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Words: All things must end so that they may begin anew.
Sigil: A grinning skull in white inscribed in a scarlet wheel.

Description: The Harlequins of Death were established as a discipleship of the Faith in 1006 AR following the reintroduction of the Queen of Endings to the Pantheon and the appointment of her first Archlector. Harlequins provide for funerals, counselling services to the bereaved, midwifery services to newborns, blessings for expectant parents, and consultation about the afterlife, reincarnation and the Wheel. Also, puns. Harlequins have puns for any occasion.


Name Rank Title Description
Aureth 1 Voice of the Queen of Endings
Hamish 1 Voice of the Queen of Endings
Evaristo 2 First Harlequin
Blacktongue 3 Harlequin Disciple of Death
Gloriel 3 Harlequin Disciple of Death
Dafne 3 Harlequin Disciple Leader for the Harlequins
Mae 3 Harlequin
Lethe 3 Harlequin
Elloise 3 Harlequin
Cufre 3 Harlequin
Amantha 3 Harlequin
Severine 3 Harlequin
Jennyva 3 Harlequin
Margret 3 Harlequin
Quintin 3 Harlequin
Bliss 3 Harlequin
Raymesin 4 The Queen's Blade