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Written By Larissa

Sept. 6, 2016, 4:53 p.m.(7/3/1004 AR)

Often I feel like a Whispers Journal should be filled with lurid stories of glittering parties, clever anecdotes and scathing rumors and gossip. So I must beg forgiveness for those who look back upon my memoirs and find them dull. To be sure I live the life of dreams and I spend my every waking moment basking in the delight of one royal or another or some noble from such and such and they buy me pretty things and appoint me favors and secrets and little gossips that I thrive on... It's just that when I find myself in a reflective mood, so much of that glitter has been worn away and lost it's appeal.
That isn't to say that things of note don't happen for they do... ohhhhh they do. For instance I met the most curious creature I think I've ever known. Let us call him the Lord of the Boroughs and leave his name out of this. It isn't often that I am taken by surprise but when I am it is often met by unfailing admiration. The grammar that met me in the missive was wretched, the words broken and hard to read. Clearly a man of minimal learning, gruff and rough around the edges, I had expected something basic.. perhaps even nefarious... I had prepared myself to be insulted, disapointed and had a messenger waiting outside to run to the Inquisitor at any moment but instead I found that I was challenged, intruiged and humbled. I learned many lessons that day - more than simply not to judge a book by it's cover. Sometimes appearances are meant to be decieiving ...

Written By Prospero

Sept. 6, 2016, 2:36 p.m.(7/3/1004 AR)

I had a most wonderful picnic today with Juliet and Princess Jaenelle. It was a shame that Lord Eos has to run off early. But at least I have arranged for his Thorn to be crafted.

Written By Anastasio

Sept. 6, 2016, 2:29 p.m.(7/3/1004 AR)

It has been an interesting week and I find that I'm being called to more and more places for various matters. While each has been interesting in its own way, it is the request to attend the conference on the King's current state that intrigues me the most. Maladies of the mind are so often misunderstood, and those of the soul so frequently forgotten in the current day. It will be difficult to determine which is the cause of His Majesty's catatonia without more direct access than we will be given, but it will be good to consult with the leading physickers of the realm.

Written By Acacia

Sept. 6, 2016, 2:04 p.m.(7/3/1004 AR)

I fell in love with a sword yesterday. A metal one, not an appointed one. It was in Mistress Ida's shop and it was absolutely gorgeous. I'm not much of an impulse buyer, even if I have a soft spot for pointy, deadly things-- but I had to have this one.

After spending far more time than I'd like to admit staring at it, this morning I awoke to the beyond pleasant surprise of a matching, elegant dagger to pair. It's perfect. And it comes with excellent timing, since I technically have a wager to win at some point in the future.

These days Mistress Ida hardly needs me to speak well of her craftsmanship and character. Her weapons have rightly become famed and can be seen adorning some of the most esteemed people in Arx. But those who haven't sought her out for employment yet, or really just to enjoy her company, are truly missing out. Though, on the selfish side, it's hard for me to complain. It leaves her more time for me and well... ducks.

Written By Ida

Sept. 6, 2016, 9:13 a.m.(7/2/1004 AR)

Had I been drinking, I would wave this off as my mind making more of things due to alcohol. Alas, I had not been drinking, though it seems I've a fine talent for inebriating those around me. Perhaps I should not share my shop whiskey as often as I do, but...well. I will reflect on that another time.

What started as some wonderful visits and conversations with dear friends, old and new, in the shop, ended with some drunkenness - one my fault, the other? I've no idea - a duck, and my own personal crisis regarding having surely offended the gods in some way.

Written By Ida

Sept. 6, 2016, 8:51 a.m.(7/2/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Laric

Prince Inquisitor Laric Grayson, who I had fashioned a rapier for, visited the shop recently. He was in poor shape, still nursing some injuries sustained in the melee. If I were a bolder woman, I would have scolded him to no end. My history with Grayson Inquisitors has not always been the best, but I found our first meeting to be markedly different than my first with Prince Gareth. Again, I find myself wondering if I am naive and believe everyone is honorable and true, and yet again hope I'm not a fool for it. He seems genuine, intent on doing his duties for House Grayson and the Inquisition as well as grateful for my skills fashioning his blade. I, in turn, am grateful for the fine apple brandy he delivered along with his kind words.

Written By Laric

Sept. 6, 2016, 6:09 a.m.(7/2/1004 AR)

Upon returning to the Grayson estate, my handful of attendants and caretakers were wroth with me for skipping out for an entire day. It seems they were more vexed that I managed to elude them and left them unknowing for the better part of a couple of hours. By the time they realized I'd stolen away, and not even on horseback or with my cane, I was long away past the city center enjoying the company of a fine gaggle of ladies and most certainly no one else. I do live a charmed life to be fawned after by the jewels of Arx, and I suppose I cannot help but bask in it. Selfsame purpose I came to thank Ida for her fine steelwork with apple brandy from the hinterlands, and I had the fine opportunity to make the acquaintance of both Acacia Culler and Joscelin Arterius. Beautiful women all. And certainly no one else.

Later in the evening I stopped in to pay a visit on the Velenosan grounds to Princess Isolde Velenosa who I must say cuts a fine figure and functions as a skilled apothecary besides. I have been informed by numerous members of my own holdings that the Velenosans are sly and clever to a fault, but, I cannot help but feel a certain kinship with this woman. Perhaps her mind races at the same lope mine does. Should I stand intimidated? Perhaps. In the halls of their estate, she demonstrates the famed regency the Velenosa are known for.

But my poor staff. How they wrung their hands. I would like to say I am agrieved but I had a good time today and I intend to have as many good times as my privilege allows. So to you, splint-setters, my sheet-changers, and my blessed dressing-makers, I must apologize. Being bed-ridden does not suit me.

Written By Laric

Sept. 6, 2016, 5:23 a.m.(7/2/1004 AR)

I only caught the tail-end of the Grayson gathering and I am afraid that I only had pithy nothings to contribute besides by unflinching support for Lady Dawn. Still, I suppose it was better to attend instead of sweating in bed the whole night.

Written By Laric

Sept. 6, 2016, 5:19 a.m.(7/2/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Isolde

I am sure I am not the first to remark that the entertaining Princess Isolde is certainly able to throw one off-kilter with tremendous social strength. Mores mean nothing to her. But she has been kind and gracious, so before I say more that might appear untoward, allow me to say that I owe her some part of my good health and I find her great company that I would love to share on as many occasions as I can find it.

Written By Laric

Sept. 6, 2016, 5:05 a.m.(7/2/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Acacia

Acacia Culler is a fine friend of Ida's and therefore, I count her among mine. More than that though, she did charm me. I don't know if I will see much more of her going forward, but I certainly hope to.

Written By Laric

Sept. 6, 2016, 5:01 a.m.(7/2/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Joscelin

I am afraid I cannot grasp how she was wounded, but it appears that she has an infatuation with my cousin, Prince Gareth. I fear that the image she has of him does not square with my perception of reality, but it may be that in this instance my sight is flawed.

For those who may read that as some sort of indictment of my cousin, beware that you do not wag your tongues. It is not.

As for Joscelin, though, she seems to be good friends with both Ida and Acacia, and in my estimation this makes her quality folk, even if I fear that she may herself come off as rather flighty.

Written By Laric

Sept. 6, 2016, 4:58 a.m.(7/2/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Ida

Ida Ferron played host to me as I snuck out of the Grayson holdings to thank her in person with a little gift from the stocks I brought in upon my arrival. She was very gracious to do so, and in point of fact she strikes me as the type who long suffers those sorts of intrusions. I believe I have praised her until her ears bled of the sound, but I do mean every word. I'm very fond of this rapier. I believe I will name it Sentinel. She has quite a lot of friends, doesn't she?

Written By Joscelin

Sept. 5, 2016, 10:08 p.m.(7/1/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Laric

An odd yet intent fellow.

Written By Dawn

Sept. 5, 2016, 9:59 p.m.(7/1/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Silas

Sir Silas Mercier is a man who wears many hats. He is enlisted in the Iron Guard where he serves with distinction, he keeps a woodworking shop with very talented apprentices, and he has consistently performed his duties in such a way as to rival the trueborn and highborn that he must interact with on a frequent basis. For any man, this would be an impressive resume. For so young a man, one must marvel at the blessings the gods have bestowed upon him and wonder what the future holds. Grayson is fortunate to claim him as one of ours.

Written By Brianna

Sept. 5, 2016, 9:34 p.m.(7/1/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Fergus

I sat down and had a drink with Fergus. Charming man, isn't he? Quite a lot to be proud of in Fergus Redrain, even if he and father don't get along.

He told me an amusing story about Larissa Whisper, how she got offended when he complimented her body and started to bash the Northlands. You'd think a woman keen on learning how to seduce northern men would understand that "bend over a bed" is good.

Much better than clinging to a northerner. They aren't the best clingers, but they do know how to work a bed.

I like him. I think I'll be keeping Fergus in my retinue of friends.

Written By Acacia

Sept. 5, 2016, 7:58 p.m.(7/1/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Laric

I don't really believe Inquisitors are supposed to be charming. It doesn't fit that fearsome hooded stereotype that has people shrinking before their presence or what have you. Prince Laric proves to be the exception. Oh, I have no doubt he's probably more than capable at his job -- the more terrifying side that is. But he fits the role of Prince just as adeptly, which makes him terribly interesting company.

I first noticed him at the tournament, really, fighting among the others despite his team being slightly outnumbered and doing a rather impressive showing of it. He has some rather fascinating hobbies that certainly warrant notice.

Written By Eos

Sept. 5, 2016, 7:51 p.m.(7/1/1004 AR)

The theme of this past week, since last we spoke, has been something of a study in the pendulous nature of the world. One day holds festivities and laughter, ridiculous wager and friendly acquaintances, while the next might hold unexpected threats and bloodshed. Many have documented the festival, and I am late in visiting with you, so I will leave it to the voices of others to carry that into history - it has nothing at all to do with the dignity wagered and now owed in song, which Mistress Larissa has blessedly assured she will help me pen. History would do well to forget that.

Later in the week, Lord Prospero asked me to accompany him and Princess Jaenelle to look for some manner of evidence to exonerate a client of his of violence in the commoners' cemetery, and by some ill fortune we did stumble upon it in the form of an thoroughly mad homeless brute. Or one might assume he was homeless, for how dirty he was, gristled and wearing little that was not threadbare, absent even shoes on his feet. I was too late hearing the sling to prevent Lord Prospero from being struck, and my attempts to subdue the man for proper trial were not successful. He had no mind to stand down, even after taking his fingers so he could no longer hold his make-shift club. Uncertain of the nature of the attack at the time, whether there might be others to guard my wards from, I chose to end the man rather than risk either being hurt further.

I wish that I had known his name, to have it remembered here in these archives as I am certain none will mourn or notice his absence from the world, but this will have to do. Even the lowest of men deserve something of memory for their deaths.

Written By Isolde

Sept. 5, 2016, 7:28 p.m.(7/1/1004 AR)

By the Thirteenth, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I am going to lay this city low one of these days in a fit of pique. I do -not understand how some people can be so damnably WONDERFUL.- Argh. Yes. I am chronicalling ARGH for all to see, for all time. Vellichor help me. ARGH.

Written By Fergus

Sept. 5, 2016, 4:53 p.m.(6/28/1004 AR)

Freja may be a royal pain in my ass most of the time, but dammit if she doesn't give good advice once in a while. I really should listen to my sister more often. When I do begin listening to her, it might make my life a bit easier. If she reads this, for whatever reason, this is all just a crock, and I don't actually think this way.

Written By Fergus

Sept. 5, 2016, 4:48 p.m.(6/28/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Darren

It has been a while since I've seen Darren, but he is a good enough guy still. Some cannot look past the fact I was not here when their uncle/father/friend was killed when Sherrod was with the King. If Darren is one such, he at least doesn't make it common knowledge he holds bad feelings towards me. I'll have to take him for some drinks and find out what his plans are while here in the city.

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