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Acacia Culler

The lower you're born, the more resourceful you have to be to survive. And I was born pretty much at the very bottom.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Saucy Seafarer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 07/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: average height
Hair Color: bright red
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: tanned

Description: Boisterous and beautiful, Acacia carries a sense of adventure with her, with only a grin and a laugh. Hair like a seaside sunset falls in thick curls about her, practically pulled back when necessary, but flowing freely whenever possible. Large brown eyes take in the world around her and sparkle with saucy mirth, reflecting the myriad of emotions. It's hard to decide whether her smiles or scowls are more ferocious, but each has their definite appeal. Athletic, with a lovely face and generous curves, but her primary allure comes from the way she swaggers, sultry and confident. She can command a room, with her big voice and presence and few find themselves disappointed when she turns their attention on them.

Personality: Acacia embodies all that the sea can bring. The majesty of the vast waters, the treacherous weather, the unsurpassed beauty. She loves the poetry of how well she fits with that, and uses that to her advantage, whether it is fighting off pirates, negotiating business, or drawing people in to hear her tales of adventure. She loves the freedom her chosen life offers her, and loves that even nobles seek her out to procure something or other. She's quick with a knife and quicker with her tongue and has no shame in tearing someone down that deserves it. Prone to act before completely contemplating the consequences, Acacia has a remarkable ability to turn any situation around to suit her.

Background: To be a member of the Culler family makes things easier in the Lower Boroughs as you grow up, but there's an enormous difference from 'easier' to 'easy'. Acacia has been a fighter all her life, getting into scrapes and petty crimes all through her youth at the behest of the family and watching in dismay as fortunes finally turned against her parents. After the deaths of her father and mother, she left the city of Arx to put as much distance between her and that crime ridden cesspool of the Lower Boroughs as she could. Becoming a sailor wasn't an easy life, and the shipping routes between Arx and the Lyceum were extremely dangerous, but compared to trying to survive in the Lower Boroughs it was downright relaxing. After time at sea learning to be a competent sailor, she's returned to Arx and reconnected with her family, and the Culler family has profited immensely from it. Since her return, Acacia has been cultivating the reputation as being the woman to talk to for the odd, hard to find (and sometimes prohibited) goods, seeming to always know exactly how to get those most elusive items. Life in the Lower Boroughs hasn't gotten any safer for her since she returned, but she's a spirited young woman that is determined not only to survive, but to thrive.

Relationship Summary

  • Everard - Decisive Iron Guard Lord Commander

  • Acquaintance:
  • Dorian - Amusing Rogue Champion
  • Arianwen - Mistress of the Murder
  • Issac - Near-Trusted Associate
  • Viviana - Dangerous and Stylish Sword
  • Mirari - Surprisingly Thoughtful Courtesan
  • Dagon - The Epitome of Princely Formality
  • Alis - Honorable Princess-Knight
  • Alrec - Impressive Setarco Admiral
  • Tyrene - Dual-Borough Mother-Hen
  • Margot - Pearl-Adorned Lady of the Mourning Isles
  • Ferrando - Sharp and Capable Guard
  • Gareth - Sober Prince Inquisitor
  • Malavaunt - Peculiar Master Tanner
  • Alarie - Friendly Thraxian Seamstress
  • Evaine - Cultured and Ambitious Starlet
  • Aurelian - Cordial Scholarly Prince
  • Alistair - Somewhat-Inscrutable Inquisitor
  • Denon - Artful Courtier
  • Jacinthe - Skillful and Insightful Courtesan
  • Gustave - Towering Blackram Marquis
  • Rohkir - Pragmatic Frank Prince
  • Jessamine - Sunshine Incarnate
  • Enzo - Artistic Jayus-Touched Jeweler
  • Larissa - Seasoned Courtesan
  • Aurora - Personable Clothing Savant
  • Anastasio - Adventure-Seeking Apothecary
  • Selene - Stunning Radiant Whisper
  • Laric - Perilously Winsome Inquisitor
  • Harlan - Genteel Star-Searching Lord
  • Ianthe - Mischief-Inclined Best-Friend-Of-Another
  • Fortunato - Sublimely Dark Grayhope Artist
  • Jarek - Champion of Trellises
  • Garza - Golden-Silenced Mercenary
  • Jeremiah - Passionate Commoner Council Member
  • Aureth - Thoroughly-Involved Grayhope
  • Eleyna - Verbally-Accomplished Princess
  • Donella - Capable Strong-Willed Princess
  • Sylvie - Delightful Sharp-Witted Princess
  • Rook - Articulate Detail-Oriented Gull
  • Harmon - Fact-Collector Mr. Pockets
  • Luca - Fire-Drinking Prince Champion
  • Deva - Perfectly Adventurous Princess
  • Moira - Controlled Grayhope Leader
  • Magpie - Story-Tweeting Birdie
  • Darren - Diplomatic Flora-Expert High Lord
  • Calaudrin - Archer-Adept Guard Officer Refills
  • Magpie - Knife-Losing Sailing Birdie

  • Patron:
  • Niccolo - Impersonal ArchDuke Friend

  • Family:
  • Gibson - Estranged Witty Not-Cousin
  • Ravna - Potentially Crazy Not-Cousin
  • Torian - Hardened Peace-Keeping Not-Uncle
  • Mae - Ever-Loved Wily-Fingered Not-Cousin
  • Orathy - Heavy-Handed, Quick-Tongued Trouble
  • Rencio - Ruthless Culler-Boss Father (RIP)

  • Rival:
  • Talen - Infuriatingly Fascinating Sword
  • Watt - Resourceful Ulbran Charmer

  • Sibling:
  • Calandra - Beautiful Dear Sister

  • Ally:
  • Freja - Refreshing Redrain Princess
  • Isolde - Entracing Mirrormask Princess
  • Esera - Resplendent Grand Duchess
  • Dawn - Inspirational Grayson (Lady) Princess

  • Friend:
  • Cain - Borough-Bred Charmer
  • Marcas - Rough-Edged Captain
  • Audric - Entertaining 'Captain General'
  • Fergus - Unlikely Princely Conversationalist
  • Silas - Charming Iron Guard
  • Ida - Amiable Master Smith
  • Joscelin - Bright-Eyed Enthusiastic Jeweler
  • Benjamin - Wary Tune-Whistling Specialist
  • Hammar - Intimidatingly-Sized Borough Basher
  • Chanse - Irritable Ex-Murder Owner
  • Franco - Fearless Roguish Lord
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir One of the first people of Arx I crossed paths with, who offered help in finding my footing in uncharted waters, so to speak. Breezy and jovial, as well as easily approachable, the redhead possesses considerable charm for one of the common folk.
    Aethan I still think it was her.
    Ainsley A charming woman I bumped into at Calista's party.
    Alaric The Boroughs certainly don't seem to lack for charming rogues, now do they?
    Alban Trouble? Maybe. Maybe not. We shall have to see. Certainly worth watching to begin with.
    Alexio Gorgeous and elusive in speech and manner. The mysterious lady you know begets danger; and, yet you innevitably still want to approach.
    Alexis Acacia Culler, Mirrorguard and defender of the former Archduke. She's... Not what I expected. But I think I like her. Also, I think Culler is more of a Crownlands name than a Lycene one?
    Alina She is very coarse mouthed. But Admiral Wash Kennex seems to think highly of her opinion. Is this a game?
    Alrec Itsy bitsy little spider climbed up the waterspout, down came the rain and washed the spider out.
    Amarantha A commoner with swagger. I think she'll be fun.
    Amund Friendly and generous. Good person to know.
    Anisha The illustrious and enigmatic Captain Acacia has a delightful sense of humour and makes for interesting conversation. May she ever be merciful and forgiving of foolish trespass.
    Apollis Trouble with a beautiful smile. She seems playful and fun.
    Apollo Speaks her mind, even if she hasn't got all the facts straight.
    Arman A Culler and a Captain. I am imagine that makes her a Pirate of some sort. Nevertheless she possesses charm and sensibility that some of the peerage might do well to emulate.
    Athaur A sailor, brash and unafraid. There is much to admire about her.
    Austen A lurker. Her questions pulled answers out of me I have offered to no one but her. Mysterious, intriguing. I truly hope our paths cross again.
    Bethany A serious woman with serious hair. I enjoy seeing people who deeply care for the state of what goes on about them and not live in indifference.
    Brady One of the sharpest dressers he's seen, and friendly to boot. With what he's learned she's successful and smart, what's not to like?
    Calandra Sister. Blood is thicker than anything and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her.
    Caspian She is a rather charming and seductive lady who is a absolute joy to have drinks with at 100 Cities Inn
    Cassiopeia Acacia has a rare charisma. She is interesting and clever. There is thoughtfulness to her words, yet they are quick and direct.
    Cerys I'd bet the hidden weapon isn't a blade at all.
    Christine She seems like a fun kid. And she knows how to drink!
    Cirroch strong willed, fierce, this one will be a fun match. We'll either kill each other or end up best friends.
    Claude Intimidating. Daunting. I think she thought I was a farmer.
    Corrigan Drinks like a fish, apparently.
    Cristoph A lovely young woman that I met Calista's party. It's nice to have someone to banter with at these giant massive social engagements. I'll keep her name jotted down for when I publish my masterpiece on bee puns. Maybe put it down in the forward or dedication page!
    Cullen Apparently from the lowers, but I've met a couple people from there that have been a delight. Beautiful, witty, charming - and fond of heights! Definitely someone to adventure and drink with, and climb into high places. Hopefully not fall out of said high places.
    Cullen One of those chance run-ins where someone is revealed to be so much both inside and out, the twin pairing of beauty and depth. I look forward to knowing her better, a most worthy person to do so. Plus, an air of mystique that keeps one guessing...
    Delilah She's easily the type of person to give a party a second wind. Just as things were dying down, we had the most charming woman, Acacia, slip in and offer us stories and some more drinks.
    Domonico Those who are found at the docks at night usually have an agenda of sorts. What agenda this smirking, leather clad woman who appreciates pretty ships has though? That is the question. Do I want to find out?
    Donaldo Seems like the rugged type. Not sure which family she was with, but she was not immune to getting choked up at Cousin Isolde's wedding. Can not blame her, everybody loves a wedding!
    Drake Now, I think I'm going to get along well with her.... She seems to have a sense of adventure, and she's a flatterer as well. I'd love to see how she handles a weapon.
    Duarte I've finally met the woman I've never met. And I sense I've still yet to meet her at all.
    Echo Acacia is such a cheery, fun-loving, beautiful woman, I can't help but be curious of all the exciting things she may have gotten herself into. She's also the woman I can count on if I need a drink and a buddy to go along with it.
    Ectorion Loud. In voice, in personality, in presence. Not really sure who she is, considering the one word introduction, but she seems well liked.
    Eleanor Mae's cousin, good at darts, nice to Sally, pretty smile. Many reasons to like her! Must try and find her when I haven't just been covered in mint alcohol spit by the Prince of Maelstrom.
    Elizabetha She is so gorgeous and striking, from her smile to her edge and grace of tongue! Her repose speaks to a quiet majesty.
    Emily I like her. A lot. I am not sure what else to say of the Mistress as everyone should have a chance to meet her for themselves. Just find the right questions to ask.
    Emily I think we have met before but now I am going to get to see her in action. It will be an adventure and I am sure she is not one to shy from such things. Ever.
    Eshken A friendly, if not distant sort. She seems to carry a certain confidence about her, as if assured of each of her actions. I aspire to one day reflect this, if even only a bit.
    Eshra Captain Culler, Look before stepping in, listen more than talk. I can respect that.
    Esme She walks with so much confidence and knows how to work a room. Surely, we are to be friends
    Evaristo Impresed me with her outlook on things - I feel we would get along famously if we worked together. Maybe that will happen?
    Fairen An intelligent, interesting young woman with a love for dragons and stories, it seems. Highly attractive and certainly unique.
    Faruq A Captain! She just became much more intriguing and worth knowing. Beautiful, of course. Dangerous, of course. I like her gall and gumption but she is a Culler so that is expected.
    Faye A curious woman, friendly and focused. Perhaps we'll have the chance to talk more soon.
    Gael Another one of the Cullers, only that you wouldn't be able to tell by association with all she has going on -- a veritable badass, judging by all that I've heard. There's something about the way she stares at you, especially when the topic at hand is angering or scathing to some degree, that truly disturbs. In a good way. I wonder how long it'll take before reason's found for her to smack me over the head.
    Galatea She seems like something of a spitfire, this one. Not at all likely to run from trouble, and quite possibly predisposed to run headlong into it it. At least her knuckles aren't being aimed in my direction!
    Gareth A charming voice of the Lowers it seems. A red haired leather clad vixen I'm sure. A real lady of the people, kind and charming in all her ways. Beautiful and ameable. If you are into that sort of thing. I could do without it.
    Gerrick Thank you for the compliment Captain. Many see otherwise.
    Giada Quick witted, sensible, and a steel spine.
    Gilroy Is anything as hard as making it look easy?
    Grady Woman of Mystery. Enigmatic Lady. Maiden of Mystique. Unambiguously a person.
    Haakon The Red Culler. Drinks strong, fills out her leathers well, a cuts a fair throat.
    Harald Sivard would have liked her.
    Harlex A feline who can catch attention in the reap of claws, lick the blood from the ends, and make you feel a fool not to ask for another.
    Holden A vibrant and pleasant woman. Daisy certainly approves.
    Isolde Enticing and dangerous, like walking on a knife's edge. I adore her. Who else can knock back glasses of Lenosia red and gossip quite like Acacia?
    Itzal Land-bound, poor Acacia has met a terrible fate. I shall endevour to fill her stay with song, merriment, and other such things until sea calls her away once more. Taking bets over how long that is!
    Jeffeth Lovely Acacia, as beautiful as ever. Some things don't change. She can still get me just as tongue tied as she could when we were little. It does my heart good to have her in my life again. Hopefully it doesn't hurt my liver too much.
    Joscelin A warm, vivacious woman who's smarter than anyone would give her credit for. Shrewd without being unkind, clever, with a piercing gaze and a warm smile just on the edge of being impish. A friend from the start, when we met years ago when I first campaigned to be Guildmaster for the Crafters.
    Kastelon That stunning hair suits entirely - it's clear that fire burns within her, a beacon to those worthy of friendship and care. And anyone fool enough to tempt fate with her would deserve to be burned.
    Korka A Culler that is very keen on how her family is perceived. Or at least commented on in public. Seems to have a fondness for skulls.
    Liara She's quick and somewhat forthright, and easy to talk to, with a ready smile. I look forward to chatting with her again.
    Lorenzo A sailor with many tales of her extensive travels. Good company to share a drink with, and I'd enjoy speaking with her again.
    Lucita Fiesty redhead with a sense of humor my sister would love. Supportive and has ideas that coincide with those of some of my friends.
    Lydia Dark and mysterious, but if my cousin and uncle feel she's a worthy drinking buddy, than that's good enough and it won't be long before I learn more about her.
    Lys We've been passing like ships in the night for a long time. Always going while the other is coming. But when we finally sat down to talk-- she's got a keen mind and a cleverness to her.
    Mabelle I. Want. Her. Hair. But I can never pull off that red.
    Madeleine A lovely woman with a calm demeanor. She is a captain at that and one I very much look forward to crossing paths with again.
    Magpie Magpie has always liked Acacia but he didn't realize how much he missed her while she was away on her long trips. Now that she's back he'll have to watch out for her and Mae putting their heads together too much.
    Malesh A commoner woman. Met her on the first day of riots and fires after the whirlpool. She was as lost as I was as to what is going on, and there's so much rumor, how can anyone know the truth really?
    Margerie 1) Love the hair! 2) She brings whiskey to the party! 3) These are good first impressions!
    Martino A very witty and beautiful rapscallion of a woman. It shall be a pelasure to sit and chat with her more often in any bar or tavern she wishes to drink at.
    Martino Rumoured to be trouble but - as of yet - I have not seen it. Either I am becoming less perceptive or, the coy redhair has yet to display that to me
    Mattheu She has a calculating look upon her, one that has seen more than her fair share of trouble. Though is also easy on the eyes. Will need to be careful around this one. She could also easily know how to follow the guidance which the winds push us.
    Merek I think she seems like a fun-loving woman who is social with many other people. Met her at the party which Duchess Calista was hosting, which was fun.
    Mikani A woman of adventure. Seems to be cut from the same cloth as me.
    Miles Intense, loyal, caring about her people. There are worse choices a person could make. And still, these are all the mark of a worthy companion.
    Miraj She doesn't need to touch her hair at all. Also I don't know who else can pull off so much black leather. I've never met them. They probably don't exist.
    Miranda Mischievous sense of humor, this one. I think she'd be as entertained by a barroom brawl as I might be to get in one.
    Mirari It's always good to run into an old friend, especially one as vibrant as Acacia. I'm going to make it a point to seek her out, if nothing else, so that we can get into trouble together.
    Mirk A woman with a way of turning the conversation away from herself and focusing on others. She's curious about people. Perhaps too curious.
    Monique Beautiful, bright, enigma. Sometimes engaging, sometimes reserved. The woman is a plethora of mystery.
    Nierzen A Culler. Possibly worth climbing to the top of, but the odds aren't good.
    Nina She knows a lot about sailing and sins! And I'm sure, the trouble sailors and sinners can get up to.
    Orathy Reckon she keeps me in line and ain't scared to rib me, aye. Reckon she be family 'n I be lookin out fer her, long as I be able.
    Orland There's some you just don't mesh well with.
    Petal She noticed us and seems very alert people of all sorts in a way that many are not.
    Raimon The smoldering flame of the Sea, then? So her smoky voice proclaims, it would seem . . .
    Raja A Culler through and through. She is good with a boat. She is good with a knife. She will kick your ass if you deserve it and you will thank her for it.
    Ras I'd heard of her and seen her around long before being properly introduced. She's kinder than I expected, in person.
    Raymesin High-up Culler. Interesting woman, and seems to find me interesting too. This is going to be, well, interesting.
    Reese She has lots of energy and seems like fun. Glad she is back in town.
    Revell I never thought I'd see someone go toe to toe with Rowenova in a drinking competition, yet here we are. Congratulations on your win! I don't know what your insides are made off of, but when you die, someone should make a set of armour out of it.
    Rinel A curious woman. She wears the clothes of a noble and dislikes it being noted.
    Ripley But I wanted that alcohol...
    Rukhnis She is better than I thought at first. I am sure there must be far more to her than she shows a perfect stranger.
    Samael A friendly and beautiful, curvy redhead from the lowers. What's not to love? I met her while a little drunk but she's newly returned home and she thinks I'm alright. I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Samira A fellow Culler, she exudes the sort of effortless confidence that I wish I had. One to watch and learn from.
    Sasha A pleasant woman from the Culler family. I wonder what her talent is.
    Seymour Easy on the eyes, easy conversation. So was my ex-wife, so not jumping to conclusions.
    Sigurd A burning vibrant woman, far from a wilting violet and liable to be just as capable as I in combat, and more so in other things. A good example of why knighting Commoners is such a valued practice. One must keep an eye on this one.
    Sparte Very friendly! I mean, the sort of friendly I usually see from people who want something. But she didn't ask for anything? Yet, anyway.
    Talwyn Woman of edges and curves. The daggers. She said. But, come on. That corset isn't fooling anyone.
    Tescelina Oh, how much of a silly girl I acted. But who could not fluster under such a -- burning presence. Breathtaking.
    Thea Well--Sometimes you hear the stories, then you meet the story. That is such with Acacia Culler. The stories do her no justice. None! She is watchful when she thinks you're not paying attention. Or she's making sure you are. Which is just as dangerous. Noble or not, I'd drink and sail with this woman or have a sit down conversation with her at any time.
    Theo She's a flirty one. Sea captain by day, heartbreaker by night. Hopefully she's not too cruel to Prince Redrain; he seems so very innocent.
    Theodoric Combative, determined, just a little scary in all the right ways.
    Thorvald She seems to be a kind if somewhat reserved woman, and friendly. Perhaps not as reserved as I thought her at first either. She seems to be friends with the mercenary and to share connections with these familiar souls of House Halfshav, so perhaps we'll get the chance to work together and get to know one another better in the future.
    Torian She's home again and we're happy for it. Interesting to see for how long she stays this time.
    Turo Easy on the eyes. Likes to sail. I can work with that.
    Tynan One pretty redhead, even if it's one with few words. I'll have to see if I can drag more out of her some other time.
    Valery She seems nice. Valery met her at the Grotto and they talked a bit about the garden. She seems interested in it. And she's friends with Joscelin.
    Vayne Even though our conversation ended abruptly, she seemed to be a woman with great passion and verve. I hope we speak again, and this time at greater length
    Venturo A body far too tiny to fit the personality that bursts from inside of her, spirited and prepared to burn any whom might be a touch too foolhardy. A perfect combination.
    Vercyn Mysterious. This one reminds me of a similarly mysterious princess....
    Wagner Always struttin' like she's reigning Queen of whatever room she happens to be in. At least she shares the good whiskey with us lowly, unworthy plebs.
    Wash I approached her about sailing as a favor, but I feel like I got the better end of that deal.
    Willow Sprightly and vicious. She could be a northerner with the red hair and the arm on her.
    Zalika A wonderful companion to chat and drink with.
    Zoey Guarded, but warms up easily enough once she decides you're worth warming up to.