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Lord Oddmun Sanna

Horse sense is the thing a horse has that keeps him from betting on people.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Thoughtful Horseman
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Sanna
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 33
Birthday: 12/20
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: olive

Description: Tall and straight but for the slight bow to his legs that suggests a lifelong horsemanship, there's a ruggedness to Oddmun's looks: a long mane of thick dark brown hair over the olive shade of his skin, strong features, the lustrous thickness of a deep brown beard that masks his chin and the softness of his lips. His eyes are a warm shade of brown, deepset beneath heavy eyebrows. The breadth and strength of Oddmun might suggest a warrior in his makeup, but there's restrained humility to his way of moving that undercuts this impression.

(Beard and hair freshly brushed, although a general outdoors-y smell still clings to him faintly)

Personality: Oddmun is all wry warmth and sturdy practicality. Favoring animals over people generally speaking, he can apply a quiet strain of wisdom earned from his time interacting with animals to the time he has to offer for people. Unambitious does not mean lazy; Oddmun will work tirelessly towards a goal once he has it. But politics just stresses him out. He prefers a quiet conversation between intimates, or a long ride through the snow on horseback. Though not exactly shy, because Oddmun can bring bonhomie to bear when he needs it, large crowds distress him and make him long for the escape of nonjudgmental companionship, i.e., critters.

Background: Since he was a boy, Oddmun Sanna spent a lot of time outside. His father was a more politically interested man than he, a man who understood what it meant to keep the realm together, but Oddmun always felt somewhat outsidered from that by the knowledge that the boy who would be march lived, as did his little sister, and both were strong children on their own. He spent time with the shamans out in the snows and in the depths of the caves, learning what he could from quiet and silence; he spent time in the stables, underfoot as a boy who loved the animals and was not doing anything useful.

When he reached adulthood, he began to put all of his allowance -- and, indeed, the sale of some of his personal effects -- towards improving the breeding stock in the Sanna stables. His goal was to develop horses for the cold, and for the mountains, but also for their beauty and temperament. He spent most of his days either with the animals indoors or out of doors, and let everything else fall by the wayside. He let at least one potential marriage arrangement lapse entirely due to his disinterest. Only loyalty to his house and the threat of crisis -- and the possibility of trade arrangements with other houses for horseflesh -- eventually drew him south to the capital to lend whatever aid he could to his house and to his liegelords.

Relationship Summary

  • Braith - My little sister. She has married out of the house, but I always welcome her company when I see her.
  • Tila - My cousin who became Voice in my absence. I approve of this. A voice should know more of the poilitical spectrum than I do, and I am glad she has picked up where I could not.
  • Sasha - The Marquessa-Consort of Giant's Reach, I never expected a former Princess to be as helpful as she has been when it comes to making sure that I am settled in and smoothing the avenues in a political match. Her assistance was clearly the turning point in everything.
  • Name Summary
    Alecstazi He took a chance on me, proved himself to be of high humor and solid honor. A man I am glad to know.
    Anisha Lord Oddmun Sanna is a man who takes pride in his family and his fealty - and the horses they produce. That's how I was introduced to him, pretty much - he defended the honour of his house, and stood by the statement of their lovely horses with a champion before him. Maybe I should see about getting one of those noble Sanna steeds? A handsome stallion, perhaps?
    Bethany A proper Northman: Not afraid of the cold, proud of his horse and looking for Whiskey. Sounds about right.
    Braith It's always as if we have never parted. Where a span of time passes its as if it was hours or an evening and then he appears again. Always joy. Always warmth. Oddmun is more than my brother, its like having a sure thing in your life that brings nothing but support and happiness. Oddmun is Joy.
    Brigida Teaching someone to ride in exchange for a song is something we need to see more of.
    Esme He seems like a nice man, prone to blushing. However, he likes horses and I like horses, so we shall be friends.
    Mirk My cousin and a lord of House Sanna, Oddmun has a connection to animals that cannot be denied. I've yet to have the pleasure of riding one of his Sanna coursers, but I'm sure the horses are of the finest breeding and exquisitely trained.
    Monique His is a song that I'll never forget. Even if I try. And I promise, I'll try. Still, he picks up languages quickly enough and I can't fault his humor.
    Pasquale The lord said he has some excellent coursers on the way to the city at the perfect time. Hopefully they will be more comfortable than the horses I remember.
    Sapphira Though I have come to know him more since the first we met, I still remember how he seemed so strong and sure, and yet somehow there was a tenderness of heart that let him play his glass flute so beautifully. I do not think he shows that side to many, if any at all, though I am honored to have seen it. He has a gift for music, if only he were to practice, and takes great pride in the horses he breeds for House Sanna. I look forward to days, months, and years to come, knowing him.