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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XII

Join us for another fun-filled night of sparring, spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels (and disciplines, including melee, bare knuckle and archers) of fighters are welcome. Bring your weapons and armor of your choice, use the Hart's armor and weapons to truly test your skills, or just come to enjoy the scene, drink deep and make a playful wager or two on your favourite fighters.

This is a relaxed social fundraising event. More importantly, drinks are on the house.

All are welcome!

(OOC: This is a casual event created just to cut loose and have some fun. The Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. We would be very happy to have you.)


March 25, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Brogan Valencia


Artorius Waldemai Mirari Tobias Violet Fianna Duarte Echo Daemon(RIP) Alban Genevieve Ignacio Lisebet Giulio Enyo Joslyn Theron Jordan(RIP) Kia Aurus Klaus Malesh Jorygg Grazia Amarantha Ian Talwyn Ennettia Arik Agatha Luca Cadenza Felicia Joscelin Jericho Wynna Reese Arion Jeffeth Silvio Gaston



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Ezekiel the German Shepherd, 2 Sea Rover Bodyguards arrive, following Artorius.

Felicia strolls through from the main room with a whiskey glass already in hand, taking a look at those present even as she heads towards her usual spot near the arena floor.

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Cadenza snorts as she just rolls her eyes playfully. "I doubt that will happen, my lord...." At that she looks to Ian him wave. Smiling she lets her blue eyes looking over before nodding her head to a spot. "Over here...."

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Valencia enters the room with a sweep of storm-grey silk skits. The expression on the little vixen's face is different tonight. The joyous sparkle and beaming bright smile is a little more resolved than usual, but the weeping, heartbroken girl of the past week seems to be banished from now. She smiles and nods to Cadenza and Ignacio as she arrives, giving her cousin a little hug and a kiss on the cheek and turns to offer a warm and welcoming nod to Felicia as she arrives. "Welcome," she smiles. "Please, have a drink. Tonight is a night for drinking I think."

Ian notices Cadenza waving him over, and slides off his bar stool. He watches his steps carefully as he closes the short distance between bar and table, his mechanical gait a little bit stilted. After he sinks into a chair, a waitress follows him with his glass and the bottle of whiskey he's been slowly working his way through.

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Artorius arrives at the Arena, big smile on the Count's face as he looks about, massive greatsword sheathed and rested on his shoulder. "Hello all! I pray for a fun evening of friendly combat and merriment." he smiles to Valencia then, bowing to the mistress of the house.

Felicia raises a glass in acknowledgment of Valencia,"Always a night for drinking, your highness. Question is whether or not anyone's got the heart in them to do a little fighting, too." which of course means that Artorius' greeting, and greatsword, are given at least some interest as she props her feet up on the chair next to her, not in a rush this evening, apparently.

Ignacio follows Cadenza over to the table, easing himself into a chair, wincing a little as he does before he comes to rest on it. He smiles over to Valencia, "Good eve Your highness, I think you are right, I think this will be a good eve for drinking. Once things take off, feel free to join us. Your always welcome at our table."

Cadenza wiggles her fingers to Val then gives her a kiss and hug in return. "Join us, cousin...when you a can." A nod as she looks to Ian, her conversation returning to the table. Glancing to Felicia she waves. "Maybe!! But I don't feel like getting knocked around so roughly! I'm a fragile thing!"

A head of crimson hair can be seen peeking shyly into the room that houses the arena. He looks uncertain, nibbling his bottom lip thoughtfully as he scans the crowds. The sight of Artorius and the mans massive sword has him blinking and looking even more wary. Finally though he steels himself and steps further in moving quietly towards a free table. A hand reaches up, brushing back that long red hair and insuring it stays in its proper place.

A smile is sent Ian's way, along with the customary look of worry as she notes he is well into his cups. That noted she turns to offer greeting to Artorius, a graceful curtsy in answer to his gallant bow. There is a nod and a smile to Felicia. "This is so," she smiles to the lovey redheaded warrior. "But I have been reminded today that we honour those we love and have lost by living well and with joy. We are a people who love good company, high spirits and enjoy the flash of fire in the ring. I hope those who feel up to it, will honour those with a show of such joy and prowess. I know my Sera would not want us to weep. She would want us to rejoice and love deep."

Another smile and nod is graciously and gratefully given to Cadenza and Ignacio for their invitation to join them and a bright and welcoming smile is offered to Arion as he arrives, "Good evening. Please be welcome to my Hart. I am the Princess Valencia, and you are?"

Ian nods to Valencia from where he sits. And then takes a drink. Because if he's not already well into his cups, that's definitely where he's going.

Waldemai lifts his mug of ale toward Valencia at her speech. "Hear hear," he calls.

Felicia can't help but grin wolfishly in Cadenza's direction,"Somehow I doubt that, your highness." but, there's an Arion, and she raises a hand to whistle sharply in his direction to give him a heads up,"I'm willing to fight, I'm pretty sure at least one person's arm could be twisted into meeting me on the sands." even if right now she's working on a whiskey as she eyes Artorius unabashedly.

Dressed simply in a light sundress, the dark skinned prodigal woman slips inside. Taking a glance about, she looks about for any familiar faces. Upon seeing Artorius, Kia's eyes widen as she hrmms for a few moments, not quite sure if she should make her presence known. He's her boss afterall.

Daemon steps through the doors to the arena, a hand set down upon his hilt. Not the blade of diamondplate, but the one of steel. Fashioned straight from the Oathlands it was. His eyes turn upon all those already gathered. Small, thin smiles had for all those who he passes as he makes his way to a seat. For now, a spectator.

Alban moves into the Arena seating area and smiles slightly before moving towards an empty table and sitting down. He settles in and relaxes, waiting for the festiviites to begin.

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Cadenza stands then as she looks to Felicia. "Alright....let's do this. Maybe I can have retribution...." Laughing she pulls that hood up on her head as she motions to the ring. "After you....please be gentle..." She'd grin as she starts her way down to the sands.

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Valencia smiles fondly at Waldemai as he calls out with approval, and a pretty little barmaid sets off with a big pitcher in hand to scale the ladder to the rafters to see that the guests above have enough to drink. She takes a deep breath, her smile grown more warm and truly fond as faces new and old begin to arrive. "If you will pardon me. I should open the event."

Ian turns his attention to the rest of the room when Cadenza gets up to go fight. There are a lot of new faces here, and he studies each of them in turn, watching each for maybe a hair too long, and with a gaze that's absolutely focused on them, the subjects.

Ignacio sipping up on his glass of wine, he watches Cadenza head towards the ring with a grin crossing his face as he drapes his arm over the back of his chair to get a better view of raven haired woman preparing to fight.

Arion pauses as Valencia greets him. He bows low in a graceful fashion a warm smile touching his lips. "Arion Harrow. Its a pleasure to meet you Your Highness." He straightens up once more his smile gentle as he regards her. "It is most kind of you to host such a fine event for us Your Highness. You have my thanks." But then there is a sharp whistle that has him peering over at Felicia. He grins. "It seems I will need to start cheering early Your Highness. And here I thought my sister could wait a bit before diving into the arena."

Ennettia drifts into the Sip'n'Spar, and it's immediate at first glance she's likely more spectator than participant: no weapon, pretty but fragile dress, a glass of wine already in hand. Her brows rise as she looks over how popular this particular event in, but her slow steps going her moving. Must find a seat. All this walking is ever so tiresome. Spotting a few familiar faces - Ian, Felicia - they earn small smiles, before making her way to the ringside table, draping herself into a seat and setting down her glass. Luckily it the glass had wine, and she could sip it to lighten the load, or who knows if she would have made it.

Felicia laughs as she hears Cadenza's words, throwing back the rest of her whiskey before she rises from her seat,"I'll try." she avows as innocently as she can manage before strolling out onto the sands to find her spot and wait for Valencia to open things officially.

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Clad in sultry storm grey silks that embrace slender waist and enticing curves, Valencia gracefully moves into the center of the Ring of Valor. She nod graciously to Cadenza and Felicia who stand ready on the sands and offers beautiful smile and a gracious incline of her head as to the room.

"My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friendsÂ… welcome to my Hart. Thank you for joining us," she begins. "It has been a difficult and trying time for all. A time of bravery and resolve. Grief and sorrow. Great relief and joy at having loved ones home. And deep gratitude to all who have risen to protect us and those we love." There is a pause as the little vixen takes a moment to check her composure, a little breath taken as she steals herself and continues, "Tonight we come together, as always, for an evening of excellent company and to enjoy remarkable skills. Some may wonder why we would do this in the middle of such heart break and loss, but we do not do this to forget, but to honour and lift spirits so that we may go on."

"Tonight is also about honouring those we love and have lost by living life to the fullest as they would want us to. So we grieve and we smile at their memory and offer them the greatest respect by living well and true so that their sacrifice is honoured with each breath we take. Thank you for honouring them in this way and for all your sacrifices and love, both here and on the battlefields and seas. It is my greatest honour to be in your presence."

"As always, all are welcome to participate and the bar is free for your pleasure," the little southern princess invites the growing crowd. "Tonight, as always, we are collecting donations in support of the Hart's charitable work. If you would like to consider supporting the good work we do, we thank you. If you would like to join us in this good work, we are so very grateful and welcome you. We can certainly not do this important work without you. The more we can do to help others, the stronger we will be as a realm."

"Thank you all for making the Hart is a place for all of Arx. Thank you for blessing us with your good will, fine company and generous spirit. Thank you for all you bring to our realm. We wish you much light, luck and love!" Unshed tears in her large dark eyes, Valencia turns to smile proudly at the ladies of Arx who will begin tonight's event with style and unparalleled grace. "And now, warriors, if you will take to the sands!"

Arion bows once more as Valencia moves off and then goes to find himself a place to sit. His eyes seek out Felicia in the ring and he smiles faintly his expression showing amusement as he watches her and those around her from where he sits. He spots Daemon in the crowds and seems to recognize the man. A moment of thought is given before he hops out of his current seat and moves over to where the other man sits. "Is that seat free?" He asks with a shy smile gesturing to the seat next to Daemon.

Clad in sultry storm grey silks that embrace slender waist and enticing curves, Valencia gracefully moves into the center of the Ring of Valor. She nod graciously to Cadenza and Felicia who stand ready on the sands and offers beautiful smile and a gracious incline of her head to the room and then begins...

"My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends.... welcome to my Hart. Thank you for joining us."

"Tonight we come together, as always, for an evening of excellent company and to enjoy remarkable skills. Some may wonder why we would do this in the middle of such heartbreak and loss. We do not do this to forget, but to honour those we love so dear and to lift spirits so that we may go on and live life to the fullest as they would want us to."

There is a pause as the little vixen takes a moment to check her composure, a little breath taken as she steals herself and continues...

"And so, we grieve and we smile at their memory. And then we offer them the greatest respect by living well and true so that their sacrifice and lives are honoured with each breath we take. Thank you for honouring them in this way. And thank you for all your own sacrifices and love, both here in Arx, in your homes abroad, and on the battlefields and the seas. It is my greatest honour to be in your presence."

"Tonight, we will not be asking for donations, but we will be inviting you to the events we will hold in future to help our realm and peoples rebuild. I hope you will join us in that."

"For now, please accept our gratitude for making the Hart is a place for all of Arx. Thank you for blessing us with your good will, fine company and generous spirit. We wish you much light, luck and love."

Unshed tears in her large dark eyes, Valencia turns to smile proudly at the ladies of Arx who will begin tonight's event with style and unparalleled grace. "And now, warriors, if you will take to the sands!"

Not yet being noticed, Kia glances about and finds another familiar face over at the bar. Turning to Klaus, she motions in that direction. "Well, let us get some wine and enjoy the festivities, yes?" she chirps cheerily before meandering in that direction and hopping onto one of the stools to get a decent view of the goings on.

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Valencia corrects her rather embarrassing flub. *blushes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much*

"Of course." Daemon replied to the man in fairly cheery fashion. "Sit. Be comfortable. Enjoy the spectacle of combative hearts." He even pulls out Arion's seat for him, how nice! And gives a smile to something said at their table.

Kia takes a seat not too far away from Alban, and she bows her head. "Hello again, m'lord Alban."

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Felicia makes with the showy bow, because, well, why not, the inclination of her head to Cadenza respectful as she draws Persuasion,"When you're ready, your highness." offered to her opponent with a salute.

Felicia wields Persuasion.

Once into the arena, Fianna looks around with curiosity bright in those hazel eyes. She notes one semi-familiar face but nobody she truly -knows-, then shrugs and grins and makes her way further in. While looking like she could try her hand at the contests, she seems ill-equipped for it and instead makes her way towards one of the tables to get a good seat to watch the action from!

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Once her cousin was done, she bows to her to Valencia before unsheathing her sword. Yawning she just peers from underneath the shadows of her hood, and raises her sword to the woman in a salute. "After you.." Cadenza readies herself.

Cadenza wields Wild Heart.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Arion blushes just a bit as Daemon pulls out a seat for him. But his smile is bright and he inclines his head gratefully as he settles into the chair. A smile is given to Daemon and Ennettia before his gaze goes to Felicia as she prepares to fight. He grins happily his eyes lighting up as he leans forward in his seat a little.

Alban smiles at Kia, "Mistress Kia, it seems you have found one of our favorite pursuits." He gestures around and then down to the sands, "Every so often, we come here to spar and enjoy the night. Celebrate life. It is especially important now after tragedy has befallen so many." He gestures towards the barkeep, "Would you like something to drink? The spirits are usually free this night."

Another new entry into the arena comes in the form of Prince Talwyn Valardin, clad in a tunic of soft, expensive silk and matching trousers. The man pauses, glancing around the place, as well as its occupants, before making his way toward the bar. Once there, he leans casually against the thing and orders up simple glass of brandy.

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"This has to be a bit of culture shock for me." Kia admits ruefully, letting out a soft chuckle escape from her lips as she looks up to see what's going on. Peering back at Alban, "When we celebrate life back on the islands, there is much food and merriment, and much thanks given to the spirits for bounty and to the lives that we are blessed with." A beat as she hrmms at the offer for a drink. "If drinks ar efree, then, I should take advantage, no? What's the most expensive one here?" she asks, grinning cheekily.

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Once the spar starts, it's the spar that has all of Ian's attention. He leans forward a little bit, his sharp eyes taking in every small detail of the action.

Artorius still had his blade in hand as he looked around as if to search for someone to test his steel against, before the ladies take to the field it looks like! Chuckling a moment, he smiles big and wide! before he finds himself seated at the bar, watching the spar with intentino. "Who would test themselves against me after this combat?" he asks then.

The little vixen steps from the sands and allows the ladies the field, dark eyes seeking out faces who have not yet been welcomed. She spies Kia and Alban and nods warmly towards them. "Yes, of course free. Charity begins in the Hart and home, yes? Please be welcome. Let us get you something," Valencia replies with a big and beautiful smile as she waves over a pretty little buxom barmid their way to ensure they are well cared for. "Lizette, whatever they wish." Another smile is offered to Fianna who arrives shortly after the others. "Good evening! Welcome," Valencia nods warmly. "I am so very glad to meet you. Please join us. I was about to request more wine and whiskey. Would you care for some as well? And you, sir?" she asks turning to smile at Talwyn.

Klaus nods to Kia. "A splendid idea." Walking with her over to the bar he nods to Alban. "Lord Klaus of house Laurent." He eventually orders wine and takes a seat as well. Looking down he watches intently as well. Sideways to Kia he says, "Yes, never turn down free wine." He grins over to her and raises his goblet, a drink had after.

Alban turns to watch the sparring from his seat at the bar, "Honestly, I do not know Mistress Kia. I am usually a simple whiskey man, when I choose to imbibe. Though I have begun learning wines." He smiles at Kia and then bows his head towards Klaus, "A pleasure Lord Laurent. Lord Alban Farshaw." he introduces himself to Klaus as well.

Cadenza takes critical damage.

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Tha'ts when she pauses for a few moments. Was it something Alban said? Kia peers at the nobleman curiously, pursing her lips before she shrugs it off and nods. "I'll just have whatever would be considered best this time. What would be the best white wine here? The reds tend to get me drunk faster" she says, sounding unsure of herself as she lets out a soft chuckle.

Fianna flashes a bright grin towards Valencia and waves as well, "Fi-um, Layde Fianna Crovane! Its nice to meet you too! I gues, uh... whiskey? I've never had wine before." Her grin turns abashed and she rubs the back of her head, dislodging a bit of hay from those curls. Looking to the other folks at the bar, she offers a bright smile. "Hello Lord Alban! And Lord Klaus. And Mistress Kia!"

"Whiskey it is then, my lady. But if you wish to try wine, we have a beautiful red out of Tor. Very rich and very strong, but easy to drink," Valencia nods warmly, giving a little glance Alban, Klaus and Kia's way as Fianna welcomes them. "Go, please. I wills end two bottles for you to share, yes?" she offers with a gentle nod, happy that the lady of Crovane has found friends to enjoy the evening with.

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Grazia.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, Grazia arrive, following Theron.

Well the two of them were dancing around each other it would seem. Cadenza managed to just skim the woman a few times until she just finally went in aggressively. Using the flat of her blade, the raven haired princess landed one good hit but boy did it live her open. As she was hit, she gasped out as she took that hit...stumbling back a bit. "....oh....."

Klaus looks around, ever observant. "Well, by all means I would go with the red, Mistress." He grins when he teases Kia and to Alban he says, "Well met, Lord Alban." Another raise of his glass and a sip. "Hello to you as well." He says to Fianna. "Whiskey is sounding better and better.

Artorius eventually sees Kia, a new member of his House and he approaches her, putting a brief hand on her shoulder to let her know the Count was there. "Greetings! It's good to se you in Arx."

Felicia barely has time to wink at her brother with a wolfish grin before her attention has to go to Cadenza, if they were going for an exhibition, it's there, in the flicker and clash of cutlass versus greatsword without either really gaining anything like an appreciable hit on their opponent. It wrests a laugh from Felicia at the seeming frustration of finding the princess eluding or deflecting her blade at each pass before caution has to give way to some more aggression. Which lures them both, evidently, into a pass that is probably fortunate to be conducted with padded blades and armored respect given that neither comes steps away unscathed. But with that hit, the fight's paused at least, specifically so that Felicia can press a hand to her own side with a grimace, more concerned about asking of Cadenza,"Are you alright? There was... more strength behind that than I intended."

Alban looks over towards Fianna and raises an eyebrow but he smiles and nods towards her, "Lady Fianna. A pleasure to see you again. Will you join us?" He asks, gesturing to an empty space at the bar then he nods over towards Valencia, "Our thanks. I'll just have water tonight though." He then looks at Kia and Klaus, smiles slightly, "Go with what pleases you. That is the entire point." He looks over towards Artorius, considering the man who wants to spar next.

"Well, I suppose if I have m'lords looking out for me, then I can imbibe in the lovely red from Tor." Kia offers as she bows her head at Valencia and Fianna, flashing her pearly whites. When in Ro... erm, Arx, afterall. Feeling the clasp on her shoulder, she looks back and blushes bashfully. "M'lord! I... uh... should... with your permission... perhaps, the red?" Does this technically mean she's on the job now?

Ignacio shifts in his chair, lowering his wine as he watches Cadenza and Felicia as is emerald eyes study the pair for a moment before he goes back to sipping on it.

Agatha's eyes go to the ring before anywhere else. The action draws her in - she just can't help it. Her eyes light up as she sees the battle taking place and she forgets manners, charging forward to get a better view up close to the ring. "C'mon, Little Red! You can ... " There's a pause when she sees that it's Cadenza in the ring with Felicia and she hesitates. Maybe over trying to remember the titles for a moment. In the end there's an apologetic grin before she goes back to the original call. It's just easier. "WOOHOO Little Red." Now to get a drink!

Ian shakes his head ever so slightly when Cadenza goes for that opening, but doesn't wince at the hit, hard though it might be. The spar continues to keep all of his attention.

Cadenza nods, chuckling softly as she slowly stands up straight. Good thing her face was mostly hidden in the shadows of her hood. Taking a deep breath, she just nods slowly. "Yeah...I'm fine. You?" Her arm wrapped around her torso she lifts her sword arm up as if testing something then nods. "....and no......I don't need to stop."

Mirari walks in, and her eyes automatically go to the rafters, and she climbs up with a grin as she settles down near Waldemai.

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"Oh! Um, okay! I've never had anything at all from that far south! This will be fun!" Fianna calls out, ready to try something new even if she's mor comfortable with the whiskey. Catching Klaus' comment, she grins at him, "How about this. I'll try the wine. You try the whiskey. If we don't like it, we can switch! Win-win." Turning slightly, she smiles brightly at Alban and lifts a hand towards him, "Hello! Thank you, its good to see you again as well! But why only water?" Kia gets treated to the same bright smile as Alban.

Felicia looks a little dubious even as she nods,"Whiskey is an excellent anesthetic. Though I understand that the Mercies don't necessarily approve." she offers wryly, stepping off to give Cadenza space,"Take your time."

Having come here not to spar, but to drink, something appears to have changed Theron's mind! So he is here to beat some people up. He considers his assortment of weapons and draws the exotically shaped and strangely well-made steel one.

Klaus sees the Count and inclines his head slightly. Watching on he lets out an 'ooo' When Cadenza and Felicia clash. "She surely collected with that stroke." He points out. Then to Kia he adds, "Yes, do not fret, Mistress." He says it with a mischievious grin. His attention over to Fianna now he says, "A wonderful notion. We cannot go wrong in this." He swallows the rest of his wine now.

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Ennettia tilts her head as a messenger arrives for her, listening to something said, before she finishes her wine, smiles, and departs.

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Artorius couldn't help but chuckle a little bit at Kia's response to him. "It's good to see you, Kia. You don't need my permission to have a drink or five." he winks at the young lady, removing his hand from her shoulder. "Tonight, enjoy yourself and be merry. We will speak after the event more in depth." a kindness to his features.

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Bowing her head, Kia lets out another impish giggle as she waggles her brows in Klaus' direction. "Then I shall enjoy myself." she says with a sage nod before leaning against Artorius for a few moments. "I believe you may have a challenger, m'lord." and she points in the direction of Theron who seems to be looking at the various weapons. "And of course, m'lord. I can always prepare the salves of the islands to ease any aching muscles, but do be careful."

Grazia glides in on Theron's arm, her posture regal and proud. She settles in at the raised seating the better to watch the matches.

Fianna offers a grin to Klaus and bobs her head at him, commenting, "Thank you! You said you're of House Laurent, right? That's, the, um... the Oathlands? West of Arx? Your people are horsemen?" She seems excited at the prospect of meeting someone that might be knowledgeable on horses.

Arion watches the ongoing match intently, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. Glancing aside to Daemon he smiles shyly and asks. "Forgive me but I don't recall your name. I remember seeing you before but I'm not sure we were introduced." A soft smile is given as he studies Daemon curiously for a moment before the fight draws his attention once more.

Mirari gets a slender silver flask from a round oak accoutrements case.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard arrives, following Lisebet.

The little vixen pauses to watch the bout for a bit, her dark eyes dancing with pride as the ladies whirl and turn about the ring. A bright smile is offered to Mirari as she arrives, one that grows a little as she spies the glamorous woman eyeing Waldemai in the rafters. "Ah, I do believe bets may be laid, tonight?" she smiles to Mirari, offering her a little hug and akiss upon the cheek. "I'm glad to see you, my dear. Please let's get you a drink. It is a night for drinking more than ever, I think." A little glance is sent Talwyn's way and she smiles. "Would you care to join us?" she invites.

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Artorius couldn't help but smile a little wider, nodding softly to Kia "But not -too- much fun." he winks at the young lady before he moves over closer to the Fighting ring, fearless smile on his face. His eyes on Theron then. "Do you seek a challenge, friend?" he asks the fellow.

Daemon raises a gauntlet and slaps it to his chest, rattling the man's steel suit to its very core. "Sir Daemon, at your service my lord. Terribly sorry for having missed such a vital piece of etiquette before. Yesterday was rather... grim." For all who enjoyed.

The dry spell of hits seems to have passed, though none are struck without opening up themselves for an attack in return as the two ladies move about the ring, the red gleam of rubicund mercifully generally less red than that of blood, for all that it's muted under the padding, but on the last Felicia circles off again with another concerned look for Cadenza even as her hand goes to her wrist,"I think I hurt something, your highness, and concede the bout to you." the redheaded knight offers with a dip of her head towards the princess.

"Sure," Theron states to Artorius, apparently untroubled. He kisses Grazia's cheek and rises to his feet, broadsword drawn and rested against his shoulder, flashing the Count of Magnotta a slight smile. "You'll find I've picked up a thing or two since our last fight."

After that hug hug kiss kiss from Valencia, Mirari makes her way into the rafters and is quickly engrossed in conversation with the smith there. They eye the ring, talking amongst themselves and when they come to an agreement, the courtesan turns to watch the match, drinking from her flask.

Theron wields Intricately forged ancient steel broadsword.

Agatha wanders in with her usual weapon at the ready, though she's carefully padded it for safe fighting. For the moment, she slips down to a seat at the table nearest the ring - you know, the one with the threat of sweat or teeth or who knows what flying over to add to the ambiance. Never mind there are already people sitting there. But you have to start somewhere!

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Artorius wields Arbiter, The Hawk Guard's Blade.

"No worries, m'lord." Kia offers to Artorius. "I would say the same to you as well." she quips cheerily before he wanders off to the challenge. Looking back to her barmates, she flashes a smile to Klaus and Alban. But with the fight ending, she claps and cheers, "That was very impressive!"

Waldemai applauds from the rafters. "Well fought! Excellent fight!"

Gloriously late, and not the least bit ashamed of it, Lisebet arrives at the Golden Hart. She slips into the arena, taking alook around. There's a bout ongoing, and that draws her attention first. After watching for a moment, Lisebet heads towards the bar to get a drink. She comes to a brief stop as she spies who is there already. A pause and a breath, and then she claps for the combatants as it seems the fight is over.

Theron steps on over to the ring with a sense of purpose. He flourishes towards Artorius, and half-turns to him. "Let's fight, then."

Alban smiles at Kia, "I will definitely keep that in mind." He lifts his water towards her, and then looks over at Fianna, "And your advice as well, my Lady. Hopefully we shall not run into anything we cannot prepare for." He looks around and then takes another drink from his water before he spots Lisebet, "Ah Cousin!" He says with a smile, "Cousin, may I present Lord Klaus Laurent, Lady Fianna Crovane, and Mistress Kia Cyro'ani." He smiles, "My lord, my lady, Mistress, I present my Cousin Lady Lisebet Farshaw." He makes introductions.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd have been dismissed.

Theron wields Adamant, an alaricite longsword with patterns on the blade.

Waldemai calls out from the rafters. "A thousand on Lord Theron! Any takers?"

Felicia slides Persuasion away once more in order to cede the sands to Theron and Artorius, the former getting a brief clap on his armored shoulder on her way past.

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Lisebet has joined the bar.

She would keep up with that woman but just barely. Landing a slight hit she then moves then but is hit not once, but twice. Wincing at that second one, she purses her lips as she moves and steps back. As she concedes, she doesn't say anything but nodes. Bowing to her she then moves out of the ring, making her way back to where she was sitting with Ian and Ignacio. Cadenza exhales a bit but sits.

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Artorius smiles big and wide then as he hops right into the ring, approaching Theron. "That we shall!"

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Ian returns to his whiskey for the space of time between when Cadenza and Felicia's spar ends and the next one begins.

"A pleasure Sir Daemon and it is quite alright. But I am no lord, just a scholar and aspiring alchemist. My name is Arion Harrow." Arion bows his head low in respect a warm smile given. Then he sees the bout has ended and he claps eagerly a bright smile on his face.

With the newcomer, there's a bow of her head as Lisebet joins the bar. "Well met, m'lady Lisebet." Kia offers with a flash of her pearly whites. It's then that she looks back towards the ring, her gaze focused on her boss-man.

The little vixen grins brightly and cheers with the crowd her appreciation with a "Well fought! Bravo!!!" The audience seems to agree and shows their delight with a barrage of calls and cheers, and even a thrown rose from somewhere in the raised seating. Lisebet may be arriving now, but she she is greeted with a big smile and nod of head from Valencia. "Welcome, Lady Lisebet. How lovely to see you again. Please, enjoy," Valencia says warmly. "Have you met," she pauses looking up at Talwyn, "I'm so sorry. I do not recall your name."

"Correct." Klaus says politely to Fianna. "And don't forget the honey." He chuckles a little bit at the lame joke and sips his whiskey when it arrives. "Ahh, that was the correct choice." His smdile remains and he looks back down to sands. Sideways he adds, "I must admit that I am not the most knowledgable on the topic. Beyond riding my talents end."

Artorius takes minor damage.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Silvio comes into the great host of people, alone for the moment. For the /moment/, his eyes say, roving around at all the sweaty, drunk or both, bodies. Armed, but not armored, the Prince sways his way through the crowd and notices his sister. He moves closer to her and then, greets with, "You had better not be getting married." Hello!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mirari before departing.


Unsurprisingly, Theron Mazetti is quick on his feet and nimble with the way he handles swordplay. His sword clashes against Artorius' greatsword, and when that fails, he ducks, weaves and pivots in order to find the best openings to attack. He does tag the Count of Magnotta a few times across the armor, but it's not effective enough to be considered a particularly strong hit. He nods, all the same, and continues to value his counter-attack strategy.

Mirari laughs at something Waldemai says in the rafters and then watches as he "accidently" pours something from his cup. It spills down on someone, but she doesn't catch who. She kicks her feet as she tries to contain her laughter.

As Valencia turns toward him, Talwyn offers the woman a polite dip of his head before he says, "Prince Talwyn Valardin." He places a hand over his heart as he pushes himself up from the stool he had been seated at near the bar, drifting into a more formal bow toward Valencia before his eyes shift toward Lisebet and he smiles, "And yes, Lady Lisebet and I are fairly well acquainted." he says before glancing back toward Valencia, "But I am afraid that I have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet."

"Hello, Lady Lisebet! Its lovely to meet you!" Fianna greets the Farshaw noblewoman with a smile and lifted glass before looking back to Alban. "Please do. If anything remains up there, it is not likely to be pleasant. Oh, and be sure to stop in at the Blackwood. They can tell you if there's been any strange sightings or happenings in the area." Her pool of advice on the North expended for the time, she looks back to Klaus and grins. "I've had some of your family's honey! Its a precious commodity up northways. We add it to teas and treacles to make them more palatable." She looks a little disappointed that he isn't quite as 'into' horses as she is, but mention of riding has her brightening again, "You ride! That's great! Can you tell me a little about Oathlands horses as mounts? Are they built for speed, endurance, strength?"

Luca strolls in like he's not got a care in the world, but maybe he does have at least a couple, as anyone who has been with him through the day could attest. Still, he's got one hand resting casually on the pommel of his sheathed sword, and he's moving with all the grace and ease of a feline that's on the prowl. He doesn't immediately weave his way into the crowd. Instead he stands at the door for a moment, just taking in the sight of the place, letting his dark gaze dance from person to person. He can't help but notice the two who are fighting, and a long, low whistle escapes him at the sight. "Now that's a fight." he says, mostly to himself, due to the level of noise in the room. Then he calls out, mostly to the crowd, "Who knew there was a party here?! Are these every Sunday?!" A cheeky grin pulls at his lips, and /then/ he weaves into the gathering.

Artorius wields that massive greatsword like a featherweight, meeting Theron blow for blow during those beautiful parries and flourets between both fighters. Dodges and weaves are made and clashes of blades are had, until Theron manages to sneak past his immense guard more than once, causing the Count to smile at each strike. "Well done!" he compliments before he aims to strike Theron!

The shouting is enough to draw Ian's attention away from the fight for a moment or three (!!!). He looks over at Damon, studies him, and then goes back to watching it.

Cadenza looks up, standing as she holds her side. Grinning to her brother she shrugs. "Did you not see the announcement?'re getting married too I see. I'm so happy for you...."

Artorius takes moderate damage.

Artorius takes minor damage.

"A pleasure to meet you all," Lisebet says with a smile and a proper bow of her head. "Any friend of Alban's is a friend of mine, of course." Talwyn gets a cheeky grin, and a polite curtsey. "Your Highness," she says simply, glancing over also at Valencia and smiling. "This is very much a crush - it must be a successful party."

Felicia joins Daemon's shouting with a sharp whistle for Theron,"Go on, Lord Mazetti!"

Artorius takes moderate damage.

Alban smiles at Talwyn, "Higness." He nods politely to the man, "No instrument tonight?" He asks curiously and then smiles, "Intending to spar?" He takes another drink of his water and then looks back towards the spar again.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 56 higher.

Artorius remains capable of fighting.

Watching the fight hearing the clings and clangs of metal against metal causes Kia to wince. She nosewrinkles with each strike as she looks towards Klaus and then Alban. "They will be alright." Though it's clear she really only means one person in 'they'. "I have no martial experience, so I can only imagine what is happening underneath that armor after taking strikes like that." she muses. It's then that she gasps and looks at the prince. "Your highness."

Agatha looks up at the ring from the table beside it and lifts her voice. "I WOULD ROOT FOR YOU, MAN LORD MAZETTI IS FIGHTING, BUT I DON'T KNOW YOUR NAME. AND LORD THERON LORD THERON LORD THERON LOOKS ANGRY, SO I THINK WE ARE ALL RATHER EFFED FOR TRYING TO BEAT HIM TONIGHT. GOOD LUCK, FELLA!" And this is before the drink arrives and she starts in on the ale. But hey! Daemon started it. Someone has to root on poor Artorius as he gets hammered.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 74, rolling 11 lower.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 39, rolling 29 higher.

Artorius remains alive, but close to death.

Artorius falls unconscious.

Arion is sitting at his table chatting and has just offered a bright smile at something said when something comes pouring down from the rafters...onto his hair. The resulting scream of horror is enough to wake the dead. Emerald eyes widen in shock looking up as he bolts upright out of his chair still wailing. "MY HAIR!!" The words ring shrilly in the air. Then he bites his lower lip trying not to say what he thinks because if that happens at this point someone will likely be highly offended by all the cursing.

Valencia gives a little grin to Daemon and hen Agatha shout loudly to the fighters below and stifles a little laugh. A bright nod is offered to Silvio as he weaves his way by and she returns her attention to the Prince. "I am so very pleased to meet you, your highness. Welcome to my Hart. I am the Princess Valencia. I'm so very glad you are here," she smiles up at him with a warm incline of head ad the offer of a delicate hand. "We are very blessed to have so many who wish to enjoy such a night. Tonight of all nights I am extra glad for it. My heart is so much happier when my Hart is full of good and happy people. I am so very pleased to meet you, I hope we will see you both visit my Hart more often."

Waldemai cheers from the rafters. "Well fought! Well done! All glory to Lady Gloria!"

Mirari nudges Waldemai and points to Arion, making a face as she tries not to laugh. She can only hold it for so long before she giggles, covering her mouth.

Theron fights with the patience of a hunter, the graceful steps of a duelist and the ruthless accuracy of a man appointed Sword. His motions are alternatively slow and fast, as the situation demands, and as he weaves in and out of range with Artorius, he stares at the man, focusing entirely on the fight and nothing else. The sword clashes against the other man's greatsword, "Last time we fought, I seem to recall you beat me handily." He smiles, stepping back a couple of times as if in the sway of a song before the sword is pointed downwards and to the left, as he waits, and waits... and then when Artorius' strike comes in, the position changes abruptly and he swings the sword from the right to the left, catching the man in the chest in a powerful strike, then another, more precise one. "A good fight, my Lord," he states to the man, reaching with his off-hand to help him up.

Talwyn turns his head to take in Alban with a sweep of his eyes. He offers a smile at the first question and dips his head in a regal fashion before saying with a smile, "I would have brought my lyre, but I would be afraid that I would ruin the spirit of this event when all of you were unable to resist rising and dancing, rather than fighting!" Talwyn's gaze shifts back toward Valencia as she introduces herself, taking her offered hand and once more allowing a gracious bow to the woman. "It is an honor to meet you as well, Princess Valencia. I do hope that we can speak again in the near future when things have slowed down. This is quite the establishment you have here." Looking toward Kia, Talwyn offers her a smile and says, "M'lady. I hope that you are well."

Waldemai calls down, "Sorry, master...Just a bit of good ale. It's good for the scalp." He rubs his hand over his bald scalp to demonstrate.

Grazia politely applauds the fight, though it is, after all, her companion upon entry who won the fight. Subsequently, she folds her hands primly in her lap and looks thoughtfully out upon the crowd.

Agatha snickers when the alcohol pours onto the tonic advertisement that is Arion's hair. She leans back against Felicia and then looks around. "So who's up next after these two? Should I go sign in with the Princess or something? And fine. I take it back. Your brother isn't too nice for the city."

Artorius seems to fight more with the intention of defending rather than being on the offensive. a strange decision for him to make, but alas...anyways, he fights the man with a big smile on his face, despite the damage he has already withstood. and either he's a glutton for punishment or he's stubborn...orboth, he keeps coming at Theron with a chuckle as he is eventually knocked right on his back, sitting up to sit crosslegged, he smiles at the fellow. "My memory recalls such as well. You've vastly improved..well done." he smiles to the fellow, taking his hand and standing up straight. "Next time I'll have to destroy you." he says good naturedly, patting Theron on the shoulder. "You've earned that sword, friend!" and he walks off the ring, sheathing his blade and wincing slightly after a small step...he got more than a few good hits on him.

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Screeches of horror, from her brother... Felicia can't help but stare open mouthed as she tries to work out just what the... ale? Ale. He's shrieking about his hair. There's a snort from the older Harrow before she tosses back her whiskey, remarking aside to Agatha,"No, just too pretty for it." she offers with a grin Arion's way,"There's plenty of people to fight here tonight, which makes it all the more shame that I'm supposed to meet a man about a really huge rock in a little while."

There's sympathy pains on her features. Not being used to this type of entertainment, Kia is definitely surprised looking rather confused at how everyone takes it all in. There's a sigh of relief when the fight finishes as she reaches back and downs her glass of red wine in one gulp. Poor island girl being all confused.

"Few can do so, once my training is concluded," Theron states to Artorius with a faintly lopsided smile before his gaze flicks upon Grazia. He vaults over the rail of the fighting pit and heads over to the elevated seats, sheathing Adamant. "I'll take the fight after this one, and thanks for cheering for me, Sir Daemon, Dame Felicia." He'll settle down besides Grazia, wrap his arm around her and kiss her, deeply, on the mouth, celebrating his victory.

Alban chuckles at Talwyn's answer, "I am sure Highness." He seems quite amused by that. He looks over towards the others at the bar and then he considers the sands again, "Well fought Lord Mazetti, Count!" He calls out with a clap of his hands. "Well fought indeed."

Grazia is surprised to be kissed. She wasn't expecting it, that much is clear, and she struggles slightly in protest, though she does kiss Theron in return. When finally he releases her, she takes a deep breath and starts smoothing her dress self-consciously.

Luca spends a couple moments wending his way through the crowd here - it's understandable that he has to stop several times to watch Theron and Artorius go at it, but eventually he spots a victim, coming up behind Valencia and reaching down to pinch her side gently, "Hey, I was shouting from the door. Shouldn't you be throwing people to the side and tackling me or something? If you don't wound me first, how's anyone else going to have a chance against me in the arena?" A grin, and he waits.

Arion checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Valencia nods graciously. "I have never, nor will I ever, say no to dancing, your highness," the little raven-haired princess grins impishly. "And so yes, I would be happy to speak with you another time, if, you bring your lyre," she teases gently. "I should like that very much. In fact, we will be holding a fundraising event very soon. Perhaps you might join us then, too? It would be a delight to have you." Dark eyes briefly scan the crowd to ensure all is well with her guests and a truly big and beautiful smile finds her lips as she notices Luca in the crowd, "Speaking of dancing, please allow me to greet my first and best dance partner ever," she grins playfully, slipping off to give Luca his customary greeting.

Moments later Luca's arms are filled will a happy little vixen joyously calling out his name and giving him a unbridled affectionate hug. "LUCA! You are here!" she chimes, looking as though she might burst from joy at seeing him. "I'm so very glad. Sera would be so glad. You will spar tonight? You must have a drink, yes? Oh, have you met Prince Talwyn. He's very charming. You must meet him, yes?"

Silvio lifts his hand, finger pointed upwards, "You get everything you want. Always. You were always the favorite of the have had guys /fighting/ over you, writing you poetry, and now you are also having a wedding? Well, Cadenza, I can tell you this right now. My wedding is going to be THE EVENT. You might as well just go say a few words in a garden somewhere rather than even have one." His long hair sways in its large looping curls as he moves his head.

Looking towards Talwyn, Fianna grins broadly, "You play? I can play the pipes, a little. Just simple tunes mostly, but I'm working at getting better! The horses seem to like it, the mares especially. It keeps them calm when they're carrying." She blinks, then offers, "Um, Lady Fianna Crovane, Your Highness. Its nice to meet you!" Once the formality is observed, she's wreathed in smiles once more.

Eventually Artorius pauses, wounds from the last great battle re-opened in some places, and sore muscles from the loss he just suffered, he leans softly. Of course he blames this on age more than anything, but hey. "Kia..." he calls to her softly. "Could you assist me in returning to the manor, please?"

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As she looks towards Artorius, there's a sympathetic smile on the young woman's features. "Of course, m'lord." she says with a bow of her head as she slips off the barstool and curtsies to the others. "Thank you for your company. I'm sure I will see you all again." And with that she curtsies to the others before offering a shoulder and support to Artorius. "Hopefully you take it easier next time." she whispers almost chastizing him.

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Arion pouts as he combs his fingers through his now slightly damp hair and then tosses it back. He huffs in annoyance and retakes his seat. "How am I supposed to look dashing with wet hair? At least I don't have to put weird substances in it to style it like some people." He looks annoyed but that pout likely makes it look far more cute than intimidating. Apparently he will need to bathe for an extra hour tonight. And no one wants to know how long he is planning to spend brushing those crimson locks...

Ian looks up at Silvio as he and Cadenza talk -- bicker -- whatever. He takes a sip of his drink, and then after a moment decides that he should turn his attention elsewhere (towards Valencia and Luca).

Luca catches Valencia up as she hugs him, spins her around once, and then settles her back on the ground again. "I'll fight. But I can't fight until I've had a drink. Sera would've wanted me to drink until I spill over then get in the ring and let someone hack at me a while. Her kind of fun, right?" His dark gaze falls to Talwyn, and he takes the hand he's got casually draped across the pommel of his sheathed weapon, and offers it to the man, "Luca Grayson. Local drunk and layabout." A grin's there.

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Kia leaves, following Artorius.

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Cadenza raises her brow at her brother. "Uh....." Pushing that hood off she just shakes her head. "Join us, brother....we can talk about how you plan to outshine me....though it's not hard." Motioning to the table where she and Ian were sitting. "As for the wedding....I'm not doing anything but party for ever. We're doing our vows privately...only inviting a few family maybe...."

Waldemai has fallen out of the rafters. No problem. "More ale!" he orders and then calls up to Mirari, "What can I get you, since I'm down here?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Luca before departing.

Mirari glances down at Waldemai, laughing as she shakes her head. "Bring whiskey! Stop falling out of the rafters, what if you had landed on that man you poured ale on! Bloodshed!"

Having found her way into the Arena spectacularly late, Echo headed directly for the bar, glancing this way and that for any familiarity in the sea of faces around. Her nose creased slightly and her chin ticked upwards at the sight of -- Nobody at all fighting, before she dropped onto a barstool and shared a dimpled-cheek smile with all around, only pausing to peer over a shoulder at the thud made by Waldemai falling off of his perch.

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Agatha slaps her table and says something to Felicia with a grin before standing and looking around, just in time to see Theron and Grazia kiss. Because subtle isn't her forte, apaprently it isn't allowed to be anyone else's either. She lets out a loud, noisy shrill whistle of approval before clapping in their direction. And clapping when she sees some of the recent arrivals. "Cousin Echo! Princess Colors!" A look up at hearing Mirari's voice and she waves. "Hello, pretty lady! Do not drop your friend on us!"

Reese arrives in the Hart while adorned in her pink and ivory clothing, including leggings in place of a dress. Golden locks are tangled up with ribbons. She moves with this extreme agile grace, there being something cat-like about the Grayson. She peeks over to Agatha, giving her an impish smile. "Princess Sir Bear, rawr."

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Arion looks up at the rafters with narrowed eyes and calls out. "At least make it something that smells nice if you plan to spill it on me again!?" He shakes his head. "And I would never fight anyone. I would sic Dame Felicia on them." He nods sagely.

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Alban smiles over at Reese and he offers a, "Princess." In greeting before he looks at Luca and chuckles amusedly, enjoying the interactions of the people in the arena greatly but then leans over to murmur something to Lisebet.

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Lisebet turns her attention to Fianna and the rest of the folks at the bar. "I see you like horses?" she asks, with a touch of amusement. Kia's departure gets a nod, and a slightly worried look as she sees where the other is going. And then back to curtsey to Valencia as well. "Your highness. this is a wonderful establishment."

Lisebet leans to her cousin, and then she nods her head, murmuring a very short reply.

The little southern princess hands her favourite and most beloved cousin her wine and smiles, "I would not dream of either of us being sober tonight. Sera would not approve us being sad or sober," she nods decidedly, pausing to give Ian a little smile as she catches his eyes turning their way. Another warm smile is offerd to Echo as she arrives. "Princess, welcome! I'm so sorry Lord Brogan could not be here. He would have like to see you," she smile to the lovely woman. "You will be sparing tonight?" Turning, her cheeks flush with the praise, "I am so very glad you feel so, Lady Lisbet. This makes me so happy to hear. Thank you so much."

Mirari gazes down at Agatha. "No promises, if you get to rowdy I'm gonna push him off and his hammer will hit you right on the head, I promise!"

"Is there room over there?" Theron calls out to Mirari and Waldemai.

Talwyn finally glances back around to Alban and says, "Also, no. I will not be fighting tonight. I am man of words and songs, not of swords and fists. Each has their place, of course." He eases back over to his seat and slips onto the stool he had been occupying, taking back up his cup.

1 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Bedlam, a devoted doberman puppy, Aubyn--An aloof lycene noble arrive, following Amarantha.

Titus, a young wolfhound, Amarantha arrive, following Gaston.

Mirari glances at Waldemai before she glances back at Theron. "Of course there is, even your ego should fit up here! If you're coming up, bring some fucking booze."

Arion rises quietly after a moment. He bows politely to his former company. "Please excuse me." And then he hurries off.

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Echo waggles her fingers hello to Princess "Sir Bear" Agatha, flashing a warm smile to Reese and then extending that smile to Valencia. "Oh, not today. I haven't really been feeling like sparring as of late! I'm just here to watch." She swivels on her stool, ordering herself a drink as she turns to whisper to thos nearby.

Fianna grins towards Lisebet and nods eagerly, responding, "I breed and train them! Well, warhorses, but if the program works out well then I plan to expand with Southern horses! I've been trying to find out more about them so I can be prepared to work them into the breeding program."

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"My ego isn't a concern, it's your gigantic ass occupying half the rows that is," Theron retorts to Mirari with a grin. "And no problem. Booze coming up. Whatever the hell my brother has been peddling here, surely they have it." He upnods to Garibaldi. "Go get that Southern Thunder 'concoction'."

Waldemai specifies, "Bring ale. It's good for teh scalp."

Ian might have caught enough about not being sober to get some of the gist of Luca and Valencia's conversation, because he lifts the bottle of whiskey on the table he's sharing with Cadenza to show Luca that there's booze here. (It's a club, so of course there's booze here, but this is booze with no waiting.)

Mirari glances down at her ass and she smirks, rolling her eyes. "They're rafters, you jackass, there are no rows. It's wood, and you sit on it." She nods in agreement with Waldemai. "Bring the smith some ale, so he can pour it on someone."

Enyo makes her way into the arena area of the Hart, the hood of her armor hanging down her back, her gloves tucked into her belt, a frown on her face. The frown looks decidedly out of place on the usually cheerful Gilden.

Gaston is a big giant guy and he has a bunch of fresh bruises on his arms and hands, a busted lip and a freshly stitched tear on his ear. He also has a blonde noblewoman on his arm, Amarantha.

Luca keeps his hand offered out to Talwyn for a couple more heartbeats, before taking it back and using it instead to accept the wine Valencia offers to him with a shrug. "Well. What can you do? I wouldn't shake my hand either." He kisses Valencia on the cheek, chastely, before telling her, "I better go greet my wife before she's the one I'm fighting in the arena. I came to get my ass kicked, but I didn't come to get it kicked that hard." He tips back his wine, emptying the glass, and he's off, but he's intercepted by the sight of Ian - and Ian's bottle - so he's forced to stop there for a moment, "Ian! Fancy meeting you here. You're going to spar the Princess of Ribbons tonight, I heard. You can be my Champion, and when you win, I won't have to listen to her for a /week/." On the surface it seems like a good plan. He grabs the bottle off the table, fills his glass with it, and replaces it back from whence it came. There's so many people between he and Reese now, so he whistles sharply at her and waves her over.

Silvio puffs up some more and looks Ian up and down quizzically. "I'm not sure I want to." He replies with a lift of his brows and a petulant bump upwards of his chin. He cannot HELP looking over at Luca, briefly. He tries very hard not to be amused by the man, but its ever so difficult.

As soon as Amarantha spots Echo and Agatha and Mirari in the room? She slips free of Gaston's arm and promptly pretends to not know him.

"Marquis Gaston! Lady Amarantha! Hello!!" Fianna stands on the rungs of her stool at the bar to wave towards the couple with a grin. She settles back down soon after and looks back to the others at the bar, responding to something with a laugh.

"Nonsense, Lord Theron!" Daemon called back jovially. "Friends are loud for friends and vice versa! What else would we be here for if not?" The grin on his face spreads ear to ear, though his attention is drawn away from all the action as a messenger sneaks his way in. "Pardon." He bows his head to those at his table as he takes the missive to read.

Ian does indeed look pretty seedy, with his beat up leather coat, often torn and fixed, and the drawn tension that prematurely ages his face. He seems to have made his peace with that, because he doesn't really react to what Silvio says. Or maybe he didn't hear him. "Not tonight, Prince Luca. Maybe another time."

Cadenza rolls her eyes and sighs. "Well....your choice. I was hoping to talk to my only brother...." At that she looks to Luca, waving. "Can I at least get a hello?!" Laughing a bit she looks back to Ian at the table then, responding to something.

Agatha looks at Daemon apologetically before hopping up and heading over to greet Reese with a clasp of the shoulder. "It is good to see you here, out and about. So many ... well. Tonight let us drink, and spar, and watch, and remember, and prepare." Her smile is whole and bright, hesitating for a moment to let the other woman respond even as she looks over at Echo. Trying to assess how prepared she might be for the sort of crushing bear hug Agatha has been known to inflict on family. One that Amarantha might be in danger of receiving as well. Except ... wait. Gaston? Mara? "Oh, my brain hurts." Pause. "I SAW THAT, MARA!"

Gaston has joined the bar.

"You'd still break it," Theron calls out to Mirari with a smirk.

"Do shut up Lord Mazetti, my fat ass doesn't need your help drawing attention to it." Mirari calls out, making a face at him before she turns to what Agatha is yelling at. "Amarantha, you sultry minx, where is my dinner?"

"Ew, when did you get here?" Amarantha comments to Gaston, continuing to pretend not to have arrived with him. Agatha gets a narrowed eye stare as she calls her out! "Saw what, cousin?" The blonde drifts over towards Fianna and Echo at the bar, biting back a small smile. She'll take a seat there, grabbing a stool. Then call Mirari over with a laugh. "Dinner is tomorrow! Agatha's fault. But I'll buy you some drinks tonight."

Not finding a who or what she's looking for Enyo lifts a hand to wave towards those she does know that are present before she turns to slip back out.

Echo squints at Amarantha and then narrows her gaze further at the sight of Gaston. She taps her nails idly on the bartop, not breaking her gaze at all. When Amarantha sits next to Echo? She's still staring Gaston down. Some time passes before she finally greets Amarantha with a kiss to the cheek. "Hey Ra-- Mara."

Valencia gives Luca a little grin and promptly follows to offer Reese a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you are home safe, too. You look lovely tonight," she smiles gently, giving her another hug again. "I must greet our guests. If you need anything, ask Lizette or Missere Maggnus, yes? You are well, my Lord Ian? Do you need anything?" she asks before leaving them to enjoy their drinks and the next spar and heads off to greet Enyo, Gaston and Amarantha properly.

Reese waves over to Echo and then she has a smile for Alban. Hearing Luca's whistle, she starts over in his direction. "Prince Nimble." She says toward him while stopping nearby. Reese seems a bit overwhelmed by the crowd. Valencia's hug is returned. "Princess Valanecia, how are you holding up?"

Ian gives Valencia a quirk of a dry smile. "I'm just fine, as long as your cousin leaves me some of that whiskey."

"Princess Reese," Theron calls out with a grin. "One day I'm hoping to be able to fight you." He'll lead Grazia over to the rafters, and Garibaldi covertly settles in front of Grazia, taking up as much room as he can in the rafter below.

Theron has left the raised seating.

Gaston, finally free of that vexing Amarantha, makes his way over toward the bar, but it's because he wants a drink. He's not following her. He nods his head toward those there and gets himself a beer. He looks over toward Fianna and gives her a kind smile. "Good evening, My Lady," he says holding up his beer. He then looks toward Valencia as she approaches him.

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Grazia has joined the upper rafters.

Luca casts a grin in Silvio's direction, and he opens his mouth to say something, at least until Cadenza's contesting the others for attention. He.. overlooks her, moving right back to Ian, and he points out, like the teacher he is, "That's the trick right there, Ian. Just pretend you don't see them until they're yelling at you. Women love to yell." He cuts his dark eyes over to Cadenza then, and offers her a rogue's wink, "You can have more than a hello, but you keep hold of it. I don't want to catch you out there selling off my hugs. They're very highly regarded since I came back from Setarco. That'll wear off." And he does step around the table, dipping enough to hug Cadenza with one arm, before he's sweeping back around the table to press his lips to her cheek. He calls back to Theron, "You can fight her tonight, but you better get a couple more drinks in you! You won't want to remember!"

Agatha gets momentarily confused by something in the rafters. She looks up there and squints before shouting at Mirari, "You've mooned us all at the training center. Since when did you get a fat ass?" Hey, if the dinner delay is her fault, she's showing no shame about it. And then she snorts at Amarantha. "Hey. Think I can get your not suitor in the ring for a fight before I bring some drinks up to the rafters?" She nods Gaston wards when she talks about the ring.

Gaston eyes Echo briefly, noting the glaring. Yikes.

"Thank you Princess!" Mirari calls out, wiggling her fingers towards Agatha!

"Do they?" Ian plays perfect straight man to Luca's... Luca. You'd have to listen close to catch any hint of humor in his level voice. "Actually, that explains a lot."

"As well as I can be. I wish to make Sera and Cicero very proud of me," Valencia smiles back to Reese. "Leta was right. We should celebrate life tonight. As hard as that is sometimes." She smiles again and offers Reese another affectionate hug and offers an apologetic nod as she heads off to welcome Gaston. A big smile and then a wince and then another smile find her face as Valencia moves gracefully through the crowd to greet Gaston with a warm incline of head and an offer of a delicate hand. "My dearest Maquris, I am so very glad to see you. It has been such a long time. Welcome back to my Hart," she offers with earnest accord. "You are a sight for sore eyes. You are as well as can be expected, yes?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fianna before departing.

Silvio makes a humming sound. "I will let you hug Luca. We can talk later." Then he turns around to sass himself right on out of there.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fianna before departing.

1 Velenosa House Guards leaves, following Silvio.

Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

Cadenza just leans into that hug. "I will never sell your hugs." Leaning into that kiss on the cheek she finally stands. "Well...this was fun." Chuckling she looks to Ian, bowing. "Nice chatting....." At that she just turns and looks to her brother's retreating form. Exhaling she waves to Luca and Valencia. "See you later cousins!" And with that....she goes to make her exit.

Amarantha has joined the bar.

Gaston takes Valencia's hand and gives her a warm smile. "Your Highness, I am well considering, yes. And you as well, I hope," he says with a measured amount of aplomb. He looks over toward Echo and then Amarantha before returning his gaze upon Valencia. "Thank you for the welcome. I have missed Arx and the Golden Hart." When the mention of sparring is made by Agatha he looks over toward her and nods his head toward her. "Good evening, Your Highness. We aren't courting, that's right, but I will spar you."

Jericho arrives into the room with a soft smile on his face and full armor. "Hello all."

Cadenza has left the corner table.

Alban stands from the bar and asks, "Are there anymore spars going? I would like a turn in the sands! Who would like to plant me on my back tonight?" He smiles and then starts to head towards the sands.

Alban has left the bar.

Genevieve slips into the arena room quietly, unobtrusively, like a shadow of darkest night. Except she doesn't, because she's wearing a bright red tunic. Stealth fail.

Ian nods to Cadenza when she goes. He takes a sip of his drink, and looks to the sands, to see if anyone's going to take Alban up on his offer.

Turning at the sound of a new entrant greeting people, Fianna grins brightly and waves at Jericho, "Hello! Welcome! Have a seat, get a drink, watch the fun!"

Agatha is a little kid sometimes with all the matching enthusiasm. Gaston says he's willing to spar and Ag's features light up. "Excellent! Though with you all decked out in plate - do you mind the difference in armor, or shall I go change into the metal business?"

"Maybe later," Theron calls out to Luca, before murmuring something to Grazia, after a moment.

Daemon's expression sours somewhat as he reads his note. After a moment the Knight stands. "Excuse me." He takes a bow before the event's host and just like that, he's off.

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Gaston to Agatha, he shakes his head. "Come as you are, if it is an exhibition."

Genevieve gives a little wave to Alban as he leaves the bar. If noticed, she offers a small smile and a nod.

"GO REDRAIN! TO THE LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST!" Fianna calls out helpfully to Agatha, who she didn't even realize had arrived until she looked towards the ring! "And go Marquis too!!" Because she doesn't play favorites. Usually.

"Thank you for remembering my name, sweet sister." Amarantha says to Echo with a soft and amused sigh. Giving her sister a quick hug, she'll pause to order a drink. "He's not my suitor!" She yells to Agatha.

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Luca steps up onto a chair, then right onto Ian's table, and just in time when Cadenza is leaving it. That's very uncouth of him, standing on a table like that. A sharp whistle rings out, and he holds up his glass of whiskey. "Hey! This man's looking for a fight! Someone drag this man into the sands!" he calls out over the crowd, gesturing at Alban with his free hand. Then he adds, "Or anyone! Someone just get in there and fight! That arena wasn't built for looks!" He toasts.. himself? Then he tips back his whiskey, stepping off the table and onto the chair, then pushing against the back of the chair and riding it to the ground. To his credit, he reaches down and picks the chair back up again, pushing it in like a gentleman. He moves right back to his wife's side, working on his marital scorecard a little.

Joscelin arrives without fanfare, but she does arrive in a dress that's so stunning that it's -clearly- a creation of Crafter Morrighan Redrain, exquisite in detail and perfectly made. Lapis blue, it hands around her hips and sweeps up her torso, clinging to her shoulders and throat with beads that glitter in blues and gold. It's when she turns that the scarring up her back is visible, beautiful cuts and marks made with deliberate care. Curls bounce as she walks in, looking about the Arena with interest. At Agatha's name called out, the jeweler grins and goes to find a place to sit.

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Gaston wields Fang of Cloudspine.

Alban stops his walk towards the sands when it seems Gaston and Agatha are setting something up. Instead he smiles and then says, "Next then. Assuming there is anyone else who wishes to spar afterwards." And makes his way back towards the bar. On the way he smiles at Genevieve and offers her a polite nod then looks over at Luca, "Ahh Prince Luca!" He smiles, "It has been to long since I've seen you. Get a drink in you, and then you and I can take a turn when they are done yes?"

Alban has joined the bar.

Valencia nods and smiles all the more at the comments of Gaston courting. "Well, then, I am so very pleased. Please, come. I would not keep you from your love, yes?" she smiles ushering him off so he may join her. A satisfied littlel smile finds her lips and her hand finds another glass and she takes a deep drink, likely her first of the night. Another smile is offered to Genevieve as she arrives, "Good evening and welcome," she smiles and nods. "I think we are about to have another match."

Well if that was any other glaring sign on who Jorygg was supposed to meet here, there's no bother to keep looking. Having put his son to sleep and heading down to join his cousin(since she asked him to show up), he was going to look for Fianna, but no point now, the shouting having since given her away. "Not hard to find you." he observes coming over. "So, this is what you wanted me to see?"

Did Ian just smile? Maybe a little. Maybe for a moment. But he was right in the process of taking a drink, so maybe he just really likes whiskey.

"I got money on you Agatha, you better plant him in the dirt quick!" Mirari calls out, raising her flask. "Don't be like Amarantha, or you'll owe me dinner too!"

Genevieve turns to Valencia and smiles again, seeming in good cheer. "Thank you, I'm glad to be here." she says simply, then asks, "Have I missed anything much?" An eyebrow is raised in curiosity.

Gaston pulls his polearm free from his back as he walks off toward the sands following after Agatha.

Agatha nods SUPER seriously to Amarantha when she proclaims that Gaston is not her suitor. "Oh! Right! I see!" She claps her cousin-sort on the shoulder and looks entirely convinced before she she wends through tables on up the ring. She taps the bardiche on the sand and says, "For Gloria and the Spi.... " Um, she just lost her train of thought for a second. Blame somebody's back! She blinks a couple of times and then OHS. "The spirits! Let us honor and amuse them." Then it's time to fight. Sorry, Mirari, distracted bear is fighting now!

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Gaston takes minor damage.

Agatha takes minor damage.

Agatha takes minor damage.

Gaston takes moderate damage.

Agatha takes moderate damage.

Her face lights up when Jorygg puts in an appearance, Fianna quickly tugging him down onto the empty stool next to her. "Jory! You made it! Sit, have a drink! Agatha and the Marquis are about to spar. Its going to be -very- good. I've watched them fight before." Turning to the folk at the bar, she beams out a bright grin and calls out, "Everyone! Everyone, this is my cousin, Lord Jorygg Crovane. Someone buy him a drink and he'll tell you all about the most adorable little boy ever!"

Gaston takes moderate damage.

Reese has been rather quiet and even somber, but then she also sometimes struggles in large gatherings. She looks over to Luca as he joins her side giving him a gentle smile that touches her blue eyes. "Hi Luca." She says, before glancing over to the fight in progress.

Once the fight starts, it has all of Ian's attention. He even forgets about his whiskey. Mostly. He mostly forgets about his whiskey.

"There have been two excellent spars so far and I think this third one will be well made as well. I think everyone is feeling the need to let spirits soar tonight. This is a good thing," Valencia smiles to Genevieve. "May I offer you a drink? Whatever pleases." Jorygg gets a sweet and welcoming smile, but the sight of Joscelin in her beautiful dress catches her attention, "Oh, Mistress Joscelin, you look so very beautiful tonight. Do you not think so?" she asks turning to Genevieve and Prince Talwyn and back.

Lisebet is quiet as she sits at the bar, occasionally speaking softly to her table, but not making any loud noises or anything.

Joscelin has joined the upper rafters.

Joscelin climbs the rafters after a moment's consideration, grinning at the others there.

Gaston squares off with the Redrain Princess, swinging his pike weapon around a little and limbering up. He plants his feet into the ground and bows his head at the mention of Gloria. "For Gloria," he agrees. Not the Spirits. Not today. He charges in after her, trying to make contact with his blunted weapon while still maintaining distance. They trade a few blows and it seems even for awhile before Agatha lands a good one, sending a pained look to the man's face. He's already pretty bruised up, after all.

Arion makes his return now, his hair looking clean and newly brushed as he breezes back in and heads for the bar. A bright smile is given to those nearby as he looks to whoever is in charge of serving the drinks. "Can I get some whiskey please?" He asks softly offering a smile as he glances aside to see who else is at the bar.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Arion before departing.

Genevieve inclines her head in a gracious nod towards Valencia, a mixture of recognition of her words and unspoken thanks for the offer of a drink. She asks, "Could I have cider, please?" Then she turns to look at Joscelin with an admiring eye. "That's a lovely dress."

Agatha is not a quiet fighter. There are grunts and RAWRing roars as she swings the heavy pole weapon towards her foe. The blows volley and glance off one another, fairly matched until that last that knocks Gaston back a bit. Not that it will necessarily harm his style since he's also using one of the Big Honking Weapons. She grins at him and makes a little finger flick of come-at-me ness. "C'mon. I bet my cousin likes scars and bruises. Let's help you show off for her a little. RAWR!" Back at it they go!

Luca kisses his wife's cheek again, then, because he's the Fox-Prince, he catches the corner of Reese's mouth too, then the other corner, and then he kisses her right on the lips, all that the prelude to telling her, "You need a drink, sombercakes!" and he waggles his dark brows at her, lifting his whiskey to take about half of it, then pushing the rest into her hands. "Here, you can start with this!" There's more to attend, but he doesn't move far from her. He reaches over and claps Alban on the shoulders, "I'm working on the getting drinks in me, part. The place is busy. If it wasn't for Ian, I might still be waiting!" After a moment, he says, "We can fight, if you'd like! Are you sure you don't want someone else, though? I'm not much of a show, these days. I think you deserve a heck of a dance!" There's mischief in his smile, at that.

Joscelin is sure to cant her hips and turn and arch her back for the ogglers because yes, this dress needs to be adored. An original Morrighan-Redrain-Creation.

Jericho moves then to the bar, watching the situation as it unfolds...namely? the combat between Agatha and Gaston. What a fight!

Alban smiles wryly at the talk at the bar, mostly focussed on the sparring but he does lean over to murmur something to Genevieve as well with a small smile.

Genevieve has joined the bar.

Gaston takes minor damage.

Reese reaches out for the offered glass of whiskey and then gives Luca, this adoring smile. A touch of pink stains her cheeks even. She takes a sip and then another ship and then yet a third sip. The whiskey will be gone shortly.

Arion spots the flash of silk as Joscelin turns and his smile brightens, his expression one of warm delight. "That is a beautiful gown! So lovely. You almost make me wish -I- could wear gowns." He chuckles good naturedly his tone light hearted and equally warm as he bows to Joscelin. "Arion Harrow at your service, if ever you need perfumes to match your exquisite attire please do get in touch."

Lisebet shifts slightly, and she inglines her head to Jorygg. "A pleasure to meet you," she says, as he is introduced. "I'm Lisebet Farshaw."

"Just whatever you're having, I'll trust your judgement on your type of drink." Jory remarks, the series of marks on his face suggests he's still healing from Stormwall, and takes a seat next to Fianna. "Speaking of, I couldn't leave until I knew he fell asleep. Which didn't take all that long." A gesture at the fight, withdrawing an old whale-bone carved pipe. "So this is what you people do for fun, aye?"

Gaston takes minor damage.

Agatha takes moderate damage.

Genevieve leans closer to Alban so that she can hear his words above the noise of the arena (primarily the bear-like rawrs of Agatha!) frowning lightly in concentration. Then, nodding in agreement with Alban, a small smile crosses her face as she whispers something back.

Gaston takes minor damage.

Gaston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 5, rolling 93 higher.

Gaston remains capable of fighting.

Agatha takes moderate damage.

Gaston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 5, rolling 103 higher.

Gaston remains capable of fighting.

Agatha takes minor damage.

Grazia calls over to the fighters in the most delicate and formal sort of way, "Knock him down, Princess Agatha! KNOCK HIM DOWN!"

Agatha takes moderate damage.

Gaston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 69 higher.

Gaston remains capable of fighting.

Gaston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 23, rolling 78 higher.

Gaston remains capable of fighting.

Gaston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 11 higher.

Gaston remains capable of fighting.

Mirari lets out a whoop as Agatha lands a ferocious hit! "That's my girl!" She calls out, cheering. "C'mon Bear!"

Joscelin jumps over to the rail and cups her hands around her mouth to shout.

Joscelin shouts from nearby, "KICK HIS ARSE, AGATHA!"

Ian leans forward a little bit as the fight starts winding to its conclusion, taking clear interest in the way the two fighters move as one of them starts to get tired and the other starts landing hit after hit.

The call for whiskey and cider is made, and all of the Hart's most excellent staff are busy seeing to the orders. What is a little princess to do? Valencia nods brightly and pushes up the sleeves of her gown and moves behind the bar to serve her guests herself and the latest match rumbles on and the crowd goes wild. "If you please," the little vixen beams as she delicately hands Genevieve her cider and Arion his whiskey and Prince Talwyn is offered the drink of his choice as well. Another bottle of whiskey is sent to Ian, Luca and Reese's table. Glancing up a the rafters, more bottles are put into baskets and two of the more agile of the Hart's barmaids are up the ladders again serving the crowds above. Taking a little moment, Valencia takes another shot herself, closing her eyes as the bite fo the drink burns her lips and throat.

Glancing sidelong at her cousing, Fianna reaches out and pokes him in the ribs (gently), muttering, "Don't you say 'you people' like I've lived here all my life. I been here a whole week. I just... don't sit around is all. I get out and meet folk! Its how you make friends and find out what's going on in a place." Jorygg gets another faux-glare before she nudges him again and nods to Echo, "She was talking to you, silly. MIght want to answer the lady."

With the mention of Amarantha again, Gaston squares up, ready to attack Agatha again. He narrows his eyes and charges at her, opening himself up for reprisal as he recklessly swings his weapon around and gets as many hits in as possible. He gets even more bruised up in the process. If that would impress Amarantha it is anyone's guess.

"Stop implying I like him!" Amarantha yells to her cousin. "And also beat him up, Ags!"

Arion accepts up his newly poured drink and takes a sip. "Thank you Your Highness." He offers with a bright smile to Valencia. Propping against the bar and facing the ring he watches the ongoing match with an arch of one crimson eyebrow. He apparently has no stake in this fight, though he still looks somewhat interested. Sipping his drink he continues to observe.

Luca picks a random call from the crowd, cupping his mouth with one hand and yelling, "Yeah! Stop implying she likes him!" without really even knowing what's going on. He's just stirring the pot, and then he's grabbing Ian's bottle of whiskey off the table again, even as another's brought to them. He's kind and polite enough to top off Ian first (being as it's his whiskey) before he tops off his own glass, which happens to be in Reese's hands, "There you are, dear. Now don't forget to save me a swallow, you lush." The bottle's replaced.

Valencia has joined the bar.

Agatha may be in lighter armor than Gaston, but she bounces off the blows that land on her. Uses the momentum to turn her in to return the hits in kind, sometimes with interest. And damned if she doesn't seem to just keep coming in unrelenting fashion. Just doesn't seem to stop coming. "Fine. I'll try to set you up with my sister then. Mara won't mind!" Cause who doesn't want to beat up potential future in-laws. FIGHT ON!

Gaston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 62, rolling 17 higher.

Gaston remains capable of fighting.

Gaston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 83, rolling 13 lower.

Gaston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 38 higher.

Gaston remains alive, but close to death.

Gaston falls unconscious.

Jericho sits then ther for a moment, watching the fight go on before he cheers at it's conclusion! "Well fought! fantastic showing!"

Reese watches as the glass is topped up with more whiskey. "I need to drink it all, Luca and protect you from yourself." She says and takes a sip, but this time just a sip. Her attention is on the spar a moment later ."Good fight!" She calls out.

Waldemai cheers from upstairs. "Well done! Well fought!"

Jorygg gives a casual, "Hey." to Lisebet. "Jorygg Crovane. Just wrangling my cousin. Was told by her brother to make sure she gets home at a decent hour." he smiles, turning back to Fianna. "That's a week longer than me. And you've always been more social than me. Or well, easier to talk to."

Mirari gets paid for her bet and she's all smiles in the rafters. "Well done, both of you!"

Grazia claps politely for Agatha's win, nodding her head in acknowledgment of the woman's prowess. She does not expect a kiss from this winner, however.

Gaston looks over toward Amarantha when Agatha offers to set him up with her sister but then turns back to charging at Agatha. For a few attacks he takes up the tack of being balanced in his attacks but soon he goes at her hard again, his breathing already growing pretty labored. The steel is clearly slowing him down now. When he is finally laid out he lays back in the sand for a moment. "Well fought, Your Highness," he says as he sits up. He pulls his helmet off revealing his split lip dripping some blood down his chin. He climbs up and bows toward Agatha.

Jorygg also glances at Amarantha. "Y'know. Only the people that have something to hide on a topic are usually the ones who protest the loudest." A shrug. "Just saying."

There's a great howl of cheer from the upper rafters, it's hard to tell if it's from a deranged animal or the well-dressed jeweler who's leaning over the rail like a grinning loon.

Genevieve places her cider down on the bar and applauds enthusisatically for Agatha. Noticing Wynna then, she waves one hand in a smiling greeting.

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

Talwyn has left the bar.

Alban claps for the combatants down on the sands when it seems that the fight is reaching it's finale. He speaks to those at the bar then cheers, "Congratulations! Well fought!" He calls out.

Clank. Clank. Clank. The Sword of Whitehold clanks his way into the Arena. He waves towards those he knows, grunting slightly in the process. His eyes narrow as they fan out across the room, looking towards the ring. Seeing Agatha and Gaston in the center, he bobs his head in a nod, before making his way towards the bar. "Whiskey," he grunts.

Agatha offers a hand to help him up to his feet and clasps his shoulder once he's vertical. While she has some bruises from the hits, there's nothing like that split lip. "SEE? New scar to impress the ladies. Good fight, my friend. You, uh, might want to get that cleaned up a bit by one of the healers." There's a cheery wave and a bear, "RAWR" for the crowd under the suited helm. She follows Gaston out of the stands and them, because her energy is still cranked to 11 or so, she goes clambering up the rafters to join the people dropping things and generally being menaces. Or most of the way. Then she winces. "FORGOT THE DRINKS!" She'll be up there with them in a minute after she fetches a fresh round.

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"Of course. And you do a lovely job of saving me from myself. I'm still here, aren't I?" Luca poses, then he grins at Reese and plucks the glass of whiskey from her hands, having a swallow of it for himself, before offering it back to her, "Are you hitting the sands tonight? Or I guess I should ask, how much are you going to drink before you're hitting the sands tonight?" A cheshire smile crosses his full lips, and he tilts his head a little, "You won't have to fight The Bear at least. She's sure to need a breather after those kinds of rounds."

Duarte comes in and waves to whoever looks at him. Greetings. Pleasantries. So forth. Jump forward to walking up the rafters and choosing a seat.

Mirari makes a face at Joscelin as she swings down from the rafters, landing on her feet with a thud. She pads towards the bar, leaning in to get the barkeeps attention. She orders, waits and turns to gaze at the rest of the room.

Gaston has left the ring of valor.

Ian takes a look at the growing crowd in the rafters, and after a moment decides to move two seats over, just a little bit to the left. This is a bit of a production, since he has to brace himself on the table and push himself to his feet when he stands up, but at least now he won't have anyone spilling beer into his glass of whiskey.

Alban looks around at those still at the Arena, considering those present and asks, "Anyone else fancy a spar? I have the insane need to embarass myself trying to impress someone. I need help for it to fail spectacularly." He smiles, "Any takers?"

"That's not how you get someone to challenge you, Lord Alban." Theron calls out from the rafters.

Her drinks are delivered and Mirari moves back to climb into the rafters, giving Ian a thoughtful look as she pretends to tip a bit. No ale spills as she reaches her previous seat. She settles in with a little fanfare and passes off some ale to Waldemai.

Alban looks up towards the rafters, "No Lord Theron?" He asks curiously, "How then should I seek a challenger for something as serious as an event such as this?"

Gaston smiles toward Agatha and then licks at his busted lip. He pulls his armored gloves off and then touches his lip with a handkerchief. "I'll be fine," he says simply. He saunters out of the ring and lets out a deep sigh as he looks around the room. He spots Amarantha but doesn't head right to her, he looks around a little more before heading right to her. "Your cousin fights well," he says with a small smile.

Genevieve turns to Alban and says, "I would, but General Violent Marjawn landed one of her famous buttock-shots on me earlier today during training."

Arion smiles as the latest bout concludes. "Well fought!" He calls out cheerfully lifting his glass in salute. Alban earns a bright smile at that request. "Sadly if I attempted to spar I would likely ensure your victory without fail." He chuckles softly his tone warm and playful yet stll sincere.

Reese allows Luca to take the cup of whiskey from her, not putting up a fight, but then it is his drink. She accept its back, taking yet another sip. Her cheeks are pink and she might be getting tipsy, it is hard to tell for sure. "I don normally spar anymore unless someone really wants to fight me. When I was little, it was okay, I always lost and peopled liked me. They would smile gently and help me up, after beating a blonde in ribbons. But now...well..things are different and I only fight if someone insists, well when it s not in defens of compact that is."

"You call someone out, specifically, and ask them to fight you. Just as a suggestion." Theron replies, apparently comfortable to be exactly where he is.

Agatha passes Luca on her way to get a round of drinks and grins. "Who needs a breather? How are you doing, nickname giver?" Still bouncing on the balls of her feet. There's a chance the bear is a bit too dense to realizes she's supposed to be worn out. She places the order and then huhs. "WHOEVER fights or convinces someone to fight Lord Farshaw next gets to pick out a frilly dress for me to wear to the next fancy event I'm dragged to," she calls out in an attempt to fight. Ohhhh, look! Her drinks are ready! Time to bounce upstairs to the rafters.

Alban hmms, "That is fair." He says, "Lord Halfshav." He turns towards Arik, "We fought side by side on the Beach, care to test each other on the sands?" He then laughs at Agatha's comment, "Now surely that is something worth winning. My thanks Princess Agatha. Well fought by the way, as always you are unstoppable of late."

Slipping her arms free of her sister, Amarantha grabs her drink and slips off of her bar stool. Not before whispering something to Echo though. "Agatha is a beast. An adorably sweet beast." She comments to Gaston, looking him over. "I've got to go work on my play." Still a bit red, she squares her shoulders and glances back to wherever Agatha is--just checking to see if her cousin is watching. "I'll see you at the dinner, with the others."

The crowd goes wild once more as the fight concludes and more bottles and filled glasses find tables and high spirited guests. Valencia smiles at something at the bar and turns to greet Arik as he arrives. "Good evening, my lord. I'm so glad to see you," she says with warm nod and the offer of a delicate hand before turning to smile brightly at Duarte as he arrives. "My dearest Count. Welcome! I'm so glad to see you," she calls out. "May I offer you something to drink while I am here. I am not the best of bar keeps but what I lack in speed I make up for in generosity of pouring," she grins playfully.

Agatha has joined the upper rafters.

"I also think this calls for a Gauntlet." Theron calls out, "Go fight him, Lord Halfshav! Do your best!"

Reese hears Agatha's words. "Oh, Luca, go fight him. I want him her in pink ruffles!"

Theron tosses his alaricite sword to Arik, just to make the fight even. "Return that when you're done."

Arion stays silent now, sipping his drink calmly where he has propped himself at the end of the bar.

A grunt follows as Arik looks towards Theron. "Is fine. Will fight." And he stands then, looking towards Alban. Shrugging, he waits for what is likely to be Garabaldi delivering the sword.

Duarte hops down the rafter steps - no, not like a bunny - and heads to the bar at Valencia's beckoning. "Your highness, delighted for a pour of whiskey, and thank you." He smiles.

Alban has left the bar.

Arik wields Adamant, an alaricite longsword with patterns on the blade.

Luca can't help but laugh at Reese's little tale, but it's not a full laugh. Somewhere beneath it, he manages to give her a look, then he leans in a touch and says, "This isn't really fighting, dear. It's more like jesting about with weapons." He grins at her, and he's about to say something else when Agatha's making her announcement. His eyes go a little wide, and he very openly looks her up and down when he says, "For fucking real?" Immediately after, he tells the towering redhead, "I'm great! But I'm going to be better when I pick that dress! Gorgeous as always, bear!", and he turns, until it sounds like plans are changing. He calls out, "I'll fight a Halfshav and a Farshaw to pick that dress!"

Alban wields Skyguard.

"That's not a fair fight, Luca. Let the two duke it out," Theron calls out, then flashes a thumbs up over at Arik. "Gods bless."

Arik glances up at Theron, shrugging. He drains his whiskey and trots towards the circle.

Arik has left the bar.

Arik has joined the ring of valor.

"Wait," Gaston says as he reaches out to take Amarantha's hand before he thinks better of it and pulls back. "I will walk you out?" he asks as he looks her over. "I thought we might talk a little."

Jorygg watches the fight finish, looking on. "I feel like it's missing something with the weapons. Seems a bit more lively when its just fists." He scratches at his cheek lightly, leaning back in his chair. "But then it usually turns into a bar brawl and it spills outside. Someone is thrown in a horse trough. Or gets put through a table." A light chuckle. "Good times."

Jericho leans forward as weapons of alaricite are made and drawn a big smile on his face. "Noowww it should be interesting." he clasps his hands in front of him, looking around though before his eyes fall on Luca, being exhuberant as always.

Mirari pulls a bead from her case and tosses it in Arion's direction. It lands right in his hair where it's meant to be.

Arik looks towards Jorygg. "Is good man, yes. Should have, fight with Brogan. Stout hearted fellow. Strong arms, strong limbs."

Alban smiles, "Thank you Lord Halfshav." He offers a polite bow of his head, "And you as well Lord Theron, though I did bring steel just in case." He then moves down to the ring as well, drawing up a salute with his blade after he draws it. "For Gloria an the Spirits." He says with a bow of his head and then cuts the air once with his blade before bringing it to the ready.

Luca makes a face at Theron, up there in the rafters, "I could get naked and make it fair." He holds up at the edge of the arena, and manages to look a little off-put at missing out a chance to pick Agatha's dress. He wanders back, playing up his downfallen nature over the event a bit, "Well damn, I guess I'm going to have to drink more."

Alban has joined the ring of valor.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Amarantha clasps her hands quickly behind her back. "I don't need an escort, my lord." She murmurs, glancing back at the door. "But fine, we can talk outside."

Amarantha has left the bar.

1 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Bedlam, a devoted doberman puppy, Aubyn--An aloof lycene noble leave, following Amarantha.

Echo seemed reasonably happy to let Amarantha make her escape, but when she spots Gaston again, her noses creases slightly and works her jaw. After knocking back yet another drink, her attention shifts back to the sparring sands almost reluctantly.

Valencia smiles and nods to Duarte and turns to stand on crate to reach the top shelf to draw down some of the top shelf whiskey for Duarte. Returning to the bar, she pours a generous portion for him and then one for herself. Pausing, she tops up Arion's glass as well before raising her glass to them. "To life, luck and love... and an abundance of all three," she nods, large dark eyes glancing ot the sands as another match begins. Taking a sip she closes her eyes a moment and then smiles, "You are well?"

Lisebet offers a smile, curtsey, bow of the head to each in turn, including Gaston if he's come over to the bar. "A pleasure. You fought well." She is just standing, which frees a seat there, in case. "I look forward to joining you all for more interesting conversations and sparring in future."

Agatha hears Reese's suggestion and looks back. There's enough of a look of horror on the bear's face that maybe, just maybe, it could be worth a three way battle to make her learn a lesson. "So many ribbons," she whispers in alarm. She trips up the last couple of steps. "For my lack of a little pink bonnet! Halfshav, so help me if you put me in pastels..."

Reese peeks over to Luca, giving him this thoughtful sort of look that is all serious and even tinged with a touch of sorrow for some reason or another. It fades though and she smiles a moment later. "I just hope whoever gets to pick the dress, chooses pink ruffles and ribobns! Many, many ribbons. I would even attend that ball.."

Fianna bursts out laughing, shaking her head and grinning even as she claps JOrygg on the shoulder and lens in to murmur something to him.

"The world isn't ready for you to start a fashion of fighting naked," Ian remarks to Luca. Probably to Luca. His eyes are already on the fight that's about to start. "Which is what would happen."

"... No. I give to Mazetti to decide," Arik grunts, as he starts to circle Alban, his blade at the ready.

Alban takes moderate damage.

Aurus wanders in, his golden-white eyebrows shooting up as he makes it in, looking at the two combatants taking up alaricite weapons. He seems suitably impressed, though doesn't let it stay his progression towards the bar. He seems enthused to be in such a place with such a rousing good time.

Arik takes minor damage.

Alban takes minor damage.

Aurus has joined the raised seating.

Alban takes minor damage.

Lisebet has left the bar.

Arion scowls up at Mirari as he reaches to pluck the offending bead from his hair. "Stop harassing my hair! If you want to admire it properly then you should come down here and do so." He huffs and admires the bead a moment before setting his drink aside and carefully braiding a small strand of that long crimson hair to work that bead into.

Arik takes minor damage.

Alban takes minor damage.

Alban takes minor damage.

"I'm not harassing your hair, I'm harassing you!" Mirari calls down to Arion. "You should come up here, then we can't throw things at you, goose!'

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, Tale - The Snow Fox, A Mirror Masked Woman, Calvary -- A Large Fluffy Hound, 3 Velenosa House Guards arrive, following Isolde.

Alban takes minor damage.

Arik takes moderate damage.

Alban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 19 higher.

Alban remains capable of fighting.

Genevieve stands almost on tiptoes to watch the spar, brows raised alert and attentive. She idly chews on the nail of one finger.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, Tale - The Snow Fox, A Mirror Masked Woman, Calvary -- A Large Fluffy Hound, 3 Velenosa House Guards leave, following Isolde.

Theron starts clapping slowly, apparently cheering. "Go, Adamant! Go!" He's cheering for his sword?

Titus, a young wolfhound leaves, following Gaston.

Lisebet watches the fight attentively, as her cousin is out there. She drifts towards the sands, but stays well off the fighting ground.

The little vixen glances up as Aurus arrives at the bar and she smiles sweetly. "Good evening, sir. Welcome to my Hart. I'm so very glad to meet you. Would you care for a drink this evening," Valencia asks with a glimmer in her large dark eyes, her small delicate hands resting lighting on the counters as she waits to see what would please him best.

Grunting, Arik exchanges blows with the Farshaw lord, carrying Theron's Alaricite blade. There's a glance at it, as he nods to Alban. "Is good blade," he says, admiring its heft for a moment. There's a twist of his wrist as he shifts from a more defensive posture, to a more aggressive one, blade in his hand moving at the ready. His eyes are narrowed beneath his helm.

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Arion pouts as he finishes securing the bead neatly and carefully into his hair. "Hmm. It does look nice with ornamentation." He peers up at Mirari and gives a long suffering sigh before picking up his newly filled drink flashing a smile to those at the bar and heading up into the rafters. "Fine. You win. Here I am."

As the spar begins, Alban begins to circle around to the right, he doesn't seem particularly aggressive, nor is he worried about defense, and it shows as he gets touched a few times by Arik's borrowed alaricite sword, and then the two blades clash again, and again. Alban smiles at Arik as their swords dance and each time he is struck he nods, acknowledging the hit and then steps forwards again. His stance starts to change subtly though as he gets tagged more and more often, "Well struck." He says to Arik and then steps forwards again, landing a blow as he takes a staggering hit himself. "Yes it is. Lord Theron has a masterpiece there." He admits and as he watches sweat start to form on his opponents face he smiles and steps in again.

Arion has joined the upper rafters.

Standing with a stretch, Fianna grins easily at the gathered at the bar. "Well! This has been fun, but this woman has an early, early morning start. Have a grand evening, all!" Looking around, she calls out to Agatha. "GREAT JOB, AGATHA!!"

Arik takes minor damage.

Arik takes moderate damage.

Alban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 17 higher.

Alban remains capable of fighting.

Arik takes moderate damage.

Alban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 33, rolling 39 higher.

Alban remains capable of fighting.

Arik takes serious damage.

Alban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 19 higher.

Alban remains capable of fighting.

Luca slips around behind his wife and nudges her over in the direction of Ian's table, "We've been standing. I'm getting too excited. We'd better get a seat, so I can start getting a bit sleepier, or I'm going to be up and into trouble all the night long..", and he pulls out a chair for her even.

Alban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 43, rolling 12 higher.

Alban remains capable of fighting.

Arik checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 26, rolling 45 higher.

Arik remains capable of fighting.

Arik checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 27, rolling 29 higher.

Arik remains capable of fighting.

Arik checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 58, rolling 31 higher.

Arik remains capable of fighting.

Alban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 90, rolling 25 lower.

Alban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 52, rolling 3 higher.

Alban remains alive, but close to death.

Alban falls unconscious.

"YES!" Theron rises from the rafters and applauds, loudly. "YEAH! THAT'S MY SWORD!"

Luca has joined the corner table.

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Arik shows less finesse in his combative stance, more relying on raw strength, though his bladework is still relatively talented. Blow after blow is hammered against Lord Farshaw, his jaw setting slightly. Sweat pours from his brow as he wipes his forehead of sweat. Removing his helm, he offers a hand to help his foe up. "Is was good fight. Is dancy fighter," he says, nodding to Alban. Looking to Agatha, he says, "Princess -- Lord Mazetti get to dress you. He gave sword." There's a bob of his head, as he looks to Theron. "Is has thanks. Now, whiskey."

Agatha gives Theron a LOOK. "That's the might of Arik Halfshav, Redrain warrior!" Pause. "Who got to play with a cool sword!" Man. She looks wounded when she's staring down at Arik. "Who just CRUELLY BETRAYED ME. Darn it, Arik. See if I defend your mighty manly fighting skills again!"

Reese allows Luca to guide her toward the table. "Well, we can't have you getting too excited, Luca." She says in his direction. She watches the fight with interest. "I really, really wonder what kind of dress the Princess Bear will end up wearing." She murmurs. She then edges her chair close to Luca and leans her head on his shoulder.

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Theron wields Adamant, an alaricite longsword with patterns on the blade.

Laughter peals from the rafters. "A -frilly- dress?"

Waldemai waves ta-ta to the crowd. "Sorry about the spillage," he calls, and heads out.

It's too much, it really is. Lisebet cannot help but chuckle. Even if poor Alban just lost.

In terms of skill Alban and Arik are fairly equal, blows are struck by both, heavy and ringing as well as the clash of alaricite on alaricite and though Alban is scoring the more telling strikes, it is Arik who lands the one that counts. Alban staggers and then drops to a knee, sweating heavy. "Well fought, Lord Halfshav." He says with a smile, "I thought I had you... Ah well." He stands and then sheathes his sword, "It is a fine sword, Lord Theron. I shall certainly feel those marks for a while." He rubs the back of his neck and then says to Arik, "Now, drinks." He smiles and heads out of the ring, "Ah princess Agatha, you should have been rooting for me, I would have put you in far less ribbons."

Alban has left the ring of valor.

"Have Dame Morrighan make you a backless gown, Agatha," Theron inclines his head. "With decolletage. WITH decolletage." He inclines his head to Alban and Arik both. "Thank you."

Alban has joined the bar.

"Is fair, Princess. Is gifted sword. Plus, would thump if chose dress. Let other pick," Arik says, nodding to Agatha. He waits for Garibaldi to come claim his master's sword. "Is good now," he remarks, before shrugging. There's a look towards Alban. "You are better fighter. I am more durable. Is even bent, suppose." A nod is made towards Theron. Then he stalks back towards towards the bar.

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Joscelin sighs. "Dame Morrighan is not-" The Guildmaster pauses. "No. Morrighan it is."

"Something stiff, 'keep" is the order given to the bartender by Aurus, as he settles in. He smiles to those at the bar, resplendent even in very simple traveling gear, including Valencia, Genevieve, Lisebet and the princess he met earlier, Echo, in the expression. "I don't know exactly what's going on here," he claims to those near, "but I followed a swathe of people in and out. Seemed the place to be." His eyes, though, pause on the sword borne by the combatant Alban, Skyguard, and his ultramarine blue eyes pick out the dragonwing hilt and the dragonsweep stone on the pommel, and they linger there for a few moments, curious.

Jorygg is in the midst of stuff his pipe with snuff, pulling a candle over on the table nearby to light it, puff away. Some kind of herb-laden tobbacco. One of the scout's very few personal pleasures. Costed a pretty coin to get sent to Stormwall. "Well I know I'm not fighting. My last bow was broken in Stormwall. Would probably be a poor fight anyways."

"What is name? Fought in Stormwall? What is drink? I buy!" Arik looks towards Jorygg. Excitable boy, apparently. Well, large, grunty man, rather. But, still. He tries.

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Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Theron leave, following Grazia.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Mirari leans out from the rafters, calling out to Echo. "Highness, come up here and give me a hug before you run off, no excuses."

Lisebet catches the words, and she says, "this fine fighter," A nod to Arik, "was sparring with my cousin, Lord Alban Farshaw." That much she can put in. "And I do believe this is a regular sparring event, my Lord," is said to Aureth. "At least it is the second time I have run into such. But tonight there is such a crush of people, I feel that I will never remember everyone."

"This is the place to be," Echo says with a small lift of her glass to Aurus. "Good to see you again, Lord Aurus." Her lips pulled into a small frown to Jorygg's words, and she leaned over to clap him on the shoulder. "Bows can be repaired," she says in hopes to cheer him up.

A stilff glass of whiskey finds Aurus' hand and Valencia slips down the bar to explain. "This is the Golden Hart. A place for all of Arx to gather. Everyone is welcome here. We are part social hub, part gaming house and very much a charitable organizations. We aim to raise spirits and to gather funds for good causes that help the peoples of our realm. Tonight you happened upon one of our regular events. people come here to enjoy good company and a drink, and some come to also test their skills in the ring of Valor. But to be true, we host all sorts of wonderful event. And when not, it is the perfect place to meet others in our city," she offers with a little smile, topping up his glass again.

Genevieve turns and arches a curious eyebrow at Alban, her expression mostly unreadable. Then she takes her cider from the bar and takes a good gulp of it, looking back towards the arena.

Agatha leans past Joscelin's shoulder to add her voice to Mirari's. "Yes, Echo! Come up to say hello!" As for the others that just did battle? She smirks at Alban. "Well, with the Oathlands maybe I'd have ended up with a new set of plate to wear! As for you Arik, if some Lycene tailor puts me in two ribbons and nothing else, I'm telling Darren it's your doing" she teases.

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Mirari puts a slender silver flask in a round oak accoutrements case.

Jericho looks around then, simply sitting back as he sips a drink. A small sigh then as he looks around, a look of sadness now on his face.

"Eh? Jorygg Crovane. Jory. An I was at Stormwall. Was sort of my home." The scout introduces to Arik. "And I'll whatever someone buys. Not picky. Not to a guy who knows how to swing a big ol butterknife like that." A puff on his pipe, smiling and shaking his head at Echo. "Nah, don't sweat it. It was just a bow, there's always others. Don't fret too much about it, the one who broke didn't really get a chance to enjoy it."

Echo was totally lost in all the craziness at the bar that she had missed out on a few people calling her from above. She moved on over to Jericho's side, gingerly dropping her palm on his shoulder as she leaned in to whisper something into his ear before heading on up to the rafters. "Good show, Agatha! Hope the night is treating everyone else well?"

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A pause follows, before he looks towards Agatha. "Is fair. Much sad if case. More scared of Khanne, though. Darren only have hung. Khanne destroy. Is best." He looks towards Jericho. "You seem sad. Do not be sad. Come drink now. You fought at Stormwall. So don't be sad. Be awesome." There's a bob of the man's head, before he looks back towards Jorygg. "Is much good. Is Arik Halfshav. Is Sword of Whitehold." His thumb is jammed in his own direction. "I buy you and Crovane Lord drink and we be awesome. Then go soak in hot water. Maybe convince others to come!"

Alban smiles at Echo, "Perhaps." He takes a drink of his water, "Gloria favors us all but even a loss in such a way is still an honor to her. Well fought Lord Halfshav." He smiles at Echo, "Until we meet again, Princess." And then he leans over to murmur to Lisebet before he stands from the bar.

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Genevieve having been ignored twice, Genevieve turns to Wynna. That's right, Wynna. Making herself known to Wynna.

Lisebet is overheard praising Valencia.

Genevieve simply nods to Alban with a faint smile.

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Lisebet listens to Alban and then offers a smile, replying briefly. She gets a drink, sips some, and raises it briefly in a toast, "to the gods, the hostess, and all the combatants of the night." The drink is finished, and then the young Farshaw Lady takes her leave.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard leaves, following Lisebet.

Genevieve leans over to Wynna across the bar, then lets out a bright "Hello!" She seems a bit shocked by her own cheerfulness then, but smiles it off. "Hello! How are you?"

"Sword, eh? No wonder you won. My cousin spoke well of the Half-Shavs." Jory remarks. "So pretty sure you're a touch more awesome than myself. Aye, I fought at Stormwall. Shamew what happened to home but, buildings can be replaced. Castles rebuilt. It'll be alright."

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"Eh, is different, all good," Arik remarks, eyes narrowing a little as he looks towards Jorygg. "How much for new bow? Is has new clothes, can help pitch in. Is not has much, but, can help get." Isn't he just swell? Looking to Genevieve, he blinks, then shrugs. His brows knit together for a moment, lips quirking slightly.

The little vixen takes a deep breath as the matches begin to ebb and people drift tables and alcoves for private conversations. Valencia remains at the bar sipping her whiskey thoughtfully, a small delicate hand resting lightly on the bar as she watches the room move and glow like a beautiful sunset. "I will miss you," she whispers, and finishes off her drink with a toss of her head and then promptly pouring another.

Aurus tips the drink towards Valencia and answers, "It's certainly very cosmopolitan - Redrains, Lycenes, people of all sort. The Golden Hart, you said? I'll have to remember it." As an introduction, he says, "Ah - I'm Aurus Wyrmguard. Not really a historically storied champion of such arenas, at least - not yet." He smiles, flagrantly, to Valencia.

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Aurus tips the drink towards Valencia and answers, "It's certainly very cosmopolitan - Redrains, Lycenes, people of all sort. The Golden Hart, you said? I'll have to remember it." As an introduction, he says, "Ah - I'm Aurus Wyrmguard. Not really a historically storied champion of such arenas, at least - not yet." He smiles, flagrantly, to Valencia.

"Whoa whoa, friend." Jorygg holds up a hand, laughing. "I appreciate the gesture, but there's no need, really. Buying me a drink is helping enough, aye?" Another puff, blowing out smoke. "I don't even know what another bow would cost, and really, I don't even need something crazy. Just a bow and some leather, I'm easy to please. But you save that coin for some pretty little that catches your eye. Trust me, that'll be better coin spent than some scout." the Crovane smiles giving a bit of a wink.

"Whoa whoa, friend." Jorygg holds up a hand, laughing. "I appreciate the gesture, but there's no need, really. Buying me a drink is helping enough, aye?" Another puff, blowing out smoke. "I don't even know what another bow would cost, and really, I don't even need something crazy. Just a bow and some leather, I'm easy to please. But you save that coin for some pretty little that catches your eye. Trust me, that'll be better coin spent than some scout." the Crovane smiles giving a bit of a wink.

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Aurus tips the drink towards Valencia and answers, "It's certainly very cosmopolitan - Redrains, Lycenes, people of all sort. The Golden Hart, you said? I'll have to remember it." As an introduction, he says, "Ah - I'm Aurus Wyrmguard. Not really a historically storied champion of such arenas, at least - not yet." He smiles, flagrantly, to Valencia.

Joscelin puts A small bottle labeled Joscelin's musk in a leather work apron.

"It is I suppose," Valencia blinks back into focus and smiles at Aurus, politely offering him a warm incline of head and a delicate hand in greeting. "I am the Princess Valencia. I am so very pleased to meet you, my lord. I have been very pleased to call many of the house of Wyrmguard my dearest friends. I hope it will be so with you as well. You have just arrived in the city?"

Looking towards Jorygg, Arik says, "Already has. Bought pretty seasilk things for new lass. Is has now, for pretty ladies," with a shrug. "But is has told sister to find appropriate bride. She will find pretty thing for me. With wide hips for bearing strong Halfshav children." There's a shrug from the man. "Is help Crovane though." He bobs his head in the man's direction. Whiskey is slid over to the man.

"Please tell me I am not too late to pound on things!" Violet announces as she strides in, arms thrown wide as she sees familiar people. The look on her face is intense and not really happy, but neither does she seem upset. Merely determined and her eyes are on the Areana as she approaches it.

Stepping into the Golden Hart uncertainly, Jordan glances around, his jaw set. He shrugs after a moment as he stalks in, considering the bar for a moment, then the patrons. "Fighting going on here? I heard..."

Jorygg barks out a laugh, not exactly choking on smoke, but coming close. "Well, got a head start on things, aye? Good on you, lad. And right you are, making sure there's wide hips involved is certainly something that needs to be checked off the list. I wish you luck with the lass in particular. Here's to hoping she treats you right and you in kind." The whiskey that's slid over is picked up, and drank.

Genevieve turns then to look in Violet's direction, waving above the crowd then just as quickly turning to someone at the bar.

Valencia's cheeks blush at Arik's talk of wide childbearing hips and shakes her head looking a little at a loss as to what to say at the moment. But then there is Violet shortly followed by Jordan, both looking to spar. The little vixen offers them both a smile, "Welcome to my Hart! And no, not at all! The sands are free if you would like to take the next bout?" she offers happily looking between the two.

Luca leans back in his chair when Violet walks in, and he actually claps, which means he has to put his whiskey down, and that's some important clapping, "I knew I was going to get to see her kick someone's ass soon!" It's very celebratory clapping, before he goes back to drinking at the table he's sharing with Ian and Reese.

"Is has fought. Is has whiskey. Is now go soak." And with that, the man bows to Valenica. "Is was good bout and good drink. Is has much thanks for setting up." He looks over to Genevieve as she frowns and reaches over to muss her hair. "Is fine," he says, before looking back towards Jorygg. "Ah, I has." And then, with all the social graces he has, he calls out to Agatha. "AGGIE! Have sneaky cousin find way to get stout-hearted man bow. Is make sad, but is not rich, because bought dress to convince pretty woman with wide hips to marry for having many Halfshav children." And with that, he starts towards the door, whistling a tune.

Agatha looks at her compatriots. Looks down at Arik. "HALFSHAV. What the everloving day is long did you just tell me to do?"

Glass already in hand, mood somewhat reserved, the figure of the large Northman moves into the fighting arena of the Hart, and he looks around to see who's still here after getting a late start. Brogan tips back the rest of the glass, handing it to a nearby serving lady as she walks back, and gives her a small smile in thanks. For the moment, Brogan remains by the door, and simply watches the crowd from afar.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Echo before departing.

Ian looks over at the door after Luca says something, and studies Violet. Maybe because Luca is clapping for her? He takes a sip of his drink.

Wynna waves over to Violet, looking a little drunk.

"Hey Violet." Echo's voice had gone soft and she waved out to the sellsword from her perch at the upper rafters. "Come to beat some people up? Surely someone would love to take you on...?" She glanced around at the others almost expectantly.

Violet's head turns and her eyes lock on the clapping Luca. She smirks without mirth before turning her emerald gaze on Victoria. "You look as lovely as every, my lady," Violet says and gives a playful bow. As others call and wave her gaze is draw up to Genevieve and Echo. "Hiding up there won't save you from my arrows, either of you!" She shouts their way.

"Uh," Arik points towards Jorygg. "Ask Elgie to help this man get bow," he calls out towards Agatha. His hands set on his own steel clad hips. Clank. He looks to Violet. "Oh! Is violent one! IS GOOD TO SEE!" He grins and claps her on the shoulder. "Is crush foes." There is a bob. "And, uh, hmm. Actually. Wait." He looks towards Aurus. "You look interesting. Let me get bottle for you. Because... I don't know." He nods, and pays the bartender. "Okay. Is now good." He ponders this for a moment. His pondering involves browridges like mountains collapsing.

"Shine on, you crazy diamond, Sword Arik." Jorygg shakes his head, unable to keep shut the chuckle of mirth that passes through is lips. And when Arik involves Agatha, he laughs again. "I think what my friend here is trying to say is that you should buy me a bow. I, for the record, am telling you to do no such thing, but apparently he thinks I'm owed because I was Stormwall." He pats the large man on the shoulder. "For the record, there was more than just me that was there. I don't need another right this instant. But I appreciate the fact that you're will to vouch for me." A smile then. "Now go get that bath you were wanting, aye?"

Violet says in Northlands shav, "Good to see you too, Arik."

Arik has left the bar.

"I'll do that," Jordan inclines his head to Valencia, looking over to Luca for a moment. "Care to fight me, Your Highness?" There's all the pre-requisite bows and all.

Agatha ahhhhhhs from her perch in the rafters. "We're working on getting Elgana some armor of her own, I'm afraid, and I need a bit more weaponry myself. But I have to think we'll be working on outfitting the Crovanes back to their previous supplies. Long, painful process but... " She waves down at Jorygg and the others she may not have met, like Jordan, before. "Hello! Agatha Redrain. Sorry I did not see you when I was at Stormwall."

3 Armed Confessors, Marius arrive, following Giulio.

6 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Tobias.

Reese is still here at the table with Ian and Luca, but she has been rather quiet. Even the clapping didn't get all that much of a reaction from her. She is being all somber right now for whatever reason.

Luca lifts his dark gaze up to Jordan, from where he's sitting at his table. "Eh. I think the good prize already got won. I'd ask around a bit. I heard that one.", and he gestures around Jordan, pointing at Violet, ".. is looking for a fight. Why don't you go say something nice to her?" Another grin, then, and a n'er-do-well one at that.

6 Crimson Blades Sergeant have been dismissed.

Violet turns and looks Jordan up and down thoughtfully. "I am looking for a spar. I like to make it interesting though," And she tilts her head back at the bow still on her back. "I'm surprisingly hard to hit for having no blade to defend with. What do you say?"

Wynna has left the bar.

"If you didn't see me at Stormwall, then I was doing my job properly. Sitting in a tree and picking them off as they came. Which, honestly, wasn't exactly that hard. Throw an errant rock and you were likely to hit something." Jorygg replies, tapping at the side of pipe and then refilling with new snuff. Certainly has the look of a sneaky scout about him. "You're outfitting people? You smith then?"

"What's the good prize?" Jordan asks of Luca, in striking confusion. He has no idea what the Prince is talking about. "Sure, except..." He frowns at Violet. "I have no armor. I'm going to end up on my ass before you're done with your quiver."

Joscelin shouts down from the rafters, "Then spar like Lycenes!"

Luca laughs, "It was picking a dress for the Bear. That was the good prize. Now I just get to drink! But I'm going to do it while watching that woman put a few arrows in you, and that's going to be a lot of fun for me." He goes back to doing just that, drinking, and leans up against Reese a little, to murmur something.

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

"That's one way to put it." Tobias says as he comes in and hears Jorygg. The mercenary general is much less active these days... and slow. Clutching his right side on occasion as he looks around for a table, he gives warm nods to those he knows and has seen before.... before he hears that Violet is looking to spar, and gives her a once over. He's still healing from a war maul... her? She got stuck with a spear, and his concern is evident as he heads for a table. "More like you couldn't move without stepping over a minion." Tobias notes.

"There's armor in the chests, there," Ian adds, helpfully. Because he's a helper.

Duarte has joined the bar.

Jorygg glances up at Joscelin. "Soooo, stab each other in the back?"

"If you require armor, you may certainly be able to use the Hart's tourney armor, my lord. Would you prefer leather or steel?" Valencia asks Jordan with a little glance to the chests a the side of the ring and back. "Happy to offer them if it will assist," she nods and turns to look towards the door. A big and beautiful smile finds her lips as she sees Brogan there and she turns to politely excuse herself. "If you will pardon me a moment, sirs, ladies. I will be back," she smiles slips off to greet the large North man with a warm incline of head and the offer of a delicate hand. "I'm glad you are here. I was worried you might miss it," she says softly, her dark eyes glimmering sweetly up at the man. A little frown finds her face as she notes his demeanor and she leans forward to speak softly to him.

When Duarte returns he heads straight to the bar, shaking his head with an upbeat, but apologetic, look. "My apologies, Princess Valencia, for running out so suddenly! Quite rude of me." He takes a seat.

Glancing up towards Joscelin, Giulio drawls, "How outre, dear Joscelin. Though, I do admire the... poise." Does he actually wink? Maybe, but, its a slight thing. "Still, vertical dancing is all the--." He pauses for a moment, glances towards Jorygg and chuckles. "Ah, well, there's that as well." He looks towards Duarte, his expression... non-descript.

Duarte's return look for Giulio is so non-descript, it's almost like Duarte looks /through/ him and doesn't see him at all.

Violet glances up into the rafters and squints a bit. "Hmmmm, and how would that be, Mistress Joscelin?" She shouts back with a smirk. She sees Tobias enter and shoots him a smile at that look of concern. The Redrain is strong in her, but there is anger in her eyes. Not being set at anyone in particular mind you, she just seems angry even if she is smiling. Then the blond promptly turns and walks into the arena. And as she goes she strings her bow. Then it is just a matter of waiting to see who decides to step out there with her.

"I'll take steel, I suppose." Jordan states, heading over to the chests and picking out the pieces, quietly.

Jordan gets Vermilion Drake Sabatons from Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan gets Vermilion Drake Cuisses from Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan gets Vermilion Drake Gauntlets from Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan gets Vermilion Drake Cuirass from Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan gets Vermilion Drake Helm from Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan gets Vermilion Drake Arm Armor from Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Agatha bows her head towards Jorygg. "Well then! Mission accomplished. I just hit things a lot more up close. And, no, sorry, not personally. But this here," she says as she jerks a thumb towards Joscelin, who appears to be sitting right in front of Agatha (SOMEONE has to protect Jocelin's back from being ogled!), "She's the Guildmistress for crafters. She can help you find someone great!"

Violet wields Crimson Spray.

Jordan has joined the ring of valor.

Violet has joined the ring of valor.

Joscelin scoffs at Jorygg, planting her hands on her wide hips from where she sits in Agatha's lap. "I am half Lycene, thank you," and then Agatha's talking and Josie just starts to laugh. "Yes, yes, I..." And then she's twisting to throw a grin at Giulio.

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Once he puts on his armor, and it clanks along, Jordan nods to Violet as he enters the ring of valor, drawing his sword. "Well, alright. Let's do this."

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Ian lifts his glass to Tobias when the Telmar Lord comes in, in a brief greeting. He gives the fight that's about to unfold on the sands a look, but it doesn't seem to capture his attention as much as previous fights have.

Giulio checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Jordan takes serious damage.

Jordan takes moderate damage.

Genevieve gives a small wave to Tobias.

Jordan takes moderate damage.

"Not something I'm against doing, I just know where my strengths lie. You don't learn to be a scout by walking up to someone and then telling them that you're scouting them. At least, not without some tact. Or a couple drinks beforehand." Jorygg replies, going back to his pipe for another moment. "Oh, is she? So she'd only *kind of* stab me in the back. Just the tip, right? But I will remember that. Y'know, when I plan on getting a bow. Eventually. One day. When I'm not wrangling a nine-year old."

As he becomes a pincushion, Jordan seems slightly annoyed, but he tries to move towards Violet nevertheless.

Genevieve shouts from the bar, "GO VIOLET!"

Yeah, she's really fucking sloshed.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Genevieve before departing.

Joscelin checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Joscelin chucks a shotglass at Jorygg from her spot in the rafters.

Violet salutes her opponent before she falls into a crouch and draws an arrow. The woman moves and dives and twists. The blade comes down once and she deflects it with the rubicund-reinforced bow. And away she dances only to ping Jordan again. And again. One of her shots aimed at the back of the poor mans thigh, her signature shot.

Jordan takes minor damage.

Violet takes minor damage.

Jordan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 64, rolling 11 lower.

Jordan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 21 higher.

Jordan remains alive, but close to death.

Jordan falls unconscious.

As Valencia makes her way over to him, Brogan has a bit broader of a smile show up on his features, and he takes her to kiss in lightly on the back before letting go. "Aye, sorry I'm late. Been chattin' with the boys at the Spirits, and makin' sure everyone is doin' ok." He rumbles back to her, more than a little bit of drink in his system, "Everything going good here?" his eyes taking the new and familiar faces as he scans the Arena. When his eyes return back to her, he gives her a little wink, "It's fine, my Princess. You've got guests to see to.." nodding around at the patrons.

Glancing towards Joscelin, Giulio's expression is masklike. And then, watching her expression, he snickers. "Fair enough -- alas, no to collecting the whole set. At least, not tonight." He laughs a little, before looking about. And then, he's walking towards Brogan. "Ah, it is good to see you." Is he half-hugging the man? That fucking icester. "It has been too long." He claps the man on the shoulder, before looking about a moment longer.

Echo wrinkles her nose and watches Violet attack the Grayson knight relentlessly. She wrinkles her nose and -- What's that flying in her periphery? "A shot glass?" The knight-princess says in mild exasperation, peering over the edge of the rafters to watch it trail in a perfect arc through the air towards Jorygg. She totally misses the end of the spar.

Jordan drops to the ground, his sword clatters away from his hand and he just grunts. He waves off any help, though, taking his sword and walking away from the pit, tossing the helmet back into the chest. "Fuck dodging arrows in plate."

Jordan puts Vermilion Drake Sabatons in Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan puts Vermilion Drake Cuisses in Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan puts Vermilion Drake Gauntlets in Red Armor Tournament Chest.

It only takes two more shots from the blond archer to take down Jordan. The last one she sacrifices herself to his blow, if only because that last arrow knocks him down into the sand. At that point she waits, another arrow cock and aim at him. "Yield?" She calls out, ready to shoot him if the answer is no. Usually she is offering a hand, but not tonight.

"Fucking dodging arrows in anything! Here's to more naps and less people trying to put arrows in me! Or anyone!" Luca toasts, directing his words to Jordan, mostly, but also to everyone else. Especially anyone who just survived a rain of arrows in the last couple weeks. He tips his whiskey back, and finishes what's in his cup.

It only takes two more shots from the blond archer to take down Jordan. The last one she sacrifices herself to his blow, if only because that last arrow knocks him down into the sand. At that point she waits, another arrow cock and aim at him. "Yield?" She calls out, ready to shoot him if the answer is no. Usually she is offering a hand, but not tonight. As he gets up she slides the arrow away and moves over to the man. "Yeah, well, it isn't the easiest thing to do at all."

From the bar, Genevieve shouts, "At least she didn't shoot you in the arse!"

Sitting down at a table, Tobias waves down a server for a bit of white wine. "If you're trying to dodge in plate armor, you're either doing it very wrong, or very right." Tobias observes, non-nonchalantly, as he smooths out his Crimson Blade tunic. Then, he's looking to Luca, "Unless you're a soldier by profession." Tobias points out.

Tobias has joined the ringside table.

"I'm fine," Jordan states as he removes the plates and puts them in the chest. "Want to try without armor?" He asks of her, though Tobias' remark from... well, across the room, has him lifting his eyebrows. "Oh, yeah? You good at fighting, my Lord? Care to spar?"

Jericho claps softly then at the conclusion of the battle, smiling at Violet. "A good win madame!" he calls out to her, clapping even still with a chuckle at some of the shouts being shouted.

Jordan puts Vermilion Drake Cuirass in Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan puts Vermilion Drake Helm in Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jordan puts Vermilion Drake Arm Armor in Red Armor Tournament Chest.

Jorygg says in Northlands shav, "Shit, that wasn't personal at all, was it?"

Valencia doesn't look convinced, but doesn't seem to wish to press at the moment either. She nods once and smiles again, "It has a been a very busy and wonderful evening. So many fond faces. I'm so very glad you are here. Care to join me for a drink? I've been helping Missere Maggnus with the bar," she says with a little grin. Yes, it would seem that the little vixen, too, has been drinking. "I would like to introduce you to Lord Aurus and Lady Genevieve. You now Count Duarte, of course," she begins to go through the names of people she has spoken to tonight, pausing to offer a bright and warm smile to Tobias as she notes he has arrived as well. "Good evening, Lord General. How lovely to see you again."

Agatha eyes Joscelin and snorts as she gives her a little nudge. "C'mon. Let's go downstairs, Guildmistress. You're going to knock someone's eye out throwing things from up here! And I want to say hello to Violet. And jump on Uncle Brogan's shoulders. UNCLE BROGAN!" Yeah, she'll catch up with the others too.

Luca cuts his dark eyes toward Tobias, a grin on his lips, "A soldier by...", and he pauses for a moment, playfully, before calling back, "You're telling me some people get /paid/ to fight?" He can't help himself, it would seem. "And here they've just been shoving a bottle at me and telling me I was pretty the whole time!"

Violet shoots Jericho a glance as she spots the prince and grins with a bob of her head. "Why thank you, highness," She says playfully and with a little bow before she turns to head over towards Tobias. Because there is her commander and of course she is going to plop down across from him. "Whiskey? There is whiskey right?" And she turns to find a server bringing her just that. "Aha!" She's come to enough of these things right?

Violet has left the ring of valor.

Violet has joined the ringside table.

"Well fought," Giulio remarks, with a tilt of his head, towards those present. There's a pleasant smile for both Jordan and Violet, before he looks towards Valencia. "It seems the Southern Thunder has been to the taste of more than a few of late. If you would accept it, I would offer a cask for the establishment." He's looking about at the other faces he does not yet recognize, offering a small tilt of his head.

"I'm not at my best, but I can do a spar, I suppose. Are we using personal equipment for this?" Tobias asks of Jordan.

Genevieve gives a little wave to Brogan. Her cheeks are a bit flushed, probably because of that tankard of cider that she's holding in her hands. It's nearly empty. It might not be the first.

It's definitely not the first.

"I only have a steel sword and the clothes on my back," Jordan states to Tobias, lifting his steel longsword. "Just use your best."

Joscelin is giggling at Agatha, and then there's a messenger. And another messenger. And- "Gods above, Tehom's tits and Mangata's milk-laden mammari- NATANO. Really?" The messenger she swats is scampering off with apologies, and Joscelin now has three dire messages about merchants and crossed supply lines. She looks at Agatha and kisses the woman's cheek in apology, climbing down from those powerful thighs and sweeping the dress into something better arranged.

"Hey Inquisitor!" Duarte shouts, whiskey in hand. Grin on face. Looking at Giulio. "Yeah - you. You right there...Wanna fight?" he motions to the ring.

A message comes for Ian, and he opens it and scans the contents. Whatever it is must be calling him away, because he downs his drink and says a brief farewell to Luca and Reese before pushing to his feet and heading out at a slow, careful pace. Leaving behind most of a bottle of whiskey. Because Ian is secretly the whiskey fairy.

Brogan's gaze shifts from Valencia to Giulio, and returns the half-hug with a full brohug, "It's good to see you too, Giulio. How's the Southern Thunder coming along?" but before the man can answer, his attention is returned to Valencia. He let's the little princess take him by the hand to lead him back to the bar, his mood brightening with each step, "I'd love to have a drink with you, my Princess." as he makes his way with her to the group, "Well met, all. I'm hopin' you've had a fine evenin' tonight?" His eyes catch Luca, and he gives the man a wave, "and good to see you again so soon, Luca."

Ian has left the corner table.

Violet looks from Tobias to Jordan and back. She smiles and says, "He likes punishment. Got to give him that. OI! What's your name?" This is directed at Jordan of course. The woman has maybe already had a glass or two before arriving. And now she takes a goodly sip from her new one. At Giulio she wiggles her fingers in a 'hello' as she has a mouthful of liquor.

Jorygg doesn't look to be much of a hurry for anything, the Crovane happy to sit in his chair and smoke.

Joscelin has left the upper rafters.

Mongoose leaves, following Joscelin.

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"Alright then. Violet. Do you mind helping me into my armor? I can have it brought here." Tobias moves to stand as his armor is retrieved, heading for a good place to change.

"Sir Jordan Ober," Jordan tells Violet with a nod of his head, offering her a brief salute before he turns and readies himself to fight Tobias. "At the very least I'll provide to be challenging, in my clothes and outside a suit of armor." He smiles faintly.

"Greetings, my Lord Giulio," Valenica returns with a bright smile and an enthusiastic nod. "That would be most generous of you. I should like that very much," she nods, offering another smile to Duarte. "I'm so sorry, my dearest Count. Welcome back. I'm glad you returned so quickly." Looking between all still at the bar, "Would you care to have some of this very powerful drink or shall it be whiskey tonight?" she asks with a little smile, glancing over to the other tables to indicate one and all are invited to join in this.

"Colonel Violet Marjawn," The blond says in friendly greeting. Then Tobias is asking her to help him with his armor. One brow raises but she doesn't pause to stand up. "Sure," She says before slamming back the rest of her glass. "This will be fun." And she begins to help her commander into his armor. Her hands are as quick with buckles as they are with arrows.

Tobias wields Requiem - an elegant, alaricite longsword with a spiral guard.

Sir Jeffeth Bayweather arrives, late. Cloak pulled in around him the large man glances around the room quietly, a light smile resting on his lips. Releasing the cloak he goes to raise one hand in greeting to Violet as he looks about for a place to sit.

Luca's dark eyes drift toward the bottle of whiskey Ian leaves at his table, after saying his goodbyes to the man. It's like a moth to a flame, really. His attention to detail when it comes to loose alcohol is a thing that's been honed for a long time. He leans forward, giving Reese the side-eye, and slides the bottle off the table. A glance at his cup, emptied, and for a moment it seems like he might fill the thing, but then he puts the cup on the table and just slowly pushes it toward the center. Who needs that thing? He kicks the bottle back, finds a swallow of the burning gold, and then he catches sight of Brogan waving to him. "Fancy seeing you here!" He leans in the place a kiss on Reese's cheek, before rising out of his chair in Brogan's direction. He's still graceful, but it's a drunk sort of graceful.

"Oh whiskey suits me fine, please. And thank you." Duarte smiles for Valencia, tipping his head toward his already filled glass. "I do hope you've been well...considering." He frowns a touch, "Healthy - at least?"

Stepping back out of the alcove, where there was once a Tobias... there is now a blood red armored behemoth with a black and red cape of the Crimson Blades on the back... wielding an alaricite longsword and shield. The mercenary general clanks his way into the ring, before he does a few warm up flourishes. "Ready when you are." Tobias states out of that blood red visor.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Slipping into a defensive stance, Jordan inclines his head to Tobias, ready to fight.

Reese's blue eyes widen as Luca takes the whole bottle of whiskey and starts to drink from such. She did seem to like the kiss to her cheek and nuzzled back into such. A moment later though she calls out. "Luca! Not the whole bottle."

Violet moves to stands where she can get the best view of the match, and snags another whiskey from a passing server. "Thank -you-," She tells him and crosses her arms to watch. The grin she has is feral and not exactly pretty as she watches the sands.

Chuckling to Duarte, Giulio shakes his head. "No, I think not, my dear Count Amadeo." He wanders towards Reese, leaning in to whisper a word to her, something of a smile lingering on his lips. Something else is whispered to Luca.

Echo climbs down from the rafters shortly after Joscelin and Agatha. A brief pause was given as she watched Violet drain another glass and she frowned ever so slightly before stepping off to the side, waiting for Tobias to change into his armors, and making her way over to Violet's side. "Hey you," she whispered out to the blonde, placing her palm over the crook of Violet's arm. "Do you want to sit with me at, uh..." She glanced around the room. "Anywhere, really?"

"Good." Duarte states firmly toward Giulio. "I didn't either." He smirks and takes a drag from his glass.

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Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

When he hears that yell, Brogan grins at Agatha as she's coming down from the rafters, "and there's a voice I'm always happy to hear. Not causin' too much trouble up there are you, Agatha?" He gives Genevieve a wave in return as he settles up at the bar. There's a smile tossed Luca's way, as he replies back, "Well, there's a chair somewhere with rope, but I've not been able to find it yet." His attention going back to Valencia, "Anythin' sounds good, my Princess. I'm a few in already, so it'll all taste fine." From the bar, he tosses a smile and a wave to both Echo and Violet then turns his attention to the bout.

Puff puff, the whale-bone pipe hangs off of mouth, watching the whole thing unfold around him. "Table's free over here." he idly comments towards Echo and Violent. "Unless you two are looking to be private an all, in which case, knock yourselves out."

Brogan has joined the bar.

Jordan, without the encumberance of armor, proves to be incredibly nimble on his feet. He watches carefully for Tobias' motions and, while he flinches at a first moment, brings his weapon to parry the strikes that are incoming, trying to keep himself holding his own for a long time. He's somewhat mobile, and nervously energetic, with a grin that seems quite out of place and more out of nerves than anything. Someone gave a peasant a sword and told them they're a knight. They get some experience and this is what happens.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting arrive, following Roxana.

Violet looks away from the fighting to Echo as she joins her. Now there is some warmth and friendliness in her smile. "Hello," She says pleasantly. As Genevieve comes up to her she automatically moves to wrap an arm around the privates shoulders. "Let's get you sitting then," And she leads her to the table she and Tobias had occupied. It also means she leads Echo that way. A lady on/under each arm and she looks pleased as punch.

Tobias takes moderate damage.

Tobias takes moderate damage.

Echo has left the upper rafters.

Echo has joined the ringside table.

Luca's already heading for Brogan! He's escaped with the whole bottle! And yet, he still manages to wince, as is proper, when Reese calls out to him about his heist - he was sure he'd gotten off with it. He calls back, "I won't drink the whole bottle! I was bringing some to this Northman!" He doesn't sound annoyed. There's nothing but affection in his voice. As he reaches Brogan, he murmurs, "If my wife asks, we're sharing this bottle of whiskey." and he pushes an arm out to clasp forearms with the man - or at least to offer to do so. He tilts his head a little when Giulio murmurs to him, after, and nods, "We can do that. Find me sometime. I've got time, now that the worst of the fighting's over. Soon, yeah?"

No one imagined it; there was yelling in the Golden Hart foyer, and by the end of it Joscelin returns, cheeks flushed and a little grumpier than the world is used to seeing her. She's looking for Agatha, or a Mazetti, something, but instead looks to grab a drink on the way. She's still in that gorgeous blue dress, skimming just at her tailbone, the fabric sweeping the gown behind her as it glitters here and there with decadent subtlety, the silver scarring of her back exposed. Harumph.

A strange little look finds Valencia's face but she seems to rally again. "I'm... as well as can be expected," she replies gently, her smile weakening a little. She rallies and smiles again, her dark eyes drifting to Luca as he drinks from the bottle. She frowns a little and sips deeply from her own glass. She winces a little at the taste tonight and then sets to pour one for Duarte, Giulio, Jordan, Jericho and Brogan to start.

After a moment, Giulio walks over towards Joscelin, leaning in to whisper something to her. Casually, Marius hands Giulio an earthenware jug, which he offers Joscelin.

Welp, not the first time Jorygg had been given the cold shoulder. Ah well, nobody ever said life in the south was simple. Giving a shrug, the scout lifts himself to his feet now that he finds himself without much to do. Time to move on.

Echo waves out to Brogan with all sorts of enthusiasm, which is pretty surprising this late at night. She cants a smile Jorygg's way and says, "I'll be at the ringside table, but you're free to join us." And then the Redrain chevalier dropped into a seat beside Violet, worry clear as day in her eyes as she looked over the sellsword.

Tobias takes minor damage.

Jordan takes moderate damage.

Tobias takes serious damage.

Tobias checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 5 higher.

Tobias remains capable of fighting.

Folding his large arms as he slowly walks the perimeter of the arena, Jeffeth watches the two fighters carefully with an arched brow. "Good, Sir Ober." The man bellows as he leans in to watch the man's footwork more carefully.

Jordan takes moderate damage.

Tobias checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 43, rolling 14 higher.

Tobias remains capable of fighting.

Tobias checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 55, rolling 23 lower.

Tobias checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 3 higher.

Tobias remains alive, but close to death.

Tobias falls unconscious.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting leave, following Roxana.

As Luca makes his way in Brogan's direction, there's a grin that follows the Fox Prince, and the offered clasp is taken with friendly clap on the shoulder. He calls out loud enough to be heard by Reese, "Aye, I'd love to share your whiskey..." a deep chuckle following behind the murmur, "Of course we're sharin' it." When Valencia stutters a bit, though, his attention is drawn to the princess with a small smile. He moves around the bar to wrap an arm around her shoulder, and whisper something in her ear. He finishes pouring the drinks for her, and hands them out to all the folks that are missing them before picking up the last for himself.

And just as she was settling into her seat Violet is standing again. Giving a weak hug back to the one Echo gives her she makes her way towards the sands. Ready to help Tobias up if he needs it. She knows about that morningstar her took.

Jordan Ober is, for lack of a good word, really nimble on his feet. On his shoe-wearing feet. No doubt he'd be much slower in plate to the point that Tobias' sharp alaricite would cut him to ribbons. As it stands, the knight's lightning-fast parries trap the other man's sharper and more resilient sword until that critical moment where counterattacks could be launched. He makes use of those, in addition to footwork, his motions executed levelly and economically until he gets struck twice. Then he's more studious with his blade, a couple of red lines blooming on the fabic of his shirt but not seeming to be particularly grievous wounds. He's still standing, he's still moving, and moreover, he's here to win. There's an overhead strike followed by a chop that decides the spar, though he offers his hand to the Telmar. "Well fought, my Lord."

Jericho eventually gets up from his seat, moving now to head for hte exit, though Violet, Echo, and Genevieve are given the appropriate smiles and waves as needed, a bow of his head then in quiet farewell. a bow for the mistress of the house, Valencia as well before he truly leaves. Likely to drink.

Genevieve gives Jericho a little wave, then her attention is turned back to Tobias with a frown.

From the onset of the fight, it becomes clear that Tobias is not even trying to dodge for the most part. Parry? Yes, Dodge... his armor takes hit, after hit, after hit, with hardly a scratch. One could almost swear he and Jordan were making plate music with how often he lands a blow... but he just keeps going. His objective is clear; all out assault on Jordan, and let the armor take the damage.

It works, for a while. Eventually though, Jordan managed to get through to the behemoth and hit with a few counterattacks to the vulnerable joints of the plate armor. A few hits later, and Tobias goes to his knees in a grunt as he takes one too many hits to remain in the fight. "You have an impressive defense, Sir." Tobias notes as he takes the hand... then pulls his helm off, the bald mercenary general giving Jordan a once over. "Are you planning to stick to that style?" Tobias asks.

"Oh, sure! I'd love to share it with you, friend!" Luca offers, his voice a touch high, theatrically so, for the sake of letting his voice carry over his shoulder some and back to his wife. He winks to Brogan and cocks the Northman a grin, before stepping to the side so there's a clear path toward his cousin Valencia. Then he kicks the bottle back again, gets another swallow, and leans over the bar toward said cousin and her companion. "You two are disgusting. Get a room already." He's teasing, and he turns around after, to say.. to nobody in particular actually. "Fuck. I should get a room. I forgot to even fight." He calls out across the distance to his wife, "Ribbons! We shou--..", but he pauses, taking the bottle and slipping it into the pocket of his jacket, out of sight, "We should get a room!"

When Violet pulls away from the bearhug, Echo waggles her fingers out to Jericho. "See you around, your Highness." The knight-princess draws a long breath, her gaze flicking over to Violet with with a worried look, before twisting in her seat to share a quick whisper with Genevieve.

Genevieve turns towards Echo with a concerned crease of her brow.

Violet seeing Tobias is faring just fine and doesn't need her she turns and head back to the table. Sitting back in her seat heavily so that it groans she reaches out and finishes her whiskey. "What are you hens clicking about me?" She says with a no-nonsense glance and tone at her friends.

"I intend on getting myself a nice and reliable suit of plate eventually. But yes, my style of fighting won't change much, most likely. My aim is to protect, either way. I might get a suit each of both leather and steel, perhaps," Jordan considers Tobias' question, and he inclines his head to the Telmar all the same. His sword is sheathed and he offers a bow. "Admittedly, my stipends should consider that in a few weeks or so. Although I am working on some projects," he offers a careless smile about that, "should be good enough to convert them into writs and sell them to my liege lord."

Agatha has been in the little warrior's room for a few minutes apparently. She walks back out ready for a few more tankards of ale and another fight and grins. "Enjoy your room, Princess Colors and Prince Princess Colors." Yeah, she's still working on a good nickname for Luca. But then there's ... wait. "You're back! I thought you'd be gone for ages with those messengers!" That's for Joscelin there.

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Valencia looks up at Luca as arrives, a little smile finding lips as he and Brogan greet each other. Turning, she offers Jericho a gentle farewell as the Princes departs. Another sip of whiskey is take and she smiles back at Duarte. "It has been a hard time for so many, but we must continue on and live well to honour those we care for, yes?" she says with a little smile. Luca's words cause her to stop mid sentence, her lips parted and her eyes wide. Suddenly there is a blush to end all blushing and she stammers up at him, her words utterly lost.

Agatha has joined the bar.

Jeffeth is leaning towards the arena, glancing over at Jordan. "Sir Ober? Care for another?" The big man is rumbling, bowing to the man, pressing his fist to his chest.

"Only if you can help me out with a little endeavor of mine, Sir Jeffeth! I'll send you the pre-requisite details," Jordan states, glancing about for a moment. At least, with that one win, honor is restored! Or something. He seems to be incredibly relaxed now.

"No truer words, your highness." Duarte agrees before his next swallow of whiskey. His gaze floats over to Giulio.

Frowning lightly, Jeffeth cants his head to the man. "Another one than you already asked me? If you win, I'll help you with all the endeavors you want." The big man smiles brightly. "And if I win you help me out with something of my own."

There's a brief pause as Giulio starts to follow Joscelin. Marius, though, Marius arrives with a letter. There's a faint narrowing of his brows, before he shakes his head. "No rest for the..." He pauses, with a shake of his head, before offering a squeeze to Joscelin's shoulder. "Please, forgive me." There's that faint, half-sad smile on his lips.

"A balanced approach. I understand." Tobias gives Jordan appraising eyes, one warrior to another, before he smiles. "If you were interested in this sort of work, I'd offer you recruitment in the Crimson Blades... but I get the impression you're more interested in being tied to the Houses." Tobias both states and observes, "If you ever decide to take up mercenary work though, feel free to look me up. You seem like you'd get through initiation without an issue, and we pay well." With that, Tobias gives a friendly nod, before he heads over to a table, plopping down with a clank, "The nimble ones are fun." Tobias quips as he drinks his wine once more.

Joscelin looks to Giulio and gives the man a bright grin. "Oh, no apologies. You owe me, yes?" And she winks at the man. "I will keep that pitcher, however."

"Yes, and with my compliments." Giulio glances towards Joscelin, offering a wink her way. "Agatha is much better company than I, however." And with that, he departs.

3 Armed Confessors, Marius leave, following Giulio.

"This is more like a mercantile project, you know," Jordan waves the sword. "The other endeavor might take a little while to set up. Get everything together." He nods to Tobias' words, all the same. "Thank you, my Lord. I'll definitely think about it, but I'm tied to House Ashford by vassalage now, and intend to serve well for as long as I am wanted. Doesn't prevent me from volunteering on something or another for free, though. I know, I know -- seems crazy, doing something for nothing, but that's just the way I am." With a grin to the Telmar, he looks to Bayweather. "Just send your project my way and I'll send you mine, without wagering it."

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"You're such a sharing friend, Luca." Brogan continues the charade, tossing a grin in Reese's direction, and simply shakes his head at the antics of the other man. He takes a long drink from his glass as Luca takes a swig from his bottle, and Brogan leans up against the bar form the other side. He lets out a long sigh, some of the tension easing from his shoulders, and he shakes his head again at Luca's words... even more so at Valencia's response, and tells Luca, "There's space upstairs. I'm sure you could find one within stumblin' distance." Brogan looks over to Valencia, her blush, and he bumps he shoulder just a little, "He's just workin on seein' that blush of yours, my Princess. You let him win this round."

Jeffeth wields a dark rubicund backsword chased with golden gilt.

"I'm worried about you," Echo returns just as bluntly to Violet. "Can't help it, it's just what I do." She drops her palm onto Violet's shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze before stepping away, allowing her sellsword friend some space. And then her pallid gaze is travelling around the arena, settling on both Reese and Luca. Who she approaches. "Hey you two! How's things going tonight?"

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Jeffeth takes serious damage.

Jordan takes minor damage.

Jordan takes minor damage.

Luca's already leaving the bar where Brogan and Valencia are at, but he calls back to the Northman nonetheless, "You're a fine friend, to drink some.. most.. of this whiskey! I will never forget your friendship! My wife will be terribly pleased!" Who cares if he's talking even as he's walking off, back over to the little corner table where he'd left Reese. And then Echo's meeting him there too. He doesn't bother to sit, so much as he leans against it, folding his arms, and lowering his voice.

"My appreciation for the drink, and the company, your highness," says Duarte to Valencia. "You are ever the gracious hostess." He sets his glass down and offers a wink to Brogan. "We'll talk more. Soon, I hope, my friend."

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Jordan takes serious damage.

Violet lets out a sigh at Echo's words and some of the bravado deflates a bit. "Thanks," She tells the princess before she moves off. Then Violet is left with the far-from-sober Genevieve. The colonel smiles faintly at her and sips her glass slowly. Though it may seem she watches Jeffeth and Jordan her eyes are a bit distant.

Valencia coughs politely and steals a glance Brogan's way. "I am NOT blushing!" she says firmly, giving a little look of appeal Reese's way. Another sip of her drink is taken and she turns to smile gently at Duarte, "It was so very lovely to see you, my Count. I do hope you will find my Hart again soon. Thank you for coming here tonight, my lord."

"Most... I definitely drank MOST of it..." Brogan calls out as Luca is wandering off, and turns his attention back to Duarte. "Aye, Duarte. I'd like that. I owe you a story, after all, and maybe in a less crowded space we can chat about the night you were tryin' to be a good friend, and I ended up being a giant bear." raising his own glass to the Count in appreciation. He does glance towards Valencia, eyebrow raised, and he nods his head slowly "Ah. Right. Must be the lightin' in the area, my Princess."

As they took the sands it became clear soon that Jeffeth is quicker on his feet than his prodigious size may suggest. However he is quickly caught with a stronge hit from the knight, eliciting a loud grunt from the huge man. It encourages the Knight of Solace to be a bit more careful as their bout continues. And at that point they put on a fine peformance of foot and bladework. Dancing about each other with parrying strikes, disengages, pivots, and even the occasional spin.

After the first hit Jeffeth was able to lay a light strike on Jordan but not much more. Until the bout goes on for quite some time, their blades seldolmly exchanging until Jeffeth gets a very lucky blow smashing hard into the side of the smaller knight. Pulling back Jeffeth gives the other man a nod before stepping in to engage once more.

Jordan is fighting someone a few inches taller, and certainly a bit stronger. But he's still acquitting himself well at first, keeping himself mobile and trying to prevent a particularly nasty blow from happening. When it does, he flinches, just a little, and shakes his head to ward off the pain, ready to continue the bout after nodding affirmatively to Jeffeth.

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Agatha pauses long enough to hug Uncle Brogan and give Valencia a casual nod. "I think that's supposed to be I'm not blushing, YOU'RE blushing," she says helpefully with a smile. Not quite sure what's brought Joscelin back, she tucks an arm around the shorter woman and keeps half an eye on the fight. After a few minutes, though, something the jeweler murmurs catches her ear and she grins, a goofy little smile spreading. She reaches down and laces her fingers with the Guildmaster's before tugging her along and hurrying out.

Jordan takes moderate damage.

Jordan takes serious damage.

Genevieve just kind of leans on Violet a bit, a little drowsy. What a lush.

Joscelin is beaming up at Agatha. Must be the dress. Right?

After landing his first hit, the big man continues his assault. Swingining in on his right side, Jeffeth becomes a bit less worried about defense and starts to try to take apart Jordan's defenses. Sir Bayweather presses in rapidly, dancing to the side and hitting the other man hard before spinning to the left and swinging another powerful blow at the smaller knight.

"Quick on your feet." Jeffeth grunts lightly, pressing the attack. Worrying less about his own safety and pressing his feet in to corner Jordan, taking the battlefield from him and not relenting.

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"I yield," Jordan inclines his head to Jeffeth, stumbling back a little. "Well fought, Sir. Need to take a breather, drink something, then rest."

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Violet sits with a mostly thoughtful and somber expression with the rest of the Blades. Even if life just kicked her in the teeth she isn't letting it stop her as she throws back another whiskey. Even as she makes sure Genevieve gets some water as she becomes the wall for the younger archer to lean against.

Jeffeth is pressing in, raising his arm as Jordan yields. Quickly stepping out of the way the big knight gives a nod, going to sheathe his blade. "Well fought Sir Ober." He murmurs, going to tuck his thumbs into his belt, a light smile playing on his lips. "Pity you didn't join the Solace. Would have been good for us to have another strong arm in the ranks."

Genevieve gives Jeffeth a sleepy wave before she plonks back down against Violet again, ready for the snoozin', apparently.

"I go where I'm needed most, Sir," Jordan inclines his head to Jeffeth. "And right now, I think House Ashford needs me. They have need of martially-inclined men. Though, nobody knows what the future holds or where it takes us." With a grin to the Bayweather, he heads out of the ring, sheathing his sword. "Thanks for the fighting." He smiles over to Violet, then nods to Genevieve, and approaches Valencia, murmuring a few words to her after bowing to the table she sits at.

Malesh is a tall man and even when he walks bowed over a tall walking stick, and so he is something of an attention getter when he enters a place. Even more so today, as he is wearing an entirerly white outfit. It's comfortable, not quite clothing for outside, but also not quite clothing for staying in one's bedchambers. The sigil of Magnata is stitched over his heart and it is likely his garments are meant for recovery. The bandages wrapped over the crown of his head and down over his left eye and ear, and the fact that his left arm is in a sling, make that a very likely scenario in deed. He is followed and fussed at by a clerk who hauls with him a shoulder bag with a matching Magnata sigil. Malesh steps in and finds a place to lean, catching his breath.

The large knight casts a somewhat skeptical look at Jordan, but he nods anyway. Making his own way out of the ring, the large man raises a wave to Genevieve in return smiling brightly her way. He is then pulling his cloak over himself as he starts to march his way out of the arena.

At the knock on the table, Genevieve lets out a sudden snork and sits up straight with a few blinks and a startled look on her face. "WHA-UH!?" Another snort of surprise. "I'm 'wake Colonel!"

Echo is drunk and sleepy. So it's not really much of a surprise when she -- Sets her cheek on the table and lazily talks to the two people around. Malesh's entrance, however, has her sitting back upright and smiling cheerfully. "I saw you out in Stormwall!" Oh no. She's pointing out this poor, already attention-getting, incredibly tall man. "You did spectacularly! Thank you so much for all the help, and now you've even got some cool battle scars to prove it, I'm sure."

After speaking with Valencia, Jordan offers her a smile and murmurs a quiet 'Thank you' as he steps away, nodding to Echo on his way out. He does note to Genevieve, though, "Good on you to cheer on your friends, Mistress. That's how you do it." He inclines his head to the Crimson Blade as he departs.

Conker, the Ornery Red Squirrel, Dame Barkley, a chocolate tri beagle arrive, following Joslyn.

Malesh is a little slow to respond, and in that time he has something of a smile grow on his face. "Thank you..." he starts with that, and then adds, "You're welcome as well." He shifts and tries to stand a little straighter with his tired limbs. "Thankfully my injuries were suffered while I was well armored. I don't suspect my body will suffer much in the way of scaring, but there has been a great deal of dry, peeling skin as I recover."

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With the night winding down, Tobias downs the last of his wine, before he looks to those gathered. "Didn't expect a duel, but this was interesting." Then, he looks to Violet and Genevieve, "I'm going to head home." Tobias states, "You two seem like you could use a helping hand." Tobias grins. Standing up, he offers one hand each, to each woman.

Echo can only be described as looking just slightly disappointed at Malesh's words. "No cool scars, then?" Her elbow drops onto the table and her chin in her hand. "That's too bad. And that dry, peeling skin bit --" She crooks a finger towards Malesh. "That sounds awful. So now I'm just feeling sorry for you if anything." The knight-princess lifts her shoulders to her ears in a shrug. "At least you're not bedridden."

"It has been far too long since I've been to the sip n spar," Joslyn says as she strolls into the arena, a little lift of her eyebrows as she casts her jade eyes around the room, hips swaying with each step as she takes in everything. "I know I'm late. I don't suppose anybody is looking for a little bout, are they?" she wonders, moving towards the bar, and coming away with a full glass of red wine.

Violet purses her lips and her head rolls this way and that at Tobias' words. Then she gives a smile and slaps her hand in his, letting the giant draw her to her feet. "Barracks -are- closer. Don't wanna sleep in that room anyway," She says trying to be quit, but not really managing. As they ready to leave, though, she throws back the rest of her whiskey. "ECHO!" She shouts across the bar. Then raises her hand and waves as they prepare to leave.

Malesh shakes his head, but only so much as he can with stiff muscles and stiffer skin. "I've been in bed since the attack, mostly. It is incredibly boring and I grew rather sick of it. I've forced myself to come to a place where I knew I might socialize with someone other than my clerks and healers." His eye (the one not covered in a bandage) is drawn by Violet's shout. "It seems your attention may be required?"

Genevieve gives a little 'ooop!' as she pulls herself to her feet using the leverage of Tobias' hand, and for a moment she's all legsy, like a deer slipping on the ice. Grabbing onto his arm as she straightens up, she clings on barnacle-style, then in lieu of a wave she just shouts, "Bye Echo! Bye everyone. This was a good night! Thank you!"

She'll probably need to be dragged out, in all honesty. What a lightweight.

That familiar voice has Echo immediately jerking upright and lifting her hand to wave out to Violet. "I'll catch you around, Colonel." All business with Echo. "Let's hang out soon, okay?" Her lips pull into a warm, dimpled-cheek smile. "See you around, Genevieve! Lord Commaner!"

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Reese starts to rise to her feet and seems all shaky and maybe even tipsy. She has a smile for those gathered here. "Lady Joslyn." She greets.

Luca pushes off the table as his wife begins to rise, and he's quick to sweep her right off her feet, cradling her. "It's been a long night. You've had a lot to drink. No walking, now." He gives Echo a meaningful look.

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