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Champion Bliss Whisper

I am eternally, devastatingly romantic, and I thought people would see it because 'romantic' doesn't mean 'sugary.' It's dark and tormented - the furor of passion, the despair of an idealism that you can't attain.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Champion Courtier
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: female
Marital Status: unmarried
Age: 26
Birthday: 7/3
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Champion Courtier
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: sable
Eye Color: pewter
Skintone: medium beige

Titles: Radiant of the Whisper House, Disciple of the Queen of Endings

Description: Despite her loose, windspun brown curls looping around an oval face, there's something so sharp about her; a bearing that shifts from cocky to outright impudent when she's flashing a particularly challenging smile. It's a sweetly bowed mouth, and she's on the tall side (if just), with an adorably upturned nose and slender shoulders. Her graceful carriage gives her an air of delicacy anchored by athletic legs and wide hips.

Personality: Celia was never satisfied. As she's gotten older, she's discovered ways to find (fleeting) satisfaction, but her desire for a good time outstrips all. She likes fun, and irreverence, and doing whatever she wants, when she wants. No one always gets what they like, of course, and Bliss can certainly play along with social mores when it suits her. She's even patient, in a terrifyingly predatorial sort of way. She might play along for days, weeks - even years! As long as she wants the payoff badly enough, it doesn't bother her. Conversely, if something that seemed like a good, fun idea loses its lustre, she won't hesitate to drop it - forgotten just as fast as last week's breakfast. Bliss is the sort of woman who might be perplexed at someone attacking her for something she said last Tuesday. "But, that was three weeks ago!" She burns hot and hard, but once it's done (or once she's won), she is gracious with her forgiveness.

Background: The Lyceum city stats are famous for many things: dangerous women, dangerous men, wine, silk, sun, and passion in politics and swordplay, both. Bliss, nee Celia, might as well be made of all these things in equal measure. She was a quarrelsome, charming child, the only daughter of the Master at Arms serving Duke Leo Fidante('s holdings) in Tor. Her father loved his daughter, and taught her everything he knew. Everything he knew was about fighting, drinking, and wooing women. She got so good at these things that it's no surprise she ran off when her first lover (a local official) tried to find her a husband. Out drinking her frustrations away, she met a handsome swordsman on the run for killing his opponent during a duel, said forget this place, and then did.

Their torrid affair lasted right up until the time she realized he couldn't teach her any more about fencing. She dumped his ass and found herself in the borders of the Oathlands across the Lycene Split, making her way by parking herself outside the rare tavern and challenging the knights and sellswords coming out with mocking singsongs and extravagant boasting. . .all backed up by her shockingly quick swordplay and her utter lack of hesitation. Bliss, she called herself, part of some joke or rhyme that just stuck. She talked herself into a fancy party one night, flirting and flustering her way through the room to a tipsy meeting with the glowing blonde angel who seemed to be the belle of the ball. She was the best looking girl there, can you really blame a woman for stealing that kiss? That kiss on the dance floor. In front of the lovely angel's intended. Honest mistake.

You can't win all the time. After taking a serious wound to her shoulder, she had to slink away and nurse it in friendlier climes. Not able to reliably fight her way out of all the trouble she talked herself into, she had to reconsider her actions for the first unfun time in ever. So she said forget this, and came to Arx to join the Whispers. She could still sing, and she could put on quite the show against opponents who are also playing it up (and less intently thirsty for your blood). Why not get famous? That could be fun.

Relationship Summary

  • Elgana - To say what exists between us is complicated is doing complication a disservice. But you were there when I needed you.

  • Frenemy:
  • Ansel - It didn't have to be this way. Always remember that it was your choices that led it to such. I'm sorry I always saw a little of him in you - I couldn't help it.
  • Isabeau - You got caught up in something so much bigger than you could have expected. You have every right to hate me even if it isn't mutual.

  • Deceased:
  • Barric - You died the embodiment of what you always wanted to be. All else is in the past.
  • Everard - I win. Bastard.
  • Addison - I haven't forgotten your part in this either.

  • Friend:
  • Jhond - Whisper of Knives
  • Saedrus - Tyrant of Whispers
  • Nisaa - Dancing Whisper
  • Joslyn - More than a client.
  • Ailith - She's seen me at my worst.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Arn - Earned my respect. Very few have ever done so.
  • Name Summary
    Adora I don't like her.
    Agatha The Champion Whisper. She fights like a scamp, full of bluster, tricks, and plots. I'm going to have to watch out for her. That could trip me up but good!
    Ajax A woman who asks a lot of questions, and seems way used to getting the answers. Likely important although, surprisingly secretive. I wonder if she smiles? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Alaric One of the rare people of whom it can be said that it's always fun to watch her at work. Her first encounter with the Nox'alfar had a much more successful outcome than mine, although I don't hold it against her.
    Aleksei I think I want her to be my new best friend. Just a little. Don't tell my other best friends.
    Alessandro Lives up to her reputation in all the best ways.
    Arn She's not that bad.
    Arthen She can dress, can't she? Bit on the quiet side, though. A little shy, I figure. That's okay, she'll grow out of it. Good listener, though. Real good listener.
    Artur She challenged me to a wrestling match. I sort of wanted to accepted, even if she would have won, it'd been fun. And well, there are worst things to lose. But she also talks about adventures, and that I can get behind, totally!
    Aslaug (On a scrap of paper, there's a quickly-done sketch of a hand, drawn all the way to its wrist. The hand lays limply upon some invisible surface -- a surface the artist did not bother to sketch in. The tips of this hand's fingers just barely touch an empty shotglass, which sits upon the aforementioned invisible surface.)
    Barric Sometimes names are completely unnecessary, they help though when a little time has passed. She is intriguing and challenging enough to keep interest. The question is, how much of that is truth, and how much is performance.
    Beatrice The woman is everything a Whisper promises to be, including defying first impressions. She is as much pleasure as business to speak with and I'm sure worth every silver she demands.
    Brady Obviously very intelligent, but also couthe and well spoken.
    Brigida An intelligent, capable and opinionated woman. If only more were like her.
    Cadenza She seems like interesting but was so quiet. I"ll have to get her when she has more wine in her maybe.
    Cahal She hosted a discussion on a relatively contentious subject with grace and clarity. I can only hope that I do so well if I'm ever called on to do the same.
    Caith The life of the party! She's beautiful, fun and a captivating storyteller -- someone after my own heart. I stumbled upon her -- or she stumbled upon me -- during a pub crawl and I was treated to one of the funniest (most fun?) nights of my life!
    Cambria I think she is a vibrant, courageous individual. I also think that we will become the sort of friends who will fight viciously when we disagree, then laugh through the pain of it afterwards.
    Caspian Is there such a thing as too lovely? Too charming? If there is, Bliss Whisper would be my first example. She almost could talk me into carving a figurine of her. Almost.
    Catriona Personable and boisterous. I can already see clear talent with people in the brief time we met, I would like to get to know her better.
    Celeste What a marvelous woman! Some things are displayed so openly, others held right and close. Perhaps too tight and close; we will see.
    Cerdensulathara Dressed in red leathers and cloakes in mystery, I almost to her for the Queen of Endings herself. She has that sensual Lycene way about her I can never quite emulate, and seems a trove of information. I hope I meet her again.
    Cirroch She really earned the title of whisper. She did a lot of whispering to Princess Elgana. No matter where you go, women are always whispering to their friends!
    Cleo She cares for Elgana very much, enough so as to make me feel plain next to the Princess. She is very proud of herself, it means more when someone else sings praises than ones self.
    Coraline The most fascinating woman I have met in quite a while, and I have met several. Every time I think I have any understanding of her she shows another aspect of herself and throws me for a loop all over again.
    Cristoph I had the opportunity to meet with Softest Whisper Bliss over a matter of great importance to my duchy and my family. She was gracious and understood exactly what my concerns would be and how we could best meet them. She also put me in contact with another expert of her house and for that I am immensely grateful.
    Cullen Whispers are great. Whispers who encourage questionable behavior in public with charming young women of dubious backgrounds? Even better. Great fun to be had, I hope to run into her more!
    Cybele Lady Corset wearer Whisper getting stabbed for money. Cybele is glad she gets to stab people for money instead, especially with needle. Our work go together!
    Daemon She'll have an L shaped scar in her leg forever more. It stands for Luca, though some may think it'll stand for 'loser'. I certainly hope not!
    Darren It was a pleasure meeting the Champion Whisper. Her polite and solicitous nature seemed genuine. I look forward to knowing more of her.
    Delia It's funny, knowing someone regarded by many as a legend as another cherished member of an extended, adopted family.
    Domonico An impressive amount of titles. She carries herself with what seems casual confidence. If everything she says is true then she would be a formidable friend... or foe.
    Duarte A skewering wit indeed. Much too clever for me.
    Echo Both a Champion and a Whisper, and though I can attest to the fact that she's good company, I've yet to meet her in the sparring sands. Hopefully soon!
    Edain She is a Champion, a Whisper and an all around bright prescense in the compact. She carries alot of pain, but it rarely dulls her smile. I could tell she was dissappointed I could not give her the answer she wanted, but she is strong. She will find her way.
    Eiran Whisper, Devotion of Limerance, Champion, and, surely, many other things. A most intriguing figure; I hope to get to know her better.
    Elgana A duelist! I can only imagine she wields her blade as well as she does her words: with easy grace and wisdom. I would truly love a chance to ask her all of the many questions I have about her craft. And about her, too. She is a truly intriguing lady.
    Emilia A humble and respectful woman. Her knowledge and wisdom surprised me.
    Emrys To try and have every student fit the mold is impossible. One must adapt, both teacher and student, lest either break and potential be ruined. Bliss took more effort than some might think, and far less than what others would imagine. She's the Radiant, one doesn't become such if they don't have the innate talent and ability for it.
    Estelle Always a pleasure to meet someone so dedicated to their passion! ...Even if it might be at the cost of her health. I do hope I am able to do something about that arm, seems like this Whisper is a delight at court- would be a shame for her to go at it with anything less than her all!
    Etienne The consummate entertainer and champion, always the life of a party.
    Evaristo Though we've shared letters, I've never met her - and didn't now either, per se. But admiring her from afar is good too!
    Evonleigh The Radiant is just that, and wise and easy to speak to on matters both social and lighthearted and somber and daunting. I appreciate her advice in a trying time, and know I have someone to turn to when I have questions.
    Ezekiel Such grace in the dance, such lovely features and such lovely friends. She even had me perform for the King!
    Fairen Reserved, respectful, and quite knowledgeable and skilled in her chosen profession. My curiosity for just who Champion Bliss Whisper is has certainly been peeked.
    Faruq A high muckity muck of the Whisper House. Some day I will learn what all these titles are: Radiant. Softest. She is friendly and outgoing, though I met her at a very large party. It is hard to know who she really is beneath the face we put forwards for these things.
    Fatima She makes for a perfect partner in crime. It's easy to see why she's such a well liked champion, what with charm and grace in droves.
    Faye A fascinating woman who is quite different from myself, but I have the feeling we would find quite a bit in common, if we get the chance to get to know each other better.
    Fecundo She got the question in one - What is the typical Lycene man? Beat me to it.
    Fiora Champion Whisper, I thought she was going to be the one poking and prodding in the group but she was actually quite well behaved. Huh.
    Gareth Bliss of Many Various Things. A champion, courteasan, and many more things apparently. A lovely sort if you're into that sort of thing.
    Gilroy THE Bliss Whisper! As flamboyant as expected. Does not disappoint.
    Gretchen An excellent competitor, swordswoman, conversationalist, and soon to be repeat customer!
    Gwenna The famed Whisper and Champion is someone I have seen at several events, usually with my cousin Elgana. To say she is every bit as enchanting and lovely in person as one might be lead to believe by her reputation, is really to give her little credit. She is beyond that, full of mischievous warmth and personality that is hard not to be taken in by. My cousin seems to adore her greatly and I think I liked her immediately for that alone.
    Hannah What an interesting woman! I imagine she is very fun to watch fight. In particular being a Champion as well as a Whisper, certainly she has a rapier wit.
    Harlex Likeable qualities. See why she’s famous. Somethin' else about her though, but I lack the words to give it it's due.
    Helena My sister seems very fond of her, and she's such an amazing Champion. I hope I get to know her better!
    Ignacio A pleasant woman, seems to be a bit quiet. Seems there is something more to this woman that meets the eye.
    Isolde As beautiful and charming as I remember. I do hope we can meet again for drinks in the future. Her letters were a pleasant surprise but her company more so.
    Jael I'm surprised she even recalled my very brief stint in the Champions, but I suppose that just proves she's always paying attention. I've heard about some of the furors she's caused but she seemed like a lovely person.
    Jan I should take lessons from her style, she seemed like she almost had the tin can for a moment. A very exciting fight.
    Jasher I know of you before you walked in. But I don't know you, and perhaps I never will.
    Jeffeth Wow. I---I--.....Wow. We need to meet again.
    Jennyva I met her over mulled wine at the Black Fox. I can't wait to see Champion Bliss Whisper perform. I'll try not to fawn too badly.
    Jordan I see why she has so many fans. Beyond the gorgeous physical appearance, that is. And good gods that's a lovely smile, and she carries a nifty looking rapier. I want to watch her fight. Maybe I'll learn something from the way she moves in a fight.
    Joscelin The Sharpest Whisper. Don't laugh; have you seen how she wields her words? Like a damned blade, or a pair of Ida's best hair spikes. Exquisitely so, and at times quite efficient at it.
    Juniper We are in strict agreement that that which she has survived would have killed me. I am content to radiate admiration from a respectful distance, and understand she has mettle I'll never possess.
    Kaia Champion and Radiant; this woman carries herself with both a charm and confidence worthy of envy. I admire her, and hope to learn from her.
    Karadoc Champion and Whisper. She's seems to live out loud -- unashamed and unapologetic.
    Kenna I've read her name in the whites and in the public proclamations. I was so happy to meet her in person - she didn't disappoint in the slightest. I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Kia Champions definitely like to make a show. At least she listened once she saw the truth of the matter. She knows how to handle a sword though, maybe I could learn something from her.
    Leif A sellsword champion, with a jaded view of the world, but not so much so that its unreal.
    Lilia One expects Whispers to be cast in a certain mold. Now that I have met her, spoken with her, I find this one to be no different. It is a tragedy that things happen as they do, that these things happened as they did, but perhaps all things happen for a reason.
    Lore Every bit as large as life as her reputation would suggest! I look forward to drinking and getting into trouble with her!
    Lorenzo She somehow manages to be both blunt and charming, in the way of a skilled showman. I like her, and I hope to catch her performance in a duel soon.
    Lou I fear I may have broken her head this evening, talking about all the Explorery research that I've been involved in, and getting her up to speed on a few things. For which, I'm very sorry. But, I hope you're willing to talk to me again in the future!!
    Luca The sort of woman you don't pass up a chance for a second glance at. To say she's easy on the eyes would be an understatement. That she can find her way around a sword is even more worth mentioning, I believe. If I go on about her quick wit, people are going to think I've got a crush or something.
    Lucita A showman with flair and style. Likes music, too!
    Lys Beautiful and legendary. Always the life of the party when I see her.
    Maja Radiant. Truly! She showed me wonders and offered me a new world. I think she should cuddle that bunny, though. Cuddle it or set it free.
    Margerie Ahhh, that advocate of passion from the journals. And practicing such flirtations with the young ladies. She is gifted at the craft. I wonder how she has walked such an intense path without being burned to the bone?
    Marian She defended my kin without concern for herself. I find that trait something to be admired. Friendship and loyalty are things to be treasured.
    Melody Bliss is the embodiment of passion and desire. She's free-spirited, completely eager and always ready to pursue excitement - Constantly grasping for that never-ending high that we all hunger for. We are so very alike and yet so different, and I love her for it. I am genuinely very lucky to know her.
    Mercedes Saw this woman at a drinking event at the Spirits; she was being boisterous. Later discovered that she's a Champion so that goes a long way in explaining why she was exceptionally .. showy.
    Miranda Most Softest. Whisper House has the BEST names for their own. Fantastic gala!
    Mirari Anyone who lies my clothing designs can't be all that bad. We'll see how much we clash while I'm designing for her. Two strong personalities walking into each other. It will be very lovely, and hilarious.
    Mirk Charming, Personable, More expressive than I expected from my cousins description. Be interested to see her in public.
    Monique A beautiful and deadly peacock. I am in awe. That she wins any regard from Tyrval counts a great deal in my books. This woman is to be respected, and treated with care.
    Nuala Bliss Whisper is like a rare vintage. Try to take her presence and history in all in one go, you'll probably kill yourself trying. Considered slowly, so the conversation has time to mature, and the underlying qualities are delightful to discover. Her wicked sense of wit and sharp observations are remarkable. She has a word to draw everyone in, even rarer. Her skill at using words exceeds her blades, and no wonder the Nox'alfar treasure her so.
    Orelia Beautiful, powerful, confident. Dare I call you a roll model?
    Pasquale Champion, Whisper, Devotion, and entirely charming. I pity those in the city who cannot appreciate a show put on by this one.
    Perronne The sharpest Whisper I have met so far - the others have been graceful and gentle. Whisper Bliss has an edge that I'm not sure if it signifies sharpness, or brittleness. She's interesting, though!
    Petal She has a great name, seems to be injured and has a likable way about her. She took the focus on my name!
    Quenia Bliss Whisper is a wonderful woman who takes the time to listen. It can be heartening to be able to have someone to pour out all your troubles to, and she is part of the reason I'm considering a family contract for Whisper House.
    Raimon Cares very deeply for what they do
    Reese A champion Whisper, she seems friendly.
    Reigna She has more courage, grit and determination than I could have imagined. Her strength and purpose, her sense of self all combine into a jewel of a human being. Tough, beautiful, full of flash, but with endless depth. She is exactly what a Champion and a Whisper should be.
    Renato We agree on a great many things though it makes one wonder, do we agree enough to get along famously, or like two cats who are so alike they must fight? I would be happy with either, depending on if we can make up well after the fight.
    Riagnon I bet she can freeze people with her eyeballs. They're super blue so probably.
    Rinel She's nice enough, I suppose. But I feel like every other sentence is a test. Of what, I'm not sure.
    Rosalie This woman's reactions and responses are precisely why I don't drink unless the situation dictates I must. To so willfully give up control of one's responses... well, I suppose that could be viewed as a type of bravery.. if you look at it from far away and at a severe angle.
    Sabella With showmanship like that she ought to be in the theater! She puts on an amazing performance every time I see her!
    Sabine Her tidal pull was well-spoken: intensity. We should all be so self-aware as the Softest Whisper.
    Saoirse Bliss Whisper is a formidable woman and, perhaps, keen on annoying a certain princess.
    Sebastian Like all whispers, well trained, but difficult to see the truth of. If one scratched the surface, would there be anything surprising underneath? Too soon to tell.
    Selene It's excellent to see Bliss again. Ever engaging, she never fails to have something interesting to say. And she has a very particular taste for fashion.
    Selene She is not to everyone's tastes, like the best Lycene wine. It may be acquired and I pity those who can never appreciate the deep notes and promise she embodies.
    Sidney An excellent duelist -- verbally, at least, though I have no reason to doubt her sterling reputation as a swordswoman. Anyone can turn a head, but Bliss has the far more impressive ability to turn whole bodies to gravitate around her. I just need to keep her from stabbing me, and I'm sure we'll get along marvelously.
    Simone Bliss certainly embodies all that I anticipate from the Whisper House. She is an exceptional woman that I very much look forward to getting to know. Her friendship with my brother warms my heart and makes her all the more intriguing.
    Solange A truly guiding hand.
    Sophie With the trouble regarding Bliss and Telmars I've been avoiding her. She seems pleasant enough, but I suspect a woman like her brings touble with her. After all, this would never have happened if she hadn't crashed a wedding and kissed the bride. Would it?
    Sparte The Champion Whisper is larger than life! Which isn't hard when you're that short, but don't worry, I'm sure she'll stand on a crate or something if she has to. You probably don't want to be the one that makes it so she has to.
    Starling Sneaker of drinks and a lively merry lass.
    Tomwell She has a feather hat, and sings Limerance songs, and is cool under pressure, and is quite impressive with a sword!
    Tynan Softest Whisper Bliss certainly draws the eye, something I am sure she is well-aware off. Especially with such an outfit. I feel like few others could pull off a dress such as that, yet her sparkling personality outshines even it.
    Tyrval She is almost certainly the most attractive and charming individual to share a story of daring sticksmanship. Her fanatical and alarming fanbase is justified.
    Valarian Whisper Bliss! I've heard of her, she's quite the fantastic person, one of those everyone knows about because they're smart and pretty and talented and graceful. I could probably learn something from her about being more, um. Subtle.
    Vera She's everything a whisper should be. Beautiful and a creature of grace and charm. I only hope that we can meet again.
    Vercyn A bold and self-assured Champion, her style of fighting is quite unique. It is rare to see Princess Agatha so focused in a spar, and this Champion managed to make her do this. Impressive.
    Vercyn I think Bliss Whisper is sorely mistaken in the state of her beard. Mine is and always will be the superior and more stately facial hair. After all, I've had the years to perfect it.
    Victus Everything that my home teaches should point Bliss Whisper to being the most gauche, disruptive and downright horrifying things ever. And hey, to some of the peerage she absolutely is. Yet I think I'd be a hypocrite if I ever found fault in her for that. She fought for something she believed she deserved. She won it. She didn't let anyone else tell her no. Sounds all too familiar to me. Might still have to side-eye her in public for appearance's sake though.
    Zebulon She is an amazing and acrobatic Champion! Watching her fly is like a raptor bearing talons!