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Duchess Dafne Zaffria

You don't have to be a wolf to howl sadly at the moon.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Baby Goth
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Rubino-Zaffria
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 19
Birthday: 5/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Zaffria Duchess of Gemecitta

Description: Dafne is not tall, with a build that is all soft curves. Her face, too, is soft curves, with a generous mouth, and high forehead. Her skin is as smooth and unblemished as a flower petal, emphasizing her youth, and her eyes, richly-fringed with dark lashes, are brilliantly blue and unsettlingly large. She has a luxuriant cloud of black hair, its darkness making her skin appear even fairer than it is. Her expression is habitually solemn, and she has a way of staring at things--often people--just a little bit longer than necessary.


Personality: Dafne is young enough to still be a touch naive, not quite aware of how the ebb and flow of power works. She is a touch shy and awkward, and sometimes shy, but at times shows flashes of a willful, passionate nature. Some consider her gloomy--she has deep fascination for the darker side of life. Grief, death, loss, violence, sin--it's all so beautifully tragic to her. The more charitable consider her just highly imaginative.

Background: Dafne was born to the younger sister, Cerese, of Duke Marco; she is first cousin to Lady Sylvie Zaffria and technically, her heir. Although in general an overlooked member of that powerful family, she has been sent to Arx in hopes she may be of assistance to her cousins. Well. Her parents are also hoping it may help Dafne gain some worldly wisdom and social polish--not to mention cure of her of a certain fascination with the darker side of life.

Name Summary
Killian Killian first met Dafne when she came to a dinner at Ashford House, and she made quite an impression. The little gloomy beauty with the kitten he had to make sure his owl didn't try to eat, he thought she was charming and had a beauty to her that drew his eye. They've not had much contact since then, but still he finds her an interesting and surprisingly warm individual the few times they do meet, never as gloomy as she tried to appear upon the outside that night.
Reese I don't know her very well, but would be nice to know her better someday. She seems friendly and looks cute with dirt smears.