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Brightshore Planning Meeting

Lou Grayson is holding a meeting for those interested in exploring the island of Brightshore. She already has her team selected to go to the island, and this is their planning session, but she is making this an open meeting for others to potentially obtain information on the island.


May 1, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Ian Wash Faye Shae Ailith Sunaia Azova Rodica Tolv Wulfrum Liara Merek Thea Mirk Insaya Niklas Cadern Theron Zoey Lucita Rowenova



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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Thea has joined the Table 2.

"Mmn," Sunaia replies to Tolv simply, then glances to the Kennexes, apparently distracted. "Pirates could be interesting to face, actually." She sits at the first table with Tolv while a little grey cat plays with a string; a pair of huge Wolfhounds lay at her feet.

Azova tries to sneak in a moment late, and unobtrusively. Though her plan may be doomed to failure as she seeks a seat near her cousin to listen in on all these plans. "Cousin Wulfrum." she murmurs, ensuring she is not in the direction of any ash from the things he smokes if he is smoking, and then politely settling herself in.

Did someone say pirates? Rodica slips in from the outside, hat taken off he head to shake once and then tuck under an arm. She gives a nod as she takes a moment to take everything in before stepping to the side.

Tolv taps that table three times again as he considers. "Oh, wait, you said something about the woods? Were you including me in that? Sorry, I was distracted by your pack. I'm pretty talented in the woods, though I don't want to brag. I've wandered through lots of forests. Dark. Spooky. Not to say the one out there is that, not *usually*. Sometimes. ...Often. Not *always*, anyhow."

Wulfrum smells of smoke, some might say stinks of smoke but there is no happily burning ember at the end of a tasty cigarillo for this Darkwater today. "Azova, I didn't think I'd see you here." he says with a look up and then following as she settles.

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Ian gives Wash a vague pat on the shoulder. "Someone's going to figure out the whirlpool thing soon. Maybe by the time we're back from the north." The two Kennex are already sitting.

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Liara emerges quietly into the hall and heads along to find herself a seat, her guards filtering through to stand generally out of the way.

3 Armed Confessors, Orva, a discreet assistant arrive, following Faye.

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"I did say something about the woods, yes," Sunaia replies to Tolv, turning her silver-moon eyes to meet his gaze. "When we're finished here, I'd like to know more about what you think you're best at, actually." She grins at the dogs at her feet and reaches down to scratch the head of the sable one. "They're distracting sometimes, but not usually. And they'll be coming with us, too."

Azova smiles brightly at the stinky smoker that is her relative. "I plan on following all of you, on every adventure, because the Gods know you will all need to be healed at some point from some unknown... whatever. Or, stupidity. So I must gather much information."

Merek steps up into the place, his silver-black on along with the beltcape while he finds a place to settle in, pulling his scarf with a little nod.

"Assuming I live through /that/." Wash petulantly replies to Ian, slouching further into the chair.

Thea steps into the meeting just in time. Why would she not? She has an interest afterall. Quietly making her way in, the Malvici medic tkes a seat,

Mirk arrives, unhurried, and finds a seat somewhere unobtrusive to sit down and watch the meeting unfold. He doesn't interject into the conversations going on around him, at least for now.

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Tolv opens his mouth, presumably to tell Sunaia the answer to her wonderings right then and there, but there are an awful lot of people arriving and he seems to think better of it. "...Later, yes. I'd be happy to." He plants his elbows on the table and even leans forward a little to peer at all the newcomers.

Insaya quietly leans her back to the wall. She gives a pleasant nod in the direction of Thea, her eyes showing recognition. She rubs her belly once, and gives a questioning glance.

Faye arrives unobtrusively, if a bit late. She gives nods around to friends and familiar faces before finding an open spot at a table. She is quiet, though there is curiosity and interest in her expression.

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Flicking her gaze across Tolv to Liara, Sunaia speaks quietly and smiles. Again with the smiles on this usually-somber, white woman...

Then, Mirk is spotted. Sunaia's head dips in a respectful nod, and she smiles again, then glances with a grin to Faye before turning back to wait for the meeting to begin.

Niklas sticks his head in and looks around, the smiles brightly and heads over to where Ian and Wash are. Though he does pause to give Liara an enthusiastic wave. Dropping into a seat across from his cousin he says, "You already went north and nearly died and now you're heading back? I didn't save Zoey so you could go and make her a widow, Ian." He nods to Wash. "You should have kept the money. Now I have guilt."

Having settled down at the table near enough Sunaia and Tolv, Liara exchanges some quiet words, though she does look up to wave back at Niklas.

"I know." Wash says to Niklas. "That was the point." He slouches indecorously in a couch, hat pulled low over his head. "Check and mate."

Ian looks like he's about to make a dry comment to Wash, but something Niklas says seems to have cut deep enough to take the words from him. He takes a drink from his flask, having taken an interest in the tabletop.

Thea looks about, for once knowing everyone by name. Weird. She smiles though, looking comfortable for once.

It takes a moment, but Lou Grayson enters in from the map room, with a few maps tucked under her arm. But who needs rolled up maps when there's a large one right upon the floor. The tables are pushed back to make certain people can see the large map of Arvum with ease. Snacks and drinks - alcoholic and non-alcoholic - are set aside. "Sorry I'm late, and thank you all for coming this evening," she says, glancing to the group of people she's especially gathered. "My understanding is that a number of peolpe are interested in Brightshore, or may soon become so when they learn more about it. Tonight, truthfully, is a planning meeting for my team and I, but I figured I'd welcome others to it as well so they can learn about the logistics of what it takes to get there and back, as far as what we know /at this point/ at least."

"Thank you, for opening up this meeting to others. I'm keenly interested in anything that's also piqued the curiousity of my kin." Azova inclines her head politely towards Lou, with another side-eye to Wulfrum, and then quiets so that she is a non-disruptive listener.

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Lou watches as everyone gets quiet when she starts talking, amusement touching her features. "Before I get into the logistics, are there people where who haven't heard of Brightshore or what it is?"

Azova raises her hand, because of course she hasn't heard of this place.

Wash keeps his hat down over his features, hiding his features.

Cadern slinky slinks his way in lurking and looking curious as he surveys the gatherings and then drops himself down at one of the tables.

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Rodica gives a small nod to Azova as she raises her hand, indicating her agreement with the sentiment of a refresher being needed.

Ian looks at Niklas, then addresses Lou in a flat tone. "Prince Niklas thinks you should prove that you know what Brightshore is." He takes a drink from his flask. "I'm sure he'll judge you with his deep knowledge of the subject." Was that sarcasm? That might have been sarcasm.

Tolv lifts his hand at Lou's question, with a faint, sheepish grin.

Lou inclines her head a bit. "Alright then. Some backstory." She glances over at Ian and Niklas, smirking with an amused expression in his direction. "Presently, we only knew of one way to Eurus. That way took us through the path of some very dark and very troubled waters, where ships have been known to either disappear or get wrecked, without certain dark provisions. With the rising tensions with Eurus, it was thought that we should look for /other/ ways to travel to Eurus that don't entertain certain dark provisions that may or may not involve ritual sacrifice of 13 living souls." That's about all she's going to say on that topic, with an added. "Allegedly." She smirks again. "A route was sought in order to potentially seek ways to get there if tensions keep rising between Arvum and Eurus." A pause, "And, well, they /are/ going to keep rising. What's coming here is only the beginning of that particular shitstorm." Lou is practical, and blunt, when she needs to be. "Anyway, in the better interests of serving the Compact, Faye Ruger, with the aid of many individuals from her contacts, the Society of Explorers, and the Scholars, was able to put together a small series of research projects and we uncovered an old shipping rout from 200 years ago that involves two islands along the Saffron Chain as rest stops and resupply areas on the six month voyage to Eurus; which is to say, the safer but MUCH longer way around to Eurus than through the other direction. These islands are both known as Brightshore and the Isle of Echoes."

Niklas gives the room in general a nod. "Checks out."

Insaya comments in an undertone, "And sounds in no way like there will be anything creepy in the way there, taking on water..."

Azova looks properly horrified at the mention of sacrificing souls, clearing her throat with obvious discomfort when it's mentioned. But, obviously, still paying strict attention to the details provided. "Shitstorm. I have to add that to my list." she murmurs, as an aside to her cousin.

Faye listens as Lou explains in excellent detail for the benefit of everyone gathered, nodding, offering no additional information or clarification. She covered as much as they know.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Theron.

Glancing to Faye's eyes, Sunaia bobs a nod of thanks and looks back to Lou. The white Ashford's expression is a mix of glittering excitement and... something else, clearly repressed.

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Thea lifts her eyebrow, her lips thinning as Lou talks. "Wonderful. Shitstorms..,"exhaling as she drinks from her flask.

"And frankly, finding information on these islands was much easier than finding information on Whitepeak and its location," Lou says after a decided moment or two. It took years to find Whitepeak. But, Whitepeak, a fabled mountain of many magical wonders, is a whole other beast. "Each island isn't without its issues, however." She folds her hands behind her back as she talks, putting herself in a resting stance. "Each island is assumed to be approximately at the halfway point to Eurus. That means it takes 3 months to sail there, and 3 months to sail back to Arvum from the Islands." She glances over at Thea, interjecting, "That's Eurus, not Brightshore." She grins, then goes back to explaining. "Brightshore is, or at least was 200 years ago, inhabited with people that have their own culture. My understanding is that while you may dock at their island, there's no guarantee that you'll actually be /allowed/ to get onto the island itself. There are quite a few rituals a person has to pass in order to get onto the island, which vaguely involves proving you aren't tainted. Tainted by what, we have no idea. Body? Mind? Soul? The unexplained?" Magic. She means magic there, but she's not saying that aloud so much as this is a public meeting. "It's hard to say. It could be your moral compass, or whether or not you'd lie to someone. So, that's the challenges those of us traveling to Brightshore will be facing. The Island of Echoes though? That's a whole other beast." She pauses there, giving people time to absorb that information.

Clearly not intentionally doing the fashionably late thing, Theron tries his best to not skid to a halt upon entering to duck to one side and take a spot in the back out of the way. He's only breathing a little hard, trying to focus and catch up.

Wash holds up a hand to clarify something.

Lou inclines her head over at Wash. "Yes?"

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Zoey quietly slips in and finds a seat with the other Kennexes.

Wash tilts his hat up enough to look at the room, then back down over his brow, wincing at the light. "Six months there and back again. The journey goes from the southeasternmost island of the Saffron Chain, then to either Brightshore -or- the Isle of Echoes. Is that the right understanding, or do you have to visit them in sequence, Saffron chain, Brightshore, Isle of Echoes and then Eurus? Your water isn't going to last much more than sixty days, no matter how much you have on board."

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd, Sylvie, a bubbly Keaton huntsman in training, Carwyn, a Greenmarch War Elk, Brimbar arrive, following Shae.

Rodica grunts once and nods. "Have to run on wine."

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, Clovis, a Whitehold Mountain Dog puppy arrive, following Rowenova.

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Ian looks to Wash. "We can refill the water at the far edge of Stormward," he points out. "It'll be a near thing, but it can be done. The water'll be pretty green by the time we get there, that's all."

"Cheap beer," suggests Niklas. "See if Master Mayir can provide."

"I think that will likely depend on where we sail from, would it not?" Lou asks Wash, tilting her head back at him. "It takes several weeks to get to any of the ports away from Arx. Its possible we could gather additional water supplies at one of the islands before we start sailing southeast?" she queries back at him. He's the experienced Captain, and although she's studied under him she still has more to learn. "Though, maybe we ought to find out where Setara is, because the directions are. . . " Lou wanders over to one of the tables to grab her notebook and reads them off. ""You must go south. For two weeks one sails southeast from Setara, by the light of the Wanderer's Star, and then for two weeks east, one keeps their prow pointed towards the constellation of the First Sphinx." She looks back to Wash. She nods over at Ian as he says as much as she just asked, giving him a thankful look.

"One month from Setara to the Saffron chain. One month to the island. One month to Eurus." Wash confirms. "Three months, there and back again."

Ian lowers his voice, clarifying something to Wash.

Faye gives Wash a startled look. "This isn't a journey to Eurus. This is to the halfway point, should someone wish to travel to Eurus at some point in the future." Of course she's interrupting, as this isn't her meeting, but it's an important point to make.

Lou glances at her notes, to answer the other question Wash posed. "And, it's either to Brightshore or Isle of Echoes. Both Islands are not needed to embark on the journey, from the notes we discovered. But, I mean, you /could/. But why? I'd avoid the Isle of Echoes, personally." She visibly shudders; what's so bad about the Isle of Echoes? She nods to Faye, tapping her nose. "Correct. We are only going to the halfway point." She never mentioned going all the way to Eurus. "To see if it is a viable stop for those that might want to travel to Eurus later."

Wash pushes his hat back again to eye Faye. "Don't tell me what I am about girl." He tells her plainly. "If the total roundtrip according to Py is six months, then the islands and back should be four months, with two stops to resupply."

Thea was about to ask what was so bad about the Isle of Echoes, but--that deters from Brightshore--So----She's quiet. But she does look at Lou a bit curiously.

"Three maybe." Wash corrects.

"What he means is, he's working out the logistics, out loud." Lou says smoothly to Faye, giving Wash a look. "So, for those interested in the Isle of Echoes - which my team is /not/ going to," Lou cannot stress that enough. She's not going there. That's a big NOPE. "There's no problem docking there and getting off the ship. The problem is maybe getting back /onto/ the ship. Allegedly, the place is haunted. So haunted that there are boogie man stories about forces on the island confusing you so much that you just might want to stay there, forever. Luring you to stay, in fact, and live out some sort of dream fantasy thing where you meet loved ones, or people in your life whom you've never met. But," she smirks. "those are just stories and takes."

Faye looks flatly at Wash. "I guess if you want to plan a journey to Eurus this way, that's your head. I'm no sailor or navigator, merely an occasional passenger, so I'm sure you know more than I do on that score. But the journey we're discussing tonight is to the halfway point." She slides a look to Lou and nods agreement with her interpretation.

Wash's tone with Faye certainly catches Sunaia's attention, her moonlight-hued eyes flicking to look at him directly, intently for a few long moments before glancing to Faye and then back to Lou. "How many people are going to be invited on the crew - to Brighthope? And how long do you intend to wait for those who might want to see about the Isle of Echoes?"

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Lucita quietly slips into the building and glances around till she spots a place at which to sit. On noticing Rowenova's wave, she gives a smile and sits at the table with that group.

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Ian nods in response to something Zoey whispers to him, then murmurs a response.

Insaya says, "So at best, assuming success, this route would only ever be useful to a small expedition of one ship, maybe. Because assuming you have anyone who can go ashore and reboard, that person or persons have to be able to do the resupply for everybody?"

"Brightshore," Lou corrects Sunaia mildly. "My team consists of myself, Lord Wash, Lord Ian, Lady Shae, and Legate Ailith if she can obtain permission from the Faith. Going in her place would be Lady Shae's husband, Lord Kedehern. Then any of the normal crew necessary for actually running the ship itself." Shae is Lou's protege, and Lou is well known for dragging proteges out on such trips. "As for the Isle of Echoes, I imagine anyone who wants to go on that trip can put together their own team." She looks to Faye, lifting a brow faintly. "I know Faye was going to lead one herself, but I do not know whether or not she worked out those details on who is going on her voyage yet. I believe it is still in discussion." She looks back to Wash and Ian then, since they are the members of her team currently present. "I imagine we'll also need to plan also for potential pirates and/or other natural occurrances, like storms and what not."

"I offered to accompany Lou because two caravels are more likely to make it than one. So I'm going to Brighthope." Wash assures her. "I'll take four noble souls as long as they are willing to lend a hand on a line. I'll stand no lookyloos on this venture. Whether or not any who go on my ship set foot on the island is a decision for the First Explorer."

Rodica tilts her head over to Insaya, though she is clearly paying attention to the discussion with the raptness of someone who never met a horizon she wasn't willing to chase. "Or be ready to force the port open."

"Brightshore, yes; pardon," Sunaia corrects herself, then glances to Faye and bobs a nod.

Faye gives a noncommital shrug at Lou's indication. "I have another commitment, so I'm not sure if I am able to lead a trip to the Isle of Echoes. I'd like to go, certainly, though I'm not sure if I can manage to lead that and the other thing I have to make sure gets done."

"If my understanding is correct." Wash says. "If we arrive at Brightshore and are denied a resupply, we will have enough supplies to return to the Saffron chain... barely. I'll not be party to forcing a port open."

Shae is there, just sitting in the back, and being quiet, as she listens. Her gaze gnetly shifting from speaker to speaker.

Lucita nods to some of the comments, concern showing. She lowers her voice to exchange comments with the others seated there.

Azova glances up at Wash when he expresses his sentiment, looks at her hands when he mentions any shipgoers lending theirs, and grimaces. "Not much use on a ship, but I'd be willing to make sure you're supplied with salves, bandages, and other healing necessities Lord Wash. To store on board. And I can teach anyone at least the basics."

Niklas shakes his head. "I'd rather catch the boat to Brighthope. That place sounds nice."

Leaning back against the wall, Theron considers the points, counterpoints, and potential travel arrangements. Silent and not quite brooding, eyebrows arch in intrest at th mention of the second caravel as escort and then a spin off mission. There is a hunger about him, yet he does not raise his hand to speak out and volunteer yet. Options are being weighed, and others to be listened to.

Lou lets out a hefty exaggerated sigh, correcting Niklas. "Brightshore. Named so for it's colorful foilage. Though, maybe there is some hope on the shore? Maybe you could fascinate him with one of your well loved plays?" she suggests as a quip, grinning at him. "Assuming, of course, we can pass the tests." She nods in Faye's direction. "So, then I have no knowledge of a voyage to the Isle of Echoes happening as yet. But, I mean, if you want to /chance/ the stories about it being haunted, it's said you might learn a bit of something or another if you manage to get /off/ the island."

With a simple bob of her head at Faye, Sunaia automatically volunteers, "I will lead it, of course - the trip to the Isle of Echoes. For those who want to come - though I'll have rather stringent requirements, far more than Lord Wash, due to the dangers that I've heard." She looks back to Faye and then to Lou, "Do I need to find another ship and captain? I have someone in mind, though I'll have to see if he's willing."

Wash nods to Azova. "If Carita can spare you, you're welcome aboard the Candlelight. Or whatever blamed ship I sail out of Stormward." He lays both hands over his face rubs his temples. He tilts his hat down over his head to once again conceal his features.

Thea is still listening closely from her stpot at the table, quietly. When a second caravel is mentioned, it takes everything for her not instantly volunteer. Instead she settles, taking a sip of her flask.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Azova actually looks... surprised, at that. "Thank you, Lord Wash. If there is another more suitable that you find, I will still supply you, and teach one of your crew first aid so that you're as prepared as possible." she promises, ending on a satisfied nod.

Lou raises brows at Sunaia. "You are welcome to recruit anyone that's willing to go, and has the time to sail. Lord Wash is my Captain, so he would need to be the one to decide if he could go, but he's committed to my trip first." She looks to Wash. Right? Right? She looks a little worried he might be tempted away there. "Unless, of course, Porter or Aethan want to go there and are good at Captaining?"

Niklas shakes his head at Lou, making a face. "No, I definitely meant Brighthope. Brightshore sounds _awful_. Then again, now that I think about it Brighthope kind of sounds like the kind of name someone gives a real shithole hoping they'll get people to invest in it before showing up and realizing what a mistake they made. Though I'm sure I'd pass the test! People love having me for company."

Ian looks up. "If the trip to the Isle of Echoes holds off a bit, I'll serve as captain," he offers. "I'm not Wash or Aethan, but I'm a Kennex."

"I was thinking, actually, of Ciaran, Lou," Sunaia admits, then flicks a gaze to Wash. "Though I'm not sure if you're interested in the additional ship as a third with your two, or if I'd best wait for you to return and ..." Sunaia shrugs, "You could sail with us, or not. You're the expert, as Lou's mentioned; you know more about this trip than I, I expect; and far more, probably, than Ciaran - as he's not even here...-" She holds, hearing Ian. "That's completely fine with me, Lord Ian. Waiting for you, I mean."

"I can find someone." Wash says laconically. "As long as we stay within twenty miles or so of each other, they just have to be competent."

Wash takes off his hat and just covers his face. He has no words at the moment.

With a pup in her lap and managed by one hand as her other pets Sir Floppington, Rowenova looks back and forth between Niklas and Wash and tries her hardest to maintain a serious look, but she cannot help it as she breaks a grin.

Lou takes a breath, and lets it out. "Now, here's the tricky part." As if finding the time isn't tricky enough! "Presently, the Society of Explorers has two Caravels at their disposal. No permission is needed to use them because /we/ own them. However, there's a whilrpool in the harbor of Arx that is not letting any ships from those who live in Arvum pass. Those from the Undying Empire and Cardia can get out, but /not our ships/." She looks around at all of the people here. "So, this whole trip is going to be moot if we can't even get out of our own harbor, unless we can find ships that can dock somewhere else that we travel to over land."

"Aethan might loan me a caravel, but not two." Wash's voice behind the hat is muffled. "If I can put together the silver, I can have the Candlelight dismantled and rebuilt outside the harbor."

"Have you talked to Count Tibault or Harlan, Lou?" Sunaia asks.

Insaya asks, "Or portage over land themselves? Difficult with deep-keeled vessels, but not IMPOSSIBLE. Just very, very unpleasant. And everyone would know what you were doing."

"If the portage goes wrong, the ship is wrecked." Wash removes his hat and puts it on top of his head, he wipes his exhausted eyes. "Have you had to portage one yet?" He asks, looking around for who might have suggested that course of action.

Lou lifts a brow at Sunaia. "Ashford lands are landlocked. I haven't heard of House Laveer getting a caravel yet."

"We have a navy, Lou. I don't think we have a caravel, when I last checked," Sunaia replies.

"I might be able to ask Alarissa if House Thrax might be willing to lend one." Lou glances over at Liara, at that moment, perhaps looking to see if that suggestion might be viable. Lou has no issue going to her cousin with a request. "She won't be able to say yea or nay for certain, but maybe Prince Victus will vested interest in learning of the route to Eurus too? That's, of course, as a back up plan only."

"Forgive me, but I do not know much about ships, and ship building, but if one was to build a new one, in a shipyard that is not blocked by a whirlpool, about how long would it take? And how much would it cost?" Shae puts forward, genuine in wanting to understand.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Rodica tilts her head over to Shae. "Months, tons of silver, and Iasu can do it."

"Three million silver, and two months." Wash responds promptly to Shae.

"If they haven't already committed their vessels," Liara says to Lou, with a little nod.

A messenger brings Ian a note and he raises his eyebrows as he reads it. "Tell her I'll be at the Kay in a few minutes." Then, bracing himself on the table, he pushes to his feet.

"Three million? I thought it was two and a half. Huh." Niklas shakes his head. "Prices going up all over. Maybe I won't get one. Do you know how many dragonweep you could get for that?" He does some quick math, then says, "None."

"Two and a half if you earn it the hard way." Wash says. "If you want to buy all the resources outright, that'd be closer to five million."

Lou nods back to Liara, considering that. "I'll reach out. The White Singer in Eurus will be of concern to them, at the very least." She glances as Ian suggests he's leaving and says to him. 'Thank you for coming tonight." Genuine thanks offered. She looks back to Shae. "10,000 resources of any kind compiled. Whatever that equates to in silver, but it's resources the ship buidlers want."

Ian excuses himself and and heads for the door

Zoey follows after Ian.

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There is a glance to Rodica as she answers Shae, and then to Wash, giving them both a nod, "Thank you," she replies with a smile and then rests back in her chair, hand resting over her pregnant belly. Shae's brows lifting a touch at Lou's follow up information, nodding to her patron, "Thank you, Princess Lou, that is good to know." A smile there, and she returns to listening.

Lou opens her mouth to correct Shae and just insist on Lou, but she remembers Liara is there and closes it again. Habit. The Society of Explorers is her haven, and she's more informal there. She looks back to Wash. "Are there any other logistical concerns we need to be worried about? Or, outside of the whole ship issue, do you think we'll be pretty set. I know House Grayson will help fund part of the voyage, as finding a safe way to g et to Eurus is of utmost concern to us. If not I think we can adjourn here, and I can hand out the information on the islands that people may not yet have." Clues; saved for when the meeting ends.

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"Make sure Pravus knows that Setara is the starting point." Wash's breath catches as Lucita says something to him. He shakes his head and crumples his hat in his hands. "They could argue that we aren't allowed anywhere near the island. Other than that, just pay your quartermaster well, this is not a voyage on which to cut corners to save a silver."

Thea is just quiet now. Still here.

Cadern has been pretty quiet and he offers, "Well if you don't have any closer. There might be a couple fresh Caravels up north that haven't been able to make it down yet that aren't caught up in the trouble." He offers to Lou, "But there are probably those closer to your eventual destination to get to faster. Thanks for allowing those of us outside the Society to listen in." He offers ruefully.

"Right, will do, Lord Wash; thank you. ...Well, I have a bit of research to do. If anyone is interested in joining me at the Isle of Echoes, send me a message and we'll talk privately," Sunaia mentions to the group, flicking her eyes around.

Wash stretches out of his seat and stands up. His hand lingers on the table and then he takes a tenative step away from it. His legs seem inclined not to support him. His man moves before Wash collapses though, giving him something to lean on as he heads out the door with Jayne lending him a supportive, unobtrusive shoulder.

some exchange happens with Azova and then rises up with an audible scrap of his chair and turns to the door with a quick step, pausing too look back expectantly for Azova.

Wulfrum did that, how rude ^

"OH!" Lou exclaims, throwing her hands up in the air as she does. "We'll also need gifts for the denizens of Brightshore. If people do not have time to go on the voyage itself, that might be a good way to help without attending the trip. We're looking for anything bright or shiny, or plants. Floral. Not floral. Colorful. They're a colorful people and prize it. So if you have ideas, or want to make suggestions, or know people who can do stuff, or can do it yourself, do please let me know." She nods to Cadern, giving him a thankful look. "If we need them, thank you." She's hoping not! Otherwise the Explorer ships will never see use.

Azova scrambles up out of her chair when Wulfrum heads for the door, and nods apologetically towards the others before she follows.

Faye has fallen into a thoughtful silence these past few moments, perhaps preoccupied with a number of matters.

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Wash has left the Table 4.

Jayne, Burly Sailor, Oakshed, an aged and white haired valet leave, following Wash.

Niklas has joined the line.

Insaya has left the Table 1.

As the meeting breaks up, Faye wraps her coat tightly around herself and slips out. There are others she will need to catch up with later.

Faye has left the Table 4.

3 Armed Confessors, Orva, a discreet assistant leave, following Faye.

The line has been dismissed by Lou.

Thea has joined the line.

Tolv has joined the line.

Insaya has joined the line.

Azova has joined the line.

Rodica has joined the line.

Niklas has joined the line.

Theron has joined the line.

The line has been dismissed by Lou.

Azova has left the Table 3.

2 Redoubt Buccaneers, Orion, the surly healer's assistant leave, following Azova.

Wulfrum has left the Table 3.

Niklas has left the Table 4.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

3 Armed Confessors leaves, following Insaya.

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer leave, following Theron.

Thea has left the Table 2.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Scratchers the red-tailed hawk leave, following Thea.

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