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Lady Arianna Stonewood

Sometimes the most clever thing to say is nothing at all.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Noble Ambassador
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Stonewood
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Diplomat
Height: 5'8''
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skintone: Alabaster

Titles: Voice of House Stonewood, Disciple of the Thirteenth, House Stonewood Minister of Fidelity

Description: Arianna is quite fair possessing an ethereal beauty. Her skin is milky and pale without being translucent. Long ashen blonde locks flow down her back and touch her rear and she often wears it down. Arianna is fond for all manner of white and silver accents in her choice of clothing. Her fashion sense is very well developed and seems to change depending on the current trend. Although she is very slender, her height makes her appear even more so. Lending to a certain delicate air about her. Her eyes sparkle with a certain liveliness and she has the most breathtaking smile. The young diplomat chooses her words carefully and when she speaks it is with a soft, clear pitch that captures the interest of those around her. If she were a bit older, or depending on her manner of dress for the evening, one might consider her to be innately a very sensual girl. She possesses delicate facial features with full pouty lips that wordlessly promise some sort of carnal pleasure. Most astounding however is that she is always fresh in her style and likes variety in her wardrobe, never wearing the same thing twice. Arianna loves jewelry and has made more than one friend through gifts of gems and precious stones which she sends to her family's craftsmen back home to refine into stunning accessories.

Personality: Arianna's beauty is equalled by her cleverness, which she has in abundance. A true protege of her mother, she is a gifted manipulator who knows how to maneuver her way in court politics. She has formidable skill in rooting out the desires and needs of those nearest to her and finding a way to provide them with it. Though her manipulations are secondary to her charm and ability to abstain from acting on her impulses, mostly. She can blend in seemlessly with any group of people she chooses and win their hearts. This is a talent that stems from her genuine desire to please others. The young diplomat possesses a certain tact and politeness that others in her station might lack. While she can be quite blunt if necessary she exudes courtly behaviors and courtesies. Arianna does not let her sex stop her from succeeding in life, instead she uses her wiles within the social standards of proper feminity. This allows her to orchestrate political ambitions from behind the scenes and seemingly from a position of vulnerability. There are rumors about some of her darker appetites, but of course with reputation comes those who might spread heinous lies to stain her honor for being a member of the Crownsworn.

Background: Arianna is the only daughter in the Stonewood family. She was born to her mother who was a proper Lady from a vassal house in the Lyceum, Lady Vayla Pravus. Her father being the Count of Stonewood himself, until he died and her eldest brother Malesh inherited the title. She grew up with a fascination for culture and anthropology. Always a people watcher and a clever girl from the start, she learned how to read before she was able to walk and she spoke quite early. She was pale of skin and fair, her family could not be more proud of their newest addition. Though she was never directly subject to the pressures of her family, their reputation as the reigning house from Pride Hall to Whitehawk was an immense weight to bear. Arianna learned the subtlies of people's mannerisms and customs, the way they held themselves when they were proud or broken. The little tells that people had when they were lying. All of these aspects of psychology intrigued her and she quietly learned by throwing herself into the proverbial lions den. Having been born to the courts and becoming intimately familiar with it, she realized her natural talent at finding out what people needed and providing it for them. Arianna cultivated favors like a farmer cultivates his crop. While the young woman had briefly considered many different vocations, none was more intriguing than that of truth seeker. Or scholar. Though that didn't stop her from also being intrigued by the possibility of becoming a linguist, diplomat, expert on esoterica, or an investigator and skilled in martial pursuits. All in all quite an eclectic array of interests for someone so young, but none the less she has used her talents to further her family's ambitions. While she traveled Arvum for the first time she discovered many interesting things but truly only ended up with more questions than answers. Ever loyal to the causes she devotes herself to, in the time that she has come to the city she has joined the Iron Guard and devoted herself to helping the city thrive after it's most recent tragedies.

Relationship Summary

  • Valery - Mousy little girl with a sweetness to her that I can almost taste.
  • Victus - High Lord who takes no shit and gets straight to the point, him I like.
  • Calista - Duchess of Roses with a sweetness to that venom.
  • Dominic - Prince charming is so far from it, but he doesn't fuck about. His only loves are his bitches and that spear.
  • Merek - Fellow Iron Guardsmen, charming fellow.
  • Eilonwy - Brave and plucky. Also really pretty and intelligent, this one's interesting.
  • Calarian - Grayson Prince with an inhuman ability to maintain his composure. Eerie, but cool.
  • Alarie - Witty, adorably cute and fucking fast. I love her everything and she always makes me smile.

  • Family:
  • Graham - I love you so much brother, may we never be apart for too long.
  • Orelia - Valiant little cousin whom I never stray too far from.
  • Gailin - Sword of Stonehearth and my big brother, always so protective but I love you for it.
  • Isolde - Queen of Reflections with an unparalleled nose for mischief.
  • Max - Count Darkwater - You give good business and now we're family. Winning.
  • Sudara - Like an auntie to me. I love your brain cousin, it's the sexiest thing in Arx.
  • Ariel - Sister-in-law and fellow leader.
  • Malesh - Eldest brother and Head of House. Thank you for putting your faith in me.

  • Parent:
  • Vayla - Oh mother dear. How you have blessed me with so much. You are ever and always my mentor and idol.

  • Ally:
  • Samantha - The Marquessa is beautiful, wise, and pragmatic - more importantly a dear friend. You can always count on me Sam.
  • Ailith - Compassionate and wise beyond her years. She can also put down a beating, impressive.
  • Reese - Princess Ribbons! Not only is she one of the best warriors in the land, she's also one of the best looking.
  • Denica - Princess of the Isles, maddeningly alluring and kindred spirit.

  • Friend:
  • Aiden - Charming little prince who is too shy for his own good!
  • Silas - Baron and Lord Commander but mainly my mentor and friend.
  • James - In another life we could have been great together. Much love and loyalty to this one.
  • Asher - Dashing and roguishly charming Boroughs boy. Can you get any cuter?
  • Kieran - Handsome prince charming who just smells of fun.
  • Joslyn - A sweet, beautiful woman after my own heart, truly my sun and stars.
  • Lydia - Darling Duchess playmate and fellow teen terror.
  • Isabeau - The Gods made this one perfect. Such outward beauty and the brains to match. A gift to Valardin.
  • Beaumont - The Dragon Prince, Champion of Champions. His pedigree gives credence to the moniker of House Valardin.
  • Petal - The seamstress with a heart of gold, always treated me well.
  • Killian - Knight in shining armor who needs to be less reckless!
  • Name Summary