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Faye Ruger

Protect what matters with everything you have, or you'll have nothing, and deserve it.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Stalwart Subordinate
Fealty: Crown
Family: Ruger
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 44
Birthday: 10/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Inquisitor
Height: average height
Hair Color: medium blonde
Eye Color: warm brown
Skintone: fair

Titles: Inquisitor

Description: For her modest height, she gives off a disproportionate aura of power. Doe eyes in shades of warm earth snap - her focus sharp beneath even, fair brows. Fine lines crinkle the corners of her eyes, giving her keen gaze the look of earned wisdom. A streak of near-white runs through her thick, straight hair of muted gold, sweeping over her strong shoulders. Her form is built and toned from frequent work, solidity in her limbs giving her a sense of balance and calculated movement that she carries well. Her rare smiles are both soft and slight, a glimpse of the woman beyond the rigid composure and sculpted form.

Personality: Serious, determined, relentless. Scary. All are descriptors one might hear about Faye, asking her friends and coworkers. It's true, her upbringing at the hands of the man who was Master of Questions of the investigation instilled in her values somewhat...different from most girls. She is stoic and composed, an accomplished actress in many ways. While she doesn't take anyone at face value, she DOES believe in the inherent good of people, and has a fierce, compassionate heart. Faye is a woman who takes full responsibility for her actions and their effects - she says she can't bemoan her life when she made the choice to put on the mantle. To take up the bow. Any guilt she feels is a burden she willingly carries, so that the innocent never have to. With her friends, she is known to show a sense of humor dry and acidic. She sugarcoats nothing, and is just as blunt and demanding with them as she is with herself, but there's nothing she wouldn't do to protect them.

Background: Despite growing up a commoner, Faye Ruger was treated with a degree of respect and even fear that she never could grow accustomed to. The daughter of the previous Master of Questions of the Inquisition, her father was responsible for ferreting out the threats to the Compact and bringing the enemies of the Crown to justice, and Faye quickly learned as a child just how feared the Inquisition truly was. It pained her to see innocent men and women legitimately afraid of the institution, and deeply offended her that some would imagine that her good and honorable father would be capable of the kind of arbitrary maliciousness that some ascribe to the Crown's investigative arm. Certainly the Inquisition has to make difficult, even cruel choices at times for the good of everyone, but she never saw her father be capricious or unjust, and she grew up expecting to follow in his footsteps to safeguard the Realm. Her father Berthold Ruger's death a decade ago solidified that vague expectation into a burning desire, and there's perhaps no more dedicated investigator inside the entire Inquisition.

Certainly that's what her partner and constant companion Prince Laric Grayson feels about her, with his freewheeling and imaginative nature a perfect match for her dedicated, calculating resolve. It's not easy, and she's had to do plenty of things to protect the realm that can make one lose sleep at night, but this is what she was born to do.

Name Summary
Adalyn A steady presence, her calm and composure are admirable and her directness refreshing. Ours was a riveting conversation, knowledge shared and gained, mutual interests recognized. I hope to enjoy more discussions with her in future.
Aella Never sure what to think around Inquisitors, but this one seems alright. Likes gardens, understands things don't always need to be orderly.
Aethan The public face of the Inquisition. For better or worse.
Aethan We've had interactions before and she is without always, asking questions and studying situations.
Agatha Businesslike and calm, inquisitive. I bet she's very good at her job. Sure seemed to get me into a position to answer questions...
Aiden There's not many individuals that I immediately put faith into, yet, with her I sensed I could easily do so. She's working toward the same ends as I and there's no reason not to invest in her so that we both work together on the future investments.
Ajax An inquisitor whose company I actually enjoy. Huh, go figure.
Alaric Laric's right hand woman and heir to the sterline Ruger tradition of service to the Crown. She's practical, eminently reliable, and I've been pleased to be able to assist her with her work from time to time. Also like Laric, she probably doesn't take enough vacations from her work.
Alarissa An interesting inquisitor. Must be a very valuable asset to my cousin and I can see her passion.
Aleksei Meticulous, dogged, and loyal to the cause. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of her hunt!
Alessandro Inquisitor -- interesting, though not very forthcoming. Unsurprisingly.
Alina She is very curious, for an Inquisitor. But she seems to enjoy talking to me. Maybe we can be friends.
Alrec Good to see her around. I got worried that Laric was keeping his best investigator hidden up in that tower of questions.
Amari Obviously a woman of keen intellect and investigative skill. I hope we have a chance to meet again.
Appolonia An Inquisitor and I believe the first I've met since my arrival to Arx. She is friendly enough, but most have been, yet serious about her duties. I'm still trying to picture her kicking in a door.
Arcadia Quiet, not really forthcoming with information but seems pleasant enough. Someone worth getting to know.
Bahiya Quiet, collected, intelligent, her voice is smooth and does not falter, she says nothing she does not mean to (so far) and her cadence is calming. I look forward to working with her.
Beatrice Tactful, patient, connected. It is cliched to call an inquisitor informed, but she is surely that - yet not a mindless crusader for justice. She has a brain and uses it on matters no less complex than international trade. A lucky introduction, this one.
Berenice A chance encounter from a random invitation sent off into the world, and what a delight it turned out to be! She'll have to teach me to scare people more effectively someday.
Bliss An interesting one, if a bit difficult for me to read. Such an alien life to mine, and I do not know what is hiding behind it and her. She seems sincere in her dedication to her work and to Arx, but I have to wonder who she is beneath all of her trappings. Perhaps I will get a chance to find out.
Braelynn A little wary, but I don't know many Inquisitors that aren't the suspicious sort. Still, she's pleasant and polite. I look forward to studying under her.
Caith She is very smart and very efficient in her approach to problem solving. My guess is that she will always take the straightest line from Point A to Point B. I like her!
Calaudrin I saw her again recently, still the practical person I remember. I appreciate that in a person, too many people like to barrel around like yahoos.
Carmen As perfect as ice, in manner, look, and behind a bow.
Caspian For a confessor she seems to be rather friendly and approachable!
Celeste An Inquisitor... and she didn't threaten to beat me for anything. So I guess the organization is turning around. If she's a friend of Sophie's she must be a good person.
Cesare Inquisitor Faye was not at all what I had been led to expect from someone of her profession, and in fact, much closer to the original meaning of the word, I suspect. A wealth of knowledge and one who was freely willing to help - such assistance is invaluable.
Coraline This is a woman who sees the larger picture of a situation and brings in brilliant and fresh perspective. The Inquisition is very lucky to have her.
Corrigan Edudite and intelligent. Also referred to Silks as Silks in a room filled with Silks. I'm faintly impressed.
Cristoph A more recent acquaintance through Prince Laric. She seems fine and capable and good ally for the future.
Cullen Rather intense with eyes that seem as though they catch sight of quite a bit, and an agile mind that is always working. Gives an impression that she does her job out of a sense of duty...I understand that. I like knowing she is one of the pairs of eyes watching over the city.
Cullen An Inquisitor who seems quite intelligent and of a spine of steel. I've spoken to her a couple of times, and I've always found her rather interesting to converse with. Also was unflappable when most of us caved...thankfully.
Dante A quiet woman, but she seems to be more than "just" an Inquisitor. I've no doubt we'll meet again, though I really hope I don't make a habit of visiting the House of Questions. Even if they are supplied with very polite salamanders.
Darrow A pity her crossbow wasn't with my marines.
Delia A professional accompanied by armed associates, yet manages to retain her charm and remain approachable.
Denica A smart woman, sharp and clever and in possession of a keen mind. This is someone I could spend a great deal of time talking with, and I fear I'd never get bored.
Domonico I promise that getting shot from her crossbow would hurt far more than the injuries I sustained. It is good to know she was concerned I was injured though.
Drake An interesting Inquisitor with a good understanding of secrets. Definitely one to get to know.
Drake Clever inquisitor, a good questioner. Deft at cooling off a social situation before it boils over.
Duarte Dutiful with little time or care for silly bullshit.
Eamon A woman bearing weapons, as so many do in the city, but it became very clear very quickly - the Inquisitors know more than I do just yet. We'll see how much more I can learn from her, and whether or not that might shape how I see things.
Edain An inquisitive woman, which behooves an inquisitioner. She seems intent on peeling back the layers and seeing what lies beneath. I feel bad I was not able to help her as much as she hoped. I hope she finds what she is searching for.
Eleanor It's possible she thinks I'm a bit simple, but it's probably because she's very smart. She certainly seems like it. And competent, too. I liked her. I expect this will be the start of a fruitful partnership.
Elgana If I ever needed a partner in crime to pester a certain Prince, I think it could be her. Maybe. I hope it is her. She's perfect for it, truly. And would make a wonderful friend in time. That's no doubt.
Emmelline She seems to have some odd notions about the nobility. I wonder how many of the nobility she actually knows.
Enri A model Inquisitor, Faye embodies some of the qualities we all should have. Dutiful, she seems to know a lot about the enemies of Arvum and is ready to teach as needed.
Esme She seems to not just be with the Inqusition but set on adventure. Also she seems to KNOW things. We are obviously going to be grand friends.
Eurion Not a woman I would wish to anger, perhaps I should change my method of greeting people. And here I thought this was polite? Either way she is a very scary lady when riled.
Evaristo FINALLY - I got to meet Faye Ruger, a name I have heard many times. Why didn't I go see her earlier?! She is brilliant, as the rumors say. Had a most informative talk with her, and hoping to have more.
Evelynn Thoughtful and level-headed. Someone I enjoy engaging in discussion with.
Evonleigh A quiet but strong presence I quite respect. I feel she weighs every action carefully before taking it, and I don't think much passes her scrutiny.
Ezekiel A kind inquisitor? How very lovely!
Fairen Someone I hold curiosity for, with an apparant relation with Elgana. Considering the company she keeps, really she ought not be a bad associate in the least.
Faruq Remarkably gregarious for an Inquisitor, she does not present herself as a zealot but I can tell she is a hard woman though it does not detract from her appearance at all. Quite the opposite. I would like to know more of these relics and adventures she speaks of. I have killed men, but never monsters!
Fiora She's a good shot. I could have beat her. I know I could have, if I didn't play it so safe. Damnit. But she's great, I guess.
Gareth A Confessor. Professional. Curt. Appropriate. Fitting her station.
Giada Intensity is a blessing when focused. I daresay the good Inquisitor has focus for days.
Gianna She really ought to see more performances at the College. She's doing a fine job.
Gilroy She's about as Inquisition as it gets. Serious, important, stern. Note the lack of 'warm', 'humorous' or 'filled with smiles'.
Giulio A conscientious Confessor, one who will be looking into matters of a certain degree of complexity. This will be necessary in the time to come.
Grady A practical sort. I should have found her dreadfully intimidating, I think, had I been guilty of something.
Grazia A serious sort of woman and a model Inquisitor. She will definitely be a useful one to know in the future. She seems extremely capable.
Hamish An inquisitor who lives up to the title.
Harlex A straight-shooter, an Inquisitor, and someone with a job. Already like her more than my usual company.
Harper She's got a real level head on her shoulders, and someone that I was glad to fight alongside.
Helena She looks a bit scary, at least her weapon does. I hope that she is as nice as she seems. She likes books, and anyone who likes books can't be bad.
Helena She seems kind and knowledgeable, though I think she would be formidable enough if I were on the wrong side of her inquisitions!
Helia Not as intimidating as I would have expected. Very amiable, in fact! And she gets what I mean about cats! Hopefully I'll see her again the future.
Helle The Wise Woman. She knows wise things. Not a tree. But very wise.
Ian Siahnin seems to like her.
Ida Mistress Faye Ruger sent word about a commission and then came by the shop not long after to discuss the details therein. An intriguing woman, certainly, she does not seem one to mince words. I like that. Still, one could hardly call her unfriendly and I enjoyed speaking with her.
Iliana Amiable and smart. I appreciate her tact and reserve. I hope our paths cross again
Ilira Decorous, with a warmth to soften her steel. I trust I'd like and learn from her. Luck willing, I'll meet her again for proper time and conversation.
Imi A chance meeting at the Shrine of the Sentinel introduced me to Inquisitor Faye Ruger. She's more personable than those who only know the time of Shreve would have anyone believe of the Inquisition. Reserved, though. I imagine you have to keep some professional distance in that line of work. Rightfully fearful of Dame Leona, so I'll give her points in wisdom too.
Insaya Thrice blessed Goddess of Coffee.
Isabeau Lovely to see the Senior Inquisitor again, I hope to help her see the library to fruition in my homelands.
Iseulet Intimidating because she's strong of spirit and mind, but that's also why I am coming to respect her. For now, an acquaintance, but I hope in the future an ally or friend.
Jaerith The inquisitor that splits the difference between Inquisitor Korka's irreverence and Inquisitor Mercedes' extreme reverence. Seems good at her job.
Jasher I see discipline and initiative, tempered with compassion. She will do well in whatever she devotes herself to, whether by the Inquisition or elsewhere.
Jeffeth A very scary lady. I don't know anything else about her.
Jules You met her at Princess Reese's and there was a conversation regarding food fights. You enjoyed the opportunity to speak with her.
Jyri Heard a lot about Faye lately - smart and with a good sense of humor, feels like someone I can work with. But, I won't forget she's Inquisition.
Kaldur A half-decent armor drummer. She might even be good if she played with more gusto.
Katarina Faye Ruger, the most amazing woman I have ever met.
Katarina I am blessed to have her as a friend. Her mind strives tirelessly, and in this way, she casts a long shadow, but one I cannot feel bad about being within.
Kenna She said she doesn't typically wear a dress, but that she was pointed towards it. I assume this means she's a woman of flexible thinking. Also, she joined in onto my clapping of Kaldur's armor, I already like her style.
Khanne I really ought to speak to her more often. I say this about a lot of people, but, it is true desire. She should sit beside me in meetings more often... when we are fortunate enough to share them.
Korka She is... everything I want to be. She is smart, self-assured, brilliant, brave, a genius... have I mentioned how smart she is? I hope to be the Inquisitor she is some day.
Korka While her idea of a fun night out and mine don't exactly line up, it's hard not to like a coworker who is as knowledgable and witty as Faye is.
Laric The woman who set Laric down his current path. Though she was a girl back then, she hasn't really changed much. Her stares have gotten a little more harrowing, maybe. Hard to tell. Not that he'd ever think about changing her- Faye is Faye in the same sense grass is green, rocks are hard and water is wet. His closest friend and ally, and someone he wouldn't change for the world (okay, maybe if he ABSOLUTELY had to because it was 'change Faye or everyone dies').
Leif An inquisitor, and seemingly a kind lady. Smart.
Leola An archer, an inquisitor, and a hunter. Wonderful. Fantastic. Things could not be better. Now I have to open up the Lodge to those people. Marvellous.
Liara Rather to the point but polite all the same. And she showed up to a somewhat anonymous invitation to a place! She had a quick wit, even if it was all a bit understated.
Llewella Inquistor Ruger was kind enough to answer the request of a stranger and provided some of the most enlightening conversation I had in some time.
Lora If all Inquisitors were so personable, perhaps they'd not be so generally feared. I wonder if that would work for them, or against them.
Lore You don't want to go there. But you will. And my dumb ass will show you the way.
Lou An inquisitor I spoke to regarding Darkwater Watch. She was extremely informed, and helped a great deal.
Luca Despite all the things I've heard about this one, I found her to be rather pleasant to sit with. Still, we barely even scratched the surface, really. I'll have to go digging, and see what's buried under that stoicism. Maybe we could trade. I know how Inquisitors love to hear a good confession.
Lucita Earning the trust of others is a long hard process at times. Faye seems to recognize and respect that. She seems intelligent and interesting.
Lumen I'm always impressed by someone who can keep their emotions under control and react to shifting landscapes with a level head. There's really no quality more useful.
Mabelle And inquisitive inquisitor with a plan. I cannot wait to see how it goes!
Macda I find that whiskey in coffee is a perfect acceptable potion, hot or cold. AND willing to tease Laric. A fresh blessing, this Inquisitor. Don't let them say otherwise.
Marisol The Inquisitor is a curious woman. She has a keen eye and is willing to share her table. Not to mention she nearly fought someone named Baron Clement over a broom. Context is likely important.
Martino A wise worded Inquisitor, one who's knowledge seems to far outway the other two I have met. This one, truly, might be the most useful.
Mason Faye sought out Mason to talk on Eurusi lore. (It happens, people asking him about Eurus) It wasn't long at all, though, before the man realized she's quite the scholar herself and has a passion for her research. He greatly enjoyed discussing things with someone that was equally willing to share discoveries and explore new ideas, and hopes to meet with her more in the future.
Melody An exciting Inquisitor -- One of the few, truth be told, as they're usually so gloomy and sappy. I definitely need to pick her brain sometime, she sounds like she knows her excitement.
Mercedes It's nice to see her again and I am glad she is around to keep Laric from getting into too much trouble. There's something different about her though -- I need to follow up on that when we have a private moment.
Mercedes Confidante. Friend. There are precious few I would say that about. Whatever comes tomorrow, through darkness and light, she has the full measure of my loyalty.
Mikani Inquisitive mind makes me want to get to know her more.
Miranda Thoughtful and quiet, seems almost out of place in a tavern this one. Almost.
Mirari This woman seems wrapped up, bound up, tied to her work. I don't think that's a bad thing, loyalty is the best coin a person can offer to something that they care about. I'm impish enough that I want to toy with those bindings, cut the wrappings and see what dances free. I should really behave myself.
Mirk Not what I expected from an Inquisitor. Though I'm not entirely sure what I expected. Intelligent, and aware of both her limitations and her strengths, without losing sight of either. That's the sort of mind that would be dangerous, if she had need to be.
Modi An Inquisitor. I envy those in her position. A profession that involves discovering secrets sounds like the loveliest vocations I could think of.
Monique Has some very good ideas, and clearly has a lot of knowledge stored away in that head of hers. But, Inquisitor. I've little love for them.
Morrighan Brave woman I've been through some shit with, once upon a time. She's dependable and someone you can count on, would definitely recommend fighting beside. Any day.
Niklas Tireless Inquisitor looking into Eurusi Lore. Was more polite about warning me about the dangers of doing so than Octavia.
Niklas Inquisitor Faye knows a little about a lot, and she knows a lot about some of it, too. She's as serious as one would want from an Inquisitor without all the thumbscrews and heretic forks and that bit that goes in the mouth and screws it open.
Norwood She's a steady woman who seems to have her own deep thoughts. Those in the Inquisition are not known to be faint of heart, and I doubt she is any different.
Nuala Smart and perceptive. It isn't the facts that matter so much as the questions to ask, and she asks smart ones.
Orazio She speaks! She seems somewhat happier than the last time we met, and Orazio considers it a good thing to see - one's duty should not grind one down. He hopes to speak to her again.
Orelia Not easy to read, this Inquisitor. Are they ever? But she has a wry wit and a charm all her own.
Orland There is some unspoken matter that has tarnished her in light of old familial memories, though I do not think it would keep us from being civil to one another. She has a sense of humor which could match mine and a far superior wit I believe lying below the surface.
Oswyn A sharp and curious mind.
Perronne An Inquisitor! Stern, like you might expect of someone with that profession, but she doesn't seem cruel, and I feel like a heart for ADVENTURE beats beneath all that crimson! Wouldn't want to cross her, but she's got a sense of humor!
Petal She seems a practical women. One who notices things and things about how things could go wrong. She also dares to talk to Prince Gareth, impressive.
Pharamond Serious, but not. Friendly and surely important to merit so impressive an entourage
Piccola The Inquisitor is a woman not only of sharp questions but of keen insight. Of course, being an Inquisitor, one would expect she would know more of esoteric matters than I. I suppose the next step is to pick her brain; however, this may have to wait until I've the mind to try to match wits with her.
Porter An interesting woman, the kind that values family and has a desire to better the world at large. I'm looking forward to seeing how her library project turns out and hopefully we'll have the chance to meet again in the future!
Quintin A knowledgeable Inquisitor. I look forward to speaking to her again in the future.
Raimon An astute Inquisitor
Raziel Dutiful and professional, but then what else would you expect from someone born and raised in the House of Questions? Good qualities. Reminds me of her father.
Reese A quiet hero who doesn't walk around like she is a hero,but is just quietly such. The best kind of hero really.
Reigna An inquisitor and woman of honor. She has a good mind, a good heart and is just the sort of person I'd like to know even better.
Rendyl Some are graceful. Some are clever. Some are strong. I get the sense this woman is of the rare kind that gets to be all three!
Revell Oddly hard to put my finger on. I like to think I'm quick to get a good idea of somebody's character (whether it's right or not is another matter entirely.) but this one? I've heard nothing but good things, and on the surface, she seems approachable enough.
Rhue An Inquisitor with a unique outlook having grown up in the House of Questions. She's smart and insightful, easy to talk to. I'd like to sit and talk with her again some time, hear more of her perspective on life.
Roran A new friend who will one day become an old friend, who just happens to be an inquisitor with a lovely face and smile. She has a difficult job, but she's got big shoulders to carry that weighted responsibility.
Rowenova I first met Inquisitor Faye Ruger in the Shrine of Death. She knows how to talk to grumpy folks (like I was at the time) and make sense of frustrating situations in an amicable way whilst staying calm and also being a good influence. Hopefully, we can meet again when I am less wrecked. I really like her so far!
Rukhnis She seems a more than competent woman, with a commanding way about her. If our endeavour was not so fruitful as we might have hoped, it were surely none of her doing.
Ruslan I'm not sure exactly what an Inquisitor is, but I begin to understand knowing this woman who keeps the King's Law. She is, appropriately, inquisitive and interesting.
Rysen A talented inquisitor with deep knowledge and conviction. I'm glad I have the opportunity to work with her.
Sabella A very interesting Inquisitor who seems to be involved in a number of very interesting, if dusty, things! She was very concerned for the well being of her friends, which speaks to a very good nature and I should like to get to know her more so that we can become best friends! I'm never going to want to help her dust, though.
Sabella Inquisitor Faye was always spoken of quite highly by my cousin, Prine Gareth, so I know that she is quite capable of protecting the Compact from all the threats the Inquisition is often facing. But I also find her quite personable and enjoy the conversations we have when we run into each other--which happens far too rarely!
Samael A new teacher for the Scholars. She seemed intimidating enough so I think she'll make a very scary teacher.
Savio A discerning customer with a lovely sense of humor. I am looking forward to what promises to be an excellent project!
Scipio A lovely Inquisitor who I met over tea recently. She is a good friend of my sister, apparently. But then again, who isn't? Regardless, that is hardly something to hold against her! I enjoyed her company quite a bit, and I would enjoy the time to speak more with her in the future. I am certain there is much to learn of her.
Sophie She's an optimist. I like that. She, like me, wants to see the best in people. She wants to believe in their inherent goodness.
Sorrel A curious woman with some interesting experiences that I should ask more about. Her research interests also seem to coincide with mine, so perhaps we'll have the opportunity to work together in the future or share our findings with one another.
Sparte A conversational Inquisitor, and I didn't even have to be invited for tea. She was surprisingly philosophical, which was a good kind of surprise. I look forward to hearing her viewpoints on more things.
Stygia Doesn't seem too bad. Pretty reasonable for an inquisitor. Not the boogeyman we've come to expect.
Sunaia If you don't trust Faye, who else //dare// you trust?
Tabitha Composed and soft-spoken, very poised. Not in a harsh way, though. She seems very pleasant! I hope I can talk to her again.
Terese I find myself quite liking Inquisitor Faye. I've not spent a lot of time with her, but she seems quite intelligent, and devout of faith. Unlike a certain count whose lack of faith disturbs me.
Tescelina She is marvelous. Wise and filled with secrets. I hope to be fast friends.
Tomwell I trust and respect her via transitive Laric properties, but she's proved herself on both fronts when I've worked alongside her. Would be nice to actually talk one day.
Valarian Despite my initial impressions of members of the Inquisition, I've come to learn that while all are very serious about their work, some go about it with a much more deft touch. Confessor Faye is obviously highly intelligent and devoted to her work, and I appreciated the less strongarm approach - which made me far more open about talking. I'd like to speak with her more, as she seems rather wise.
Valdemar Kinder than I imagined an Inquisitor would be. Still hard in spite of that, as they need to be. No doubt she is an asset to them.
Valenzo Not at all what I was expecting from an Inquisitor...don't rightly know what that was, exactly, but still! Odd one, with a dark sense of humor that I greatly appreciate. Hope we cross paths more often!
Valerius A lovely lady, even though she does not hold the title of lady. I would happily allow them to fill my dance card at any moment.
Vega My first Inquisitor meeting. While I am certain that she could terrify if need be, the idea that they are all running around in red cloaks and snickering like bad villains is pure myth. I look forward to speaking with her more.
Venturo Intriguing! It really is a /good/ word. An engaging sort, an inquisitor who loves a puzzle, and whom hopefully won't have to torture me, though if she does? I bet she'd make it interesting.
Verity She's scary without resorting to direct violence or it's threat. Which, honestly, makes her scarier. Laric chose well in keeping this one around.
Veronica A fellow Inquisitor whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting until this mission to Thracia. I see hints of myself in her personality! Hopefully we will work together in more cases in the future.
Veronica It's always good to see Faye again. She has been a constant presence in the Inquisition throughout my time here, and I know I can trust and rely on her when it counts.
Vulpiano The daughter of a great man is often also great. Her interests align with my own, but the question is... will her methods?
Wash Was that a joke, or did she threaten to sic my cousin Laric on me? Cousin Laric doesn't need an excuse to make my life miserable.
Wren At turns both light and dark, this inquisitor was an unexpected and intriguing house guest. Maybe there will be more to see.
Zara She doesn't seem to have fallen far from her father's tree: she seems as clever and as dedicated in her service, with an eye toward expanding her social circle that can only help her.
Zoey polite and mindful of station. likely happier on an adventure than in her office.