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Lord Wulfrum Darkwater

No one likes a yowling cat, nor a cawing bird, why do people think anyone should like their yapping traps any better?

Social Rank: 6
Concept: venerable noble
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Darkwater
Gender: male
Marital Status: widower
Age: 42
Birthday: 10/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Darkwater lord
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: salt and pepper
Eye Color: slate black
Skintone: swarthy

Description: This swarthy skinned man has been seasoned with sea wings and time. Touches of grey to his dark brown hair, a few lines of furrowed brow and severe scowls give the depth to his expressions. His hair is kept long enough to begin taking on a subtle wave, his beard though is kept trimmed to follow a strong lined jaw with a goatee to match. A stocky build accounts for a modest height with broad shoulders, thick limbs and something of a paunch from years of rum no doubt.

Personality: Wulfrum is a severe and determined man. One can easily see the years of living under Donrai as High Lord of Thrax have tempered him into a prototypical noble from those bygone days. Not one to invite levity or familiarity from others, Wulfrum is at least non-confrontational about his traditional preferences.

Background: Born of Grimhall and married into Darkwater, neither of the Houses which claimed the loyaly of Lord Wulfrum had particularly sunny reputations. This was fine as Wulfrum did not grow up a sunny lad nor become a particularly optimistic Lord in his maturity. Born outside of the ruling line Wulfrum was raised in the traditional customs of the Mourning Isles. He was one of many, not yet proven to be worthy of his House. Even at a young age the man had a competitive streak leading to confrontations with cousins and siblings. It showed his ambition but such unlordly behaviour was soon 'corrected' leading to less boasting and shoving to more productive means of competitiveness.

Eventually Wulfrum was old enough to sail, to fight, to prove his worth to Grimhall! Only to be selected for a political marriage to Lira Darkwater after returning from a successful subjugation of shavs and boats laden with thralls. Despite the surprise young Wulfrum found appeal in House Darkwater. Not only was Lady Lira Darkwater everything one would expect of an Isle Lady but Darkwater itself had a history of harrying the Saffron Chain and 'unexplained' shav attacks on passing vessels. It was a place that Wulfrum would settle into nicely and so he did for years with the most notable events being the death of his wife during the birth of his son Leiras Darkwater followed some time later by the razing of Darkwater's Reach.

Lord Wulfrum Darkwater has come to Arx with a summons from Countess Carita Darkwater on the eve of Crusade with an Eurusi flotilla approaching Arvani waters.

Name Summary
Alarissa Though perhaps the adoration of Cigars can be a bit much on the senses, he is a man to which one could have a lasting conversation and likely never be found boring.
Anisha Lord Wulfrum Darkwater is a traditionalist Islander, which some would spit out as a curse. I'm not one of them. We've had a number of intriguing conversations, and while I doubt either of us will truly change the mind of the other... Well, there's something to be said for surprising oneself and each other with the twists and turns a debate can talk. Give him a moment of your time. You could do far worse.
Cambria An astute Lord of Darkwater. His questions are insightful and his manner direct. The gods only know how much I value people that speak their mind.
Catalana A stomach of cast iron
Corrigan A talent for observing the obvious. Yes, it's going to bruise, your Lordship. Thank you.
Ember Perceptive, well-spoken, no shortage of intelligence when it comes to naval matters. Given the combination, cigar smoke can be overlooked.
Esme I cannot recall my very first impression, but he always asks questions. I adore learning about people by what they ask and how they ask. I am sure that we are already great friends. We shall just be moreso soon.
Mabelle Well seasoned man. He has seen some things in life. I hope he finds solace in the city. And stop smoking.
Porter The cigarillos do smell, but not anymore than most taverns have the stench of smoke. He had good insights into this project with the sea forts and seems generally caught up on regional affairs, probably more than me if we're being honest! I think I'm going to look forward to working with him and his countess.
Sabella He seems quite nice and very heroic since he saved my husband's life from a ferocious monster of the sea! I'm sure he will continue to make Darkwater and the Countess very proud.
Skapti Older man, though he still handles himself decently. I still say he owes me 100 silver pieces for the bet.
Sydney Not a bad sort, really, until he opens his mouth and the all the Isles nonsense starts pouring out of it. Time will tell whether he's capable of moving past it, as some of his brethren have failed to.
Wash The Countess needs all the allies she can get. Between Dycard and Wulfrum it seems she has the necessities covered.
Zoey So many things he has to learn about Arx. I hope we don't send him running for the hills.