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Lord Quintin Ashford

History is the story of ghosts -- the ones forgotten and the ones we have to live with.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Adventurous Historian
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 6/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Gray
Skintone: Fair

Description: Quintin is a tall, lean young man with an athletic build and a solemn air about him. His angular features, dark brows, and slate gray eyes contribute to a brooding demeanour. All that seriousness is dispelled, however, the moment he smiles. It's a wide, amiable smile, enthusiastic and infectious, and he smiles often. There's a faint spattering of freckles scattered across the bridge of his nose. He wears his white-blonde hair swept back from his face and to the side. It's usually tousled. Quintin often seems a bit rumpled, like he's just come back from climbing something or exploring somewhere.

Personality: Eager. Affable. Earnest. Curious. Quintin grew up on tales of dashing Ashford explorers and he wants to find the forgotten, understand the reasons behind things. Uncovering and understanding history is his greatest motivation. He's also compassionate; the unkind might say 'soft-hearted', maybe even too soft-hearted to make the hard decisions a ruler must make. He's generally good-natured and confident enough in his intelligence to be unafraid of asking questions.

Background: Despite being the only child Quintin somehow managed to be a kid brother tagalong, always getting underfoot. He accomplished this by pestering his cousins, whom he admired greatly, for stories. As a child, he had a wooden sword that he took everywhere, even to bed, and dreamed of becoming a master swordsman - House Sword, in fact. Stories of battles were his bread and butter, and he was always interested in tales of trickier swordsmen who used their brains to gain advantage over their opponents. It turned out he had a head for tactics and strategy, and one of the few things that could get him to sit still were strategy games.

Otherwise always moving, Quintin had a habit of poking about and climbing around places he really shouldn't; a trip to one of Ashford's manned watch stations up in the trees resulted in a tumble when climbing and a very hard landing. He broke his leg. Badly. And then he was bedridden for a time, a young, restless boy just barely into his teenage years.

He thought he would die of boredom. It slowed him down a lot, but in some ways, it was a blessing. It meant he finally spent enough time in one spot to pay more attention to lessons and reading, to the delight of his rather scholarly father. It turned out he had to be a captive audience to become interested in practical things like economics and diplomacy. A scholarly acquaintance snuck him some tales of adventure, which he eagerly read, and soon enough, he was devouring the written word. He maintained this love of reading even after he recovered; he also gained a new understanding of the importance of a bit of caution. Just a bit. He's still happy to climb just about anything.

When he was seventeen or so, his interest in tactics and swordsmanship abruptly declined. He still enjoyed swordplay, but only with the aim of sparring. It seemed his interest in becoming House Sword had also waned; he turned more toward scholarly pursuits, becoming interested in history. History was a series of adventures, he thought, and he wanted to know about those adventures, about the people involved in them.

And so he neglected his familial duties for a time, opting to travel down south instead, poking about ruins and exploring. As of late Autumn 1010 AR, he returned to the fold and took up residence with the rest of his family in Arx.

Name Summary
Aethan Spoken well of by Ian, and seems like he was right. Looking forward to working with him.
Ajax A warrior, his eyes move, and yet, I wonder what drives his stance.
Alarissa A gentleman, though perhaps not the best at setting a table. but he takes defeat with grace.
Alessandro Not an orator, perhaps, though that did not diminish the beauty of his words.
Alessia Pleasant company, I appreciate his interest in my skills.
Amari With some dedication he might make fine archer, which makes sense. He is an Ashford after all and he has a calm, steady sort of way about him with a fun touch of dry humor.
Arcadia Quiet. Bookish, but likes exploring. Just wish he was a little more animated.
Asriel The young Ashford lord certainly makes a fine first impression. He seems quite eager to delve into mystery and from the conversation I've had with him, more than capable of seeing said mystery to an end. He even refuses payment in lieu of a donation to the Scholars of Vellichor, as is befitting a member of the Peerage. I'm glad to see he has been raised right.
Athaur A very curious man
Bonnie Kind of odd to see what looks like some young bravo being all serious. Serious-serious, not seriously drunk or something interesting.
Braden One of the Tree people from Ashford Keep. Loves apples I think?
Braith A Lord with a good sense of humor and a great smile. Rather fun to cavort around town with. I do hope we might see each other again. Also...apples.
Brigida He seems a pleasant sort as they go but obviously has little brains if he thinks dipping a pastry into a coffee is a good idea.
Cahal Guessing from his offerings at the two truths and a lie contest he is a warrior but he lacks the bulk and callouses that make me think that he actually is. An athlete perhaps? I'll have to ask.
Dariel The type they write those adventurer tales about. Probably the good ones. It's also really hard to miss those intense eyes.
Delfina A serious young man, though he seems reliable. I look forward to working with him and hope we will have good luck in our project.
Delilah Like so many Ashfords, he bubbles with potential and energy. I doubt he will remain idle for very long, given how ofte the family has a likelihood of falling into exciting times.
Denica Lord of Ashford. Kind. Seems well humored even if he looks a bit stern. Should be fun to see him again.
Dion Now there's a man who knows where he is.
Domonico Took several hits from Harlex and did not drop. I'm impressed.
Elloise Quintin came to the Leary Lab Lookaroo and was covered in soot but an awful good sport about it all!
Evaristo Ashfords - not known for their adventures at sea, but definitely known for their talents at handling trees. And don't I love wooden planks that build ships? It's amusing to me, sometimes, how we sailors spend so much time on water, but under our feet are the planks from many trees. So we owe it all to the forest. Lord Quintin's interest in Death makes for an immediate friend, of sorts, as well.
Faye A curious man with interesting ideas, newly come to Arx. Perhaps we'll have the chance to meet up and talk again in the future.
Harlex He held out, suppose that counts for something. Looks studious too, that'll help.
Helena A fellow tree climber and possibly an old soul, Quintin, or Harlequintin as I may think of him forevermore, is quite an intriguing conversationalist and a good listener.
Ian Willing to step up, when it comes down to it.
Jyri Clearly clever and interested to help the city, I look forward to meeting him again. Possibly under less grim circumstances.
Kaldur He had some impressive footwear at the winter festival. I'll have to see about getting something akin to that myself.
Lisebet My new cousin is quiet, thoughtful and curious, with an adventurous streak he doesn't hide well.
Lou A cousin of Aislin's, who expressed interest in her disappearance. I'll need to find some time to sit down and chat more with him about that. He also seemed eager to hear explorer stories. Nothing wrong with that. Glad to have him as part of the Explorers.
Mabelle Seems the scholary type with attention to animals, perhaps he can shed some light on dolphins.
Martino A refined Lord who knows his brandy, that is a - fine - thing to know and those who do not. Well. Lesser on them. Good friend I expect.
Mikani Boats are small ships. A very inquisitive mind. One I wouldn't mind getting to know better.
Miranda Another Ashford. I seem to meet them in the most unexpected of places, but not in a tree... of course, THAT would be expected. Pharamond's set their bar high when it comes to Ashford men. I look forward to getting to know this one.
Mirella Brave man, this one. Willing to throw himself into terrible danger to protect others. His bold gambit didn't go quite as well as he might have hoped, and it might have been quite ill-advised to start with, and I certainly wouldn't have risked my safety like that, but I can't help but respect his nerve.
Mirk Quiet. Thoughtful. Listens and mulls over what is said. But maybe that's only in a crowd.
Monique Well, I know for certain he broke his leg as a youth and wears a special boot. And he likes apples. However, I don't know if he can whistle, or if he can hold his breath for long periods of time, and I aim to find out. Soon.
Nurie A gracious lord with a very sharp mind. It is always a little nervewracking entering into a game with any lord or lady, but he put me at ease and on the only time I was able to best him he was very gracious!
Pharamond It will be good to have him here in the house. Where I can keep an eye on him!
Reese An Ashford explorer who is following in the tradition of his family. I look forward to hearing of his adventures one day.
Rowenova An amiable noble with an entertaining sense of good humor. Quite impressive with strategy games!
Rukhnis A man who is not afraid to wrestle with fish to achieve success.
Rysen An agile and adventurous lord of House Ashford, and good company in times of trouble or peace.
Sanya A friendly man, willing to defuse escalating tension.
Saro Seems friendly and nice enough himself, but apparently keeps acquaintances that treat instruments appallingly. I suppose it's not his fault.
Tescelina A Lord who favors ghost stories. I know many, some not nearly as pleasant. Perhaps we will speak again.
Thea Smart. I have no doubt he will go far in his endeavors.
Vitalis Strangely focused on salad. I hope all is well with him. Wait... isn't he the man who answered the query I made to- I'll need to speak with him further!
Willow So pallid he looks like he might be sickly. But some of the most insightful people I've met have been, so he wouldn't be in bad company.
Wren I've met a few Ashford's over the years traveling, but this was the first time I met Lord Quintin. He is friendly and no doubt quite capable and of a keen mind. The fact he took to Matilda's sweet rolls like a duck takes to a pond only makes me like him all the more.