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Lord Romulius Blackshore

There is nothing darker than the heart of a man who has given himself wholly to the darkness inside him. Nothing.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Tenacious Survivor
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Blackshore
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 28
Birthday: 12/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skintone: Sun-Bronzed

Description: A big man and not just in height though he reaches 6'2" when standing barefoot. He is broad of shoulder and chest, thick with muscle, and that muscle is scarred in a multitude of places from many battles and fights. His skin is the deep gold of pale skin bronzed by the sun though each scar is white making them stand out all the more. Once past the massive size of the man and the scars there is everything else. Long dark black hair is often pulled back into a severe ponytail or braid, but when allowed to flow loose has soft curls down past his shoulders in a thick mane. Pale blue eyes are steely hard set framed by high angular cheekbones made sharper by the dark trimmed beard he wears. His jaw is often set with a determination that shows a flex of his jaw beneath that beard as well. A broad proud nose centers his face resting above thin lips.

Personality: Lord Romulius Blackshore is a hard man with a forceful personality that can be considered stubborn and brash to some. Others consider it empassioned and determined to a fault. He is hard because he has had to be for as long as he can remember first with his Father and then later fighting for his very survival quite literally. He still hasn't come all the way back yet, to the here and now, and maybe part of him never will. He is determined however to do whatever it takes for Blackshore to be rebuilt, to refuse to allow the story of his Family to end that day, and see it become better than it ever was.

Background: Life has a way of being cyclical, when Romulius was young his life was good if always changing. As the firstborn and heir to the House of Blackshore he was given a good education by the best tutors that Lord Cornelius Blackshore could acquire while they were in port, and by his mother Lady Florence Blackshore when no tutors could be found. Of course for the biggest and most important lessons Cornelius made sure Romulius learned directly from him. It was a whirlwind life mixed between time at sea and the various ports that they stopped at for Cornelius to address as Naval Architect to House Thrax.

When Romulius grew old enough he began to follow Cornelius to various sites to learn the trade and he began to see things for how they really were. As his siblings grew up Romulius began to realize the power of family and the importance of it, the legacy in his father's eyes, but family in his. They were the one constant in his life and he grew to depend on them more than Cromulius would have liked. The training intensified then, Cornelius wanting to ensure Romulius followed his path, it did make Romulius a hard young man out of self defense. Also for the defense of his ailing mother, younger brother, and little sister who were often the target of Cornelius rage when things weren't just right. As long as Romulius made Cornelius happy with his progress it took the pressure off of them.

It took a downward turn when he was fifteen and his mother fell ill. Cornelius didn't really care but sent Lady Florence and Skye to live at the keep with Romulius' uncle, Baron Oswald Blackshore. With half of his family gone Romulius and his little brother Dycard grew closer having only each other as Cornelius became even more strict. Romulius shielded Dycard as best he could from Cornelius displeasure allowing Dycard more freedom than he had. Which lead to Romulius cleaning up the messes Dycard left but he lived vicariously through his younger brother. The rare times when Romulis was allowed to see the rest of his family he could tell that neither Florence nor Skye were treated well by the Baron and it /ate/ at him.

Romulius was away when Blackshore was destroyed with most of his family by forces unknown and though Romulius survived by being at sea, his attempt to return home when he received word did not go well. Instead he was captured by pirates en route. The next few years were the most difficult of his life being tortured and tormented by the pirates. Made to fight to the death so the pirates could gamble on it, or simply for their own amusement, but it was hardest watching Dycard embrace the pirate life. The man who comes to Arx is changed by what he has experienced and almost wild in some ways.

Relationship Summary

  • Skye - My little sister. Now Baroness of Blackshore. I am so proud of her.
  • Dycard - My younger brother. We've kept each other alive and protected each other for as long as I can remember. It's time to come home.

  • Frenemy:
  • Alarissa - It is strange to find a friend so high up, but her advice to me is always to bring out the best in me. Wish I weren't so stupid and could follow it more.
  • Catalana - I like that she lets me be me without caring about how I speak or act. If only others were not so caught up on everything else.
  • Elgana - So far, the second Redrain Princess I've met that I actually like There may be hope for them yet.
  • Natasha - A childhood friend that I am glad beyond words to have.

  • Family:
  • Iseulet - My cousin who is willing to step up to so much. I hope everything works out well.
  • Thesbe - Iseulet's twin sister. The crafter. I hope one day she will join us as she should be.
  • Kael - My cousin and Count. I like him even if he did give me white leathers to wear.
  • Rowynna - My dear cousin. I'm glad that she's found her way to our side of the family.
  • Cornelius - My father. An altogether unpleasant man, but his dedication to House is undeniable.

  • Enemy:
    Name Summary
    Caprice Who does paperwork in crowded, salty sailor bars? Charmingly sharp-witted noblemen, that's who.
    Desma Minister of War for House Blackshore. Pleasant company who seemed to take his duties to his House seriously. An interesting conversationalist that I'd not be sorry to encounter again.
    Domonico Another martial minded seafarer. Perhaps I should take time to discuss such matters with him soon.
    Drake Minister of War is a job I wouldn't envy anyone right now in tumultous times. At least he's not likely to be bored often. He has a strong discipline toward fighting his own battles, a man that leads from the front.
    Haakon Blackshore man of war. Less.. complacent than most other Arvani. More tolerable than most.
    Ian More of a fighter than Lord Dycard, supposedly.
    Mabelle A very dedicated brother. Amusing and friendly. It is very refreshing. I hope I run across him often.
    Martino Provider of a refreshing Thraxian view, a strong sea in him and a good companion to the Lady
    Medeia Another charming Blackshore with a sense of humor an a ship. I can't complain.
    Ripley That's... yeah. I don't think he likes me.
    Rowenova A kind man who helped cheer me up. One of Blackshore's best!
    Thea Not what I was expecting. He seems collected somehow. Reserved. I'm sure there's more there I don't know, but I'd like to get know him better. At least he wasn't stumbling drunk like his brother when I met him.
    Vitalis Hardly violent at all for a Thrax. Good luck at the mask, seawolf.
    Wagner Another one of them silks that likes slummin' it in the Lowers. Annoying fad, that. Smells like a sailor, drinks like one too.
    Wash Carita's warlike cousin. He's going to be very necessary, very soon.