lady Saturnalia Redreef, becoming a Redreef himself. There were scandals and accusations over the proper order of succession and that sort of thing, and those two became the first Blackreefs." Ember interrupts her history lesson for a drink of rum. "And their descendants may well bend the knee and return to the Compact soon. We'll see. Negotiations continue."

Ryhalt laughs quietly at Norah saying expecting is an odd term and nods in agreement. "Yes, indeed. I suppose it's more polite than to use a word that's actually descriptive of the feeling! Grilled minke whale, can't say I remember having any before. I will make sure I try some of that along with the oyster. Both sound decadent. I won't keep you tonight, but will write soon." He smiles once more and lets the hostess greet or be greeted by other guests as he heads over to the food.

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As Yuri approaches, Medeia catches sight of him, but she turns to greet Domonico first. "Count, welcome, thank you for coming. Please make yourself comfortable, and feast until you think you need a carriage to take you home." Quickly, she turns back to Jan. "Ah, yes, I am familiar with... Well, several of the Kennex family. Catalana and Wash and Ian and Zoey, and recently Cecilia. Sharing your stock is most appreciated, General of the Corsairs." A brilliant smile is given to Adalyn before she wanders off, and finally a guard is procured for handing off her glass and trident. "Yuri!" The lady turns to him, hands out in greeting. "You are a /sight/ this evening. Shall we dance?"

In a succesful, but not at all impressive, display of skills the Lady Kaia joins Martino on the dance floor. Evidently, guided by the fashionable Lycene devil, she manages to look graceful. Her twinkling skirt spiraling beautifully as she seizes the moment to make that pirouette beneath her husband's arm. A bright cheerful smile on her face. It is quite clear she's enjoying the dance.

Kiera blushes in mild embarrassment at Medeia's words "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting Marquessa Eswynd but I shall endeavor too rectify the situation. Her gaze brieflt alighting on Domenico with a nod "Cout Magnotta a pleasure to see you"

Azova is seen before she can fully melt. Alas. And there are not many people dumb enough to irritate the Bloody Baroness, soooo she swishes a step or two forward in her iridescent skirts to incline her head politely to the Baroness. "Lord Romulius." she greets, lifting her already filled cup towards him in toast. "Baroness. It's lovely to see you. The Countess sends her regards, but I believe she had a meeting this evening."

Grimgar nods to Bianca with a grin. "I am fine with that. Let us find a quite space and something that is not wine for me to sip on. What would you like to drink?" He aquires drinks for them both, honey apple brandy for him and whatever Bianca wants as well and leads them over to a secluded corner. "This summer there was a tourney. I'm not sure if you recall? The White Dragon Tourney hosted by HOuse Valardin? I won a lovely pair of Gloria themed diamondplate bracers. Alas I don't wear heavier armor, I prefer leathers. But it would be a shame to never wear them. So. I came up with a plan." He pauses. "I auctioned them off. I will not be taking a single coin though. I'm splitting the profits between the Templars and the Faith. To help wherever its needed most. I wanted to make sure this was okay and find out where to send these donations."

Norah smiles at Jan. "Lady Kennex, I heard you were newly arrived in the city. Welcome to Eswyndol. Have you had a chance to sample any of the seafood?" she asks the lady approaching her.

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Martinique gives a satisfied little chuckle to Romulius's question. "Oh yes. Business is good." She will leave the further details of that to the imagination, however, as this is a pleasant event. "We're still looking for some of the reluctant members of the family, but all that will fall into line." She seems confident, but then she usually does. She looks over at Azova as Ember gestures her forward, feeling like she seems familiar, but it passes.

Martino checks charm and performance at normal. Martino marginally fails.

Helewise raises the proffered (and accepted) tumbler in salute to Romulius in reply. She has a severe face, but he can likely suss out the faint crinkling of her eyes as being something cognate to a smile. "Let us hope it will rise higher and higher - but not so high, as to spoil tomorrow." Then she takes back a belt from the glass. "This is lovely crystal," she asides to Romulius afterwards. "New make? Or have I simply never met it before."

Haakon nods once to Jan. "I'll have a swallow of that rose vodka. Rum's too fucking sweet," he judges. "Unsure why Arvani feel the need to both drink and stink of flowers, but I've yet to find a vodka foul."

Yuri glanced around, as if she were clearly talking of someone else, "-I- am the sight? Oh, please, have you taken a look at yourself? As if you lived at the bottom of the pristine reef and have come to grace us with your presence." He clasped along the Lady's hands with a gentle smile; a reminder of the Lycene in his greeting from cheek to cheek before he stood along to take up Medeia's arm, soon hand to lead her along to the dance floor.

Jan turns her head to glance back at the spread. "Oh I will be sure to." Her attention returns to Norah, eyes lingering on her belly a moment. "I brought you something for showing up unannounced. Maybe you can use it to get a back rub," she shrugs, "Or maybe save it for when you are ready for your next one of those," Jan points at her stomach and hands over a vial of perfume. She adds with a smirk, "Can I stay and drink at your party?"

Rotating his hand within Kaia's fingertips, the Lord Martino's spiraling away his sparkly Bislander Lioness before drawing her once more back to him. Leaning to her ear, murmuring hush, as his right hand is drawing away from Kaia's hip to her lower back and guiding her in a much looser pivot. More off, hand missing it's mark upon hip and instead treating itself to the curve of her back to hold her closer into his chest. Too close to effectively dance.

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Norah tsks at Jan. "You are always welcome in our home, my lady, but thank you for the gift. Please. Enjoy yourself."

Domonico gives Medeia a nod, "Thank you. I doubt I will partake too much however. As much as I love Mangata I prefer my worship for her to be out on the seas rather than drink too much." When Kiera speaks to him he turns to face her, straightens his frockcoat and nods, "Thank you My Lady. I doubt believe we have met before today have we?"

"If you bring that gown to the negotiation table, Baroness, they may very well comply then and there, if your blade hasn't already convinced them." The mirth in Romulius's voice is accompanied by a quick flash of a grin, melting into a polite smile with Azova's approach. "Lady Azova - it's good to see you, though I'm sorry that we'll be missing the Countess this evening." The rum, likely, is all that allows him to navigate this conversation with any degree of competency. To Martinique, "So I have heard. The Baroness sings your praises." An almost glance towards Ember with that before he addresses Helewise. "It very well could be. I'd love to profess any expertise in such things, but I would hate to give the impression I am at all competent."

Apollo, on the dance floor, /yelps/ as he catches a squared metal-capped /heel/ on the toe of his loafer. He tries not to. He tries to immediately cover up for it, but the grimace on his face is a livid thing, and he manages a weak, "...ow." He closes his eyes a moment, and - with the last dregs of his brainpower - leads Sunaia off to the side of the dance floor. "Let me catch my breath a moment, my lady," he says. Sure. It's definitely breath that's the problem.

Bianca moved to take both the whiskey she'd mentioned in reply to his question and the arm of the Redrain prince she now walked with at a casual pace. "Oh, yes. I was present when you won." She smiled. "Honestly, if you're looking to donate, you can do so by sending the funds to the tithe coffers in the Archive or I believe the Templar Compound also has their own donation box. However, you may wish to donate toward the reconstruction of the Great Cathedral as an alternative and if that is the case, contact Sir Porter Kennex as he is leading that project."

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"Of course, my lord," Medeia says to Yuri, offering the kisses to his cheeks in return. "Who else would I be talking to?" She laughs softly, shaking her head. "Surely that is overstating things," Her voice rises as if the words are a question of his assertion of how she looks. As they move to the dance floor, the faintest hint of a lingering limp is detected as she favors her right leg. "You lead." With grace, she places a hand on his shoulder and the other in his own, stepping close.

"Lady Azova Darkwater," Ember says by way of introduction, "Messere Martinique Barlinnie, a soldier in my employ, and Lady Helewise Redreef, my Minister of Population." Ember has another drink of rum and lifts an eyebrow toward Romulius. "Let us hope it all proceeds without complication." Ember nods to Martinique, "Though that is what I am paying Messere Barlinnie for."

Servants circling through the hall remind revelers to take a peek at the display case with the showpiece for the evening -- a magnificent Deeplight Coral necklace made by none other than the inimitable Master Ripley, which will be auctioned off this night.

Oh, that smile turns into a slight grimace and a loud 'Ow!' sound as Sunaia's elbow hits her rib, and Martino's poor hold brings her to faceplant with his chest. Another hit, this time on the nose. 'Ow!' She halts for a moment and blinks twice. Was she about to sneeze? For a second there, it seemed like she would;but, she didn't. With a slight rub to her nose, and a little frown, she would look up to Martino once more and then resume their dance. A little chuckle following soon after in response to it all. "I need to be more careful, it seems bad luck is out to get me tonight.~"

With a militaristic bow Jan accepts her formal invitation. "My thanks for your hospitality. They say you only have a problem if you drink alone so here I am." A crooked grin splays across her bruised and weathered features. "I'll leave you to higher brow conversation." With that she returns to the table with Haakon to start pouring drinks and incite some war talk.

Once she has procured a drink, Adalyn begins to navigate her way through the crowd toward the marquessa of Eswynd. The abrupt yelp turns her attention toward the dance floor, eyes alighting on Apollo while a mixture of sympathy and amusement momentarily flickers across her expression. She quickly rearranges her features into a pleasant smile and continues her path toward the hostess, pausing to murmur a quiet remark to Jan when her eyes fall upon the other woman.

Norah is overheard praising Ripley.

Kiera smiles "I think we''ve both been in the same vacinity a time or two but always in a crowd, but as my brother and your sister are cou" she glances toward Kaia and clears her throat "spending a signifigant amount of time in one another's company. we should be officially acquainted, Lady Kiera Wyvernheart"

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Jan is overheard praising Norah: Letting me crash her ball and drink her booze. What a peach.

"If I had understated it, I would be lying to myself and most of the room." Yuri chuckled as he faced Medeia, taking a quick moment to ascertain his surroundings. And what he perceived on her stride outward. He wove his hand along her own, setting a light hand along her hip to keep a steady hold on the Lady as he did indeed lead, but in gentle sweeps and nothing too fanciful. Just enough for an airy waltz that fell in line to the music played by the performers and enough for the two to continue to hold conversation around them, "I may have overdone it /just/ a tad with the cloak..." The lord offered a gentle shrug of his shoulders with a smile, diligent to the limp he knew her to have some days prior as well.

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel arrives, following Deva.

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"Perfectly alright," Apollo says, his voice just a little tight yet; he shifts to an escort position, rather than the lead of a dance, and - with great conviction, he plucks a drink, literally any drink, off a passing server's tray. Look at that composure! He only drinks half. Two thirds max. And then he takes a deep breath, and smiles at Sunaia, and tries again. "Perhaps," he says, "if we're to dance, we should try a slightly simpler step, my lady. My mistake." Twitch. Owwww.

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Domonico nods to Kiera at her words, "Yes. They are aren't they. I have already had a very serious talk with Drake regarding this...making sure that he is suitably respectful towards my sister. I may be slightly protective of her."

Haakon gets Water of Life from iron banded oak barrel.

Haakon drops Water of Life.

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Martino's wincing for a moment for Kaia as she's brought closely into his chest with the poor grip and the close proximity to both Apollo and Sunaia. Turning his chin to Apollo and Sunaia, Martino's eyes are crinkling slightly - barely - in the corners before turning on his toes with her, "Oh it is... should we settle and get you some wine?"

Medeia checks dexterity and performance at normal. Medeia marginally fails.

Merek makes a way along into the place, to watch the ball and perhaps to make a way to drink.

"Oh do not be so cruel to yourself," Helewise tells Romulius with a tone shading perilously close to mild mirth. "Such details are mere trivia. We all must become masters of some, and only in conversation with others, don't you think?" Her gaze turns momentarily to Azova, to whom she dips agan with a very subtle creak of some kind of leather underneath her skirts.

Kaia nods at Martino's clever suggestion. "Oh, yes, please. I think I've had enough dancing for the night." There's another gentle rub at the tip of her nose. A smile offered to Medeia and her dancing companion as they take over the floor.

Azova gives a slight smile before murmuring, "Yes, Messere Barlinnie and I have met." and giving the woman a brief nod. "I was part of the party who landed at Amberjil to speak with their group.” she adds, before she returns the Blackshore Lord’s polite nod with one of her own. “I will give her your regards.” is promised. “Lady Helewise.” she likewise offers a polite smile to, before sipping further of her drink.

The tray that's held by the passing server has drinks. Sunaia makes sure to take a cup, drinking it all, whole - right there - and she holds the empty in her hand until her knuckles go white. "Wine's safer." She murmurs. Pausing a beat. "I didn't -- you're not hurt, Whisper Apollo --" with a weak, thin-lipped smile. The pale eyes flick toward Kaia and then Martino, surveying all in her wake. "-- Wine's safer."

Deva strolls in casually with a light whistle on her lips and her hands slipped in the pockets of her flowy pants. Her outfit is seasilk, and that's about as nautical as her outfit gets. On the plus side, she brushed her hair? She starts to skirt around the room looking for a) refreshments, b) familiar faces, or c) ideally a combination of the two.

It is a good thing Medeia has Yuri to keep her standing, because that knee injury that seemed mostly healed decides right then to cause trouble. Her knee buckles, dragging Yuri to a stop and causing a deep blush to set into her cheeks. "Sorry," she murmurs, straightening again and stepping yet closer for support. "Let's try that again, shall we?" She looks around to see if anyone noticed, catching Kaia's smile and returning it sheepishly.

Kiera hms "I have great affection for your sister. I assure you drake has never been disrespectful to her in my presence. We have spoken as well and I believe his feelings are of a deep and genuine nature. Your sister is also a respectful and honorable woman of many accomplishment and would not stand for any nonsense"

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The last quarter ( >.> ) of Apollo's drink is had, and he leaves aside with some distraction the glass on the nearest surface. A deep breath follows. "I'm fine, Lady Sunaia. But yes, let's... perhaps sit a spell, with some wine, which is indeed safer. Were my lead more adept, I might have managed to evade your deft attacks." And he smiles at her, because... any night is recoverable, right?

Bianca spotted Deva across the room from the cozy little table she was settled at with Grimgar. A pale hand lifted to the princess along with a small smile before she took another sip of her drink and returned attention to her tablemate.

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Yuri did glance along to Kaia with a cordial smile, peering back to Medeia with an inquisitive glance as to ask if she truly was alright to be moving like she was. The lord shook his head as if to denote all was well, "You're fine; of course. Here, you lead and I'll follow, hm?" Yuri stepped inward a bit if he was needed for additional support during the course of the newly revived steps the two would take.

Dipping his torso to Apollo then Sunaia, Martino's bidding both a parting and stepping with Kaia from the dance floor across the floor once more. Passingly crinkling his eyes to Kiera, bowing his head to Norah, the Lord Martino guides with Kaia to the benches, "Oh let me see about a drink as well for us." Easing her down, Martino's chin is turning across the room. Head dipping a-far to Princess Deva before catching the attention of a servant to care to the bench.

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Ember actually allows herself the most mild and momentary of smiles. "Lord Romulius, I entrust to your care the good standing of my cousin and Messere Barlinnie. And Lady Helewise, I likewise entrust to you Lord Romulius, lest he simply have too much fun tonight." Ember's attention then turns to Azova fully: "Lady Azova, with the Countess not in attendance, I wonder if you might be willing to serve as her proxy in one regard, and join me on the dance floor."

"I am only so cruel as I deserve, my lady. Stumbling through conversation serves me well enough." A half shrug punctuates his response to Helewise as Romulius takes another sip of the rum before giving a nod of acknowledgment to Azova's promise. "Thank you. How have the weeks found you, Lady Azova? I've not had the fortune of crossing paths with you in some time." An almost apologetic smile comes with that, only growing as Ember asks to whisk her to the dance floor. "Best of luck, my lady."

Martinique snaps her fingers a bit as Azova introduces herself. "Ah, yes, of course. Your efforts were most appreciated that day, my lady." She drinks, and then belatedly remembers to bow in a brief greeting. Her eyes stray across the crowd a bit, and something seems to catch her attention. "Beg pardon, good gentles," She says, and with another bow, she slips away, over towards the feasting table where Haakon and Jan sit. "My lord, an excellent gathering--and I suspect I see a kindred spirit in your companion." She offers a bow to Jan. This may leave Helewise stranded upon Romulius's grace, or perhaps it is the reverse.

Domonico nods again to Kiera's words before half smiling, "I have known Thea all her life. Trouble, irritating and stubborn are words I might have used instead to describe her. I do leave Thea dearly though and do approve of Drake all in all. He's a good man."

Unexpected requests are indeed unexpected, and the slight eyebrow raise when Ember requests she fill in for the Countess on the dancefloor was probably not /meant/ to be seen. And yet, she recovers quickly by lifting her glass towards the Baroness in toast prior to setting it back down on the table. "I really do like that brand; someone please be kind enough to watch over it for me? And of course, Messere Martinique. I am always pleased to have been able to help." Then, a game smile appears. "Lead the way, Baroness."

Deva lightly elbows the scrappy man at her side and nods toward Martino. Jasper mumbles a few words to her in response, and it's like a lightbulb goes off over her head if such things existed. "Lord Martino, good evening! We still need that chat soon, yes?" She smiles broadly at him and his companion, Kaia, greeting them both with a polite dip of her head. Then she catches Bianca's invitation and weaves thataway through the crowd. Once she's about ten feet away she skids to an abrupt halt and tilts her head to the side, squinting long and hard at Grimgar. "That you, cousin?"

Haakon turns an eye up from his conversation to regard Martinique. "Mayhap. Set down and have word, if you like," he mutters, with a gesture to an empty spot at the table.

There are serpents subtly etched on the chasing of his attire, and perhaps one might view it as a sea serpent, and that is Reve's own nod to the theme of tonight's bow. That being said, Lord Halfshav is in fair spirits this evening and that might have everything to do with the fine liquor that he has acquired by way of refreshments. More likely it has to do with the escort that he has for this particular event and that is who he is moving back toward. "My," he says as Azova is whisked away to the dance floor. He chuckles though and contents himself with a hearty drink of his recently acquired beverage.

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"Oh, much safer indeed." Kaia agrees with Sunaia. She moves along with Martino. There's a nod and a smile given to both Kiera and Domonico as they pass by them; and, then, she takes a spot by the bench along with the Ashford and the Whisper. Her gaze following her husband briefly as he moves away to get them some drinks. Those wintery eyes move about the room, taking in both the familiar and unfamiliar faces. "Hm, there's so many I have yet to be acquainted with." she notes with a slight tint to her cheeks. She looks back at Sunaia, slightly confused. "Make what a thing?"

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Ember slugs down the rest of her rum in one gulp, and pats Helewise on the shoulder encouragingly. The Baroness looks to Azova: "Besides the matter of your family, my Lady, you are also the most suited to be present in case of anyone bumping into my dress." It's totally deadpan, but probably a joke, and Ember (carefully) offers her arm to lead Azova to the dancefloor.

Medeia shakes her head, before reassuring Yuri, "I can finish one dance. Remind me not to fall on ships, hm?" She laughs softly and takes the (slower) lead to complete the dance. Once done, she steps back and curtsies, then leans in to press a kiss to the Tessere lord's cheek. "Thank you." Slowly, she makes her way off the floor and heads over toward the display case.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Micana, an efficient assistant arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

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"May your dance be powerful," Helewise murmurs to Ember, fondly. Back to Romulius, she says, "It seems I have been attached to you on the orders of my baroness. Shall we take repose? I fear my boots are not made for grace tonight, but I am still expanding my trousseau."

Crinkling his sharp green eyes, Martino's voice is rolling his Lycene tones to Deva as she's walking past the bench, "Oh we do, apologies the last few days have been behind desk with the Inquisition. I still have the whiskey I did promise you." Dipping his head lowly before turning his chin to Kaia, "Oh Sunaia here is worried about the possible nickname my dearest." Thanking the servant, Martino's offering the tray down to his wife as he's assuring Sunaia with a low murmur.

Kiera hms "All perfectly fine words for a brother to describe his sister I should think. It is not as if drake and I have not had our moments growing up, but I don't mean to keep you from mingling . I should go find the correct hostess afyer all

Azova probably looks like she needs rescuing, honestly. Or perhaps she's just that happy to see that Reve has returned from his procurement of refreshment as her expression lights up on sight of him. Even as she's taken up the arm of the Baroness. 'You're next!' she mouths towards him, before being polite of course and chuckling at Ember's (hopefully) joke. "It's always nice to feel I am useful, Baroness. There should always be at least one healer at every event where there is dancing. Bruised toes, shins, and ... whatever happens to people who bump into dresses they ought not." is agreed.

Ember checks dexterity and performance at normal. Ember fails.

Duarte drifts on in. He shows the colorful, beautiful, invitation to the guards. He bows to people he knows as he passes. He collects a free drink(cheers!) and wanders to a table.

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Bianca gestured for Deva to join them at the table, plucking a drink off a passing platter and offering it up toward the princess.

Yuri smiled along to Medeia as they spoke, nodding as she slowed down the pace at his behest. "I trust you can." He took a backseat as the Lady took the lead before the dance came to a stop and he bowed his head cordially at her affections, "Of course." He uncoupled from Medeia as she made for the display case, stepping off to find himself a drink.

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Thea is probably late. Oops! Darting into the hall, quite gracious still, the younger Malvici smiles a moment, searching for Medeia first. "Im late. So sorry--I got stuck in, well. You don't need to know the details."

Perhaps by sheer instinct, Ember moves to take the lead in the dance -- and almost instantly regrets it. Azova being the trained medic that she is, she should have no trouble diagnosing the issue: Ember is injured, and yet trying to dance. Every bend and pivot of the Baroness's torso produces a growl of pain, or a wince, and before long Ember is struggling to stay on-beat and coming perilously close to stepping on Azova's feet or getting a little too close with her steel-spike-covered dress. "Nngh," she complains, mildly.

"Not a worry, I've been tending to some things myself these last few days. We'll get there soon enough," Deva assures Martino with a bright grin and a tilt of her head. She then gracelessly thumps onto a chair by Bianca and accepts the offered drink with a grateful hand over her heart.

Domonico smiles and nods to Kiera, "So we are in understanding of siblings then and by all means do not let me keep you." His eyes spy his sister and he straightens up and adjusts the frockcoat before giving his sister a nod of greeting if she sees him.

Cerulean eyes follow the Bloody Baroness and her newly-found escort on their way to the dance floor before Romulius turns his attention back to Helewise, a polite smile trying to hide gratitude in his eyes. "You need not worry about me trying to drag you off for a dance. I need to maintain some semblance of dignity, and such efforts would be counterproductive to those ends." That, and he's likely even more poorly dressed for such a thing. "If I bore you terribly, I will take no offense if you shirk the Baroness's orders and find more pleasant company. Otherwise, I'd be more than happy to guard you here, along with the Lady Azova's drink."

Yes, once they begin dancing it starts to become obvious. "If we were behind a door, Baroness, I daresay those sounds you are making would be giving people the wrong impression of what we are doing." Azova quips, a smile in place despite the somewhat awkward way she has to twist, turn, and avoid both spikes and feet. The feet turn out to be a bit more difficult to avoid and she bites her lower lip. "How long ago were your injuries?" No point in being subtle.

Ember attempts to cover for her pain with dry humor: "If I had taken you behind closed doors, my Lady, then it could well have been for purposes that would make those impressions correct." She lifts an eyebrow in lieu of a smile. "...about a week or so ago. Fighting shavs in the Mourning Sea on a scouting mission for the war effort. It's how fights always go. You start killing the other side, and keep killing and killing and then when it's all done you realize that somewhere in there one of them jammed a knife into your side, up to its hilt." Ember says this so matter-of-factly that it's like she believes everyone has this problem when they go to battle. This 'not noticing a knife stuck into one's side until one is done slaughtering' problem.

Adalyn's path is intercepted by the approach of a messenger. The missive handed to her is unfolded and its contents scanned briefly before she excuses herself and heads for the door. Her attention is demanded elsewhere, it seems.

"Oh my dear fellow, trust me; I am made out of iron or something, I am told," Helewise tells Romulius, "and so it will be very difficult to bore me, unless you have a good way to dig in. How do you prefer to stand guard? I came to the martial professions late in life, relatively speaking."

Kiera waves with a smile as she sees thea enter , pausing a moment more in her trek toward norah for a moment

Thea gives Domonico a slight nod of her head. "Brother...,"making her way to grab a drink. There's a wave to the Azova as well as she goes and makes herself comfortable. "Hello Kiera,"Thea greets with a wink.

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Azova somehow manages to keep a straight face as Ember describes the situation in which she found herself so injured. "Oh yes." She nods her head in understanding. "Happens to everyone." she adds, before her lips press together thinly in the disapproving healer's expression that everyone who knows her has seen at one point or another. "It most definitely should not happen, however. And when it does, must be seen to right away. I am sure you've had it tended to already. But I'll send something over to your manor that should help with the pain." is added, because even when she is scolding she is /helpful/ and it's probably bloody annoying. "Come on, let's go back to those drinks now yes? You should be moving minimally, my lady."

"Your confidence is appreciated. I will do my best not to disappoint." The rum, then, is finished, Romulius immediately making to refill the tumbler and promptly returning to the post assigned by Ember. "Preferably, without much in the way of excitement. Like many of the Isles' children, I was raised with a sword in hand, though I only assumed command of Blackshore's military and took up our heirloom weapon as an adult, after my sister was named Baroness. Are there any Redreefs who *aren't* martially inclined, in some way?"

When Azova's mouthing those words his way, Reve is just chuckling all the more. Oh yes, he lifts his glass in a toast to her, his eyes bright, and settles back to watch the dance that takes place. At least initially see. Eventually his focus moves on to take in the sight of the other party-goers and the festivities as a whole. He considers them at length, idly, with another sip of his liquor. Who does he happen to spy there amidst them though? Yuri! Reve's brows inch up and, with a flash of a sharp smile, he strides that way. "Might I join you?" he asks the man, not waiting for an answer before doing so.

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"Lady Medeia saw to it when it was still fresh," Ember says to Azova, and the Bloody Baroness can't help but frown a tiny, tiny bit at the sound medical advice offered by the healer. No doubt one reason she was in such pain dancing is that she's the sort of person who tries to keep going at full force despite the wound in her side. It certainly complicates the healing process. "Thank you," she says, though, because Ember still has manners. "...please do try to downplay how atrocious my dancing was, if you mention it to the Countess."

"Oh, yes, there are many," Helewise tells Romulius. "Children, mostly. And the dead, of course. There was, mm, something of a winnowing, you might say, from a certain point of view." She drains her tumbler entire then, running her thumb around the rim. "I didn't know I had it in me, frankly, until I tried. Sometimes I wonder if that has a lesson for all of us? How many talents sleep, simply from the lack of occasion to discover them?"

"Mmm we should collect our little Arsenia before it is too late." Gathering himself up to his feet, Martino's offering his hand back to Kaia to ease his wife to feet. Dipping his chin lowly to Apollo, Sunaia and Thea around the benches, he is speaking hushly to them three, "Oh do enjoy the bidding. Beautiful piece of work they have crafted."

Domonico notes the Bloody Baroness coming off of the dance floor and nods to Ember and Azova politely as they do. "Baroness Ember. Good to see you again. It seems every time we meet one or both of us seem to be injured in some fashion." He rubs his forehead, "How is the nose by the way?" he asks seriously.

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Renato, an overconfident attendant leaves, following Kaia.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Kaia leave, following Martino.

"Baroness, I shall tell the Countess that you were among the very best dancers here." Azova promises, with an impish smile playing at her lips. "And certainly encourage her to a dance with you." What else is family for, after all? And of course, she will not leave the Baroness side until the other woman is firmly beside something she can at least lean against. And then, will pick her drink up with a nod of thanks to Romulius, and a cheerful wave to Thea. "Now if you will all pardon me, I have finally spotted my escort and am not about to let him get away without at least one dance." She threatened such already, so she will make good on that! One last careful look at Ember to be sure the woman is alright, too, before she seeks out Reve.

Now standing beside the display case, Medeia has a guard call for attention. "Esteemed guests! Thank you all again for attending the Coral Ball this evening as part of House Eswynd's celebration of Mangata, Good Harvest, and the Days of Libation." The lady beams out at the crowd and motions to the display case. "If you have not yet had a chance to look at the gorgeous necklace crafted by Master Ripley, please come and look. The coral is called deeplight coral and it is unique to the waters around Eswyndol in the northern Mourning Isles. I will be opening bids... Now." She clears her throat and begins explaining, "You may call out your bids or pass them to me discreetly. Opening bid is 50,000 silver and bidding may continue in 1,000 silver increments." With that, she falls quiet to let the guests have their say.

"Well, then she will know you're lying," Ember says, giving Azova a tiny smile and a nod, before releasing the woman to go see to her escort. Ember helps herself to a fresh glass of rum, idly eavesdropping on Romulius and Helewise before the auction catches her attention.

A hand is extended to Helewise's empty glass in offer to refill it even as Romulius raises a brow as if to ascertain whether or not she carries the same deadpan humor her cousin does. "Too many, I'm sure. I like to think the gods granted me some talent beyond war and sailing, but I've yet to find it. I've not the time to search, either." Azova's nod is returned in kind, along with an encouraging, "Be well, Lady Azova." Ember's return is met with an inspection of the spikes and aeterna for any splash of crimson before Medeia's words draw his attention that way.

Ember also gives a polite curtsy -- as best one can in a spiked gown -- to Domonico. "Count," she says. "The nose has healed, and breathes easily."

Kiera is overheard praising Norah.

Reve appears to be chatting amiably to Yuri, however when he spies Azova finished with her dance and near his vicinity in general he is rising up to his full height. There is a beckoning of a gesture made, a neat side step, so that he can pull a chair for her and quirk his brow with an offer.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy leaves, following Kiera.

Domonico offers Ember a polite bow in return and, noting her current injury, offers her his arm as support if needed. "Excellent to hear. Hopefully when you are healed again we could find time for another spar." He gives the spiked gown a once over and hmms in thought.

Thea greets Bianaca with a chuckle,"Legate. It's been awhile since I've actually SEEN you,"her eyes briefly drifting to Dom. STAHP IT! Seeing who Bianaca was talking to, Thea introduces herself politely. "GOod evening. I'm General Thea Malvici.."

Sunaia is overheard praising Apollo.

"Have you seen how well the dancing has been doing this evening?" is Azova's rejoinder to Ember as she's headed away. And then, "Thank you, Lord Reve." as he pulls the chair out, and she joins him at the table.

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Sunaia's had enough of wine and dancing and socializing for the evening. Now, it's time to quietly make her exit.

"General Thea." Bianca greeted in return, a low dip of her head offered to the Malvici woman. "It has been some time indeed. Why don't you join us? I was just singing your and Domonico's praises to Princess Deva here. And Count Duarte." She gestured to the pair mentioned in turn as she spoke their names, though her attention turned toward Reve and Yuri as Deva stated something at the gathering of small tables.

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"Good evening, General. Nice to meet you," Deva adds, offering a bright smile for Thea as Bianca makes the introductions. "It's true, she was. I adore you already." Her hand wiggles toward empty chairs still at their table.

Apollo offers Thea an arm as Sunaia takes her leave, escorts her over to see the necklace in the case. He murmurs a bid to Medeia in passing.

Ember pointedly ignores Domonico's offer of support. She's probably too mannered to say anything about it, but it would seem that having her pain pointed out in such a way is not something the Bloody Baroness finds endearing. Her tone of voice cools considerably when she replies to the Count's offer of another spar: "Perhaps." She glances to Helewise and Romulius: "Lady Helewise has not been scandalizing you too profoundly, I hope, my Lord."

Duarte stands to meet Thea. He bows, there alongside Bianca, and smiles. "General, well met. I recall meeting your brother Domonico at one point in time. Also a well learned general in his own right, no? Count now, yes?"

"Ah; time is the real tyrant," Helewise answers Romulius as he takes her glass for more rum. She gives Ember a significantly less stern (if still not smiling) look, and a nod of her head. "I have not compromised our honor too profoundly, my lady; at least, as best as I can discern." Then, her attention rests on Domonico. And stays there for a moment, as if he is under Inspection.

Thea takes Apollo's arm first. Givng a smile to Bianca and Deva, she thanks them. "I'll be there shortly. I have to see what I'm bidding on first." Because clearly she was going to bid on it regardless. Looking to Duarte, the younger Malvici tells him,"It's a pleasure to meet you as well. Domonico is an Admiral actually. And yes, he's a count now. Ask him about the chocolate his land has to offer." Thea then focuses on the necklace, curious.

Medeia watches the crowd as a few written bids are collected by servants and brought to her. When Apollo comes near, she leans in and nods her acknowledgment of the bid. As she sorts through the scrawled upon scraps, she keeps her expression neutral. Another gesture has the guard calling for attention again. "Well! Our current high bid is 125,000 silver! Would anyone care to challenge that?"

"I would be terribly surprised to learn she was capable of such a thing, Baroness. I trust that Her Highness's lessons didn't manage to render you incapable of enjoying your escape to the dance floor?" A raised brow comes along with Romulius's question, a bit of playful challenge in his voice as he makes to tend to Helewise's empty glass. As attention is drawn towards Domonico, a polite nod in his direction along with a greeting of, "Count Magnotta. A pleasure, as always."

Apollo is overheard praising Sunaia: Those who only saw her dance don't know her grace.

Domonico hmms to himself at Ember's refusal before inclining his head and taking a step back, the tactician in him clearly seeing no benefit in potentially antagonising the Baroness any more. There is a pause when he spots Helewise inspecting him and he returns the favour before offering a cool nod to her and then to Romulius as well, "Lord Romulius. Polite and to the point. He then begins moving to join Bianca, Duarte and his sister, overhearing the last bits of the conversation, "It is true I am an Admiral, although I have commanded several land engagements as well and study all forms of warfare." A pause, 'Legate Bianca, Count Duarte. Thea."

"Perhaps I shall draw upon a vast well of knowledge, my lord," Duarte bows to Domonico. He motions to Bianca, "Mother was quite singing your praises just moments ago. How fortuitous you should suddenly appear." He motions to Thea, "And your sister made a demand that I ask you about chocolate. So tell me about it." ... "Please!"

Bianca spoke up. "Yes, /do/ tell us about this chocolate, Admiral." Says the Wyrmguard from the land of chocolatiers! A light smile was on her lips though then there was a whisper from beside her and an introduction at the tables which drew her attention right back to the cluster.

Thea murmurs to Apollo, nodding in approval,"It's beautiful." Turning now to the table, she starts to walk to the others. With Apollo if he would like. "Hello again,"not at all coming to save her brother. "I think that the Legate was being too kind, by the way,"Thea mentions. "But thank you,"a smile crossing her lips. "And it's a pleasure to meet you Your Highness. Duke---"

A few more whispers and passed scraps of paper have Medeia doing a little bit of juggling as she notes who gave what number. A messenger comes and delivers her a note as well, which she reads quickly and then folds away with the stack of bids. The guard calls for attention once more. "Our current high bid is 300,000 silver! And this will be last call on bids. Shout them out or pass them along with a servant."

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"I don't think I've seen you since -" Apollo starts, speaking with Thea, up near the case. Hmm. How to say. "That event we had such a lovely time at." He heads with her toward the table, but stands to the side, watching the auction. There's a smile, there, to Duarte, and his eyes turn around the ball, taking in the attendees, as if he might be looking for someone in particular.

Duarte, realizing he is so near Apollo, just smiles at the guildmaster favorable.


Duarte, realizing he is so near Apollo, just smiles at the guildmaster favorable.

Some moments later he says "Hello."

Domonico gives Thea a look that could potentially wound before he focuses on Bianca and Duarte. "The Cyrto Archipelago islands have plentiful cocoa tree groves. They produce chocolate." A pause as he struggles what to say about it, "I'm told it is very good."

Duarte's eyes slide to Thea after Domonico explains the chocolate. He smiles. "How absolutely regaling, yet thought provoking." He looks back to the Admiral count. "Perhaps the matter for an expedition: taste the chocolate. When it occurs, sign me up."

Ember nods a farewell for the moment to Domonico as the Count joins other conversations, and turns her amber eyes back toward Romulius and Helewise. "If she keeps up with her lessons, she may well be capable of that soon enough, my Lord," the Baroness says, with something like pride in her voice. "I should go and check on Messere Barlinnie," she says. "I don't worry about how she might represent Redreef because she's a mercenary," Ember says, sotto voice to Helewise and Romulius, and then drops her voice further still for the dry punchline, "...I worry because she's an Oathlander." Ember bounces her eyebrows once, and then walks to go see if Martinique and Haakon have exchanged BFF locket halves yet.

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"It may be financially fortuitous for both Magnotta and Wyrmguard should a trade deal be struck. Blancbier imports all of its cocoa beans and should the islands be able to provide ample stock of quality product..." Bianca trailed off with another small smile before continuing. "What a combination that would be."

Thea grins over at Apollo. "You mean where you saved me,"offering him a wink. "You've been well, I assume. Busy like the rest of the compact?" Her gold-flecked green eyes drift to Duarte and she nods. "He appears to enjoy speaking of war things more. I try to get him to speak more chocolate and such." She turns thoughtful for a moment before admitting,"I'm no better when I start delving into my work." Thea hears Bianca and she amusedly smirks. "Life supply of cocoa beans?"

Bianca murmured something aside to Deva briefly.

Helewise's head turns slightly, as if to follow Dominico for several seconds, and then she blinks quite slowly - and tells Romulius, "Your hospitality is beyond compare, but I believe I should take no more run until the rest has settled." She then covers her lips with her fingers and makes a 'hm!' which is her equivalent of a laugh at Ember's remark, her eyes doing that smile sort of a shape again.

Apollo, paying peripheral attention - but not putting in a last bid - glances at Duarte. "You might have occasion for an expedition of your own, my lord. Perhaps we can talk about it when we've had our fill of wine?" He lifts the glass in his hand, and gives Thea a nod. "Sure," he says. "Always time for a pause, though."

Bianca then nodded to Thea's words with a similarly amused smile.

Duarte nods with an 'impressive' look on his face... His attention is grasped by Apollo and Duarte hrms... "Maybe...." then he's joining the whispering circle that his formed around Bianca, except whatever he mutters is totally boring and could've probably been said out in the open.

Domonico hmms as he thinks on Bianca's suggestion before nodding. "That might have some merit to it. I will have to talk to the relevant person in Wyrmguard regarding this." Thea gets a look and a nudge, "If you want that as a wedding gift then I will consider it... but maybenot a lifetimes supply."

After more whispered words with Bianca, Deva curls a finger and gestures for her poor companion Jasper lurking off to the side. He gets a message to jog off and share gods know where, leaving the Velenosa-Redrain-whatever princess seated with a pleased smile on her lips and a whiskey in her hand. "I'd like that. Thank you, yes, let's," she decides, nodding gratefully at something Reve says at their tables.

Ember is overheard praising Medeia.

"Certainly not - the rum's not even from my own stores, I could hardly claim the hospitality as any virtue of mine." Romulius gives a shrug to the polite compliment, a nod given to Ember as the Baroness makes to check on her latest prize. If there is any complaint that he now has *two* glasses of rum, it's not voiced, and he's quick to finish the one originally intended for himself as he observes the end of the auction.

Bianca's features lit up, her smile broadening well beyond its usual subtle thrall into the beginnings of a grin and with that shift so rose the vibrancy of the holy woman into the fore in a brilliance. "It is all official then?" She asked between Domonico and Thea in regards to the 'wedding gift' possibility, but then Duarte is whispering to her next and while at first there was no reaction, a double-take toward the Count followed and so fell that borderline grin back to something subdued as she replied in a short sentence.

Duarte shrugs a single

Duarte shrugs a single hand. "Kids..." he rolls his eyes and drifts off back to sit at the table again.

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Medeia waits. She doesn't make eye contact with anyone or goad anyone into placing higher bids. She's simply standing there like a mermaid on display, poised and patient. After a few minutes, when no further bids come in, she motions for the guard once more. "The winning bid is 300,000 silver, offered generously by Lord Martino and Lady Kaia Malvici! As they had to leave before bidding concluded - the messenger was theirs, Lady Kaia just couldn't get the necklace off her mind - we will hold the necklace until payment is made. Should they fail to pay, I will contact the next highest bidder." The bid scraps are handed to the guard. "Thank you all again for coming! Please do continue to feast and drink and dance!" That said, she makes her way toward somewhere to sit.

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Merek seems to be distantly in thought, though he does notice Bianca and waves to the woman, before he finds a place to settle in, and just listen to everything and relax. Drinking.

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Thea lifts her eyebrow at Domonico. "A life time could be short you know,"before she answers Bianca. "Nothing is official as of yet. I think--he's just a bit excited." She's still amused however. "I'm glad to see you so excited about it though. Shifting her look to Apollo, Thea asks him,"What else have you been working on?" Hearing Medeia, she shakes her head. Not at all surprised. "They would,"a chuckle appearing as she takes a drink.

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Ember walks up to the table and sets a hand on Martinique's shoulder. She engages in some brief conversation, and then flashes Haakon as close to an actual smile as Ember probably ever shows in mixed company. With Martinique following her, Ember returns to Helewise and Romulius: "My Lord. I must deprive you of Lady Helewise for the moment -- there is to be a report momentarily on Redreef Shores' war preparations. My best to the rest of the Blackshores."

Apollo is overheard praising Ripley: A beautiful necklace

Apollo is overheard praising Medeia: A lovely host

Apollo is overheard praising Norah: A lovely host

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Deva is overheard praising Norah.

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Apollo is overheard praising Martino: A consistent supporter of excellent craftsmanship

If you throw a party, chances are that General Piccola will show up.

And, if she does show up, the good General will likely be late. If there's an event or an auction? She will arrive just as the bidding closes. If there's a set of vows to be exchanged? Chances are that she'll step in as the happy couple is kissing. Dressed tonight in an aeterna gown paired eccentrically with a cupridium pauldron, the Littlest of Snakes makes her way into the Hall just as Medeia makes her announcement. In response, she lets out an exasperated sigh, rolls her eyes to the ceiling, and then closes them.


Bianca lifted her hand to return the greeting to Merek, though she replied first to Thea, "Please let me know the /moment/ it is official so that I can give a proper congratulations." She smiled, granted a follow up whisper was offered in reply to Duarte's whisper, also in a hushed tone.

Apollo is overheard praising Kaia: A consistent supporter of excellent craftsmanship

Ember is leading her Redreefs toward the door and passes by Piccola just in time to catch that exasperated curse. "I'm sure we will soon enough, General," the Baroness says without even pausing in her movement toward the exit.

Deva applauds the hosts and designers and such, babbling on at her table. Piccola's arrival and exclamation is noted with a merry laugh and a curious smile. "Oh, is that what's next?" Har har har. She continues her juvenile laughter into her drink.

Ember's retrieval of Helewise is met with a nod of acknowledgment before Romulius gives a polite bow to the trio. "Of course, Baroness. Lady Helewise, Messere Barlinnie, again, a pleasure to meet the both of you." So fated to be deprived of his company, he contents himself to finish the last of his rum.

Apollo smiles to hear the names announced, eyes crinkling. There's a degree of distraction to him; still he does manage to answer Thea's question. "Ah - just come back from the Oathlands again, actually," he says. "A bit of diplomatic work. Had a promotion."

Primus, First of Monique's Assistants arrives, delivering a message to Lexir before departing.

Medeia has just sat in a chair near Haakon at the long table when she notes Piccola's entrance. "That was not on the agenda, no," she says with a quiet laugh in Deva's direction. "But I won't stop anyone who wishes to add it to their own agenda." Her eyes move to Piccola. "Welcome, General."

Reve nods most solemnly in response to Yuri. "Fine company, friends and family alike." He lifts his tumbler in toast to the man, this time draining the remainder of the contents. The glass is lowered and held in hand, however, with no intention of seeking a refill just yet. He has that fine company about him. He tips his head toward Deva, kindly, before turning his focus back to Yuri and Azova. He's on the cusp of saying something when Piccola's outburst catches his attention. "Hah!" he says, heartily. "Cousin." He gestures most grandly toward the Tessere General for those two near him to see.

Yuri perked his head up somewhat after a cordial thank you to Azova, glancing to Reve with a smirk as he motioned along to the General, "Eh? See what I said?" He winked off toward Azova as his portent seemed to be correct! Who knew he could be clairvoyant. His hand waved along in the air to Piccola, "Cous!" To which he was waving the woman this way toward the small set of tables. Reve was already on task, too.

Domonico hmms in response to the comments about Thea's potential future relationship before he tugs at his frockcoat again, obviously uncomfortable in it.

Martinique trails after Ember as she moves to depart. Duty calls. She offers a brief salute to Romulius as they come to collect Helewise, and a small smirk vanishes quickly at Ember's words to Piccola, instead offering only a brief "General," as she moves past.

Piccola directs a look at Ember.

The scant freckles on her nose gets wrinkled as she puts up a frown that fails, and looks more like a petulant twist of her mouth. "Leaving me unsatisfied then?" she says tartly to the passing Baroness, although it's not delivered disrespectfully. They have the sort of dynamic, apparently, reserved to older couples or sassy bitches. And to Martinique: "Signora Barlinnie." She continues into the party, and calmly holds up a hand in Deva's direction. "Always a bridesmaid and never a bride," she says in a louder tone, gregarious and possibly just a //little// drunk. That might explain the curious mix of elegance and battlefield violence in her sense of fashion. To her family she goes, smirking just a hair and holding up her hand to Reve and Yuri, to whom she says, "Family."

"I pray, you haven't exhausted our welcome yet, have you?"

Haakon turns to greet Medeia with a casually brazen kiss to the side of her neck. It's not until Medeia asks 'what story's that he realizes Ryhalt and Lexir were discussing coral. "No idea," he rumbles to Deia. "I were having word with the Kennex and Redreef warriors on Gildorians and their ships."

"Noted! Thank you, Lady Medeia, for an excellent party," Deva grins mischievously at Medeia and gives the hostess a bow of her head and flourish of her hand, a drink still in her grip. "Tch. Be careful what you wish for!" she tells Piccola, shaking her head gravely like she knoooooows.

Thea spies Haakon and offers the brute a wave. As well as the Piccola. "General. It's called fashionably late,"cheering her with her drink.

Jan has been pretty nice for a party crasher. She had sort of the right attire, she brought her own booze, even a gift. For being rough around the edges there is some form of etiquette to her actions. She raises a glass to Norah, (since that is who she was told was the hostess), and says, "Heres one for Norah!" The crystal tips and is quickly emptied, although this seems suspiciously like it was about to happen anyway.

Azova looks up from the table as the others do, at the arrival of the diminutive General. "General Piccola." Her hand lifts in yet another welcoming wave forward towards her. "I'm keeping them well behaved, I assure you." is returned, in a tone that should hardly be believed. "I was just saying how we always seem to miss you the times that I've accompanied your cousin to the villa." is added in a sheepish and slightly regretful tone.

*** Ember has called for an opposing check with Piccola. ***
Ember checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Ember is successful.
Piccola checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Piccola is successful.
*** Piccola is the winner. ***

"Limbs are accounted for, no one was insulted by our mode of dress, and I think we had minimal mishaps on our parts, hm? What do you think, Reve?" Yuri posed the question to his older cousin, canting his head for curiosity and clarity as a small thing of a smirk plastered on his face; now content to lounge back in the chair and extend his legs forward as Reve had done when he first sat down. He glanced back to Piccola to see if she approved of the report.

Ember attempts to discreetly swing her hand as she walks past, but Piccola's ass has already moved out of range.

Apollo, caught up in a murmur or two with Thea, looks rather suddenly like someone took Medeia's trident to his mood. He finishes his wine, takes a step back, settling the glass on a passing tray, and bows to those at the small tables, there. "Pardon me - good night, lords and ladies." And he retreats, heading for the door.

A pack of giggling and gossiping Redreef handmaidens, A pit bull that Ember never bothered to name, Martinique leave, following Ember.

Bianca seemed to rouse from whatever hushed conversation she and the Count were engaged in, rising to her feet but perhaps a bit too fast. She'd been drinking since the afternoon given the beginnings of the Harvest Festival and it seemed to be finally catching up with her. A palm set to the table to steady herself and she looked to those nearby. "If you will all please excuse me. I fear it may be time for me to take my leave." To Deva she added, "I look forward to our next drink, your highness." And her hand not currently steadying her reached to the nearby Duarte to tug him up in an unspoken request for his arm. More like a demand, really. Graceful repose was beginning to fail her. Granted while she dragged Duarte along with her she did stop to murmur something to Medeia before leaving the hall.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary leave, following Apollo.

"Have fun," Deva finger-wiggles at Bianca, giving the woman a too-big grin.

Yuri bowed along to Bianca as she made her exit alongside Duarte, "Have a good evening, Revered Mother. Count Amadeo." He glanced to both of them before treating back with his family.

Domonico notes the diminutive General and raises his drink to her with a respectful nod.

Medeia flushes with a pleased smile at Haakon's greeting when she gets to the table. She looks over to Deva and laughs. "You're quite welcome, though you have me at a disadvantage. I'm not used to someone knowing my name when I don't know theirs." Piccola's query of Yuri and Reve has her calling out to confirm Yuri's assessment. "They've been lovely, never worry. Yuri even kept me from making a complete fool of myself on the dance floor." Then she turns back to her table.

Duarte inadvertantly upsets his glass as he is suddenly tugged away! "Yes! Farewell!" He waves to all in his vicinity.

Aedric enters as the Baroness Redreef departs, using the gaggle of giggling maidens to conceal his late arrival. He appears as he usually does; tired, gaunt, and in well-maintained armor. Cold cerulean gaze searches for one in particular.

Haakon raises a cup to Thea, before throwing it back in time with Jan's toast. "Hear," he rumbles.

"You as well, Lord Yuri. Blessed be." Bianca offered before out they went. At a very slow and deliberate pace so as to let her feet catch up with the swaying of the room.

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Harlen leaves, following Duarte.

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Reve scoffs. "Exhausted our welcome," he says as though there was absolutely no way that he might be capable of such a thing. "Of course not." He lapses to quiet momentarily for Azova to have her say before he adds, most innocently, "At least not until I make good on that promise of a dance to Lady Darkwater." He rises, which could be due to offering his hand to Azova, but also serves to make his bow to Bianca more respectful. When Medeia confirms that they have been behaved, he absolutely acts as though he did not say those previous words. "See?" he says, innocently.

"Thank you for gracing our humble villa, Lazy Azova, regardless."

Piccola sighs with false dramatics towards the woman, the left corner of her mouth lifting. "The Marquessa has me doing many things for her, and our troops won't be prepared for a battle without constant flogging." She bows her head respectfully to Bianca as she departs; then, she continues. "I am glad to see that we are still representing and showing our support for Lady Medeia and her partying." That's said as she looks to the former Lady Saik, now Lady Eswynd. "I apologize for coming late -- again -- my friend, truly. But -- " Sigh. " -- I could not find appropriate attire." Beat. "So, I wore something completely inappropriate." It's not that bad. "So I apologize for that too." Then, her attention turns to Deva.

"Have we met?" she asks with a crook of the eyebrow and mouth.

Primus, First of Monique's Assistants arrives, delivering a message to Lexir before departing.

Even from his convenient perch near a table of assorted drinks, and with the Bloody Baroness's retinue looking to be used as a mask, Romulius's eyes are able to find their mirror as his uncle makes his way into the hall. What remains in his glass is turned skyward to empty his rum down his throat, eyes lingering upon Aedric with something that's probably close to interest.

2 Redreef Wardens have been dismissed.

"Oh, shit, sorry! I left my manners in the Everwinter somewhere, because I didn't need them there. Deva Velenosa," said woman gives Medeia a sheepish smile and quickly tosses back the rest of her glass to wash away her shame. Her posture stiffens a bit awkwardly once Bianca leaves, and she sweeps an uncertain look around until Piccola asks her a question. "Don't think so. Just got back! So the odds of that are pretty low. Deva," she repeats her name once more and gives the Tessere a little bow at the waist while still seated in her chair.

Rocco slips a message in her hand. Thea nods her head and exhales. Looking over to Medeia, she smiles a moment. "This was great. You, Norah--and Haakon did great with all this. That coral is beautiful, really." Look to the others, she bows her head. "Please excuse me." Hearing Deva, Thea grins a moment. "I was in the Everwinter once. Hunting mammoths. It really was a pleasure to meet you.."

Lexir nods idly Medeia's direction, if a bit disappointedly. "The Lady Greenmarch will be just as pleased, I hope, to meet you," he tells Ryhalt. When Haakon chimes in, however...

Thea has left the a cluster of small tables.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

"I would call the villa both resplendent and gorgeous, General. Being able to spend any time there is both a privilege and a joy I assure you." Azova demures, taking the hand Reve offers her to help herself up out of her seat. "Are we going to put on quite a show of dancing then, my lord? Enough to exhaust our welcome? Well my goodness." That she's teasing is obvious, but she gives those at the table a little curtsy. "In case we're kicked out of the Hall, it was a pleasure to meet and speak with you all." is deadpanned.

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