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Iron Guard Medal Ceremony

    The Lord Commander is holding a small ceremony at the Traders Tavern to award medals to his guardsmen and allies of the Iron Guard for their valor during the siege. A fancy dinner and socializing will come afterward. Friends of the Guard and those who are simply curious are welcome to attend.


May 28, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Michael Silas Calypso Charlaine Reese Mae Ywaine Nebulosa Serafine(RIP) Killian(RIP) Ainsley Merek Esoka Calaudrin Sparte Malena Tikva Felicia Harper Estaban(RIP) Aiden Thena Jyri Kenna Arianna


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern

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Comments and Log


The ceremony was an eventful and wonderful one. I am happy that so many were recognized for their actions during the siege. I only hope we can continue on for those that came before us, and those that will come after. I received the Medal of the Star. It's metal, so I like it a lot. I will probably place it up though as a trophy rather than wear it all around. Reminds me I need to buy more books.

Aiden looks up from where he had started to swirl his drink in absent minded restlessness, gray eyes flicking toward the ashen haired Lady before him. For a time he seems to struggle to find a word to mark his tongue, before he goes, "Ahh," as expressive as that was, his hand reached down to tug at his tunic as he glanced at the attire, offering quietly, "These... thank you." He exhales a breath, looking toward the gathering Iron Guardsmen, "There are many in the Iron Guard I'd consider friend and more than half of them quite respectable. I'm here to help honor the heroes of the siege, as I was for Valadrin's medal ceremony." He stands to help pull out a chair for Arianna, "Here, join me, Lady." He stills and then offers as if an aside, nearly forgetful to do so, "You look very nice yourself, Lady Arianna. Is that seasilk?"

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Esoka makes her way to the bar and finds a stool. "Hello," she says simply to Calaudrin. Flashing him a big, toothy smile. She is armed, for her part, as Arianna's counting. Her longsword may as well be attached to her hip. Though her clothing is just leather and a blouse tonight rather than armor. She smile transfers, brightly, to Tikva's puppy. "I told the Marquessa I'd take one as well," she admits. "I could use a new hunting hound." She tries to make it sound practical, but her eyes are all of glee as she watches the little dog.

    Merek had decided to come in his best, and as such he has on black and golden silks beneath the cloak which is wrapped around him. His arm is around his sister Malena in a companionable brotherly fashion, and he smiles to her, "You can find a seat and I'll have some wine sent to you. I'm going to get ready," he states, after he moves both his hands, then to his rose gold cloak chain to adjust it. He moves off to find a place to wait around.

    The tavern itself is packed. Soldiers and merchants seem to be the primary clientele at the moment. The bartender is buried in orders, but still manages to welcome you with a short wave. Iron Guardsmen are directed to one of the smaller tables in the tavern. (#4) The other tables are occupied by people who seem to be close with the owner, though they happily welcome others among their midst. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, but nobody seems to mind more company.

    Items on the menu for the evening seem to be roast duck, stuffed mushrooms, roast beef with cranberry sauce, smoked trout, and cheese rolls. A variety of wines, whiskeys, and ale are being served at the bar -- all of fine quality and at reasonable prices.

    The Lord Commander, and presumably the presenter of the medal ceremony, emerges from the Back Room. He is dressed in something other than his rubicund armor for once! A crisp crimson tunic and stately black trousers. He turns and offers a broad smile to the Iron Guardsmen gathered, and their presumed celebrants. On a smaller table positioned nearby is a stack of opened wooden boxes, revealing gleaming medals inside. Silas stands nearby.    "Thank you, everybody. Please be seated. On behalf of the Iron Guard and myself, welcome to the Traders Tavern and the Iron Guard Medal Ceremony for the Siege of 1006 AR." (Gonna wait five more minutes for people to show up!)

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Malena gives a nod to her brother and then looks around to find a place to sit while she waits for the ceremony to begin. She has a sweet smile on her face, a kind smile as she makes her way to the bar. It seems to be the easiest place to sit so she takes a seat and then turns around to watch everyone that's in the bar.

Charlaine offers Aiden a wave and she moves to greet him and Lady Stonewood, she gives a little nod of her head to the Lady and she smiles sweetly to the pair. She quiets however when the room is greeted and she smiles to Silas her eyes turning to him.

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Calaudrin receives his drink of something and leans against the bar, knocking it back while he watches various people pile into the tavern. "I didn't realize this was going to be so popular." He mutters to himself before he hears the sound of a familiar voice calling his name. Twisting around he catches sight of Tikva and lifts his hand, then spots Esoka near her. At which point he'll casually shift away from where he was and move towards them. "Ladies, hello. I..." Silas comes out and he smiles crookedly. "Should go sit with my men." He'll trace his fingers over Esoka's shoulder before he heads that way.

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Tikva is also armed, the bow and quiver tucked against the back of her fine silk dress for all the world as though they belong there, her sword worn casually at a sword-belt that folds neatly into the silks. It's a very Grayson style of accoutrements, really: ready to rare off and adventure at a moment's notice. The balalaika occupies more of her attention, though. She sits straight again, finally, and swings her feet as she surreptitiously wipes her beslobbered hand off on her skirts. "Samantha said that every little boy ought to have a dog, but of course Tiber is two, so we know whose dog Thump is actually going to be," she says with wry humor. She wiggles a wave of her fingers at Calaudrin as he moves off.
Thump has flopped onto his belly and sprawled out beneath the barstool now, his nose tucked over the bottom rung, his giant puppy paws thrust out from beneath it as a tripping hazard for the unwary. He pants. It was hot outside.
Tikva clapclaps as Silas comes out. Clapclap!!

Reese moves to join the Iron Guard table. She has a gentle smile for the gathering here. She looks over to Silas as he speaks and then joins in with Tikva's clapping.

    Merek takes a moment to hold up a hand to Aneka who was with the Guard during the siege, though now she's more his champion than all else. She follows him, as does his secretary Meeka. As for twenty guardsmen in Hawk Division, those too find a place to have a seat. It's an odd place for a ceremony. He settles in and takes a moment to wave over a waitress, "Can you serve all my men?" he asks, then places down the silver for it. He inclines, then turns his attention to Silas.

Arianna smiles to Aiden when he mentions her dress. It was a very Lycene style of cut, very deep V which ended barely above her naval. The side of the dress has a slit, revealing her slender leg and thighs. She leans a bit and nods to him,"Yes of course. I recently had it made, Petal is an amazing seamstress and she knew exactly what I wanted." She gestured to the sandals with silk lace that encircled her legs to the knee. "She even made matching shoes." A little bit of a laugh escaped her before she turned around. Almost preternaturally quick at the mention of her name. Her eyes bored into the Lady Charlaine intensely before she gave her a dangerous smile. Running her tongue along her teeth as she watched the other woman walk close. "Lady Charlaine, you look is good to see you here. My sources say you were at the Valardin court? Did you get a chance to speak with the High Lord?"

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Esoka's smile goes back to Calaudrin, as his fingers trace along the bare skin of her shoulder. "Give your men my best, good First Officer," she says. Eyes lingering on him as he goes. She orders some duck, and a mug of ale, when her attention eventually wanders back to the bartender. "I should think of a name for mine," she mutters to Tikva. "Thump is suitable. The little thing kept running into my wall this afternoon. It didn't seem to hurt him. He made a game of it." Silas is clapped for as he enters.

    Silas lets a few more minutes transpire for everyone to get settled and for some last minute arrivals to filter in. When he feels it's time to continue, he clears his throat and projects his voice so the everyone in the tavern can comfortably hear. "It's been said that 'where there is a brave man, in the thickest of the fight, there is the post of honor.' Today, we pay tribute to those who placed themselves in the thick of the fight - again and again and again. I am extraordinarily proud of them."

    "I will be presenting the honorees in alphabetical order, so any complaints about going up sooner rather than later can be directed to your parents. I also make no apologies for the praise I'm about to rain upon this incredible collection of people, and the embarrassment which may ensue because of it. After I present the medals, the honoree will be given an opportunity to address their fellow guardsmen and the audience, but they are under no obligation to do so if they wish not to. Guardsmen not present will not be called upon right now, but will be commended in the following proclamation."

Aiden looks over toward Charlaine and smiles to her as well, "Lady Charlaine, do join us." He steps toward her and helps with a seat as well, since it was only fair that if he help Arianna he do so for Charlaine as well. Manners and all. Once they've both been seated he'll regain his own seat, settling into it with a quiet look to his expression. He nods at Arianna, "I wished for Mistress Petal to assist me with clothing, but she is too much in demand to see to me." He smiles quietly, "It does look like she spent a good while on it... Lady Arianna. The design is.. uh... well, very Lycene." He settles his hand in his lap, the other taking around the drink at the table.

Malena quietly orders a glass of wine and then gives a shy smile to the other ladies who are sitting at the bar with her, Tikva and Esoka. Her golden eyes look about the room, curious to see who's all here. When Silas starts speaking, she politely gives him all her attention.

Charlaine shakes her head to Arianna, "I had no house business with the High Lord, though I did offer my services to his cousin to help spread the word of Soldiers Heart and Help raise awareness and maybe funds for a project reguarding it." she says quietly before she looks to the speaker "though that topic is not for now." she smiles then to Prince Aiden "Thank you for the invite" she says as she grins before she looks over Aiden and she nods "I like it."

    Merek takes a moment to lift up some whiskey when it makes its rounds to him, as if he is making a toast. He then takes a drink from it, because if he is going to speak later, he is going to need it. He notices Aiden, and inclines a small bit, while he smiles, then his gaze moves towards the front. "M. Thanks mom."

Esoka checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Silas gets a small rosewood keepsake box - CE from a simple velvet bag.

Tikva shifts on her barstool, resettling the fall of her skirts as she whispers something to Esoka, and then runs her hand back through her hair. She beams and claps a little more for Silas and then leans back onto the bar. She starts to order some duck and then corrects herself to get the beef because she can carve off little bits of that for the dog without, like, RISKING HIS PUPPY THROAT.

Esoka returns Malena's smile, though hers is anything but shy. "Miss. A good eve. Do you come for the ceremony, or just to drink? The ale here's quite fine, even on nights without all this." She keeps her tone low during Silas' spiel. Though whatever Tikva says makes her snort in a way that sounds suspiciously like it wants to be a laugh. It doesn't quite turn into one, though. She murmurs low back to the other woman, grin crooking.

    Silas surveys the guardsmen present at the designated table, then smiles wryly at one in particular as he plucks a box from the top of the pile. "Master Calaudrin Estardes has been with us for years now - he started at a younger age than any of us by virtue of lying about it - and I feel he has finally started to be recognized for the work he has done and has continued to do. He has demonstrated superb leadership and quick thinking on the battlefield, and I am proud to have him as our newest Lieutenant."

    "The Lord Commander, in the name of the Iron Guard, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of the Star to Master Calaudrin Estardes, Lieutenant of the Iron Guard, for being a leader for all young boys to admire and showing astute judgement, while serving in the Iron Guard."

Aiden's look over the tavern has his eyes falling toward the Iron Guard table, noticing the presence of those who were there and those who weren't, with a little tension around his eyes for the latter. The former, like Merek, earns a lift of his glass, and another such as Estaban, an encouraging smile and nod. Gray eyes turn toward the Lord Commander's speech, while taking a moment to smile at Charlaine and Arianna both. He does shoot a look over toward the bar also, for there was puppy antics going on over there and puppies just make Aiden's mouth curl a little more sincerely than other things at present. Still, Silas' remarks for the first guard to be recognized has him applaud when appropriate, "Well done Master Calaudrin," he adds his voice into the crowds to recognize the man's achievement.

Arianna gives Aiden a quick pout and then a wink,"The trick is to make the other people so afraid of making you wait!" She laughs a bit darkly but then clears her throat and takes a sip of the wine, before her eyes go back and forth between Aiden and Charlaine. "It was a joke...of course." A slight blush creeps into her cheeks until Charlaine mentions her dress as well,"As a matter of fact, thank you. I didn't really have a hand in the design but she listened to my likes and dislikes." Turning back to Aiden, the young woman gives him a nod and a shrug,"I was raised in the Lyceum, so it's the only sense of fashion I know." A lie, a blatant lie. The girl was a diplomat who traveled far and wide, hers was a keen eye and she had a passion for style and culture. Though when Silas spoke she quieted her voice and clapped softly when he began to announce the names.

Tikva checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

"Oh...I'm here for my brother. He's one of the Iron Guard," Malena tells Esoka proudly as she points out Merek, "There he is...Merek Black. He's my twin brother." That would also explain her resemblence to Merek. She takes a sip of her drink and goes back to listening to Silas speak. When he awards Calaudrin the Medal of the Star, she politely claps.

Tikva puts two fingers to her lips and whistles a particularly brazen form of obnoxious enthusiasm when Calaudrin's award is called.

Reese looks toward Caluadrin, giving him a gentle smile, before starting to clap.

(This causes Tikva's dog to sit up and yap. Thump yaps and bounds his way out of the prison of the barstool's legs until he hits the end of his leadline, and has to circle back, barking and wagging his tail, until Tikva coaxes him to sit down again.)

Calaudrin takes a seat and leans back in his chair. There has to be a few A's and B's in the alphabet before he's called up. So he'll take a minute to enjoy this beer- Or maybe not! "Really, we don't have anyone here ahead of me alphabetically?" He has to wonder outloud as he pops up from his seat and accepts the box from Silas. "Thank you, Lord Commander. This means a lot. I don't do speeches, so I'll just get out of the way for a person that's actually good at it." He smirks, looks massively uncomfortable in front of everyone and gets /out/ of the way.

Esoka makes an "Ah" sound to Marena. "I see the resemblance, yes. I've met your brother, a little. He seems a remarkable man. I'm here to watch that one be rewarded for things." She points at Calaudrin, still beaming, and adding some resoundingly loud clapping to Tikva's whistling.

    Merek applauds a small bit, while he continues to listen and relax for the time being, his gaze watching the proceedings as the event continues on. Sipping at his whiskey and just looking to Aiden, then eventually he looks towards Arianna, and offers a small nod, who is she? He doesn't know, he's mostly just trying to keep up with the room at all times.

Silas gets a small rosewood keepsake box - ES from a simple velvet bag.

Estaban claps his hands as Calaudrin is called up, he lifts his glass of whiskey up cheering for his fellow Guardsman. He takes a sip he had not been paying attenton to the room till just now spotting Aiden he blinks but there is a small smile that comes to his lips but he does not say anything and then looks up to silas.

Silas smirks back at Calaudrin once he accepts the box and corresponding medal. "Succinct as always. Thank you, Lieutenant. I'm honored to have you lead by my side." And with that, he picks up the next box and casts his even gaze in Estaban's direction.

    "Lord Saik joined us not long ago, but has already proven himself to be a hard worker and valiant individual. At a pivotal moment, he put himself in harm's way to save the life of Prince Aiden Grayson, whom he had just met minutes prior. When he is not on duty, he is a conscientious young man who reminds us to be kind to one another and to treat people as each of us wants to be treated."

    "The Lord Commander, in the name of the Iron Guard, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of the Guardian and Medal of the Star to Lord Estaban Saik, Guardsman of the Iron Guard, for demonstrating selflessness and an eagerness to do what is right, and risking his life above and beyond the call of duty, while serving in the Iron Guard."

Tikva grins a crooked grin as she resettles on her perch, her eyes bright. She applauds for Estaban with enthusiasm, although without obnoxious whistling. Apparently she has to know you _slightly_ better before there's obnoxious whistling.

Reese cheers for Estaban when Silas speaks of his valor in the battle. She gives him a warm smile that touches her blue eyes.

    Merek takes a moment to applaud once more!

Calaudrin takes his heat again, happy to once more be reunited with his beer. He claps roundly when Estaban is called up to his received his medals.

Charlaine claps as Estaban is called up and she claps, she murmers and blushes slightly as her words are shared with Arianna softly.

Malena politely claps for Estaban, giving a smile to Tikva who's sitting at the bar with her.

Tikva returns Malena's smile, cheerfully, and then turns about to collect a glass of cider from the overworked barman who she asked for it. Framing it in her hands, she takes a sip.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Calaudrin before departing.

Aiden only gives Arianna a fleeting look which suggests fashion could be spoken of at a later time and that he didn't wish to interrupt the ceremony, or, which is more the truth of the matter, he was waiting for the particular member of the guard to take his metals. Aiden at that point stands up from his chair, standing to applaud Lord Estaban Saik with a vigorous clap. "Lord Estaban, an appropriate title to hear him named a Guardian." He claps further and even goes so far as to put his hand over his heart and bow to the man, in a movement of deep profound respect.

Aiden is overheard praising Estaban for: Guardian of a Grayson Prince

Estaban was in mid sip of his drink when his name is called, he blinks once, twice and takes a deep breath standing up his cheeks almost flush when the Lord Commander praises him. He moves up to take the medal, "Thank you, Lord Commander." he turns to look across the room, his eyes fall on Aiden. He watches the prince, bow to him and well yeah there ya go he blushes, "Thank you, your highness." and quickly moves back to his seat.

Arianna will try not to be much of a distraction although she notices Merek looking at her. She gives him with a demure smile and winks at him before she raises her goblet in a silent greeting. Turning back to the table she is surprised by the exuberance of Charlaine's clap. Though when the girl leans in and utters a few things, she laughs for a moment and then tries not to make any more noise as she leans close to the girl. Her lips dangerously close to her ear as she whispered a few things and looked Estaban's way. Leaning back she looks down into her goblet and clears her throat.

Esoka's applause for Esteban is polite and appreciative, if not //quite// at the fist-pumping volume she awarded Calaudrin. She drinks of her ale, eyeing Tikva's puppy. "I need to get mine a leash, I'm reminded. He's not very well trained yet. And perhaps it will calm his impulse to run into things. His head is still rather soft." To Malena, she nods, sitting up a little straighter. All of pride. "Yes, he's quite good at certain things. How are you called, by the way? I'm Dame Esoka Greenblood. Sword to House Riven."

Arianna is overheard praising Estaban for: For being a hero and champion of Grayson.

Silas gets a small rosewood keepsake box - MB from a simple velvet bag.

Estaban gets Medal of the Guardian from a small rosewood keepsake box - ES.

"Lord Estaban was also one of the only nobles who sang along with my rallying song on the walls at Seawatch Gate, and I think he should get special credit for that," Tikva says, and then laughs as she raises her drink in Estaban's direction. "Hello, I'm Lady Tikva Riven, Voice of Riven," she says, cheerfully, as long as introductions are happening. She takes a longer swallow.

Calaudrin sits impatiently in his chair, fidgeting almost as he nudges something around on the floor by his feet. He leans over to Sparte to say something to him quietly.

Silas can't help but smirk a little at Estaban's blushiness. He dips his head reverently as he hands over the box to his honored guardsman. "Never change, Lord Saik. You've honored us all."

    Silas watches the young man return to his seat, then turns to take ahold of the next box with two hands. His blue eyes fall upon Merek next.

    "While the valor and gallantry of the Iron Guard is showcased often, there happens to be quite a bit of paperwork and complicated logistics behind the scenes. Master Merek Black has proven himself to be proficient with both the sword and the pen, and it takes no small amount of skill to balance both. He has fought marvelously on the field of battle and has assisted the Crafters Guild with fortifying the city when he was not on duty."

    "He is now ensuring our newest recruits get the attention they need to become excellent guardsmen. The Lord Commander, in the name of the Iron Guard, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of the Star to Master Merek Black, Officer of the Iron Guard, for strengthening our city and pushing us toward progress, while serving in the Iron Guard."

Merek takes a moment to stand up, and moves forward to take what he needs to take, and then he swivels his feet in thought, "I actually have a small speech I'd like to offer up, if that is alright, Lord Commander?" he tells the man, with an incline.

Reese has a happy smile for Merek as his medal is announced. "Yay, Merek." She calls out, but then quiets down as he might be giving a speech.

Silas perks his eyebrows curiously and nods to Merek. "You have the floor, Guardsman. Have at it."

Malena looks very impressed at Esoka's title and tells her, "Oh, I'm Malena Black, healer to the Archduke Niccolo Velenosa." Then Tikva tells her she's a Voice and she flushes a bit, "I'm just...well I was a farmer's daughter before training as a healer." She pauses when Silas starts talking about her brother. The girl turns her eyes back to the stage. She's just so proud of her brother. This time when she claps, it's enthusiastically.

Aiden's features soften for the blush that comes from his friend, though he does nod again to Estaban as if to encourage the humble guard to accepting the praise awarded. As Aiden's about to sit, Merek is called up and he continues his applause, "Well done Master Merek. One must not forget he was the one who took down the giant which aimed it's giant hammer at myself and consequently, Lord Saik." He whistles quickly and then sits back down, so that Merek is given the floor.

Aiden is overheard praising Merek for: For being a Hero the History books will talk of!

"Really, does the Archduke require a personal healer?" Tikva widens her gaze as she turns her attention to Malena. She drops her voice, murmuring something much quieter at the bar, and then stops herself mid-question. "Oh, that's your brother! I'll be quiet and let you hear!"

Estaban holds his drink up to Tikva, "Its was a very good sond indeed, it helped keep me going I thank you Lady Tikva." he smiles taking a sip of his whiskey he looks to his box then over to Aiden nodding his head then looks to Merek clapping his hand, "Yah! Merek!" he calls out at him.

Charlaine lets her eyes follow Estaban for a small moment before her features flush gently and she shakes her head at something the lady beside her suggests. She smiles a little and claps politely at Merek when he moves to get his medal and speech

Esoka leans in toward Tikva, chuckling at something or other. The laughter doesn't seem aimed at Malena, though, her manner remaining friendly and respectful. "As a warrior, I'm always very glad to meet a healer. We've a tendency to require patching. I've not spent much time in the Lycene ward, though I hear it's a very interesting place." For whatever reason, this makes her straighten her posture and idly adjust her vest. She eats of her roast duck, focusing on Merek as he gears for a speech.

Sparte glances over to Caulaudrin, then down to the ground. He blinks a few times before looking over at Silas. A glance at the other people at the table before Sparte pulls his helmet off the hook on his belt, setting it down on the table.

Malena is overheard praising Merek for: For getting the Medal of the Star

Estaban gets Medal of the Star from a small rosewood keepsake box - ES.

Aiden is overheard praising Calaudrin for: For his part in aiding the wall and getting a shocked and injured Aiden and unconscious Estaban off the wall.

    Merek takes a moment to smooth out his cloak, and then swivels his cloak across a shoulder. He looks to Aiden and chuckles a bit, "Thanks," he tells the Prince from where he's at, and then he looks forward. "Well, I don't have too many words to speak, but I do have a few. First, I'd like to thank the Lord Commander, who has led us all. He has guided us, took us in, he's set all this up, he commanded on the field of battle. He deserves as much esteem as the Guardsmen. And I want to tell the Guards listening here now... Every one of your brothers fought well, those here... And those no longer with us. Each hand together makes us one, and we strike as one."
    The Officer then relaxes and makes a small motion, "I will tell you this much, to those for whom it matters. Whether you follow the Pantheon's Faith, or are one who is guided by the Spirits, I want all to know that we owe just as much to them, the ones we worship and call to our side. We fight for our faith, for our people, for our brethern. And that will matter more than all else. Iron and Blood my brothers and sisters," he states, he then takes a small breath, and lets out a sigh, looking wistful, "I'll never forget a single name of the men I served with as I continue forward." He then inclines with respect. Then he salutes the Lord Commander, and then he makes his way back to his seat.

Merek is overheard praising Silas for: Best damn Commander I've ever known.

Aiden is overheard praising Silas for: The Best Lord Commander Ever. There would be no Iron Guard without Silas at the helm! Woo! (Totally not biased, nope!)

Reese is overheard praising Merek for: Great speech. The Iron Guard is blessed to have him.

Silas is overheard praising Merek for: Great speech. Iron and Blood!

Reese is overheard praising Silas for: Leader of the Iron Guard! Great leader and good to his people.

Arianna claps for Merek, though she was a little late she didn't want to have anyone think this was not a show of solidarity. The young woman smiles brightly and raises her glass to him once more before downing the rest of the contents. Her eyes wander the room again and she stands suddenly. Walking away from the table she steps outside for a moment, a few heartbeats later she comes back with a missive in hand and reads it. Sighing and rolling her eyes she walks back to the table and throws it in the fireplace before taking a seat once more.

Sparte is overheard praising Silas for: Let all the guards here eat free. If you praise him for it, it must be true.

Malena is riveted when her brother gets up and gives his thoughtful speech. She waits till he's done for her to do another round of claps. She is so proud, she should burst. She murmurs to the two ladies sitting with her, "He's such a good speaker."

Estaban is overheard praising Silas for: For being a dam good Lord Commander

Tikva slices into her roast beef with knife and fork, scrabbles up some cranberries, and then applauds for Merek some more with her mouth full. She tries not to laugh about applauding with her mouth full.

Silas checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Merek is overheard praising Estaban for: Got hit but still came back swinging.

Aiden regards Arianna only after he has added whistles and applauds appropriate to salute both Merek and Silas, watching the letter being tossed into the fire with a raised brow, "Everything alright Lady Arianna?" His eyes do flicker back up front though, settling on a particular Lord Commander as the praise for the Iron Guard leader reaches a loud chorus, that he happily joins in and thumps his fist on the table, raising his glass, "To the Iron Guard, who strike as one and bleed together!"

Esoka gives Merek's speech some resounding, loud clapping. "Honors be and gods bless! To the Iron Guard!" She raises her mug of ale at Aiden's toast.

Tikva also sneaks a chunk of roast beef to the puppy, who is also very excited about all of the noise, and kind of bouncing back and forth on his lead line and wagging his tail.

Reese might be a Grayson, but that doesn't stop her from getting free food on the Baron Commander Silas' silver! She orders herself a giant mug of hard cider, a roasted peasant and a lemon tart.

Silas gets a small rosewood keepsake box - RG from a simple velvet bag.

Malena joins in the toasting of the Iron Guard, her whole face lit up with happiness, "To the Iron Guard!" She takes a drink after toasting and then puts the glass down.

Reese lifts up her cider in response to Aiden's toast. She gives him a smile and then drinks.

Estaban is overheard praising Merek for: He kill a Giant and he liked it, stabbed it in the back and killed it, he killed a Giant and liked it! *Thanks for killing it Merek*

Sparte gives Merek a big thumbs up, though he retracts a bit back from all the loud clapping. A nervous glance is given to the ground, then back towards the lord commander as he speaks quietly to Calaudrin.

Arianna looks to Aiden with a smile and a nod,"Just the duties afforded my station. Nothing serious." She waves him off and then pours herself some more wine from the carafe. When she hears the toast provided by Malena and Silas she raises her goblet and smiles. She didn't have to say anything to participate and it was nice, just to relax and observe.

    The Lord Commander's smile gradually broadens as Merek makes his speech. He doesn't blush, but he sheepishly averts his eyes when the other man -- and the other guardsmen -- begin to praise him. He bows his head reverently again. "Thank you, Master Merek. We do owe the Gods our lives. May they favor us in the dark times ahead, should they befall us, and guide us away from the darkness." He then pumps his fist into the air. "Iron and Blood!" He declares as Merek retakes his seat.

    Alas, there were still medals to award. He steps back to take ahold of the next box to present. He lifts his head and looks in Reese's direction, beaming with pride.

        "The Princess of Ribbons has lifted our spirits and brought joy to our lives as a guardswoman, friend, and budding war commander. She commits herself fully to every role she takes and succeeds with flying colors. In addition to personal heroism, she commanded the Grayson forces with skill and grace. Within the Iron Guard she has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open, more loving place."

    "The Lord Commander, in the name of the Iron Guard, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of the Star to Princess Reese Grayson, Guardswoman of the Iron Guard, for her heroism and inspiring us to reach for the sky, while serving in the Iron Guard."

Calaudrin claps and whistles for Merek's speech and then leans over to Sparte again.

Tikva puts down her fork, takes up her balalaika, and starts strumming on it so that, as Reese's medal is presented, she begins singing the "Princess Ribbons" theme song as background music because, you know, as long as Reese /has/ a theme song, this seems like an appropriate time to whip it out for accompaniment.

Tikva checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Estaban dumps a small rosewood keepsake box - ES and spills its contents all over the floor.

Reese rises to her metal adorned feet as Silas speaks her name. Her cheeks warm with a pink flush and her blue eyes are bright. "Thank you." She says toward Silas and then she looks over the others here as if including them in the thanks. "It is my honor to be part of the Iron Guard and to serve Compact." She murmurs and takes ahold of the offered box. She pulls out the medal and studies it with a happy smile.

    Merek lets out a cheer for Princess Reese, as he applauds for the woman. He then leans back and takes his whiskey in hand and drains it all down in one slow steady stream. Once finished, he looks to the waitress as he places it down, "Another, please!" He is going to be drunk, he doesn't get to do it often. The praise to him from earlier has him glowing a bit with the flush of his face above his scarf, the husky purr of his voice a small chuckle now.

Reese gets Medal of the Star from a small rosewood keepsake box - RG.

Calaudrin also cheers and whistles loudly for Reese.

Malena adds her claps to the others, celebrating another one of Merek's fellow guards. She finishes up her glass of wine and then orders another at the bar.

Esoka cheers with feeling as Reese is awarded. She tries to clap in time with Tikva's 'Princess Ribbons' themesong. She has a war drummer's sense of rhythm, at least, and manages to follow along.

Reese smiles over to Tikva as she sings the theme song. She heads back the table and sits down. Reese then pins the medal on her cloak, right where it can be easily seen.

Estaban claps his hands together for Reese a warm smile on his face for the Princess as she is also awarded a medal.

Charlaine laughs as she too joines in the ribbon theme song and she cheers loudly for Reese.

Estaban puts Medal of the Star in a small rosewood keepsake box - ES.

Silas gets a small rosewood keepsake box - SF from a simple velvet bag.

Charlaine is overheard praising Reese for: All hail the Princess Ribbons, guardswoman of the Iron Guard!

Aiden cocks an eyebrow toward Tikva's rendition of a themesong for Reese, some mirth breaking through for it. He adds his applause with the others, his lips pulled into a faint smile as he does so, as if he's utterly confused still about something.

    Not every guard gets a theme song accompanying them and Silas can help but grin wryly again when he hears the familiar notes being strummed. "Thank you for all your hard work, Princess Reese - we have you to thank for our initial outpour of support during our darkest hour. We are proud to have you, now and forevermore."

    The Lord Commander turns and picks up another box from the dwindling pile. This seems heavier than the rest. Silas beckons Sparte towards him.

    "Master Sparte came to us a country boy looking for something to do. He is much more than a country boy, in essence, and I suspect the Compact is beginning to realize that. He is a warrior, a bard, a chef, a medic and a hero! His personal story and impressive skillset prove that success need not be determined by our background, but by our dedication to others and our passion. When fighting alongside myself, I have witnessed him save an ally without a second thought, endangering his life in the process."

    "The Lord Commander, in the name of the Iron Guard, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of the Guardian and the Medal of the Star to Master Sparte Fatchforth, Guardsman of the Iron Guard, for valor on the battlefield and assisting so many with his admirable talents, and risking his life above and beyond the call of duty, while serving in the Iron Guard."

Merek has rolled a critical success!
Merek checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 26 higher.

Estaban puts Medal of the Guardian in a small rosewood keepsake box - ES.

    Merek takes his time to lift up his drink while Silas talks of Sparte, "WOOF WOOF! SPARTE!" he calls out and rolls his fist around in the air, then takes another drink from the whiskey. Once he has finished it completely, his cheeks are flushed but... He seems to just keep going!? He reaches for the next one, "Keep them coming, for each deed of glory of the Guard I shall drink," he tells the waitress, with a waggle of his finger.

Calaudrin claps extra loudly when it's Sparte's turn to receive his medals, also adding some whistling just to be extra obnoxious about it.

Reese is overheard praising Sparte for: Sparte is a rock! So stronge and consistent.

Sparte slowly rises up, walking over to Silas. By the time he gets there his ears are bright red and the blush has spread to much of his face. He accepts the box, looking at it in his hands a few moments before looking around at the rest of the room. "I..." He swallows, looking back to Silas. "Thank you, Lord Commander Sir." He then takes the box and walks as quickly as he can without looking like he is outright fleeing the spotlight. Which he is absolutely fleeing.

Reese cheers for Sparte as he is given his medal. "Yays, Sparte!"

Malena claps for Sparte, very impressed by hearing all the good deeds that he did. She is glad his commander is recognizing all his efforts.

Tikva pauses in her strumming because she doesn't have a song for Sparte; lowering the balalaika, she just cups her hands to her mouth and goes, "Woo!" instead.

Aiden turns his attention toward the next Guard brought up, which was Sparte. His eyes remain curious as the guard draws up, his hands clapping for Sparte as well, "Well done Master Sparte," he includes from where he's sitting. He's completely oblivious to what else is going on, keeping his attention floating between one hero and the next.

    Some boxes with medals housed within remain in the pile, but there were no more guardsmen present to award them to. Nevertheless, Silas is beaming with joy and pride as the addresses the crowd for the last hurrah of the evening.

    "Thank you all for joining us here today. I hope that all of you have not only been inspired by this ceremony, but also will enjoy the hospitality of the Traders Tavern. I hear the food is pretty good."

    "Some of our brave warriors couldn't make it here tonight, but I will make sure they are honored properly and the whole of the Compact is made aware of their valor. Additionally, we will be awarding medals to individuals who have lended their aid to us during one of the most tumultuous periods in our history. Their support, and yours, is critical to our continued growth and survival. Tonight, however, belongs to our men. IRON AND BLOOD!"

Once Silas announces the last of his people to receive awards publically, Calaudrin will nudge Sparte and not allow the poor kid to sit down. "WE'RE NOT DONE HERE! HOLD ON!" He shouts loudly from where he's sitting, hastily scooping something up from under his seat that's been carefully wrapped in paper. It's not a fancy job, but it does the job of hiding the item long enough for Sparte to get up there to Silas. He'll down the rest of his beer and trot along after the younger guardsman. "Like, I said, terrible at speeches. So I apologize ahead of time but... The Lord Commander here picked up his rank at a time when I thought my faith in the guard was shattered beyond recognition. He rallied our barracks, he fought to get recruits, he wore himself down getting everyone trained and equipped. They don't make a lot of men like him. And even if he's young as fuck and that usually equates to having oatmeal for brains, he's got my respect. He kept us together when others probably would have failed." It's passable. Minus the oatmeal for brains part. "So anyway, accept this trophy on behalf of the rest of your men, Lord Commander. You deserve it."

Silas checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Tikva whistles again and then cheers. "Yeah, Silas!" she whoops, which is like -- also not the correct etiquette, but she doesn't seem to care that much at the moment.

    Merek holds his words when Calaudrin steps up after Silas has finished his words. Then he stands up and lifts up his whiskey, "TO THE LORD COMMANDER, WORTHY OF HIS RISE TO A PEER OF THE REALM. LET THE MIGHTIEST OF FOES QUAKE AT HIS NAME, BARON WHITEHAWK. IRON AND BLOOD. ALWAYS SOARING!" He then drinks his drank, and drunk he is, as he he rolls back from the cheer and reaches to pull Aiden of all people into a hug.

"Iron and blood!" Esoka toasts once more, applauding warmly for Sparte and Silas both. Calaudrin's words for the Lord Commander receive a "Fine speech!" at high volume.

Sparte has just enough time to set down the box at the table, taking the paper wrapped bundle from Calaudrin and cradling it in his arm as he heads back up towards Silas. He gives a nervous grin to the Lord Commander. He stands there with the bundle held out to Silas, hoping he isn't left hanging for too long.

Merek checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Reese cheers happily for Silas. "Yay, Lord Commander Baron Silas!"

Charlaine stands then and she slowly murmers her goodbyes to her friends, she turns and sliips out of the people

Fridrik, a small White Fox leaves, following Charlaine.

Aiden actually starts to /laugh/ from where he's sitting when Sparte gets to the part of oatmeal for brains! He stands up though, once again, with his ale in hand, "To the Lord Commander! Oatmeal for Brains not with standing, the best man for the job!" He laughs further and when he's pulled into the hug from Merek, he willingly gives it back full force, "Iron and Blood!"

Estaban stands up, "LORD COMMANDER! IRON AND BLOOD!" he claps his hands together cheering for his commander and friend.

Malena happily claps when Silas also gets an award. She is very happy that her brother's commander is getting the recognition that he deserves.

Silas blinks hard when his last flourish is suddenly interrupted by a loud shout! He turns his attention to Calaudrin inquiringly, at first expecting a complaint, before it soon becomes apparent what the older man's intention was. He opens his mouth to retort when he accepts the trophy, but odd, surprised sounds come out instead of fully formed words and for a split second it looks like he might -cry-. But he doesn't, either out of sheer force of will or simply because he's been schooled to maintain his composure. The smile he wears is even warmer than it was before. He bows. "Thank you. Thank you, everyone. I can't quite... express how proud I am of all of you, and how much this really means to me. Thank you." Yes, he repeats himself three times.

    Merek takes a moment to finish his whiskey, and then he seems to be spent. He smiles seeing that all the people are happy. But now he is drunk a bit. Eventually, after about ten minutes, Meeka will escort him back home to relax and recover.

Reese smiles happily and takes a sip of her hard cider as the ceremony finishes. She seems to be quite cheerful and she wears her medal proudly. Just what Reese needs more shiny blink to wear around!

Aiden jostles Merek in a good hug, then he passes over toward Estaban, looking side ways at the man with brows lifted, indicating as his arms widen a hug that's incoming! WOoosh. BRO HUG. He murmurs something to the man and then breaks from him with a clap to his shoulder, before he approaches where Silas is standing, waiting patiently for the Lord Commander to finish his speech before he'll do much the same thing - huuuug.

Aiden has left the Table by the Fire.

Esoka reaches out to clasp Tikva's shoulder warmly and murmurs low, "Indeed. I'm glad we came tonight."

Merek has left the Large Table.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka leave, following Merek.

Estaban hugs Aiden in return patting the mans back and then clasping his shoulder, he smiles at the soft words nodding his head to him, he looks around trying to make up his mind if he wishes to stay or go.

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Malena is in a good mood, happy to see everyone got recognized for their efforts. When Merek heads out, a little tipsy, she takes her leave, following her brother out to make sure he gets home okay.

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