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Grand Opening of the Gilded Garden

Cocine Arcuri is ready to officially throw open her doors and declare her shop open for business! There will be pieces up for purchase from the new jeweler, along with drinks and finger foods provided for attendees. This event will run all day and any who wish to stop by are welcome, whether they purchase or just want to satisfy idle curiosity. In addition, there will be an auction held featuring some of the last works of Josephine Arcuri. Profits will be applied to a charitable project that Josephine endorsed. The auction will be held in the evening (starts at 6pm EST) and proxies will be accepted for those that cannot be there in person.


July 3, 2020, 11 a.m.

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Mabelle Evaristo Zara Auda Lora Thea Talia Dio Margerie Svana Vayne Sapphira Oddmun Alarissa Berenice Ras



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Gilded Garden - Front Room

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Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, 1 Harlequin jongleur arrive, following Evaristo.

Maple, a brown golden retriever, 2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Truffle, an energetic mountain puppy, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, Taffy, a sweet and gentle Mistward Labrador arrive, following Mabelle.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Chase, a Silent Reflection in grey hooded robes, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Vayne.

Wendy the little brown wren arrives, following Lora.

The Garden is ready, its proprietor stationed in front of the long wooden counter that's currently laden down with drinks and snacks of all types and flavors, a treat for every palate! Jewelry is on display throughout the shop, with those pieces dedicated to the auction set up in the locked display case to allow people to peruse the pieces. Cocine has a glass of iced tea that she sips from on occasion, though she keeps it tucked away under the counter. She's chosen to dress for the occasion in a daring dress that most certainly did not come from home, though its distinct Lycene style suggests it might have! Yvette is on hand to help people get a closer look at pieces they may be interested in, while Risha keeps the place looking sparkling clean.

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

Of course Mabelle is here. She heard there are jewelry dedicated to animals and puppies. She is dressed rather simply today, as to not outshine and beams at Cocine, "Oh everything looks lovely, Cocine, the dogs are adorable!", she squeals rushing toward the display case before someone beats her to it. "Is that a corgi?"

Evaristo is RIGHT on time, one of the first to arrive even - he looks eager to be here, his smile wide, charming, joyful. "Miss Cocine Arcuri, I am CHUFFED TO BITS to be here, and... wait are those CATS?!" he exclaims and forgets all about proper behaviour and go greet the host, beelining behind MAbelle to look at the display case. "Lady Mabelle, hello hello, leave me a cat will you?"

Entering after Mabelle, with somewhat more restraint, Zara's gaze is cool and thoughtful as she studies the shop, but her voice is all warmth as she says, "Congratulations on your opening," as she passes Cocine. She doesn't crowd the display case, but she _does_ stop to look and murmur appreciatively as she studies the offering. "You might need to work fast, Evaristo, if you wish to beat Lady Mabelle."

Auda is just a few minutes late, but better late than never, right? The athletic alchemist makes her way inside, flashing a bright grin towards Cocine, and then Evaristo, and then.. everyone else!

Smiling warmly as people start to arrive, Cocine offers a mall bow towards Mabelle and chuckles, "I did say I would try to ensure both cats AND dogs featured. I'll try to keep the store restocked through the day so people have a chance to get more." Evaristo earns a laugh and a nod, "Oh yes. They're what started this collection, actually. Please, look around, enjoy, have a drink, a snack!" Nodding towards Zara, she offers, "Your Highness. Thank you." Auda gets a smile and a small wave as Cocine glances around to make sure she isn't missing anyone.

Lora isn't late at all. She is very nearly right on time for the moment of the grand opening, like she timed it so as to be one of the first customers through the Garden doors. She takes one long look around, the faintest glimmer of a smile curling into existence, like something chasing the echo of a memory. Familiar faces get careful tilts of her head by way of quiet greeting, but it's Cocine that provokes a subtle warming of her expression and she, too, drifts toward the counter. "Congratulations."

Thea steps in just after the others. Actually on time, really! She steps first to Cocine, a slight smile there,"Congratulations on opening,"before stepping back and amusedly hearing Mabelle and Evaristo. "Be glad Martino and Kaia arent here. I think you both would out of luck."

Mabelle grins aside to Zara and Evaristo, "I play nice. I will take one piece, aside, I do not like cats", she lowers her voice to say that in case a cat lover will bash her head in. She does collect that corgi though. Because. Its a Corgi. "I'm actually looking forward to the auction". She wiggles her fingers to Lora and Thea so very distracted, before lowering to murmur something to Cocine.

"I'm having THAT one," Evaristo says and points to the stretching cat, as if daring anyone to try to beat him to it, glancing around with eyes glittering with mischief and good cheer. He bows around to everyone that needs a bow. "Well, they are amazing," he tells Cocine with a grin, digging around for his coin purse right away. He grins at Thea and gives her a wink. "Sounds like they can get some too, and Cocine will make good business today."

"Ohhhhhh, these are precious!" Auda coos over the cats as she gets close to the case! "I love how simple they are. It's like you captured the essence of the animals more than the shape. I can't decide which I want most!"

Offering a warm smile to Lora, Cocine dips her head towards the Marquessa, "Thank you. The Marquis can pick up Grace anytime, unless you would like to do the honors?" She nods towards the foxgloves case with a small chuckle. Looking towards Thea, her smile brightens a touch, "Thank you!" Leaning in towards Mabelle's murmur, she laughs lightly and offers a soft response, though she looks pleased.

"That's very considerate of you -- generous, even," Zara says, her eyes narrowing with a deepening of the warmth in her voice, nearly to the edge of a laugh. "They really are charming," she says, echoing Evaristo with a decided nod as he lays claim to his own. She sets her fingers against her jaw, sweeping the collection again as she looks thoughtful and says, "Well, maybe a gift--."

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Cocine checked luck + smithing at difficulty 21, rolling 97 higher.

Lora checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Mabelle smile to Zara, "Were you speaking of me? I'm very generous, what-ever do you mean?". She collects the Corgi piece, collects a drink and winks approvingly to Cocine before finding a place to sit, "Marquessa DiFidante, I pray the day finds you well? I has been so long since I've seen you". She further regards Auda and introduces herself, "Lady Mabelle Laurent, greetings".

Mabelle has joined the seating arrangement of silk brocade with maple coffee table.

"...Grace?" Lora's expression fixes, smile not vanishing so much as it momentarily takes on a slight artificiality, a practiced element rather than the reality of the thing. So too does her head tilt, a slight, dubious tip that leaves her looking ever so very slightly dubious for a moment. Just a moment. It all fixes itself a second later when she straightens up and looks toward the foxglove case, when it must dawn on her what Cocine is talking about. "Ahhh. It's beautiful. I suspect he will never take it off." A breath is taken and then her smile also relaxes. "It has been a long while, Lady Laurent; it is good to see you. Things are well, and today is a joy. How have you been?"

"Oh, you are," Zara says to Mabelle, absolutely earnest. She ends up making a purchase once the initial rush has died down a bit, wrapping it and handing it off to her aide with a murmur that earmarks it as a present for someone. "I expect I'll be back later for the auction. May Gild's bounty pour over you, Cocine. Congratulations again, and good luck." And with that, she sweeps off. BUT SHE'LL BE BACK.

Elena, a solemn knight attache, Alette, a discreet lady's maid, Isabel, a calm diplomatic aide, 4 Valardin Knights leave, following Zara.

The cat trinket in his hand, Evaristo looks at it admiringly and then tucks it away safely for use another time, moving to gather up some foods and drinks. "Hello Auda, nice to see you," he says. "Good work with all the food distributions, and everything else, it seems the Lowers are doing MUCH better," he says.

Spending a good amount of her time looking at the pieces, she looks over at Lora. "Marquessa. Good afternoon,"her eyes drifting to Zara as well. "Princess Zara." There is a brief smile on her lips as she looks around, greeting those she knows. To Auda, there is a head tilt. "Messere. Lady Thea Malvici. Pleasure to meet you."

Mabelle admits to Lora, "Fairly busy, though I think I still owe you a meeting. I suppose you have moved on however and found other alchemists since", she smiles, apologetic, "I pray your endevour has been successful and that you will forgive me". She laughs as Zara takes off, informing Cocine, "The Princess will serve as my Proxy". She sips her cold drink and just watches the movements in the shop

"Auda Florin," is offered to Mabelle. "It's good to meet you-- all of you." she extends a smile to the room, of course, before picking out her own piece. The totally innocent cat, of course. There's a glance when Mabelle mentions alchemy, but then she's grinning to Evaristo. "Thanks! I was just a small part in it all, though."

Smiling and giving a wave to Zara as she heads out, Cocine looks to Evaristo and chuckles, "There will be another piece going up later that may interest you if you like the stretching feline." She offers a brief murmur to Lora, along with a smile, then nods to Mabelle with a chuckle. "I will look forward to tonight, then! It promises to be interesting." Mention of alchemy has her glancing up curiously as well, but given the large number of people that seem to study it in the city, she gives it no further thought. Smiling to Auda, she offers, "I heard of your works in the Lowers, its great to see the generosity being spread there."

"Lady Malvici, I hope you are well. You seem quite improved after our last meeting," Lora has entirely recovered enough to smile properly at Thea. There's even a hint of amusement in this one, in that tiny, crooked lift of the corner of her mouth. Cocine's murmur gets the jeweler a tiny shake of her head, something quiet spoken in return, but whatever the matter is scarcely seems to linger. She's soon distracted by these other things, anyway. "I am trying to decide if it is worth a battle with the Marquis to bid on one of Josephine's last pieces." And, "There are several enterprising instructors at the College of Alchemy who took up my gauntlet. I needed something for a game, you see. Very distinct concoctions."

Mabelle perks as she hears Auda's name, "Oh yes, I've heard your name in that relation, lovely work, very impressive. If there is anything I can help with in the future, please do not hesitate to pen me a missive". She regards Lora with certain curiousity, "A game? Will that be something for the public or shall we remain forever curious?"

Evaristo settles with a glass of wine and some edibles. "Let me introduce myself as well," he says. "Captain Evaristo Arterius - also a jeweler, but I don't believe I will be competing much with Cocine - not quite the same ambition," he explains and grins charmingly. The mention of a game has him lofting his eyebrows curiously too, eyes glittering with excitement.

Cocine stands at the front of the counter, the Grand Opening in full swing as pieces are on display, bought and sold. There are free drinks and finger foods for anyone that wishes to partake, and lively conversation floats all about the room. She clucks her tongue at Evaristo's words and calls back, "I'm not competing with anyone but myself! There's more than enough fingers and necks and ankles and heads for all the jewelers in the city!" Its followed with a laugh and a sip of iced tea.

Thea winks at Lora, a mischievous look in her eyes all her own. "Not much keeps me down for long. " She hears the mention about and the impishness gets more obvious,"It is. At least for a while." Thea meanwhile grabs a drink and admits,"Ive been getting lessons alchemy....Ive enjoyed them." This could be a good or bad thing for those that know the Malvici.

Like a mouse, Talia slips in. She looks better than she has in days, no longer working herself to the bone, and perhaps, like she even got a good night's rest last night. But her braided hair is still frizzed in certain spots, her outfit a plain beige. She slips a little sideways at the door so as not to block it but then lingers there.

Mabelle peers aside at Evaristo, "Oh I am quite fond of your designs, that braided choker necklace is my favorite. I had to step myself from purchasing it in ever single metal available". To Thea, she offers, "If you need help with the lessons I'd happily offer it, though I am not the best teacher, I admit. I tend to get distracted", she gives an impish wink, wiggling her fingers to Talia as she enters, seems the girl does not want too much attention at the moment, so she just winks at her.

Lora, meanwhile, drifts over to the foxglove case to look at the piece inside it, particularly contemplative of that solitary feline inside for several moments. "I think every jeweler in the city could be busy every moment for the next thirteen months and not truly satisfy the city's demand for precious, sparkling things." Things are answered out of order, as she glances toward Thea again. "Have you? That reminds me. Do you give lessons? Not in alchemy, but after things I thought I might be better off learning to patch people up." She spots Talia and smiles there too, brief and warm, then turns away from the case to straighten up. "It is a Lycene poison game," she says finally. "I still have a few details to work out. The one game that was played saw Lady Rodica Corvini thoroughly and willingly - and most dramatically - committed to her fate as my poisoned guest for the evening. I'll likely host it again soon."

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"Messere Valery has been teaching me,"Thea tells Mabelle. "But I do appreciate the offer." As Talia enter, the younger Malvici bows her head and greets her,"Hello. Good afternoon." There is a smile there of course. Her attention drifts to Lora and she nods ,"I do yes. I'd be happy to teach you the basics of that's what youd like."

Stepping towards Talia, Cocine offers a warm smile, "Hello. Thank you so much for coming. Would you like something to eat or drink while you peruse?" She motions towards the snapdragons display case and offers, "There are the pieces that will be up for auction later. And my own are at the counter if you are interested in purchasing or even just looking." She turns towards Lora, lifting a brow at the mention of the game, a small chuckle on her lips.

Evaristo smiles happily at Mabelle. "Oh, thanks. But let's not talk about MY jewelry here," he adds - no matter that HE brought it up to begin with, but Evaristo's ego is not a conscious effort, it's just always there. If Talia tries to be inconspicious, Evaristo ruins that - he almost spills his drink as he raises his arms up and calls out. "TALIA!" He sets the food and drinks down hastily and moves to the 'mouse', grinning wide and happy. "You ANGEL, don't you think we haven't heard of all your work," he says, and offers his arm to the seamstress,

"Ah, now that would have been fun to work on," Auda muses towards Lora. "It seems we have a room full of alchemists." She sounds amused, for some reason. "I wish I could make the auction, Cocine, but I think all those pieces will quickly escape my budget."

Talia shakes her head softly to the offer, though she mumbles something that is likely a thanks. Then she explains, quietly: "Yes, I did come to see your work. But I was also interested in the pieces of the late Guildmistress that you are auctioning. I thought, perhaps-- to buy one, and make a dress to pair with it, maybe, and display in my shop. If that wouldn't be too much hubris." But then Evaristo is calling out her name, and for a moment, there's a flicker of a smile, maybe, at the corners of the young woman's mouth. She answers, "It was a guild effort. I am glad that we could help in such times."

Anne, a dangerously alluring Seraceni first mate, Owen, a meticulous Seraceni scholar arrive, following Dio.

Mabelle rounds her eyes, surprised and impressed at Lora's words and all she can blurt is, "Oh wow. sounds interesting". She bows her head to Thea and notes to Auda, "I'm more on the medicinal side of it though I admit I rarely use my knowledge. Last time I did was to melt a lock", she chuckles, "Do not ask." Otherwise she gathers her drink and sinks thoughtfully into the couch.

"I've heard that often, Auda, but I think perhaps people are overthinking what everyone else has available," Cocine offers with a chuckle before leaning in to murmurs something to her briefly. She gives a smile and looks to Talia with a grin, "Of course, please! All my mother's pieces are in the snapdragons case there. I don't think it would be hubris at all. People will often create a gown around jewelry, or vice versa!" Sipping at her iced tea, she looks around the shop, her eyes pausing here and there before moving along, watching over everything. Making sure everyone has drinks, food, and a good time.

"A whole room full of alchemists and jewelers. What are the chances?" Lora looks at the assembly as if considering them and the possibilities of those two things in combination, but only for a moment or so before she is distracted by Talia. "Are you? That would be a considerable tribute. If you do, there are a few pieces in that collection that have some story behind them, and if you are interested, I will tell it sometime." A lot of ifs.

Evaristo squeezes Talia's arm close to himself and his eyes are warm as he regards her, a bit protective maybe even? - but then he gets distracted by the talk of Josephine's jewelry and he wanders over there to take a look now. There's a thoughtful expression and then a faintly sentimental one as he studies them.

Talia nods softly to Lora, answering: "I would like that, my lady. Perhaps, when I win a piece at the auction, I may write for your input? So I might have that insight when I create a gown for it." She ducklings along with Evaristo towards the jewelry, looking them over with a keen, designers eye for one that catches inspiration. She does lean closer to Evaristo, whispering something as she eyes the torque.

The bell above the front door chimes, and Dio enters the Gilded Garden with Owen following, and Anne, who has the decency to toss her haze cigarillo into the street, if not hide her flask enters last. Dio's eyes pass over the room, smiling as he notices the cherry trees and star jasmine. He slowly walks towards Cocine and the display cases with Owen, while Anne makes her way to the sofas.

Stepping over to the case, Thea admits,"Ive been learning to become a bit more rounded and well--recent activies." She considers a few pieces and amusedly hears Lora,"I feel like this gathering was done purposely. Get us all together for our talents. Jewelry was a ploy." When the bells ring, the Malvici turns. Seeing Dio, her head bows. A wink is of course given to Anne

Mabelle admits to Cocine, "I often make jewelries paired with my outfit, though the first outlives the second. Your mother is in charge of most of my casket". She spies the conversation between Lora and Talia curiously, "Perhaps the joint endevour to turn coal into gold", she winks to Lora and admits to Talia, "I will look forward to seeing that". Spotting Dio's entry, Mabelle raises her drink to toast him hello.

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Evaristo leans in to listen to Talia, quirking an eyebrow before he replies quietly to her in turn, a wide reassuring smile also given. Then he glances back to see who else entered and he bows a little at Dio in greeting, clearly recognizing the man. "It is nice to see some of Josephine's work and I hope the auction is a GREAT success - well, I know it will be."

"Please do," Lora assures Talia. Then, "But this isn't really a celebration of Josephine's work, but Cocine's. She's going to capture the heart and the moneybag of every animal lover in the city with her current exhibition, I should think." She redirects at last, gesturing at the display case that has all of those elegant cats and dogs forged in fine metal under glass.

Offering a warm smile towards Dio as the bell chimes overhead, there's a lifted brow for the pirates, but she seems content to let them stay so long as nothing goes missing or broken. "Welcome and hello! Please, come in, eat, drink, look around. There are pieces for sale and more that will replace any that have already been sold. An auction will be held later for the pieces in the snapdragon case!" She darts a glance elsewhere briefly, then she's turning that smile towards Lora and dipping her head, "Thank you, Marquessa." Looking to Mabelle, she chuckles and gives a nod, "Most of the commissions that I did in Lenosia were for people that had a function to attend and wanted jewelry styled in a fashion to match their outfit."

Talia nods, offering to Cocine in apology: "Yes, sorry. Of course. I didn't mean to imply your work was-- less. I just have fondness for your mother, since she was my Guildmistress when I came to the city, and helped me a lot. If you need any help, in turn--." She trails off on the offer, chewing on her lower lip. She does move to the display of Cocine's work as directed, to look that over as well. She selects a piece carefully, a necklace of a cat with a chrysoberyl eye, and pays an assistant quietly as she murmurs to Evariso.

Auda quietly replies to Cocine, and then seems content to take a step back and just listen to the burble of conversation. It's the perfect moment to sample the fingerfoods!

Dio returns Thea's bow with one of his own. "It is always a pleasure, My Lady," he says to the Lady of Southport. A devlish grin passes Anne's lips when Thea winks. Dio dips his head also to Mabelle in greeting, and comes to stand before the display case carved with snapdragons. Looking over the jewelry, his gaze lingers on the aquamarine and ruby ring. Owen, guessing the marquis's mind easily, says, "It is an exquisite ring, My Lord."

Raising his eyes to Cocine, Dio says, "Your shop is a delight. I am particularly fond of the jasmine. May I ask if the auction pieces are your work, or Josephine's?"

Mabelle agrees with Lora belatedly and tells Cocine, "There will never be an end to the demand in sparkly things, too many fingers", she counts the five on her own and teases, "And then there are some who just like shiny things, be them fancy ladies or pirates", she winks.

Smiling towards Auda, Cocine offers a soft reply and a grateful expression before turning that warm smile back towards Dio. "The pieces for auction are my mother's. They were originally intended to be part of another auction, to help fund the People's Tournament she organized. Timing didn't work as hoped and those pieces never made it into the auction. Instead they will be sold tonight and proceeds will go towards a charitable endeavor my mother endorsed." Nodding to Mabelle, she chuckles, "This is very true. I am looking forward to being able to stretch my creative wings, so to speak."

Finally making a decision at the case, Thea eventually withdraws from the case. "This has been lovely. Your pieces are great,"Thea tells Cocine. She thinks. Her eye is unpracticed, but hey! "Im going to see about dragging my brothers over." Nodding, Thea offers a wave as well,"Excuse me. It was a pleasure."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Evaristo gets another drink and one for Talia as well, and settles down somewhere to just listen in while he munches on some food.

Dio laughs softly at Mabelle's remark. "Aye, My Lady," he says in agreement. Nodding to Cocine, the pirate lord says, "The demand for finely crafted jewelry seems endless here in the city. I look forward to seeing your work. My protege has expensive tastes which I am sorely tempted to satiate. Are there materials you prefer to work with?" Dio asks, "Or any with which you refuse?"

Talia settles in near Evaristo, some comfort found in his presence, as she-- writes a letter.

Lora murmurs quietly to Cocine as she now browses the items that remain in the display case, far fewer now than had been evidenced before. She finally makes a selection, hairclips in the shape of silver cats. "They're perfect," she murmurs. "And I will make sure Dante comes to pick up his commission in proper order. You've really done such remarkable work." It is about now that she spots Dio, and offers the marquis there a polite tilt of her head. "I hope to make it back for the auction."

Mabelle curves her lips momentarily at Cocine, "I look forward to see what you will come up with". When she notices there are new pieces in the counter, Mabelle rises toward it to watch the puppy, "Oh... Shae would love that. But I should leave things for others". She smiles aside to Dio, "A generous patron".

Dio bows to Lora in graceful Lycene fashion. Smiling at Mabelle, he says, "Shouldn't they be?"

Chatting quietly with Lora, Cocine looks up with a grin towards Dio, "I haven't met a metal yet that won't sing for me with a bit of coaxing. Nothing has stood out as especially malleable, either. At least not yet. I am happy to take commission for anything and you can already see some of my works scattered around the city." Pausing, she nods to Lora and smiles, "Thank you again, Marquessa. I hope your day goes well, and I'll keep the piece safe until the Marquis can pick it up. If need be, you can bid by messenger or proxy if you are unable to be in person." Looking back to Dio, she send a critical glance skiterring along his attire before chuckling, "You should ask Mayir Grayhope to see his compass. That might pique your interest a bit more." Nodding to Mabelle, she chuckles, "Buy what you like, I will be having the cases refilled as the day goes on."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Evaristo before departing.

Mabelle turns her gaze amusedly to Dio, "They should be. I am. I am currently commissioning my protege with a hat. I'm also a generous protege. I just like giving gifts, I even con..", she does halt her words realizing they are not alone when cocine speaks to her, "Oh great, I will get that one for her then", she points at the pup and pays the assistant.

Evaristo idly watches the group of people talking about jewelry, leaning back with legs stretched out lazily - lounging like a.... cat.

"I hope to make it back in time for the auction," Lora assures. "For now, I will leave you to your many other guests." There's another quick smile at Cocine before she steps away from the counter. "Good day to you all. Happy shopping." And then she is off, silvered cats in hand.

Wendy the little brown wren leaves, following Lora.

The Second arrives, following Margerie.

A curious light seems to shine in Dio's dark eyes. "Should I encounter him, I will," he replies to Cocine. "A hat?" says Dio to Mabelle. He laughs and says, "You are generous indeed - and thoughtful, given how most not born in the Lyceum groan in the summer months." Turning back to Cocine, Dio says, "I wish you the best with your shop. Gild's blessings be upon you." He nods to Anne, and seems to make ready to depart. To Mabelle, Dio bows. "Till we meet again, My Lady."

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Lora as she leaves and to Dio, reminding him, "I live there a while. Do keep well", she smiles to him and admits, "I am hogging you, I should perhaps blend away as well"

Offering a wave to the departing Marquessa, Cocine swings back to Dio with a nod and a smile, "Good. You might find it interesting. And thank you, Marquis. I will hope to see you at the auction later!" She looks to Mabelle and tsks, "You are mingling better than I am! I almost feel I should hire you for all the hype you've created!"

Cocine checked luck + smithing at difficulty 29, rolling 41 higher.

Cocine checked luck + smithing at difficulty 21, rolling 47 higher.

Margerie finds her way into the shop and steps out of the way of the door, taking in the gorgeous surroundings of the shop. As she looks, she spots Mabelle and politely waves hello.

Mabelle curves her lips entertainedly to Cocine, "I get that a lot", she laughs, "I actually have a family function this evening so I am saving my strength, and you know where I stand on the hiring part", she winks to Cocine, not at all subtly reminding her of her offer. "Baroness", Mabelle greets Margerie as she enters, "I just sent your daughter a gift", well that's a greeting. She introduces Cocine, "This is Cocine Arcuri, the shop owner, Baroness Margerie Clement"

"Hello and welcome to my Garden! Please, help yourself to drink and snacks, peruse the items for sale. The pieces in the snapdragon case will be auctioned later tonight, I will accept bids by proxy and messenger if anyone is unable to attend in person!" Cocine offers the greeting towards Margerie along with a warm smile of greeting as the bell chimes overhead. She laughs at Mabelle's commentary, giving a nod, "Things like that are why I am taking bids in multiple ways. I want everyone to have a chance at one of the pieces. I've been sorely tempted to keep the swallows, but they will go towards a much greater benefit than I can afford." Returning her attention to Margerie, she offers a small bow, "A pleasure, Baroness."

Evaristo stands up with Talia, the two ready to leave apparently. "Thanks for a lovely time. Your jewelry is exquisite and I don't know how I won't ruin myself and spend ALL my money here," he jokes. "My ladies," he says and bows, then winks at Cocine before he too heads out.

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"Oh, Cocine! Are the pieces today unique, or will you be doing versions of them with other stones and metals? I may want to commission the perrrrfect set." Auda rolls her Rs there, because she more or less has to. The joke is right there!

"Oh?" Margerie smiles curiously at Mabelle. "What delightful thing is Shae so lucky to receive?" Turning to Cocine, she listens intently and inclines her head in greeting. "Your shop is beautiful. And..." she trails off as a bloodhound brooch catches her eye. Her face lights up. "Oh! Why, this is so perfectly Keaton."

Mabelle wrinkles her nose at Margerie's words, "Aw. I wanted to get her the bloodhound but I got her a puppy. I hope she likes it", she laments now, but cannot help but laugh at Auda's comment. As people come and go, Mabelle remains for support, and teases Cocine, "That is not what I meant but aye, as I said, I will send a proxy"

"Mabelle, I am sure your choice was perfect. However, I do think I may need that brooch myself." Margerie grins at Cocine. "This shop truly might be dangerous for a person's bank account."

"You may absolutely commission any piece that I have made today in different metals and stones. You can even ask for specific pieces to be made into other pieces. If one is a necklace and you want it as earrings, I can do that. I have molds for all my filigree work and I can resize them as needed." Cocine responds to Auda with a broad smile and a nod, chuckling for the punned comment. She smiles as Margerie makes her way over and spots the bloodhound, "I tried to capture most of the major breeds I've seen in the city and the bloodhounds of Keaton have features fairly prominently." Chuckling towards Mabelle, she nods, "I know, my lady. And I promise, I will be reaching out very soon with response to that." She smiles towards Margerie once more and chuckles, "Thank you, Baroness, that's very kind. I'll be putting out more pieces as these are sold. I have other animals that may be making appearances as well."

Mabelle admits, "Well animals will give me a limitless supply of ideas, butterflies, dragonflies, all the fealties - dragons, foxes, lions. Oh.", she smiles quietly to herself as she collects her glass and makes rounds around the shop to see she didnt miss anything

Margerie bends slightly to ruffle the ears of her perfectly behaved bloodhound, The Second, sitting obediently at her side. "Mm, yes, we - well, my family - are quite proud of them." She studies the piece another moment before nodding decisively. "It must be mine, I will regret it if I leave it here." As Mabelle lists ideas, lifts her eyebrows. "Bees, Mabelle, do not forget bees!"

Mabelle huffs faintly at Margerie, "Auntie, please, I think I am Laurent enough today", she points at her bee earrings, honey drop bracelet and honeycomb choker.

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With a chuckle, Margerie holds her hands up as if to admit defeat. "You are always Laurent enough, dear." An amused smile lifts the corners of her mouth. "My own jewelry box is quite full of bee inspired things."

"Oh I have plans for just about everything. Wolves, foxes, bears, bees, owls, ravens, dragons... Lord Michael already has a lion from me... I may even try my hand at a run of mythical or extinct animals." Cocine remarks with a grin, lifting her glass for a sip before nodding to Margerie, "Please, the pieces are there for people to have and enjoy. And as Auda mentioned, if you decide you need more of them, or want different metals or stones, you have only to say so and I am happy to make another run of them."

Mabelle almost grunts, but always remembers she's a lady, "Bees. Your husband always sends things that look like bees", she laughs, "And Cris always wears bees. diversity!", she explains and grins at Cocine, "That sounds lovely. I look forward to it. Saving a piece of mirrorsilver for you"

"I shall have to keep that in mind," Margerie says to Cocine. "I am always looking for meaningful gifts." She stifles a snort, also remembering she is a lady. "Norwood and Cristoph are consistent. And sweet." Her expression is gentle, eyes bright with admiration which flash with humor. "Diversity might not hurt."

"Oh! Excellent, I've had the opportunity to work with it recently, as a matter of fact. I found it a curious mixture of delicacy and strength that you don't often see in metals. I'll look forward to it," Cocine smiles broadly towards Mabelle with a nod. Nodding to Margerie, she offers, "Diversity is excellent. I could surely make an entire shop's worth of bee-themed items, the geometric nature of the honeycomb practically demands it... but I enjoy challenging myself with other things as well. Now its just a matter of if people want them all!"

Mabelle grins amusedly, "They are sweet. And you will not be getting bee commissions from me!", she promises Cocine. "I do like this one though", she lifts her choker, "Having the metal work cost a fortune. And people buy everything as long as you offer it"

Margerie jumps as The Second nudges her ankle unexpectedly. She steadies herself with a chuckle. "I guess someone is hungry." Turning to Mabelle and Cocine, she smiles enthusiastically. "Mabelle, thank you so much for telling me about this shop opening! Cocine, your designs are exquisite and I suspect you will find no shortage of happy people praising your work."

Margerie is overheard praising Cocine.

Mabelle is overheard praising Cocine: Up and coming jewelrer!

Mabelle smiles to Margerie, "Certainly. I will see you later at the pool, hopefully no one will throw a blanket at me", she winks to her

"Thank you so much for stopping by, Baroness. I'll look forward to putting out more work that will capture the attention," Cocine responds to Margerie with a smile, dipping into that bow for her once more before straightening. She lifts a brow at Mabelle, amusement dancing, "Does that happen often?"

Mabelle expresses to Cocine with a smile, "I was married to a Lycene and spent some years there, it effected my fashion choices which are not quite Oathlandish, so.. yes", she flashes her an impish grin

With an innocent raise of her eyebrows, Margerie smiles at Mabelle before settling up the matter of her brooch. "At least you have one 'aunt' who applauds you." Her tone is genuine. "See you this evening, dear. Farewell!" She urges The Second ahead of her and heads for the door.

Cocine motions to her own dress and chuckles, "I may have chosen to swear directly to the Crown, a story for another day, but my roots are very much Lycene. So I can sympathize." SHe turns and offers a smile and wave to Margerie, "THank you again, Baroness!"

The Second leaves, following Margerie.

Mabelle grins at Cocine's gown, "Oooo I like all the glas, its so fancy".

"Thank you! Mistress Svana made it for me. She caught my style perfectly," Cocine smiles broadly, clearly quite pleased with her outfit. She nods to Risha to start clearing out the empty glasses and plates, smiling at the girl before looking back to Mabelle, "This has been successful so far, I think."

Mabelle grins at Cocine, "Yes it has been. I think I will get out of your hair and get some rest before the evening party. I have no doubt you will do well. Good luck with the rest of the evening and the auction. Good luck to me", she eyes the Dark World item in the case, "I really want that haircomb. I hope Zara shows them", she chuckle.

Chuckling, Cocine nods, "A lot of people have come in to look at that particular item. I'm rather hoping that the swallows haricombs don't sell so I can keep them for myself." She smiles warmly and leans in to hug Mabelle, "Thank you. For everything you've done. We'll talk soon."

Mabelle tilts her head. She taps Cocine's nose and admits, "Silly, if you want to keep something from your mother, keep it". She returns her hug and curls her fingers around her corgi pin, "I'll see you later"

Mabelle has left the seating arrangement of silk brocade with maple coffee table.

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It's a harried Northern woman that enters, two babes strapped to her chest and a pair of freshly made sandals in her hand. She huffs and puffs as she enters, clearly trying to get back in shape after childbearing. Svana looks about. "Cocine! I've brought your sandals! Sorry I'm late, Elanne was up all night fussing and once one of them starts, the other follows." She takes in a few deep breaths, wiping some sweat from her brow. "Damned heat."

Vayne isn't all that far behind Svana, as it happens, hands clasped loosely behind his back. His pace is unhurried, matching his body language. He lets the women speak, offering them only a polite inclination of his head in greeting. Vayne begins to browse, his attention drawn more intently to the abstractly artistic pieces than the ones that look like what they're supposed to be - cats and trees and so on.

Cocine laughs and shakes her head, "You absolutely did not have to run all the way over here for that!" Still, she hugs Svana, carefully, and kisses her cheek, taking the sandals. "Thank you, though. I've been loving hos this dress moves." Cocine smiles towards Vayne and gives a nod, "Archlector. Always a pleasure. How are you?"

"It's perfectly fine! Just a bit harder when you've got two little loves strapped to your chest." Svana returns Cocine's kiss, then moves to Vayne and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "Greetings, Archlector! Please, come!" She does her best to welcome Cocine's customers too, apparently! Grinning at Cocine, she winks. "I knew it would look fabulous on you - and it does, if I do say so myself. You should have more things easy to run in."

Svana drops Longboat Baby Cradle.

Vayne seems perhaps a little surprised by Svana's kiss on his cheek, but not unhappily so. In fact, he sort of chuckles a little at the gesture. Vayne glances Cocine's way and then says to Svana, "Was that your creation, Mistress Svana? If so, you're to be praised. It is quite attractive indeed." There's a moment in which he glances at Cocine once more as though confirming his assertion, but his attention is back to the pieces in the display in front of him. "As are you, Mistress Cocine. These pieces in particular are beautiful."

"I love it, it fits like a dream and its been SO easy to wear no matter how much I'm moving around," Cocine smiles broadly at Svana as she takes a moment to put the sandals on. Yes, the jeweler was walking about barefoot in her shop. At least it speaks to her trust that the floors are clean and free of sharp items! Chuckling, she nods to Vayne, "Thank you, but the pieces in the snapdragon case aren't mine. Those are the pieces from my mother that will be auctioned off tonight."

Svana takes the baby carrier off her chest and moves to lay the babies down on the sofa, taking in a breath. "Thank you, Archlector! Really, Cocine is the one who makes the gown, if I do say so myself. She's a great model." She smiles at Cocine and nods in agreement with what Vayne says about the pieces in the case, reaching into her bag to cover the babies with a light blanket. Her assistant comes in and tugs her arm, pointing outside. "Excuse me a moment. I've got an urgent messenger."

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Vayne nods slowly as Cocine corrects his understanding and then says, "Well, they are a credit to your mother, then, as the creator, and to you as the one who sees their value for purchase." Vayne pauses once more to review those pieces and then moves through the shop slowly until he's standing nearer to Cocine. "Have you had many bids for them, Mistress Cocine?"

Cocine blinks as the twins are left in her care, chuckling lightly and shaking her head. They seem content enough for the moment, however, so she merely stations herself near the cradle and sips her iced tea. Vayne's approach has her smiling towards him, "The auction will begin in two and a half hours, but I've had a lot of interest in the pieces. Do any of them in particular capture your attention?"

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Sapphira.

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The shop is very much open, and Cocine is at the counter, near a longboat cradle as she watches over the grand opening of her store while conversing lightly with Vayne. A glass of iced tea in hand that's sipped from on occasion as she smiles and watches over the people perusing her creations.

"But, love, how is this going to help me replace your hat?" Sapphira enters the shop alongside Oddmun, looking both puzzled, and then, amazed when she catches her first glimpse of the creations within. She's dressed in a gown of lavendar, rose, and ivory seasilk, with slippers to match, and a well-loved, well cared-for pair of sapphire earrings. As always, her gittern is slung across her back, though at the moment, even the songstress is struck speechless.

Dressed in his leathers, Oddmun smirks, a snort of a chuckle at Sapphira's remark. "I will have to have a new hat crafted. At sometime." he responds in amusement. "I was thinking we could look here to see what we may be looking for in the future."

"Hello and welcome to my Garden! Please, help yourselves to refreshments," Cocine motions towards the foods and drinks set out along the counter, "or simply peruse the shop at your leisure. Should you have any questions or requests, I will be glad to assist you." She smiles towards the pair and sets her glass aside as she motions around. "There will be an auction in the evening of the pieces you see in the snapdragon case."

Vayne offers a somewhat cryptic smile and says, "Well, I would hate to tip my hand and perhaps encourage competition. But I rather liked the torc of Arx there - reminds me of my heritage - and then there's the hair ornament. No surprise that appeals to me." He gives a nod of greeting to those who have come in.

Sapphia blushes as she listens to Oddmun, smiling softly at him. She squeezes his hand gently, having no compunctions about resting her head on his shoulder, albeit briefly; for the moment, it seems to her as if it's just the two of them alone there in the shop. But Cocine's cheery greeting breaks through her reverie, and she lifts her head. "Thank you! My Lord Oddmun had heard of this place, and perhaps one day soon we might have need."

Chuckling, she gives a nod to Vayne, "That hair ornament has been drawing a great deal of attention all across the city. I favor the swallows, myself, but there's no denying that the other is going to drawn eyes. ANd the torque has been looked at as well. Even the ring has been drawing notice." Looking to Sapphira, she smiles, "Well then, please, do peruse as you like. The items for sale are my own creation, the auction items are actually the final pieces my mother made." She looks back to Vayne and offers a teasing smile, "No interest in the Faith charm bracelet?"

Vayne glances back toward the display. "It's a fine piece, but I think perhaps it isn't quite my style. That said, a bracelet that is of darker material with the different symbols of the Pantheon inlaid... that could be quite something, and more than suitable for an Archlector who serves all the gods."

Nodding his head to Cocine, Oddmun glances aside to Sapphira. "I thought I would take Sapphira out to take a look. We're still learning the city. And she's talented in music so who knows where inspiration may strike." Smiling slightly, he seems to be more awkwardly looking around.

A light tint of rose colors Sapphira's face at Oddmun's praise of her music. "He speaks too kindly of my songs," she demurs. "I sing only insofar as the gods have blessed me with the gift. He neglects to mention his own gift in animal husbandry, especially the fine coursers he has bred." Smiling, she looks at the case with the auction items. "I am surprised you would part with items so close to your mother, may she rest in peace. I could not bear to do so, in your place."

Vayne smiles at the couple and says, "It's good that you're both so in touch with the other's strengths. I hope you'll also be as in touch with each other's weaknesses. Best to keep your eyes open, to help the other be better." Such a Mirrormask response. To Cocine, Vayne says, "This is a fine opening event. Whether I make a bid or not, I look forward to wearing something you make, one day." His smile is wide and genuine, and he presses a soft, chaste kiss to Cocine's left cheek. "I should be away. It was a pleasure to meet you all." And then Vayne is off to the City, to do Archlectory things.

"Hmmmmmm.. I think I could make something like that happen. A smooth cuff or bangle of a darker metal, inlaid with subtle symbols for each of the Gods..." Cocine gives a snod towards Vayne, smiling faintly. Looking back to Oddmun, she smiles, "I understand entirely. I often get inspired to work by the strangest things myself. Well please, do look around and I hope you'll find something to capture her attention." Turning that dark gaze to Sapphira, she blinks, "They weren't left for me, my lady. They were initially meant for an auction that would have helpd to fund the People's Tournament at the end of the year. But the items never made it to auction and my mother passed before she could pass them along to anyone else. So they came to me and I will auction them towards a project that my mother endorsed. Had she sent something to me, I would certainly keep it." Looking back to Vayne, she tilts her cheek towards the kiss and smiles at him with a nod, "Of course, Archlector. Thank you for coming by. I'm certain we'll manage to run into one another soon."

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"Thank you Blessed." Oddmun responds, before adding. "When you have time, we have spoken to our families about a courtship for a political match between myself and Lady Sapphira, and I was told that speaking to the Faith is one of those things that needs to be done."

Sapphira dips her head a little closer to Oddmun, listening to something he whispers to her. Despite her shaking her head, her gaze rests upon a pair of hair sticks in the snapdragon case, of antiqued gold and fashioned to look like swallows. "I'm afraid not, love." Ahem.

"Congratulations to the both of you," Cocine offers with a smile, noticing Sapphira's attention and where it strays. Her smile widens a touch and she offers, "I rather fancy those myself. The swallows and the antiqued gold.. its just very elegant and pretty. They would certainly look lovely on you." TO Oddmun, she offers, "You may wish to reach out to the Archscholar in the city. Since any marriage contract will be witnessed and kept by the Scholars?"

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Svana comes in unceremoniously, takes her babies off of the sofa, packs them up, and looks harried as she runs back out the door. "You look great in the sandals and dress!"

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Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador arrive, following Svana.

Svana gets Longboat Baby Cradle.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador leave, following Svana.

Oddmun checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Trying to catch sight of what Sapphira may have been looking at, Oddmun is pretty damned obvious in trying to peek--. "Nothing, huh?" he asks, before he nods to Cocine. "I admit... I am more Shamanistic in my worship, but know of the principles." he admits sheepishly. "And if it assist with a match, then so be it."

Even though she had managed to pull the proverbial wool over Oddmun's eyes, Sapphira could not fool Cocine, and her cheeks darken. Her lips curl upwards in a bit of a sheepish smile, and she replies, "Yes, they are lovely, but I could never ask my love for anything more precious than he has already given, which is his heart." Falling silent for a moment or two more, she listens, canting her head slightly to one side. "Thank you for the well wishes, and aye, I did reach out to my cousin. He was insistent on at least a six month courtship. I am quite happy to honor that wish, if it assists with a match."

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While Oddmun is distracted by trying to figure out what Sapphira was interested in, Cocine herself focuses on the bard and smiles, "Do you favor songbirds, then? I could see about having something made for you... perhaps a set a hairclips that are shaped into finches or jays or bluebirds or swallows? If your suitor doesn't manage to surprise you with those hair sticks, that is."

Sapphira just laughs softly, her deep gem-like blue eyes twinkling with mirth. "It's amusing you should say 'songbird', because that is what I am sometimes called in my House, as well as by my lord Oddmun." Her smile widens at the thought, peering first at the hair sticks, then over at Cocine. "My quarters in Whitehawk Manor are decorated with all sorts of blue birds, especially jays. If that would be of any help?"

"Bluebirds, then. Some pretty clips done with silver, I think. I can even blue the silver to replicate the birds themselves. Maybe some nice smoky quartz or hematite for eyes and beak and feet." Cocine looks Sapphira over, as if trying to determine how the finished piece would look on her before giving a nod, "Yes, I think that will look very good. The silver and blue will sit nicely against the blond of your hair."

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Chuckling, Sapphira nods, and smiles warmly to Cocine. What could a pair of hair sticks hurt? A minor indulgence, really. "I like the sound of that. You've the heart and eye of a true artist." She looks as if she might whisper to Oddmun, but thinks better of it in public--at least for the moment. However, there is a very mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Oh, my.

Where alarissa goes, there's usually guards that precede her as forewarning. Which, there is as the door gives way to a Thrax guard in the red sea serpent livery who looks around quickly and then steps to the side when Alarissa eases in. Who echo's the same look, a quick glance to take in who is there.

"Excellent. I will start work on them tomorrow, I should be able to have them ready for you in a day or two," Cocine smiles, looking quite happy that Sapphira is happy with the offer. Turning as the guards enter the shop, her eyes widen a touch before that warm smile touches her lips again, "Hello and welcome to my Garden! Please, enjoy refreshments and snacks! Feel free to peruse the items up for sale, and those in the snapdragon case will go up for auction in... thirty minutes!"

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"And a lovely garden it is." Alarissa offers up. "Adn I'm not late then." She offers a smile to Cocin before heading toward the glass cases, peering into them. "The pendants are lovely." She raises her voice over the possible din of people coming and going to look at the new shop.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cocine before departing.

"No, no, not at all! We still have a bit of time. Would you care for some iced tea? Or a glass of wine? I have a lovely moscato that's made with apples to keep it light and crisp and refreshing..." Cocine offers as Alarissa makes her way towards the case. Smiling at the compliment, she nods, "Thank you. There's still so many that I want to make, I can never find the time to get them all out. Is there a particular piece you're interested in for the auction?"

"f I say, I may curse my ability to get it." Alarissa teases before coming to the case in question. "The head piece." A gesture with her right hand, the alaricite of the left remaining still at her side. "I would be delighted to take a glass of the Moscato."

Chuckling, Cocine gives a nod, "Not the first time I've heard that today, even. But I will tell you what I've told everyone. The number one comment I hear about any of the auction pieces is a lament that someone else will almost certainly win the prize. Which menas everyone is assuming that everyone else has far more money to spend right now than they do. So really, I think everyone is working with less than what they assume the piece will go for." She turns and pours a glass of the moscato, holding the glass carefully by the stem as she turns to offer it to Alariss awith a smile, "An excellent choice that I would be partaking in myself if I didn't have an auction to run."

"No doubt that everyone is a little less liquid these days, what with the maelstrom in the harbor." Alarissa takes the glass, a delicate sniff before a sip. "Poor you then. For you are missing out, but I suspect that when this is all done, that you'll be partaking." She looks from the woman to the case again. "It's lovely work, breathtaking. Both the auctioned goods and yours. I suspect you will be terribly popular. Enjoy it while you can"

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"This is very true, though it seems the merchants have been talked down into lowering their prices once more on the less rare goods and materials. Hopefully we'll get to see that reflected in the market soon." Cocine offers with a smile as she sips from her iced tea. Glancing to the bottle, she chuckles, "Oh yes. Once the doors are closed and its just me, I will celebrate a successful opening with a glass or three of wine and then I will probably do some more crafting and take myself to bed." Cocine is near the counter where she'd largely remained the entire day. Alarissa can be found nearby, the pair chatting lightly as the time ticks down towards the auction!

As the time nears for the auction, Zara returns! She said she'd be back, and so she is. Oathlanders keep their promises, et cetera. She inclines her head to Alarissa with a subtle warmth in her expression as she greets her: "Good day, Princess Alarissa. And hello again," she adds to Cocine with a nod.

As the time nears for the auction, Talia also returns. It seems she also has her eye on a piece. She slips in quietly, though, wearing a necklace of a cat now with her beige gown. She slips to the side, remaining near the back of the shop.

"Princess Zara!" Alarissa beams at her her cousin by former marriage. "I see I shall have competition." Her eyes settle on the necklace Talia wears and then looks to Cocine. "I see ou are already being bought out by others." There's a dip of her head to Talia. "Mistress Talia. Maxene speaks that you are open once more. You'll find me releived."

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Berenice.

"Welcome back, Your Highness! We will begin shortly, and thank you for stopping by earlier," Cocine offers to Zara with a warm smile before turning a brighter one to Talia and dipping a nod towards her. "Hello again, Mistress Talia! Just in time!" She glances at the hourglass that has been getting steadily turned over and over across the day, she gives a small nod. "Alright! I will give any other potential bidders another five minutes to arrive or note their intention to bid through messenger, and then we shall begin!"

"Your highness, Princess-Consort," Talia replies when Alarissa addresses her, lowering herself in a respectable curtsy to the woman. "I am. I have done as much as I could, for the people of Arx, but now I must reopen for myself. I look forward, as always, to working on your gowns."

"It should make it entertaining, don't you think?" Zara asks Alarissa, a glint of laughter in her eye as she pauses to look back to the door as she calls out: "Oh, that's right! I had heard about your shop. I'm glad to hear you are open again, Talia, but I applaud you for your work for those in need." She settles, visibly Patient, as she waits for the bidding to begin.

"No doubt the whole of the city waits with baited breath to see what the first stitch to come from your shop shall be after your good works with your peers." Alarissa nods in agreement with Zara. "What pieces were you both hoping for?"

Talia flushes at being asked, looking towards the door and then looking apologetic towards Zara as she says in a mumble: "The torque, I think."

And another such bidder arrives! Berenice sweeps in with an air of mild distraction and business, suggesting she has /quite/ a full day. But she is all smiles when she arrives, particularly when she spots Talia there amongst those gathered, and she moves swiftly over to her. "Ah! My dear Talia." And then a graceful inclination of her head to both Zara and Alarissa. "Your highnesses." And then a focus on Cocine, who is the one unfamiliar sight. "And, one must presume, our esteemed hostess. A pleasure."

"Okay! Thank you all for coming to the grand opening of the Gilded Garden, and more specifically, to the auction of the last works of Josephine Arcuri. I don't believe in pulling punches, so I think we'll begin with the item that has drawn so much attention." Cocine approaches the snapdragon case and carefully unlocks it, lifting out the Dark World hairpiece and turning it towards the gathered people. "Who would like to open the bidding?" She looks towards the gathered women with a broad smile.

"I actually come to bid for another," Zara admits to Alarissa. "And -- on that." She lifts her hand as Cocine asks who would like to open, but she has to ask: "I've been asked to bid in favors, but I didn't see anything about the terms. Were you only accepting silver, or do you take resources, and if so, at what rate?"

Talia looks plain relieved when Berenice walks through the door, a flicker of a smile appearing for her patron as she dips a curtsy to the Oleander of Lenosia. She murmurs softly to Berenice.

Cocine smile towards Zara and nods, "Yes of course! My deepest apologies. Resources are accepted at an exchange of 125 silver per resource."

And because Zara's not TOTALLY RUDE, she adds a greeting to Berenice that's only slightly distracted by shiny thing. "Good day, your highness. Never a surprise to see you at something like this. In that case, I'll open with a bid of 1000 resources."

Talia nods softly to Berenice, before she takes a deep breath and bids: "150,000 silver."

"Why am I not surprised that you're here for this." Alarissa shakes her head at Zara before dipping it to Berenice. "Princess Berenice, a pleasure." And then Alarissa lifts her right hand, and that moscato upward. "Two hundred thousand." She calls out.

Talia flushes a litte, shaking her head, before saying: "225,000 silver." She murmurs something to Berenice.

"Two-hundred and fifty thousand," Zara says, shifting to silver with only a little mental math.

"Three hundred thousand." Alarissa counters.

"Four hundred," Talia mumbles, biting at her lower lip.

Zara lifts her hand, passing.

"Four hundred and twenty five." An apologetic look to Talia from Alarissa.

Cocine watches the bidding go back and forth, hearing the numbers climb with a perfectly placid and pleasant expression. As if the numbers being tossed around aren't head-spinning. Nodding to Talia, she looks back to the group, "I have four hundred thousand. Do I hear four hundred twenty-five thousand?"

"Four hundred and fifty," Berenice offers.

"Five hundred." Alarissa raises when berenice enters into the fray.

Sapphira shakes her head, her eyes wide with shock at some of the numbers she is hearing. With a wry smile at Cocine, she wonders which charity will benefit from this, and nods. Yes, this was a fitting fate for such lovely pieces, indeed.

"Five twenty-five," Berenice raises in turn.

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, "Five seventy five" A lift of laarissa's glass of wine again."

"Five seventy five" A lift of laarissa's glass of wine again.

Berenice says, "Six hundred."

Alarissa says, "Six fifty.""

Berenice says, "Six seventy-five."

Zara might be out, but she's at least sticking around long enough to see how this ends. Her eyes are bright with the appreciation of someone who doesn't have money on the line as she tracks the escalating bids from person to person.

Talia is still considering, even as she chews at her lower lip. Her gaze does move from Berenice to Alarissa as they bid.

Alarissa says, "Seven hundred"

Berenice purses her lips a moment, considering, and then she says, "Seven twenty-five."

"Eight hundred" Alarissa says without hesitation.

Berenice pauses, and then exhales a breath with a little flick of her hand.

Cocine's eyes dart back and forth between Alarissa and Berenice as the price climbs higher and higher, pausing a beat as Berenice seems to be out of the running. She waits another moment, then calls, "I have eight hundred thousand on the hairpiece. Do we have any other bid? Last chance!"

"Alright! Eight hundred thousand to Princess Alarissa Thrax! Congratulations, Your Highness!" Cocine raps the edge of the display case and smiles towards Alarissa, "Well! That was exciting!"

Zara draws a breath as Berenice passes, but holds whatever she is going to say until -- and there it is. Last chance, no other bids, and: "Congratulations," she says -- to Alarissa, but also really to Cocine. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to be the bearer of sad news." Humor warms her voice as she tilts her head, and then she's off to go disappoint someone.

Elena, a solemn knight attache, Alette, a discreet lady's maid, Isabel, a calm diplomatic aide, 4 Valardin Knights leave, following Zara.

maple display case with carved snapdragons is now unlocked.

Cocine takes A Dark World After All - A hair Ornament from maple display case with carved snapdragons.

maple display case with carved snapdragons is now locked.

Talia smiles softly to Alarissa and Cocine, though it is to Berenice that she leans in to murmur something.

Alarissa looks very excited, extremely so when she is declared the winner and she looks to Talia. "I shall be paying a visit to your shop, to see something appropriate made to go with this. I am sorry that you and the Princess did not prevail." The words have sincerity to them.

Talia nods, a murmur when she replies to Alarissa, "Of course, your highness. Though, perhaps, a Lycene seamstress might be more appropriate for such a piece, or a Mourning Isles. I am sure it will look lovely with whatever design you choose." She tucks a stray hair behind her ear, ducking her head, before answering Berenice quietly.

Cocine smiles as she hands the item to Alarissa, "Congratulations, Your Highness." Turning back to the case, she reaches in to lift out the torque, smiling, "And now for the next piece! A lovely torque in iridescite and white-gold, depicting the very city we're in! The bidding is now open!"

Talia chews her bottom lip a bit more, before offering her first bid of: "Twenty-five thousand silver."

Berenice laughs warmly at Alarissa's words, as if enjoying a delightful joke. "Of course," she says. And then her gaze turns to the room at large and she says, "Do excuse me. I'm afraid I have an important function to prepare for." And with that, she makes her way out.

There's no move made to bid on the torque, a dip of her head in puzzlement to Talia's words and remains watching to see if anyone else will bid.

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job, 6 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Berenice.

Till a messenger slips through and to Alarissa who looks at the note and looks to Cocine, "Fifty thousand."

Cocine nods to Talia with a smile, "Twenty-five thousand it is! Do I hear any other bids?" She glances around, then nods to Alarissa, "Fifty thousand! Do I hear senvety-five?"

Sapphira opens her mouth as if to bid, but closes it again, chuckling. The torque was already out of reach, but at least charity would benefit well.

Lamora leaves, following Auda.

"Seventy-five," Talia replies after a moment of consideration, ducking her head a little as she does so.

Nodding to Talia, she smiles, "Seventy-five thousand. Do I hear one hundred?" Cocine looks to the messenger that arrived, lifting a brow.

"One hundred and twenty five." Alarissa consults the letter again.

Talia chews at her lower lip, murmuring, "So much of my silver could go far in clothing further people of the Lowers. But-- for charity, one hundred and fifty."

"One hundred and twenty-five thousand!" Cocine beams towards the messenger as if he were the one behind the bids. THen Talia tops it and her smile brightens, "One hundred fifty! I can promise you, Mistress Talia, the silver will be towards the benefit of the people of Arx."

"Two hundred." Alarissa offers Cocine. "I have no doubt that the money not spent on the torque can still benefit the people of the lowers as well."

Chuckling, Cocine gives a nod, "Two hundred, and that is very true!" She looks around and smiles, "Do I hear two twenty-five?"

Talia nods, a flicker of a shy smile appearing on her lips as she says: "Of course. I didn't doubt, of course, that the charity will benefit all." She pauses, before she shakes her head softly to the question, however.

Nodding to Talia, Cocine smiles, "Of course not, but assurances never hurt." She glances around once more, then calls it, "Two hundred thousand for the Torque of Arx! To a mystery bidder through proxy Princess Alarissa Thrax! Congratulations, mystery bidder!"

Alarissa, or well the actual bidder, wins and Alarissa looks to the messenger and murmuring a message to be dictated, she turns to Cocine. 'The Marquessa DiFidante thanks you for auctioning to the piece. She is delighted to have won it. A piece made by her now perished protege I believe?" There's an apologetic look to Talia.

"It was an excellent piece, to remember the Guildmistress by. I had intended to do something to honor her with it, as well. A cloak or a gown, and then have other crafters add their own pieces to the outfit until it was complete," Talia says quietly, a mumble that comes quick with a little sad smile. She nods to Alarissa, as she adds: "My congratulations to the Marquessa." She curtsies again, before she tells Cocine: "Again, if you need anything as you settle into the city-- you only need to send word."

"Ah! Excellent! I had wondered what she wanted done if her orignal bidding didn't work out," Cocine chuckles lightly and tucks the piece into a soft pouch. "I'll hold onto this for the moment then and deliver it to her personally." She smiles towards Talia and offers, "It very much is a statement piece and that is a wonderful idea. Thank you for the thought." Letting out a breath and putting on that bright smile once more, she looks back to the room, "Now! The next piece!" She reaches into the display and pulls out the hairpins topped by swallows, "My personal favorite, a pair of golden swallows hair sticks. I received a bid via messenger for fifty thousand on this piece. Do I hear seventy-five?" Talia gets a warmer smile and a nod, "I'll be sure to do so, thank you so very much for coming."

"I would be deligthed to work with you on such a thing with regards to the headpiece, or I am sure, that you could extend the suggestion to the Marquessa with regards to the toque. It is my understanding she was a patron to the crafters guild?"

Talia nods again, before she slips out of the shop quietly.

Before the doorswing shuts after Talia, Ras is pushing it open and slipping into the shop with similar quietness.

There's a glance to Ras as he enters, then back to the proprieter of the shop as Alarissa doesn't bid on the hairpins.

Ras notices that Cocine is in the midst of auctioning, and so he skulks to one side and observes. Pocketing both hands makes it hopefully clear that he isn't there to steal things, and however grubby his shirt is, at least it doesn't have visible sweat stains. The summer afternoon isn't too hot today.

2 Whitehawk Guards have been dismissed.

"Welcome Master Ras. Help yourself to refreshments and snacks!" Cocine smiles towards Ras before turning back to the room, "Alright then! Fifty thousand for the hair sticks! And that will be congrtulations to Marquessa Lorda DiFidante as well!" The hair sticks are put into the pouch with the torque and she reaches into the case once more, coming out with the clever and curious ring of aquamarine and ruby. "And now, for a VERY cunning little piece. This lovely ring of aquamarine and ruby. It holds a small secret in its depths that speaks to its craftsmanship. Do I have a starting bid for the rin?"

maple display case with carved snapdragons is now unlocked.

Cocine takes an oathlands style forged torque of Arx from maple display case with carved snapdragons.

Cocine takes a set of golden swallow hair sticks from maple display case with carved snapdragons.

maple display case with carved snapdragons is now locked.

Cocine puts an oathlands style forged torque of Arx in simple cloth bag.

Cocine puts a set of golden swallow hair sticks in simple cloth bag.

Ras lifts his chin in a nod to Cocine. "Congrats on the grand opening!" he calls awkwardly.

When no others in the room seem willing to bid, Alarissa lifts her glass. "Fifty thousand."

Ras clears his throat, pulls a pouch from his pocket, and looks inside as if he's about to bid. But then he pulls a sour face as if Alarissa instantly outbid him. He doesn't seem disturbed for too long, though, and just re-pockets both pouch and hand.

Nodding towards Ras, Cocine smiles, "Thank you!" She turns back to the room then, giving a nod towards Alarissa, "Fifty thousand, Your Highness. I don't believe we'll get any other bidders, so we can call it there. Congratulations!"

maple display case with carved snapdragons is now unlocked.

Cocine takes an aquamarine and ruby ring with secret filigree from maple display case with carved snapdragons.

maple display case with carved snapdragons is now locked.

"A shame. It's a lovely piece." But she wins and Alarissa gestures to Maxene to start digging out the coin. "Were you familiar with her Master Ras?"

Ras checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Ras rolls one shoulder in an awkward half-shrug, glancing away from Alarissa. "Yep," he replies, perhaps a little over gruffly. "What's next? I'll bid on that." It appears he has a good handle on the contents of his coinpouch now.

Letting her gaze linger a bit on Ras, something working behind that dark gaze, Cocine offers a bit of a grin, "I have two charm bracelets and one silver Sentinel charm. Everything else has sold, I'm afraid. If you're interested in either of the bracelets or the charm, I'd be happy to just sell them outright."

Ras chews his lip for a moment, gaze shifting to focus on Cocine. "The Sentinel charm," he says at last. "I'm interested in that. There was somethin she wanted me to do..." He clears his throat again. "But it's fine, I'll bid on it." His jaw tightens stubbornly.

Alarissa regards Ras, then Cocine, but puts her palm up is a wardin off gesture. Indicating no interest in bidding on any of them.

Nodding to Ras, she smiles, "And how much would you like to bid on the charm?" Cocine is already unlocking the case to remove the bracelets and charm.

maple display case with carved snapdragons is now unlocked.

Cocine takes a gold and leather charm bracelet with the sigil of the faith finial from maple display case with carved snapdragons.

Cocine takes A silver charm of Sentinel's sigil from maple display case with carved snapdragons.

Cocine takes a gold and leather charm bracelet with the sigil of the faith finial from maple display case with carved snapdragons.

maple display case with carved snapdragons is now locked.

"Five dukes, five counts, seventy-seven knights and thirty-eight bits," states Ras, very specifically, and with an impressive tone of voice that indicates he thinks this is quite an amount.

"Sold! Congratulations, Master Ras," Cocine doesn't even wait to hear any other bids, merely rapping the edge of the display and offering up the charm and one of the bracelets to go with it. "Todd's working out great, by the way. Thank you for bringing him by."

If Alarissa thinks that amount is egregiously small or terribly large, she doesn't say a thing. Just smiles as Ras wins something. "Mistress Cocine. I'll be going forthwith to the bank to see the balance of funds sent to you. Master Ras." Dipping her head to either. "I look forward to seeing future pieces from the shop."

Ras withdraws the pouch from his pocket and approaches to hand it over to Cocine. "Glad Todd's doin well," he says, with a fleeting smile, and glances back to Alarissa. There's an awkward duck of his own head back to the Thraxian high princess.

"Thank you, Your Highness. Your generosity will not be forgotten." Cocine smiles towards Alarissa with a nod before turning back to Ras and handing him the bracelet and charm as the money changes hands. "Thank you, Master Ras. ANd he is! He's taken to the forge very well, and he's showing a steady hand for repairs, too. I have him helping me with refurbishing the upstairs loft so its safe to use as private quarters."

Ras looks at the charm bracelet and the charm on it, then removes the charm from the bracelet and sets the bracelet back on the counter. "Huh," he mutters. "I just meant this part." He holds the small sigil up so it catches the light. It's almost imposing, and the stare he gives it is almost like the stare of an enemy. Then he puts it into the pocket where his coinpouch used to be, and nods solemnly at Cocine. "I'm sure he's happy to keep workin for you, even though things're gettin better under the bridge," he says. "I was always happy to work for Josephine." There's a hint of wistfulness in his tone, but then he knits his brow in a tough expression and turns to head for the exit. "See ya."

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Cocine puts a gold and leather charm bracelet with the sigil of the faith finial in simple cloth bag.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cocine before departing.

2 Whitehawk Guards leaves, following Sapphira.

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