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Iron Guard Memorial

The Iron Guard has lost several beloved members in the most recent war. On this day, they meet to celebrate their lives as well as to erect a small memorial to those who've passed onto the Wheel. Come for the drinks and company.


April 7, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Michael Silas Ainsley Calaudrin


Lucita Rymarr Esoka Merek Reese Sparte Aiden Kenna Waldemai Calypso



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Iron Plaza

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

People begin showing up and Calaudrin is already there, he seems to just be milling around as folks arrive and get settled.

Calaudrin drops a wall of Iron Reflection.

6 Malvici Guards, Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici arrive, following Calypso.

Lucita comes into the area at a slow, somber pace. Gunther, the rottweiler who faithfully accompanied Estaban on his Iron Guard rounds paces beside her, a faint tick-tick of his claws sounds against the paving stones. She keeps one hand on its head as if to make sure it stays settled down on seeing some of the men with whom Estaban served. Micana hangs back on the perimeter of the gathering keeping Golden out of the way.

Waldemai stands quietly

Esoka is already here as well, sticking with Calaudrin as he mills. Her hair's wet, as if she came from swimming or baths not long ago, and she's dressed in a nice but plain blouse and trousers. She reaches out to place a hand on Calaudrin's arm, wordlessly, holding it there for a beat before she releases him to do whatever Guard-y things are required of him.

Merek makes his way to the memorial service, and he has on his usual attire, save for him being shirtless save his scarf which drapes about him, and his stygian waistchain which is above the silk velvet pants which he has on. His full beard has been recently managed to look less unkempt, and he is carrying what looks to be a curtained frame in both his hands, having Meeka speak with Calaudrin a moment, as he settles about.

Calypso makes her way into the plaza, dismissing her guards to hang back if they wish. Many of them move with her anyway, here for the same reason she is. Wearing a black dress with red trim, she carries her sword sashed across her as she approaches. Standing quietly to the side, she dips her head to Lucita and then looks to the others.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rymarr before departing.

Sparte is just barely there on time, Wilhelm and Gene following him to the memorial service. There is a tired expression on Sparte looks at the people milling around. He maintains his slow momentum until he is with the rest of the gathering.

About as exciting as watching grass grow, Marquis Rymarr Deepwood is present and accounted for. Staring off ahead of himself with his usual stern grimace etched into his features. Armored as per usual, while one hand rests atop his sheathed blade on his left side. Straight backed, broad shouldered, and unfailingly vigilant in his ability to play the immobile sentry after a number of years of practice from the the palace in the Ward of the Crown and beyond. As more and more people, along with their less-than-human companions, begin to arrive the Marquis continues to stare unblinking ahead. He does finally give an indication of life as he shifts slightly with the arrival of a courier. A brief exchange is made and then Rymarr's attention promptly returns ahead.

Kenna is hanging back to the side of the memorial service, rather than getting into it. She was not quite as close to those who had gone on, and doesn't wish to intrude. She fiddles with something in her pocket, turning it around and around without bringing it into full view.

He appreciates Esoka's presence and steps forward to give her a light kiss. There's a look on his face as he notices Merek's attire or lack of it. He stares for a moment then shakes his head, saying nothing. After it seems like everyone has arrived, Calaudrin steps up and clears his throat loudly and waves his arms to get their attention. "For everyone able to attend, thank you. We've lost many in the guard over the years, from old age to the line of duty in protecting Arx." He gestures to a section of the wall where small iron plaques have been fixed into place. "Here we honor those lost by scribing their names to the wall. Anyone who wishes to sit and reflect on their memories of those lost are welcome to come to the plaza at any time."

He continues on and holds up a list of names. "We've lost many since the time of the siege to now." Calaudrin begins to read from this paper, going on steadily until he reaches the end. "And finally, we lost Guardsman Estaban Saik and Officer Serafine Velenosa. I'd like to say a few words on them." He breathes out and surveys the crowd before beginning.

Merek seems to not mind it, but that's because it's all he's been in for mourning for a while now. Settled in to watch the proceedings, he places aside what he brought for the time being, and listens to Calaudrin, as he looks to the wall and listens quietly in an attentive stance.

Waldemai bobs his head sadly as Calaudrin lists the final two names.

Lucita's gaze slips from person to person, nodding respectfully to Calypso and others as she briefly meets their gaze then turns her attention fully back on Calaudrin, seeming to brace herself as the list is read and the intent to speak further is voiced.

"Dame Esoka," Rymarr quietly remarks toward the Greenblood knight, "would you be so kind as to come help me out of my armor? I feel the need to take off my pants, suddenly". Rymarr's tone is kept dry and plain, an unamused grimace soon overtaking his features. Blue eyes slowly slide around to regard Merek, whom he watches in silence. A shake of his head later and Rymarr's focus turns to regard Cauldron. Marquis Deepwood stands silent and attentive of the speaker for the Iron Guard's wall. A stoic nod is given here or there, at a familiar name or two. The final pair of names garner little reaction from Rymarr, but he does as least lower his head in recognition of yet two more names to be memorialized upon the wall. After Calaudrin's words, and only then, does Rymarr finally lift his attention to consider the wall itself.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle arrive, following Reese.

At the last two names, Calypso lifts her chin. There is silence from her, but also pride. Her eyes look to the wall and the names inscribed there and she takes an inhale that is held long to steel herself from the other emotions rising inside.

Esoka turns her head at the sound of her name. Offering Rymarr a respectful inclination of her head. "Lord Rymarr. It's good to see you this day, even under these circum..." His request just makes her trail off. And arch her brows. Is he joking? She snorts, apparently deciding he is joking. She does /not/ assist him in any armor removal. She does go stand next to him to listen to Calaudrin speak, though.

Reese arrives while adorned in her normal pink and toting along her weapons. She does seem a somber mood, but Reese has been in the mindset for the most part since Killian passed. A nod of greeting is given to those gathered here. She quietly joins the others here.

"Guardsman Estaban served us honorably from the moment he was recruited. He was an excellent shot with the bow and was going to help the Iron Guard with our token naval force. He was good natured and concerned for those he served alongside, showing up to nearly every event we ever hosted and helping out with his own hands. He was at every guard meeting. His loss is deeply felt amongst all of us." Calaudrin's expression is grave and serious as he goes on. "Officer Serafine was a treasure. There are some who come from the ranks of the nobility and purport to care about the commoners of this city, but it's merely lip service. This was not the case with her. She patrolled the lowers, she worked with the children and the poor among them. She was the finest instructor for recruits that we have /ever/ had. I've served for twenty years and can attest that we didn't have anyone like her when I was training.We feel her loss everyday and I'm not convinced we'll ever find someone that can fill her boots."

Sparte's jaw tightens as he listens to the names of the fallen. Lowering his head slightly he reaches up to take off his helmet, holding it in the crook of his arm as he continues to listen. Gene mirrors the gesture, though he doesn't seem to understand why they're doing it.

Merek lowers his own head in respect, as he listens to the words. There is something that causes his brow to arch, but he remains listening to Calaudrin for the time being, not really looking at others for the moment and somewhat away from where others crowd, seeming to be in his space.

Kenna echos Esoka's snort at Rymarr's pert words, glancing once at Merek, then back to Calaudrin. The twitching of her hand in her pocket stills for a few moments. Her hair falls over one shoulder, creating a shield for her expressions going forward.

Lucita draws in a shaky breath as she listens quietly, her fingers curl into the fur along the back of Gunther's neck and then smooth it back down. There is a little nod of her head at the words spoken, grief showing in her eyes as she lowers her gaze and blinks a time or two before looking back up.

Kenna checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Calypso hears the echoing of Esteban's dedication and looks to Lucita. She looks down, then steps across the distance. Moving to stand beside Lucita, she folds her hands in front of her and lets her elbow rest against the Baroness' arm in solidarity.

For a moment Rymarr nods solemnly back to Esoka. It would seem that the supposed moment of humor had passed, leaving the Marquis of House Deepwood and Officer of the Iron Guard to stand vigilant at the side of Dame Esoka. He doesn't speak or otherwise disturb his surroundings or, at least intentionally, Dame Esoka. One armored fist rests over the unadorned pommel of his blade, while the other rests at ease to his right side. While Calaudrin speaks, Rymarr listens. And watches. Only as the bulk of his words are spoken does Rymarr's attention begin to move away, taking in the sights of other activities in the immediate area without turning his head this way and that; blue eyes turn about, flicking and passing from one area of interest to another, but inevitably return to Calaudrin while Rymarr continues to watch. Though after a short bit of silence, Rymarr's lips part and he clearly murmurs something from one corner of his mouth toward Dame Esoka, while he nods toward Calaudrin.

Esoka snorts again, at something or other Rymarr says, and mutters back to him. Her eyes are somber as Calaudrin goes on, though, murmuring a soft prayer under her breath. Kenna and Reese are spotted, and offered a quick smile, albeit one that doesn't dismiss the seriousness from her eyes.

It seems for a time that Calaudrin is done with his little speech. He casts a quick look over the crowd, his eyes landing onto Merek briefly. "Before we conclude, if there are any who have words they'd like to say, please come forward. No one has to be a wordsmith, don't worry. I know I'm not." He manages to crack a smile, tired and wry as it is.

Sparte glances to Lucita, worry tugging at the corner of his mouth as he watches her. Seeing Calypso's movement Sparte considers for a few moments before nodding a bit to himself. Stepping away from the two he came with he falls in on Lucita's other flank just past Gunther. An attempt to offer some reassurance with his presence, perhaps.

Merek has joined the line.

Waldemai has joined the line.

Turn in line: Merek

Rymarr glances aside to Esoka with a confused or mildly disgusted expression, as though whatever she has to say was altogether unflattering. The Marquis answers back with another shake of his head and then nods off toward Calaudrin before Rymarr turns forward again and resumes his still posture, watching and listening.

Lucita reaches over to give Calypso's arm a gentle pat and then the same to Sparte. She speaks in a low tone to them. "It will be alright, I'll manage this."

Lucita has joined the line.

Kenna finally does move, but only once Calaudrin has released them with his words. She isn't going to head towards the people who are saying things, but towards Esoka and Rymarr. Nearby she pauses, shooing a faint half-smile back.

Merek understands what the look means, as he had a question asked before, and he reaches for what he brought and brings it forward. First however, he takes time to speak a few words as he steps forward, "I'd like to start by saying that I knew three Guardsmen that fell. Charles, who was an assistant to me, and Estaban Saik, who was a friend although we never got around to talking as much as we liked, I met Charles who was assigned my partner when I first became an Officer, and he's been with me since, he was kind, an older man, who I spoke with often. Estaban, I remember our times fighting in the Silent War, and he was always a great archer, and I'm not good at too many words, then there was Princess Serafine. She was also a friend, and one who I met a long time ago. We had a few sparring bouts, we even drank before the... Battle in Setarco, she always knew how to have fun in life where I didn't at times, I don't get out and talk to people much, but all of them meant something to me in some way," he admits.

"I had made a gift for the Princess' memorial, I didn't get around to making others so I hope you all forgive me, perhaps when the muse touches me, I will be able to add more, but I like to make mementos people can remember others by with, so this... I've only made two of, and I hope it will help in keeping the memory alive, as a scholar I believe memory and records and knowledge of our lives, as long as they remain, then someone will always know that person," he states. He then uncovers a painting. "And... Uh, this is dedicated to the Iron Guard for the memorial." He steps back.

Merek drops Princess Serafine Athalie Velenosa Painting.

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Turn in line: Waldemai

Waldemai is holding his cap in his hands with all these nobles around. "I was at Setarco," he says simply. "I was on the walls when Serafine rode out with the cavalry. It was magnificent. They left the foot of the wall littered with the enemy's dead." He bobs his head once. "I knew Lord Estaban. I got drunk with him the day before his wedding." He looks up to Lucita. "It was the prince's idea," he explains. "Anyway, I wanted to say that he was the kind of noble that reminded me of why the nobles are better than us commoners, not just because of who their parents were, but because they act...well, you know. Noble, right? He was one of the good ones and we're going to miss him." That's what he had to say, and he said it. He steps back. A snort of that good whiskey would go down good right now.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Esoka makes a soft "Ah" sound to Rymarr, her smile crooking up wryly. She nods in agreement with whatever-that-was, though. "Lady Kenna," she murmurs in soft greeting to the Whitehawk woman. "My sorrows on the Guard's loss. I knew neither very well, but they impressed me with their steadfast dedication each time we met." She keeps her tone low, her attention on Merek and Waldemai, and the others who get up to speak.

Calaudrin has stepped back and has his head bowed, listening quietly as members of the guard share stories of those they've lost.

Turn in line: Lucita

Rymarr is overheard praising Merek for: He can't dress himself, but he sure can paint. His representation of The Princess Serafine Velenosa is exemplary.

Lucita looks appreciative of the words spoken, her expression softening. She draws a breath and then says. "I am glad so many turned out for this and thank you for being here. I'll speak first of Officer Serafine. She stood with us not once but twice on the wall, her skill, her spirit and dedication obvious and things of which her fellow guardsmen can be proud. She helped keep me and some civilian volunteers and those of the faith alive at a crucial point and then fought well, bravely in the battle that took her life. It was an inspiring privilege to know her. As for my husband, sometimes it is difficult to find words to say but will try to speak of him in the context that seems to fit here. It was during his Iron Guard rounds that we first met, in the Hall of Heroes. When his rounds were done he stayed to talk and we began to forge a friendship, but even then, he put duty first. Gunther here, was his dog and walked every step of his rounds throughout the city with him, a familiar sight to many, and a living reminder of Estaban, the Iron Guardsman. Throughout our courtship he maintained his rounds, and after we married and would bring me here to the barracks to meet the men who served with him, speaking of them respectfully and with pride of being one of them." When done, she bows her head and returns to a spot between Calypso and Sparte.

Reese is overheard praising Merek for: beautiful painting

Reese is overheard praising Calaudrin for: Great memorial

Merek is overheard praising Calaudrin for: Hosting a memorial for our comrades.

Reese is overheard praising Lucita for: grieving with grace and dignity, sorrowful and yet still aware of others. mourning without drama. A truly elegant woman.

Calaudrin is overheard praising Lucita for: For being so graceful and well spoken at a difficult time.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Sir Frances Flappington IV, an albino crow arrive, following Aiden.

Rymarr has joined the line.

Sparte is overheard praising Calaudrin for: For allowing us to join together and remember.

Merek is overheard praising Aiden for: Better late than never, he fights all odds to mourn his comrades.

"I wish I had known them better myself." Kenna says simply, her hands now finally folded in front of her rather than behind. She falls silent when Lucita speaks and her gaze moves to the iron wall.

Calaudrin takes a hand and drags it over his face when Lucita speaks. He's /fine/, completely /fine/. There's a quiet breath before he lifts his chin to watch over the proceedings with a sad, somber expression.

Turn in line: Sparte

Aiden has joined the line.

Calypso is overheard praising Lucita for: Honoring her husband, her House, and the Iron Guard with her poise and composure.

Merek seems to have a saddened expression on his face, even if his painting is well liked, it seems that the memorial is getting to him, and he allows his hair to mask his face a moment as he rubs it, a slight sniffle and shift to be composed. Something said caught his attention, but Lucita takes his attention away from that, and his head is bowed in respect once more.

Calypso watches in silence. While everyone speaks up, she pays particular attention to Lucita. At hearing what all is said, a deep and respectful nod is given to the Baroness. And there is a rare, empathetic smile just for her.

Aiden checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Calypso is overheard praising Calaudrin for: An outstanding memorial for the ones who have given their lives in the highest calling the Iron Guard can ask. We should all be grateful.

Esoka bows her head deep to Lucita throughout the woman's words. Reaching out to twine her arm through Calaudrin's, during all that. "Their service will be remembered and honored. Perhaps you can know them better for the examples they leave behind," she mutters soft to Kenna.

Sparte looks to Lucita as she steps forward, closing his eyes as he listens to her words. When she returns Sparte nods faintly and gives her a brief smile before stepping forward to take his own turn to speak. A look is given to the helmet in the crook of his arm before he speaks. "We lose the best of us, because they are the best of us. I..." Sparte swallows and looks to the wall. "I've been worn down by loss. I want to cry, but the tears won't come. So instead I remember. I remember Serafine knocking me senseless when I was still new to the guard, doing her part to beat something that resembled a soldier into the farmer I had been." Sparte looks to Calaudrin. "I don't know how to fill her shoes either, she was amazing." His eyes dip to the ground. "And I remember stepping off onto Setarco. Estaban sailed us there. I remember his smile and his confidence. How we'd already made plans to sail home together." Sparte shakes his head. "And said goodbye, in case the worse came to pass. I... I have no more tears. Yet I know what they bought us with their sacrifice, and I know in my heart they paid that price without flinching. May they never be forgotten." Sparte steps back, face pained as he lowers his head again.

Turn in line: Rymarr

Rymarr steps forward and moves to clasp his gauntlets, one atop the other, before himself. He looks first around to the memorial wall, then back to the gathering before he offers a stoic nod of his head, "Excellent work, Lieutenant and to all of those who helped to put the whole deal together". Rymarr's attention then turns back to the gathering, though he notably seeks out Lucita whom he offers a polite dip of his chin, "Baroness Saik, first, I wish to extend my heartfelt sympathies to you at your loss. I didn't know Baron Estaban well, but the few times that I did encounter him? He always seemed to be in a perpetual state of happiness, good spirits, and ever willing to reach out to a complete stranger with a kindly greeting. Secondly, you display your own strength impeccably well here in this very moment, many less people wouldn't be able to be present for a memorial like this, let alone leave their beds. House Saik and the Iron Guard are both a lesser place without Baron Estaban's presence presence."

Then Rymarr's attention scans the crowd for a moment before he offers a faint shake of his head, "Princess Serafine Velenosa once stared at my groin, while making some comments about having heard about me. It was a fairly uncomfortable experience. That's about the only noteworthy story I have for her."

Then Rymarr's gauntlet lifts to point one finger off toward Merek, "Put a shirt on. You look ridiculous". Then Rymarr's attention shifts about, as though the grim knight were taking stock of his surroundings and the people in it to determine whether or not he'd missed anyone. Then his attention turns back to Merek and Rymarr seems to recall at that moment, "I'm also sorry to hear about Chuck. I hope that your next partner is just as memorable and dependable."

Calaudrin watches Sparte steps away and then uncrosses his arms, moving forward to clap an arm on his shoulder. It's meant to be a quiet, companionable gesture among all of the talking.

Calaudrin checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Calaudrin looks like he's going to start laughing. He really does. It's a reaction that he just barely checks, taking several steadying breaths. "Thank you Marquis Rymarr."

Turn in line: Aiden

Reese seems to be quite sad as people talk. She isn't talking herself, but it wouldn't take much emapthy to realize, that she just isn't up for such now. Her golden lashes are damp with tears.

Merek looks to the Rymarr and nods a bit in respect, "Thank you, m'Lord," he states, not correcting that it's Charles, though he does take a moment to check his pack, and slides on an umbra shirt with his sigil for the shop on it, casually listening.

Calypso looks towards Rymarr, seeking his eyes. If met, she gives him a solemn nod of thanks.

"Pardon me." Kenna says softly to Esoka before leaving her side. Deftly she steps to Reese's side and offers her a handkerchief without a single word, or actually looking at the knight.

Lucita nods her thanks to Rymarr and says softly. "I could not have done it a few weeks ago, not easy now but wanted to be here for those others who also miss him and it helps to learn of others stories of him."

Reese is overheard praising Rymarr for: He is a strong and consistent leader in his house, along side his impressive wife. But he also has a way with words. His memorial word were moving.

Reese reaches out for the offered handerchief from Kenna. She tries to wipe her tears.

The Prince of Grayson, known to the Iron Guard for several reasons, least of which is being a friend of many, moves from the back where he had a cloak's hood drawn up over his head. That should have been the first clue someone didn't want to be noticed - it's summer, hoods are hot! He was totally there the whole time, nope, not late! Regardless, when it seems that the line of people who are speaking come to nearing an end, having heard Sparte first and Rymarr second, his hands come up to push back his hood. "May I?" He approaches and steps through the crowd that has gathered, turning a look to the memorial statue, then to the painting of Princess Serafine.

Aiden pivots then to face the crowd of Iron Guards, family of, friends of, and supportive individuals. He draws out a bottle of whiskey, "Master Calaudrin, thank you for hosting this." He takes a moment, "I've said goodbyes to my friends. I've spent long hours in anguish and grief. I have railed over their fate for many weeks since we've returned. It doesn't get easier. Their loss remains with us. But it is their loss that would be in vain if we do not carry forward and survive, and live, for them." He gestures toward the back where there's some Grayson assistants with him, to pass out whiskey, "While I did not know Princess Serafine, I know that the Lord Commander held her in high regard. I knew Estaban, which, I think he would rather see me smile and drink to his memory than shed anymore tears. So, I think, he'd like the rest of you to drink with us in attempts to do the same, to hold those we lost in memory of what time they've shared with us."

Aiden waits for the whiskey to be passed out between people, "We see now what length our enemies will go to, to commit us to their darkness. However, the people who gave their lives, gave us the chance to live in the illumination of their love and sacrifice. Let us not waste the moment. Drink with me and raise a glass, for the Iron Guard stands as a small reminder that we can work together for the greater good. Our friends, were the best among them."

After he's finished speaking, Rymarr moves back to stand alongside Esoka. He returns his attention to surveying the gathering in silence. Watching, ever watching. Then Merek's putting on a shirt and Rymarr lifts one armored hand, with a thumb extending up. That armored thumb is aimed toward Merek, showcasing Marquis Deepwood's approval at the action. Duchess Calypso seems to gather Rymarr's attention after a moment, whom he offers a solemn bow of the head toward. Lucita's answer though draws Rymarr's expression tight as he offers an understanding nod of his head and a quiet word conveyed to her.

Aiden drops a bottle of Baron Estaban's favorite whiskey.

Reese is overheard praising Aiden for: Aiden is an amazing man, deep feeling and strong still in is sorrow.

He sighs deeply before folding the paper up and slipping it away into a pocket now that it seems everyone is done. Calaudrin has worn his steel gauntlets tonight and the reason why becomes evident. Once the talking is down, he cracks his gauntlets against his breastplate in rapid succession sending out a metallic clanging across the plaze and calls out: "IRON AND BLOOD."

Aiden repeats though he wears no armor himself, raising the glass, "Iron and Blood!"

"I liked your speech," Esoka murmurs low to Rymarr. She falls quiet again as Aiden talks, smiling one of those somber smiles. A glass of whiskey is taken, and raised. "Honors be," she says simply, and drinks.

Calypso raps her hand against her sword and lifts her fisted hands. "Iron and Blood!"

Rymarr is overheard praising Calaudrin for: Iron and Blood!

Aiden is overheard praising Calaudrin for: Iron and Blood!

Esoka is overheard praising Calaudrin for: Iron and blood

Waldemai jangles the chainmail he's wearing on his legs.

Reese joins with in with the others. "Iron and Blood." She says, lifting her voice to carry.

Merek lifts up his hand, "IRON AND BLOOD!" he exclaims.

"IRON AND BLOOD." Kenna shouts with the others that repeat, her whole demeanor one of focused determination. Leaving Reese's side she weaves towards Aiden, and this time actually reaches out to lightly touch his arm and whisper something.

Lucita takes one of the whiskey, enough sipped for a toast to those for whom the memorial is being held, honor shown them. "Iron and Blood."

"Iron and blood," Esoka intones as she drinks again. Leaning over to mutter something to Calaudrin, before downing the rest of her drink.

Rymarr offers a stoic nod of his head in return to Esoka's statement, though he does not answer verbally. That lone nod shall suffice. Rymarr's attention diverts this way and that, expression grim. The call from Calaudrin though sees Rymarr's gauntlet rattle loudly as he beats at his own armored chest as he calls out loudly in answer, "Iron and Blood!" He beats his chest twice before his hand falls away to his side and he offers a firm nod of his head toward Calaudrin and then around to the rest of those dedicated to the Iron Guard nearby.

Sparte GM Roll checked composure(2) at difficulty 7, rolling 11 higher.

Aiden toasts, drinks, and then moves into a hug when Kenna reaches him.

Despite the sudden screaming Wilhelm manages to maintain his composure and not start screaming. Instead he just slowly backs away from the gathering of guardsmen.

Sparte places his fist across the brow of the helm held in the opposite crook of his arm. "Iron and Blood."

A HUG?! Kenna is absolutely taken aback when it's Aiden that initiates the affectionate gesture. She isn't going to let the moment pass though and hugs Aiden fiercely in return.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kenna before departing.

Once the entire thing is over, Calaudrin kind of deflates. He steps away from the front. Apparently he's done. He's not actually that good at hosting /anything/, so it probably seems weird. But hopefully everyone will realize he doesn't have anything else after nothing more happens. Instead he moves to Esoka and listens to that whisper and smiles, leaning in to squeeze her tightly.

Baron Archibald Chirpington, a Gyrfalcon arrives, delivering a message to Calaudrin before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

It's entirely surprising that Aiden initiates the hug but it is done! That he's hugged fiercely in return has him actually /chuckle/ ... it sounds like a laugh. It looks like a small smile forming on his features and he draws back with a familiar and kind look in his eyes, "I admit, I have been... reclusive these last few weeks. How've you been?"

Calypso looks once more time to Rymarr in a vote of respect before turning and whispering to Lucita. Once done, she backs away, then turns and moves to be rejoined by the guards.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Willen leaves, following Lou.

Rymarr takes note of Calaudrin's deflating and the gathering trailing on into nothingness. That's when Rymarr speaks up, loud and clear, "Alright, people! Let's get moving. Hug, kiss, take each other home if you'd like! Start your patrols if it's your time! But that's all, the Lieutenant needs to go rock back and forth in a corner now!" Rymarr prepares to step away from Esoka, but he turns back to her in order to swing a large gauntlet at her shoulder in preparation of giving her a friendly shake at the shoulder after dropping his armored hand to that location. Then he takes note of her own lack of armor and his hand abruptly halts and withdraws as he hisses through grit teeth, "Oooh, no, that'll hurt". He withdraws his hand back to his side and offers a solemn dip of his chin back to Esoka, "Dame Esoka, it was a pleasure to see you again, but it's time for me to go stare at my gate."

Lucita looks as though she has likely reached her limit. The glance she gives Calypso is a grateful one. "I hope so. I'm really trying hard to do as I think he would want." And she gestures toward Micana. "I think... perhaps... will return home now."

"Worried about //you//, offending nobles, you know. Normal." Kenna steps back but doesn't quite release Aiden. Her bright blue eyes search his face and find that smile and the more familiar tone in his eyes. "You're back in more ways than one." ONE MORE HUG. Sorry Rymarr.

"Enjoy your gate!" Esoka hollers at Rymarr. Calaudrin is given another pat on the shoulder, before she moves to circulate a little. Approaching Aiden. "Your highness. It's good to see here. I feel like your comrades would've liked this, though I didn't know them well."

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