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Sir Daemon Dracone

Don't worry. In blackest nights, the dawn will always come back.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Landless Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Dracone
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Pale

Description: Tall and fair haired, Daemon is the picture perfect representation of knightly elegance straight from the Oathlands. With shining locks of hair and a young face devoid of blemishes, his fading youth can barely be noticed against his pale skin. Catching emerald eyes are often curious or set forward in a dutiful gaze. His build is what one would expect from someone who's spent years training with both blade and social etiquette, carrying himself with regal posture while at the same time being toned to a warrior's physique. Broad shoulders compliment his more slender arms, honed to a certain finesse without losing their strength.

(The man bears a crescent scar, running from his forehead to the bottom of his chin on the ride side. It looks old and has faded a bit with time. He's also sporting a new addition: A full beard!)

Personality: For all of his life he has been subservient to the codes of honor that form the backbone of Valardin. He is soft spoken and kind whilst he keeps a strong-as-steel pride into his every action. Some would say his authoritative voice was off-putting, but oft it would carry smooth words and reassuring promises to its intended listener. Patience and quiet reverence are two words that may describe him best.

Background: Daemon Dracone was born into a Knightly retainer family of the Oathlands. From a young age he was made to follow in his own ancestor's footsteps to walk the path of a Knight, swearing to codes of honors and learning the way of sword and horse-riding. Several years were spent with his nose buried in textbooks of etiquette and training with sword and shield all the while. Never a moment of his childhood was spent with play, always in practice and martial training. One might think that such ardous childhood would lead to a rather hard and cynical child, but by some anomaly the opposite became true. Daemon was a bright and happy child even through the demands of his family's desire to hone him into another proud and rigorous member of their ilk. He performed with flying colors without a single complaint. Some still believe he might just be holding it all in for one disastrous meltdown.

For some years the rumor of the Dracone's extinction began to build in the circles they frequented. After his father's disappearance, Daemon set off on a voyage away from Arvum and before long the letters stopped coming in. It didn't exactly make a large splash in the history books though, they'd always been minor and unlanded with their most significant feature being their loyalty to Valardin. But then one day, Daemon resurfaced on board a merchant ship that had settled into Arx's harbor. His disappearance having been a quest to find where his family had disappeared to, a quest that he had failed at. It's a burden he freely admits is his deepest regret, the one stain he'd never be able to repeal from his duties.

Relationship Summary


  • Acquaintance:
  • Cambria - She sees a future in my dreams. I see a future serving at her side.

  • Oathlands:
  • Anabelle - The girl with the most wonderful dinner parties.
  • Demura - My liege.
  • Alarissa - The Princess and her elegant dog.

  • Friend:
  • Jeffeth - My brother!
  • Theron - Lord Mazetti's blade is as quick as his wit!

  • Ally:
  • Thena - Oh captain my captain!
  • Hadrian - Kind Marquis-consort.
  • Name Summary
    Aella A rather handsome knight from the Oathlands, prim and proper, and yet he knows how to laugh and have a good time. I look forward to his backside being on the line again, perhaps he might give me chance to put it there sometime.
    Agatha 1) He is capable of being as noisy as I am. 2) He seems very loyal. Not a bad first impression.
    Aiden A knight sworn to Valardin, with all his fingers and toes intact, who was given a welcoming party by his fealty, known now by name across the city. He is a man who down plays his valor even though that is the essence of knighthood, and is self proclaimed to wear rose-tinted glasses, and noticeably drinks some wyrmguard chocolate spiced hot cocoa while wielding a rubicund sword that reads: Oath by blood, never forgotten - that likes to flex his muscles and make pretty faces. Fun guy!
    Alarissa Typical Valardin Knight, right down to the bow. Lovely name and lovelier manners. In need of a dog.
    Ardoin A rather well-mannered and well-spoken knight I ran into before he was shipping off to war, an excellent example of the sort of people that make up our chivalrous House.
    Arianna He is a great fighter and knows how to handle himself in combat. As if that weren't enough, he is eloquent, reserved and possesses marvelous decorum. It's good to see you again after all these years and still, every now and then my heart skips a beat at such beauty.
    Armani Seems fun! A good story teller.
    Astraea The knight with the most charm and style to match. I like his bravado and the way he seemed so carefree with his attention and kindness. He definitely handles a blade well and I feel like I met him on a night where fortune was in my favor. Until next time my thoughts and prayers are with him.
    Caspian A charming fellow. I hope to get to know him better.
    Cirroch He's also newly arrived to Arx. I hosted him at the Traders Tavern. I'm always happy to meet an Oathlands Knight. You know you can trust that sort.
    Clara I really... hardly... remember. He seemed nice but I was drunk. Everythin' was lovely. Ask me again after I talk ta him sober.
    Clover Humorous, charismatic, eager to use his blade even if he says otherwise. Clover's first meeting was interrupted so she had little to go on just yet.
    Cristoph I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Dracone at my wedding reception of all places! He was a gentleman and a pleasure to exchange introductions with. When I attend his party thrown by Countess Reigna it will make things all the smoother.
    Duarte A story teller and good conversationalist. I hope to cross paths again soon.
    Echo Incredibly well mannered and very knightly in all regards. His journey might take him to Setarco, leading troops and all sorts of other fun things. Though he may be humble, I'm certain the job is well taken care of in his hands.
    Ectorion A skilled fighter and a bit flirty it seems, with some very strange hobbies like dusting and rat catching. Nice enough seeming fellow though.
    Fiachra I... can't decide if he is actually that innocent and pure, or if he's trolling us all in the same way that Edain does. Either way, a scholarly knight is certainly an interesting combination, and he's good in a fight when he isn't charging an enemy that outnumbers him twenty-five to one.
    Gareth Adjutant Officer of the Knights Solace. He seems to have a lot of enthusiasm and smiles. That's.... nice. I suppose.
    Giulio A rather ebullient fellow under the Marquessa's tutelage. I do hope there is more than simply meets the eye.
    Ian A friend of Marquessa Cambria's, I think.
    Jeffeth A solid brother in arms. Good natured, earnest, sensitive, but a rock underneath it. I think we'll get along just fine.
    Jordan Dashing knight with a scarred face. Seems to be very pleasant and well mannered, so definitely a boon to the Knights of Solace.
    Joscelin A knight that can't quite hold his spirits, but that's quite alright. Humble and that's good to see in anyone these days. I look forward to getting to know him better, and possibly best to try that when he's less inebriated. Though it's a little endearing, I must confess.
    Margerie Why? WHYYYYY? OH, the Humanity! I'm not sure who the one in the goeey armor was, well, amongst a lot of sticky armored folks was, but that one was certainly dramatic!
    Mira *Very* lovely armor. He was the center of a chaotic storm of people, and he took time to speak to *me*. Even if he mistook me for a noble, that still means a lot.
    Mirari I'm starting to think that all knights are rather cheerful men. I wonder if their source of happiness is connected to their worship or ..well I'm not sure what else it could be, really.
    Petal He is a knight without a house or a house that is lost. He seems like a kind man and like he could use some help to get started.
    Reese It seems like it is good timing that he is here now. He seems like an honorable Oathlands Knight.
    Sabella Gracious, polite and humble all creates a curious fascination of him. There is more to the eye than appears despite his appearance.
    Saedrus A chance encounter at the Queensrest brought this gentle young Knight to my attention -- and his lovely hound. Sir Daemon is, I think, a refreshing example of Oathland knight; he is lovely company, armour and all. A fine mix of charm, unique modesty and intrigue.
    Saoirse A military man who regaled the inn with a story about its movements.
    Sasha A brave knight who dreams. I am growing quite fond of him in just such a short time of conversation. I wonder if he would enjoy helping me in a research project.
    Silas Fellow knight of common origin and chocolate lover. This is promising.
    Skye He is quite the storyteller. His words just draw me in and I find it hard to concentrate on the other conversations going around me.
    Thena The very model of a Valardin knight, gracious, cheerful and clanky.
    Viktor Grandmaster Thena's newest promoted knights, I hope he takes to that sort of work. I don't think I am well suited to it.
    Violet His personality is as big as Jeffeth. A warm and caring man who obviously loves his brother. I had the joy to meet him at the Sleepless Knights before shipping out for Stormwall.